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Lyfoes (free)

Lyfoes (free) for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by IBNPlay located at Sรคulingstr. 12b, 86807, Germany. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was silly and easy in the beginning, but then you find out that it is a great game when you select right difficulty level.
i like the game...its too cute...but i dont understand why I cant get past 13 on the fourth level. dont know of any combination i haven't tried.
This is the best game..no pressure, no ads, no annoying factors whatsoever. Good, challenging puzzles whenever you have a spare moment. Saves your progress. Amazing game.
5 stars well deserved! No pay to win nonsense, just a simple puzzle game that brings me a lot of happiness and comfort. Thank you Lyfoes team. Did you guys make the balls square just for april fool's?? I was VERY DISTRESSED by this development and spent the whole day thinking WHY ARE MY PRECIOUS BALLS SQUARE? Thankfully after midnight they went back to being balls and my sanity was restored. Once again thank you so much for making this game, big love to the whole team! โค๏ธ
Always loved this game... playing it again now, I really love the new addition of the face masks haha!
Has kept me addicted for months. Every puzzle is a new challenge and that's what keeps me going. The level 4 and level 5 are great brain exercises
I'm absolutely addicted to this game. It's very challenging, especially higher levels. Ads are not intrusive. I've clicked on them a few times unintentionally but just close them out and go back to playing. I used to wish that it had hints but now I'm glad there aren't hints cuz it makes my brain work more efficiently instead of relying on hints. It can get tough. Higher levels have unlimited undo but sometimes I just start from scratch. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this game cuz I just love it.
In the Third stage and forth it's unfair to only leave 2 empty tubes for 16 full tubes to be sorted the math don't add up
This game is fun to play and very entertaining. No annoyings ads (keep that up!) and I like the sound effects! One suggestion: maybe the little guys could have a few more facial expressions, like blinking or smiling when they reach the right test tube. They have googly eyes, so maybe the eyes could move around a little too. Great game to play on a smartphone.
The game is too nice. Awesome. But the reason for giving 4 star is there is not hint option . The hint option should be there please improve it. Otherwise the game is too good
its fun and very easy..put the colors with the same color no level is hard๐Ÿ˜‚ very addticting as well
Would love to know what the ratings are supposed to mean. Level two just stopped with no reasoning, level three and four keep going and going and going, weird. I haven't reached level 4 yet. Don't understand how or why, but one of the levels I passed without any stars, weird also. Absolutely love that the little balls have masks on, way to be on top of it.
I've been loving this game... A level too easy? Go play a harder one. A sub level can't be solved? Skip it and go on (go back later and try again). I haven't had any problems with controls but today the little circles turned into squares and it just doesn't look right. Updating to see if that fixes it. I play ALL the time so hopefully it will be fixed or I'm going to be bummed!!!
no obtrusive ads, easy to start but I'm really enjoying the challenging levels as well! I'm almost at level 2000 if that tells you how much I enjoy this game! I highly recommend playing this while listening to podcasts or if you enjoy puzzle games in general.
This is the best, lighthearted, simple yet intriguing game I have played in a while. I love the fact that there are so many levels and difficulties, and there are no pop-up ads that distract me from being able to play the next level. the only thing I'd love to be able to have is skins or themes, so I can make each family look like something else. But thats just me wanting to have some customization, definitely not the most important feature. PS loved the Star Wars skin on the white family today!
I โคit! I was going to uninstall this game. The masks on the little balls is so freaking stupid! The masks dissapear when the balls are all separated. That is the most ignorant thing I've seen yet! It's bad enough that everywhere you look, people have masks on. They are not necessary and wearing them damages your health. They affect your heart, vision, hearing, respiration, central nervous system. It's called Hypercapnia- Carbon Dioxide Toxicity. Do people a favor. Take the masks off the game.
Don't be fooled by what appears to be a simple game. The upper levels are very challenging and provide a good workout for your brain. Be aware: it's also super addictive!
What is with the flickering background? Do you want me to have a seizure? Love the game, but I just can't hack this feature
ads are unobtrusive. no instructions: you gotta figure out each level's rules for the undo button & how far back the undo goes. it's not a barrier to feel that out. there's firefly hints pointing you to "undo" if you hit a dead end, they stop showing up at level 50. I'm on level 1200+ of mid-high difficulty, 50+ on high, and done a few levels on unlockable crazy difficulty. I'm hooked!
very enjoyable, good graphics, exellent control action..... ALL AGES... AS A GRANDPA EVEN I ENJOY THE GAME.Nice and big faces with colours,,some other apps trying to copy this original app without success!!
