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Magic: Puzzle Quest

Magic: Puzzle Quest for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by D3 Go! located at 15910 Ventura Blvd., Suite 800 Encino, CA 91436. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game, but impossible to play with such a small screen. Release this game on the PC Steam client, we need a PC version so we can play at fullscreen 1080p.
Lmao, seriously guys? Everyone complaining about a free game. I like the fact you need to build decks to get the best out of things, a strategy game, and just like real life, you have to deal with what you have, and collect what you don't. 5 stars guys, good job making a match making game much more in depth.
Says journals are active but haven't seen it in game yet. Also, while trying to develop new plainswalkers, I continually get my level 16 paired against level 60's. And I'm starting with that character, not a fully developed one. It's frustrating and discouraging and I am a long time player. Most high end cards are now paywalled and the grind is pointless since there's so many mythic and masterpiece cards, the chances of getting the ones you want is slim.
Uninstalling due to gettingv to stage 13 and being smashed by opponent so powerful it cant be beaten. Tried a number of times without success. Game is fine till then, but without access to equal spells and cards its a bit pointless carrying on.
I like it. Actually I love it. I play it everyday. I started playing magic around 1994 and had a suitcase collection. I really like how they have developed this game into different strategies even more so year by year and this format is a very easy thing to do. And I like the way it makes you think about evolving your decks.
As a long time player, my thoughts on this game: Cons: Plauged with glitches that cause crashes during pvp, resulting in loss. Purchasing packs is just loot box gambling, on top of consisting mainly of duplicate commons. Dubious pvp matches when draws consistently are useless and/or are highest costing cards, mana producing/suggested swap's benefit the AI. Pros: Albeit this is inherently a pay to win game, free players are still able to contend with freebies, and by coalition participation.
This app is free to play friendly and there are no pay walls however there are a lot of options for paying players to enhance their experience, all purely optional. Great mix of MTG card game and jewel matching. Highly recommended. Only giving 4 stars due to addition of extra advertising of optional card packs and unique cards. The money cost of packs is near the same as actual physical cards so very overpriced to be a real card collector when there are new sets almost every other month.
Edit: unfortunately all the good in my original review was wiped away, literally. A factory reset of my phone lost all game data that I spent significant time and some money collecting even though I've been logging in with the same Google Play account since I started playing. Their support contact form gives an unknown error on submit and I cannot get a hold on anyone
It's an okay game that makes you think, sometimes. The rewards won't net you enough game currency to get anything too special from card packs. But, if you like throwing money into the void, maybe this game is for you.
This is a great game. One of the best i have played, with a lot of room for improvements, however. I love the versatility of cards planeswalkers, game mechanics, fact that you are not forced into pvp, and that you can win even with common cards, if you play smart and so much more! However... There is a lot of room for improvement on the technical level of the game. Bugs, loading times and lack of help for beginners is real pain so star down for that. Still very much fun and recommended to play!
MTG in match 3 form, yes please lol...this is perfect for beginners in MTG to learn the cards and strategies involved. The only negative imo, is that unlike original MTG, no cards are at stake during matches, I would like to see some trading or card ante in game
This game isn't bad for a match 3 puzzle game, but that's really all it is... with a Magic: the Gathering skin. One thing to be aware of is that if you're playing PvP, matchmaking is incredibly unbalanced, frequently pairing low level characters against max level characters. It can also be difficult to progress in PvP without paying for exclusive cards. This has made the game significantly less enjoyable and more frustrating as a free-to-play player.
LovE it but the events take too long to complete I have a Elite cards however the AI punishes me for having good cards wasting my time with loops please try to fix that bug so I could be active in the coalition ideally I should spend one hour not 4 hours this goes for events and coalitions
Good game, takes awhile to get decent cards. Been playing free for a month or so and it is still fun.
Getting stuck on the "Loading Data" screen :/ Edit: still stuck. I guess I'll pop in next month :/ Edit 5/14/21: I'm back almost a year later and now stuck on "Error loading assets". Barely downloaded the app. Bye again!!
I used to play Magic for years, and also Puzzle Quest a good deal. This game is surprisingly close to playing MTG. Its amazing how close they have managed to adapt the card system and mechanics to a completely different system of match 3. Bravo Devs!
Help/support doesn't work and every once in a while when I go to claim a free booster it doesn't give me the cards from the pack and says error making it a useless feature in the game.
This is a great game and I love almost everything about it, especially with the new HUD update. However some notifications haven't been coming through since the update (free booster pack & reward of the day). It would also be nice to see the shuffling of tokens when there are no more matches available.
Worst piece of crud ever developed. Brand new device and you can't complete any co op without the game crashing 4 out of 5 attempts. Everything is pay to win.
Great time waster for fans of Puzzle games and MTG. My only complaint is that it's a slow early/mid game grind in order to get to the good content. Other than that, I'm having a good time with it.
Many bugs have been addressed or fixed, and players were compensated for any inconveniences. I'm hesitant to give a 5 star review because there will always be room improvements, but currently the game is addictive to put it mildly. An immense improvement from my past review of MTG: Puzzle Quest. Well done.
