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Magic Dream Tiles

Magic Dream Tiles for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by AMANOTES located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD #05-12 BUGIS CUBE SINGAPORE (188735). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo, Drug Use, Explicit Language, Discrimination) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
OMG this is an amazing game! No glichtes no ads in the middle of a song and ALL FREE i love this game!!❤❤ it's so perfect when you get bored! Its super fun! And some of the songs are sung by there real artists!!! I hope you love it as much as I do! ❤❤ INSTALL IT RIGHT NOW
Im upset. When i subscribe and pay to use a game, i expect all features to be free of ads, and when i fail, that it should continue on instead of make me choose ads to gain "coin" to use. This is why i gave it 2 stars. Not a happier customer in that respect. Take the ads away for good, im thinking of unsubscribing for that alone.
this app sucks it says no ads would load so I could continue the level and I thought it might be my internet but then after the level it gives me an ad and once it gave me an ad while I was In the middle of a level. also I know I pressed a key and it becomes unresponsive. if u read this review before downloading I would not download. also the devs r some liars cuz on the Google play store it says only 1 million downloads but in the game they don't know how to read so they write 1 billion.
In game adds I see that you can type the name of the song then play but if you don't pay you can only play with bad guy. Not that I don't like the song, I do but it's not fun at all to play with only one song. Please add the typing thing, and add all the songs for free, like all the songs that exit and I'll play it again. And please add K-Pop songs, if you don't know what K-Pop is it is Korean Pop which means, BTS, Red Velvet, Twice, TXT, Got7, BlackPink you know all K-Pop bands.
I love this app..l met some friends l had so much fun..l am a Christian so l really don't have time to play.
I love this game but i cant upload n play with songs on my SD card or phone. What can i do to play with my local songs or music?
The reason I have this app a 4 star review is because this app is really fun....I know people say that the ads are to much but if you turn your wifi/data then the ads are gone but my issue is that it's not the real people singing the songs which makes me mad but that's all :)
overall to bad off a game, but when u pay money for VIP, u should get all the perks that come with it ,there r over 600 songs that it won't let me play ,
I enjoyed a few minutes of this game, but all of a sudden tiles kept on appearing out of nowhere and I kept on loosing, what's wrong with the game? Bug? Glitch? Please fix it. It really annoys me with every song.
It always puts up adds when I'm playing a song and the other thing it just presses the tiles for me every time another thing is that it takes me out of the game sometime
For my experience it was terrible. It had an add right in the middle of me playing. And again this is my experience it was extremely glitchy and that mad me miss the notes. I gave it a chance but it continues doing it definitely deleting the app.
Good game but they said they have songs from Dua lipa and a few other artists and they don't!so ya..try the game if ya want:) it's pretty good!:D
Its a great app and i play it so much but..... there are way to many adverts every time you die after you get in home page all of a sudden its like a spoilt brat saying AM I PRETTY ? As its always popping up and im SICK OF IT please get this fixed asbi just want to enjoy this game with out seeing like bingo apps or fill the milkshake WHY Is that REAl anyways ya ....... so ya also for somereason this game has the gacha life homepage song!
Same like Mgic Tiles 3 before, must subscribe to enjoy the song, can't buy with diamond, can't play ads even I'm connect to internet.
Okay I'm so angry I don't know what I can do now in the custom match I had 7001 wins and I just logged in today to find I have 0 wins I didn't uninstall the app it just happened I worked very hard to get 7001 wins I've been playing for 3 years and my hard work has been thrown in the trash I hate this app I'm so annoyed and disappointed I cried my eyes out 3 years isn't a joke okay? bring my wins back now I'm not joking I loved this app now I've wasted 3 whole years ugh I hate this app😠
It wasn't even as good as the ad says it is. I can't even find the songs I like. And also, the game developer should have set in no ads and put more songs in different languages. Not just in english.
This game doesn't let me use it so I can't play at all. I gave it a one star because every time I try to play it goes off and to this table so I can't have a go at it. Also it's nothing like the ad for it.
