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Mad Dex

Mad Dex for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by game guild located at ул. Лобанка 97 Минск 220019 Беларусь. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's fun It's good It's long and it's hard so it's really really fun you to have to get this GAME!!!!!!!!!!
EXCESSIVE ads. If I didn't have to see an ad every other time I restarted a level or went to the game menu, I'd probably give it a 3. I think it's a neat idea for a game, but until the ads become less frequent I don't think I'd be given the chance to enjoy it.
To many damn ads. It's bad enough the controls are barely responsive, on top of the fact the levels are terribly designed, but to make things worse, you're forced to watch an ad every 3 deaths. And trust me, you're going to be dying alot. Unless you have adblock and zero self worth, then this game might be your match made in heaven. Good luck.
ah i completed the game. very interesting game i recommend every. but don't get rage its just a game. but after the update some level portals has bugs in it.
Literally every single time I get to win the level and boom an ad how irritating having to die when you are literally about to win, and another problem is your controls just wish there was an option to change the controls or something but your controls aren't smooth, letting me loose when you promoting other games just work on the ads problem please!
Believe me if you have worked properly on controls rather than on game AI it would be a nice game but now it's getting on my nerves. I know this is a try hard game but still PewDiePie would not appreciate this
This game have great controls and is fun and challenging I love the mechanics of this game. The only thing I didn't like was the ads because I know it's a mobile game and you need money but either add a pay function for no ads or put less ads. But all around the game is really fun and I would recommend this to others! Keep up the great work!
I love this game. I hate it but I love it. The game is so frustrating at points because of the perfect design. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 starts is because at times the controls become sluggish and it turns into a slight problem but I usually just close the app and reopen and it's good to go. I literally love this game and I'm definitely gonna download the second one after I finish this one.
Vary bad . If I click jump he jumps very high . Very very bad . If you can do something about that so please but till now I am giving only one star.
Too hard! Couldn't get past the first few levels. Obviously you don't want a game that's super easy, but this is so hard to the point that I lost interest when he keeps skidding into the spikes, almost like on ice constantly. Would it be better to have a few longer and easier achievable levels to get used to the controls rather than short and hard levels that frustrate u and make u give up before the game has even really started?
The controls in this game are terrible, they are unresponsive, small and too far apart. The levels are poorly designed wich leads to frustrating parts that feel unbeatable because of the bad controls.
The game is so much fun. I love it the levels don't start easy and then gets unbeatable gets harder and harder the more you play. There are barely eany adds so eavry time you are on a new level or have to restart you don't have to sit through an add each and eavry time. The levels are pretty hard expecialy during the end and I keep telling my family I hate this game out of rage over and over again but I can't stop playing so be very careful the game is extremely addicting.
This would be an AWESOME game. However, there is an ad after EVERY LEVEL! I can understand a few here and there, but every level?!
The controls aren't great, you're slow, and jumping is what makes you go fast, which is inconvenient. The difficulty stems from the awful zoomed in camera, combined with questionable level design, and while you do have a "zoom out" button, why is it zoomed in the first place??? The game is full of ads, turn off your internet. It's just a terrible clone of super meat boy, please just play the original game instead. I'd like to say more, but the 500 character limit doesn't do this review justice.
While I love the concept for this game and the art style and infuriating deaths and all, the ads man. I wanna ge able to sit down for thirty minutes and play a fun game, but with the easiness of dying, you get ads every minute or two, at most. I find it enraging when a developer has a good game like this and its just adpocalypse every couple seconds. Fix the ads! Seriously.
Is pretty fun and puzzlingly but it would make it easier to sometimes to go for the key after an order some levels don't say which key you should go first for.
There are way too many ads. You cannot make a game with high difficulty where you expect people to die a lot and then throw in ads every three deaths. It makes me sad your game isnt for peoples fun, but 100% for you to make some easy money out of it.
Super puzzle adventure game..... Each level was challenging...... A small trick... You can skip most of the part by climbing walls by quickly pressing left and right.
This game is very beautiful and this is very solid game but it had many ads then I gave it 4 stars .. this graphic are very beautiful. This control has been very easy .this gameplay is very solid ......................
You cannot move the camera in the game. That means you will always get surprised by traps and die unexpectedly.
The fact that you need to zoom out sometimes at the same time as you jump and move is absolutely ridiculous. How many fingers do you think people have? So I'm supposed to hold my phone horizontally, move and jump AND hold the damned zoom out button in order to see whatever the hell it is I need to land on? BS.
Enjoyed it.Fantastic experience with the gameplay and more challenging levels for the beginner's. Amazingly design obliteration and difficulties.
