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Mad Dex 2

Mad Dex 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by game guild located at ул. Лобанка 97 Минск 220019 Беларусь. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game needs to be more challenging, by giving the player less options in the environment and controls need a lot of work so it can feel smooth and not have such a lag time. As a game player I look for smooth and crisp controls so I may exercise my best potential. A games similar to this product (we all know the mimic game) does not compare, for it gives me those things. As artist maybe that was not your intention. I get that. But please, on an entertainment point of view. It flops. Sincerely a man who will try again in a year. If it's no good, then I'll give up on this app and place a new review. If it's good. Same thing but I'll rave. Thank you for your time. M.D.
This game sucks the controls are hard first of all second of all it is sooo hard I was playing the FIRST CHAPTER WHICH THAT PART OF THE CHAPTER SHOULD BE EASY BUTTTTTT NOOOO IT IS HARD AF SO I AM SO DELETING THIS GAME AFTER I RATE BUT FOR SHORT IT SUCKS.
I like the game; it's pretty challenging. But I feel like the missile launchers in World 3 make it hard to get the medal fast enough, but still this is a pretty fun, challenging and interesting game. (Here's a tip for the people rating 1 star because of ads. Turn off your WiFi, and you won't see ads. Although, the ads are there so that the dev can make money.)
It is a clone but that doesn't take away the joy of it plz add more lvls I've beaten the first one and this one plz make more
This has the most annoying and invasive adverts I've ever seen. To the point that any merit the game itself may have is completely irrelevant. Turning the sound on every time is completely unacceptable. I fervently hope your interminable greed leads to you going out of business. What complete disrespect of your users.
It is basically a super meat boy rip off but it still feels good and is extremely fun. So, it is basically just a free super meat boy for mobile
Well To Be Honest This Game Is Just A Ripoff Of Super Meat Boy They Just Made This Game And The First One For MONEY If You Haven't Downloaded This Game Yet Then Don't.
This game is fun if people looked at the game more they'll see I finished the game three times over the years I'll even still play is now make a mad Dex 4 or 5 I'm not a bot saying these things I'm serious people need to have fun I'm 18 now I've played this game since I was 15 years old 9th grade I love this game I'll be a bigger fan of it if you guys make another I've played them all thank you for making this game I loved it and so should the people not liking it they need to have a heart
The game is really fun, I enjoyed it. Also if you don't want ads, then turn on airplane mode ya chumps.
Nice game! Not too hard, not too easy! For everyone who loves adventure games this is for you! Altho you need to remove the blue flying character... He makes the game WAY eaysier than it should be...
It's fun if you could get passed 10 11 12 and all of the others in chapter 1 AND STOP SHOWING DISNEY POP WORLD ADS!!!!
Very fun and addictive. I would rate 5 star but the ads are a little too much. And for a susggestion,in future updates try adding an online or 2 player option
Very interesting and challenging game. The picture and graphics are very good for the gamers. Congratulations to the developers
This is a pretty good game to play in your spare time. As to be expected of a clone of another game, there are some bad things about it. For one the gameplay is too dynamic, your character can be moving slowly one moment and then be moving way too fast. Movement should be the same all the way throughout the game
Keep the good work up programmers Just wanted to thank you for making my childhood awesome Played this after a long time but am still ready to complete all the levels Lol you are doing an amazing job
I love the game so much and there is so much ads but there is a way to turn off wifi or turn on airplane mode and thanks to the developer making mad dex 2 i really enjoyed it.
Very good game and addictive too The controls are nice and the levels have been made very adventures and smart
this is a great game. love the boss fights and how you can get different characters with special abilities. love the story too.
Infruriatingly fun. If possible please make a third version. Also after a few levels, it started to get a bit glitchy but i dont really care. Its a good game
I played this game. And this game game is amazing. I like offline game like this one. It's a great game game without any advertising. I like that type of game where no lags. And this is excellent.
Aweful advertisements every other second. If you want to suffer then please play this game. If not. Then please kill the developers in real life
This game is pretty decent. I'm not sure if people are fully aware that this is a clone of super meat boy, but it's a good way to get it onto mobile. The plot hasn't changed, the graphics look the same, hell, even some of the menus look the same. The only reason I'm not leaving 1 extra star is that this game is a clone at the end of the day, and it's not perfect. But still good if you want super meat boy on the go.
Old version was good because of the control system ,if you really want to make it hard add other puzzles or make every lvl long .
Well well well mad Dex 2 another platform whatever let's just get into my experience mad Dex 2 looks better there is 5 chapters I really like this game and the game looks more like super meat boy and I completed all 5 chapters well there not that hard for a person that played this game alot and my favorite boss is the creeper anyways why did they name the boss creeper there is already a creeper in minecraft whatever let's end it here have a good time playing
An ad after every death an ad after completing a mission and i really think it kinda copied meat boy characters look the same theres even blood when your moving
Obvious clone is obvious. The issue here is that the controls in this game are not nearly precise enough.
I like the game its makes me feel like I'm playing meat boy, I'm glad that you add wall jumping plus it has the the same difficulty as meat boy
Ah the memories.. the game that made my days. I wouldn't hesitate to purchases items in game bc this game is beautiful.
controls are not refined and I had to patch it to remove ads to be able to play this game. Would be ok-ish if there were no ads every 10seconds.
The game is fun and there are not that many ads you don't need wifi to play this and there a lot of lvls however some are really hard
Does not support bluetooth controllers properly. It recognizes them, but all button presses either pause or restart the action. No stick control.
I have played and finished the game a while ago and forgot to rate.... Is a great and deserves 5 stars I cant wait for mad dex 3
It's mobile super meatboy. 1 star docked for intrusive and frequent ads, but it isn't a huge problem since you can just play on airplane mode and get no ads.
too many ads, and i couldn't find the place to pay to turn them off. frustrating. too frustrating. and too bad. had so much potential.
What is this the game sucks the first one was way better I could actually FIGHT the boss but Instead your just know dodging attacks the first boss is really hard your just dodging left and right trying to avoid grenades and in the first one u could use GUNS when u fight the boss but nope just dodging attacks know. if u read this I recommend downloading the first mad dex
it's a very good game because it has many levels to play and in each levels it has different and Difficult levels and...... I love this game stop much
one of the best in its own kind. only problem is ad but i can totaly understand you guys also need money so its ok. would be more helpful if we can customise the controls. desperately waiting for next chapter
This a skill and concentration based game, and you have the audacity to pull up an ad while im mid-game, mid-jump. No, im not gonna wait 30 seconds just to fail my jump. What a game killer.
Good game, but why are all the bossfights easy but the final boss is WAY harder than the other bossfights? You don't get much training on other bossfights, but the final boss introduces something you don't even know ABOUT and don't even know how to use. Why? I mean it's automatic but how would you know and what could you do when you don't know how to use it and was never even introduced to it? The boss could kill me in 2 seconds because it's THAT powerful and THAT fast! Please fix......