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MAD8 : Raid Battle [Modern Action RPG]

MAD8 : Raid Battle [Modern Action RPG] for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Trypot Studios Inc. located at 253, Pangyo-ro (Pangyo InnoValley B-803) Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do Republic of Korea 경기도 성남시 분당구 판교로 253 판교 이노밸리 - B동 803호 (13486). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
greedy and oppressive cash shop. few rewards for regular players outside of trash loot from gameplay. Pulls for weapons are ridiculously expensive with the premium currency which F2P get almost none of. Player trade via market is nice. Rarity of gear nd scaling stupid as hell. Basic, white green, blu, purp,yellow. X2 with rates pooled. So you pull a yellow but trash tier, or low lv, gratz on the legendary BASIC equip. LOL skills have trajectory but cant be aimed. Auto only and ai is retarded
Game was nice and fair, you could obtain even premium currency (gems and red gems) by playing, now they turned it into complete p2w game. You can no longer obtain anything. I do not recommend this game until devs give us some way to obtain gems.
I can't select the SERVER it's in black shades I don't know it's full or ??? . Please fix the problem, I am still rating the game in hope that developers will fix this.☹️
wasted my precious data and time on this c r a p, good graphics doesnt mean its a good game, there is no story just runing jumping and killing , autoplay is the worst thing in a game , why would you take the fun by implementing an autoplay feature ? whats the point of making a game if it play it self ?
The battle's fun and I like the concept of using turrets and stuff in a rpg. Love the graphics too :D
I bought a new phone to play this game but not happy being short. Faction mode should be a bit lengthier. Take my star for now ;)
Do not waste your time unless you want to throw real money at a game and watch your items disappear. the developers are greedy and money hungry. Each update makes this game more pay to win. This recent update completely ruined the game with items being destroyed rather than evolving and the real money auction house among many other things. I played for over 7 months and after this update I watched half my items get destroyed. There were literally 3 people in total who played this game. 2 now :(
ui customization. Ui threading improvements needed to prevent auto/autoItem and auto/manualItem scenarios from preventing user from accessing ui buttons. UI needs a complete asthetic overhall as far as Opacity on ui elements ESPECIALLY the virtual joystick?? I say ?? cuz its so transparent that idk what it actually looks like and can barely burn its location to reflex. Great game tho has a fun future ahead of it garunteed if you Full throttle R&D towards large real time pvp battles like 16v16😋
I hate hidden downloads. I downloaded the game from the app store, immediately get hit with "Download the Update". Ok...so what I just downloaded wasn't the newest file..fine. Shoddy and lazy, but fine. Finally get into the game and hit with "Download additional file 1115MB." So the updated file of the file I already downloaded wasn't the complete file.. How many more times am I doing this? Why not update + Additional at once and say it's a 1.3GB game at the start. 1115MB is just tacky
Takes too long to download the needed patch before playing and not sure why. Get your servers in check, I guess? I have 1GB download speeds, shouldn't take an hour and a half to hit 25%. And no, I had no other network connected devices turned on or using any heavy data intensive services. Unfortunate, because this game really seemed interesting to me.
I like RPGs...n guns so I'm Gucci. Graphics? It's cool,could be better but ok. Love the skills,skillsets. <- If that makes sense Haha and I'm lowkey addicted but just... ease on the prices
The game is now playable in my new device Nokia X5 even in Very high resolution. For the gameplay, it's kind of unique and seems realistic. I think I'm gonna enjoy the game. :)
Want to like it...but garbage controls..garbage graphics...too much going on.....sorry for the harsh review...the concept is good just bad execution..3 stars..thanks for responding
Badly optimized i can play this game on my j2 prime no problem but with my oppo a83 i can't even play the game it crashes hangs and all .. I can play ue4 games on high settings fine on my phone fix it please in future updates ..
So far the game is decent even though I hate autoplay pay to win games. The main issue is it keeps forcing me to do the promotion test. I've done it over 30 times and Everytime I try to do anything it forces me to do it over and over again. If I clear an achievement I'm forced, if I upgrade one thing I'm forced, anything other than promotion test forces me to do a promotion test. I would like to play more of the game if that is possible.
Game's data is 2.6GB! It would have been much better if you had written the original size of the game in the description.
Already great game & graphic, but can you please high frame mode so the game will run in 60fps? So the game will be smooth
When i open mad 8 game it show select server but when i select it nothing happens and game just git stuck on select server screen ? Why this happens .
I'm 49, been playing videos since pong, I have all the major systems and play regularly on my cellphone through out the day, the game looks absolutely amazing but the camera angle and control is the absolute worst, you will find yourself firing at enemies off screen and the controls soon as you turn around you firing theres a snap in place to it that takes the freedom of movement away...really takes the fun out of a fire fight. Please Fix these two major problems and you will have a great game
Dont install this game guys stupid game wont even start it wont take server also such a worst game starting only this much problem then just imagine how the game will be if it starts worst developers waste game shame of this game simply wasted my one day pack
The graphic was immense... The control was awesome... BUT... Very slow at updates... Awful Events... No costume till now.. Everything looks soo GENERIC... It's like you never change anything since this release to public
This game is real good I hope I be able to beat it you should upgrade this game but don't make the enimies too hard though I always wanted to beat a game like this it's real good you should come out with part 2
Everyone on my friend list quitted. I am quitting too. I was no 1 in battlezone but game has no future. Boring updates with same grinding. Patches are not worth the space required as the game is getting worse.
Never got to play. I downloaded the game and then had to download more to play then had to update then download more. I deleted it. Stupid.
I cant select the server , bad devlopment, cant even choose server also, only south korea and EN , its not working
Don't ever try to download this game, waste your mobile data, you can't even choose a server to begin with
This game cld b awesome they need to fix the graphics it's just off I tried all the settings I wld of loved to play this
rofl... demands access to your photos, media and contacts... fun. remember when you'd have to hack some one to get access to that much personal data all at once? now they just ask nicely... oh and the servers are constantly down.
The only reason not 5 stars is because of greed. Diamond deals are to expensive for the amount you get. And daily diamonds is ridiculous compare to games. Drop it to $10 and I will change to 5 stars.
I won't let me even start the game im stuck at the beginning where I can't select a server its stuck.
I can't play the game, and everytime I open the game a pop-up will show showing an error. Can you help?
Everything is a mess. Graphic unpleasant to watch even in highest setting. Horrible ui,hud whatever it is called. Too many buttons to be auto,
the game is fun at all but the audio and game keep glitching. the audio keep cutting out and and the game keep freezing and the audio keep going. please fix it im using a asus max pro m1
worst game.. create a game but dont have server in malaysia then for what you release in play store i can't even choose a server waste of my time
This is the game type that I looking long time. Real time rpg plus strategy and team build. So, perfect for me. Farming gears for less bored. Then shooting merchina, model style. Don't stop me playing. Keep going the good job, developer. Thanks Future, just my opinion. Plz add some fancy cos play, custom outlook. Add some unique magician. Magic and armmo world :)
The game finally let me download and play. It's more real time strategy than anything else. Not really for me unfortunately, but pretty.
controls are horrible because it feels to much auto aim and the game doesn't tell you what certain buttons do or if/when you should use them