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Magic Dice

Magic Dice for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Len Fox Game. The game is suitable for Rated for 18+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a fake app, you can't cash out, the money squares disappear when you get close! Do not waste your time!
This app is 101% scam, they didn't give money or price, or when you get closer to $100 they stop giving dollar to get the $100 price! My friend play this for two weeks! Very disappointed!
Like all the rest, lots of ads, and still waiting for the deposit of money to my PayPal. This is a fun game and I spend hours per day on it, I just hope that my deposit gets into my account then I will change my review
I almost won multiple prizes. The phone and TV I was VERY close to winning and I get back on the app and it reset me. All my prizes that I watched ads for was back to 0.
BIG WASTE OF TIME. Not legit enough for me to continue. Unless you like playing for fun DON'T install if you are actually trying to win cash. Not legit enough for me to continue. Get you really close to a payout but then only wants to start giving you $0.001 of a cent after getting to $147 and I played long enough to get that high with only getting .015 & .030 most of the time. Highest ever received was. 225 and the multipliers are a joke too.
It's a great content and action and graphic game I like it also enjoy the fun it sways out I'd love to earn more if appeciable I'd be one who like and love this game and game type and really it's a good option as a dice game anyone should play
Made it to $98 now the payouts are .001 but I've been able to earn 5-8 cents a day. Wish there was more than just spinning dice. Like a wheel game or slots
The first time I installed and play this game I thought that it was great. Everything's going well, not until it's almost time for me to cash out- where it's seems impossible for me to reach their minimum cash out amount since I seldom get cash rewards and if I did- I only get 0.010 everytime. I think they were just trying to prevent me from getting the money which is quite absorb since it's the only reason I play this game. Maybe it is just a scam for them to make money by making us watch ads.
This game starts out very well but I haven't received the $5.00 download promise as yet, but the 5 star rating is from my heart.
Played for several days graphics are bad and you will spend months playing to be able to cash out if you ever get there!
I have 300 in "my wallet" and it wont cash out have waited the 3 days on the timer and still nothing transferred to my pat pal
Like it so far really hoping to see if it pays out but it looks like all the other games, starts out paying big, once you get close to the end only pennies. We'll see if it pays out maybe I can up my stars 😢😢
Fun so far. I just hope that it's not another scam like all the others that I have played. I have played so many games that say cash out easy. Then you start playing and pretty much all you do is watch adds. I probably have watched over 4000 adds with these games and yet still were not able to cash out. I get enough money to cash out but then it says you need to do many other things in order to receive it. Then there are other ones that say they are prossessing it and it never goes through lol.
So far I'm really liking this game, I love the cat and how it moves. I also like that I am winning money I like the slot machine and how it pops up. I haven't played much like 25 minutes and I really like it.
So far so good. If I keep getting money like I am now and can actually get the money then your app will have a complete top of the line review.
My rate is 1 star first, maybe our games app is just a scam or not legit, In the beginning the reawrds are nice but small points to get when u closer to got the price as time goes by! It's just like any other game! As you get closer to winning the price, the chance decreases. Lots of annoying ads!
Watch video loading. Please try again. This error message comes up when trying to play video to collect the larger dolor amounts.
I think these are not paying apps because as time goes on the reward decreases. When I get cash out here I will also believe that these apps are legit, and I will change my rate by 5 stars.
So far, so good! Not a whole lot of long ads to watch, but maken consistant paypal cash.... To be continued, on if it really pays cash out to the paypal card, my card
Your typical app you get so close to being able to cash out and then you get one penny at a time and then when you try to get extras by watching videos the video messes up and you lose the one penny would not waste my time
Do not play this game! I am Sooo disappointed! It's a scam! At first, you get nice money rewards. Getting close to be able to cash out and am now earning $.001. Yes, one hundredth of a cent!!! Absolutely ridiculous. A waste of my time, I do not appreciate being treated this way. I would give zero star if available.
After a while the money drops alot . It's like all the others . But if someone else playing this has better then kudos .
Only just started playing and it has crashed a few times. Would have been nice to find something that I might have been able to cash out on. Looks like I'll be uninstalling it already.
It sucks, the games is ok but not being able to get the money you earned...sucks. $774.00 dollars I am not able to retrieve it. I will make sure in the future I read who the developers are before downloading it. And I have noticed all replies from him Len Fox are all canned repeating messages.
I liked the game... but there are times when watching the ads nothing happened,like loading forever, and when trying to press the back button, it doesnt work. The only way to get back is to reset the game and u failed to claim the prize. So sad... i hope u will fix that.
