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Magic 2015

Magic 2015 for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Wizards of the Coast LLC located at PO Box 707 Renton, WA 98057. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hey I am a die hard magic player and have been for years,And I love this game and how it plays,But it does not let me sign in online for some reason and I just want to play the game more,I click sign in and everything but for some reason when I try to progress through to the next stage after the first one it still doesn't register for some reason,PLEASE HELP ME!!!!,I want nothing more than to play this game and am wanting to spend a lot of money on it,Like hundreds of dollars,Please help me!!!!
It's alright. No playable planeswalkers, but satisfies my magic craving while at work. It's tough to play a game that needs a lot of space on a phone. Which also brings up the need to double tap everything to read it because the cards are very small. MTG arena is where everything is shifting to so this game will be (already is probably) obsolete. Also, for people having issues signing in, you must be in wifi for it to work. Referring to the person below this post.
Firstly, I love Magic (board game). Some PC version I have tried was fun, even though it was poor on content in comparisson to board game variety, but this smartphone version is pure laugh at user expense and waste of time. Free content is just interactive marketing wort of one day with few mostly scripted encounters (on a second round, u'll notice). It gives the impression, that the rest of the purchased content is the same. The worst thing is that u don't know what u're buying
the game is great but only allows you to play the first challenge of the campaign mode. I think if we get access to multiplayer or single player matches it would be good to get a little more interested, grow community and get some skill and cards. I felt that I was stuck with my starter deck. Not as good as the pc version from a few years ago.
Ok for one when I open the game and start the tutorial I can not see the cards or anything. Then when I try to restart the game again i sign in and then force closes the game. It took more than an hour to download this game and alot of my space, and I can not even play it. That is why i am giving this a one star.
This game is f2p for the first missions but once you complete them everything else on the app costs money, and the store to buy the content is disabled so even if you wanted to pay an extra 15 dollars to play a few more levels your unable to... this game is a decent guide to the card game but its pretty old and there aren't any newer versions. I recommend hearthstone because you don't have to pay a ton of money and your actually able to play a game, doesn't have a great lore like this game still
Love the gameplay. The deck building and everything. Just wish there was more content that came with the base game. I'm not too fond of having to pay for more content after barely an hour or two. Most of that time being spent making new decks. At least if the first free roaming plane was available for free there'd be a little mode content to try before deciding whether or not I wanna pay for more.
Recently reinstalled this game. It's fun, but I had purchased the extra content for $9.99 a while back, and apparently if you uninstall the game that particular information is also lost. So if I want to play anything other than Innistrad, I have to pay again I guess. Not really about that life. Otherwise it is a good game.
Ok for a demo, but this isn't the full game. You get to play a few rounds, but then it starts asking you to pay to unlock new opponents and things. it's a nice introduction to the game, but honestly, you're better off playing Magic Arena than investing anything into this game.
This game is not what I had hoped it would be. Rank novices need much more help in depth help in understanding this game than the current tutorials provide. It can be beneficial as a game immersion methodology but I don't see it being worthwhile for someone who knows what they're doing. Once I find my sea legs I won't bother playing the game again. Well, unless I'm stuck in the waiting room at the Dr's office. Or the bus stop... Hmmm. 3/4/19. Doesn't work on Lenovo a10. Stops after tutorials.
So it really is "Magic 2015" for mobil devices, but you have to pay to play anything more than the tutorial. That coupled with the fact that you cannot earn booster packs either, leaves a real sour taste in my mouth. This rating and review would be "5/5", "Wow" and "Amazing" if it wasnt pay to play and really money grabby. Everytime you try something that isn't included for free to play, it just directs you to the shop trying to get you to buy the "free game"... 2/5. Love MTG TCG, but not this.
The game screen is totally black , not one card can be seen how can I push my blocker than push their creature when i cant see them. I am an experienced magic player and this is a game I would love to play. I am using a Samsung Tablet please tell me what I'm doing wrong and I'll give you a five star rating.