Loving this game so far! It's fast paced and a little addictive I can definitely play this game for hours, I know there's microtransactions but grinding for what you need is best.
Do you like major πŸ‚πŸ’©? This game is for you! Full of glitches and broken mechanics(persistently ignored for years now), will leave you in bewilderment! Do you like 100% rigged and unpolished pvp events, garbage prizes, w/a possibilty it'll force close during play? No problem! This game will make sure you squander your time with them! Do you like spending exorbitant amounts of money/time for skinware garbage, with no value, and minuscule returns?πŸ’―!
since i last updated on 4/9/2021 i think, the game hasn't worked. it says error loading assets. this happened before and i fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling, but now it didn't work. both on my samsung and huawei devices the game is coming up with that error. i'm almost at the point where i'd be uninstalling it entirely, which sucks because i've been playing a long time now.
As a player who played actual Magic the Gathering cards, this game app is a pleasant experience. I paused for more than a year but the features it has to guide you like a beginner or as a refresher was all there. More power!
great game, but the load times are painful Edit: I see other people complaining about a paywall etc, this game is not that bad as far as micro transactions go and your ability to increase your decks/planewalkers without paying. This game gives ample oppurtunity to gain gold and gems on a regular basis without the need to pay a cent. Ads are unobtrusive and never get in the way of gameplay. For a free game even with pay to play options, I highly oppose anyone that says the paywall is toohigh
It's a very different way to play Magic. I'm new to this game and have a lot to learn, but I'm enjoying the experience, and I know it will keep getting more fun as my understanding increases.
I like the app but it forces you to review it so here is my review about that. Update: The app then keeps asking you to review it if you give it a low rating so yeah that's super awesome. If you like to receive non stop review this app messages until you give it a high rating then this is the app for you.
πŸ˜‚LOL! What an f'ing joke this monstrosity has become over the past few years,heh?Lopsie "encounters" egregiously favoring the NPC, limitation of health potions(3 punka$$ Health Potions of which after having to grind for the "FREE-mium" piss yellow crystals, having to use said piss yellow crystals to obtain 3 more health potions for 25 or 1 heal for 10 piss yellow crystals).Now for the BIGGEST punchline, cycles of 3:10/4:10 ratios of lockdown redraw w/ an abysmal match-3 board to bootπŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£edit:
More fun if you pay to play. I have been playing for years and as time goes by it has turned into less rewards and more time playing to get mediocre rewards. Stay away from this one unless you are willing to pay for imaginary cards. The developers are quick to respond and help with problems. I still play be cause I like the card mechanics.
Really enjoy the game but I just did the latest update today and have not been able to load the game since lol! Not sure what to do now with it because I can't play it now lol!
Def less shady/greedy than many apps that offer paid rewards- you can play and move up without spending money (albeit sloowly) but you can... still saving up for Bolas though. Maybe I'm jaded but that beats a ton of games with monetary based rewards. It is sad how quickly you lose VIP status/rank after subscription ends! I'm stuck on it for real tho & its given me an appreciation for blue I never had in traditional mtg. Good unbiased review on Tolarian Community College's youtube station.
Love playing the game. Since last update, the battles keep crashing - causing me to exit the battle with damage to plainwalker.
Opponents are way over powered, when they can pull 3 angel creatures out on turn 2 and you have nothing in your hand every time you play, it gets old. Update*** I stopped playing for a year and a year later and its still unbalanced. When a level 11 has to battle a level 31. Pay to Win.
Love Magic (been playing for over 10 years), really dislike this game. Do NOT waste money on this. 100% would not recommend. Even the tutorials are jank. Little effort to game play. Very apparent cash grab. Poor execution on the game being "random". Displeased.
In some events you have invalid cards but the game controlled deck doesnt go by the same rules for those cards which is not the way the game is played at any level and thier matchup system is broke my newest planeswalker is getting matched up with level 50+ and its only a level 4
Neat concept. I thoroughly enjoyed Sega Heroes and this mixes that with MTG. Certainly my favorite mobile mtg game to date! That is considering I am beta testing Arena: I am hoping Arena releases more diverse sets. They have some oldies- but, none of the older specific sets/creatures that this game DOES infact include. Keep the good things coming! :)
Would love to know how the gamenis bur cant get past the tutorial. The part where you need to activate the Planeswalker ability is bugged and doesnt activate so you just sit there unable to do anything. Edit: got it fixed and all is well, thanks guys!
Now that I've spent money on the game it won't load up all the way and keeps kicking me back to my home screen before that it was great that's why I spent money so from a 5 down to a 3
Constant errors prompting me to keep clicking Retry to claim a reward, upgrade XP, navigate menus. No indication of what went wrong.
This is the best way to play magic the gathering puzzle quest core and I love πŸ’•πŸ’• the graphics and the world 🌎🌍 of magic the gathering wizards of the coast
I was able to fix the issue myself by uninstalling the game and installing it again and logging in at the start up screen. Thanks for concern, though!