At first my winnings went up really fast. You need 100 to cash out. Once I got to 97.00 I started getting. .001 for my winnings. For the last week my winnings have gone from 97 to 98.02. That is playing everyday. Another scam game
It seems easy and fun to play this game, still waiting for the money rewards if it is true, need to reach $100 to pay out.
Not even worth 1 star ..i got enough to cash out at 200 and it left me waiting for 72 hrs then i went to check it today and it was wiped out ..gone .this game is a scam!!!!!###!
I can't say its a 100% truly the best but i love it and meant it when i said "i love it!" This is nice and simple i have made up to half the amount my siblings would get for their paycheck so its a win for me i just don't like ads but overall i would definitely recommend this to others out there...
Bored and disappointed. AGAIN. Noooo skill or objective just another game developed so the developers can make money selling ads. This game also wants you to have a BILLION points for merchandise and gives HALF PENNIES when the gamer can see a payout coming. Everyone in America who believes they're going to get paid on 99% of these games should just stay outside DURING WINTER AND WATCH THE GRASS GROW
Does not give prizes at all watched all the adds let's me get to where I just need 1 peice to win the prize then doesn't give u the prize false game for winning prizes and false advertisement
Like the game but the cash out requirements are impossibility ridiculous. You have to meet the amount, number of days and watch 10,000 video ads. Might as well be 50,000 like some of the other games that I have played. They don't tell you the other requirements until you actually reach the cash out amount.
in the beginning it's easy, and now only 6dollars i need it's difficult to get, even my connection is good the ads are just loading,,I don't think if I'm unstalling this apps
Runs very smoothly and money is adding up quickly. Fun to play with more things like slot machine and random prizes.
And here we go again. Another game where you have no chance of winning anything. The only thing gained is all the ads for more games that I can write bad reviews for. People stop putting your dreams here. It's never going to happen.
I am having fun but I gave it only 4 stars because for each reward you must watch as as. I'm not sure if you actually get paid yet either. If I get paid I'll definitely update.
Nice graphics and easy to play. I want to explore more about this game. Hoping that this is a legit online games.
I'm giving it 3 stars for the graphic and smooth gaming experience. It might have ad but I can still handle it. I've played games like this before and bro how disappointed I always was. If I can really cash out, I'll be back and give this app a 5 star review. Over all, this game is quite nice and cute. I love the black cat by the way. 😍😍 Don't you give out prices like that cat out? 😜😜😜
This game is nothing but a lie! I made $150.00 Then couldn't cash out. The game would be a great game if there weren't one ad after every move. You can't win! To add, I reached out to the developer twice, not one time have they responded. Very disappointed!
This game is really easy. If you want a game that is mindless play, here you go. My serious issue is the developer says the higher you go on the map the better the rewards. On map one I was getting $2-$5 per cash tile. Now I'm on the 5th map and I only get $0.01.1 per cash tile. How is this a better reward? Like all the other games you make promises you will not keep. I'm uninstalling and if I could rate on the negative scale I would give you a -5 🌟.
This game gets a little boring after awhile to me. So I'll leave it alone for a few days & then go back to playing it again. It kind of draws me back to see how much money I can get.
So far so good i dont like how it gives you good money up front then next to nothing once you hit like 70 so takes FOREVER to get to where you can cash out your money!
I love the graphics and the amount of rolls you get. There hasn't been alot of advertisements but I'm still waiting to cash out and to win. I hope this is real.
This is same in rolling dice game that remove here in playstore I don't know if the developer is the same but this is just exactly the game that im playing i just cash out there 100 dollars but i will wait 3-15 working days i dont know if i will get the money but all the concept is same! Even the mechanics is same. If ever they gave my cash i will play this game but if not im definitely think that this game will be scam too.. for now 2 stars only for this game
Bad News! I downloaded this game a few short days ago and b4 I got it up to $98.00, I was get'g .10c .20c and random stuff.now its down to you guessed it .01c. ..just like woody puzzle .02c.If I was to continue play'g and made the last $2 to get the $100 to cash out...I highly doubt I would even get the $.These games need 'auditors' to make sure its 'legit' and to make sure us players get our $.I wonder could these games be about 'perseverance'? I doubt it.
Love this game,, won on the 3 day bid,, when you first download it make ass much money in 3 days,,I make an awesome amount though I'm still waiting for it,, will I get it,, cuz it's been over 14 days and I could use it.
