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Mafia City

Mafia City for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by YottaGames located at ROOM 901 YIP FUNG BLDG 2-12, D’AGUILAR ST CENTRAL, HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Alcohol Use, Tobacco Use, Explicit Language) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game, I have been playing this game since it has been available. Must say in the 2yrs+ Lots of game features and events have kept it exciting, also the game isnt shy about giving out GOLD. Most games your at a stand still with either (gems, rubies, gold, etc...), not with Mafia City they throw gold at you all the time. Many ways to get the gold, events, street forces, etc... Only bad part of this game is when others quit playing. Thank you Mafia City I love this game!!!!
I am sorry to hear that, blah blah blah.... same fr8gging response to every comment... shows you how much they have control over the game.... it's all about the money... if your playing free, your losing.... you! don't play this game, you buy your way through it...
Perfect game, but the costs is so expensive pay to win i dont mind spending a few dollars on it the only thing i hate is that you could lose power after spending money on it, the event are awesome, the lagging on this is so out the gate maybe its just phone, i dont kno
very fun game, but the glitches will cause you to lose men and the developers refuse to correct this issue. I've written to them with no success and it continues to happen.
This kinda game is not normally my thing. I am here for the Tapjoy rewards. However, it is fun to play since its easy to keep track of everything. I think people who enjoy complicated scenarios would like this game.
I've had the app for a while now and it was all great until now. I just got a new phone and my account was linked with my Facebook and my Google but when I went to try to switch my accounts it would not let me I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it still is not working. If it was not for this issue I would give it a full five stars
None of these games are as advertised. The game play in the ad is what caught me I would play the game if it played like the ad did.
I would give it zero of I could. It's the only app I ever downloaded that just plain doesn't work. I tap on claiming a reward or doing an action the game makes a sound and shows the button has been pressed but nothing happens.
Lagging & glitch on this game always have to reconnect to the game, they still haven't fixed it waste of time i would like to give it a 5 star but they still haven't fix the problem poorly recommended
This game is really good, it's really addicting.but i just wanna say that I didn't get the pack that i paid. Pls fix it. Edit: It's already fixed, well that's the only issue I've encountered so far. But this game is really addicting πŸ˜„. Another Edit: takes so long to update.
If you are looking for an interactive game that does not cost a lot of money to play.. THIS IS NOT THE ONE!!! Been playing for 3 years now, and I can never compete with others because they choose to pay thousands... yes thousands... to be an Elite player. Then they will constantly attack you, thus never allowing you to advance to a serious competitive level. Unless your willing to sell your house, or have 25 hours on a 24 hour day to play, I suggest looking for a different game.
This is my new favorite game. Very well thought out, and doesn't cost a fortune to play!! Too many other games are greedy and only offer high dollar packs. This is free, or has $1,$5,$10,$20 and $100 packs which gives you alot of affordable opportunities.
Downloaded this game to have as a game to burn time. I must say, i have never enjoyed a game like this one in a long time. You can level up things on your turf fast and there are multiple ways to get gold w/o having to pay for it. I would recommend this game but it will take a good 2 to 3 days to get used to the UI, it looked complicated at first for me but now i know how everything works
The most dumbest game I've ever seen in my life and I will be deleting it just after my review. Very terrible and ridiculous game. This is very poor πŸ’© with false ads. Yottagame you are not serious with this game and it have to be removed from play store in just a minute from now.
Good way to make friends from all over the world...as you play game and get higher in rank you can earn good rewards... Only thing I don't like is the amount of rss you have to use to upgrade all the buildings inside the turf and the fact that too many events going on at the same time... Kinda gets confusing... other then that it's a good game.. I would Like to have the option to share gold oths with my clan in clan chat.. should be able to choose where you want to share your gold oths.
Now that I have spent a bunch of money and built up the game is very glitchy and keeps shutting down, VERY ANNOYING! All of my update are current. Started off as a great game but now not so much. UPDATE 10/1/20 the game has gotten even worse! I want my money back
First of all I absolutely loved this game, I spent so much time and money building my troops & mansion. I got all the way to level 32 and all of a sudden Mafia City charged my debit card WITHOUT my authorization, they charged me the $99 pack, $105.99 off my card, I tried to explain my situation to get refunded, they told me NOT to contact Google play or they will ban me. Even being a loyal player, they illegally charged me and banned me for 18 YEARS too. Terrible. Beware, don't waste your time
Very bad, game freezes and shuts down in the process of playing the games with the babes..... Lagging and slow to respond to screen switches... Very pour on customer response... The game developers do not care unless your spending massive amounts of cash game has done nothing but get worse over the past 3 yrs..... Was a great game in the begin , now very pour with all the new updates ... Should of left it the way it was in the beginning 🀨
I got a new phone and when I tried to continue my main game @XanderKee ... the creators won't help me log back in. I've given all information connected to my identity and proof I own the account. I've spent money on this account!!!!!
I played it for one day. The next day I cannot open/login and it shows as 'internet connection error' even though the internet is working properly for the other games. If you try to troubleshoot it, they say that the developers will immediately take care of it. But it's still not working.
