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Magic Mansion: Match-3

Magic Mansion: Match-3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by 4Enjoy Game located at 8 The Green, Suite #7269 Dover, DE 19901 United States. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love playing mansions games i have played the homescapesand many more... But it was not so good as this is i loved playing this... I have played the two versions and this is a new challenge for me its getting lill harder at the level but at the same time its very interesting... But the last complain which is not a complain its actuslly about ads... So overall its a very very good and interesting game... And guys yes u who is reading my feedback... U should also install it what ya waiting for
Excellent game!!! Actually enjoyable, not like the other games that frustrates you. Everyone who plays match 3 games should play this one.. great work was put into this game.
Majority of all these other kinds of games at least give you two free options and then either you have to pay or watch an ad this one only gives you one free option and then you have to sit there and watch an ad for every single other one it's ridiculous
Uninstalling after 2nd level. You get ONE choice of decorations unless you watch a 20-second ad. No thank you!
I'm quite enjoying your new game. Some level's can be a tad difficult. And some quiet easy. It all depends on ow you play this game. With this game, I AVE progressed more into the game. Than any of your other types of games. Like mansion blast n lily's garden. The colours of the furniture etc are pretty instead of being drape n boring colour schemes.
I just started playing a few hours ago, on level 73 and playing on 6hrs of free lives. Enjoying this game so much. I love the story of the school and the people, already have a person thats not a very likeable person, will have to pay attention to him, he is up to no good. (Drama always.) Its great good job. There is a few bugs, it drops and starts over, and the choices of furniture is different for other players. Checked my friends games out and they have some different choices than I do.
Different story line fun colors and I love the icons. So far fun puzzles and have been able to do them. Not stingy with boosters and moves. I love this game.
The game is so great and graphics are too good . Please tell me that how many levels are in this game
The game is good but I really don't like it because we can only choose one design for free. It is said to be an offline game but two other decoration options can be selected only if we watch a video or an ad. And this is really annoying. Please fix it because most people want to play it fully offline and not a game with only one choiceπŸ™
Very boring. All you do is watch videos. Where is the decorating. Even when you get a chance to decorate, 2 of the 3 choices you get you have to watch a video to pick that option.
This game was awesome. Graphics are not soo good and there's lot of ads in this game, but gameplay was rlly nice . I love this game.πŸ’™
Great game to play but there too many ads and is more fun if the deco can be choose and without watching ads for it
Pretty good match 3 decorating game with a different twist, not just a mansion to decorate, a magic school. Ive had no problems with it shutting down that others have complained about. Graphics could be better and I wish there were more bonuses, club to join so club members could help each other. I'd give 5 stars if they changed those things.
I like this game because it teachesus how to renovate and this is school magic mansion it is a very nice game.
You have to watch an ad to do anything I don't mind ads but this is just to much, not fun enough to pay for ad free great graphics tho
I really enjoy this game. This game is just hard enough that it is a challenge to win some levels. But not so hard you have to play days to move forward. It also enjoyable to decorate the castle. Some games you lose points just to talk to characters. I hate that.
Annoying doesn't begin to descripe this game. Ugly graphics and designs. Crash after crash. Ads Ads ADS! Lose a game AD. Win a game AD. Cost gold to change a design item. Gold to finish a project or wait 30-60 mins. Task list pops up everytime. Piggy bank pops up. Gold packages etc. Have to close 3-4 pop ups just to start the next game. UGH Waste of time and data. Usual response showing reading the post is joke to you people
Beautiful, relaxing, imaginative; no irritating nor disturbing behaviors abound in this perfectly thoughtful, considerate environment that we can enjoy as gaming ! Update 9.23.20 what happen? Why am i waiting 1,2 wks for setup areas to be ready to play! Update: BAD no near nudity with angel wings or crosses near sexual organs !!!!!!!#@%&!
I went ahead and gave you 5 Stars but you're game gets a little hard sometimes, I'm disabled though so it's a little harder for me! But you're game is divinely Great!
Your game is horrible l download the game and it does not work those people where right your game is terrible. I wasted my data for nothing fix your game or l will tell my friends to never download this game good luck l give it one star because l don't like it and again good luck
Like the story line and the choices of decorating you get. Lots of opportunities to get booster's and money too! This is a fun time!!
Quite the interesting story luv colors graphics, easy on phone &data.. my thanks for making it possible to advance levels earn without having to pay tho slower to gain freebies, videos,, no probs with function or anything.. could find a better music, little more altruistically melody.! Up to level 112 loving game and 5 free spins &5 more watch videos each day is sooo great ,,10 stars for user friendlyπŸ’–
Fun game but you don't get to just pick the decorations you want after completing levels they give you one free and the other 2 you have to watch a video to get. Isnt that why we beat levels? I play a lot of games like this and if I can't beat levels and decorate without always having to watch a video as well I'm not playing. Sorry guys but I'm uninstalling my reward for beating levels isn't to watch a video to get decorations I've already won.
Great game bit disappointed it's the same as hotel blast. I was hoping for something a little different. As I also love hotel blast as well. Only bad thing is you do puzzle that feed a cat get a cat bed, toys cat stuff I would prefer keeping puzzles to design not relating to a cat. But great work
I'm really enjoying playing this game. Only 4 stars cuz after you play a game & earn your star EVERY time it throws up the "Task List"! I like to build up a number of stars THEN tap on the "Task" box & choose the ones I want to do. It's really irritating & frustrating to have the box pop onto the screen & have to continually "x" it off so I can play another game! My only other "idea" I have is some of the items you get option to choose are so small & fuzzy it's a little hard to tell what it is!
