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Madfut 21

Madfut 21 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Madfut. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Perfect alternative to pacybits who don't make FUT games anymore, could do with some more game modes as of January 2021. Edit - March 2021 Madfut recently added a new game mode called 'Fatal' very similar to 'versus' on Pacybits. I quite like this game mode, hopefully it will become an online mode soon, as it is currently only an offline game mode.
Very good game however it can be very glitchy and takes you out of the game a lot of the time and then you have to reload it again pls fix this and also add more daily or weekly game modes as it only has trading and drafts but overall a brilliant game!
Now it's Okay.. Good interface nice and smooth... One suggestion is to show the the cards as blank with their name and type of card not yet earned or collected.
This is a Brilliant app. I've been looking for a replacement since pacybits stopped. This is the perfect replacement and is probably better than pacybits. If u are looking for an app like pacybits this is the one
Really like the app, good replacement for pacybits. However a few glitches. I completed the 2nd draft league but in the final it glitches and wouldn't let me finshed the game even though I won the penalty shootout. Once I refreshed it I got the rewards but now when I make a draft and try to play the game shuts down. Presumably this is something to do with the original glitch but I don't know. Please sort this out I was really enjoying the game
I love this game i think it's great but i don't like that when you finish your squad in fatal you can't upgrade it more i have a team that doesn't have good chemistry so it is really bad because the players downgrade and i can't get a better squad so i lose or draw more often
its a really well developed app, a lot like Pacybits (rip). i highky recommend it if you enjoyed Pacybits and like squad building apps for your phone. its easy to understand and pretty simple to grind on. even if its a little hard to receive coins (unless ive missed an easier way) when you play, unless you grind drafts. but like i said, highly recommend if you enjoyed Pacybits.
Absolutely love this game, play it more then actual fifa, for some reason such a simple concept is strangly addictive and entertaining. ALTHOUGH I have had some trouble recently loading the game (I click on the game and it just crashes) Im not sure if this is happing to anyone else but I'm presuming it'll get fixed soon. Just one day after writing this review the bug that I mentioned has been fixed already so 10/10
Great game and great fun. But the only down side is that when you complete a draft of the day it freezes your game so you have to restart the game and it won't let me update the game for some reason.
It's a really good game but when you do your own squad builder you cant do anything with it it's there so I suggest that you can play with your own team ether this madfut or the next
A decent placeholder for Pacybits 21. Not as many features as PB 20, but some innovation and nice QoL changes (especially to Potd and Dotd). What's really missing for me though is the ability to sort duplicates by the amount of duplicates and the ability to view the collection league-/nationalitywise. Otherwise I surprisingly enjoyed the simplicity of the features; it has decent visuals as well; occasionally crashes though.
I hate this game. Not only have there been multiple glitches and bugs, but I have spent the last 2 weeks trying to get a team of the year. Over the past 2 weeks I have spent around 30,000,000 coins trying to get all the packs and playing around 2-5 hours a day to try and do pack and draft of the day. Adding up all the chances I have had I would say I have had around a 300-350% chance of getting a toty but still nothing. Please fix this
Its a really good game but its not got much to do you should add something online ,like trading? There should also have something to do with the cards you collect ,maybe do something with your built teams?
The new gamemode is really fun but when i saw double rewards for my win prize i clicked it and two 30 ads appeared. I watched full ads, but didnt get my double reward. So whats up with that?
It's an amazing game, trading is awesome, I just dont like that the players SBC's are expiring after some days and I mostly play this game for SBC's so plz mad fut just fix it and add more player SBC's:)
I'm convinced this game is rigged. Just like FIFA. How does a team consisting of the top players of the Premiere League and a handful of icons lose to a team like West Ham. 100 Chem 89 Rated team losing to MAYBE a 79 rated team. Non-sense.
Man please reply to this feedback please. I have accidentally deleted this app even though my progress was already logged in into my email but my progress is not there after I downloaded it again. Please fix this and return all my cards and achievements.
Was looking for a nice substitute to pacybits and was very surprised by this, beautiful walkout animation and a lot to do. Good work.
It's such a fun game but I think if there was more game modes then more people will enjoy it,so yeah more game modes that's all
This game is really fun, but...... The draft of the day rewards and pack of the day rewards are horrible. For the TOTY packs, release guaranteed ones. And please add a transfer market that way we can buy other peoples players and there wouldn't be a limit on how much u could sell ur card for. Cheers Madfut
Love the game but recently it has not let me on the game it just keeps crashing. Is trading going to get released any updates on that.
Its a very good game but incomplete in many things like 1. versus and online draft 2. We need trade bec. Its very important in this game Please add these things in next update
This is a great game and i have fun playing with it everyday. But idk if it is a glitch but i had some very good duplicates that i wanted to sell eg. Ronaldo and Maradona. But it glicthed and removed the card. The same happened right now i was gonna go sell pele when i only had one card of it. Idk if it is just happening to me.