Another money grab game. They advertise all these deals you can get but never sell anything at full price out of 50 in my clan 5 are left everyone else quit the game, I became leader because I was the highest level. So many distracting icons on the screen, red dots to collect bonuses which make you look at all those dealers. Messages many times a week telling you about stuff you don't care about but if you read it you get a prize. Where is the fun in this game?
grow fast. easy so far. Game does cost money to stay up with the big players, but they do offer cheap five packs. Since 09/19/2020 the game will not loaf completely. So i cant get on to play the game !! I know my city is going to burn and lose evrything i build up. Can yu fix this problem and replace everythiny???????? I have done everything i was ask to do on line. Nothing has worked !!
As with all these styles of games you need to play all the time...there should be a away you play against the computer so when you stop playing the game stops....some of us have to work and get sick of everything you've built being destroyed while you were away....also the adverts portray it as an Fps but its really civilisation by another name
Ive been playing for a long time. 3rd city. this time around i spenta LOT of money. then they payment system started HOSING me on purchases doing 2x 3x charges. Im still owed 44.98 in packs i cant redeem for some reason and its been weeks. ive spent way too much to be honest so i get angry to know that their support doesnt care.
It just keeps getting worse they won't fix the problems and keep adding new things that don't work do not spend money on their game just like the GM in the game I don't know how much clearer I can be the game is steadily where nothing works right the game freezes I have gotten zeroed because game freezes I have tried everything to try and fix it wifi no wifi uninstalled game and reinstalled cleared cache nothing helps I know I'm not the only player complaining
So the only problem i have with the game is the fact that in order to get stronger you have to stay shielded so you don't get attacked. Some players have no regards for the rules of the game. And only the ones that spend exorbitant amounts of real life money can get ahead. I'm sorry but I have to remove a star until that is fixed.
Game glitch caused $100 purchase & I can't get a response. If not for that, I'd give 4.5 stars. I reached out immediately. Not my main account so I stopped using it until this is cleared up. Not sure how to get anyone's attention at this point so bad reviews, it is. If they don't respond, it's legit bad, though.
false advertisment, you are enticed to download but you get it and it's just a strategy game similar to age of z and others. you can't win if you don't spend money, big spenders have better troops than you, and if you piss them off, they'll attack you and your clan and you can't do anything about it, because it's a "war game". very much like travian but troops don't die, they get wounded. not balanced like travian where non-spenders can get the upgrades like the big spenders...no star if possble
The problem could be in my phone. It has a hyper-sensitive screen. Or, it could be operator incompetence. I can play other games well. I have had problems with three games that refuse to get on screem for more than a few seconds, all loaded the same day. I just could not rate a game I haven't been able to play. I always suspect google because they constantly mess with me and my phone. The day I loaded the games they were insisting that I get rid of a lot of apps to make room for the new games w
Not a bad little game really but its definitely not what I was expecting from the ads. The game is like rise of Kings, clash of clans and final fantasy so they definitely need to sort out the false advertising there.
If you are into live action war game style type play this ones is pretty good. They do a good job keeping events going. Very little dead time. Always something going on. Graphics are good.. Only thing i really HATE is the fact this game is extremely defense driven. Sucks for the attacker play style. Fair warning though. This is a one sided game. So if you want to be on the power side be prepared to spend a decent amount of money. But lets be real, we all waist money. Why not have some fun too.
Would put 5 stars but now I cant even access my account as it says login failed, I've dont diagnostics and all that does is say they sent a ticket to support, I've put money into this game and about to lose everything I've built up because I cant access my own account
Im giving this game 2 star because there is no balance on this game. First, high lvl players should not be allowed to attack low lvl ones it is very unfair for new comers. Pls balance the game for everyone it is not fun if you are at lvl 18 villa then someone attack you at lvl 30 elite 2 players. Pls.
Good game. Passes the time, but its the same as all other war games. You get to a point and you either spend $$ or get left far behind. But if that doesnt bother you and you just want to play something to meet new people from around the world and pass the time then this game is perfect πŸ‘Œ
Game ruined by devs greed for only caring about making money off pay to win players. Just started on server and have 10k power and recieve mail congrats to a player for reaching 20 million power. What a joke. Pay to win players need to get a brain and a life. Spending 10s of thousands on a mobile game is insane. Dont waste a download on this garbage.
I started playing this game about 2 months ago. Great game, very addictive nothing to complain about. But then everything started getting expensive, so I started buying resource packs etc. I didn't mind paying Β£99 for a big pack. Then I found out people from other countries were paying less than me. $99 for Americans, that's Β£80. €99 for French players, that's Β£90…. People from China and Japan pay like Β£10!! That's 10 times less than I'm paying for the same pack. I'm quitting. DONT PLAY THIS GAME
Does not launch. Automatic diagnosis told me to contact the GM(?) with my City, User ID, and something else. I have none of that info since I can't even open the game. Uninstalling.
