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Magic Survival

Magic Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by LEME located at 8, Yonghwang-ro 7-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence, Fear) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is spot on! - The difficulty is perfect; It keeps you on your feet without being constant near-death throughout. - There's always something to be doing (evading enemies, collecting mp/hp, upgrading/getting artifacts, ect.). - Exploration of ability and artifact combos keeps the player engaged without decisions seeming too important, so the player can get right back to the game. Things I'd like to see would Include: - A guide that explains abilities/artifacts - More explosions :)
Great game, with simple controls and a lot of options each run. Could use more info on exact stats for spells either in game or a wiki page. There is also a memory leak on the main menu that crashes the game if left up for too long. All in all, a game I would definitely recommend giving a shot.
This game is absolutely phenomenal. It offers high replay value and lots to discover and unlock. Ads are optional and very few. Magic Survival excels at finding the perfect balance between making the player feel extremely powerful but never so strong that one big mistake won't end it all. The only complaint I have with this game is there are some minor typos and quite a few translations that don't make much sense in English. If these were fixed, the game would be perfect.
This game is amazing. Paying is entirely avoidable and not needed to enjoy yourself, making it better than 80% of the other games on this store. The game is intense throughout it, and ads can appear while in game but they are just popups you can immediately close. The ads overall are not anywhere near annoying, and the design is very well done. There are a few spelling mistakes here and there, but other than that insignificant problem this game is 10/10, being so addictive. Very good job!
This game is suprisingly addicting. It's easy, but subtle tricks can help you improve, making a newbie enjoy it as much as a veteran. The powers you receive each game will be different and so you can never truly replicate a build 1:1. You can easily burn 10, 15, or 20 minutes depending on skill making it a great choice if you're looking to kill time. Only thing I can really complain about is the poorly translated English. Very clearly, there's a story being told but I can't make the ends meet.
An amazing and addictive little gem that's deceptively simple, but complex in its roguelikeness (I hope that made sense). Can't believe this game is free. The ONLY ad you will see if when you die, then you can watch an ad to revive and try again, but you can only do this once, so it isn't pay to win. Waste no further time and give this a try, you'll be hooked!
Very fun, a great concept with excellent execution. The art style isn't going to be everyone's favorite, but it's comprehensible. Even with a thousand things on the screen, you always know exactly what's going on. Combined with the tight controls, it just feels good to play. In terms of improvements, I'd love to see more detailed tool tips for spells, skills, and items. A little more polish on the English localization would also be nice.
This game is absolutely perfect. The art style is super cool and the leveling system is balanced. I've been playing this game for 10 hours straight, and every time i begin a new game i get more and more excited to play. I've been looking for a fun game to pass time, and this is perfect for me! And, my favorite part, you only have to deal with ads if you die after 5 minutes of playing, so that is super nice! Keep going developers, because i would be happy to buy this game for like 5 bucks. A+++++
Great game. All you have to do is level up, collect points and dodge all the enemies in your way. Practacly everything is against you. I hope that maybe you can add a little companion you would find because that would be a little more interesting. Starting from one laser bullet thing to God-like adversary that shoots lightning and fire.
this game just does not get boring! I love the fact that there is more strategy than luck involved, with endless ways of costumasation!! I suggest multi player, because playing with friends is always more fun. please :3 A bug that usually leads to my death: I accidentally press the home button wile using the joy stick. The game reopens on the pause screen, when you continue the joy stick will make you only move in one derection. (it happens to me because my home "button" is a touch screen.)
Such a simple yet fun game. There are different abilities you can combine for different types of builds. There are also lots of different classes to pick as you unlock them. It's so much fun because of how each game is different. You learn more about what abilities you prefer as you play more. Overall recommend to anyone who wants to try something new
Very addicting game, simple and fun. Action packed game and very challenging from the start till you die. Although some buff or power ups are overpowered, you still need strategy to keep yourself alive. It may look easy, but trust me, you don't want to mess with the red ones. Also have many options on characters and artifacts. Mana and health are everywhere, you just need to keep moving. Overall it was a great game, very impressed 👌
I love this game. It is fun, easy, and the staggering number of customs I can do and use. I honestly can't think of any downsides. This game has potential, I feel like, for example, a sequel could include more playable characters, some kind of Boss mode, or limited "World Boss" modes, and perhaps expand the inventory. Great job.
