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Luna’s Fate

Luna’s Fate for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by EYOUGAME(USS) located at 05-06, PAYA LEBAR SQUARE, 60 PAYA LEBAR ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
lost my account and customer service is not assisting very well. If this is how they treat paying customers, they probably don't care the quality of their game (cash grab). I have already contacted the game's inbox via Facebook.
Awesome game! Although can you please remove the "Auto" feature. Instead, can you please add arrows to show where to go.. I absolutely love the graphics and how lively it is! I just don't like how you cant even play properly because the app does it for you, please change this and I'll definitely give this app five stars! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
Just awful. 15 mins in and I'm level 51. The whole game is auto-play, the story has very little to it, you constantly get asked to top up, you basically cant play, and many other things. People are saying: Give it a chance, but this is all it is. I give up. It's just bad. And, the support responds with one thing: Thank you for your support! And leaves it at that. Look elsewhere if you want a good game.
Could use more graphical settings to turn off or on like shadows and such. All in all it's good unlike any other games like this, it's quite addictive especially when you are on a new server, you always compete for the no. 1 guild! It's really fun and the community is very active too! It really just need some heavy optimization.
Cross server is ruining the games potentisl. You cant even farm properly as they pair you with peak 600 vs peal 100 player. Who by the way will bully you and wont even let you do event quests. will kill when youre doing boss hunt and kill you on spot just for fun. Don't play this game!
I am a VIP 5, but after the latest update, i cannot access the game. i kept on reinstalling it but it keeps on sayin "Unable to download:cfg_1 files!". i don't know whats wrong, and i already invested money in this game. the Devs are no where to be contacted.
This game literally plays itself. I was shocked to have my char at level 50 in exactly 3 min of gameplay. I was intrigued by the amazing artwork which the dev has to know that the game aesthetics is superb. However, there is simply no adventure or challenge at all. Not to mention, it flies so fast that a new gamer would be completely lost as to what was goin on before their eyes.
The game is a literal jerk stand still for 3 seconds auto move comes on and it fights on it's own no fun what so ever it level ups so easy and gives you loot automatically no work what so ever
If you're a free player, you'll never stand a chance against pay to win players. I was at 840k power 540k Health, in less than 10 seconds I was killed by a V8(vip level 8/12). Don't play unless you plan to pay money.
I give 5 star.. co'z i like the gameplay, very fast! entertaining, especially the graphics very nice. stress reliever and I Like the auto system when I do something important, Its leveling by it self. haha. by the way, try to give a super discount in topup. that would be nice to all of us!
well played .. nice game. but the downside of this is. players who dont recharge are weak .. if the devs and admins of his game put a trading system instead of the auction players are enable to trade with different guilds . and the tax sucks honestly. ill be honest here i dont sleep sometimes coz this game is so addictive. my time has been consumed playing this game all day and night. lookibg forward for an awesome event like cross server map/boss and please . limit the server .. godbless guys
Awesome. Good graphics easy play n smooth thats important. Than came the merge of servers . Taking a older server with high levels dump in with all mid range. Example old server level 600 v lvl 200 to 90. Meaning massive pk lol. So il drop to 1 star. Lol. Bye game hv to uninstall this game. The merge killed the game n drop rate sucks, better invest $ in another. Massive ingame bully. Good work dev.
Ok. I'm only doing this for the simple fact, THIS IS AN INTERACTIVE, HAND HOLDING, AUTO GAME!!! I was expecting to be able to walk around, explore, grind a bit in an area I liked, but this game holds your hand constantly and even FORCES you into the main quest. You have no choice. Stop your player to look in a menu, your on the quest again before you know what's going on. I've made it to level 130 something and I had to stop. I have no control. I don't like this game for this reason.
I don't know what to say, this game are so boring autoplay,genderlock, p2w just like the other game tht use VIP system, you know man i expected a game like ROM with less data usage but its beyond my expectations. actually it not worth for 5* rating, but for your launch day & some good stuff in login day rewards you have my Honor & i appreciate your hard work for made this game. thank you
Another auto pilot game where you do nothing and wait there while it does everything for you. I wouldn't really consider that a game. Its translated in English (poorly) but a majority of the players do not speak English so guilds aren't fun. I was looking forward to this one but it's just like the others. Money grabbing and something I wouldn't even consider a game...