Very good, but prices unreasonable high if someone would choose non-free path. Could play not buying anything though.
Awesome game. Slightly chance based to keep it spicy, mostly strategy so you feel like you deserved to win and clever deck building. This is the perfect use of the puzzle quest format. It has pay to win aspects, but you can play and compete without spending a penny, it just takes more work. Enjoying it after a year of play. Recently I had an interaction with the support team and they were also excellent.
Really a great game. As a FTP player, I have found that I can still be competitive with those who are spending money. Even though there are occasional, frustrating bugs that cost you a match the gameplay is good enough for me to look past them and come back again for the next match.
This game if fun but i get real tired of only getting spells and enchantments. I waited 28 turns over 2 games (and died twice)to see 1 creature in a deck with 6 creatures in it. Then had to wait another 16 to get another one. This is a common thing. I watch my wife experience the same difficulties. To lose a game because of a bad draw is something I can accept. This seems like something that should be fixed in the program.
I started playing this game 2 weeks ago and for the first week or so I had no idea what I was doing, however I did the training and have a better understanding of what's involved and the mechanics of the cards. This game is freaking awesome. Fantastic graphics, very detailed info, match fights are challenging but not overly so and there's so much to do. Great job devs.
Way too repetitive, expensive, and limiting. Its pretty impossible to earn cards/planewalkers without paying real money and it's outrageously expensive. The gameplay can be frustrating and it doesn't run smoothly. It's a shame cause I like the concept and I loved Magic as a kid - but this is a cash grab app.
Alot of grinding and alot of pure luck which makes it a very slow progress unless ypu dump tons on money into the game. Negativity done with now, this is an overall awsome game, been playing for a long time now and cant put it down, keep up the awsome work devs.
Started off fun. Lost my vote of confidence when I noticed it left me with only one option that conveniently set up the AI for crushing conbos on multiple occasions when I was in the process of a sweep.
It's fine. Match three and using MTG-like cards to fight. Wish the rewards for events were better, not just a handful of upgrade points. Also wish they didn't ask me to rate them twice a day.
Often spends a good 5 mins "logging in" with the circle constantly spinning - Even though i am connected via a high speed internet connection (100 mbps) ... Other than that, app devs are very "money hungry" - and have found a great way to monopolise and create funds (at detriment to its user base)... I used to play magic-TG back in mid 1990's with actual REAL cards - So felt nostalgic towards this... But this game just doesnt do it for me.
fun game, but every update forces you to collect a new set. There's no progression, just trying to get the newest thing, just to do it again with the new update.
Low key MtG experience that I can do from a couch or bus. Deckbuilding is much more streamlined, and allows fun combos.
Newest Update 31/03/2023. I cannot log in to game. The pages stuck at loading page and the message is Loading Data. Please advise what to do to log in. Before update, it is one of the best game for card game in smartphone
The game is improved greatly by turning off its music and playing it while listening to a podcast or something. It's not completely mindless, but lacks sufficient depth to be a rewarding use of the player's full attention.
good game with more complexity and depth ... just wish the packs price tag is lower and there is better events .. cause the AI does not do mistakes and uses the best out come making it hard to fight against unless you have better cards to tip the balance but the drop rate is super low on good cards like any other gasha which makes it frustrating to play and you feel like a sandbag... still good game and disgen just needs better rewards and events.
Fun gameplay but needs some additional stuff in my opinion, make it closer to standard game play.. as in let me block incoming damage with casted able creatures.. Also if beating a mission with all colors is required make it easier to switch between them once one is completed.. instead of going all the way back through load screens and the menus.. -Edit 2020DEC- Yup still can't block? I have a 20/20 with all the works he has a 2/2 basic with no abilities and he can attack my character?
October 2020 Update: This game continues to falter with the latest 10/2020 update. Many Many bugs and glitches in the game. In game support is a joke and they will always find you are wrong. Your better off contacting Google. PvP is full of cheaters via cards and A.I. This game contents are very overpriced and often gives you the same card 3 times in the same pack. The newest update causes constant skipping and glitch rearranging of gems.
Playing for a year now. Spent a little, but just because I wanted to, f2p is totally possible. Having lots of fun. Great source material and mechanics with 25 years of mtg means no mistakes from devs. Water is warm. Jump in!
Over the 3 plus years I have played and been able to keep my profile. That is close to 12 phone and I have close to 27 planes walkers. Thank you for a well balanced game. That sounds its foundation card game. Exactly
Candy Crush: Magic Edition and everything is monetized (Seriously: EVERYTHING is monetized. EVERYTHING. They even have weekly and monthly subscription packages... It's super weird.). Skip this. This game's mere existence makes even less sense than whatever weird mechanics they've tried to implement and I think? Failed at? I don't know. Couldn't make heads or tails of it after a few hours.
Great game. I've been playing for months and never have had to pay money. My Liliana deck which is a 94 has beaten opponents up to 365. All this talk about pay to play is nonsense. Be patient. Collect your free cards and outthink your opponent. Sure I've lost to impossible odds but it was still fun. Update: Been playing for years now. Just keeps getting better.
