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Is a Educational game developed by Ferrero Trading Lux S.A. located at Ferrero Trading Lux S.A. 16, rue de Trรจves 1633 Senningerberg Luxembourg . The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
App cannot scan hexagonal code. Camera is sluggish (not fluent) which make it ultra hard to position the code correctly. Adult cannot do it, whatsoever the kid. Useless piece of horsebollox. Don't waste your time.
?????:When i hade this on my dads phone i used to love scanning the kinder eggs whenever he buy original kinder eggs I'll use this app to scan them and also find out the codes and play the games on the app Me:Yeah
We bought a kinder egg and the code won't scan. There is not a button to take a picture. Very disappointing. *10/30/18 I have the latest version and it still won't scan the code. I emailed support as suggested but never heard back.
Its not working. I am already connected to the internet but it still says that I am not. Videos on youtube are playing so it means that I have a stable internet connection. My daughter was very excited to play but we were both disappointed. Please fix.
my son really enjoys the app...when I registered/made my account I lost all the kinder toys I put in & I lost most of the code to unlock them so that sucks....
Promising app but can't get to play anything. After the initial loading screen, it's stuck on the blue cloud screen with the Magic Kinder logo. Sometimes, the creature on the island appears, other times it doesn't. Same among the three devices we tried to use. โ˜น๏ธ
Earning Stars Is Good. But Watching Videos you earn stars Like "What ???" And When You Change The Game, I Get 5 Stars. But I love This Game๐Ÿคž
Wow! Even QR scanning is too much for developers of this app. For simple scanner to freeze entire phone is really something! That's what you get when you hire interns only and pay them next to nothing.
The worst game I've ever played. Bad gameplay controls and full of bugs, and I hope u guys provide new language like Indonesian, so my sister can play it too. Therefore, this game needs more improvements.
just started to use the app, and so far its good and easy to use. children can learn many thing from this app. nice job.
This game is tooo awsome i like this game everything in the world i never noticed that this is a game just now only i notice i love the toys of kinder joy
I am not able to exit this app from my Honor 9N. Back and Home buttons got disappeared when i launched the app. I restarted the phone to exit the app
Weird but, I installed it a couple days ago and unistalled today, why because I couldn't scan the the code and my daughter couldn't play anything. I have done everything to fix the problem. I opened it yesterday and it goes black. Please fix this problem. And also please reply to this post.
This game gives positivity. in this, we have so much new to do. it is an all rounder game. this game consist of everything like racing, drawing, quiz, shapes, etc. i love this game and i hope for new - new uptades in it........ this game will never bore you. this game also includes angry birds and hotwheels. this game is fit for both girls and boys, and also, for any age. i would be glad if magic kinder would reply me back !!!!! ๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘ง
Stupidest app ever. Doesn't recognize that my phone is connected to the Internet, both Home wifi and cell data.. what a joke.
I love this game so much but it feels that some thing i need it to be already added a jump button please make it more looking like minecraft abit pixelated thankyou so much
Bought some kinder eggs at UK supermarket and after scanning QR code app not available in the UK play store. What ??? Developer response useless. You sell a product in the UK. It comes with QR code to install an app. The app is not available in the UK app store. Just make it available in the UK or withdraw your product from UK market.
educational,fun and very good.great controls and fun gameplay lots of things to do which are fun exiting and educational.fun and educative videos and very visible videos.this app is good,fun and educational for kids.additionly if you have a kinder joy egg you can scan the QR code on it too.it is alsov very kid friendly,so there are no inappropriate things for the kids.there is only fun, educational and cool things for the kids.your kids will love the app alot.so dowload the app today app today.
Please remove this app from playstore. This app feels like a cheap marketting stunt from Kinder. Just to insert a QR code. The firm handles this app is soo worst that they'll respond quickly to user's response and never do anything to make this app better
DO NOT INSTALL. I played this game before it was a five star game it was better but I stopped playing this game. This year I remembered it and installed it became a total difference. Only the videos were worth it. I could not change the age. And the creators of this game please fix this.
App is alright didn't get into it only helped my daughter. The QR codes are too small for the camera when using a S20 ultra, its easier to take a picture of the code on another device then scan the codes when the in app QR scanner.
You just get some random animal in the app. Even if you get the same toy. After scanning the QR code, what you get is some random animal that is totally unrelated to the toy. Also the frame rate is crashing constantly. Clunky controls, children won't have a good time playing this. If it were an app designed to keep track of the toys collected, it would be great. But this app DOES NOT DO THAT. There is a great opportunity being missed here people!
I enjoyed the other version. this version i only got discover the planet and watch videos plase change this
so the other reviews are true doesnt work and u can not use it without internet and the app can not.detect internet .. it's a bid app and after u install it u can not.use it keep teeling u need to connect to internet tho u are ๐Ÿ™„
Very misleading that the little paper that came with the toy shows you can get a game in the app by scanning a code, and yet the QR scanner button literally does nothing. Some of the other games are ok, but my son was looking forward to the Kolour Monster game.
Does not recognize the toy. After scanning the QR and using the AR camera it still makes up random characters to add to the game that you are not actually scanning. Super disappointing.