Cool game I think you should add a mode were players can go against each other like deuls I am happy trading has been added But when I trade people just leave immediately Other than that is is a cool game so I give it 4 stars
Everything is perfect except one thing in trading. Could we maybe have categories in trading for example you can pick to trade with all over 90% and the same with cards for example if you want UCL you trade in the UCL categorie. Thank you for your time and I hope you can understand.
Trading is good, however you can't add cards that you need to your wishlist. You can only add cards that you've got and there is no way to communicate to the other trader what card you need.
I liked the game I had Pele 95 I had R9 94 I did all the SBC I even had all the Maradonas and for some reason the game didn't open up I tried and tried to get the game to work but it still didn't work but the next day it opened and most my stuff was gone I was heartbroken all my time on this game grinding to get all the cards and this happened luckily I still have cr7 inform 93 but it still doesn't make up for my cards I lost if you read this madfut dovelopers plz help me get my stuff back pliz
I think it's a really good app. However I have one complaint. On my device, it says it's not connected to internet but my phone is literally connected to wifi. It won't let me see the player renders on the cards and it won't let me trade . Please fix this thanks :)
I have been searching for a replacement for pacybits for a while now and nothing has even come close. I downloaded this app thinking it was going to be like the others but I was wrong. This app is just as good as pacybits and has barely any ads. Only thing that you can add is another game mode.
This game should add trading so that we can get players we need for sbcs or to complete collections. There is also a glitch with daily drafts and packs where they dont refresh but apart from that this is a good replacement to pacybits
Really good but I just thing a tiny update would be a section to sell all duplicates at the same time instead of looking for each one of them otherwise it is really good and addictive
In my experience I find this game to be better than the past pacybits but the only problem is that android hasn't got trading yet so we cant trade with my mates on Iphone untill it is out
it is the best fut game ever . I Recemend this game . it made me almost addicted to it . before this game i never liked these kind of games but mad fut 21 changed everything.
I have been enjoying this game for about a week. I have hardly any issues with it. I think they could improve the trading by adding a quick sell value below the cards so people have an idea of the value.
Good game but they need to make it legal to sell or trade non duplicates because it will make it wayyyy better. Thank you.
Waited a long time for a game close to pacybits and this is the game one of the best Fut draft sims ive ever played,but i would love it to have a online mode to play with friends.Pls add in next update
This game is great.but it's very annoying u cant do trading and there is no online game modes the only way u can earn things is by SBC's and FUT drafts so it gets boring after half an hour,also why aren't u allowed auto clicker to get your duplicates up it's just pointless because I dont want to just sit there tapping all the time
I recommend this game because it is a very good game the only problem is that my game keeps crashing because I play on tablet the issue has been fixed for mobile players but not for tablet please fix it
Anytime I kept gettin to a final of any cup game would boot me out and make me lose even if I was in the lead this has happened 12 times and it's annoying
I love this game i play it every day but there is a few things that would make it a 5 star from me the first is i think there could be more sbcs that come out from actual fifa into madfut and i know trading is a new feature but i think you ahould be able to put more into your wishlist and i think that you should be able to trade more cards at a time. And to top off what i think would make it make it a 5 star would have to be some sort of a transfer market to give money for cards again like fifa.
I would easily give this game 5 stars but there is one problem. If they would fix this then i would give it 5 stars. I wish that if you delete the the game, you can get your account back by using your facebook or google account
It is an amazing game you can open packs trade and get money but I would like it if the had added walkouts because it would make the experience way better
Too many ads you money grabbing thieves dont care for the player of the game, when even if there was no player you dirty scammers wouldnt get your revenue, you make impossible draft of the days so people restart and watch your adverts and then you just lazily sit there on your backside watching the dollars roll in
i like this game its a good replacement for PB20 but there is only draft and it is getting boring i wish u could also add trading,market,play against other players with our lineup and draft battle against other players
This is a great app, but since the morning of 29/11/20 I haven't been able to get into it, the app keeps closing when I try to go in. Fix this please
please can you create a new feature where you are able to play against friends with your own team? this would make the game even better. it is still a good game that will entetrain for a long time
The game is amazing but i wanted to have a market like the real fifa or like any other similar game to get what you want easy bec trading is so hard to find what you want
Too many ads. Value of team does not matter in draft. Losing on silver rated teams with a 188 team. Uninstall. Packopenerforfut is 10x better.
OK u need to add a transfer market with coins and I want in objectives to have player objectives and sbc player. Objectives with like what if cards not. Flashback ones keep them sbcs but just add that then this is the best game ever when iam down u play this it makes me happy just add this stuff pls mani have 1 billion coins to spend on the transfer market with coins plz add this everyone wants this
It is a pretty good game only thing I want them to add is squad vs squad or team vs team online and the game would be great.