I cant sign in with google for no reason and you need to be signed in for everything, also I'm not very sure cause I cant go to the damn shop but I'm fairly sure most of the game is locked behind a pay wall, so if I could sign in I would probably buy it because from what I've seen of the game it has pretty good mechanics
beginning is way to long honestly I love magic but it would be easier to take a card, show what mana is, a list of the skills and what they do. rather then tutorial pop ups on each skills.. however I do like the game so far it's nice to play when you have time and like magic.
so let me get this straight. on my old phone, I bought everything and progressed quite a lot. I get a new phone, and nothing gets saved?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I NEED TO REPURCHASE EVERYTHING?!?!?!?!?! I tried logging into my account, and even though it has been successful, my PURCHASES didn't carry over. only my achievements... never again.
Game is fun, but huge disappointment that you can only play a few matches for free. It also makes no sense why when a match starts against Cursed Existence, they immediately play Curse of the Bloody Tome which costs 3 to cast, but they have no land. They haven't even played a turn yet! Not cool. These things earned a 2 star rating.
It would be an awesome game it it actually worked when you try to log in to buy or do multiplayer. If they could actually fix that then I'd be very please and give a five star but just because of that bug I'm going to give it a one for the experience is short in this game and can't move on unless you can actually log in, in which you cant because of the game.
the game is suck, you can play just one quest and after that you must to pay 8£. Gaming is 0, you must to wait 2-5 sec after evry move. Graphic is 5, controlling is 2. If you want to built your deck you dont have many tools to filter all cards. comparing with magic the gathering PC version, the pc version is more friendly. comparing with another board games for phones, this one is a big disappointment.
Great fun, but I hate the zoomed out layout. I have to constantly zoom into cards to read them and the awkward buttons are far too small. The game, should not try and recreate a tabletop experience, it should be adapted to mobile in the sense that everything is easily accessable to the eye and finger. And if they have to sacrifice a little bit of aesthetic to achieve that, it's fine by me. Will readily rate 5 stars. Perhaps try changing to a more friendly layout like the official Ascension app?
This is a pay-to-play game disguised as a free game. you still need to pay to continue forward on single players, or even play multiplayers. the cardgame is great, but this specific game is whack!
I downloaded this game so I could learn how to play mtg. The tutorials are broken. The play field is completely black and you can not see the cards. The only thing visible are the player icons and the text. This needs to be fixed. I downloaded Magic Duels on my Xbox One instead but wanted this app to play on my work breaks. I'm on an LG K20 Plus.
i love magic, dont get me wrong. i have 7 decks of all different combos. i play in my towns tournaments from time to time. i even play during school when i have time. this is not fun. i assume it is, but when i have to wait an hour to download it, only to be met by a black screen at the tutorial and someone speaking, its kinda a big turn off. hopefully no one else has had this problem.
very poor, couldnt even play the damn tutorial due to the fact my screen was just black. no cards on screen, no nothing. just a black screen with some text boxes and a voice over telling me to do these things but i couldnt because the screen was just black. tried redownloading the game but the same results. had really high hopes because i just got into magic. but this let me down.
Edit: Ok so having some trouble now that I beat Innistrad: It wont let me purchase the rest of the game. I just want to continue to Theros. And so on. I read through some of the posts and apparently this game was up and running for only 7 months after it launched? So how am I supposed to purchase the rest of the game to play offline? Its not a multiplayer issue for me I dont care about that, I just want the full game and the OPPORTUNITY to continue playing. I WILL GIVE MONEY PLEASE HELP!
started out great up until the last few months the game constantly crashes and closes. i dont even get to the start up screen. the one time i did get it to load all my purchases where gone and when i tried to restore my purchases it said they were not found. So i lost all my progress and i lost money which i had bought all the packs and dlc sooo what the hell man. thats just wrong
I would give it 4-5 stars but it has too many drawbacks. The singleplayer campaign is too difficult for the starting deck you have even on the easiest difficulty. You cant practice to better your strategy or understanding of the game unless you pay $10. Yep you gotta pay $10 just to be able to practice. The enemy ai always gets the upperhand on literally the 1st or 2nd turn and its an uphill battle every battle. Please just fix/balance the game and make practice free! Only then you get 4-5 stars.
I love magic the gathering but this app is a sad excuse to say the least for what i would expect. ya got me for the 10 bucks, but all these additional costs to unlock more cards? are you guys serious? when for PC you can play like royalty for free?? pay to unlock multiplayer? very disappointed.
i was going to give this a good rating but i ran into a lil bit of an issue. it's a fun game and designed really well, however, there's a really big pay wall. in order to progress the single player campaign you have to pay for the new stories. that's not a big deal as i would've payed for them. the big deal is the fact that i can't sign in on this game. it works on every other game i play except for this one. every time i try to sign in nothing happens. i press the button and it doesn't work.
