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Magic Defense

Magic Defense for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Mouse Games located at Osiris International Cayman Limited, Suite #4-210, Govemors Square, 23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue, PO Box 32311, Grand Cayman KY1-1209, Cayman Islands. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 2.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is nice but the control? I mean u have to keep moving ur finger to fire magic balls which is tiring, it drains ur battery so as ur body energy.
I'm currently on level 84 but it's getting boring now. The game is relatively easy and becomes monotonous after a while. Once you have upgraded your basic shot to 5 energy balls then the wizard is so powerful that you hardly ever need spells. Plus there are so many things to upgrade but i don't see the point since the wizard is already so strong.
Annoying bug in the upgrade system. I've wasted so much gold on upgrading the fire spell to lvl 10 to have it drop to lvl 3 a level or two later. Could use more mobs (enemies) and make more difficult levels and up the achievement systems past level 3, but overall a decent game.
Such a great game. Everyone thinks so as well. The only negative thing I have to say is that this app might be abandoned, nothing new is added. MORE POWERS AND UPGRADES!!!!
Guys...the game is great for a single player. But the glitch in the Fire Spell Magic is a let down. No matter how much you upgrade, it goes back to level 3. Please fix this issue
This game is great i admit it since I had a lot of fun playing it. I gave it 3 stars because of how easy the game is. The basic shot is just too over powered and the enemies are too weak. I kept on playing thinking that there wil be something different when i reach 100, but no. I haved reached level 111 without using a single spell. This is a must download if you need a time killer. It is really fun. This game just needs more balancing and at least give us harder levels and i will give this a 5.
I wish I could reverse the screen. As a righty I find it awkward to swipe right so much and block the oncoming mob from my view.
Fun and easy. This is a laid back game, don't expect a challenge. I like it but I don't like swiping the screen for every attack. Would be more fun if we could just tap to attack.
The game is incredible but whenever i update the power of Fire magics damage, it only stays updated for a few battles but then it always goes back to 3. I have wasted coins after coins updating it but to no avail. Please fix it!
Fun to play.. I'm on level 300. One bug though whenever I try to upgrade the fire spell it keeps on coming back to level 3.. besides that everything else is maxed out and ooh I hope you make new monsters and upgrades.. I've got 1.3m which I can't use cause all upgrades are maxed out
Nice games very addictive... why waste your effort in performing magic when you can spam combo A all the time!! That's what I like about this game pierce plus multi = domination!
It's addicting, easy to play, and a good way to kill time. But it keeps resetting my fireball level back to three after I get it way leveled up. That in return makes me mad and not want to play the game no more.
It's a great game. I enjoy it a lot Play it to kill some time but I honestly think it need to be a little bit harder. I've been playing and literally have yet to have any monsters pass more than half way of map and currently at level 60.
It is gud one game!i like very well but after level 200 it gone a bokash.So plz do some changes......even it is fantastic game
D coins i purchase didnt add up on my total amt. I wasnt able to do upgrade and i havent received any assistance yet :(
Excellent and addictive games, nice graphics with only small installation. Need more spell and quite more difficult, because this is too easy Anyway I highly recommend this game!!!
It is a good game but when i throw the magic ball sometime it get it wrong direction so it needs to improve more and also more in its control. And i also complain for photos of game in this store that how this hapeen that that guy is using all magic in same time . And its defense is also not opening. And how he/she has so a big amount of money. Pls insert that types of photos of this game which is true . And after about a good of this game is that it is only about of 2mb which is very good. And one thing more which is very good in game that is when i upgrading my fire magic it always want only 1600 i think that something wrong with my game becase my fire magic is about of 30 level.
I guess i'm too lazy for this game.don't like having to Swype the screen for every attack. if do on the other hand like the special Weapon gestures. Just not for me at the end of the day!
Amazing game! Has that addicting quality to it. Could do with more variety in level backdrops and more monsters to fight, but that's not something that would lower the rating. Has some minor bugs in the upgrade section but nothing game breaking.
Nice game. Very addicting and boring. Well, i passed lv 100 in 3 hour. It's very easy, that's what make this game feel boring. But it's ok. I like this game because i can cast a spell with gesture. Anyway, can you add more spells again? Tq.
Simple boring game, though I like where it's going... Maybe the next one will be better?! On a side note... How do you do all that you do to get a game like this out, and on the market... yet NOBODY noticed that the picture says Magic Defence and the Title if the game is Magic Defense?
Great game. For me the only prob is the swyping of screen. Hope there is auto fire. Im scared the screen might get broken. =p
This game is the only tower defense game i have ever enjoyed so far. Very good concept... Outstanding execution and great skill tree. Job well done team.
Nice little game. Fun and addicting. I suggest increasing the maximum upgrade levels and make it more expensive and more difficult to get so the players feel they have a very very long way to go. I'm still in Level 50+ but I feel like the enemies are still very easy and are starting to get repetitive and boring. Once I got Pierce + Split combination the magic skills (except for freeze) are pretty much useless. But overall, it's a fun game! Keep up the great work.
Excellent time killer! No way do i feel like my life is wasting away when i play this game! I was just oblivious for over an hour, and Angelina has been on tv for most of that! Wild!
Gets boring fast and the idea is lame because it can get annoying (if not painful) from excessive swiping. I'll give it 2 points for the effort and 1 more point for non-intrusive ads.
It never really stops being entertaining. But the fire spell keeps reverting to level 3. Kind of annoying and needs to be fixed. Seriously. Fix the fire spell. Its a good game but that one little glitch infuriates me
Came across it by accident, level 109 and don't regret a moment of it! Just wish there was s way to make it so that you just drag and hold after getting the 'no charge' power up.. it starts to hurt your hand spamming all those spells.. also a little too easy.. didn't take long to get to level 100 and I haven't taken any damage for a long time.. I had to kill myself to make sure it was still possible to die
It's actually pretty fun and challenging, that is for the first day of playing. Upgrades come too easily and the monsters never get stronger. I'd love to keep playing, IF there was any kind of challenge here. And this is all coming from the very guy who has been told he is the worst video game player.......ever!
I like everything abt this game! From the graphic, music, sound effect, colours, game story.. Absolutely fantastic! Now I'm at level 91. I really have to share this game. Download it now! :) Good work.
This game is very boring and easy.the enemies are also very weak.it seems that it was made for children
This game is really cool! Kinda like defender but with a different way of killing monsters. I thought the sliding way was a bit weird at first, but as u progress and upgrade, its awesome!!!! Low space, no glitches, smooth game play. Awesome job!!
This game is fun, doesn't want you to buy things from it, and doesn't have random adds popping up. It can easily be an addictive game. I liked it quite a bit and didn't run into any problems with it. I like it.
Addictive game.. but the enemy is still the same.. pls add some strong monsters.. and upgrade.and i suggest to let us costumize our tower and character. If you dont mind :).. pls pls pls..