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Lux DLX (world conquest ++)

Lux DLX (world conquest ++) for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Sillysoft Games located at 3379 Garden Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5N4Y3. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Would love if you would update the app for newest Android OS. I've been playing this game since release and absolutely loved it. It was working until my latest phone update a couple weeks ago. (Verizon Samsung Note 10)
Hi, like your game very much, I made in app purchase on my old phone, now switched to a new phone and downloaded app with same google account, after launch I saw message say " purchase restored", but those maps I purchased do not show up, how can I get them back ?
I've been a big fan of Lux since at least 2009. I had some issues with earlier versions of the mobile app, but those all seem to have been dealt with so I'm upgrading to five stars today. The downloadable content, like the gameplay itself, just keeps getting better. Thank you!!!
I enjoy playing but the game keeps shutting down so if you don't close the game every so often to save your progress when it does shutdown it restarts from the last time you closed it. So if you never closed the game it will restart from the beginning.
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE. After buyibg the full version, the game does not work anymore, and I can't evwn play the free stuff. Total rip off, and sucj a shame, it's a very good game.
Really enjoy this game (been playing for years) but it's overdue for an update. There are several bugs that have crept in with OS updates over the years. - Can't interact with the main menu if you start in landscape mode - The ads banner keeps the map from expanding to full screen - Opening the menu during a game disables touch input. (I think this happened on the last OS update to my Samsung S9.) Like the game but it is now unplayable. Fix these and I'd give 5 stars.
Fantastic! I love all the maps! But! Please update compatibility!!! Mine keeps crashing on large maps.
great game, doesnt lag, is always giving me something fun to do, they have gotten rid of most of the issues with it freezing or starting up. so if its still buggy for you, you should probably get a better phone sorry.
Risk-like game of world domination. Variety of maps to play on, may be possible to create and share your own maps (it was possible on the computer version, I don't know about the mobile version). Easy to play against the computer and tailor the AI difficulties of the multiple players. Computer version could be networked with human players, I don't know if the mobile version supports that.
I seriously love this game. Best Risk implementation with great AI, great interface, great game options, great maps. It has everything.
It was working in Ad mode, when I paid for Ad free, it started crashing every time I opened it. I want my money back.
Great game. Very addicting. Love that it can be played without internet access. Wod have given it a 5, if I didn't have to re buy it w my newest phone
One of the (if not THE) greatest Axis & Allies/Risk type games! The gameplay and controls are flawless, there are tons of maps available to download - and - it's FREE! Mandatory download for anyone who enjoys old skool strategy games!
Love the game, been playing it for almost a decade. This app is super buggy, crashes constantly, only way I can finish a game is by not minimizing or letting the screen shut off.
I love the free version! Really love it. I bought the paid version a while back and didn't care for it as much and stopped playing. So with my newer phone I've got the free version again and love it again. Yup.
Really like the game so I purchased the deluxe version. After purchasing the deluxe version it no longer opens. Will change my review when it starts working and I can try the DLX version Re-review After contacting the app maker he quickly gave me a refund for my purchase. Really like the game and wish it would work correctly with the new version of Android.
This is the most dreadful game I have ever played the instrucstions are terrible the gameplay is boring and the easy ai might awell be the best tactions in the world horrible game do not install
I enjoyed playing this game on an iPad. Thought to also buy the game for my android devices. It runs real well with my Note 8 but is real laggy with my Note 10 when returning to the game from using another app.
Been playing the boardgame Risk for 40 years. This is better than the app Risk and a lot of fun to play. I like how you can customize the game.
Upgrading to 5 star. Didnt have to re buy this time. Still addicted. Play whenever have few .instead to kill. Great game. Very addicting. Love that it can be played without internet access. Wod have given it a 5, if I didn't have to re buy it w my newest phone
Ridiculous in the unfairness. You attack a country with 10 attackers and zero defenders you lose! It doesnt make sense. Why would I pay for a game I cant win?
This is one of my favorite games the app was designed super simple and fun to play. There really isn't any ads to speak of. Five stars for sure, could play this game for hours.
This is a classic but overdue for an update for new operating systems. Update this for android and I will buy the ad free version!!!!!!!!!
used to be a great game on my old Ipad. I used to love the game on my IPad but the new version is full of glitches and it's not responsive to where I touch on the screen. w it's a shame too cause this game was so much fun to kill time on. I just found my old Ipad and remembered to download it on my galaxy tablet. it doesn't fit my screen you can tell it's blown up in size and therefore it's not letting me move my army in the direction I want. some places allow me to transfer others no
I love the game, but with no updates for almost 3.5 years, I can't recommend this to anyone now. It's too buggy now with the latest version of Android.
A fantastic port of a certain conquest board game! Great presentation very faithfull to the board game. Good animations and sound, plus a silent and fast mode for those that sound and animations arent a priority. Adjustable AI which range from passive to extremely aggressive. if you enjoy that board game, you will enjoy Lux DXL.
Now it says its designed for an older version of Android and may not work. It doesn't. And i've paid for this App. Great game if you can get it to work!
Stopped working after android update in September of 2020. Still no fix almost December, good game if they fix it
Great game, good adaptation to varied maps, but some maps confusing (like Canada) on a phone size screen. App often crashes for no apparent reason, and re-starting a saved game is impossible. Also, it would be nice to have time to admire ones handiwork after winning, as opposed to getting the play again screen immediately obscuring the map. And more historical scenarios, like Napoleonic Europe would be great and more educational and imformative. Thank-you! Great game, i spend hours on it!
I've played Lux for many years on several platforms. But, it has grown stagnant because there is no ongoing support or development.
Like lots of comments say, a great game, always played on lots of platforms but for some reason the developers won't fix it for the latest android update? Come on Lux, surely it must be worth your time to fix this. Don't leave your fans in the cold!