Addictive and very therapeutic it's a great if your stressed out. Only play to destress don't play this for excitement. Only critic is that it doesn't say this in description peace out :) xx
I can't stop playing this game! There is a level for everyone. You really develope strategic skills. The ads are pictures at the bottom so you don't have your game constantly interrupted. Five stars all the way! ๐Ÿ‘
So Good it is a very clever game, but there are hard levels in it, but I like it personally, if you don't, that's fine because I love it๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€. Sometimes it is VERY difficult ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ but over all it's an amazing well made game!
The advertisement window in the bottom is some time taking up the full screen space, resulting stoppage of the play. Its very irritating. Kindly do the needful
I've been playing this game for a couple of years or more & its never bored me. I especially like the little face masks the balls are wearing during this Covid Pandemic!
WOW! This is one of the most fun apps I have ever downloaded. No ads and just totally fun. (Oops, just told there are ads, they're just not intrusive. I haven't seen any yet.) I can see a whole new addiction approaching. Thank you, devs, for actually giving us players a game we can play without the second-by-second interferences. I love this game.
I love the game. It's helped so much to explain why there is need for quarantine to my kids. But, whatever graphics you have done to the white families ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ. Let's just say my kids aren't playing this game anymore. They are creepy. Thank you for the changes made. That was so fast! They are back to fighting over who plays first.
This game looks fun but me I like to rate it five stars and I 'LL download this game today and if you download this Game it's fun but if the level gets harder and harder I Can still do it beacause the game is so much fun and Before I was old from this game now I'm new from this game beacause The game is so fun !
Addicting! Offline game, smooth handles, simple yet good enough to keep you hooked for long time. I started with 3rd and 4th category, they were good! 5th category is hard, makes you think really hard! Good time pass.
This game makes me smile!!! I saw a similar game with just balls, but I liked the little faces so I picked this game instead. So happy I did. Made me laugh on April fools (well, not till the next day when I realized). And I'm loving the "Corona Edition." The clever programing of how they have masks when mixed in the tubes with other colors but no masks when just with their own "families".... I just love it! Thanks for this game and giving it personality!!!
It's very challenging games especially in the crazy cateogory when there's no hints it could take days to just pass one level ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜… but for me I'd give it 5 โญ if it shows how many times I've failed in each level cause every time it takes me days I really want to know
Really clever, really good, really cute (especially clever to put little masks on, during the COVID crisis!). I love that i can decide from 5 levels of difficulty to fit my mood. Had this literally for years now. Great game.
I stuck in level 13 of last stage It is so hard to solve this level.It makes me angree .I struggled for 2 weeks but I can't complete this๐Ÿ˜ก
I've been loving it for months but now it flashes like a strobe intermittently which makes me feel nauseous. I hope it gets fixed soon. I play every day.
I love this game. I have loved this game since my 1st smart phone. The new addition of masks when they can't social distance and masks off when they are in their family bubble, just killed me with cuteness! None invasive ads and adorable sounds is such a nice touch for a straight forward, but devilishly hard game. ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ
Its a very nice game. Its little bit brainy. It uses our brain to solve it. It dont takes much battery. And its offline. Its a good game for time pass.๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜›
I love this game. When you put the face masks on it was great & now for May 4th you added the little stormtroopers. This game is sooooo much fun to play.
good, however on a few occasions I've completed the puzzle but the game doesn't recognise it. All blobs in separated tubes, but game doesn't end.
Literally had this app for years and I love it!! Its exactly what you want in a sorting game. And I love that they all currently have masks when with other colours, its showing light humor on a dark time! Well done on making a great app!
Love this game!! My grandson (5) and I were just looking for something new and fun to play together. We saw this one; Read a couple reviews and decided to try it. We were Hooked!! We both had to back off and start taking turns, letting each make the choices. I love watching him think out the moves, using logic and reasoning! And the surprises are super and funny. Suddenly the faces showed up with masks on! Enjoy watching the faces change. A definite new favorite game. Great job!!
Great game just wish i could turn off hints on all levels. I often like to go back and play the easier levels just for no-brainer stress free fun.
, this game is very cute and fun to play. My only complaint is that you have to have the sound on when you play. It notifies you when you have made a mistake that will not allow you to complete the puzzle, but if you don't have the sound on there's no way to receive that notification.
Fun and free puzzle variant of the towers of Hanoi but please improve the controls so we can click 'From' and 'To' instead of drag and drop: the same repetitive gesture wastes time & detracts from the fun especially on a tablet. Plus: various difficulty levels for all players, no time pressure, works fine in landscape and portrait mode unlike many Android games.