Great game. Older phone slows it down a little bit. Love magic and cascade games. Update 3/30/21 still an amazing game. New phone runs so much better. I love the nee journal feature and the fact there are always multiple events going on.
I love this game and the customer service has been top notch, I did have a couple of issue with the game and the were their to fix all my issues.
Of the two puzzle quest style games I play (marvel being the other), this one has the edge. Here, you can play and have fun, and not feel like you're being beat over the head with prompts to buy something. The new content rolls in smoothly, and you can spend $ to own it now, or you can wait with legit chances to pick up the good stuff over time. The biggest detractor is the guilds (groups) and their events, mostly because the MtG Quest community isn't very good.
Really awesome game... Honestly idk what I would do otherwise. Only collect free boosters and prizes from events and story. Have not spent 1 dollar and I have played for year or 2. Had to start over due to a Facebook f*** up. Better the 2nd time with strategies i didn't think of. To whom it concern: How about a tactical hex turn based magic the gathering game? Thanks for the masterpiece looking forward to more
The battlefield seems to freeze in about 1 out of 4 matches in Feb-2021. Disappointed that when the game stops progressing due to a bug in the app, the game is lost. This app needs a watchdog timer for gameplay sequence failures. Have had play stop during a turn sequence. The log can be selected but nothing else happens.
Playing on Samsung S7. The third intro fight where Kiora uses her 24 cost ability I hear a sound effect but then nothing happens. The battle log doesn't say anything happened no matter how many times I use her ability. Being stuck at the tutorial means I cant get anywhere in the game. I'll re-review when I can get passed this bug.
To all that say it is pay to play. To you I say get better. I do not have vip and am in a top tier coalition. I regularly beat the top decks with free cards. Also the card set rotate just like mtg paper. That way you do not get stagnation in the game you would get if there was no new cards add. It is as close to mtg the card game you can get with out going to a pc full mtg game.
I like the game. Good for killing time or if you don't feel like turning on a console. Customer service is sub par, my ticket was closed without any response to my complaint. #99747
It's a fun way to play magic. The AI seems to get the upper hand a lot, and the app is p2p format. But yes you can play without paying, it's a major challenge if you do so
Imagine if you go to work, do your job perfectly, but you forgot one minor thing. You don't get to be paid at all that month for it. That is the best way I can describe my time with this. The reward system is a joke, I imagine new players are going to have a VERY rough start, and if you do have an issue, support is slow and unhelpful. I enjoy it only because this is somewhat skill based, no idle gaming here, and no ads, at all. But I can't recommend this game until the reward system changes
I loved the gameplay along with adjustments made to old abilities as well as brand new ones to more smoothly integrate to the digital format. My only issue was that when I first installed the app, I didn't know what was necessary to save your account across devices. Hence, I lost almost 2 years of game play and had to start from the very beginning. It should be made explcit
To be honest, this is the only good match 3 game. Yes, even better than Gems of War. With how much you get without paying, you would think this game had a price tag!
The cards you get seem predetermined and they dont follow their own "rules". I opened a pack and got one new card and the rest were all the exact same card. I also won a pack that was supposed to give me at least a rare and "guaranteed non-duplicate" but lo and behold it was a duplicate. It's logical that the more packs you open the less likely you are to get cards you don't already have but it seems they instead have a system that predetermines what cards your account will get. $$$
I've played magic since 4th edition, and this gem game does a great job and putting the spirit of mtg into a puzzle game πŸ‘
Bit disheartening for the f2p people, but a very engaging experience otherwise. I'd love a paid version where I had the same access to cards as everyone, but business won't let that happen :-P Very fun game though for the most part
Great game but... once you hit the pay wall the game gets ridiculous. Ridiculous that you have to pay money in order to progress in this game. So tired of games doing this. It says free to play but it's definitely not. Be warned.
Pretty fun, and they're very generous with free rewards. They've also made big improvements to stability since I started playing.
The game is great would have 5 stars except for the glitch with chandra needs to be fixed every time you play with her about midway into the game it will freeze up and you can't do nothing with her and you have to quit and restart the game
I love the match 3 genre and i love MTG. This game blends them perfectly. Now you have plenty of opportunity to obtain cards to compete in all events. I was waiting for these QOL changes for a little while, Thanks for the fixes! This is a game i reccomend to friends.
Fun game. The notifications telling me my walkers are healed are annoying (I could probably turn them off in some setting I'm to dumb to find), but other than that, nice mtg-inspired game.