To start off, just because it's a new game, doesn't mean we can't pick out the flaws where it can and probably will be worked on. This really feels like it should be a BETA. Overall gameplay and interface feels very much like Tales of Wind, except this has way better graphics, while keeping that anime art style. This game right now has zero character creation customization or gender choice, which is a big deal breaker for myself and many MMORPG players. This does not feel ready for release.
Go play the game Tales of Wind and then come back to this game. It's basically an exact copy minus the graphics. Tales of Wind is MUCH better and a lot cuter and you can actually customize your character. Go play Tales of Wind if you play this, you'll definitely delete this after having played it. And no I'm not being paid by Tales of Wind just really love the game, it's a better version of this!!
Love the game! Only thing is everytime i join the game works fine every 5 mins or so i have to reconnect to server over and over it drives me crazy i have checked my wifi and its fine i would keep playing this game if this problem could be fixed because it might be on ur side but everything else is great!
I like the graphics, the quests, and how there's a list of events for the whole week. I also like the part where while you fight a Boss, you can do other stuff like enhance your gear and see your progress. You know, keeping yourself busy while your chara is on auto-mode.
I like the game, but my problem here is about the system notices. It is too much annoying. It keeps popup'n even if when you disabled it. @developer: can you please fix this mess. I really hate it. (sorry for 2 star rate)
Was a good game can still keep up without spending that much, customer service was also nice and good! one thing that I don't like though is the 10% tax on the item you sold in auction wth is that? people top up those diamonds why take 10% from them? like i sold my item to another player for 1900 i only got 1525 😞 how was that fair? spent so much getting that item, I cant even ask him to pay me for the difference because it was taken to them but not the full amount given to me, remove tax pls
Tried it upon release. In all honesty, it's one of the worst I've seen. Pros: It works. Cons: 3 classes, no customization. Everyone looks exactly the same. I got to lvl 150 in like 10mins, and I still have no idea what the game is about. All you do is click the button they ask you to. Pretty much entirely auto/it plays it for u. Immediately asks you to top up for free gear when you have no idea what the gear even does. Im uninstalling it on launch day. RIP game.
look. this game is very visually stunning for an app game. well done on that aspect of the game devs. truly. having said that, the autoplay function seems bugged. youu can stop it, but a few seconds later it engages again. this is why i gave 3 stars for controls. if you work out the autoplay function, this game could have potential even outside of being an app. this game COULD be console worthy. its just the autoplay function. get rid of it maybe. hope this was helpful
A game for those that don't want to play a game. The entire game doesn't require you to touch anything it literally plays itself I'm not sure who wants this. The quests are mostly go talk to this npc and you win. The leveling is a joke as you literally level up every 15 seconds or so. I let my phone play the game for less then ten minutes and was already around level 80. This entire game is a joke.
Awesome game not overdoing it on the pay to win which makes me want to spend money for VIP cool but I'm picking up these items called cube-noire and they are not going to my inventory please explain to me why so I understand am I not a high enough level are they for something else like goddess gear but different I just want to know and if there's not a reason please fix the bug noone on my server knows what there for and keep picking them up and appear to not even get them
Could be the best, but key elements missing. The game play is fluid. No bugs. It has many aspect that we are used to, but this one is much cleaner with its U.I and menu options. Combat is okay, but the archer attacks as if it's a melee class. It should attack from range. That's a huge draw back for me and a lot of others. Another thing is, there's no character customization, that would really set this game above the rest. Will update review accordingly. For now it's 3 stars. Thank you.
Luna's Fate is mind-numbingly boring. Everything is done automatically. Questing, combat, gathering, all Auto. No challenge to it whatsoever. Got to level 90 in like 10 minutes. No character customization at all. Plays worse than most browser games. And like browser games, there are all these buttons for different 'features' or advertizing VIP stuff EVERYWHERE. I really did try to give it a chance but trust me, this game is a complete waste of time.
Do NOT play this game. I charged 900 diamonds, but received 300. I sent a message requesting my diamonds back and the customer service took 12 hours to answer, didn't help me and didn't explain what happened. Google Play kindly gave my money back and my account was banned.
One of the best graphics. Fair gameplay but i felt sorry for dev for the fast phase story and you can't even remember the name of those monsters you killed cause you will pass them in seconds. Waste of their time developing the graphics and players cant appreciate some things cause you will only pass them fast. Functions are friendly and easy to manage. This can be recommended for those players who love fast, easy gameplay and loves to spend money to watch their character grow with beauty.