I loved the game until it deleted of my phone by itself and when I downloaded it again and signed in on the same I account everything was gone my level was reset and all my card were gone I can't be bothered starting again the game WAS good until this
Since Pacybits got deleted I've been trying to find a replacement, and then I found this app and it's fantastic and I highly recommend this app everything is good about it, but I would like to see more game modes
I lowered my rating from 5 stars to 2 because this game is in urgent need for an update to remove the trading ban on team of the years cards ,flashback icons and number of packs to be traded And also there is a bug that is happening for a while for me that turns all the graphics of the game to black Update : the game is crashing all the time, its unplayable, plz do an update to fix this
its a good substation for pacybits but I'd like to see more updates like being able to change your name and badge but other than that the games good.
Its very good but these are some things to improve your game: League SBCs Trading with other players Make the substitution system more realistic, as in not subbing a st off for a cb EDIT:Trading is done,2 left
Its a very good game but there is a bug in trading where if each player accepts and they leave quick I get my players took off me what I put in the trade while I dont get anything, for example I sold my 95 rated dupe Pele and 10 gold elite packs from this and I was supposed to get 6 mil and 91 Eusebio but I dont have the coins or the card so I just lost from a bug, please fix this and hopefully get my card back i beg πŸ™
Really fun, some of the challenges are a bit ridiculous. My one major complaint is the lack of game modes. Like the ones seen on pacybits, hopefully this changes soon. The game gets repetitive otherwise. Trading is really fun.
A brilliant game, used to play pacybits but that went to poop but i've found this game which is a hole lot better, plus the new game mode Fatal is so good and an easy way to get new cards from pack rewards also just from picking them as one of your squad. Trust me if you like the idea of fifa but you know and realise that it's boring as hell you'll like this.
Honestly incredible. That's all I have to say. We were worried that Pacybits 21 was not going to come out but who needs Pacybits when you have Madfut which is even better. This game has quite literally saved lots of Pacybits youtubers jobs from being pointless. The pack animation for the walkouts and when the board comes across is incredible and this game is very fun. This game can entertain you for hours and this game is great to pass time. Once you start playing, it is hard to stop. Great job.
They have fixed the crashing situation I'm glad I'm back on it and doing drafts just waiting for trading because trading will be the completion with other game modes if they will be any in the future great game keep up the good work.
amazing game only complaint is that if youre in trading it sometimes freezes and kicks you out the app for example somebody had my wishlist and i paid 1 mil for it he accepted kicked me out the app before i could accept plz fix this overall great game
Love this game, best draft builder, pack opener type game out there. But I just wish they could bring back the DBC's from pacybits
Amazing game. Exactly like pacybits bou it isn't. The graphics and the animations are exquisite and the menus are incredibly slickπŸ₯΅
Very fun game but PLEASE make the fut drafts easier, i've gotten to the final of the 3rd tournament 3 times now and i've lost all 3... 2 times with a 189 rated squad and once with a 188 rated squad... If this is how the THIRD tournament is.. I dont want to know how the others are. I also hadn't lost a single game before the final so i'm just wasting my time at this point
I like the game very much and I play it a lot but I suggest adding more sbcs which would make the game more fun for everyone. Also, it would be cool if you could trade more than 3 cards as it would make trading with friends much easier. Another thing I would add is a friendly match feature ,where you made a squad from the players you have and play against your friends and even random . Overall, the game is great but there are many mods and glitches that are ruining trading and the game itself.
It's a great game and I enjoy it a lot. But to day and yesterday it wont let me and my friend on the game and I don't want to restart. It's a lot better now they have fixed the bug and got back to me very quickly. So thank for haveing a great response to you play I recommend this game a lot I't great to play with friends and family
Really good game, homage to the PB Era. Just small bug that infuriates me slightly. I keep trying to play the final difficulty of the draft tournaments but it keeps sending me to the invitational. Please fix this.
It's one of my favourite games but fix the penelty shootout it never enddds I was in a final and I won it it went again kept doing it so I shut the game and it won't let me play the draft that's why it 4 stars
It's a great game but there is just 1 thing I wouldn't mind changing Robin Olsen who is currently on Roma transferred over to Everton in the summer. So could he have an Everton version of his card.
Amazing game its easy to play and get rewords for doing the challenges you can trade people coin and cards best football game ever
just like fut pack, not as many online options but is much better offline and does not lag or crash near as much as fut pack
I love this game, however the fact that trading is only on iPhones at the minute is why I can't give it higher than 3 stars. Will increase to 5 when android gets trading.
This is a brilliant game but the only thing letting it down for me is you can pack whoever it's cool and all but they need to add a mode were you can build a team with the players you pack and go againts friends and online people but apart from that the game is good
Very nice game but please add online draft and versus. That will make the game more beautiful and enjoyable.