When is new content going to come out, I have gone as far as I can, waiting for more scenes to open up. When will that be? Hopefully this is not one of those games that you get into then it just does not continue. Thank you.
Very beautiful games l like it so much I'm very appreciate and enjoy. In the first time play it's so easy but when become level up. There are many diffucult level but l try my best to pass the level. No matter how hard l still enjoy playing even when his life gone . I understand even there is difficult level because when my life gone playing I have to take a rest And doing some work for a while. Thank you so much for sharing this apps games really really nice.
I love the game is magical, powerful and amazing but also weird ,it really wonderful give it a try please
I thought i had finally found a match 3 game that i could keep plaiying without it getting so hard or spending a bunch of money. I got in the level 140s area where the lantern lights are and even with boosters it became impossible to beat. I know all these games require real money and thats ok as long as im not spending alot of money which i started to do with these lantern lights!!!! I uninstalled. I play to enjoy not to be frustrated
I think would be a cute game except it won't advance beyond choosing a sofa for the cat, which is the very first task... so sad... I was looking forward to playing...πŸ˜”
Only started this game before uninstalling it. Hate the fact that you have to watch an ad to make choices. Game could have great potential if it was not for this.
Magic Mansion is interesting and I like a challenge or a game that challenges me to find different levels.
Good game but i would rename the school love thd cat shes my favorite and the more you fix up the castle the more that Jerk gets upset cool πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚cool great game
I loved the game til you wanted 3 to 5 stars for tasks however we only get 1 star! How bout giving more stars or have tasks be 1 maybe 2 stars.
Loved this game, but then I ran out of plays. Been waiting for new levels...almost a month...if no new levels were soon I'm going to delete the game. Sad
I loved your game until it got way out of control! If you make the games unreachable people don't want to play! Progressively the game should get harder! Not, show you how and 100% harder! Some people live to play games, but don't have the extra finances, to use on games! Food is more important! A game you can progress with that don't involve cash, would be nice. If you want the extras, please have available for those who can afford them!
This game locked up my whole phone would not shut off would not clear the game would not let me shut off my phone be careful folks
Continually not advancing, gets frustrating after a few days of the same and the support button doesn't work!!
It Won't Let Me In The Game, Period.... However, After Reading The Reviews, I Saved Myself Alot Of Headaches.... So Maybe That Was A Blessing In Disguise...!
Great fun to play this game. Hope it stays that way, freezes sometimes when you try to watch a ad, but generally a great game.
I'm back with a new rating. First 3 now 1. After waiting for so long to get an update, the levels are crazy. The freaking lanterns don't just explode with anything. I tried all my boosters & combination on them.. it takes several moves to finally get rid of them. & Number of moves very less & 900 to continue & goes higher.. worst of all arrows aren't flexible. They go either side or up down. And everytime u get the unwanted direction & can't use it. So totally useless. Finally uninstalled..
Broken game that doesn't advance past the first scene. Really ugly art and obnoxious sound effects, too.
Enjoy the puzzle and it was fun not overly challenging and not to easy and have not spent a lot of money yet
Nice graphics and game play. I was really enjoying until it locked up on me and stopped responding in middle of Level 30. Frustrating!
I uninstall games that rip me off. I don't mind a challenge but when I have cleared the level and it keeps saying there are more through 900 coins and 1500 coins but nothing appears and it still says there are 5 more, that is a rip off.
Best makeover game out there. The challenges are fun the story lines are fun and the magic aspect is unique. LOVE this game !!!!
This is truly a Great game, but it's not worth playing because they don't update it EVER. It says last updated was in October, but that update did not include any new levels. So the last time they actually updated this game was in September, we are now in December so it's been 4 months and no update
Been waiting since way before Halloween (couldn't finish Halloween event) for a new update. If this game is done tell us so I can delete.
Would have given 10 Stars if I could..BUT AS ALWAYS the puzzles RUINED it.. I wish you guys would make a game we can actually enjoy and finish!!!! UNINSTALLING AGAIN πŸ˜­πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜­πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ’”πŸ’”
Hi there great game when u going to add in new areas plus u could add in teams and ask for lives.how often do up date the game
So far 5 stars we will see I have been fooled before as long as it continues to play without problems then yes it's a great game so far so good Love invited my friends
This is a good and relaxing game but I rate it 2 because we need to watch ads to unlock furnitures and we only have one choice pls can you just fix this you can just use coins rather than ads fix this and I'll make this five stars
I love πŸ’• this app thanks. This is the first time I have ever been able to have fun playing an app. And I have been looking for a long time.i am almost up to level 400 and the puzzles have gotten progressively harder to get through, and you can see that you are making it so hard to pass. This last puzzle was so hard to get through that I spent 10,000 coins before I was allowed to pass it. Now I know why you give so many coins to begin with. I didn't mind having to spend up to 5,000 but 2x that?
Love the game but haven't been able to play for over 2 months. Still waiting for new levels! Don't think I'll be waiting much longer before I uninstall the game. Time for something new!