A good looking MMORPG. The graphics are amazing and the game plays smoothly. The various elements of the game are easy to understand for people experienced with mmorpgs. But would be hard for new players as it's a breakneck pace and any missed dialogue might as well be missed forever. The game is also totally autoplay except for a few things, which great but maybe needed a little more freedom is needed to do as you choose.
i just join playing 5min my lvl up to 40 , i don't know i play or ur bot playing , i only press 1 location , i don't know what this game playing for , but 1thing i really like , that's Luna Fate logo picture , but after enter the game it really disappointed me ...... eYou plz next game don't creat like this !!! lvl fast , one touch , i believe alot of other people they don't want to play games like too , it's get boring soon ....... but i love eYOU , i am ur fan along ago .
better graphics and the ability to turn off auto play, i mean i'm level 100 in 10 min and yet i didn't need to lift a finger, now thats a borring game, i see the effort in the game the animation the talking the story, but i can't enjoy any of that now, plz make a auto game button tutorial because i don't know where it is.
why did you make a game that auto plays the whole thing, doesn't even give you time to read the story.... in an rpg. screw this, i want to play my games not watch them play themselves. uninstalling this. might try again sometime if i can actually play the damn thing 0 stars
Just terrible. The entire game plays itself. Reached level 30 in about 5 minutes and not once have I touched my screen. The option for "3D view" doesn't view in 3D but remains in 2.5D and only allowes camera rotation. The whole game is automatic and it can't be changed. Complete waste, seriously, spare yourself the trouble and find something else.
Are you guys for real with the VIP?... Spending 100gems gets you "1" point to get to the next vip. So ill do the math just to get to VIP2, if you spend $50 that will get you 3,000 gems(not counting the first time you buy). 3,000÷100=30. So just getting to VIP2 is $50! Thats terrible... For the people saying "play the game first before you rate" i have played and im lvl237. After getting to 200+ its even more p2w. You can not progress for free in anyway so dont play this unless you wanna drop $.
I'm sorry...but this is one of the few games for mobile that's not mobile friendly. The horrendous amount of icons just kill any chance understanding the interface. Not to mention that it does absolutely every for you via auto. I can't figure out how to disable it at all. Yet I managed to get lvl 180 some how...but its not fun watching your character do everything for you from the very start. Uninstalled. Not interested in going back
A lot of new games are advertising false graphics and gameplay to attract players and this game is a perfect example. The gameplay I saw in the ad was beautiful and the actual gameplay looks like something off a gamecube. Not to mention the entire game is automated, almost like theres a secret agenda. Don't waste your time....
Its a good game but i would suggest a way to convert b.gems into normal gems so those who dont spend money can still get stronger even if its less effective like 3 bound gems = 1 gem so cash spenders dont lose a reason to spend money but it wouldnt be a complete p2w
Decent graphics but everything is auto play to the point that its annoying. I set to do a sub quest. It starts auto pathing, 2 seconds later it cancels and continues with main quest. Ridiculous. Plus no customization unless you pay. There have been 1000s of games exactly like this. So dont expect anything special or new. And is this really a game? As it plays itself with no real input from you. Boring...
it would be nice to play a solution to the problem the damsel has inflicted on the poor. when high cp players do not balance they will ask you for a game ... and you create a pk server for everyone who lowers the lowbees without the high cp quitting that I disaponted the game already .. i can burn just fix that with the bum bubs on the lowbe ... sorry unistall i just had a game already ..
This game has great gameplay and graphics but there is no point playing because the cross server merges put you against players 100x your strength. You cant compete nor attend events as you are spawn killed continuously. The game is fun until these shuffles destroy the experience. Dont waste your time or money.
with the auto everything, I reached level 80 within less than 15 minutes (I timed it) and all I did was click on "claim" for claiming rewards from quests and "use" to equip stuff. I don't understand. I really don't understand. What are we gamers supposed to do? This is not a game.
1st day trial,..to be honest i really dont like when i put name on a character & it suddenly change to chinese name,..other then that the english translation need to be improve,..bount gem is worthless,everthing in shop needs payed gems & you cant costomise your character,..already bought few gems & see how it goes,..if nothing change then bye2,..
I was looking for a game to play, not one that plays itself for me. If the autoplay is optional, that's okay. This was forced on me and I couldn't turn it off for more than a couple of minutes. Terrible idea! Uninstalled this overcoddling garbage and will avoid games from this company in the future. Oh, and I avoid ALL of the social networks, so don't ask me to look up this game on Facebook or wherever.
ALL EYOUGAMES Games are the SAME! disgusting way to rip people off for money. the SECOND you get into any of their games it AUTO runs you to NPCs and gives you gold, weapons, armour and skills. you don't control ANYTHING!! their is NO POINT to this game or any of their other games. THEY ARE CASH GRABS. if you want the MMO feel go play a game like Tales Of The Wind. EYOUGAMES is a Disgusting "company" preying on people for a quick fix.
The game itself was ok. like most rpg thess days, it mostly plays itself with auto play. Graphics is good.control is good. Pretty well balanced. But no matter how hard you try you will never reach the top tier if you never spend on this game. This game is very pay-to-win. Everything from VIP dungeons to VIP chances/entry. VIP have a very high advantage over non VIP players. So if youve got the money to spend,play here and you will be a god haha
This game is really well balanced for p2w and f2p. f2p also get opportunity to earn vip1, 2 or 4 but of course diamond has to be earned from the Auction. Highly addictive. 1 thing that i don't like is there are too much kser at boss map. Been killing the boss till 10% hp and end up being killed by kser. Overall, still like this gameplay. Good work 👍 Lastly, will be good if there can be welcome code for new players.
Looks really cute... But has no controls. No customization. No clue what was going on. Couldn't even choose my gender for my class. So if i wanted to play a female. The Archer was my only option. As far as i could figure out.... So i pressed create character and it took off for me. I didnt touch anything....
Guys attention dont spend to much on this game. I swear this game is sucks they dont know how to balance the battlefield specially on cs, after in a month they will shuffle ur server to k1 which is so imbalance, so to those new players from new servers stop spending right now or much better if you quit. I`ll quit.
it's a fun game, but I paied 15$ for a pack and I never got it items, and just got a message saying, we know and working on it. nothing about sending me the items or giving me a refund. also don't have facebook, and their in game support is never online most the time.
I'll give you guys credit, the Instagram ad wasn't false advertising! Surprised me. But as expected, it's not really a good game. Or a game at all. It's just a "Claim" clicking simulator. Full auto. So idk what the point of making it a game was. I had no idea what was even going on since errything was being done for me. Got bored of claiming stuff and uninstalled. You guys should seriously stop making games unless you're gonna do them right
Like the game concept but why can't you actually control your own character? I'd like control my character and explore a bit but everytime I stop, it automatically does the first thing on the menu. Like so many other comments, I'm probably gonna get the same response being "sorry for any inconvenience caused" see us never game
its pretty fun so far.. but the screen gets really over crowded with lots of icons... also the bot system is it possible to off it when not needed? Because its really annoying when it does things on its own when i plan on doing something else.
Beware. This game is extremely cash heavy. Once you start needing armor past grade 7 they become very hard drops and you have to resort to the auction house. Which is all dealt in real money. Most of the stuff is, switch items as well. And different wing, relic etc drops are very rare. They constantly have these huge pay events and forget about staying competitive unless you shell out hundreds every month. Watch your bank account if you play this cash cow game.
Another boring game.. The system will just play not the player because of the auto mode. The characters are limited, you cannot choose the gender in the same class but you have to choose the class with a male gender or famale. Definitely no sense
I love the game. It does have room for improvement though. Oddly enough words like "nice" are being censored for some reason. The character keeps switching to the main mission too. I would like to be notified in advance when maintenance is going to be done instead of just being kicked out of game. If I find anything odd I'll let you know. Otherwise, pretty good
IT IS ALL AUTOPLAY! Every single minute of it! Auto quest accept/turn in, auto fight, auto everything! After 10 minutes of watching my screen flash trying to figure out how to stop autoplay, I was alrdy lvl 60! what a joke!
Annoyed with the garbage character creation that gives you absolutely no free will. First time in game and character IRRITATINGLY autopaths its self, giving no free will for the most part of the start. Game just leaves a bad taste on first impression.
I give 3 star not because i don't like the game it because of the reshuffle servers and the drop rate.. Many players are quitting because of the unfair system in reshuffle try to fix the problem of players your game getting few ppl are playing
Within 15 minutes I hit lvl 70+. If you need something to kill time while you wait for your other games to recharge stamina/energy.. this is probably it. Nothing but auto for all the quests and even when you try to stop it forces you back into auto mode. Haven't figured out how to turn it off just yet (if there is an option) Not much thinking needed from what I've seen in the short amount of time I've played. Overall it's okay, not great but not terrible.
I paied 15$ for a pack and I never got it items, and just got a message saying, we know and working on it. nothing about sending me the items or giving me a refund. also don't have facebook, and their in game support is never online most the time. after a week they told me they dont do refunds. So THEY SCREW UP and we have to pay for it. I have the screenshot of it, but wont let me post it.
Awesome,Cute and very addicting. the only thing is is kinda pay to win in order to make your character look cool and gain power. The only wish of many is that, give us a chance to make our characters look more cool and enough power. all in all awesome Regards
This game is incredibly pay to win. So much so that if you dont spend money then you will never truly be competitive. I personally met a guy who spent over a 1000$ in one month and still wasn't top guy on the server. The pay to win is absurd. However... If you're looking for a cell phone mmo that doesn't require you to do much other then click a few things? Are you a huge fan of auto pathing and auto fighting like I am? Do you play cell phone games to pass the time? Then this game is for you.
At first I enjoyed playing this game.. but recently the c.s combine is getting redicoulus.. how can server 94 can compete with player from server 42? It almost 5+ server gap there.. the old server killing the new player and new spender in the game.. more players from below servers are quitting this game.. fix it properly like before and many spenders players wil play again!!!!
Horrible. i download games to play them, not watch them play themselves. Even when you try to stray from the auto path, it goes right back to auto on its own. Played for 10 min maybe and hit level 70 without ever touching the screen.
Graphics are pretty decent, but gameplay is just??? its boring, you pretty much do nothing at all? Its completely automated from once you press create character. There is also no character customisation as shown in advertisements for the game, (you can wear premium clothes to change the default appearance). Improving the game by being able to turn off auto, it just rushes through the main missions and I have 0 understanding of what the story is or what this game is actually about. It's generic
Downloaded the game then instantly uninstalled. No charector customization, everybody looks exactly the same. Auto pathing, why would I even bother playing a game if I... don't even have to play. Auto pathing is killing the mmo genre. don't even know why I bother with these games anymore. they always end up disappointing. and when you put your opinion in the review the developer gives you some waste of time reply like 'Sorry for such and such buy more currency ' wish could put 0 stars.
Auto play mania. Crazy just sitting here clicking continue and no actual time to read dialogs, get sense of story without jumping 5 next quests by time you finish reading. I understand instant gratification but some of us wants to enjoy effort put in for dialogs and scenes. Why not just drop us in at intended level and such since we can't enjoy fruits of your labor.
Would rate a 3.5 if able. Not being able to turn off auto run, being unable to stay on a chosen quest without it reverting to main, and being unable to minimize the buttons along the top of the screen make the game play frustrating and the layout cluttered. Overall a fun game, but those are my issues.
the graphics are decent, but the gameplay is horrible. Everything is just on auto, and you cant physically play the game. All you do is press claim, then your lv. 100 in the next 10 mins. The game mechanics are just bad, there is no point on "playing" this. Dont waste your time here, go download or play something else
AUTO. ALWAYS AUTO!!!! Voices are terrible. the environment is 3D but unable to rotate/zoom the camera. skills are horrible. and everything is auto. so much that i can do the other quests it just keeps doing the main quest. i will spend nothing on a game like this. uncomparable to KoK. uninstall. THOSE WHO RATED THIS 5 ARE KIDS.
annoying game. full of pay to win gamers. and such a non -friendly environment. boss maps are just easy for players that spent too much money and almost no room for free to play players. annoying boss maps with easy to steal bosses. not good for intermediate players like me. plus they are not generous for those players that do not spend real cash for this game. . just got tired. waste of time.
I installed this app then open it and before you can play you must download the extra files. But I can't download the extra files its always says DOWNLOAD TIMEOUT! What does it mean?! My internet is not my problem also my storage! How can I play this app if I can't download it! Please fix this! Badly want to try this game.
Don't bother to play. Doesn't honor theirs words. Misleading sales content. Say content is not guarantee. Rubbish CS and GM. Waste time and money for nothing . Only apologize for misleading content and nth else. Don't ask me to contact at Facebook because that's what the GM on Facebook said. Content is not guarantee.
The Characters were good, but the Auto-Play option is really a bummer coz you can't really catch the story, and can't even appreciate the hard efforts on the graphics, but I also think doing everything manually would be a bit boring too. Like I opened the game and didn't touch it for 5 mins, and I was already level 50 something, without doing a thing, it did everything. I didn't get the point, to be brief, but still fine I guess.
i had hopes that this game is as good as the promo artwork, and maybe is a third person gameplay style, like Darkness Rises or something like that... I don't like the gameplay graphics, everything moves to fast. You don't have time to check one thing because the character is doing another. i give this game two stars because of the promo art work. i like that.
I'm enjoying the game I just don't understand why you don't have the option to turn the auto off? All I'm doing is looking at my screen while it's just playing itself and I can't seem to do anything about it. I would rather it give you the option for auto incase maybe you're not quite sure where you're going but honestly you stand still for 2 seconds and before you know it you're characters jumped 20 levels and you have no idea what's going on.
PvP needs balancing, should be based off hp to make things a bit more fair. Don't make most events cs as there are too many op opponents.... a few events are fine just not all of them. increase loot/gear drop rates a bit as they suck right now. Damn near impossible to get red gear specifically for my character always gives gear for warrior or mage.
The game plays itself, get to 300 in a few hours, have the game blatently tell you to pay for this or spend money on that. I do not recommend as a game because you will want to spend money on such a worthless game. in order to get anywhere pvp wise in the game, you need to spend.
okay I'm going to rant I've had enough of this I got to say something. you do know that elves have other freaking abilities other than bows dang it. once again you make the only female an Archer. this is sexist. Then you have the stupid idea that only thing elves ever done is shoot with bows. You do know they are excellent sword skills and magic and they have natural dexterity. I'm disappointed in the lack of character Dynamics
not even 5 mins in the game and im giving this 1 star bc thats all its deserving of, if i could rate 0 i would though. typical p2w game that only has ONE female class taking the typical role of archer so pointless class locking. and the advertisements bs, theres zero customization, youre a clone unless you spend. its a shame game looked good
Nothing new has been added to the game in months. The developers must have moved on to better games. My advice: Follow their example. Dont waste money on it. Horrible drop rates and in game bullying ruins this game. My inventory is overflowing with trash that is outdated and cant be deleted.
Ugh so everytime they do maintenance I'm stuck with a white screen, can't get into the game for 2 days! As a guildleader you lose position if you don't log on 2 days! They are more concerned about new servers than people being able to play! Lost 2 days of everything to include VIP cash money benefits! (Everytime they did maintenance not to mention you lose 2 days of building and keeping up!) 100% all about the money!
Great game, beautiful graphics and lots of events, challenge pvp. It's a fun game to play. However customer service is a total joke. They care very little about your issues and will continuously repeat themselves, helping you very little. It took a total of 9 hours for my problem to be solved.
Not worth to play this game!!! It will snatch your money, spend money and get nothing but trash items!!!!
Yesterday morning, the cp of my account was around 700k then I acquired blue wings from single boss so it boosted my cp to around 800k. Few minutes only passed, my cp dropped back at around 700k. Today, while dealing with a single boss, I noticed that my cp already reached 1 million. That was during lunch time. When I have to get back to work, I did offline botting. At around 4pm, I opened my account and boom, the cp has dropped to 956k. Such a money-hungry game. Deducting cp without notice.
This game is fun but there is some sort of problem with wing transmog it is probably only happening on my account (weird) but everything else is great!
You have to fight the game every single second to actually play, if you let go of the joystick or try to look at another screen or menu the AI will take over and automatically progress leaving you wondering where the hell you are and what you're doing. It's basically just a video, nothing else to it because it auto confirms and plays for you. Could've been fun if it actually let you play
Stupid controls! Your character keeps on moving and there is no way you can turn it off?? what the heck I mean it is annoying you know!! your doing something and your character keep on going to something and thats lame and stupid that there is no way you can turn it off Stupid Game! the game is like War of Rings!