Mad DeX is just a super meat boy clone. Which might sound cool, until you play it. The controls are so bad it makes it a chore to play, and why is the camera so zoomed in? This game is really bad... and there are a lot of ads. Which makes the game feel even cheaper.
The game is nice, pretty fun and challenging but the boss fights are just annoying survive and collect the keys. Luckily there are only 2 boss fights. This is the only con I could think of and sometimes the controls feel like they stop working, this isn't to often tho. Overall this is a good game.
I'm so unlucky if this game because i always give a lot of tries to get a lot of gems😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 😡😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🐞😡🐞🐞🐞😡😡😡😡😡
Physics the only thing that F's this game up every time you restart the level physics act differently and also there's something wrong with the ai i really whis they could be fixed
It is a good game to play if you have nothing to do i have reach lvl 40 even its hard to find the way how to complete i can still complete it
Worst game ever. Copies game mechanics from a differenr game and also it doesnt register multiple buttions pressed at the same time. Is very frustrating
Good detail and good characters even good animation.i haven't played this in one year.am shocked there is a robot because i didn't see it on the picture but very good game! 😋😋😋
The game has too many ads so when you're playing it, turn off your internet/mobile data. The first 30 levels are easy but the levels after those are too hard to get gold medals. The jumping physics will definitely make you rage. Wouldn't recommend.
The game really good . Traps and everything. Some it is become so hard that u wanna rage quit but its ok. Overall the game really awesome
This guy just literally copied this game art style from PC and console 2D indie game called Super Meat Boy. And that is why I'm giving single star, just for copying
I didn't find any reviews talking about this but, this is just a poor mans super meat boy. So if you like what this game has attempted to be I highly recommend super meat boy.
All of the levels all of the love of all of The mad little blocks well they're not mad but I just like writing that's my favorite thing that I did in my entire life why did it go to 500 words but still this goes up to level 55 it's awesome the reason why I rated this game five star because I played this game before and it's fun and cre ed you should add some more things to the game it's really fun but I want more you can put it to level 100 cuz I want you to that would be awesome if you would a
This game is not that bad I've played the game 2 years ago so I completed the game I really like the graphics and the gameplay the buttons look good and I rated the game a 5 but if you make more bosses I will rate this game a 100 well there is no such thing as that and I think mad Dex is a copy of super meat boy but I will just end my experience right here have a great time playing.
Hey fix your game noob you made the jump button having a delay this game is easy if you fix this bug ya bot
Solid game. Very exciting and the game is almost painfully challenging. Definitely for people who want the grind. There's a revive system for when you make mistakes which is fair. Character skins not too expensive and relatively easy to get. The "blood" effects are pretty cool. I definitely recommend... Edit: add in game music
Although the game is quite interesting but it's also very difficult at the same time, after many attempts also you could barely pass lvl. 24 and 25. The game concept is very nice but please decrease the difficulty level.
Really fun ,a classic game..a game i can keep in my phone ,play multiple times ,offline and many creative ways to finish.
Very fun game and very addictive . I love it and I hate it Beacause of the difficulty it is the hardest game ever but still that's what makes it fun . I can't wait for part 2 this game is awesome .
You need to be very very accurate and should hv absolute mastery on controls to play this game...like many people i also hv skipped many levels..🤕😩
There's a but that makes the screen flash like a strobe light if you try to do anything other than play a level but it prevents you from moving past whatever level your on
I'm giving this app 2 stars because this game is very irritating when you get out than the player have to start from beggining which is to irritating you should have to provide some breaks in between any level
best game i ever played levels are so exciting and best in class, difficulty level is little bit more but it kake s this more interesting. best not a single problem. best and addictive game
The game is so good and perfect to speedrun. Only problem is that I noticed that in the leaderboards you keep your record even if the level has been changed. For example, level 8 a big changed has been done and if you were not playing before this change you can't get a better rank in the leaderboards. This could be easily fix, by resetting the leaderboard of one level when this one is changed?
It's the best arcade game so far, just could've liked it more without the adss. But what can I say, I think it's a part of every game on store now.
The game is nice overall but the controls seriously need to be updated. Sometimes it goes into slow motion. Sometimes it is just plain unresponsive. But would be a great game were these probs fixed.
Sometimes while Playing I will feel to throw my phone away it's that much irritating!!!! But sometimes I like to complete the level..each and every levels are so beautifully created. Need more levels like this and waiting for next season
I'm giving it one star because from what I see in the preview images, it's just a knock-off Super Meat Boy, and from the third review that I saw, it's full of ads. Yes, I did just come up with reasons to give a one star review without actually playing the game. *Mic Drop*
Unknowingly it was thrill game, completed all. And I fould a bug or a feature idk. I discovered some short paths of game.