Not a bad time waster. If you like the big teams you can get just about every player. If you like lesser teams you can only get a select few. Not all players are in the game from the available leagues.
Please somebody tell me why my 189 team is losing to RB Leipzig? Yes my 95 Thierry Henry got a red card, but that was in the second half and I only missed one of those opportunities where you guess to try and score. Also I only got one of those chances which isn't fair if I have 95 Henry until the 50th minute, 91 Salah and 86 Rashford which should be more than enough firepower to get more than one attacking chance.
good game but I have one thing to ask maybe a bit more things to say in trading bcuz sometimes u cant get your message through to the other person clearly. But other than that its a very good game no bugs or issues keep up the good work πŸ‘
Fun game love trading with other online players I like that you have to reach a acheivment of packs to unlock fatel and like pack of the day and draft of the day and SBC
Mad fut 21 is a really good game and I enjoy playing it.... is what I would say if didn't wipe half my progress I had 72% of collection and I get on one day and now I have 30% I have seen many other reviews like this so please attempt to fix this P.S. yes I am updated onto the latest version on android
Really good game it's amazing but the only problem is that there are too many ads popping up I don't mind it cause it's how you get paid but there's just too many but apart from that amazing game good job πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ‘
Enjoyable, and a fun way to pass time. Bugs are taken care of mostly, there was a bug with DOTD that was quickly fixed. One complaint would be that the pack of the day can be very exhausting and time consuming. Thanks
Fantastic game for fifa lovers like me.Great addition to the app store considering how pacybits has been banned.Only thing I think should be added is like a 1v1 game mode or 1v1 fut draft as there isn't much vary to gameplay
Almost perfect, needs Quick Sell for duplicates like pacybits20 had. It was really easy to see the value of your whole gallery, would be neat to add it.
Great game. MAD FUT 21 takes a lot of inspiration from Pacybits 20 which was a great addictive game. I enjoy Trading, Completing sbc, and Drafts. The disadvantage for Mad FUT 21 is the lack of game modes. Also like pacybits 20 had several sbc's that never expired Mad Fut 21 Sbc challenges are temporary which is quite trash. It would be nice to have online game modes like online draft where you play against real players and who ever has the most leagues and highest rating wins.
Good game but have an issue with the new Fatal mode In fatal, whenever it is at a 5-5 scoreline and it's my turn, the game always gives me draws when I would have won had I been given a go. Please change this as its cost me about 5-10 wins
Updated to the latest version and lost everything I had got upto that point I was lvl 52, 85% completion, all my dupes, achievements, everything gone.
The game is great, but some slight issues occur often. First of all, I was suddenly set back a week. Not sure why, but I'm not happy. Went from 13 to 9. 2,000,000 to 2,000, 3k cards to 2.2k cards and most of the achievements to almost none. This almost put me off the game for good. Secondly, and finally, when I go to sign up, I enter the details, but it just doesnt sign up. It loads forever.
Feels smooth, in my opinion the best replacement for PacyBits, Even some better features like the "open more" packs feature, nice colours, just all in all a good game, continue updating it and keep up the good work
guess what happened today?? i oppened a 98+ lewandowski pack and got a 92 icon also oppened a ronaldo one and got 87 lukaku where is the logic in this i hate this app and the bugs. i pay people in trades with the money i worked for to get and this is what i get. i hate every single person that works for these game especialy the one that makes the packs. This is dumb. what do i do now?? fix the bugs allready. i hate the game it was my favourite. i repeat Was i hate it now.
This is a very good game but there is cards that can't be traded like team of the year I would just like them to be able to trade certain cards.
Love the game but it needs more sbcs like league sbcs when they come out on fifa where as fifa they dont have player rewards cards for leagues in madfut you could introduce your own league madfut cards as the rewards
I like the game but its already getting old and the new lahm card is impossible to get. If this is the case with totys then I'm quitting.
Great app personally I think it may be better than pacybits but there is one problem I am connected to internet and the card images still are not coming up and it is very annoying
I love everything about this game but can you please add a league and way so that you can customize your team badge and stuff like that
Very good game with the rights for the teams and the leagues fun to play nice packs but for me something is missing. I suggest to you to add a trading feature so we can collect all the cards that are missing from our clubs . But anyways very cool game very good setted up
I'm not sure why there isn't a seasons or head to head mode. Theres really no reason to have cards in your club besides collecting. Makes the game feel dull and pointless.
This game it's amazing and I play it everyday but there is one something to do in this game it will be better! The trading
The draft and pack challenges are challenging, but not impossible to complete. Only annoying thing is that you can draft a 189 team and still lose badly in the tournament then you can have a 185 team and thrash the opponent. The computer appears to choose at random if you will win or lose.
