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Ludo Game

Ludo Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Ludo Game. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Lots of fun, doesn't take up much room. Looks great, they don't want any of your info like most games and can play on or offline.
Worst one ever πŸš«πŸš«πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬ ....This game is pretty I mean really stupid.WORST GAME...And stupidest thing is if u wanna play online u need to install one more game just for playing online.....
This is the game where your mind moves on a different level. It gives u a better way to do work with a new space. It is just like a magic. Thanks.
this game is just waste of time because if we play with computer then the computer can make us to go again to the home but we can't , how can this happen , even if it is a computer but it should kniw that there is other player too playing . This should'nt happen again
Yez all critical reviews are right they gave me 6 and it was a chance to unlock new or kill after i killed the computer the computer killed me with 2 and it reached inside and mine 1 was on its way then the 1 was no more as it entered the starting point of computer and that is really wrong
I love it is so amazing even if you are like bored play this there is not much add and thats the beat part of this game it is awsome l give it five star
This app is a waste of time. When one plays against the computer, it has too many preprogrammed patterns, repetetions, deliberate obstructions and delays, making fair play and competitive probability virtually impossible. It even seems as if opponents' pieces are programmed to assist each other. After a few rounds, this game becomes quite predictable and reminds of dirty politics. Only when one plays "local" with others in real time, is the game natural. The online version does not seem to work.
The game is very bad because computer always wins the game I try hard to win but the computer always wins the game so please don't play this game forever and don't rate any of this
OK for playing in pairs or teams, but playing against computer is always the same! Right amounts always comes up when computer has a turn so it can always win. Waste....
the game is interesting but lacks 1 thing. being able to connect with others offline, either by bluetooth or wifi hotspot
a good and interesting game while playing the local mode. but during playing computer mode computer always wins. and in onlime mode we have to install another thing.
Ya it is a nice game and i like it very much. I use to play with my parents for timepass and i play with my grandmom and my fiancee. We enjoys a lot... I suggest to all atleast once u all have to try it. You all get good time pass...
waste app, i had choosen green colour and started playing but while playing i had almost completed but the coin is not going to the ending point and the jumping and coming to the starting point again
There are no online games we have download online games i really need to get a better improvement of this games and the photographs. So I have to admit that the other who are going to download the games please install a good game like free fire and rescue and pubji.those who will download they just a ruskil and fool.bul i really love the bame
This game is very nice but when w e use to play with computer so there is csome sort of chrting which I completely disliked see I am waiting from. 1 minute but my 1 is not not coming ng and computer just wait for2 seconds and his1 comes how is it posdiblr
Very bad and unfair game it is..always gives one sided matches..no competiton..such a stupid game..do not install this stupid game.😑😑😑😑
Hateful game😑😠. Useless, you can't play online in this game, you need to download other app for play online. You just can play with computer or local. Just waste of time. 😠😠😠
This is the worst rigged cheating ludo game i have ever played. Just try the two player mode and see how the computer will cheat you, it will have 20 times more 6 rolls than you. Try as much as you can and it will still win because it is programmed to give you low outcomes and give the computer very outrageously high outcomes. What a shame, A scam game with lots of ads. I'm uninstalling it immediately.
It is super duper super pooper super good. I love this game very much and I not tride for this game. I love this game badly. I always play this game and I always play online players.
It is a very good game i and my. Daughter.enjoys it a lot i usually play with the computer and. Whoever says that the computer always wins is totally wrong
playing with computer is unfair. the algorithm doesnt obey basic rules of ludo but expects us to follow them. if the game developers are here, then please fix this glitch.
Worst game ever you have to play for only for only 1 out 4 coin in the house... Instead of putting all in the house
Game is great but the pop-up ads are inappropriate. The ads are sexual and since i have no control over them, i get embrassed every they pop up.
It was a great opinion to play this game to me because i was so bored i think about this game and i gonna play it makes me feel not bored but there is lots of ads and lots of ads ............it was so joyfull game i have always wins with computer but in multiplayer i havent win anytime that makes me so angry😀
it's very bad. When I play with the computer only I get Ones and six to come out otherwise I get only ones and two's .I hate this game please improve. I usually never give a review but this is rubbish bad irritating an headach .improve Hate it will never try to install it ever again please Bann this game
This is an waste game in ludo All thinking this but this is not correct way to think . Think positive u can win with computer when you take this game as a challeng
I Love this game because we can type name but we can't choose color in local and computer we can choose colors
it is the best game in the whole entire world I don't know what to say about is like a game that you're frustrated excited and once you get close to the end of the year already got all your characters inside and there's only one more left you're like oh my God oh my God oh my God and you're feeling that they stand for in the days of rolling two dice and once you get it or you don't get it could graduate the person that got it at least keep on going on don't quit this game # follow me on Instagram
You can't play the dice because of Google advertisement. The ad window will appear above the dice. When we click on the dice the ad gets clicked, preventing us from playing.
