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MADOBU - Be the Dark Lord

MADOBU - Be the Dark Lord for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by 111% located at 서울특별시 강남구 역삼동. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Real price of garbage. The spells NEVER go where I direct them. The leveling system is CONSTANTLY changing speed, making it impossible to level up without paying real money. Fusions fail 100% of the time, and will sometimes destroy both spells, and not let you get the choice to watch an ad and try again. Ads start up right in the middle of battles or the leveling sequence. Very disappointing and unsatisfying game. Was fun for the first 5 seconds before the ads showed themselves every 5 seconds.
Well it's fun as heck! I'm not tired of it yet but I've had it for an hour or so. So far though the gameplay is wild and honestly if you like card battles and upgrading in cool ways this game is for you
The game is relatively fun. It's similar to breaking blocks with balls. You must throw spell balls at clusters of enemies to clear the field. Training your spells consists of a reaction game. Tap when the ball is working the target area. I only give it three stars because of the ads. I don't mind watching an ad to get extra resources. I DO mind when the ad interrupts gameplay every 90 seconds.
I think it is a really cool game. Only thing is that the space for upgrading should be bigger and maybe a multiplier in the middle.
I would recommend considering a/b testing the pop up ads occuring so early for a first time user. This may be negatively affecting day 1 retention. It may be an initial revenue boost, but something to really consider testing. I'm playing this for research, and I enjoyed the overall concept and revenue model isn't too bad. Keep it up. The UX and readability could be heavily improved in my opinion, but again, a good concept!
A retry button would be helpful, especially because you end up redoing levels and training over and over again. Fusion seems random. Training doesn't respond well to taps. Ads really break the immersion of this beautiful and immersive game. Ultimately the ads and user friendliness killed it for me. Also, why permissions required to access files?
Skip this game. The game is fine on its own. It's a mixture of two of the dev's be previous releases: Aporia and Madosa(sp?). It's honestly not terrible. What IS terrible is the sheer number of ads thrown at you. An ad after every level regardless of whether you win or lose. An ad after a handful of screen changes. It's ridiculous. On top of that, the scaling for leveling up your abilities is really steep and time consuming, so you'll need to watch an ad in prder to properly level your spells.
1 star and uninstalling! That's what you get for serving ads on every friggin' tap! Especially when the player gains nothing for watching them! The game itself is fun, but like someone else said - I've spent more time watching ads, than actually playing! So yeah, you're pretty much killing your own game! Normally I'd love to support the devs and spend some cash on a game, but in this case it's gonna be an instant uninstall. Or maybe I should give LP a try.
once i turned the brightness up to the "over powering the sun" setting and could see the game, it was fun. dont get me wrong i could see the ads just fine...all the ads. look,i get it, its a free game, the better we want it, the more it cost in ad revenue or in game buys. you choose the former. but good god, more than half my time is spent on ads. like the concept and art work, but the amount of ads is too much for me. also, just a request, can you add or a small tutorial? or did i miss it
Great game! Simple concept, great execution. But an idea I had might interest you. you should add more elements, five can get mmmmm boring. Add earth! Or sand! Or maybe make it so fusions make new elements like fire and water make stone or wind and lightning makes hurricane. I know you get this a lot but please take it into consideration. I only want good things from this game and I think you can do it!
Really interesting and kinda cool game so far. Though hopefully the fusion becomes something we the players can have a little control over. That and maybe a little different leveling sytem for the different spells.
Great game, great graphics, and a very interesting story to watch unfold before you. I only wish there was a way to fuse already fused spells together, or fuse a already fused spell with a non fused spell. If the creators of this game could make that happen, it would make me feel more challenged than I already am, and continue playing this game to full extent. Without a goal besides beating the boss at stage 100, there really isnt any separate goal. I think it might be a good idea to consider.
Its not bad, if there were more elements and components instead of preset spells. For the components it could be movement of the projectile such as spirals, waves, jagged, circular. Other component ideas could be the damage effect such as burst (aoe), chain, multiply, bounce. by adding these sorts of elements in it allows players to be more creative with their spells and allows for the difficulty to be increased further on. The last thing could be different level-up minigames, to mix it up.
Its an amazing game, very few ads, fun to play, though it does start off a little rough, a better tutorial would be better. But over all amazing.
Pretty good game and its satisfying, I definitely suggest playing this, and it got more fun when I learned that you could fuse spells!
Yo this game, possibly my new fav, an ad here and there, but its not like you get an ad for loading in the game loading for battle and just before battle, its honestly top notch
The music is hypnotising (good) and the game is good but too lengthy so I modified it using lucky patcher and got 5 lakh skulls and got 5 level hundred spells and all in one spells and still playing and cleared level 100 more 10 to go then then I will modify next (6th) game
This would probably be a 5 star game, if you didn't lose spells on a failed fusion, just imagine quick, you are early in the game, you don't have much of the ingame currency (not sure what it is called) you decide to try out fusion, you throw in some decent level spells and it fails, and you have lost one of those spells that you have tapped hundreds of times to get them to the level they were at
It can be better if there wasn't 2 ads in the span of 10 seconds that are 40 seconds long, every time I fuse it fails, there are only 5 spells... Add more.