Great game, full of bugs. I scored 3 goals against Icons squad and a goal i scored got counted as their goal, so it made me lose the final. That pissed me off so much
So far I've had a good experience. It reminds me of pacybits pack opener. I didn't give a 5 star as I think they can still add to the game otherwise the game is good and has lots of potential. Also I like that its cross-platform with apple.
Wasted many hours playing this game every time they do an update game refusing to load unless you uninstall then you lose most of your money and collection very disappointed Updated and now game as wiped my account so all my cash and cards are gone
I think this is a great game, with great features but I think there should be more sbc's and more online game modes
Credit where credit is due, this new update has completely fixed my previous issues. Such a fun game to play and an enjoyable time killer! πŸ˜„
Brilliant. One do have one complaint though. Because of the sbc exclusive potm cards, once the sbc finishes, you can mo longer get the card, which is a bit silly considering one of the main points of the game is to collect all the cards. Otherwise, fantastic.
Great game. Just wish it had online card trading and online draft simulation. Otherwise I love theay out and it looks amazingly professional.
Love this game but it is a bit rough around the edges a few things need to be adjusted. 1. New modes sometimes the game lacks content mabye a mode where we can use our high rated cards. 2. Make ucl cards more easily accessible mabye a repeatable sbc or ucl packs in lighting rounds or just make them more common. 3. Make a way to transfer across devices like logging in to a Google play account. 4. Add achievements where you have to get all cards from each leugue and for getting all icons. Thanks.
Decent app. Still think they could be better. I played pacybits a lot and this game isnt as good. I'd still play it though
Great game! Looking for pacybits replacement and this is brilliant, I honestly wish I could pay to remove the adds and support developers or some way to remove them and make the UI bigger and fit my screen better
Draft challenges are really stupid, i mean, there's a challenge. I have to get maximum 2 players from French, maximum 2 players from Brasil, maximum 2 players from England and maximum 2 players from Spain and also, and that's the stupid thing, it requires me to have MAXIMUM 3 Nations. How? I mean i'm stupid here or the challenge is really stupid?
This game is the best fut game ever. I am eating it 4 stars though because trading is cross platform and I am on android but the bad thing is, is that it doesnt appear on my screen
Great game, need to add repeatable totw packs for people to do when there is no good packs out , even if they're like 83 rating squad needed
It s a nice replacement for PB20. It lacks the ability to view collection based on league or nationality. Otherwise a very nice game.
I liked it but now I hate it... I downloaded a "madfut mod apk" and I couldn't trade so I deleted it and downloaded it from the store... after I went from 97% collection to 92% and I had over 163mil coins and now I have 27mil... madfut do you think I can get my stuff back... if anyone can help me my id is trxpzr /luke
Great app, but the only problem is that there's no face updates... some players still have last seasons faces..hope that y'all fix that.. Thanks 🀝
This game is great, would be better with a head to head mode with all of your packed players like pacybits 20
I really like the game but for some reas9n the game no longer opens and says there's an error and I'm worried if i delete the game all my progress will be deleted. Would like some help on solving this problem thanks
This app is very good drafts sbcs packs but one thing is that whenever there is a new promo out on fifa 21 then it takes about 1 week for it to come on my phone and I have the latest phone so cards being released earlier would be nice
its kinda annyoing as whenever you finish a trade you get an add why dont you make it so that you can get gold packs for free, but only if you watch an add then you get your add revenue wothout angering the community
Great but needs more features. Game is overall great but could use some extra features like versus battles or similar so playing game doesn't become pointless. I will award with 5 stars after update
Like fifa but no need to spend money every thing is free and I like the trading system because you can swap with your friends and its all round a great game
A very good remake of pacybits. The ack animations is superb and the draft is also more easy to make and the results are real.
When I heard pacybits had been struggling due to copyright I was wondering who would step in to fill that pack opening void and here comes madfut. At first I was sceptical due to the missing features such as trading, but the content kept rolling out and the Devs have promised Trading to come in the future so I am very pleased so far, and I think the community and I are very excited to see what will come in the future.
It s a nice replacement for PB20. It lacks the ability to view collection based on league or nationality. And also would be nice if packs that reset every day would have a timer, so that you could pack a guaranteed new player at the end of the day. And maybe some online functionalities like online draft amd trading. Otherwise a very nice game.
Super gameπŸ‘ŒπŸ» only the prices of the packs are to high. Especially the gold packs. Could you also add some dedicated UCL packs please. It's not easy getting the cards in the gold packs. Could you make it so that we can use any packs that we have to do pack of the day? That would be so helpful.
paycibits was one of the best games i ever played but when it was gone i was sad until i found this game the game is nice but the pacibits of before is better the difference is the game modes add more game modes because someone can easily get bored i have finished all draft tournaments and nearly all achievments plsssssssssssssssssssssssss add more game modes
This app is a fun on or offline game. Good times making drafts opening packs and building my collection. Great game. Great experience. πŸ‘πŸ‘
It's a good game but the daily free special pack crashes my game day and fo does restarting the draft. I also lost 15 special packs after opening 1 pack.