Who wrote this programme? I'm a gamer and I can barely get the control of the character to move where it needs to be. I got this for my nephew who is 3. This isn't an app for kids under 8yrs. It's not my favourite and I doubt it will be my nephew's Ina months time, in which I will delete this app. I only got it for so we could interact with the QR codes in the kinder. But it's a disappointment all together. Sorry I won't be recommending this app to anyone, unless there is massive improvement.
Installed the app successfully. When I opened the app it is searching for my wifi. When I tried to play a game in the app it is saying that my mobile needsbto be connected to the internet, which my mibile is clearly connected to the internet as I can browse websites and download other apps. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž disappointing
Didn't really get a chance to have my child test the games, as there is no language option that I could find. Would've loved to test it, had it been offered on German. Edit: Devs solution to language is sloppy. Make it unrelated to device locale. Within the EU, anyone can live anywhere. I don't want or should need to put language I myself am not comfortable with as the device language, just for my child to be able to understand your game.
Downloaded the app because of Jurassic World promotion that came with "Kinder รœberraschung" chocolate egg, which was bought a few days ago. Tried everyhing to make AR work, only to learn from the comments that it was removed months ago?!? Why do you still sell the eggs then? Thanks a lot for having to deal with disappointed kids, really appreciate it! :(
My daughter can't open the draw and paint and play and learn category. She clicked many times but it wont open. I also tried to restart her iPad but the problem didn't fix.
Literally the worst experience I've ever had attempting to use any sort of interactive media. Absolutely unplayable, uninteresting, and uninspired. I hope to never have the displeasure of using any augmented reality designed by this company again. I'd rather rewatch Robo Croc than attempt to complete this game. What a garbage fire.
Downloaded the app to scan my daughter's Trolls kinder toys....."download and scan" the toy said......well, there is nowhere to scan the hexagon code, no indication anywhere.... This app is meant for young kids and all it did was frustrate me to anger. Thanks for the crappy app and wasting my time.
It's not a prank game it's a tycoon game And you can't Play this game with other users it's a good app
I like this game, I should have given a five star rate but one problem, when I bought Kinder Eggs in the UK for my children I scanned the QR and didn't work. Please stay a response about this problem!
the toy's are fun an the choklate is so good cool eggs so fun for kids what fun eggs we keep getting them even my baby eats the choklate first.
app is good, however it keeps on telling that my device is not connected to the internet. I am sure that the phone is connected to wi fi. Kindly help thanks.
The app is fun but it no longer supports the Jurassic World toys. I have a very disappointed kid because of this. Why would you encourage using the app on a product that was only a temporary promotion?
I love this game soooooooooooo much and it is the first one ๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿ’– and I tell you a funny joke it is that a kinder joy inside a kinder joy
If you enjoy a game where your kids will go from screaming in frustration at the simplicity and controls, to crying in frustration because the game expects you to know High School geography. Download this game. About a dozen games in one, and about 2 of them were ok. (and restricting parental controls behind with the ability to spell numbers? seriously? THEN teaching kids to spell numbers.... i... i just can even...)
So I "fixed" the you need to be connected to internet bug by closing and restarting the app. Now besides that issue, the app is really slow, and I mean slow with like 3 max 10 fps. Controls not working properly, probaly related to slow fps. I don't know where to scan the other side of QR code, either. As I see it this app was created for top of the line phone, no optimization at all. All in all terrible at its current condition.
A perpetually broken app; features just don't work and no fixes. It's only for kids, designed for toddlers and allows 12 year olds to play, however, it's like Duplo when you want Lego. As requested by the app developer, I e-mailed my concerns which were brushed off. I've happily switched to other egg surprise toys and am happily enjoying my emojj eraser and dragon slime. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
My daughter is very disappointed that after the first day the random 'surprise a day' option has not been available for her in the surprisery. Please fix this or change your wording to be clearer that you have to buy a kinder surprise to get a code to scan for a new surprise.
App doesnt work. I have bin collecting the kinderjoy jurassic park toys for a while and finally went to scan the cards that came with them and it doesnt work and theres nothing to do with Jurassic park on the app. watched a video and it said to click on the jurassic park section in the magic kinder app and there is no jurrasic park link inside the app... i feel like it was a waste of money.
I rate this app Because this app in very nice and colourful we can learn about our studies and we can play and iam very interested in this app
This would be an amazing game..if I could actually scan it. Please respond back because when I use the QR code it does not work, what am I doing wrong?? And the game is pretty slow, might be a few bugs in there..but this is very dissapointing! It doesn't let me scan at all, please tell me what I'm doing wrong or of there is something wrong with the scanner.
I love this app it is soooooo cool. love it. this app is for free and children can learn and if your child is always looking in the screen so you can satel a screen time. Everyone should download this app.
downloaded for my son to scan the jurrasic world codes, but there is no option in the app to load it - no Jurrasic world island.
Wish it showed more indef instructions if you scanned it in the main menu. It also has some bugs that when you scan a code, it shows up a completely different toy, but other than that it's pretty good and an incentive game for kids.
This game is make very fun, Very entertainment. Thank you Kinder joy. But this game downloading very hard.