Great game! PITY AFTER YOU PLAY A FEW ROUNDS YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY. I wanted to continue. I will pay for OPTIONAL content - I feel duped. I would have easily rated this 5 stars, but because you're trying to force me to pay to play, I will rate you low. Such a shame.... :(
I like the game but shortly after playing the beginning campaign i realized i just wasted my time playing and building a deck by hitting a pay wall. Since playing againt other people is the primary reason i got the game it made me rather upset. Just make the game 10$ in the playstore so people dont waste their time.
Tutorial works and I can hear it.... but its just a black screen and I can't see any cards I have or anything on the battlefield. I tried everything to get it too work and my tablet is only like a year old. Plus I see other ppl complainig about the same thing. Super bummed..I was so excited to play. I LOVE MTG and can never find anyone to play with. Way to get my hopes up....PLEASE FIX!
The game itself is really well done as far as gameplay is concerned. However, myself and many others are unable to sign in due to technical issues with the app and most of the app is locked unless you sign in. Otherwise, you can do the full tutorial and a couple matches of the campaign. Most of the campaign, all multiplayer, and even practice dueling are locked and, with the sign-in issue, completely inaccessible. Good for learning how to play Magic, but you'll end up deleting this app quickly.
My only issue was stalled in duel using the invoker card. I hope that is fixed. I rated 4 stars for that very reason. one more thing! Cursed Existence cheats by having Curse Of The Bloody Tome played out at the beginning of our game. Cursed Existence did not pay the mana cost at all. all the other players didn't have this special treatment. In the spirit of Magic The Gathering we should be playing by the rules, and having fun. Keep this in mind for new players. NPC need to be held accountable to.
I downloaded this game because I love playing MTG but can't afford to buy my own cards. I was bitterly dissapointed by the fact that every time I open the game and start the tutorial, it freezes. Needless to say, my hopes of being able to play MTG have been dashed. Having read some other reviews, I see that this has been a problem for a while. You would be well advised to fix this bug. Your target market is mostly comprised of nerds with spare time, and we can write some pretty scathing reviews.
I can't play the game on my LG Rebel 3. Everything loads just fine, but when I begin the tutorial, the entire gameboard is black and the cards are not visible. The overlays are all there, but it's impossible to play if I can't see what I'm doing! I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the same issue persists. Sorry, but I'm not going to keep such a COLOSSAL application on my phone if I can't even use it
I never review anything but this game is not worth a download in the least bit. I have been playing magic for 8 years now and I love how wizards is still poaching money, 15$, from everyone to play this game to the fullest even though it's a grandpa of mobile games. Its behind so much compared to standard magic. It'd be smarter to just let people play this and get a taste for magic so they move on to actual cards. Let it go you have magic arena and online still and your making bank off them.
Where to begin.The AI in this game is beyond slow..what should have been a 15-20 minite game ends up stretching to almost an hour because you have to wait so long for the computer to do things as simple as playing a land for turn.Despite that I beat the theros story and went to go to the next chapter (Theros). I was then prompted to sogn in and purchase the next chapter which i couldnt do because it wouldnt let me sign in.i also couldnt practice or play online because of this.save your time& gb
They could have made the game more fast paced and had some fun voices. It is just souless and straight forward. Proves that Magic works best with your own imagination as a physical card game. Yes.. I am saying this would be better if it tried to emulate Hearthstone more. There is nothing wrong with that.
(all glitches)my advice to everyone is read all the comments about glitches and stolen money they are all true. it makes you play hours of tutorials then you get to play 3 games then it says you have to sign in but it never let's you and you can't play anymore so it's a wast of 1.7gb of data witch is a lot and causes all you apps to run slow so in short it's a wast of space app that you can't even use after 3 battles after it forces you to play hours of tourtorials...
Completely flawed. Done everything in my power to sign into my Google play games account so I could access anything other than the tutorial, and nothing seems to work. No screen will allow it, my services have the right info and all so it can't be that. This game wasn't made with this platform in mind, absolutely terrible. I'd wanna keep playing but I think this is a sign to stop now before it gets worse