Great game MAD FUT 21 takes a lot of inspiration from Pacybits 20 which was a great addictive game. I enjoy Trading, Completing sbc, and Drafts. The disadvantage for Mad FUT 21 is the draft format. Secondly It would be better if there was a simulating feature like pacybits simulating feature. Lastly like pacybits 20 had sbc's that never expired Mad Fut 21 Sbc challenges are temporary which is quite trash as I am saving up my dupes so that I have enough to do all the sbc challenges in the game.
really cool game a bit better than pacybits but it doesn't have trade that would make it a 5 star for me when it does I will change this to 5 star( edit: the game now has trading so I give 5 star)
Good game overall with lots of features and fun game mods i would recommend this to anyone who is interested have fun / great game you can play with your friends to =-) thanks and you can contact the developers for more questions about the game down below shoutout to all the developers of the game mad fut 21 draft & pack opener// can i have a card please
hi it's a nice game pls add trading and in draft tournament I had attack button when I clicked and answer correct and click dot to goal biylt the goal went to opponent so pls fix this
This game is really good if your looking for a football game I would recommend madfut this game you can open packs and do drafts for free o use it every day
Fantastic game. MAD FUT 21 takes a lot of inspiration from Pacybits 20. I enjoy Trading, Completing SBC, and Drafts. The disadvantage for Mad FUT 21 is the lack of game modes. Similar to Pacybits 20, you could complete numerous SBC's that never expired. Mad Fut 21 SBC challenges are temporary for the player SBC making it quite basic. It would be Great to have more game modes like Online draft being able to play with your friends and others.
I had signed in the game and lost all my collection (i had more than 4500 cards) and they don't even reply to your email.. What's the points of signing in of your data is going to get lost ?????
You need to add special packs that are unlimited. Also people that trade need to stop being so greedy when it comes to certain cards aswell
This game is so amazing and it's the best game for me , I really liked it , but please please guys don't make the draft challenges very very hard I mean , every new draft that comesout is extremely difficult and impossible to do please make the draft challenges normal not very hard and , I will give an example of my words, how can I create a challenge , which you ask for 6 players from different leagues and at the same time I must reach 85 rating and 100 chemistry ??? What i can do??
I love this game i downloaded it i didn't like it but when you get good you start to like the game so If I was you I would get this game and some people will give you some free stuff and all I dont think I would even have to say more like the game is just the best of the best download it now
The app is not opening.. I was playing this game up until yesterday evening but from then it keeps crashing and does not open the all. Now I had to uninstall and reinstall it and by doing so I have lost all my collection and cards and there is no way to recover those.
Good game but I can't trade and all my friends can I have tried updating but it doesn't need updated I don't know why this is happening but I have nothing to do except sbc and squad building and I would like to trade.
Fantastic, great design and build of the game overall! Personally think its better than PacyBits super clean.
LMAO this game is made so that no one gets toty. You could add more expensive TOTY packs plus new game modes. The game would be better rn there's other game that's better pack animation and better packs. Hope you update the game soon
Such a great game a really good replacement for pacybits, but i would like to be able to play our squads against people tho
Nice game but please make toty tradeable.It will be impossible to get them in March for example.Also I found a problem.I got over 100 packs for toty and 26 special packs got deleted.And there was no one who could have pranked me.
Everything is good but I'd like to see a new game mode such as VS Mode or Online Draft Battle. Other than that, I'm enjoying it very well!
Great FUT sim but I just wish there was a way to share save data across multiple devices. Then it would be perfect
This game is soo good but I want them to add trading on android and also be able to play with your own team. The of the game sick keep it up.
See pack animation is good everything but what we want is game modes what are the use of the players we collected we need divisions we need squad battles Just wanted to want this
Really dissapointed, I've been playing solid for a week or 2 for the game to suddenly start crashing upon opening everytime. I then tryed removing app and redownloading to find all data had been lost and I was back to 0 cards.
The game is my favorite, first and first mechanic is so good pack are good tournaments are perfect, but I can't have 100% collection because some cards can't be trade... and I really don't like this..
This game is the best replacement for pacybits and even better. In fatal You should add more than only rare and play online in fatal. In the draft i want also to make my team the vs another online man that made draft. And you should have another mode in draft That I pick then he pick in the next round he pick then I pick and play with friends like chose our frends. We Need more packs in the shop daily
4 stars cause u need a quick sell for dupes. I read through some of the reviews and no one mentioned that there isn't a quick sell.