We'll, I'm very impressed with the game, only thing I don't get, is the story difficulty. Don't get me wrong, the pvp is fun, but I prefer single player and I'm kinda far in the story. I know its supposed to be random, but sometimes it seems the drop goes to the AI. And their abilities seem a bit unfair. I spend the least I can in all games cuz I like playing. Need a bit more balance in story. Still a solid game.😁
Great game, I've been playing for years. I love the card variety available. My only problem so far is that there is no way to set requirements to join a coalition. I run a coalition that places in top 100 every week but keep getting new people joining who are ALOT lower level and have problem keeping up with the test of us
Its a good game the only real problem is slow loading times that can get annoying but besides that its fun to play now and then and is a nice combination of magic and match 3 games as it has a small amount of strategy and not pure luck like some other match 3 games
This is definitely one of, if not THE most unique match 3 experience on the market(perhaps Puzzles and Dragons can contend). As a ex MTG cards owner and player, i truly appreciate the GENIUS behind taking every one of these cards and planeswalkers and translating them into a working formula in this match 3 styled game. And even though the vehicle is matching gems, it still feels like im mostly playing a card game with the numerous effects on the field.
I used to play Magic the Gathering when I was a teenager. Let me tell you all, this puzzle quest app is pretty awesome. It has gotten me back into the game I once obsessed over. Twenty years later and only a month in on this digital version, it inspired me to buy 100+ Magic card bundle. Thank you to the team of devs who worked on this.
Personally a fan of mtg. When I saw this game, I was like "finnaly a mobile mtg game" cause mtg area only for computers. Honestly this game is nice but kinda vague in rules and abilities or card strategies. Basically has the same abilities and stuff of the real mtg card games.
I have played this game for years and sadly it has gotten worse. 1. When you buy packs you can now get triplicates of the same card. 2. A.I. cascading for enemy has been increased in favor of enemy. When color cascades in favor of enemy, just quit don't waste your time, as A.I. is set to punish you. I know I've programmed games similar to this one. 3. This game is very greedy and not long term player friendly at all. The longer you play the more the developer punishes you.
This is a great take on Magic. Your knowledge of Magic (MTG) is enhanced with familiar cards but utilized in a new way with new strategies. Not a money pit either,... although you may purchase items if you so desire.
Fun, not a total cash grab. Weekly events are good. Stability can be rough after a major update, but it always vastly improves over time, which means the devs are constantly working. My only minor complaint is that the reward structure is a little rough. You either have to get a perfect score on events or the rewards are heavily diminished.
I've been playing this game off and on for years. It's always a good game to fall back into. Has always been fun and has some good challenges to it. Not pay to win but buying stuff helps. I don't see myself buying the VIP subscription as they're very pricey and unnecessary.
Sadly, I have to give it 1 star as its unplayable. It says "error loading assets" and doesn't load. Other games work on my phone so its not on my end.
I enjoy the variety of decks you can make and the varied cards. The main issues are common freezing (happens often and forces losses) and some of the npc abilities are a bit too strong (unholy hunger) but otherwise it is a lot of fun.
What i meant to write was that it is way too time consuming to purchase new planeswalkers without spending any real money, who wants to spend any real hard earned money on a game app?... Especially, with all the wages lost via the pandemic and state lockdowns. If it were me... I would make it easier to recieve gold shards to purchase planeswalkers as they come out. -OR- Be able to convert excess mana runes into the gold shards, i.e: 1000 mana runes = 1 gold shard...or something like that.
Since the newest release, planeswalkers abilities freeze the game in the newest challenge (Updated, trying to use them freezes the game in EVERY match). I lost 2 matches yesterday, and a 3rd today (thinking maybe it was fixed overnight). Where is the support function in this game? Could you make it any harder to contact support?
Deck building doesn't seem that great not enough going on with the cards I feel like , but the game run smooth and is challenging , I love the competitive connect 3 , maybe in the future we can see maybe a commander mode that like tetris or something
Love this format of magic been playing here and there sense it started good way to keep up with Magic if you can't get out
For someone who has never played magic im lost in the basic premise. Its like candy crush in an alien language. You win things but have no clue what you won or even why you won.
Where is all of my stuff. Restore does nothing and I don't have Facebook so I guess the time and money I have previously spent are just gone? Was going to try this game again but this is not looking good. Edit: contacted support, still not looking good. A lot of time and money were spent on this game, why won't my Google account link like every other game with cloud capabilities. I am just going to delete this trash and forget about it.
Fun take on MTG because I play IRL. Love that they just added my waifu, Narset, even if they mechanics and leveling up can be a bit of a pain. Make more packs purchasable with runes or Mana Crystals and I'll rate 5 star
Some good play. But watch out, 95% of the time the game is stacked against you. You will get practically nothing and you opponent will get to play their entire hand on turns 1 or 2. There is a lot of bulls hit in this game.
Game is fun. Managing your collection of cards should be the best part, currently it is slow af. Allow selector to filter by tribe, subtype, keyword ability. Make it snappy. Currently browsing even small collection of cards is a pain. Getting new cards is less fun when it becomes a chore to find them.
I am currently having some issues with the ashiok vanguard not triggering correctly and it freezes the game without fetching the card it is supposed to. Besides this issue I enjoy the game quite a bit, I'm upset though that it is making it so I am losing chances at events though and would give 5 stars if fixed
I do like this app. However I would prefer if i could turn off the red notification on the vault that pops up even when there is nothing in the vault that needs my attention.
Love magic, the art is great. Amazing stories, just gets my imagination going. I play Magic The Gathering Arena, but since it's not for mobile I'll settle for this.