Maybe the worst pay2win game i ever played. One guy with big money account can wipe whole clan which is in top 10 rank..its impossible to play against them with all crazy bonuses which they buy. Very unbalanced p2w game.
when i got this game, i purchased the starter packs and began to play it happily as I was enjoying, for some reason when trying to rename my leader the game completely froze my phone and after some struggle to get it to work I tried to play again only to find alot of items missing, rather disheartening.... ps your @line dont even exist
Game is not at all as advertised. If you aren't the only ones advertising your game them you need to crack down on those false advertisers. Stop paying them or something. Also who still plays this type of game?
After playing this game a little over a year I have started to lose interest in this game. This game has alway been pay to win dont let people's fake post fool you into otherwise. There is constantly something thrown in your face that has do with real money like new Vigilantes, gear, op's effects, and etc... that is only a part of this game that is terrible. Most of it is on the developers not listening to the players to fix and resolve issues instead of most the time covering it up.
I came into this game starting from ground up. Challenges have been phenomenal. Graphics and what they have to offer in this game or pretty dang good. The only drawback I've seen is we don't get to create files to keep notes in. Other than that so far, it's been pretty dang good for me!
I have played games similar to this but i gotta say i like the mafia thing. The game is fun by itself with the story line and evrything. But it is a little more fun when other people participate in the clan. But it defitately keeps my mind busy when its trying to run wild. Love the game though, lots of rewards also!
Horrid. Every time I play it freezes and than either kicks me off or just goes black. I've tried re downloading it and restarting my entire phone but it doesn't work no matter what I do. I really want to play but I cannot! It may be because of my phone but hopefully not. 😭😭😭
I really like this game but it's got serious performance issues on Android. Freezing, lags, no keyboard access, and minimizing itself if im not constantly closing and reopening. I've submitted my complaints several times. They make you lose a lot, and for a game where they want you to buy everything it makes it worse!
Ad kept poppin up for other games and made it seem like there was some type of choice type game play but not at all. Game is a generic version of many other games I've played. DO NOT download as it is a waste of time.
Pretty fun and addictive, game is decent now as its relatively new on the scene. Play it now whilst it's good as I get Kabam Godfather Five Families vibe off the game and if it gets to that big stage then the game will definitely lose its potency. So again play now while the going is good!
It is a nice game until someone with a high level shows up and can do whatever he wants against the whole city. If seen people leaving just because we have to constantly be buying shields but when it run off you see turf level 26, 27, 28 burning to the point you can not heal up. I have spent over 10k gold to protect but now it is impossible. Update to 1 start because of their unswer. Already spent over 10k gold. Tried to used truce for weeks no stop and hiding somewhere else. Whole game is hide
*Update* so after another year under my belt I'm taking a few stars off because as much as I love this game the "gm" aka customer service is total garbage and the game is just one big cash grab now. Any time there is a mistake on their end even if you send them proof they dont care. Just trying to squeeze as much money out of us as possible before we quit.
Never really liked this kinda games. i believe they're referred to RPG (Not sure though) However the story and gamers here have let me open up my mind to this type of games. Sadly there is a server issue I believe if the devs look into and put new rules to help preserve the server instead of creating a new one that would be cool. Love the music options too.
Good game, but clan honor takes an awfully long time to accrue. I wish there were more ways to earn it, such as helping out clan members to build stuff. Also, clan member help should be more meaningful (should take more time off the total). Isn't that the point of being in a clan?)
Have played 70hrs so gave it a try. Game is nothing like the ads - you build/upgrade buildings and raid npcs/others whilst having to pay real-world money for buffs to keep your own turf safe. Game needs boundaries (eg only able to raid people equal to/5-10 levels under yours). Allowing lvl 40 players (>9 million power) to casually decimate a level 10 player (<100,000 power) is woeful. Game is a complete free for all that purely benefits those who put real-world money into it. Do not recommend.
Could be great, if the game allows you to click on things you have to click, I have full 4G signal the it tells you to get a more stable network.
Horrible, costly and painful experience. Please, save yourself the aggravation and do not download this game. I spent $50 on a resource pack and the next morning I woke up to find that i had been raided all night and lost all $50 in resources. I really wish I had listened to the other reviewers
Game's good, however: 1. Your lucky wheel is not random, it's fixed, be real. Make it random. All your random games are not random, they're fixed. FIXED. 2. Very many ads, 3. A lot of spending needed to actually get strong 4. Why would you make the metal resources for upgrading a camp way more than those upgrading the mansion? Why?😑😑. It should be cheaper. Hence my 3 stars rating, starting to lose interest in the game
Well I played mafia city for about 20 minutes straight ,I got 3 notifications that I was earning xp and got 15 diamonds. I was like great until I went back in the app to check it and saw that I was not and had the same 300 diamonds they gave me upon entrance and says I have no xp and haven't played at all . If this doesn't reflect soon correctly i will be deleting the app and finding me a real one
The game is nothing like ads because of ads I play now I'm playing from some months it's very addictive game u can't leave after u are on mansion 12 or above and people all over play this it's a fun but it damages health in real so u can't leave after ur playing it from some weeks rivalry and friendship with many countries people occur it's a ok game but if it was some like GTA 5 or something we can do by ourself and training troops much time is needed so many people leave it because of it.
