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Mad For Dance - Taptap Dance for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by BIRDLETTER Inc. located at 589-14, Tangible Space BD., Sinsa-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, south KOREA. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its not so bad it doesn't miss guide on the ad which i love its just a great time killer when i have nothing ro do and you can turn the misic off in setting and play yoir misic on the phone and its really cool like the people are dancing to your favorite music
Pretty good! Love the art style! A lot more tapping than you'd expect, but then again that's what this app was made for ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯
A charming game with equally charming music. Something to play while waiting in line or even just to check up upon once in a while. It does follow the idle trend of only having to hours of idle time when logging off but can be upgraded for free by watching ads every fifteen minutes or by paying in game premium currency which can be generated through in game quests/achievements. All in all I personally enjoy it and heartily recommend if you find yourself a fan of the music.
Update: Really??? I see you didn't put my response to your response. Soooo ok we all know and appreciate that you guys need to make money, but Really in order to advance you have to watch ad AFTER ad.. You watch more ads then watch your dancers!! Likeable game but horrible done!!! this is is an app filled of ads disguised as a game....
Basically an ad watching simulator. On top of watching ads to progress at a reasonable rate, you are assaulted with unskippable ads whilst doing normal tasks like getting an award for an achievement you've beat. All the beautiful artwork is pretty much ruined the moment you realise all this game was made for is to get you to watch ads, the gameplay itself as an idle/clicker type game is garbage. Don't waste your money on removing interstitial ads either as you'll still have to watch the rest.
I really liked this game but EDIT: That is exactly what i am saying. You are featuring transvestites in the game. A lot of people in this world (like myself) don't like them. People like me think cross-dressing is disgusting, obscene & immoral. When I want to play a game i just want to enjoy the gameplay, I don't want liberal values and agenda forced on to me like this
Great game, fun to see the history of dancing and the dance moves are really funny to watch. the only down part is there is purchases that cost money, but other that that it's a great amazing game. I definitely reccomend this game to people who like dancing and like tycoons. of course 5he names are really funny and are punny jokes.
it's a good game and I like it. there are some issues with the ads: some wont work if you click on them, others will start after you gain an achievement. there also seems to be an issue with one of the characters from the EDM era. Britney Wave doesnt have a texture and her outfit is glitched out. dont know what's up with that but overall I enjoy the game. I recommend it as long as you dont mind some weird ad bugs
No bad things to say about this game. I honestly didn't think I'd like it very much but its pretty fun. My favorite are the dancers with a background to there grooves. Highly recommend.
this is the best game ive seriously ever had. it doesnt force you to buy in app purchases, it just suggests them. and theres only ads to get rewards. its so calming and enjoyable. 10/10 would recommend to everyone!
Was good before the update. Every since the two most recent updates, especially the latest one, I have to close the game down every time I want receive something by watching an ad. When I try to press the button to reset my skills I have to close the app down because the button doesn't work. I don't mind the ads at all, but I actually expect the buttons to work to watch an ad to get the extra stuff.
Great game to play when waiting for things. The music is nice, the graphics are cute, and the dancers are pretty funny to watch
honestly adore it! normally I'm not a fan of tap games. and i LOVE the art style. although i will say it's kind of a shame the "beats" don't vary from club to club. because then it takes ages to be able to get a new clubber.
This game is actually way more fun than I expected! I adore many different music genres and of course being a tapping game is very good for when I need to stim. I'd say the only downside is the ads.
I haven't been playing for long, but the graphics are relly well done, the music is great, and the game is pretty relaxing overall.
Bugs fixed thanks. Now if we can get a new club that would be awesome. Cute little game to kill time. The tap bonus in the reward section good luck you need 5 million taps for the 3rd level.
So far, so good! Absolutely beautiful, but i but confusing at first. Youll get the hang of it and be stunned!
Was great for the first 5 mins and then when I cam back to the app to play a 3rd time, it remained stuck on the login screen; it looped between the different dance screens repeatedly and never went back into the game itself.
This game is fun and pretty addictive. There were little to no bugs up until I made it to the 2040 club. Now, every single time I watch an ad to either double my earnings or reset my perks, the game just crashes. Really annoying.
Really fun and simple to play! The graphics are also really pretty and I could just tap the screen for hours!