Simplistic gameplay, eerie atmosphere, and overall robust with the dark whimsy of magic, 111 out of 100 👌
It's very unique you have good skills if you want to get stronger magic. Each level you pass you magic gets bigger and more details. I love this game
The gameplay is great, and the graphics are cool, but I would like to see the ability to fuse previously fused cards, and I supposed the ad rate could be turned down, although it's not as bad as a lot of game I've played. Another good game by these guys is Turretz. I like it.
Too many ads for me. Didn't matter if I chose the extra reward at the end or not, always get an ad. Extra reward actually adds an extra ad to watch anyway.
The English is bad enough to be bothersome yet the gameplay is deep and complex enough to be fun & interesting it's not perfect but it is a good game
Literally forces you to change your global ad settings in order to play and there's ads after everything you do with no tutorial. Sure, it's easy to understand but still.
Not as good as i thought at first, but then i saw that you could be more powers with the in-game currency and fuse the powers together. The upgrade system is also pretty unique. Lastly, it actually has reasonably spaced ads. Its actually a really good game!
I actually haven't played this, but og's who played 111% games will find the game looking awfully similar to APORIA, this was probably a remake of it but I miss how they deleted APORIA, also game like golf like game or sum else. So many games 111% deleted and I want them back ): Also you deleted turrets planets!?!?!
I love how you can improve your spells and the fact that it's completely based on magic so you can feel like a powerful wizard. However, there are a few things I would improve upon.1# Magic fusion. It simply makes one spell with two effects. There should be certain combinations that work good together or unlock new elements, f.e Lazor and Chain should be extra powerful when combined, and f.e Wind and Lazor could make Ice when combined. 2# Combat is kinda boring, please add more things to do.
This game was fairly basic and had a simple progression when it first came out but the way it is now it adds a story and purpose to going farther and leveling higher.
Really Fun, creative game! interesting illustrations and design. like chalk board at. the gameplay is simple. battle system is pretty cool. I feel there is a little room for improvement though, with the battle system. But it's great. I like the interaction with the magic cards level up feature. that is very cool. like a mini game.
Adds so frequent they drive away anyone willing to play. Progression designed to grind to a halt no matter how good you are at high spell levels (25+) to incentivize microntransactions, and lastly (worst of all) horribly balanced spells. anything other than fire is literal trash and not worth using. if you are going to make a game put some work into it. you are an embarassment to studios and enthusiasts alike. The art is decent. tldr: play offline, if at all. dont give these guys a cent.
I like that so many of the images are hand-drawn. I love to see the spells change as they upgrade. I love the scene where the spells fuse. I wonder if the sound delay when you tap during upgrading spells is intentional to make it more challenging or maybe a problem in the way my phone processes the game during play. This game is simple and satisfying. Simple but offers increasing challenge. Satisfying to me because the battles and whole process are too complex to take a long time to learn.
Thus far, this game has been pretty engaging. The timing portions are responsive, and the battle portion is surprisingly strategic and engaging. I like the graphics style, and the atmosphere of the music and graphics. It's a little confusing to pick up in the beginning, but with a little tap'n'try, you can figure it out easily enough. It would help to have a retry button on the upgrade mini game. Each time you miss, you have to go all the way back to the home screen.
Interestingly designed ad player... I think I have experienced it's best feature: playing an ad after the ad was played.. And then for the change playing an ad.
Game is pretty decent, but progression slows down too quickly. I've got 8 cards, all around level 50 and it's really slow to make progress at this point. There doesn't seem to be any way to fuse more than two powers together. What would be helpful is a way to upgrade the upgrade minigame so at higher levels you can gain points faster. Also, way too many ads.
This is quite a fun game, but it's simple. Your son is kidnapped by demons, so you must go rescue him, by killing waves of demons. You get skulls from killing, and you spend them to get spells. You power the spells up, by playing this cool little minigame, and you can power them up infinitely. You then merge spells, to make custom ones. I'm having fun with this one, and I highly suggest you try it out.
Its fun but like the leveling should be a song that as you play you earn experience also more spell would be fantastic those spells are just basic mana castings
I love this game it's honestly really fun. The ad rate is great because they're not excessive. The game play is fun once you figure everything out which doesn't take to long. The only thing holding me back from giving 5 stars is the spell upgrade system. I wish it was a little bit easier to upgrade them. The window of time that your given for each tap is a bit too small. If it was a bit more forgiving with each tap I would honestly give 5 stars.