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Magic Intuition

Magic Intuition for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Oleksandr Albul located at Tulyntsi, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 08822. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I left a review previously but wanted to add on. MI is a great app to practice and improve your intuition. This has helped me so much even though I've just hit the 'luckseeker' level. I already am noticing that I'm able to correctly 'guess' the correct card number and suit here and there, which gives me a fright, as it feels a little weird. Am enjoying all 4 games that are on the free version. I see the app being improved on along with the addition of new pro games. Definite recommendation!
A fun and a little addictive app. There are several guessing games you play that supposedly exercise your intuition. It claims, or seems to claim, that you can sharpen your intuition by doing so. In support, it uses some interesting probability and other statistical measures to evaluate your performance that I'm still to fully understand. Makes encouraging noises too: "Listen to yourself more!". This is actually the only game I play on my phone, which I do several times a week. Highly recommend
This app is amazing. I practised Colour deck today and was realising the pattern of my Intution too and scored 22/14. Yay. Haha. I never knew Intuition could be practised and sharpened in such a manner. I'm a fan of this creator, and his other apps too which I am using since a year now like Prana Breathing & Time Planner. Brilliant work Oleksandr. P. S: I'm not his friend, but just a fan lol
I have been playing zener cards for 2 years on multiple apps and this is by far the best app i have found. The pro version is a worthy investment
REALLY enjoy it!!! MUST b inituative person, 4 USED 2 PLAY EXACT CARD GAMES as kid w/ my cousin!!! (Color & shape!!! wow)
This is literally just a guessing game Ok but in order for intuition to happen then you need like actual factors and clues to guess what's going to happen next. Most of this stuff is random. I can't just can't have intution for the stock market.
I really love the color card guessing game. Im really getting pretty good at it. But the other games i have yet to figure out how to concentrate on them.
At first, I wasn't really impressed. I thought that the application was misleading in the sense of giving the impression that it will be some type of fortune teller type of a thing, but after a review of the applications purpose, this app does serve its intended purposes with games that test your intuition- the 1st thing that you thought to do before you knew what to do. Thumbs up DesignersπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„.
Oleksandr, it's quite apparent to me that this "Eric Bridge" character and also "Bugs", are either the same person, or a couple of imbeciles who have never even used your app, otherwise he or they, whichever the case may be, would have seen that there are no ads and would have refrained from making a complete ass of themselves. I get extremely annoyed with the pervasive lack of anything resembling even a hint of proper grammar and spelling that has steadily permeated our culture the last 30 yrs
Love this app, it is easy to use and fun. I like the straightforward simplicity of the various challenges. I don't believe I saw ads before but I have had the paid version for forever which is only 1$ every three months. the dev's don't try to push you into spending $ so im happy to support them. I really do feel more connected to my intuition since I've been using this too, and I like that it shows you statistics and results. My only suggestion would be to maybe upgrade the graphics a bit.😁
Excellent way to build confidence in your intuitive ability. Much more convenient than playing with a real deck of cards.
I can see the cards in my minds eye. And with mindless tought and normal breathing you can get higher scores. Cheers
Practice really does make perfect. This is a simple app to use but it could include more easily accessed instructions for the shapes that aren't obvious. 😁
This app works. Also helps track your progress. Easy to use interface and simple graphics. It's genius is in its basic design.
Definitely must have apps. Seriously a million thanks and it is a brilliant job to came out with this kind of aps.
It seems really good but I will not know more until I can upgrade. Thank you for even 5his much 5jougj πŸ™‚πŸŒΉπŸ’—
I would like the scoring written in more simple terms. How psychic am I? The face/picture cards have to much color and throws off reading them. they should be simply black or red. overall great app! wish there were more like it. thanks!... thanks im not into zener cards. i think you can improve your deck. and define scoring in lay person understand. if you don't like criticism, you shouldn't ask for ratings on your app. your good for preschool level. much room to improve. good luck.
fun, fills in time nicley when i have some down time, was worth the buy to me. i feel it does improve my intuition.
Really really love this game, this app is an absolute must have if you love to develop you're intuition but is too busy with your hectic daily life activity. Its simple but provide you with statistic in the end to see whether there's improvement happening or not. Really recommend it
Since installing this app I have uninstalled it but that's just because my phone was low on storage at the time however when I did use this app it was a little addicting at times only when I was doing well on it but later on that changed probably just because I wasn't being intuitive enough but that's because my surrounding's were distracting probably. I like it though!
Although I score you guys at 5 some things still need work ie: instructions on how to play the games. Color & suite are obvious but the others not so much. Occasionally, it crashes however I am not sure that it maybe my phone. Game is challenging,fun & entertaining. Thanks for asking
I never thought these kind of apps is for reals until i start seeing improvements, i'm still using my logic a but too much, but getting there! Thanks for the creation!
I want to meet the person who routinely does better than chance at this app. Not what I imagined for intuition training, more like blind luck training. But if you believe in psychics, maybe this app will help you become one.
Fantastic app i use every day. its really helping me to trust my self. i will continue using it for as long as i can. Thank you
This app is dope. I believe it'll really help me improve my intuition. i want to make it to the visionary level at least 😁
Excellent app ful of fun and really tests yout intuitive skills..lm really good at the cards..love it hugz HRH Melissa Bennett Mekhail
Good and practical game that sharpens your intuition. Gives useful suggestions concerning you progress, of course this area could be improved by the developers. Helps you by practicing to feel how you can recognize the signs that comes from your internal and sacred intuition.
I love this app. It really helps you get in tune with your intuition, or at least observe your mind in the process of creating complications. :D Yet, I'm curious, is it really random? Because seems like after a while a certain side of the circle comes to be green more than the other. Thank you for this very useful app.
Meh... i started to play zinger card game and each time in the middle of it, it would pop up an 'option' to get updated version. If you opt, you can't play anymore. This is annoying and disappointing.
I appreciate this app, very helpful as well as a must have. God is amazing, this app allows people to realize that. I give praise to those who gave this to the world.
Thank you so much!! This app is amazing and its being very helpful to me. You should make more like this! 😁
Hi there! I am using this amazing app since 2017 to improve my intuituon. The only problem is that when I play Circle Sector, it is uncomfortable to press "Again" button at the right corner. It would be great if you could place "Again" button in the center.
Possibly Rigged & Boring! Seems like every time I chose a color card it was the complete opposite color and I touched it like 40 times in a row....
Its always great to find a way to stimulate the deeper psyche Magic Intuition gives you skill tests that increase with your skill level.. It all up to you..pick up out down..Magic Intuition app even collates and keeps you up to date with your international counterparts.. and ranks publicly your position.. Love it.. awesome app. Hugz HRH Tzarina Melissa Bennett Mekhail
I am really getting great at using my intuition to pick the rises and falls on the FOREX game. Just bought a kindle book/ Crash Course on Investing in FOREX. If I am as good in real time as in the game, I should be quite successful. Thanks, Magical Intuition Pro. Response: Thank you for you kind response. Bless you. David
The new lazy meter is terrible! It doesn't fill during the day and a hedgehog is not a fast animal, cats are. The new game is good but, the instructions are not very clear. Other than that, i love it. Thanks devs.
Awesome app , I managed to get 27/36 for the color test I'm not sure if that's good or average because it took me awhile to get that score. Do you know what the average scores are for these tests?
I Love This App. Its ALOT of FUN and it also helps me with concentration and strengthens my confidence when it comes to making important decisions. Thank you
Bought into this app so I could become a future forseeing wizard. Please continue to grow this app and the world could be a different place.
BEST APP EVER 100/100 perfect dor developing intuition and its the best psychic practice app ive ever used .
Instructions please. Perhaps the instructions for each game are supposed to be "intuitively" pulled from the aether?