Starts easy but gets trickier and trickier. No point to the game other than completing the levels. Looks a bit old fashioned overall, controls (moving balls) are slow and clunky. Love the concept though.
Finally found a new game that has levels and its challenges u to think.the higher the board the more it makes u think. Great graphic design and a neat game .will keep for awhile as long as it stays challenging.
This is my go-to 5 minute break app. I've played it so much at level 4 ( I get a stroke thinking about playing level 5) that I dont get the little 'warning fairies' when I've painted myself in a corner. I highly recommend it.
I absolutely love this game! It's like freecell, but cuter. I do have a problem with the game freezing periodically. Hope you can fix that. Thanks!
Really this is an awesome game... i just want one more option their to save our game progress in case we delete the game then all the past levels we clear, after reinstalling we should start from where we left
Fun and easy. The first levels are crazy easy. But when you go to the third set of puzzles, it becomes more challenging. It's a great time killer.
Very nice but It is not interested.We should not give five stars to it. It is very much boring then the other one games...... I am writing this because you will give 1,2,3,4 only this not 5 stars..
I thought that it was a great game but after playing i experienced that it was really a useless ,waste etc.. game .
.Till time I am unable to clear the games in new 5th level .game no 5,10,13,83 & 88.I am trying since last two months. please help.
Nice game, but the hardest levels are as good as unplayable. Why? No tips, no hints. It's kinda frustrating when you have to return after many days to play a level and still can't figure out what you ain't doing right. Cool game altogether though
Ugh... Did you seriously just add masks to the balls ? Great game but I play to take my mind off of this nightmare we are in. Months of wearing a mask I don't think we need a friendly reminder.
Can you make a feature that gives a hint if I get stuck. Like maybe the next ball that I should move could wiggle a little or sparkle. I want to keep playing but after number 50 of level four it's getting too hard and I get frustrated and quit. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Such a cute game! It's challenging but soothing. I'm not over stimulated and sounds effects are adorable. I love that you don't have intrusive ads. It was almost weird because I'm not used to that anymore. Thank for being so thoughtful in your game development!
Nice little game, though a bit repetitious. The first 2 levels are easy enough for youngsters, 3 & 4 are moderate and 5 is super hard. It's a good time-waster.
I like it very much. In the corona lock down all balls are wearing mask it was funny. Levels are improvingโคโค it was interesting. The sound, when we mismatching was awesome.
Lovely relaxing puzzle game. I love the new look, with all their little face masks on. The best bit is that they all take their masks off when they are safely home. It's a nice touch!
Super fun and relaxing! Graphics seem a little dated, would be nice to have a little more action and movement on the critters, but other than that very smooth gameplay. 10/10 highly recommend, very happy with the relaxation this game provides.
Great logic game. Starts off too easy, ends up bloody difficult. Very clever concept. Well done & thanks.
Edit: Damn that was quick. 5 Stars!! Hi devs, love this app. Problem is, i have slight color disorder so i cant really identify them easily with the masks on. The moustaches and mouth shapes were really helping me identify them. Can u make an exception or maybe a toggle? That would help me a lot. Thanks :)
I respect a game as a coder.It takes a lot of time and effort to create a quality game . And this game has so much to think about like challenges and the game is only under then 10 megabytes. Amazing work!!!! ๐Ÿ˜
Brilliant, Love it. You can only move to an empty vial or one with the same top colour as the lyfoe you are moving. This makes for a very good game of patience. When you get to the harder levels you get what seems like unlimited 'undo last move' which is good as some levels take a bit of working out, or you can just start again of course. This is so moreish. Ads aren't intrusive either. Win win
Addictive little game. There 3000 levels on each skill level and I couldn't put it down until I finished them all.
I LOVE this game. It's like the 'colour pour' ads, but you get to choose the difficulty without going through 100s of tediously boring levels. Also, it actually gets really difficult! (I'm a 20+ puzzle geek) The ADs are also done in a lovely way. Unobtrusive and uninterrupting, but still constantly visible. Thanks for an amazing game!
Very very amazing game I like this game many times and I have played many times this game this game have a rules and it is very funny game also
Really fun to play and also this definitely feels like an OCD game though lol which is perfectly good with me since i have it lol
Cool gameplay good graphics but really simple and I lose my interest easy because there's not a lot to swapping balls back and forth if it's a little redundant for me but I mean otherwise it's a great app and it's fun to play the graphics are great my brain is just way too fast
Love this game! I tried a few similar sorting games but got too annoyed with their ads. The ads in this game are unobtrusive banners at the bottom of the page, though. Not bad at all. The characters are cute, and there are lot of levels in 4 difficulties. I also love that they wear masks until they are at home with only their family members. Clever!