HORRIBLE customer service. While attempting to purchase a pack, I received an error message. This happened a couple of times. I ended up being charged 4x and receiving the same pack 4x. Emailed back and forth for 3 days sending information and then am just told "we don't accept refunds". I used to love this game however I cannot support it anymore. DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL!!!
I've been playing this one for around 10 days. I've managed to find a great clan. Go up to LVL 15 and very much still growing. I'm really enjoying the game play and all the rewards... The story line is ok as well
Enjoy this game very much. Clan members are global and kind. Game keeps you motivated to grow, learn, play. careful what you spend, very tempting to just pay. Read all game content, there's lots to absorb if you want to be strong player.
I love it before but I hate it now they ban my account for 24 hours because I refunded the purchased my sister made without my permission 24 hour ban is almost up but I still can't open it till now I wouldn't recommend it again to my friends.
So I gave this game a week trial and it's honestly such garbage. Nothing like it's advertised. If you want to progress anywhere, be ready to open up your wallet. Doing so for free will literally take you days on top of days. It takes 2 days to upgrade the mansion, but if your willing to pony up 3000 gold, it's immediately completed. How's that make sense.
The game is good plays smoothly very good game but maybe Update and add more 0.85 packs with 60/40 margin from other packs as to gain extra loyalty from the games community helping them deal with covid thus increasing more people and more income
My account was stolen when I shared it with one player who I think work with the game. They are not accepting to give it back despite all the prooves i submitted (I gave them every info they asked for and over 100 invoices) I have screenshots for everything. And all my conversatiobs with them. They are dirty they make me lose it so I go to a new city and spend money again. Be careful of this game never play it. You will spend your money and effort to be stolen at the end !
It's a very good game, I am very much hooked and the content is also very good. If there's anything I suggest changing or I dislike is the amount of time that you require to upgrade your mansion and other buildings. Overall, it's a pretty good game.
I was very happy with the game it played great an no glitches . Till today when it took about $15 dollars out of my bank for no apparent reason i hadn't bought any of the $4.99 gold packs but my bank says ive bought 3!!!. Please refund my money an make this right mafia city! So not only did i try to ask nicely to be refunded an get denied mafia city after stealing my money then says they will ban me if i take it up with Google play !! Bunch of theives . Ive uninstalled their app 😠
I love this game and it has to be making bank because the only way to progress fast is through buying money which can be really frustrating at timesp
I really like this game. But there are more problems. people are seen able to attack people and their truce don't expire. With every update, the game lags, then freezes before minimizing itself now. And 99% of the personal event rewards are not worth doing! Fragments are a joke when won. Especially for the yellow ones. And the buyable packs need a lot more in them to be worth their amount. City Chat is still not monitored! Do something!!!!
Everything takes a LONG time, just a gate takes 2 hours, 2 HOUR'S If they fixed this I'm considering giving this a high rating, it's ok to make it like 40 minutes or 30 minutes something like that, please fix it and don't just do it on the gate but to the Mansion, etc.
Horrible experience. Very disappointed. After paying to play I'm stuck at level 15 with some **** named impoverished dancer who says I need a gun but she doesn't say which. And this is After a $99.00 purchase I didn't make but I'm being forced to keep. Back to the ****, I have to make this gun from shoes and odd items which is the stupidest **** I've ever seen. No directions! These people are thieves who should be jailed. Google got rid of Parler but not this scum. Parler never stole from me!
Great game!!! My nephews play XBox, but you can play and spend on a game that have everything at your finger tips and all you have to do is follow the secretary because she basically tell you how to win. There's competition but you can defeat them if you just follow the secretary.
So far so good , i dont seem to be having any problems with this game . I do think however that you could be in danger of spending quite alot of money to further your progress quite quickly although if you have patience you can still grow by completing daily tasks .. it just takes a bit longer thats all . On the whole i am thourghly enjoying the mafia city experience 😁😁.
All packs are so expensive.Game has bugs ever. Don't play this game. waste time , waste money , feel stress a lot but their customer service is good
They collect all information about you including your phone, make, model, imei, location, data usage, everything about you etc. They collect all information about you.Say that you can request your information be deleted but yet they will retain it anyway. SECURITY BREACHES!! They say a rule of the game is if you need a refund. You will be banned.Developer or developers are just after your money and identity. You will ultimately have a problem and need a solution. They will not offer you one.
From my experience playing the game it could do with more rewards, it don't give much back unless u spend lots of money on it, I still enjoy playing it's worth having to pass some time
Automatic Diagnosis doesn't work and game support sucks.. i been waiting over a month and a half almost 2 month for them to fix my game from being randonly dropped while playing.. i will not go out of game to another platform for them to fix my game .. 4 game updates later and still having the same problem.. please fix this i like the game and i do purchase items in game also.. better ratings when problem is fixed..
