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Magic Encyclopedia: Moonlight

Magic Encyclopedia: Moonlight for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. located at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Sussex County, DE United States 19958. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Would have given it more BUT it kept going off, really annoying. I tried playing again from the start but then some of the mini games would not work! Have decided to uninstall and try again, if it works better then I will give it a better rating.Hurrah have finally finished the game. I played in aeroplane mode and low and behold I played from start to finish with no stopping at all, I therefore have upgraded to a 5 star rating and will definitely play again in the future.
Don't bother. Bought this game a while ago and it was fun. Now every couple of min, there's an ad that can't be dismissed, or crashes the AP. And I paid for it!! May be done with alawar
I would love to play this game, but I cannot due to a loading screen asking me to please wait every 3-5 seconds. Very frustrating.
I really liked the game until I made it to Asia. I couldn't find all of the objects and every time I tried to move the lantern looking object the game would freeze and kick me out. Fix the glitch please. Would love to finish the game
I really enjoy playing this game. It sort of makes you feel like you are actually there seeing all the mystical around you. However I am having a problem with the game cutting off & going to the purchase part. Stop this & I'll give you 5 stars.
Some pieces are quite hard to spot as they're so small. But it wouldn't be any fun at all if it was too easy! I'm really enjoying playing this game.
I was so eager to play, but it wouldn't run. It downloaded 0.5 gb and it just won't run. I'm so dissapointed.
This game could be fun to play if it didn't update or whatever it does repeatedly and for long periods of time. Utter disappointment.
It took so long to download initially then when it said that it had been installed successfully I went to open the game and then had to wait for it to download even more data that never actually downloaded! I had to uninstall a game that was never installed in the first place! What the heck! I even tried twice! Each time took at least 1 or more hours to complete! I could have done so many outher more productive Thangs with me time! Lame and thanks 4 nothing guys!
I have played this game twice through. I've collected all of the items sorted out all the areas and enjoyed the game. I am unable to finish the game as there is no actual hint WS to why I am unable to do this. I have gone through each game area checking if there are any areas undone but they appear to have checked out okay. I would like to be able to finish the game so I can play the bonus game.
Some pieces are so difficult to find and some objects that you think would work, don't. Story could be a bit better and more magical. It is called Magic. Encyclopedia after all.
Pop ups galore. Every 30 seconds a full screen ad for other games will pop up. Only way around it is to play offline. Edit: As other have mentioned these ads lack a dismissal X button so it literally hijacks your entire screen.
I liked this enough to put up with the very frequent and very annoying crashes every few mins. Fix that bug and you'll have a terrific game.
Could have been another great game by Alawar, but it keeps crashing. Glad I hadn't purchased it yet. Alawar, did you hire a new guy who doesn't know what he's doing or lose a guy that did, because this game sucks. You guys need to get on the ball, because you're deflating. Sad. You have so many great games, ruined by the few like this one. What a shame.
The game kept shutting down and wouldn't let me play. I played a game similar to this on a computer and worked perfectly. My advice is to not get this app but play it on a computer ( don't do the 30 day free trial b/c it will not be enough time). 😁
I have the same problem as others -- the game shuts down frequently. I have a new tablet and have no problems with other games.
Ok game if you never get stuck. If you do the 'hints' will show you something you can't even do yet. Plus the objects are tiny and almost invisable. It could be fun if I could play without giving myself a headache. I won't be straining my eyes on this game any longer.
I genuinely like the game but there are way too many interruptions during game play. I'm not able to fully enjoy the game because when I move a certain object I'm redirected out of the game and it's beginning to really ruffle my feathers. I would advise the Creator of the app to fix that mishap so I can continue to play the game
nice game fine features but after played some stage n awared received but when use to find other clue game stoped
It was great until it went into the droid loading screen... Every four minutes. Can't be my device, or internet connection. Fun gameplay until then, actually challenging.
Played better but it's ok for a foreign game. Tried to get help and had to look on YouTube but it was 75% French so not much help.
Quite a challenge but I enjoyed it. Different to your usual hidden object adventure; I really liked finding fragments of objects. There seemed to be a glitch throughout the game however that kept causing the game to stop which was annoying, but something about the game kept me wanting to go back to it. I had to consult a walkthrough a couple of times too as I got completely stuck, but on the whole I enjoyed the game.
FREE! What's to complain about. Fun game, slow between scene changes. I enjoyed it. I actually played this on a Nintendo a few years ago. Wasn't any easier to find objects on my tablet, they are still hard to find and require a lot of tapping.
Some of the fragments were just too hard to find since they were dark on dark even with brightness all the way up. And some combinations just made no logical sense like using a bag of sand to clean a mirror. But overall enjoyable even if I needed to use a few hints from walkthrough
First of all to the developer you seriously need to fix this game. Ever since you came out with this game it's been nothing but major problems. What a joke. I have the same exact game on my & my Fiancee's Desktop computer with no problems what so ever. For some reason this game refuses to work on any Smartphone that I have ever owned. The Developer or somebody needs to fix this huge problem.
I've to pass this game even though (according to others' reviews) it's free. I never like to find fragments, not to mention, trying to find within low-def images was just frastrating. Pressing my fat thumb all over the screen can easily catch most fragments. Sometimes you have to apply a newly-found item somewhere on the screen but since there is no label I ended up using the Hint. So it's not much fun really.
It takes a little while to download, but it worked perfectly fine for me. There were no glitches, or technical difficulties. The ads were a little annoying because they had no "x" at the top corner to close out, so I had to click back to get rid of them. But considering the entire game is free, it wasn't a huge disturbance. I liked the game, I played one chapter a day to drag it out a bit longer. 😁😁😁
This game has interesting puzzles, beautiful graphics and it is 100% free to play! It is a large download, but it requires no purchases to play from beginning to end. It is complicated enough for adults to enjoy, but simplistic enough for a child to play. The hints are free and allow players to bypass puzzles after only a minute of frustration. I highly recommend this game for all ages.
It locked up 2 x's. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it a 3rd time when it locked my phone up completely. I had to take the battery out to get it to reset. UNINSTALLING
This app is horrible!! The ads u pop in has no X to get out so when I hit my phone's back button it takes me out of app. And when I finally get to play the game a please wait comes on when I hit the cancel button nothing happens. I have tried this game on three different devices and it does the same thing on all three!!! Fix this nonsense then maybe I'll give a better rating.
Interesting hidden objects game, but the hints show tasks instead of showing you a hidden piece for the item you need to complete the task itself, and I am stuck. 03/09/15 Add a star because the game is actually free.
Don't waste your time with this crappy program. After installing, it downloaded an additional 200+MB of data. After that the game itself refuses to start - it keeps on crashing.