Its an AUTO mode gameplay with no way to turn it off. I swear the moment i finished clicking every setting to find the "Auto turn off" button, tadaa.. im level 161 already with a horse mount ,high grade armor, a pet and a fairy following behind. sigh :(
it has so much potential but it's so fast paced that I cant keep up. I played for like 15 minutes and got to level 92. slow the xp rates down, give an option to at least turn the auto move function off cause you know, I wanted to actually play the game. not watch it for a while letting it play itself. party system is a bit weird to figure out. feels sloppy but could be a really good game! keep trying
I don't know why there is so much hate on a first day of launch. one guy even said that he at lvl 150 in 10 minutes (total BS), yea it has auto play, like any other game. play it for a week before complaining. yes, it has top up, but you can opt not to pay. Don't give bad review's immediately because you're to lazy to give it time. it doesn't have customization? duh! because it just started. if you guys are so smart, why don't you create the game you wanna see, then let us play it. let's see.
This might actually be a half decent game if the WHOLE THING wasn't automatically played. Can't do ANYTHING yourself, takes all fun away. You might as well be watching a video of the game. I start the game and ten seconds later I'm CP level 14,000 without doing anything and without a clue in the world what's going on, didn't even realize there WAS a story until a few minutes into the game, not even a game at that point.
It's so auto play I can't even read what is happening. I love games with options to auto play some things. This isn't that.
This is barely a game, you cant turn off auto, I have no idea what the story is, and just a few minutes I'm level 50 even though I do nothing at all. This is boring, you dont even get to really play, I cant check out the menus without my character heading to do the next mission, I learned all of this in just a few minutes.
This game has terrible customers service for VIP players. Do not recharge any more in this game if you are current VIP players or plan to invest p2w and is not worth it. So good luck if you try to reach out to them for help. They dont know what they doing or talking about. I recommend go find another game where they have better customer service.
this game really disappoints me. it looks like a good game but then it rushes you through it. not to mention theres no customization, you want to be a mage but also a girl? to bad your stuck being male. really wouldnt suggest this to anyone who likes personalization or a good story. this game needs a lot of improvements.
Basically a Cartoon: The WORST kind of, "RPG," games, (if you want to call them that), are these auto move games, where there is zero game to play. As soon as i saw this, the game was immediately uninstalled...Too bad the lazy developers decided to take an idiotic approach, to what could have been a great game. uninstalled immediately. shame on you, developers!
Giving it 3 stars 'cause the game has potential. Is there a way to turn off the Auto feature? I managed to get to level 20 without knowing what my char's up to, what the story is and how the controls work. This takes the fun in games. I do hope that there's a way to turn this off as I can't find one in the settings. Too bad, I really like the graphics but I can't enjoy it due to the Auto feature. Also, I wish we can choose the gender of each class and I wish there's an on-screen mini map.
No instructions The game was on autoplay and the character kept doing everything on its own I watched till the character reached around lv 50 on its own
Sooo First of all I like the game. I'm fine with auto play cause I know how to not use it unlike half the people that comment and complain about it. It's only rushes through the game in auto to acertain point I notice and then you can choose to use it or turn it off ..duh people. Second. The quest you have to for your third switch/class change. . .frustrating as hell . I've been grinding for over 24hrs now and only got 12 of what I need . it shouldn't be that damn hard .
So lemme get this straight....we earn diamonds but we cant use them unless we pay for them??? You give nothing back to your players and bait them into playing but dont actually reward them. You think you're earning diamonds and progressing but nope!!! What a crock of S***! Its all AUTO PLAY and a horrible game AT BEST!!!!
the game is good but it needs more improvements when it comes to better connection, cause sometimes we experience suddenly lost connection when we enter in a battlefield(raider)
if you have played soul destiny then congratulations you have already played this game... same game and all auto play... only difference is the characters. if you people enjoy auto then cool go play but obviously I'd rather be playing a game then the game playing itself and also there should be more character options as again only 1 choice for girls -.- again graphics are nice but obviously having so much auto and fast paced gameplay to me is not worth my time or money.
star dropped to 1, once I found the scam. you promise better gaming in the future, then send players to collect items they can't possibly get, unless they spend 1000 diamonds for an auto complete, diamonds which require a credit card. 100 flame axes just got your game deleted from my phone.
speech craft lvl 101...spend all the time talking ...barley no action and almost level 90 doing so in more or less 10 min of playing...no feeling of actually earning anthing...whats the point of giving us weapons and armor thats stronger when the next person you talk to gives you a better equipment that youll never use because of this pattern...im sorry but this is why im rating this one