Just started, but puzzles and mtg just kinda works. EDIT: Been playing for a while now and I gotta say, this game is pretty awesome. It really feels like Magic. In fact, it made me feel nostalgic.
Update 22/11/20: Because they are forcing me to review, 2/5 stars. I have no idea what is happening to this game: they are pumping out new things like crazy. Why? To appeal to the demand of the people? More money? Whatever happened to making the game solid? Update 6/4/20: 3-5 star game. Seems like developers have no idea how to balance this game: RNG is horrid, then some days it's fine. Way less mythics than before and I seem to get the same cards even when it's rares or mythics.
Exceptional game I really enjoy the way the game trains my thinking very strategic at times with the variables. Great game. I will keep playing
An amazingly deep implementation of Magic the Gathering concepts within a gem-matching game. Fully playable whether or not you spend money. Continually updated with the latest Magic expansions. This is a winner!
There needs to be a way to filter just new cards in the library. Way to hard to find and keep track of inventory without this feature
I've been playing for quite awhile (years)...if that says anything. Yes there are times it has its hiccups, but those get addressed quickly. An actual pvp area would be interesting, but as is, I have a lot of fun playing this and putting together different theme decks.
Now that I've played it a bit, it is fun, there is a free element to it, but I wish the packs were more affordable. I mean, it's not like Magic: The Gathering in real life, where you get to keep the cards you invest in. Here, it's just digital.
Update: Still no fix. Just as I am about to win an event match, randomly it just stalls and does nothing after opponents turn Occasionally, after opponent makes a move, the game just stops playing and ... nothing else happens Update: 2/14/21 .... when playing against NPC, randomly after npc makes a move, game will just pause/stop ... unable to make a move or continue, so makes me lose a round during an event.
Game play is fun. And you can develop good decks. But your chance of getting a "masterpiece" level card is less than 1 percent unless you want to pay $180 over six months in which case you can accumulate points in small increments to craft one randomly. And you have to keep paying $30/month for the privilege. If we have earned a level by PAYING FOR IT, we lose the benefits if we let it lapse, even temporarily. Unemployed due to covid? Tough luck
Very fun, i loooooove this game... I would like to see a version on the PS3,4 or 5 to versus online in real time.
This game has been a favorite of mine for several years. I am frustrated with the direction of Pay-to-Win it is heading with it's Member's Area and subscriptions for better cards. Trying to pull cards for better decks naturally is becoming obsolete to the "Wallet Warriors". Disappointed.
D3 and WotC have done a great job with this one. It's set up well, and there's new content at a good rate that allows players to get some good things from the latest set before a new one is released. I have experienced some glitches, which have affected gameplay (one creature functioning differently than described, and certain events doing the same), which is the only reason I didn't give the app 5 stars. Great game, though, with a lot of mileage left in it for sure!
Way too cluttered. Typical freemium game. I just wanted a simple match three puzzle with elements of magic the gathering, but this has way too many useless things in it. Several currencies, flashy effects for leveling up, thousands of menus, most with things to buy.
Ok rewriting my review, still an awesome game, I just wanted to say that ya get free stuff daily that helps you level up. So I thank ya guys and keep up the good work.
Edit after two years of playing- I still love this game. It's the best game of its kind on any platform. And my original 2018 review still holds true to this day This game is addictive and fun and I love that while you have the option to pay real money to progress you can also play without spending and it won't hurt your performance in the game
Been playing this game since 2016 and love it. Excellent time waster. Would love a way to trade cards with other players from your coalition or just anyone really. Im sure you guys don't read this but id also love a way to battle people in your coalition. And could you make a way to convert blue gems to gold or purple? I have over 1 million just doing nothing lol.
The game can be fun however it tends to lock up pretty frequently, especially when I have figured out an unlikely win - it then freezes play, even though other functions work like bringing up and closing the menus. The only way forward is to forfeit the game I was about to win. Very frustrating!!!
Long load times and a bit grindy. Interface is sometimes tedious. By default puts out a lot of notifications. Still mostly enjoyable. I find their Marvel puzzle quest a much more enjoyable match-3 game.
It's a really good game. But I noticed I had to save my file in order to keep my progress. Then one day it didn't work anymore. Be nice if I could get all that back.
Love the game as a whole. But right now you cant even use planeswalker abilities without the game crashing/freezing. Been going on for a long while now with no updates or even hot fixes.
I spent money on packs. Then the game crashes all the time and I lose progress. Spend your money somewhere else. I'm a long time magic player and im disappointed
well this game sucks dick there is so many ppl in the gold levels that should be in the higher levels but they dont finish leveling up their colors cause then they wouldnt always win against ppl who dont pay 2 win so like i said this game sucks dick im tryn 2 level up all my colors cause unlike those ppl im not only going after weaker players only
Took a while for me to get a hang of it but I really like the way I can get lost in the game. I love the puzzles and cards, but hasn't satisfied my desire for flavour text. Planeswalkers are good too.
I love this app. It's a fun abbreviated version of magic. I wish you could get specific cards though. Overall it's still a blast to play. Love it! Also, can you add in card search parameters like; card cost, multiple keywords, and multi color cards. That would help a lot for players that have larger collections. Thank you.
Repetitive events, unbalanced, pay-to-win, and often just not fun to play. Lack of variety, as you see the same characters and same decks often can lead to boring and frustrating matches. While the game has always been unbalanced after the first year, the game was in a better state.
Game won't even open beyond the loading screen. I've tried uninstall/reinstall, clear cache, restarted my phone, and nothing happens. EDIT. I can now get into the game but everything I had previously purchased is gone, and it makes me play the tutorial and start all over everytime I open the app. So I lost any money I spent and appears the same way everytime I open the app. I've been in contact with support.
Ever since the last update "the vault" always shows there is 1 more item to collect than there really is, ie if there is a bonus booster pack ready for collection it reads 2 instead of 1 & if there is nothing to collect it always shows as 1. How can this issue be resolved as there is nothing in the help pages about this nor is there anything about how to contact anyone to get any form of support/help to correct any issues or problems that may arise, c'mon dev's, how do I get this problem fixed?
It's puzzle quest, but with magic. It's bejeweled, but with magic. It's candy crush, but with magic. You've played this game a thousand times before, but now it's with magic the gathering cards. It works very well for what it does. Wish it had pvp!
I love this game and have been playing it off and on for years. When I got a new phone, I was able to start the game over and build it better. I also knew enough to stay below platinum tier as long as possible to maximize fun over frustration. My advice is to save your crystals to buy the most fun planeswalkers (watch Balthazar on YouTube). You do not have to pay to win if you're patient, but I don't mind buying a special card from time to time.
Awesome game!!! (Now if y'all could only come out with an original D&D compendium game but on a phone app video game format, that would be truly awesome!!!) But yeah, I've been playing this game for a couple years now and it has gotten better and better. No need to spend $ unless you want to. You can play as much or as little as you want to. (At least in my guild = Sea Dragons ; as long as you at least log on once a week.) Anyways awesome game, one of my favorites. πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™
I like this game a lot. A lot of strategy, great art work, fun events, but it is crashes way too often. This has cost me a good number of battles that would have impacted my ratings for prizes. EDIT 3/27 - still crashing.
Game is okay. It's like Magic the Gathering's version of Candy Crush. It is very fun to play but can be frustrating due to the rapid release of new sets and the slow pace of accruing new cards. The single player mode is okay at best except that they stopped developing new challenges after the original beta version. All in all. If you're a Magic fan this is a good bathroom game but nothing more.
Its awesome to play Magic the Gathering again. The card generation of packs could use improvement. I find it very difficult to get cards you are after in sets. You get insaine amounts of duplicate cards, and the booster crafting doesn't add up quick enough to create non duplicates. Over all a great game though.
Previously game took ages to load, the developers finally fixed this. 2 Stars added for that, game is now loading without impeding play. Obtaining new cards still has ridiculous odds, but gameplay is OK.
I invested so much into this game prior to the pandemic. Now that i have a new phone i wanted to get back into it only to find i can't find my save game. I had most planswalkers and almost all the cards from 3-4 sets..... while i know i can't use those in standard matches, but it too big a loss.... :,(
It's a great game I been playing since the original card game , but when I make a google purchase , in the first two hours your supposed too be able too get a refund IF the content doesn't perform like it should or as it is described . When I make a purchase if the deck mechanics i misunderstood or if I'm not happy w the content in genral. The last couple times I have been automatically denied my refund . It's my understanding you loose the content and it's within the first hour , help please
I've played many card games on all platforms Cell, Ps3, Ps4 the "only" problem I have with this game is 6 more would make it great which for me would be superb allows more versatility and creativity. 20 would make it superb/superior for a game of this platform with only 10 less than bigger platforms. 6 for me is great enough and most I believe. I would 5' thier. Lol too much cheating occasionally but ok kinda, 6 more cards and tier 3 to 4 player Characters 20 to hang with higher platforms.
I love the game. But when you click on the vault while it has the red notification dot you have to look around for the thing you need. Should get you right to what you are able to get in the vault when you click on vault. Other than that I love this game.
A fun, well polished game. New cards are a bit too expensive to be really balanced (unless you pay real money of course), but the pay to win isn't too bad in single player.
There is no random number generation applied to card draw. Depending on the level of battle you are fighting; cards are presented in an order that makes winning impossible. Lots of bugs where cards don't work the way they are stated. Don't waste your time. Not worth the headache.
It shares your usage to advertisers!! It shows you adds tailored to you. The fact that it does this erans it no stars regardless of game play.
Fun game, incredibly frustrating. Love repeatedly watching as the AI makes multiple match after multiple match while you struggle to find the right color mana to function. Especially love seeing chapter 1 enemies get multiple extra turns in the same turn.
Do not invest real world money into this game. I lost everything. This morning I had my collection and now everything is gone. Opened the game later in the day and it had me do the tutorial all over again. This game continues to disappoint. It was pay to win style game. Glad I never invested money into and I recommend you dont either.