I love a good challenge thank you for bringing me some magic dice in my world it isn't fair exchange of being priceless come along make us a ball give us some dinner change the world by numbers and expectations of design let's see if you're the real thing
I am having cents which is ok as a game. I am having fun. Someone has to focus and patient for the ads to come and show.
This game is similar to board king only difference is your winning money (or so it says) but so far I feel myself becoming addicted to it
Started off well. Then cash accumulated at .001 per green square!! Now at $99.6 I have no green squares to get cash. I'm thinking game is a waste of time.
Have not figured out how to get the money off, everything seems to just pretend that you will win then u play and they put restrictions on it . I pray this game is better.
Just started so I'm giving it a 5 star. I'll update my review once I've had some time to see the follow through. I'm quite skeptical that it will actually pay as all I've tried either have a technical glitch at cashout or its impossible to get enough money for whatever the cash out value has to be. So let's see.
So far so good...but i know once i star winning the payout??? They star giving you winnings of a penny??? That's Dirty!!! I hope this game is different...cause all my other games ....once you get to $10 before you can cash out??? You only win "ONE PENNY"!!! To me that's rude???
I just started today n honestly I love the cute little characters but only playing will I be able to speak about the truth of this game but so far fun I just pray its not a flop n I can actually get cash back on my pay pal or coupons
I played it numerous of times and I just can't get to the point to where I can cash out and just keeps evading me
The game is fun interesting as long as I'm able to cash out and it doesn't screw up on me before I get to my cash out Point like the other games have been doing
Graphics nice but if it is a coupon [email protected]&k this game im not wasting my life pressing a single button if i can rate this negative i would rate it -1000000^10^1000000✨ but if you dont know this number its googolpex the biggest number ever just play COD mobile its much better the this stupid ass game
Great game I like the way everything flies up towards your face. And it lets you play a while before you get interupted
This game id say is stupid great and ifbi can believe it I will cash out today with geeez....im to get a new everything in a week and I'm sure you can find a 5 star but not sure how like this
What a waste of time. Devs only care about making money with ads and force ads while playing. Requirements for cash out are ridiculously high, or impossible to reach. You can hit $140 pretty easily, after that it drops to .001 gain every time you land on cash tile. So if you enjoy wasting your time with useless propaganda then this game is for you.
I really like the game. It's fun and easy I just hope I can get to 100 dollars and get to cash out. It will help me out with my kids Christmas. πŸŽ…πŸ˜‡
Great dice game for being rewarded for play. The developer came up with a great game when he put this game together. Lots of fun to be had. Check it out. You'll be glad you did.
This is probably just like those fake money games. I already reach $98.193 and im uninstalling it. I cant imagine how long it will take to get the remaining when adds only gives .001 ? Big waste of time, not even worth it even if its legit or not. But im pretty sure this one is not...
It has good graphics and a cute cat i still haven't finished it so im still looking forward and i will work hard for this I really hope this is legit and if i finished this and its really legit i will come back and give this a five star❣
So far I really like this game. Unlike most of the other games I've been playing, u win dollars not cents. Really enjoying this game.
A cute little time waster, but the throttling is set so badly you could play a million years and still never hit the minimum to withdraw.
Fun game , easy to get to 100.00 dollars hasn't paid yet but shows good progress so far . Good graphics.
havent played long enough just hope dont lie about paypal like the other ones was playing another game got to cashout value and couldnt get it said i had to have so many login days now cant get credit for that
Most of the payback is involved with ads or videos. Won't play any, so basically the game is useless, get 150 after 2weeks ish .At 15cents at a time , if I place 1 empty can in bag every 30mins, I'm already ahead of game......lol. When it's time to get a payout, why are we waiting for the mail? 1975 all over again, just email the Dam money and save a little face. Cards in the mail? Please. Some people make a living stealing mail. If it doesn't come registered you won't get it.
I do enjoy the game but now that I am close to cashout, I now make 1 penny per win!! Seriously?? You get paid good by ad agencys and then you hustle us. Some cash out rules I have seen are crazy and just asking way too much!! Plus all these games say you can cashout anytime..another LIE!!!!!!! I am playing several games that promise that and not one of them does it!! You play on people during a virus who may not be working...shame on you!!!! Cheating people who are mentally low, horrible!!
I like this game. Its different, you actually win prizes. It doesn't have overwhelming ads. Its fun and addicting and very realistically like a board game but better. Good job developers
Was ok until I was getting close to cash out the. game began to reveal the shady side. On the green chip I would land or stop on ($0.75) then option claim more 1.2 I had already accumulated $0.75 claim more total was only 78 cents should of been $1.55 on gold chip it was correct why wrong on green. I was close to cashing out