That bonus feature you showed me he!ped alot when it comes to training for hard and extra hard levels. This feature is so great that I wish you'd officially include this in the game for players to train and have their minds accustomed to the difficulty so that they can finish the harder levels easily. There's just one problem, if I click too fast, the Lyfoes spin around and act crazy before settling down on the designated test tubes.
Having so much fun! I've been looking for something different. And no ads?? I'm impressed! However it seems that the 2nd level is too easy and the 3rd can be impossible.
This game really makes you think, and is really fun. I love the fact that the ads that you see are just banners and do not disrupt gameplay. Very solid mobile game.
Free puzzle game. Ads but not annoying or intrusive. I kept waiting for the catch and there isnt one. Not once did I have to watch the fish game or star trek for 30 seconds to move on and the puzzles are simple fun. Plus the sound effect on level completion is worth the download alone. Love this game.
Superb game ever !!!!! love the game good pass and memory game hattsof guys but please upload solutions stuck at 5-402
Simple yet captivating. Very cute graphics, smooth controls. Overall an amazing experience. I would deffo recommend this for people who wanna try old rearrangement game in a new package.
Love this game. It makes use of your thinking, logic and concentration. And its a great way to relax and enjoy.
You guys are brilliant!!! This game was good before, but its absolutley genius that you have edited face masks onto the little pods because theyre not social distancing. I love the animation you guys have done for the update during the pandemic. Well done to the team for putting aomething extra in to cheer up everyone's day.
Later levels (50+) are much better with unlimited redo and no star rating. Atar rating is pointless, only encouraging you to memorize/write down and restart on what steps to follow. Otherwise fun puzzle game and works well and fast.
It's been fun. It requires thinking and planning skills. But then it became very frustrating at level 5 in the 5th stage. It's a level that can't be solved. Now I'm losing interest.
Best sorting game in the play store! its a very good game to play in quarantine, its so simple yet fun! can we customize the Lyfoes? That would be cool. 10/10! Theres no bugs or anything weird going on so far.. btw look at the 1 star reviews, full of raging people that doesnt know how to do the simple.
I love this game, it's challenging and relaxing at the same time. However on the hardest level, the green one without any hints, I'm stuck on board 5. Are you sure it's solvable? Been trying long now. Would be nice to be able to get clues working for the green level as well.
I love the game. It's the political propaganda that I can't stand. Stay safe, wear masks. My health is none of your concern and you shouldn't involve yourself in it. Makes you look like a sell out like our politicians are.
I LOVE IT! The little WhooHoo every time you complete a puzzle, the amazing number of puzzles per level, it's amazing and wonderful. The little masks when everyone comes home is great!
simple but maddeningly difficult at times in the upper levels. lower levels are easy and relaxing...if youve got a few minutes play a few levels and have some fun and then move on with your day.
Wow...it is a nice game with many stages and levels....it is very helpful game for a sharp brain..it is my favorite ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘Œ
This game is so fun! If you like logic puzzles, you'll love Lyfoes. There are several different stages, from super easy to really puzzling - each stage has many puzzles. The goal is to fill each test tube with the same color balls, which are cute as can be. The puzzles can be challenging (which I like), yet solvable. I've been playing this game for a few hours all total... I haven't seen any ads, which makes me love this game even more. Thank you for the great game!
It is a amazing game. It is pubg for me. The little faces are very cute. It is very relexing and smooth game. I really like it ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ
the game is cool. there is the annoying "uh oh" sound that plays most of the time in the harder difficulties , I know it's kind of my fault since it's how the game is designed but in some levels you almost have very limited choices to do.
A fun little game I forgot I had (I go through stages, but I do keep coming back to this one). Opened it up today a had a good giggle. Well done on your character mods (for want of a better way to put it).
This is very addictive and a great way to keep the brain active and exercised. I can't get enough. It challenges me to think outside the box (pun intended).... I love it!
Worst game ever. I like puzzle games, but this is my worst expirience . Poor graphics,gameplay and control. Very poor
The harder levels are quite the challenge, the easier levels a relief for the others. Quite the logic puzzles. A lot of fun!๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜€
I am normally partial to change but not in this game lol. Can you add an option to revert to the usual round orbs. More easier on the eyes lol
Great game but the reset button is right where you drag your notifications bar down. Every time I check the time, I restart the game. EDIT: Removed another star for the glib response. Of course I can drag from the left side, but I, like the vast majority of humans, am right handed. That's why the most devs don't put a restart button right where notifications pop up on mobile phones. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜’