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Magibot for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Plug in Digital located at Plug-in-Digital 72 rue Emile Zola 94260 Fresnes. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Controls are fine. The comments mocking the controls and spell placement are exaggerating. It is easy because you give us the necessary skills at the beginning of the stage. How about we get a set number of skills that we choose from all the previously learned skills so it involves some planning?
finally find my dream game... seriously i was waiting for this kind of game.. graphic quality is extremely good. game play every level everything is perfect. If anyone love adventure this game is for you.Thank you for making this game🙃
Certainly pretty, and has a cool concept, but the tutorial is incredibly hand-holdy and easy, you can't always see all of the cubes on one screen so you need to trial and error it, the spell placement is clunky and innacurate, the movement gets stuck 80% of the time so you have to wrestle with it, the dialog/text gets stuck and overlaps, and the wiring in general feels directed at a toddler.
Good puzzle adventure game where the platforms and abilities are to be positioned by the player, from where it can be used. Sometimes the robot can get stuck between object textures during frequent use of some abilities.
What a wonderful hidden gem for us oddworld fans! This is a unique puzzle game that still seems reminiscent in all the best ways of an oddworld title, including a fine polish to the animations! If you like puzzle platforming games then I can't encourage you enough to buy this game! Well worth the purchase!
Overall, a very well-designed and thought out game! However, there is a glitch where during the cutscenes the characters' lines of dialogue overlaps on top of each other, making it illegible. Also the dialogue reads terribly slowly. Please add an option to speed up dialogue and fix the glitch! I am running Android Oreo on an LG Stylo 4.
Just finished the game. It was a nice experience but it can be better. Here are two suggestions : The ending was already what I would have chosen if asked, but I think it would still be better if the player was given the chance to decide to do "it" or not. Another thing is, the puzzles are way too easy the way it is now because you give the type of necessary powers at the beginning. Instead, just give a number to the player and let them choose what they want to use from the pool of known powers.
Magibot is a unique and amazing platformer. The puzzle levels are quite challenging. The action levels are very thrilling. Controls are quite responsive. The animation and music of this game are beautiful. The story is really nice. Also the game comes with three save slots so you can buy once and multiple people can enjoy it. Loved this game!
Really that's a incredible game, not only the new concept of playing but also the history behind the game. My congratulations for the creators!!!
Improve graphics otherwise its a nice game if it had great graphics and not glitching screen then its 5 star rating game
Don't mind other reviews. The simple left-right arrows and sensitive power placement are a little clunky/finicky, respectively. However, those are minor problems in an otherwise good and completely free game. No ads, nothing to buy, no grinding. This game delivers a fun and challenging set of levels, then you are done. If you have a little patience for a (more puzzle/trial and error, than action) platformer - this felt like a breath of fresh air, in terms of mobile gaming
This is 4.5-star. There is a bug, sometimes got stuck in some walls or corners then cannot move. Other than that love it much.
The game is beautiful and adventureful but while the scripts coming in the talk are not coming in the right way they are dubling themselves and we cannot really read them !! Hope the developers can clear this bug.
Incredibly frustrating experience right away at the tutorial. Complex to execute standard game actions using clunky and unresponsive controls. Only a monkey will try to revolutionize the wheel and in the end be happy with it's results. Avoid this game if you want to enjoy the rest of your day.
Really nice game. It's a simple concept but so well made. The music is fantastic and the level designs are beautiful.
The visuals are very pretty and the music is nice. Somewhat surprising are then rougher edges like unreadable main menu or very unpleasant chirpy sound during dialogs. But I'm mostly disenchanted with the gameplay. While it tries to be a logical puzzle, often you don't know whether your idea is incorrect or whether you were not enough pixel precise when placing your power or a millisecond correct when executing it. It is very fiddly. I almost got stuck in the very first forest level, when I tried to execute a correct(!) idea and failed 10 times in a row, which convinced me it was not a correct solution (it was). The first video on Youtube I found contained the same section and a person getting stuck in exactly the same place, eventually quitting the game because of it. I looked up other videos and found out, I should have placed the power slightly higher than I did. This should not happen in the first level. This should not happen at all, the mechanics should be either explained or obvious, and logical game shouldn't be fiddly. Anyway, I played for more than an hour, and all those levels felt quite samey to me, unfortunately. 60%
Absolutely stunning! The levels are easy but challenging. You must use both your puzzle solving skills aswell as your platforming skills. I love it!
Really good puzzle platformer. I was going to say that it was held back by being a bit too easy and the puzzles being a bit too obvious, but it really ramps up towards the end and there are some good final challenges.
Nice graphic but stupid game mechanic. Please Dev play your own game before publish this because its rubbish. Feels like its made for 5year old with slow movement and horrible block placement. And you cannot do any other solving method making this preset-puzzle. Nice sound and graphic, bad game mechanic
some of the text overlaps becuase a few lines of dialogue doesent go away i cant read anything when it happens please fix this i have no idea whats or what has happend in the story!😕
Nice puzzler. Only the placing of spells is very awkward. When you touch the screen, spells get placed or re-placed. It would be better if, once placed, spells would be moved by touching and swipeing.
No joke a great challenging platform 2D game. Graphics and controls are great and a big with map & many levels and power and up. Great for price.
Extremely slow movement. Imagine Lemmings but there's only one lemming, it's all paused as you place all actions from beginning then press play and you just hit a single button whenever the lemming is inside a circle. Then add left/right buttons to control that one lemming to turn at any time. Effectively ruined Lemmings and made a boring game. Entire first level is just holding right button, as if you're 5 years old, yet there's a bunch of superfluous text that they can't read.
Shoddy controls, high difficulty in early puzzles. Seems like a platformer at first, but is a slower puzzle game instead.