Whenever I play with the computer, the computer only wins...okk that its about luck but not always one will winn ..fix this problem..very bad game
Wonderful. Exciting. What a design. Yet 2 explore full app. Hence 4 stars. Otherwise deserves 5. What abt scoring system?
This is a worst game. When I play with the computer, it always get a six. Comp gets 20-25 times six. Please make the changes in the game. They knowing and kill me.
I love the game but the problem that I don't like is that things online that when I tried to play it the teen told me to download and I don't want to download so now I can just give this a five-star the game is good and good everybody must install it
Nice game. It's very good for timepass. But one thing has ruined me that is snake and ladder. If snake and ladder has in it, this game would be more excellent.
This game is just ridiculous. Everytime I play I'll win for almost all but at last Computer wins It is too bad experience.😑😑
It's fun but it is not the best app i I' v seen coz it's slowπŸ˜‘ and makes an unpleasant sound and I think it needs updating 😟
😀😀this game is not good because when i play with computer it always win and also it does not have the snake and ladders game if i want to play online then it need to download i think ludo king is better than
*⚠️🚫Before you download this app pls read this🚫⚠️* This game is halfly rigged if u play classic with only 2 players the computer always wins the app never letd you win... If i win a game i will rewrite my review and rerate this but until then..... it's gonna stay at a 1
Android cheats. Though they claim the numbers come randomly, after playing for awhile one will notice that those aren't random. It will win anyhow all the time.
This game is so worst. 😑 when I play it with computer then I got only 1,2,1,2.and the computer get 6,6,5,5 😠
Its not fun .... Its too fake, nothing like the real main ludo .... Its to computerized ... They tell you to do everything, when to move when to stop ... Its no fun πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜£ please work on it and make it more understanding... For beginers ... Thank you,😊😊
online is no good as people are really rude and nasty on there. bad!! I play against computer and love it.
A very bad game . When I played with Computer it just homed one coin and it won . The game should be improved. 😑😠😑😠
This game is the worst and scripted, only supports one particular player/colour. Tiktok is better than this worst app.
terrible. playing against the computer is the worst ever. computer always gets exact number to knock a counter home. always gets a 6 to get out. this game needs fixing. my opinion do not install worst game ever!!!!!!!
Computer always wins and always gets six. I was playing with computer I got 1 2 3 and computer always gets 6 5 4.
developer has developed this app without using mind. very biased game. many ppl complaint about fixed number of dice to.player and 6s to computer but developers are dumb. this game is headache.
It really test ur brain. U should have this . We can even play with computer if nobody ready to play otherwise this is 2or 4 player game thats the reason of my 4 star rating bcoz beyond 4 players are not there. But its best game . Thanks
Foolish gameπŸŽ‹πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ , don't waste your time on it one person will play 6 aaaaa and the other will be playing 123 😠😠😠😠
this is very nice game but I have given 4 stars because it doesn't have the facility to change the rules like we can unlock our coin by 1 and 6 both i request you to update the game
Nice game but the controls of this game are not good enough and computer wins almost all times totally the game is not excellent but little bit good i recomend that the devoloper wants to devolop this game.
The game is awesome πŸ‘ but it keeps hanging everytime, pls u guys should check on it, because I almost uninstalled it,but I just left it cause it's okay. So please do well to stop the hanging part. Thanks 😊
The app is good but the computer type only the computer gets to return your seed home but the app is very good so i give it three stars
Worst game app ever.. I installed it to play online game but after installation when I tried playing online it suggested me to download one more app to play online otherwise u can only play with the computer. So don't download it
Good game. Needs to be improved but whosoever saying that "computer always wins" is false. I saw that I win against computer.
This is a very poor version. I played one game and uninstalled. Very little thought went into this app. Disappointed. Like the idea of playing against the computer, however there are no options to adjust the gameplay at all.
One of the best ludo game i hav evr palyed soo beautifull just a realiastic graphics and the game is such a far better and lovely. Good thiling this is in my personal favourite so bydaway the game is soo beautifull.πŸ’œπŸ˜Š
Worst system. If yu play alone. Computer will always win as what ever the score he will need to win. He will get. But you will not get. Even when yu two person will play then once player 1 will win and then 2nd player. And it will continue w. But timepass is good .
Typical people have a sweet and for bluebook family in December and 6AM is the most expensive place in Europe for bluebook and
Nice game and wonder ful experience . Great time killer and who says that computer always wins so it is false bcz i won many games against computer.
Yahoo I enjoy this game very beautiful game but how we can play online please tell me in comment please fastπŸ€—πŸ˜