I like it and the music is interesting but I don't like how the perfect line moves towards the middle of the screen and it's annoying
This is a great game with great songs but I keep getting ads and the game has some lag and I know most of the song like faded and bad guy when i played faded it started at the beginning,skipped a huge chunk of the song,went to the end of the middle part when i played bad guy it skipped part every now and then and after I played it again I noticed it skipped the entire first part of the song and didn't have the "duh" I mean what is the song without the "duh" that made me really really mad😠😡😡😡
The music is awsome, it really fun to play. Most songs aren't super slow in the beginning, it's a lot of fun to battle other people especially friends. I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS GAME!!! >C<
Sexual ads are displayed during the games. My 8 year old son was showing me how to play and an add popped up with a cartoon woman. The writing said "click to remove her clothing". This is highly inappropriate and absolutely disgusting and I will be making a formal complaint through the ombudsman.
Wow, just wow, I downloaded this app because I like these kind of games and it clearly said in the ads: "Chose The Music And Artists you love!" So explain to me AMANOTES why when I first go on the app it tells me I have to buy VIP to do all of the things it said you could do in the ads, and let me tell you that it did NOT say you must buy VIP for it. The gameplay is smooth and OK, but I would call this a pure scam.
Why just why. I know it suposed to be just one person or artist but c'mon. You couldn't have just added bts? And thats not all.the game is super laggy and EVERY time you die theres and ad. So I give it only 1 star because of these 3 issues. And i hope you add bts and maybe make it to where there is an add after like you die 3 times. And so on. But if you don't change it. My review will remain a 1 star.
I'm very very upset because I have to pay and plus I'm paying everyone knows the virus is here how are we gonna survive now?please dont allow this and too many ads plus when I lose, ads just ads!Please fix this
Oh my freaking God....got ripped off over a hundred dollars because my little child subscribed without me knowing and I started getting charged $6.40 a week a freaking week for a freaking stupid game on my phone my kid played a couple times...smh now what?
I loved the game the songs were great but you had reload the game so many times before you do anything you just click on the app and cant go on cuz ur need to reload and says that its connecting you to the blah blah blah and you cant go on so if you dont want that play a different piano game
Why does every single tiles game have a currency system? I understand that the devs need to make money but really? If your favorite song is up there buts its, for example, 3000 coins to get it then people are gonna lose interest in the game. Also the menus are stolen from any other piano tiles game.
I remember i uninstalled this game for the tutorial . .....i couldn't match at the right time so can you please do something about it
Don't waste your time down load this game now. But few songs only available in the first level and you go next next level unlock the songs and you play the songs .but few songs is V.I.P. you have V.I.P access means you play V.I.P songs.im not have V.I.P access. and one good news for you that is you play with your friends with online.And my name is Nethra. THANK YOU .
I mean I can't even describe it like other songs just make plans like the piano chord this actually sings long and the best thing ever like you can't even take a longer time to load but after you get past the loading screen is amazing
This game is soooo lagy for me and when it says I didn't hit the space but I did and when adds pop up out of nowhere and I can't cancel it ether
This app this so good it's the most fun game I ever played you will be stuck to this game. Its sooooo fun a little bit of songs and then the next level you unlock a lot of songs
Wow! Not even had it 5 minutes, already picking up on the EASINESS! Most piano games are soooooo hard for me, but this is much easier! Being a piano game, it's still quite hard, but I still found it easy for what it is. Although I'm uninstalling it because I dint play piano games that much, I'd still recommend it because I'm not uninstalling for a problem with the game, but for a problem with me so just get it if you want it!!!!!!!! Good game!!!!
I like this game. I didn't give 5 stars because while playing the treasure hunt they put a lot of ads in them that we lose so fast. But it is the best game ever.
Its awesome but there really no difference between this and the original one but its very good and i love it
Amazing games😘😘 i was feeling like i m only playing the piano but it was not , amazing graphics , clear sound just loved this game💓💓
I think this is a great app it's very fun but the downside to this app is that there's adds but that's ok it's still fun
I hate this game so much it kicks me out off the game and it's so dumb and boring. I wood prefer magic tiles 3 it's way better than magic tiles dream.
Best game ever magic dream tiles is the best game ever you have to pay for the VIP thing on a card like you might not want to be under the ice so might as well not pay for the VIP in just like on the regular sorry but yeah if you have money on your PayPal card or Google pay card yet I'm not wasting my money but just saying
At first it seemed awsome, I knew that Faded was kinda a quiet song so it seemed ok but when I tried another song and the voice was even quieter. I would not recomend unless you are connecting your device you are playing on to really good speaker. I really wanted to like this app. AMANOTES I have seen better I am REALLY disapointed.