I really rate this app other than with the phone I have I can't see the full bottom of the screen so I can't fully see the objectives
It's good game, next pacybits. Last few days app couldn't open, uninstalling worked, but last backup was made before friday packs, so I lost all my progress since then. Until they make better backup system, I can't rate it higher (from 97% down to 90%)
A absolutely good game but I'm wandering when trading will come to android and to also get more things to do like versus or pack games with friends or online games including iOS
1. The game kept crashing randomly 2. The game started to not load at all 3. I had to uninstall 4. I lost all my data (I had 76% collection) 5. Not playing this game till I get my stuff back!!
Can't trade certain cards, max rating on pack and picks. Glitches where it says you've completed pack of the day without the rewards. Very disappointing.
It's a brilliant game but I would like if there were more things to play on it like pacybits but I'll still give a five star 🀩
I just think this game is amazing but if everytime you restart draft it gives me an ad even though I rated 5 star just I gets annoying
Please I have a complaint please when I played the madfut final and I lost I tried to play the same game mode again but it doesn't allow me it let's play another game mode instead please fix the glitch
this game is very good I enjoy playing it and it's very fun but my problem is the lack of sbc's maybe try and add your own sbc's to the game like maybe a card concept that you think is good that you came up with yourself pacybits had their own sbc's and I really liked it so if you could add it it would make my day
Best game ever played every day and is better than pacybits but can you make chances of getting better players lower because its to easy to get high rated players and add it so you can play with your players
The draft tournaments feels as though they take way too long and having too build a new draft every single game is pretty annoying. There is also little way too make coins quickly since there is no trading and the sbc's have no real challenge too them and arent released too often other than the country specific ones every 2 or so days. The pack simulation is nice but the games missing something extra since atm its only pack opening and draft.
It's a good game, but the penalty shootout is rigged everytime. Five times in the final, 5 losses. All in the same kick too. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think it is.
Best game ever I've enjoined playing it every day I rate this a 5 star because of its great graphics and not a problem starting it up and it has never froze on me.
Very good game however I would like it if you included more objectives with drafts and like earn points to gain better rewards, apart from that i find it very good
Best game ever I've enjoined playing it every day I rate this a 5 star because of its great graphics not problem starting idk up and it has never froze on me.
I just realized that I wasted my time on this app that does not even allow transfer when you switch phones I switched from iPhone to samsung and I want an easy way to transfer my data this has to be included in the future
Worst thing they did was make packs tradeable. You try and trade with people and buy cards with coins but people are only bothered about getting packs and if you dont have packs they just leave. Make packs untradeable!!!!! The trading section should just be for cards!
Dear madfut i would personally like to state that many players spend hours trying to complete pack of the days my self personally and alot of other players would strongly agree that pack of the days are quite hard to get I would like a reply back as this is a major change that could make the game better thanks
I think this game is really good but one thing you can improve in my opinion is adding a versus mode were you can use your team in it I think that would be fun
this game is very good but there should be a way to play the draft without being a tournament, it should also have online modes like draft, squads battles, market and other things. The game is good but it can be better .
Really enjoy this game,e its better because you don't have to spend money on it like fifa to get packs you have to earn it
It's a brilliant game but recently I haven't been having any new packs from lightning round and I can't trade I don't know if it's a glitch or whatever. But before that happened the game was epic and really fun
Really good game, a worthy successor to pacybits. My only issue is whenever I close an ad the game crashes. Would be 5 stars other that this massive problem.
Great game but the problem is that you can only play Draft which is starting to get boring when you have already won all the Tournaments possible ,if u can may you please add Versus AI so we can use the cards we have to play against other people online and computer.Also may you please add Market where we can sell our duplicates.But overall I will give it 4 stars
Incredible game I love it because you can create a team out of your packed cards,trade cards and do a draft and play in a tournament with real teams Install now!!!
I love the game(like alot)and I play it all the time.Although the game is great there are people who use mods to make the game easy.I do like it when they people free stuff but overall it ruins the idea of getting all of the rare cards.Oh and before trading on Android came out my friend on iOS had it and I uninstalled the game and re installed it and lost everything,but that is just me being stupid.Good Game.
This game was good, until two days ago the game kept crashing everytime i tried to load it up, its not my internet or anything on my end because every other game and app i have will still load without a problem its just this game will not load up, i've sent feedback but they've done nothing about it and my game still cant launch
In the beginning it was boring because ot was hard to get coins but now you can trade and alot more to get money 10/10.
At first this game was 5 stars now 1 because when I first installed it I could get today's cards but now I can't I toldad fit my problem and they did nothing so unless you fix it I'm never gonna get this game ever again
I love the game like pacybits but I feel like the game needs more online stuff for example Ucl, Fut champs, online drafts with divisions transfer market these would be amazing ingame.