D3 and WotC have done a great job with this one. It's set up well, and there's new content at a good rate that allows players to get some good things from the latest set before a new one is released. I have experienced glitches, which have affected gameplay to the degree of experiencing multiple losses that would have otherwise been wins, which is the only reason I didn't give the app 5 stars. However, at least at the moment, those seem to have been eliminated.
I like this game a lot. A lot of strategy, great art work, fun events, but it is crashes way too often. This has cost me a good number of battles that would have impacted my ratings for prizes.
Logged in and had to start my game from scratch.. I lost all my planeswalkers and other cards... Twice now. I've used the retrieve purchases and nothing happened.. Both times. Don't spend money. I wouldn't hold much in expecting advancement in this game. For too long.
Understand that giving this a second star is a MASSIVE insult to other Android games. This game is trash. And a game about reading complicated text on many cards sounds probably have people with better communication skills writing the cards.
This is a fun game w/ many great elements. If you play MTG keep in mind this is a PuzzleBreak game with MTG elements not MTG. Still a lot of fun. Can feel a little like pay to win at times, but there are plenty of free play and free gifts to keep the game interesting. My advice pick a Planeswalker, a set, and color mastery, and stick to them until they are maxed then move on. Watch other players deck build and how other Planeswalkers work and spend your gems wisely. Stick to PVE until ready.
Price gouging to its finest. Only players who pay for everything are the only one who benefit from it. You need to bring prices down, too expensive, And you need give out more masterpieces more often.
I'm disappointed I bought 3000 mana crystals and 120 mana jewels and failed to receive a new Mythic and I didn't even get a beginner master or expert deck completion for my return to zendikar planeswalker Nissa of the borough and for my mana jewels I got duplicate gold could have least gave me a masterpiece I'm not an ATM machine
I play magic all the time so I love this game I play all the time when unable to get together for some battle great game fun. Really like how the game blends together with some traditional magic rules and the match 3 game very fun
Personally a fan of mtg. When I saw this game, I was like "finally a mobile mtg game" cause mtg area only for computers. Personally I play the actual mtg card game so ik how most the ability mechanics work, but for a beginner, it might be a bit trickier for them. Very fun got alot of cards to collects but can get a bit boring when you run out of quests and stuff.
I've been playing this game off and on the longest of any mobile game I've played, which is since 2016. The content is consistently updated and fairly accessible for FTP and although the game can take some time getting the hang of, once you do, it's very enjoyable. Of course it helps if you're familiar with how MTG plays. I would like to see a continuation of more content being steadily increased in availability for FTP.
I'm really enjoying this version of magic. Suggested improvements would be load times - not only to start the app but also navigating the menus and starting a match. Improved UI - I found it confusing and combersome when I first started. And lastly explaining the rules as they are different to paper magic and what the different in game currencies are for - it took me a long time to figure out why sometimes my creatures will attack other creatures and sometimes attack the opponent
it's a great time playing this. i've been missing playing magic with friends, and this fills that gap a little bit.
Neat concept. I thoroughly enjoyed Sega Heroes and this mixes that with MTG. Sometimes a very fun game to play. But, the AI in story mode is pretty unfair. A level 26 planeswalker vs my 49 planeswalker loses badly. It isnt luck; the game favors ai completely. But, makes up for it in gameplay and card collections. Annoyed with that AI issue but still gets 5 stars for being imo the best MTG mobile game.
I lost access too my Facebook account and now can't access the hundreds of dollars I spent on magic the gathering . I Love the app and love playing it usually its great takes all my free time and then some. But when I get screwed on several hundred dollars at the least of downloadable content that is too much . A dollar stolen is too much. I would really like access too my content . Help would be amazing .
Great game, brings back the nostalgia of when I played magic with my friends and family. So fun making decks and seeing what works with what.
I like the new look of the game interface. I don't like that they are adding more game cards. They seem redundant in terms of abilities esp the uncommon cards. And it will take longer to completely collect a set like HOD or M20 set which are now legacy cards. --------- The game has gotten better. Yet you get too many duplicates when you buy or earn card sets.
Been playing this for quite some time. I have a lot of fun with the addicting match 3 combined with deck building elements. All forms of in game currency are available to players without real world money. All around worth a play if you like magic. Cons: Can be buggy: card effects don't work or event rule causes glitch Crashes: "something went wrong" error makes you lose limited event use. Barred from content: only players that subscribe to the game for six months can craft the rarest cards.
I say thankyou to the lady that gave yur game a great review and convinced me to down load it.she was right about everything.this is the only puzzle game that you can play with not powerful cards and win and u can level up like crazy.SO DOWN LOAD IT PEOPLE ITS NO COST....BUY PACKS IT'S OPP BUT THE WAY THE GAME IS MADE U CAN STILL BEAT OTHER POWERFUL CARDS WITH OUT BUYING INTO THEM BY LEVELING UP.BUT THEY GOT SOME REALLY AWESOME PACKS CANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THEM HAHA. TRUTH...LOVE YOUR GAME