Everything is just too much money, cargo and Gold, especially gold, lower the prices on things. 2000 gold for a teleport and I can't even afford it. LOWER THE PRICES!!!
after all those misleading ads really you gonna try to put down my throat a simple strategy game? this game is a joke ... a pay2 win joke .... next time dont make misleading ads put your real game into ads.... because this is pathetic
It a fun game but don't spend any money on it as soon as you start building up and using really money you get attack and lose everything
amazing game! I am officially addicted lol. only thing I have a problem with is the downtime in between upgrading. the process can be long. other then that great game. still a lot more to learn. that's another thing I like. also it would be nice if you could have the option to purchase decorations for your mansion. as well as chat bubble and profile frame. you make it really hard to get them. thank you in advance
I love this game so much but due to some reason. I cant buy any golden vigilantes.our country bank cards wont work in Google .so then I hate this game because of gold vigilantes .that make others low mansion strong than me .I hate it but the games is not good than think .this is only for the player who can send a lot so .plz change something for us to
Fun experience. The trailer for it is misleading however. I was expecting a 3rd person shooter/rpg and not a Risk type. One tging that needs to be changed is the raid system. Just relying on clan members is irritating because 95% of my clan is really low level and doesnt get on very much.
This is the 2nd one ive played where there's no black women. 20 different people, all different types of ethnicities, not one black woman smh. Uninstall
Game is decent but because the players with high powers are allowed to consistently attack the same players, of weaker powers, there is no way to recover from it without spending $. Too many clans out there that prey on the same ppl over and over. And you can't go to another city unless you're a new player, or that city allows you to do so. Gsme has become a major disappointment.
**ATTENTION** this game is run by a bunch of liars ,cheats and otherwise lazy scum. u will get nothing but automatted emails ,if u even get a response. im going start a few pages facebook and Instagram to share with u guys so u dont waste time or risk money on this game.
The game is kool there's a lot of ways to get stronger that is confusing needs more info on synchronizing weapons & clothes for each color level and the game needs better way to translate languages in chats to a language that you can understand since my translator option does not work.
I downloaded this game because of what I saw in the ass. Upon downloading and playing I was totally disappointed with the fact that gameplay barely if at all, resembles how the ad portrays gameplay. So mush so that there ought to be a law against this kind of misrepresentation. Granted I still play it. And it can entertain you. But if you want to be in the top then get out your card. It is definitely pay to win. These guys must be making billions when alot of purchases are priced at $100.
Actually this game is also train the player in management time, skill, priority to do, EQ. And the most important that we can learn from this game is "never blame on enemy, but ourselves for being a weaklings", another reason is "today's enemy may be our brother tomorrow", so always be kind to others..πŸ‘. Mafia City
Love the game. Been plahing for almost 2 years. They need new events. Where its not just buying vigs and packs are way to expensive. 1500 for a perm masion decoration. To much
You can easily play for free, i have sunk around Β£7 into it invested the gold over 30 days or the 7 day full refund investments and turned around 8k gold into 50k the game is fun and the community is great and helpful. My first clan was a mostly Russian speaking one and several of the player spoke English and helped me out a ton, now I'm in a English speaking clan and having fun waging wars. Over all great for when you have down time and just need to pass some time 5β˜†
It's very entertaining right from the start. Yeah the ads are misleading but that seems to be the new thing with most games now, other than that, I do enjoy this money trap game. : D
i reviwed last time saying that this game is good. yes it is good but it is full of bugs and the bug is increasing day by day. tried so many ways to talk to the developer but no results. try to reinstall the game but its all the same. giving 3 star now last time i gave 5.
The ads make it look like a first person game. In reality, it's nothing but, "Tap here to train"...ok you're trained. "Tap here to attack"...ok, you attacked. Waste of time.
I have played your game for many months but the creators and editors of this game need to add to where people can't gang up on others. This game is designed to make money and definitely over rated. πŸ‘Ž
I can't be a woman :( ok, in all seriousness, its not at all like how you advertise it. It's extremely boring due to it just being a basic base building game thats honestly a cash grab. Feels like thete was no effort.
Love this game....the graphics are unbelievable...so many in-games that keeps you interested...not a typical 'boys' n guns' game as I initially thought it would be...n the best part - I don't have to spend real money to enjoy the privileges...Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! .... I'm hooked πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
There are waaaaay too many overlapping things going on in this game...most of which require buying packets to keep up and be able to stay abreast of other clans. Would be nice for a change of pace to see a challenge where actual thinking and not cash helps to win. Just a couple every now n then! It would be refreshing to use brains instead of my wallet !!
I liked the game at first, but I started having a bug in my game that hinders me from playing. I have invested alot in this game, and I thought it was going to be great. Instead, I have not heard a response from the company to help resolve my issue. I tried contacting through the game, email, Facebook, and even called a phone number that is disconnected. BEWARE DO NOT SPEND MONEY, BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT GET HELP IF YOU CAN'T PLAY BECAUSE OF A GLITCH!!!!!
Tons of satisfying clicks. Be as involved as you want. Some rigid structure, some flexible stat build choices. Characters have backstory, not required for play, but appreciated for a fuller experience. 10 of 10 time killerthat feels satisfying all around. Would love to choose male or female babes and male or female boss for story elements.
The game works just fine if you fix the bugs it already has and stop adding new things! You can't keep up with all the edits your creating! Just creating more problems on top of problems! Many can't even log on to the game for lumber than 10 minutes before it shutting down. And good luck trying to chat... the damn keyboard freezes or doesnt open... Just fix what's there and stop with the new stuff!