Love the game a lot. Gives a take on multiple generations of dance over the years. However, there is an error when collecting beats while not present is recieved for a shorter amount of time than the period I was gone for after I had logged off. For example, I haven't been on the game well over 12 hours. I return back whilst recieving 1 hour worth of beats collected. This has happened frequently many times, but not often. A minor fix or look into this issue would be much appreciated :D
I like this game its cute and gives you something to do when you're feeling bored. The artstyle of the characters are all nice and match with the timelines.
I played this game a lot. I was so close to completing it but then one day, the game stopped working. Whenever I open the app, the loading bar at the bottom disappears and the screen just shows the slideshow forever and ever. I've tried multiple times to delete it and the re-install but it doesn't work. Edit: it works now! 5 stars
I'm not a fan of the interface, but it's usable. I didn't like the fact that taking a photo for the photo quests actually saved the photo. I figured that was an option in the share menu, not that it would automatically save them. Rather annoying to have to go find them to delete them.
Mad For Dance, despite its self-inclusion in the trend of Instagram advertised games (many of which are not well made) is quite fun to play with a clear yet stress free goal and a simple gameplay experience to get there. It also has a nice variety of music and DJ quotes.
This game is very fun! The only things I would change would be the upgrades being on the main screen and translations.I'm not bilingual so clicking on the rewards balloons im not okay with agreeing to something I don't understand. Also watching the dancers while upgrading would be much more entertaining in my opinion. Good job otherwise! Keep it up!
Just started playing so my star review reflects that. It takes a moment to find yourself around. There is no way to jump to say add 10 or 100 levels without adding 1 first..
I love it! This game is fun and I think it's great, but it can get stale at times. When you finish getting every character it can get a bit repetitive with so little to do. It's cute and the developer put a lot of effort into it. Maybe you can do collaborations and add artists like bts or maybe a kpop era with kpop music. Or maybe a custom character in which we can dress up and choose which dance moves we perform. Either way it's still fun and everything is obtainable. Thank you developer!
Damn, never thought I would keep a tapping game. Usually I hate tap games since it's full of ads and the slow progression. But this game have amazing graphics with catchy music, and I want to definitely collect all the dancers. I will be looking forward to the updates.
I would give five stars but when it's getting to the end of the second club, the price of the clubbers are so high that it gets a little tedious saving for them, but it's still an REALLY good game, I adore the concept and it's so well done. I love reading about the clubbers personalities. You can tell a lot of love and care went into the game. Great job!!
Overall a cute game! Ads are not forced on you and that's a big ol respect point there. The graphics are cute and respectable, though a little low quality. My main complaint is once you hit a certain point of leveling, it's kind of a wall. I opened the Disco club and I've been stuck with one member for 3/4 days. However perhaps that's just my strategy failing me and I don't want to hold that against the game too much. In all honesty it's like a 3.75 star. Very time consuming but also fun.
It take some time to get enough coins to buy people which can be tedious, but it's super cute and I love going through different eras
So cute! I love the little descriptions. It IS a little club in your pocket!! 😍 Oh, and it doesn't give you ads automatically. You have to tell it you want an ad for a reward. 😄
Disappointed that the buffs you get the amount of time is multiplied per ad starting at ten minutes rather than how other idle games will do an hour minimum. Being forced to sit through and ad to claim an achievement is also a nah from me. Other than those issues with ads the game is nice, I like the concept of upgrading a club through musical eras, unfortunately I've only seen the first and it has taken quite a while to slog through it.
Edit: My review was already 5 stars, but I wanted to come back and give more praise because this game is the cutest, classiest game of its genre! The clubbers are all so cute and unique, and it's so much fun collecting them. The game isn't greedy; you are given plenty of opportunities to earn stars and such without being forced to pay. Plus the developers seem pretty cool. :)
i like this game. but click on watch ads and skill restart doesnt work. i want to get more stars. please fix them
Just started playing this game, and so far I love it! Everything is very simple and easy to learn, and the concept of traveling through time via the clubs you unlock is a great incentive! My favorite part is probably the descriptions for the different clubbers, which are a fun and funny addition.
Absolutely amazing!!! I've played a lot of these idle clicking games and every time I play one, within a few days I'm completely bored and end up uninstalling. But with this game, it's just totally different from the other games. I am completely hooked on this!!! It's so cool to watch all the people dancing. And I absolutely love the jazz music and environment of the club when you start playing!! I'm telling you, even if you don't like these types of games, you will absolutely love this game and be addicted in just a matter of minutes!! I really can't say enough about how amazing this game is!! A total 5 stars all the way...keep up the great work developers!!!