Terrible!!! Got it for the trolls eggs and my son was so excited.... except it doesn't work at all! The paper with the stupid toy tells me to scan the hexagonal code (NOT the QR code) but nowhere in the app is there ANYWHERE to scan this hexagonal code. So it is completely useless. My children are so disappointed.
A) very infantile. I enjoy the collection as an animal loving adult, and the only way to find out names if through this baby app. B) very buggy, the answer boxes are miles away, and it requires a perfectly steady hand (that no child has) to detect anything C) qr reading have same problem where you need a perfectly still hand or "find somewhere flat"
Managed to scan one QR code but the instructions say to scan something else that's not a qr code to ar the yoy, frustrating to use and no control over anything.
works perfectly on a cell phone but does not work on a chrome book... is that usually for everyone? Only for cell phones?
The app cannot scan QR Code at all! Tried several times with no result. Very disappointed! How could they expect a child to do it?
This game is very nice because it doesn't have any adds ..... As a parent my child has learnt so much from this app ..... I am thanking u who has made this app ๐Ÿ‘Œgood app keep it up.......๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘Œ
Could someone tell me how to use the augmented reality ? Im only offered to scan qr codes by the app. I've tried all options. Btw Im in belgium and got the english version
Does not work at all. Does not react on touch and blocks all buttons. The only thing I can do is to restart the phone.
I agree with other recent reviewers. The app is not intuitive. Wasn't able to scan the Trolls code, we were very disappointed. This should be an app for kids or for parents to use with their kids (who as we all know have very little patients), so why make it so complicated and unintuitive?
This app so.. Nice,cute,Good,pretty AND OMG the Animals and the human so CUTEE!! ๐Ÿฅฐ So if im angry or sad or feelings not good i play this for no angry no sad and no feelings! :)
This is great I've been looking for an app that doesn't have ads but can add more girl skins for my sister and I love this game thanks๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Sorry I'm scanning it but it's not letting me scan it and I'm doin it correctly and nope nothing happened so 2 star game super sorry
Are you serious? What a lot of junk! Of all the things that need to go digital, kinder surprises are not one of them. Not only doesn't that app work, but it shouldn't even be necessary. Maybe older kids who have phone might enjoy.
How can Iinstall trolls world? I have bought kinder joy with trolls, and my girls expected to play this application with trolls world. I am disappointed
I love it when i buy it from walmart try it people and you will love it first you have to buy this toy before you play this app
Completely a big waste of time, the app requires that you print several QR codes to allow you play. If your child doesn't speak English, can't uses it
This game is fun you get to collect the stars and you get the scam stuff that is really cool I have a collection of them
I don't understand what this is meant to do. It scans the QR code but then nothing happens, it just starts asking me about butterflies lol Deleted...
Wouldn't scan the qr code on a android but would try it with a apple phone at the same time witch it worked fine on.
This app is completely fake when I scanned QR it shows a different character it is very bad and also in the kinder joy on its main pack it's written that this is Star Wars edition but this give marvel edition toy and in that a very bad toy I didn't like it at all
Am I missing something or was there a complete removal of all things Jurassic World related? It's literally the only reason my kid wants to use the app and the only kind of kinder egg we've sought out. Toys are grand and all but the educational bits about the dinosaurs my kid thoroughly enjoyed. I may be overtly complaining about content but I'm a gamer at heart and the removal of the content is nothing more than "Thanks for paying to play the way we want you to." Cool beans, Kinder.
So, the other super fun mini games, are all lost, the hot wheels game as well, and this map walking game has no point, and no fun. Really sorry you made this change. Update: the mini games you mentioned are not good for anything. I did provide a better rate because if you change the language to my country I'll get the games I'm after. Still, not an improvement.
Only downloaded the app so my kid could play Jurassic World and it's not even an option. He is so sad and he worked very hard to earn that kinder egg. It should not have been taken off when you can still purchase the egg. We will not be buying a kinder egg as a reward again.
The app doesn't work at all, it opens to a home screen and then nothing happens. My son was very disappointed and upset.
this was not an 1PM 9AM game for me mummy dady and the best way 6PM was in my life long before my 6 year old 0 to south America was born on no nnononono
So frustrating. Keeps telling me "...must be connected to the internet..." I JUST downloaded it via internet!! Tried and Re-tried both via wifi and data, restarted, used other phones, clear cache - NO Luck! My 6 yr old, who was really looking forward to it, is now stuck with useless Angry Birds (Kinder chocolate) tokens. What a waste. Now it's practically useless - love, agitated dad in the Philippines
Pointless. Kinder make the augmented reality not available in our region/country. Interface lacks intuitive interaction, slow loading times between switching app features. Much like Kinder Egg toys, the app has that 'cheap, plasticity feel'. Don't waste your bandwidth on this app.
kids like it and it does have the potential to be something pretty good. Unfortunately there are alot of bugs and errors with it. The controls are very difficult and the avatar likes to do the opposite to what you want it to do. When you scan your qr code to get your animal you got in the kinder surprise its a gamble whether or not you are going to get it or something else entirely. My son just opened a crocodile and was excited to add it to his kinder world and ended up adding a truck.