Fine crashes, a lot! Rewards earned and not awarded the babe function reliably crashes my device and I've had to reboot and restart many times! On top of that I've contacted the developer several times regarding these issues and they simply choose to ignore it and refuse to respond.
What can I say........ It's great to be the king. But seriously though a multi mass online real-time strategy based on running a Mafia. That is awesome idea
Less than star the same you spend money and money when KE Events come always the Elite always pick on the smaller Mansions. And your Clan never lift a finger to help you out. Three years bunch of money spent for what?????? Nothing So if you looking for a game State of Survival less time less money into bigger Mansion cool friends. Basically the same thing only difference you kill ZOMBIES
I can't access my account. Customer service sucks. Your LINE ID has reached the maximum number of contacts and can't be contacted. Facebook messenger hasn't responded since two days. At least have a dedicated email address to resolve the issues. 😏
Found the right clan to join! The people are amazing...some clans can be V underactive so I advise to stay in the middle of nowhere and work up your stats first and get to know the games different strategies. Explore things. Press on any icon and you'll learn how to level up effectively and efficiently. Then join a clan who are near the top of the leader board as they will be sensible. Very pleased with this game and prices are very good. ❀️ The 99p packs. Defo kills boredom. Thank you I am πŸ˜ƒ
The advertising that brought me here is absolutely nothing like the game. This is an Evony Online reboot. A good game. Make no mistake, it is pay to win. If you are not prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on packs, this game is not for you. Having said that, if you have extra cash, this is a really fun game.
Developers do not listen to players for game suggestions and things just become more and more expensive. if you dont want to drop thousands...yes i said thousands of dollars to play a game and be competitive do not download this, youll like it at first until they plant a "big spender" account in your city (likely a dev account to promote people to spend out of anger) and youll still be destroyed in no time flat. They keep releasing things to buy but never improve upon what you already have.
At fisrt the game was really cool and awesome!! It made me buy some packs. Now the new update comes.. its horrible!! Log.in issues, very irresponsive environment. Keep on logging and crushing!! Thank for the new update its me wanna CRUSH my andriod phone. The new update killed the andriod user player's:( im sooooo saad right now! Pls fix it QUICK! I dont want to stop playing. PS. I will reedit in the future.. FIX IT QUICK
This Game is good....but there's a issue of network! This Game ran good for a couple of minutes and then it said network slow and had to restart but still not fixed yet, but i have very good network....it should have run much better like other online games! I hope you guys will fix this network issue!
This game is just a cluster of too much junk. It starts off with the same old build this and upgrade that to do stuff but there are too many games that follow this same method. And the video that promotes this game doesn't look or play anything like the way it is shown. 1 star for not being original or honest.
Terrible game. I am currently having money problems and seeing some of these prices for certain stuff, seems stupid to even bother. Not only that, but there are other people in the game who will do their outmost best to make your game experience as worst as it could be.
Pretty good war+city-builder game, though you have to not mind the "hot babes as servants" angle. Tends to overload you on events that consume the same currency without any crossover benefits as a downside. But it failed to honor the offerwall that brought me here, and I can't rate any such game over 2-stars.
It is a good game I like the way you can build your own Clan it will be good if you you could team up with other clan and help each other by trade-in and work together just like you and help your own Clan members😊😎
Giving a 1 star review because youtube has decided that i need to see an ad for this game before every video. Looks like an awful game but I refuse to play it because youtube have decided to destroy its video platform by ramming terrible ads for even worse games down my throat. Screw google, screw youtube and screw this game.
No way to access account if you have to reinstall. No one cares to respond to problems. Fb link doesn't work. Do not spend any time or money on this
I Love this very game very much. But the one complaint I do have is, that it freezes up a lot. I have lost 3mil on troops during a Kill Event because the game froze. Could you kindly fix these glitches and the game will still be great. I have $50,000 on gold to heal my troops. That gold could been better used elsewhere. Good gaming to all Thank-you...Lady Cougar city 835.
This game is a complete waste of time and money its literally a pay to win your not matched against skilled players and unless you have unlimited money to spend on packs you stand no chance winning events i wish i had known this 4 years ago before i started playing, its not fun or enjoyable mafia city and its creators don't care if you enjoy the game they only care about your money, so save yourselves time money and efforts this games not worth it.
I agree with a lot of people here. I downloaded this game based on the advertisement, but the game play itself does not do any of the things that is portrait in the advertisements. This is misleading... And false advertisement. Please advertise your game exactly the way it will be played or change the game to accommodate what you've advertised.
Never got the chance to play this game, as it doesn't even get past the opening screen. It said to contact the GM, with my city name, oh wait I don't have a city name because it won't load
really fun game, I did it to get currency in another game and now play this and not the other one. Some rewards for in game tasks aren't great, but overall an awesome game.