This game is a lot more fun than I expected. The cocktails you can level up are colorful and fun. Also the descriptions of the dancers is pretty funny. I've become pretty addicted to this game.
I realy like the art style. Its fun to mess around with different music and watch the people in the club dance to whatever.
It's really fun to play, time killer, only played for a day but it's really fun! Add amounts are fine, I personally think so at least.
This game is great and all, but the dancers are SO OVERPRICED. And that doesn't help considering that I need ALL of the characters to get to a new club. so it gets boring staying at the same club for a long time, trying to get enough so I can buy ONE more character :/
I love your use of ads! Battery usage is pretty intense. I think the problem with the cost of the clubbers is when you upgrade to a new "Era". It was going very well in the Jazz as far as cost vs reward until hitting rock and roll. Now I'm sitting here not getting anywhere. Maybe this helps? But I LOVE this concept!
I'm loving it! I haven't found any issues that bother me and the animations are entertaining. The music is also nice on the ears. Recommend.
The game is pretty fun and a good time waster only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I'm waiting to see the updates
It is a great game and a lot of fun. i really enjoyed playijg it. my only issue ia end game play. Ive got all clubbers and now there isnt much left to do. i am collecting beats still but there isn't much incentive to do so. Yes i could make my own club but the cost ia diamonds and honestly that doesn't make me want to play anymore than before. I'm hoping for something new soon. I have told my friends to play but one has also got to the same point as me.
this app is very fun and a good time killer. however, the prices hike up a little way too high the more beats you get. plus, it freezes up when you do the photo option, and click a clubber that wasn't invited. but otherwise, the game is very fun, and I love the clubber descriptions XD
Great game for what it is, but the further along you go, the rewards/achievement for ads is HEAVILY flawed. The ad will either boot you out and not give you the reward or simply refuse to open when trying to double beats. It gets frustrating, because after a while, you kind've have to depend on the ads to aid in leveling up DJs, cocktails, and invite more clubbers. Hopefully there's an update for this. Too bad I'll have to start completely over if I ever install this again.
It's just what I was looking forward to watching every decades throughout the history of dance on television and straight on to the website on your computer and the last year of watching ABC channel 7 called dancing with the stars, channel 4 called so you think you can dance and my channel is one of BBC's #1 dancing television show in the world called strictly come dancing, and I'm looking forward to it, thank you!!!!!
the game is so fun, i love it, but i'm at the third club now and the clubers are getting so expensive, they go 300 beats up everytime i invite a new cluber and i dont have that many beats, can you maybe go into the game system and change it for the Clubers to be cheaper. Thank you for your time.
Love the Art, The theme of the game, especially how you can learn about some forms of Dance and Fashion throughout the years.
I enjoy this game and the detail to all of the clubbers. It's fun to recognize dance moves and puns using famous characters. Looking forward to updates, as this is an interesting concept; LOTS of different styles of dance left unexplored. No sign of any Latin dances, Reggae, Bhangra, etc. Granted this is a history of dance in the U.S., but it would be neat to explore these genres of dance as well. Giving you guys some great ideas here! Hire me! *EDIT* Done! What's my next assignment, boss?
I usually do not leave reviews, but this game is endearing and incredibly fun. I love 'time waster' games, and this one is really cute.
Amazing game, one problem though. Every time I go in the game and I sign up with Google Play, I am stuck at the slideshow and not able to play the game. Other than that, fantastic game.
Its fun but it could be better. I wish i could change the bartender in my club and i think if at some point they say u have to buy a time machine to go back to a time before jazz and we could have like a classical music era characters dance by themselves and together, regardless of gender. If would be awesome. Oh and considering some of the icons they referece i wish there was more pride stuff. Loved the halloween decorations for my club tho.
This games updates are the worst. You can finish 99% of this quick then the last is months of grinding to get a single cocktail. By the time they come out with something new you are bored with it. Even if they added new clubs now, most players from the beginning could buy everything and be bored again with nothing to do
I think its a cool fun game, but I highly dislike when it gives you a chance to watch one advertisement for something yet you pick to watch it. But nothing happens when you choose to watch it. Yet while you are tapping about five ads show up which opens up stuff its highly annoying.
It's a decent little idle game. The characters are fun and the time eras are all really well done. You can even create your own club using characters you've unlocked. These require diamonds which are easy enough to earn for free by adding friends. Like any idle game, the further you progress, the less currency, or "beats" in this game you earn. It gets harder and more expensive to keep your DJ and cocktails upgraded. This may incentivize you to buy upgrades to keep up, but it is not necessary.