I've really enjoyed it so far haven't come off and haven't played enough to experience it all but the issue of not all players being on the right teams for cards bugged me abit, apart from that it's a really good game
No transfer market hard to get coins if you have gold players.If you add a transfer market and trade without having a duplicate of the card would be much better.Also if you dont need duplicate anymore make it to list any player on the transfer market even if it's not a duplicate.You could also make it so you can play with the teams you have made. Overall this is why the game gets 3 stars.
The game is very good and enjoyable but the only problem I have is I cant play it anymore I go to click on the app and it just boots me off however many times I click it, so I had to uninstall it and download it again but lost all my good players :( please fix .
Is a great game but with the new update i lost most of my progress. Went from level 40 with most of the top cards to level 15. Don't feel like doing it all again now.
It reminds me of Pacybits 100%! If you loved Pacybits, this is the game you should get. Finally, a better game comes out! I love MAD FUT 21!
It's a good game but the hole objective of the game is to build the best team. Once you get a best team you can't do anything with it. They need add an online game mode that involves vs ing other people's squad like pacybits 20
It is amazing but I think that it would be slightly better if you made team of the years tradable but amazing game really fun and I love the new game mode on consideration of all the pros and cons I think it's a amazing game
This game is not fun at all. My friends recommended to me but the game is on a too high difficulty. You cant change it. The highest draft I have ever gotten is only a 185. Most of my cards are 87+ with lowest rating on the bench was only 85. One of the hardest and worst games. I would not recommend.
Love the game but in trading it could be better if you could add the 1 2 5 and 10% toty packs to trade and if u could put more than one pack in your trade
Absolutely love this game so fun and easy to play but I would prefer if you would add game modes like trading and stuff like that
I would give this a 5* review BUT there arent enough features in the game, there's just fut draft and other than that there is pretty much nothing else, in trading you should make it so that you can give any card you want to give out w.g i want to give away a duplicate toty lewandowski it shows up but nothing i cant give it away, also a way to change your name and making it so that you can give any card away not just untradeables would give it a 5*
This game is amazing but could you add more packs in the stores and even in the lighting round. Because the packs in the store are not good and the lighting round packs are little
This app is absolutely amazing I enjoy it because of the chance to get very good players and also get rewards for completing draft tournaments whether you win it or not, I like it. And plus, I also want trading to come out so I can trade my good cards with other people.
I installed the app and had to much coins and cards and unstalled it bye accident and installed it back and lost everything i was having an account so I logged back in and I didn't see anything in the account please I want all my things back
Fun when you're are board, you can do sbsd (with your friends) if you don't have the coins in Fifa 21 without the fact you can play a match
Great game but you just need to add online drafts so we can see which draft had the highest rating and the most leagues and like that, then the game would be perfect
I love this game! Personally enjoy it more than fifa right now but there's one problem with it for me right now, i keep doing drafts and then ill win a game 3 nil, ill come back to the game at some time and the score will have gone to the opposition instead of me, other than that its great
Ok it's a good game you can trade and do drafts but you can't play matches whith your normal team and if you wana trade some people just give you 10 million and three really good players for free.
Very good pacybits type game. For a 5 star review it needs online modes and trading, i hope they add it soon.
I wasn't expecting much honestly, but it's genuinely really good. The "grind" doesn't feel tedious, the animations and cards are decent too. It doesn't look like a rip off or a cash grab, there is clearly a lot of time put into this game.
Loved the game until a few days ago.The game just kept on crashing and I finally had to clear the data,I lost all the progress,just wanted to ask the team if there is any way to recover the lost data 😢
I really love the game and have been grinding for a while. Recently though I saved up 152 special packs for toty and then I logged on and they were all gone? Also I payed 10milion plus a new special pack plus a new icon pack and a 96 Ronaldo for a 98+ pack and got 83 vascuez? Both of these are very annoying. Finally the chances of packing totys are way to low. I have 1 that I got out of a 5% pack but I've opened over 1000 packs the last three days and none!
The draft is a stand-out feature. I love the interactivity even if its minimal, the only thing I want is even more like a football manager match overview in the key points, just like a little video. It's a small feature but would help
Love the game, however had to get a new phone and don't think progress can be recovered. Hours of work lost (was 92% complete). If it can be recovered I'd love to know how.
Good game but I have to stay of I get off the game to anser a call my draft goes right in the bin have to restart and most of them were I have to go off for a second has like a toty VVD trent and a icon and I have get a rubbish team other than that I love the rest of the game
best game out there. Just want more sbc's to complete. Just to give you something else to do on the game.
I've put a lot of time into this game and the core mechanics are a lot of fun. The main issue is an extreme lack of content. The game has been stale and dry for months now. The addition of trading was the last major update and was great but now there has been nothing. The sbc section of the game is completely ignored which is hugely disappointing and a new game mode was promised but the communication from the devs is lacking.
Really enjoyable. Would be 5 star but i have just lost access to trade packs. Not sure why and others still can offer them to me.????