Good playing experience, make sure to be active. Yes, you can pay to play but if you work hard at it and learn how, the developers here care and have lots of ways for us to earn gold and resources like wood, etc. This is a good game,lots of mini games within makes this an in depth gaming experience. Meet new friends from all over the world and learn grow and build a strategy together. I warn you though, this game can be addictive CHEERS
I've been playing for more than 2 years. Few days ago I bought a wrong pack and GM said they can't help me. I asked for refund through Google play and they understood my situation and send my money back. Today I got an email from GM and they said I have to transfer that money back to them or they will ban my account. I felt totally vulnerable and mad. Vigilante growth and babe packs are so close that is really easy to make a mistake and now I have to pay for both. I decided to stop spending.
It's a great game but beware. I installed for my roommate and she fell in love with a girl who lives in Canada but the border has been closed since March. We live in the United States. And my roommate is just heartbroken. So my advise would be to stay off the chat part and only discuss the game. A lot of people have fallen in love with someone from another country and it devastates their lives. Several people in her clan alone
Good and addicting game.... my only problem with all this new games is how expensive the in game content is. It goes from $9.99 to $99.99 for most packs. This is dumb expensive. Always trying to make that fast money. But I quess it sells so why not.
Game freezes 20 times a day horrible customer service gameplay is repetitive and getting boring amounts of RSS needed for upgrades get so bad at lv 26 mansion that you will never get to the next mansion without paying or having at least 10 farm accounts. Your customer service lines never work ALWAYS like everyone else get The lame repeat reply of BS .YOU GUYS ARE GREEDY LIARS. Please don't reply again I don't care what you say anymore this post will get shadow banned anyways.
The game overall is pretty good. It does have some server issues during prime times, which makes it difficult for the kill events. Other than the disconnection issues, it is better than most games of its type.
Its not a bad game, it does however have the basic layout of games like king of avalon and the game of thrones game and many more. But I do enjoy that you guys out your own subtle twist with the theme of the game. A suggestion to make it more unique (I know this will be a lot to ask) would be to have a free roam option. To actually play as your character and roam the streets of yours and others Citys. Get in gang fights, recruit family memebers off the street. Do things like that and go with it.
Update: I change it from 5 stars to 3 stars Well this game is really great,the graphics are really good and you can make friends with people from all over the world, the only bad thing is you need to spend very much to make your turf grows safely,some players always attack other players whom has a very low level,my advice is please make a rule that the players who attacks other players before the killing event is forbidden and if they break the rule just make them lose their power,that's all.
This game crashes too frequently. As soon as I receive my TapJoy rewards i will uninstall. Edit : you guys are jerks. I spent quite a bit of money playing your game and then you reject my TapJoy rewards as invalid after I already received 3 out of 8 rewards. This is going out on all social media to expose your lies.
I love the game, some facets of it is unnecessary.. you could get rid of bootleg market all together.. anytime to try to supply it goes to zero... what's the point? We should be able to put there what we want.. just like there's a limit to what we can send.. Really p!ssed off right now
Don't know why, but this game is addicting. The prices you have to pay to play are reasonable but I don't see why anyone would pay $99.99 for the full package of items when the items will be used up in no time depending on the strategy of the player. I am enjoying the game...for now anyways.
The game is good and you get lots of updates every week but You can't grow up without paying thousands in this game . The strong players always attack the weakest player, there are already enough strong player in every city so there is no chance to grow up free or with small amount of money. I am playing this game more than 6 months and without paying i can't grow up. Don't waste your money. This games is only for those who can invest thousands of €€€€$$$$
It was alright but just full of money spenders and it just so glitchy now and for those who not spend money on it are at a big disadvantage. Not really going to recomend as so many problems.
At the beginning if was fun but very fast it became a responsibility. Too many things are activated in this game....way too many. It's a nightmare to star up vigilantes. They cost too much, for example 4th star for the Violet costs 3000 shrads 🀣and that's only one vigilant and only 4 starsπŸ˜‚ you can only imagine what means to get 10 or more vigilantes. I've seen many, many ppl quit the game.... I'm quiting it too 🀣🀣
I love this game and IM addicted after one day of playing. The past two days I didn't sleep through the night. The only downside is it is quite quirky and I lost two purchases that amounted to over $40 because I was changing screens too quickly they say. I have no proof so I'm out my money but the game is awesome just needs work on how it run
Oh yeah this game is fun it's just like all the role playing games I played level up your mansion the crew fight and do all your daily activities get more gold coins and level up experience for all your characters I'm stuck on this one it just keeps me sucked in to keep playing it's a very fun game.
Normal amount of pop ups and the like. But it isn't a game you spend cash in. Every action has a reward. And the game makes you want to move forward. Again, all without feeling like you should spend real world money.
Really fake Ads, not even 1% close to the actual game. So many errors in the game and they give 100 gold as an "apology" which doesn't really amount to anything, really terrible customer support, they are only helpful to heavy spenders, they do not do anything about racist, sexist, and discriminatory remarks made by their players, they don't abide by their ToS as long as they are making money from the rule breakers, and overall bad experience with the developers.