I dont write many reviews (only if very good or terrible)... this app is great. I'm not sure why people moan about paying/ads, there are very few who could afford to do it for free! I LOVE THE JAZZ SCENE.. the characters are great, graphics are creamy & gorgeous & the game is easy to understand .. well done 5 * 👏👏👏
This app is so amazing to play. First day I downloaded it, and I was hooked. I would have given it a higher rating though, but for some reason I can't get back in. It just keeps showing the loading slideshow, and as cool as the art is, I want to play the game. It won't load. Otherwise, it is a fantastic game, and I love it.
I find this very entertaining. It is an idle play game which makes the ads somehow worth it. The adds rarely pop up at random and can be used for temporary benefits. Personally I find those benefits equal to waiting 30 seconds. The game play is nice and the characters' dances / descriptions are very cute. The animation is great. My only problem is a slight bug almost every time I try to receive the award from an achievement. The game freezes, despite the music still playing. Could this be fixed?
I've just started playing it and I find it to be fun and easy to pass some time! I like the little characters. The music is cool. I cant wait to see what more playing brings!
this game was quite enjoyable for the first portion of it, i was able to get a handful of new clubbers per day. but then it hits a wall near the end as an obvious ploy to try to make you spend money. even watching the ads, i havent had enough beats to even level up my dj, let alone buy new clubbers; and it's been this way for well over a week. incredibly disappointing because this game has a really interesting premise. overall, i would not recommend to anyone.
Bought the double tap, beautiful game, nice music. The only complaint is that the game stops farming after two hours, not possible for most people to get on every two hours. Will change rating to 5 stars if they change this.
I'm loving this! It doesn't require too much attention, because I don't always feel like playing but, watching my party grow is nice. And bringing more people in is always fun too.
It's a good game but it is really hard to grind coins when you reach disco and it can be hard to get enough coins without getting a cramp or something but other then that it's a great game.
just like the ads represent! (I've seen a lot of false advertising on facebook) its stress relieving and you can watch ads to get rewards instead of paying.
Very cute game! Unfortunately, it gets super boring once you've got a few characters- because then it costs so much more to do anything, and it takes FOREVER to get anywhere near the amount of beats, that you would need to do ANYTHING. Its adorable, though. Very unique, but I won't be playing anymore.
Dont buy in game purchases.. bought the $5 deal and it didnt give it to me, always force closes when sharing photos. Will be willing to up stars once problems are resolved.
Pretty nice. I think it's a shame that I can't rotate the dance floor. The UI is nice looking with bright colors; but hard to use. It was unclear for while. Action items could stand to look more "clickable"
Could be a better game. I have many tap/ idle games, this game is an upset. There are ads for everything. They have the ability to remove interstitial ads (meaning pop up ads) but no matter what you will always have ads to collect rewards, open new abilities, etc. This being said it's a beautiful game. But I use idle games at work, I cant watch ads every 15 seconds just to progress. Will change rating if they add the ability to remove ALL ads
For a game that has been out for almost a year it seems a little underdeveloped, however it is still a great game. Sometimes it lags while I tap the screen, especially whilst using an auto clicker. I do love the idea of the app and the different eras that you can time travel to. Considering that cocktails are a large part of the game, I wish that they were more developed with better graphics. They should have more details and color. Love the game but needs more detail.
The game is great and I don't mind the ads. However, I think the the future club is bugged. All of the dancers are blurry except for the DJ and a few background dancers. The neon doesn't seem to be working properly and the room is too dark to see anyone's dance. Hopefully you fix this feature soon because I'll probably delete the app soon since I've already got to the end and I can't really enjoy it. 😥
This is a really unique and fun tapper. I've never been a fan of the style, but this has a really creative way of doing that format. I enjoyed it.
Update (1.5.04): dev claims to have addressed the overwhelming ads issue, but I can't tell because my progress is apparently lost, even though my Google Play achievements still show. Previously: Also they nerfed the cocktail boosters, but that info was omitted from the release notes. Also they added clubbers, all of which are money grabs. And they didn't add a new club yet! That's 4 reasons to downgrade this from 3.5 stars to 1 star. And I'm deleting. Bye!
I can no longer go to my following friends and get diamonds. When I click on it all it does is put a dancer there until I have to close the app back button doesn't work. Come on gang we need a new level.