This is my 2nd favorite next to worldbox. I was looking for this kind of game where you as a wizard survive for as long as you can and there is a wide variety of powers and classes. More updates please! But I am contented on what is the game has now. Very happy and is indeed recommended for hacknslash gamers!! Time consuming! Love the devs
Look I rarely ever go put of my way to rate a game, but here I am. 1st off let me start off with the only ads are for a revival (optional) which is awesome. 2nd its so simple but yet so damn hard, but not to the point where you can't play it. I say hard because you are always trying to beat your high score and get better. So many different ways to play the game. Its keeps it more and more interesting. Simply put you won't put it down. Best ever. Well well done.
It is a great game. But it could use a few things. For example, it should have a "Sandbox mode" where we play the game but can pick whatever we want so we can see all that there is and how good it all is. Another thing is better explanations. There was no tutorial or story. Also maybe let us upgrade with points easier? It gets a little too expensive the more you do it. It's a great game though! Just needs more features and options.
Simplistic yet addictive.. This game has potential but a few items could be fixed. The most important for me would be the joystick. When I try to move, the joystick initially places itself up/right instead of nowhere until you move your finger as it should be. Secondly, the localization (grammar) is lacking as well as explanation on what "magic" means. Ads are not an issue as in a lot of free games which is a breath of fresh air! Keep up the good work.
What a great game! Been playing for a few days and just love it. Plenty of options to upgrade your character and weapons, plus ads are minimal and not obnoxious. The longer you play, the more difficult the levels, but its fun to grind away and they provide optional purchases to advance quickly.
Fun idea and neat design, but I think I crashed mine on my second play through. I think I had too many projectiles on my screen, and I will try to replicate it. I had lightning at level 2 I think, chain lightning at 3-4, cyclone at 2, a pickup range of i think 80% (i had backpack), triple magic bolt (artifact?), and i had just picked up another artifact that made my shots blow up. I wanna say i had that 10% explode upon death at level 2. Hope this might help any devs, and thanks for the game.
4/5 - A very good game. The no ads purchase is cheap, but its extremely playable even with them. The ideas are very good, mechanics are simple, yet very fun. I love the fact that after a certain time you can combine some spells into one, but I wish you could combine any spell with each other. Classes are entertaining, maxing out the basic class is very worth it. Invest in research and have fun. Can't wait for you to add more content to this. One of the best games in the store right now. :D
Really love the art and the lore of this game. Ads seem to be only optional which is how games SHOULD be. My only complaint is that I'm not able to help develop this game! (don't worry, I'm very under qualified) The gameplay is simple yet the mechanics of the abilities add more to the game than I thought. really cool!
I don't really rate games, but there are clearly pretty smart people behind this with a lot of creativity and a passion for thinking. This game is essentially a minamalistic dungeon crawler with a simple yet diverse system of abilities and effects that give it so much room for strategy and skill that you can already infinitely play it on its own, but there are also items and classes and monster types that make the game absolutely addicting and always fresh. Attention to detail Diverse Simple
This game is a simple yet elegant rogue-like game. I can't seem to put it down the past few days since I have downloaded it. There are so many layers of customization and choices for your character in each run to try to maximize your effectiveness that it really keeps you engaged and trying new combinations. Minor feedback for the devs: 1. It would be great if there was a play to get a more clear explanation of what certain static abilities do and what they affect (e.g. Magic Duration) 2. That's really it! Great game! 5 stars!
So far has a 75% crash/freeze rate. I loved this game. It is easy, but challenging. The difficulty ramps up if you do not plan a build you want ahead of time. You have to learn to adapt, because you may not get the skills you want. Only cons I have would be the game needs a more detailed information system. Such as MP recovery meaning, or list stats when paused. Also the game crash/freezes if overloaded, such as with many spells and effects happening at once. Almost 75% games end in freeze.
It's really good. At first I thought it might get too easy but then the difficulty ramped up. The items seem really balanced in that regard. It's a nice short time waster with some story. Though it gets repetitive after a while, hence the "short" time waster. The onld thing I'd change are the item descriptions. You understand what they are 90% of the time but I'd like some more info
Fun, simple game that you can play when bored. One of those run till you die games and upgrade every time you level up during the run. The amount of ads that come up is not often besides the fact you can revive for watching an ad which is reasonable. I hope the dev keeps this ad count and never ups the rate. Hope to see more content added to the game such as more upgrades.
Download this game. It's a lot more entertaining than it might seem when you just look at the description. There's only 2 things I'd like to see added, though the game is fine without them. Something like the cloaking timer on all of your abilities, and maybe an enemy encyclopedia that unlocks each enemy as you encounter them, and displays their lore and some tips or stats. There's so much room for world-building and story in this game that would be great to see filled.
This game is a little redundant, but still very fun! I'd like to see a little more variety as far as levels go. There are small differences from level to level, but they aren't significant enough to make much difference. I like the classes you can unlock, I like all the spells, though the translation on some of them could use some work. "Number of magic" makes very little sense, and there isn't much in the way of records or instructions in the menu to tell you what things mean. future is bright
I was apprehensive about this app based on the pics provided, but the old saying is apt here: "don't judge a book by its cover." The gameplay is simplistic yet fantastic. You deal with growing hordes of enemies while gaining a slew of somewhat random abilities. There's a subtilty to the tactics that makes you become adaptive. There's also a lot of reason to keep playing: collectibles, beating old scores, etc. Also the music is just fantastic. And it's not pay to win. It's just a great game!
SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!! I did not expect it to be this good, the sound and visual effects are simple yet amazing. So many different paths/classes/combos to chose from. But I noticed some are just not worth it. Like 0.1 HP regen is useless after the 15 min mark. So the players end up hoping to get good R & G. Also the english is confusing, not unreadable but it took me a while to understand what some powers do because they don't have obvious visual effects and the description is too vague.
This game is everything I've been looking for in an Google play game. it's simplistic, but satisfying. It's free by all means and isn't asking me to buy in game currency's everything 5 mins. I'm sure there's some purchases to be had. The only thing for me is I hope they could support controller play because I could survive longer lol.
I'm not even sure what this is supposed to be. Feels like some weird cheap bizarro version of Geometry Wars or Crimsonland. I'm just forever running on a plain map as a witch character that auto shoots, leveling up every once in awhile after having done nothing but dodged everything. I just can't imagine what the point is after a couple of minutes. I'm just trying to figure out what kind of person would actually spend money on in-app purchases with an experience this boring.
Highlights: 100% gameplay, 2.5%ads, no prompts for reviews. An addicting and potent (intentional use of potent) mixture of simple, no-fuss, no-mess interface, infinite-edge maps, brainwashing gameplay of player click-drag-and-discover, and a pinch of horror and terror design in the background. If I have to say one thing bad, I can only think of the load time for the start of the game, but once you're in, the game runs smooth and steady. There are ads are minimal, purchases are ALL optional and they don't ask for a review. All reviews are true and heartfelt opinions. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT GAME!
This is such a dynamic game - many different play styles and strategies are viable and the pacing of character unlocks is great. That said, this game would REALLY benefit from gamepad support (xbox, playstation, switch controllers... Bluetooth or usb... It's all interchangeable as a generic gamepad in Android.) so that we could play using proper thumbsticks.
I've been playing for a few hours now, and the game keeps me wanting to keep going. Every new spell I find opens a new pathway with their masteries, and the classes open up new playstyles. With the maps, it becomes fun to try and survive as long as possible, with some giving more rewards than others and others having special starting conditions. All in all, I'm looking forward to new updates and smoother gameplay. There are also a few characters that host different perks.
Fantastic roguelite game. Minimal ads. Be aware this is not a game where you obliterate enemies. The heroes are very weak and you have to run away from the enemies most of the time. You will die, get money, buy stuff and get stronger. Edit: The game would benefit from 1.stat sheet. 2.A summary of damage dealt/kills of each spell at the end of the run.
It's pretty entertaining and fun roguelike/shmup with some drawbacks. There are a few spelling mistakes and it's not optimized for tall screen aspect ratios. The image is horribly stretched from the 16:9 aspect ratio to fit the screen (19,5:9 in my case). I would gladly take letterboxing with black lines at the top and bottom over the stretched image.
Honestly have no idea where to start. The graphics are simple, which gives the game unique style and makes it very pleasing to look at. The controls are also very simple, which only empowers the game further. The gameplay is straight forward and addicting. There are many skills to gain which all have very good synergy with each other and are different enough to make you somewhat regret choosing one over the other. This is a perfect example that you don't have to do a lot to make a game enjoyable
This game is AMAZING, i like the concept of it and how it works but it lacks a lot of things, first off, there should be an indicator to when the spells woild be cast (i.e. how the armageddon has a timer). Next is there should be a stats bar to see your health, attack, and etc. Lastly, please add more spells, characters, research, and all of those kinds of stuff. Overall this game was amazing, keep up the good work!