Waiting for the canned reply that in no way will answer the obvious questions of where is the game shown in the ads, why have the incorrect ads been running for at least 1 year and of greater importance where I can I get the game in the ad. Imagine long running TV ads for an in depth corporation building game prompt you to down load the game only to find out it is an fire extinguisher powered office chair game where you are forced to buy expensive extinguisher upgrades. Sell the ad game
"Unable to start the game. There is some error 004. I am in city 332 of Mafia City. Please help." No response even through Email. Total Shamelessness !!! Never expected such a response. Very Disappointed !!! Please get back to me ASAP. Please make your upcoming update versions stable so that I don't have to write such bad reviews.
Started of fun but now ruined!! The city i was put into is overrun with a crew full of bullies who are actively making people quit so they can destroy it which game creators allow because they spend alot of money & have stated this is thereplan. there is no support team to protect users & the high majority have quit the game as creators allow the bullying & threats & are only after your money... AVOID GAME AT ALL COSTS
A cool game in videos, a bad game in reality. In videos you say that its like simulator, level 1 crok, 15 hitman, 30 boss, but no, its a idiot strategy game. I want a game like in videos.
not too bad. I've been playing for a while now but I've noticed glitches which have been annoying. For instance, when I move around the screen the picture seems to multiply and seems I need to close the app and reopen it again to get it to stop. Also, I cannot see some my display avatar or buildings on or around my turf and cannot see the people they just appear as shadows. Also, the gem making building doesn't seem to work and cannot synthesize any gems which is annoying.
Awsome game .Easy to play very fun.I recommend to all.Hay guys it's me again,Still playing and learning,great game ,I'm kind of broke ,can u add more 99cent packs more often with more resources less gold,please .Thanks you guys are Awsome,for the game.πŸ€— ohh forgot to tell,I stop playing Guns of glory that I played more than a year for Mafia City, Urahh!
Game sucks..nothing like the ad I want choices like the ad not upgrade everything..it's boring..please make it like the ad and choose to help/betray or at random/attack etc..gameplay is no where near the ad
This game is nothing like what the ad showed. There is no 1st person choice based game. The gameplay is actually very boring and rigid and confusing. Do not waste your time.
I have a issue with your game lol it won't let me link up with my original game account..I tried talking with you in the game about it but no help..I really enjoy the game but this might be the deal breaker if you won't help me get back to my game account....so in order to get my account back do i have to create a new facebook and gmail profile? What a joke lol
The game is great to play, If you work your clan activities, their is no need to spend money on this game, One thing that (Needs ) to change is Attacking a Mansion in increments of five, if you have a Mansion level 15 and a level E-1 hits you, your basically dead!!! That's not fair to players trying to grow!!! And, believe me there is a lot of bullying going on!!!All and all its a good game!!! This game is set up for you to spend money!!!
Good but positive packs are cheaper in Asia. Made a review about this before but was told prices all over the world are the same which could be true but it definitely doesn't take in the exchange rate. I have been told by many people in the game that it's not expensive in Japan and China like it is, especially in the UK for packs. A quick example is a 99p pack in the UK is the same pack in the US, 99c. Times that by 100, Β£99.99 - $99.99?? This is a slight example so tell me again prices are same
Advertisement where it's shown as a third person open world type game is completely false. It's another one of those games like age of empires where you just build your base to no avail. 0 stars
I dont normally leave bad reviews or low ratings but all the generic reply to peoples complaints is rediculous and all the ads everywhere are fake and not anything like this game. The saying sorry we will have our advertisers fix the issue is a lie. Now for the game it's like every other game like this how ever its a good game and I do like it but the game advertising ads and customer service sucks.
Every few seconds the game tells me to switch line to get a better experience and I keep switching and it doesn't go any further than that...it just freezes and I can't touch anything. It's so very frustrating because I've been searching for a new game for months and I really really enjoy this but I can't even get to play it.πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜€πŸ˜­πŸ˜’
To many Glitches, Game messaging customer service hardly assists even if it a glitch on their end. Wonna get robbed for money. This game is for you. Negative stars. Making another comment few months later. If you noticed game GM responded back to message them on line.. guess what they dont even respond . When they do it is month's later
The game itself is not that bad at all except how it was advertised and how the actual game is completely different. You don't get to make any choices as they show you in the adverts. Can you give a direct reply to why the game advert is different to the game?
when i played this game i literally laughed out loud it was so bad its just an asset flip strategy game that wants your money with no customer service and its not even 3d! its heavy p2w so pay to win that those who spend tons of money literally cant lose nor be banned 🀣 i know developers need money for all their work but these developers did no work XD but games like this are simply a disappointment to the industry edit: no im not going to waste time with your automated response bot
I love this game for myself i have had no issues. Keep up the good work. Maybe 1 thing it would be nice if you for 1 hour put all the things you pay real money for at 1 cheap price🀭. Other wise❀ it.
at first it is working just fine and im playing this for almost a year but now when ill oPen it, it just KEEP ON LAGGING ! i just visited the chat box and it Lagged !😀😀😀..its ruining my KE time ..They just keep on updating and updating but still the same problem. I already uninstalled and installed it alot of time but still to no avail😀😀😀
One of the most addictive rpg games I've played in recent history. Story lines are great and the game play and graphics keep you engaged till you finally look up and everyone else is already in bed asleep.