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Luminous Sword

Luminous Sword for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by EYOUGAME(USS) located at 05-06, PAYA LEBAR SQUARE, 60 PAYA LEBAR ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Everything disappeared!! Spent all morning playing, closed the game and opened later when I had time to play again and the server I was forced to create a character on is gone. I lost everything. Stay far away from this game otherwise you'll just waste your time just for the developers to remove entire servers deleting all of your progress. Such a waste of time.
I kinda like it at first but after playing for 2 days im getting bored and we cant type other words like NICE...
I like the game..we can level up faster and then upgrade new new artifacts, wings and mounts fairy and the servants weapons it's satisfying,,but little bit of improvement is needed cause some,,when I upgrade it to new,,some appeared as pink screen and some are invisible..
I started playing last night, played for a couple of hours, but now i dont see the server i played at, and have to start a new game, i was at lvl 117, had recharged 1 time. I have tried all login options, but it is nowhere to be found --Edit-- I started again, new server, played my way up to lvl 170, had 500k CP , and 1 small rechage. I closed the game while working, and when i opened it again, everything was gone. I have played many games from you, so i know you can do better.
I enjoyed it for the period of time i played the second i got the text it came out, but after i closed the game and tried to get back on all of my progress was deleted and it keeps saying i have to start over from character creation i made it to level 135, had uprgraded all my gear as much as i could, and put a few dollars in, so this is very upsetting.
Beware!!! Relogin account was gone....all the effort down to drain. I was only using Google play to login at the begining of. All sudden direct back to character creation page. Eyou doesn't bother to address this issue. Spend at ur own risk!!!!
This game needs to improve specially the boss droprate is too low and character selection are limited for two. Also, I already spent a lot of money to raise my CP, unfortunatley after the server AP84 & AP83 merged. Im not satisfied in its server compensation rewards. It is too unfair for the lower levels not to gain enough CP to catch up, just a bunch of trashy small rewards. Im soooo disappointed & decided to uninstall it thinking about the money that were spent . -(Server AP 84 Wie)
I just started this game earlier and was totally thrilled and what not. Really into it and excited to see more. I closed out to take a phone call only to log back in to see that the character I had created was not there. I spent money on this and played for an hour or so. Was at least at lvl 170. I dont understand why this happened or what to do to fix it so im giving it one star because this is pretty crappy.
Played for a few days and lost interest. Leveling up is too fast & requires so much at one time. By the time you reach lvl200, you can't really even get passed the main quest bosses with the required CP suggested. The CP requirements are too tough and make it hard to grind. Top-up is also another issue. Too many pop ups for top up, it's not worth my time.
Visuals are great. But then controls are useless. In-game, I am currently eternally running rn because I can't get out of a glitch in the map. Autoplay also means that there are weird map changes when you change quests without any warnings that the quest is currently on going. Class differences between a dragon and a goddess (the only two classes) does not seem significant other than the visuals. There are a lot of minor issues too like double enhance buttons
I love your games but this gameplay is so flat it needs alot of improve the gameplay needs some spice to it its kinda basic RPG
Love the game overall just wished you could buy flowers with bound instead however overall great game
Really bad game, it starts well but then you realize you will never purge anything, ever. You will be forced to repeat stuff you've done the day before while other games will allow to purge it. A good example, Void Sword... 10 minutes of the darn thing... 10 MINUTES of repeating OVER and OVER. To do everything, it sucks more and more time. Forget about finding people to team with you won't. The game gives you AFK players which are totally useless so... I'm gone.
Bought in for the vip upgrades, played for a while, then went about my day. Logged in again later and it took me to the create character screen, all my progress was lost and my purchase of vip has disappeared. Please fix this asap or refund my money.
All in all,it's pretty nice.The only problem is those top up messages that pop up on the screen too often.In rest is a nice game.
It is great game it's graphics are good and have vip too its good to spend money hehe anyways its good
There is some problem with update.. I installed it but as soon as I started playing... I see that my storage bag is blanck... Even though I do have gears.. It doesn't show up in bag.... So I tried to unistall and install... I tried to login to my americanserver... Bt it doesn't let me go for it... It shows Asian server... I tried installing and unistalling again... It didn't work... I couldn't change my server from Asia to others... Please check it... I gave 4 stars bcz I do like the game...
The game is very cluttered. Everything is very close together and sometimes overlaps making it very hard visibly. It is really hard to see what you are doing in the game, and the similar colors evrerwhere make it very hard to distinguish one thing for another. Mechanics are alright and would be a good game if the visuals could be cleaned up.