This SUCKS! I liked it at first, but then this app always gets me anxiety and overwhelmed. Oh and dont you dare get me started on how much ads there are. This app sucks, and it should get less ads and be better. I wasted 5 minutes of my life on these ads. Only from THIS APP. And can someone tell me why they're so money hungry because even when I try to NOT continue, there is still an ad either way? I wish this app had worse ratings and I HATE IT!
Love the songs and overall and addictive game. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is the adds. Love this games, play it every day!
This is an alright game but it has too many ads. Also its a little bit glithcgy and its not the device I'm on because I have downloaded it on two things. Please sort this out. Also this game is not for the people who are easily frustrated. And its a little tricky at first, but you get better at it after a while.
I have just got the game and my mind is blown by how good it is I love it so much I highly recommend it for anyone you know very time consuming aswell that is another thing I love about . Also I love that you can get any song that you like !!!!! I LOVE IT
This game would be the best if there was no VIP and there would be less adds!!! With out this game life is horrible😅
Great game, only issue I have is I can't find the settings and when I'm playing the game the bit that tells you perfect, awesome ect is too big and very distracting.
I had to delete one of mu favorite game because my storage was filed,and it did not have the songs that i liked like bts songs like blood sweat and tears,idol,save me and DNA this game just really sucked in general
I loved this game so much before the update. It was incredible, everything I could ask for. But after the new songs came out, it became boring. To some people, it could be good, but to me, the game before the new songs came wss great.
I love this game! I would have rated this amazing app 5 stars but there is always a way to improve. When I try to load a song, it takes 5 minutes to load up and I have to retry anyway. Please fix this as I will change the rating to 5 stars. Thank you
I absolutely HATE this game bc there's no easy EVER in this game.if u want easy i highly do NOT recommend this game.
This used to be a 2/5 but it a 4/5 now,somethings were changed and this game is fun aswell. It is very fun and can keep you on for a long time!^^
ITS SO LAGGY! Including How You Made Ads Top And Bottom On SCREEN SO WE CAN BARLEY SEE WHATS COMING AHEAD! It's also NOT Fun Because Everyone Is Just PLAYING TO MANY SONGS. This Has Very Weird Things. Each Time I Pick A Song I Then Get Kicked Out Of The Game. I Redownloaded It And It Was The Same. The 2nd Time I Tried It Said I Didn't Have Enough Story Though I'm At Like 2.1GB So I Demand This Game Gets A NEW UPDATE!
This is so frustrating it is false advertising the game isn't even that good. They showed that you can search song and then play them and this is NOT TRUE. This is the whole reason I'm giving it only 2 stars
Marvellous game and please add more songs and i cant find siren beat song in the game please keep the song visible.
I have never ever played a worst game like this because u know at first i thought this game will be awesome but while I play, i just got irritated because many of the songs doesn't have audio and also some of the songs were failed to download.
Overall not bad game bt paying money for vip you should have all songs and extras that come with vip subscription as there hundreds of songs I see that you can play but don't get...
Hi, this game is a good one at times but you should change the fact that you put songs on your game a you didn't even play then right like the song Bad Guy you "forgot" the word Duh and on Counting Stars you put the wrong lyrics in it. So I hope this gives you a good think about your game. Please do something about this or not I still like the game.
Very good just like the app cause it has multiplayer and harder things and my fave songs but one thing is it does glitch sometimes but still give stars cause I LOVE THE APP
I like this game because of pianos and you learn how to do it with your hand instead of tucking to keyboardis hard by touching the keyboard cuz because it's kind of far do don't know which one but there's a lot a lots of games that are fun but not about you're feeling about piano you 😉 do you have the piano all of the people piano 2
Downloaded this, forgetting I've played it before. Played about 5-10 songs. Oh yeah. Now I remember why I uninstalled this. Ad after every gameplay, not fully up to date on song (example: Maroon 5 has a new song, Memories, and only one that's listed is Girl Like You), and speeds seems wacky
It's ok. But it doesn't have the songs I like, which are eye of the tiger, swivel man, back in black, thunderstruck, TNT.
I love this APP! So I just installed it but it got a good impression on me I found this app in one of your adds with the say so song and I was like ooo this looks fun so I installed this one. Way better than magic tiles 3 not too many adds pretty much never glitchy good experience and great songs! So I give it a 1000 out of 5