Lovely! Very addictive and a great time killer. Just survive, dodge enemies, collect mana points to learn and improve your spells, equip artifacts with blessings and curses. Just lovely. If you love casual rougelikes, this one good af. Dude, tbh thought this wouldn't be a good game but how wrong was I. Just enough difficulty to be challenging. One tip for players tho, don't turn back.
A breath of fresh air as far as mobile games go. A semi-manic style survival game with a simple premise, but an endless combination of ways to go about it. Fun, fast-paced, offline, high replay value, and best of all: basically ad-free. No ads will interrupt your game play. It plays a 5 sec ad after you lose a game, or a 30 sec one for an extra life (optional). This game does not shamelessly pressure you to buy something, though it is there in the menu if you look. Definitely worth the 5 stars!
So far beyond expectations its ridiculous! Replay value is the highlight, controls are smooth, and all around just a completely unique and fun game! Balance also gets a nod, as do the many unlockables. Translations are wanting but will not effect progression. I really don't have a single negative thing to say about this game; well done developers!
It is one of the best games that i have played in a while. Simple with guaranteed fun. It would be awesome if there is a subject leveling system, more frequent spell fusions upgrade, more options to fuse. But these things are the plus and can be done in the future. If i had money, i certainly would pay for it.
It's a good game but with a lot of problems. First of all, it is poorly translated. Very poorly. I don't understand what half of the things in the game really do and there are a lot of spelling mistakes. It's also very difficult and repetitive, a game can go on for 30+ minutes. Not even Battle Royales games last that much. Make the game faster, the UI cleaner and the translations better and this is a gem. Now? Try it but it's not great.
Yea, this is one of those little gems. Every game you play will always be different to last, HEAPS of options for strategy to the point where you really get the feeling of experimenting with a seemingly infinite set of possibilities to go about refining your strategies. Along with a very unintrusive ad distribution, it's a combo quite hard to find in mobile games like this. Well done.
Surprisingly great game! The downside is the controller. There should not be a location but just a touch anywhere with no graphic. Also, when you come back from a level up, chest find, or an ad... you should be given a chance to prepare to move again instead of instantly being attacked. That is not fair at all!
Beautiful just beautiful, the gameplay is simple and easy to understand, the graphic is also simple and not too overwhelming, with dark and gloomy art style, the game manage to make itself become unique. If you like Archero then this is for you, except this game is not played by stage. It has an overwhelming amount of items and play styles. You want to be a lightning wizard? go ahead. Thought, the ability description need to be more clear, the translation is not quite professional but overall 5⭐
instant cult classic.......this game is dope af. It's a deceptively simple to play roguelike game with surprisingly deep strategy and endless replayability. Your first few runs you'll get wrecked until you figure out what skills do and find some good items. I do think some of the skills and classes need balance changes. Like cyclone is next to useless. Meteor as well. Then maxed lightning strike with mjnolners hammer you can literally stand still. Then stack max spirit on top of that....op.
It is surprisingly good, at first it looked like this is just one of a million cheap cash-grab game, but actually not at all. the gameplay is very good despite you basically just running around and survive, the devs make it become not boring at all. the random pop up ads kinda annoying but understandable. I think there's mistakes in the English translation, but ok since its not story based. Conclusion : the game is simple and fun and you should definitely try.
Almost annoying how addicting this game is. An hour just flew by... UI is simple and effective. My only complaint is the English is a bit difficult to understand, or descriptions are ambiguous (number of magic? Magic effect duration?) but these complaints are minor in comparison to how amazing this game is.
Great game and I can't wait for more content! My biggest gripe is that when you max 2 skills and combine them, it very often ends up being less effective than if you had kept both skills. Also, I'm never sure if the artifacts I have will effect the combined skills at all. More clarity and better translation overall would go a long way.
This game is alright. I've spent hours today playing it, getting a feel for what makes this game good, and I'm happy to say there are many pleasing qualities. Easy to manipulate controls, with nice options to change positions. Simple shootout survival with a diverse array of armaments to choose for defence. An overall interesting visual display. For the most part, a fantastic game. The only issues are the grammar, some mistakes subtle, some awkward, and a lack of options and customization.
I am so happy I found this game, it's wonderful in its simple idea and design, you don't have to watch as every minute, you can play for 10-15 minutes totally uninterrupted, all the effects are beautiful... 🥰 One thing I would like though, is to either get more health drops, more occasionally than every 3 minutes, or that the regeneration skill would heal the character like 10 times more? 0.1% isn't really cutting it when you've survived for 11 minutes and the hordes block half the screen 😂
Super fun game, there's plenty of different skill combos and even a skill fusion system during runs to keep trying different spells! Graphics are fine, they went for a low res, sort of wiggly art style that works wonderfully with the game play. The spell effects are pretty neat, with enough flashy bits to entertain but not blinding you from the action, with one awesome exception. Strong recommendation from me if you like weird kinda incremental rpg.
Pretty good. There's definitely some typos but I don't think that should really affect the star rating nor gameplay here. It's a nice scroller game. Just to get this out of the way, the Sewage map concerning the yellow enemies should get a slight speed nerf. It's the only thing that wipes you out too early. And for healing, it would be a QoL feature just to see if I am actually healing when I have a regen artifact. Like a little green plus (+) sign appears when you regen. 500 max characters.
A curious one. For how simple the gameplay is, I love the amount of variety in choices. That said, some are strictly worse than others: things like cloak or item pickup do next to nothing, while out of 6 magic fusions I've done, 4 have led to near instant deaths from losing power. In general past minute 20 or so there's a list of spells you really want to have to live. But overall... this has been more fun than I expected from it when installing, give it a try.
Love the controls, I love the variations in magic you can get, I just love the game as a whole, I will say though 30 minutes of survival is quite a bit, currently my best, using summoner, was 19 minutes. My saltiness aside however, I do suggest this game. It's good for light amounts of play, or even for those who like a challenge. Although it does get repetitive sometimes...
I usually don't write reviews for games, but for this one I just have to. I discovered this gem by accident yesterday, and downloaded it because I had nothing else to do. 10 minutes into the game and I'm already hooked! The gameplay is incredibly simple, yet quite complex! It is just so enjoyable to see everything exploding while you evade all kinds of different monsters. This game is incredible and I hope that there will be even more things to discover and collect in the future.
Man oh man this game is fun burned 2 hours on it already and had an absolute blast with it. The arts real nice the ads are completely optional (if you wanna revive that specific run) or you can pay £3.99 to remove them entirely which is brilliant the game reminds me a lot of the old diablo games combined with risk of rain I hope this game keeps getting updated new characters esc.
Crazily addictive! I rarely rate apps but this one deserves to be rated 5 stars. The gameplay is simple and straightforward, though it has room for improvements such as better UI and more gameplay mechanics, there's no doubt that this is a masterpiece when it comes to free to play. Worth mentioning too that the ads are not intrusive or can hinder your gameplay in anyway as it only shows ads when you died. I would definitely pay to see some improvements. Thanks and Goodluck!
I don't play mobile games BUT...This game is outstanding. Ads are not intrusive as they only appear when you die so you have an option to respawn once per life. Game is very precise. It's addictive, dark, rewarding but challenging. There are so many unlocks possible. The game does NOT hold your hand and that's a great thing. I've recommended it to everyone I know that would be interested in a mobile game of this style. 8/8 would recommend m8
Honestly, this is a pretty good experience. The gameplay is fairly balanced and simple to grasp, and quite enjoyable. Leaving out the final star due to the dialogue, I believe it's original language is Korean. The English version is kind of a Google Translated version, and a bit difficult to understand. Other than that, quality game.
Very good, simple game. I highly recommend. The simplistic design of this, while still offering juicy content without having to watch ads or pay is simply fantastic. I know its reccomend often, but I still feel that you should get different character models, but they do fit the game and is features. I do feel strongly about the maps. They are too simple and buildings and environment features would be cool. Overall, very good game.
Minimal instructions and you're thrown right into the action. You're left to figure out everything. And it's freaking awesome. You have all sorts of level ups available pretty much right off the bat, and you have to experiment all the time to fight off the never ending enemies. I like this game a whole lot and would recommend it to anyone who likes endless shooters. It's challenging as hell, in a very good way. Ads are just after you die and are done the right way. Super unobtrusive.
Very fun and addictive game. The gameplay is simple, yet interesting. The ads in game are not intrusive and the content is already quite furnished. One way to improve it can be to get more interaction between the different skills and magic (like having water and storm magic deals more damage, wind and fire spread damage wider, etc). Getting more rewards when filling some conditions can increase also the replay value. But in the current state, it's already one if the funniest game of the store.
I honestly didnt think I'd like it. It has its flaws like aweful translations and stuff but Its actually pretty good. My only problem is I usually only have 5-10 minutes to play in a sitting. *disclaimer* this is not a short play game. Either have more than 10 minutes to play a round or make good use of the pause and shut off feature like I have to.
This game, for as simple as the idea of timed survival and action with magic is, it manages to really fold itself very fondly into my daily schedule. I love this game for the simple controls, the really well made lore (so far). And the music that is played on the Main Menu screen. This game really proves you dont need really good graphics to play somthing fun! I highly reccomend it if you enjoy Bullet hell, or timed survival games!
This is how you make a mobile, ad placement is perfect, game isn't so confusing, or hard to play on a small screen, and it takes a existing trend, spins it up a bit with a interesting story, not gonna spoil it. If you looking to make a mobile game, follow this example. I hope they add pc support, as well as a joystick option for mobile. One critique is the soundtrack seems forgettable, not really pumping. Though this is their first game they made. Anyways, it's still very great and enjoyable.
The game is rather fun and has a lot of good points. My main concern is the translation of the game. I believe it would heavily increase the quality of the game if you had a dedicated translator or writer to proofread the lore and prompts. There should probably also be some more achievements to hunt, and more unlockable cosmetics would be lovely.
Fun game, but not terribly well explained. I love the game, and would like to give it 5 stars, but there's just so much that doesn't make sense. What is "Number of magic" and what happens when I increase it by 20%? Does it have something to do with the little white diamonds? What do *those* do? What activates my invincibility? What does Cloaking do? Etc etc.
Pretty great game to kill some time. Simple but addicting. Some of descriptions and wording for spells and items are a little confusing so there might be some translations issues for English. One feature that would be really nice would be an option to see how many enemies each skill killed and/or how much damage they did at the end of a game
This is one of the better games out there currently on the appstore, the only problem I have is that it only works for the phone (I play on chromebook, so when something doesn't have the widescreen format I usually can't play it due to me being unable to close the ads whenever they pop up, (though this game has very few ads so I'll stay with this one), if a widescreen fromat is added then this game would be perfect for both phones, tablets, and chromebooks, but as of now it's good for phones.
Tried on a whim due to Store Recommendation. Absolutely fantastic little game. The English translation isn't perfect, but it communicates the important parts well enough. Much more depth to the game than expected, and solid replayability. Easy to pick up and play for ten minutes or a couple of hours. Recommended if you're looking for a clean Action Rogue-Lite/Rogue-Like experience that's good, simple, intuitive gameplay. Added bonus: ads are infreqeunt and fairly unintrusive.
It's rare when you find a mobile game that actually cares about having a good game with progression and not about sucking money from little kids who don't know any better, or a game that bombards you with ads when you just want to play something. This game does have in game purchases but they are so far out of the way that you don't notice and it only ever shows you ads when you finish a run which can take upwards of 30 minutes. I love how easy the controls and the machanics.
Fantastic game. Very addictive. It's a hoard mode type game, but more in depth with builds, which I personally love! I have just a couple complaints though. A lot of the abilities are lack luster compared to others. The same could be said about the magic infusions. There's only a couple that are actually worth it. My favorite being Armageddon+satellite (pst... just orbit the ball of death 😉). And certain abilities are CRUCIAL for games going to or past 20 min. I've gotten to 43 min so far...
It's surprisingly a really good game with a lot of in - game depths. Not 2 runs are the same and don't mention the setting: you are actually fight against VIRUSES(Die COVID!) with MAGIC! The mechanics are reminding me Archero, but still this one is better because there's a really lot options to choose from! Want to burn'em all? You CAN! Want to release a tidal wave? You CAN! And the list goes on an on. The only drawback is the english translation, there are a few grammar errors..
I'm loving the game, and trying out to get higher runs and different combinations. I just wish there were a few more spells, and the game had some text and number changes for clarity to show how much damage your doing, how much a health globe will give you, maybe another heal bar at the bottom. I'm really exited to see where this game goes. If you love roguelikes it's a must.
This game is SOO good. I'm not even the type to enjoy play store games but this one deserves it. The only thing, is that after maybe 13 minutes or more ? ( In the laboratory map at least ) they almost stop giving you mana ( the blue/orange things ) and it becomes kinda boring because you just have to run and almost impossible. Also, I have to keep switching my finger positions cuz the controller is quite unstable. Besides that, I love it so much
Genuinely enjoy this game and the creative direction. Rogue-likes are my favorite genre of game, the ability combinations and how each play through feels very much it's own and the variations on enemies keeps you on your toes. Willing to go up to a 5 star but there is bug where if I leave the app and come back, it freezes. Unless I fully shut it down, it doesnt do anything. Maybe it is loading in the background like it does when you first start it? But that needs to be displayed in some way