So I've been playing the game for less than two hours and I'm already at level 100. That is way too fast. The the gameplay is good the graphics are great. There is way too many icons on the screen sometimes they overlap and it's hard to read and advanced. Now if you would take away the Auto Battle like this and every other game in this genre has I would give it four or five stars if not then it's just another pay-to-win auto-fight MMORPG
Fun, very enjoyable...many top up to be #1 but tbh is not even worth doing it. Its easy to get strong, relaxing game too I like it
EDIT: NO. You haven't fixed IT! So I don't know where you got that idea from. I never replied to your email with my details you asked for so how can you have fixed it? Played for hours. Over level 150 and I left to answer a phone call. Went to log back in and its GONE! Spent money for VIP 4 and logged in using Facebook so where is it?
Just started playing this game, created a character, got my vip 3 and all of a sudden the game freezes and shuts down. Trying to log back in, my character disappeared I have to start all over again while things have been already paid, trying to contact the GM no much, Facebook messenger NOTHING! This is not a good start
useless updates... nothing changes... lag and game crashes every now and then... high prices in store... players cant enjoy much this game... two thumbs down...
Don't spend a single dime on this game. Asking for the dev team what is the drop rate on an item and getting the following reply: "Hi there, sorry to tell that we can't reveal any information directly to players. Thanks for your feedback too, we will submit it to our technical team." Aweful customer service, very badly translated game and aweful bugs such as music and sound effects cutting off randomly and not getting the items described when you top up.
Worst game ever. Gear drop in gear instance 0,0001%. Abiss opened only for vip5. So if u not pay u can go there only after 2 months. Simple because VIP point sistem giving poins so lil per day that is not worth it. Instance what need for gear stones (Hideon) need pay also since ticket shard drop is 0,00001%. Plus terrible chat sistem!! Can not even type words "event" and "game"! All this greadiness making even hight vips simple drop game in 2 weeks . No point to play at all!
Potential to be a good idle rpg, since it's new it still has many kinks to work out. I don't like the fact that it keeps pressing you to buy vip3 to basically start. Do like they give you vip2 after a couple hours of play. Just to buggy and lots of lag right now.
The first day had a lot of loading issues. And got stuck without even loading. Now it works, it's fun, but very similar to a lot of other games. Constantly asking for top-ups... it is kind of cluttered with visuals too.
Really need some improvements. Server merge can make your rank freefall but i guess it's better than a dead server. The game is pretty generous with items, looking at the events they have (there are a lot) but the drop rate should be higher. About the prices, it's standard but you can get a big discount in c.s. sale event they have (paid) which is kinda great
Zero player input: only thing to do is watch and enjoy the graphics. Logged out because of a glitch and tried to come back, but the game didn't recognize my login information and forced me to start over with character creation. User interface is stressful because it's CROWDED with tons of content link buttons.
Good game. The level up is fast, but character customization can be worked on further. Also, the tutorial needs to be improved. When I started playing, I made to level 100 but had no idea what I was doing. The game completely took over.
The Game is Incredible,the only reason it cant reach 4 or 5 stars is because of..... Charactor Creation And Races There is only 2 races like man come on I know you can do better and for Dragons only 3 hairstyles! I know a next race is gonna come out but the developers I bet have given up on this game so there probably wont be a next race but if there is I would give this game a shot but still 3 races is not alot.The Next race could be a Demi-Human like a half wolf half human.
I played my character to 110 and took a break. Came back and you lost her on the very first day I played your game. Even after I spent a little money on vip. Very disappointed.
Fun game. But I'm having the same problems as everyone else. I closed the game and when I logged back on my character was gone and now I have to start all over. I was lvl 195.
It has good potential. I hope trade market becomes a thing where players can trade gear Chakra etc.. With other players for gear etc.. That way even players who don't have enough money to top up could increase there CP faster and better
Wonky game and deceitful when upgrading the auto box is automatically selected causing to spend resources when not wanting too. Watch closely as this game has some deceit to it. Igave these developers $15 and I hope they fix this issue and clean up the confusing congestion on the game screen. Smh
This game overheats my phone in no time even with choosing the power saving option and setting the graphics to low and showing no players. I have to dim my screen way down just to squeeze in a few more minutes of playtime. This is essential if I'm fighting a boss. If it weren't for the heating issues, this would be a great game. As with all games from this company, the dubbing is extremely bad, but cheesy charming once you get used to it.
the game is good but need to change few things like the flowers in the game it's too expensive and there's people can't do recharge even so it's too expensive you need to lower it or put it on the other money-dunno the name of it-and the abyss boss ticket we can't buy it from anywhere?? how could this be and it's daily boss too.. i really hope you fix this the game is too good but only this little things
This game is after one thing money, its the first game I have played where you have to spend money to insert gems. Every thing costs money terrible.
It's a fun game but when the last update hit it wouldnt let me play the game anymore. It gets stuck on the downloading updates screen. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing. Also it's been this way for almost a week maybe a little longer