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Lucky Time Slots Online - Free Slot Machine Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by DGN Games - Free Slots Casino located at DGN Games P.O.Box 92166 Austin, TX 78709- 2166. The game is suitable for PEGI 18 (Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Use to be my favorite slot game but nowadays it takes 20mins to load from the opening app. Takes so long I end up giving up and exiting. Please fix this issue #Samsung20
Do not download this game. Three times I've bought coins only to spin with not one win, over a billion in coins and not one win. You people need to have a look at this problem now. Waste of time worst slot game ever.
Normally not to bad of a game but 3 separate slots I have gotten a feature and it won't let me play the feature not impressed
Very unhappy with the new layout in the main menu to where you choose what slot you want to play.. Since the chang the reel timing is completely different and you just don't get the free spin feature on All Aboard dynamite dollars machine as you got plenty of spins before the new layout..my motto is cant get spins no purchase with my visacard anymore and uninstall and delete now and reinstall Luckytime slots ever again.. Just download Mr Cashman Casino..its awesome App folks must download
Lucky time slots has a variety of slot games that are different from a lot of plain ones! Try it out for yourself, and give it a chance! I wish bonus spins to all.
Please reinstate the ability to turn off music, but leave the sound on. And why is it taking so long to slow down the spins ? Still in turbo mode. Customer experience is awful
Okay hate hate HATE THE UPDATE. spins are way to fast. Have redownload slot that were preciviously unlock. Bonus round due spins going too fast cant win anything cause it over in a blink of an eye.
This is the WORST Casino Game App out there. 1 in every 4 spins is interrupted by either the inner championship races or ads. The issue lies with when you spin and something pops up, it doesn't complete your spin and stalls. Therefore you lose money each time. Unless you're fortunate enough to stall on a bonus. I put in $99 worth, and it lasted 2 hours with barely any bonuses, let alone bonuses worth while. Would not recommend this game even if it was the only Casino App in the App store.
No response from support with issues. Like the games but no return on coins bought. If you want to spend lots of money and watch the same players win the jacklots this site is for you! Ive watched the same player win the lucky time jackpot 3 times today. Ive been playing for months and have never won. Have deleted multiple times but games are very addicting.
You buy chips...90 spins, no WINS, no free spins, no bonus feature! I won't be buying from this game again....shocking
Luckytime all the time ! Just try it !! You will like it . It feels like your at the real casino. Its very fun. LOVE STACKS and PYRAMIDS OF GOLD Pays the best for me!
What is happening to my credits I had 3 billon credits all just disappear? Can You guys restore. Not happy
Been playing for about 4 days and only won a little on the first day I played. I haven't even played long enough to decide whether it's worth purchasing credits here, when all the games went dead. Bonus rounds does not come at all. Uninstalling.
Great wins, always adding new games, thankyou, new daily challenges! Love this site ❀. I do miss some of your old Games
I don't like the updated game. It spins too fast, hurts my eyes, the graphics aren't easily "seen". Disappointed. Won't be playing much now. WAS the best game to play.....:(
Higher roller costs so much credits I had 500M then they setted up my bet of 100M which I have no choice and then I quitted the game which was so unfair. I'm rating 2 stars I loved the heart and diamonds which made me played longer but sorry I had to unistalled the game. Cheated.
When i lose my remaining coins i will be done with this site i am retired and on a fixed income and have spent hundreds of dollars knowing that i would never get any of that money back but was expecting to get hours of fun playing but the longer you play the faster you take my coins. I would not waste your time spending any money on this site.
lovelove love it no need too update love thus app dissappointed when i have to wait for coins love all the new apps still love this app my favourite app love all the games.love this app new games all the time no time to get bored.
I have had this game since the virus started and love it. Today though it is coming up the wrong way and doesn't play at all. Would hate to be without it.
I never do reviews...but I have to say that I use to love playing these games. Unfortunately when you upgraded the look of your games, it spins so fast now that I can't even see anything anymore. It really took away the fun of it. I hope that maybe you could consider putting in a button again so that we can choose if we want it to spin super fast or just regular speed. I really miss playing these games...it is by far the very best games...it just hurts my eyes now...so I can't enjoy it.
I enjoy this game...the only thing is it costs to much per spin and you loose your money ey quickly..
Payouts are terrible. Play "keys" in latest version were shrunk too small and lead to false spins! Max bet key NEEDS to be moved AWAY from spin key to avoid errors which occur WAY TOO OFTEN!!
I just started, but the graphics are cool, hopefully I can win enough to keep playing, as I like this site
Still here, games are fun, I do have my favorites games. Graphics are realistic. Enjoy this game so much. Also if you have any issues you get help right away. This is greatly appreciated. Great job. Adding - still loving the games.
Great game to play. Graphics are great. Have been playing another slots game, but now will stay with this one. 10 out of 10...
I've been playing Lucky time for over 2 years now it's probably be best slot online they give my bonuses out and they're more rapid to repair something when there's a mistake I would recommend lucky time to anybody UPDATE: Just wanted to say I do believe Lucky Time is the best online. I have tried many while playing Lucky Time. They are gone and its been 5 years. Looking for a fun game with good support. You found it.: UPDATE: Disappointed. Machine to tight. No wins. Pay to often for coins Came
Do not play. Buy coins no wins. Lightning link better than this trash game . If I could give 0 stars I would. Just a money grab app you will never win grand jackpots. Do not download this.
Could have been good. Best games are locked, offers to buy coins were stuck on the screen, only way to delete it was to delete the game... Good riddens
Wow:::I recommend this game to everyone who likes to play games like this one. Good payouts, beautiful colors, graphics are perfect. Love it. Thankyou so much.
If your lucky enough to get free spinns payout horrific, never more than 4 or 5 spins. Back to Heart of Vegas for me. 1 star for the graphics
One of the best casino style entertainment Apps around with highly realistic gaming machine simulations. Lots of positive points, good scoring system, clear sound, ability to switch notifications, sound and other primary features on or off. Promoted by Crown Casino. A game worth looking into specially during the responsible Social Distancing times. Ability to utilise Google Pay or play on its own with generous points & rewards. Clarity of imaging is stunning. New games unlocked all the time.
Thank you for that bonus, much appreciated. Also for bringing back the slower spins, the old eyes couldn't keep up when it was all turbo mode.
Impossible to win! Very boring! Endless pop ups trying to get you to pay for your play time! Don't waste your money....you won't win even if you buy!
Great to be able to play the All Aboard game, it's so realistic. Particularly given COVID 19, these apps are a godsend. Excellent!
I haven't gotten the chance to actually play this game yet and now they want a review. Hell, give someone enough time to actually play to first before y'all ask for a DAMN rating.
So far so good! Lot of payouts not a bunch of ads, enjoying it so far...well it's just like every other slots game. 5 minutes after giving 5 stars and good review above, they took over 100 mil I had and haven't won anything since....dumb
I like alot of the games, but your coins go down so quickly, without having any big wins, and very rarely do I get free spins in any game very disappointing
Sick of this app spamming other apps with ads that are borderline viruses. The ad lasts too long and I can't get rid of it without closing down other apps.
I am visually impaired and am so frustrated that this thing automatically changes my bet to something ridiculous without me knowing it and uses all my points in 2 spins. It's happened twice now and I wont buy another point until they are restored. I have been buying every week so it will be your loss.
Graphics where good, terrible pay out though, seemed wins are turned down compared to a casino, pay outs dont match compared to a casino either, everything is turned down, spent $40 had one lot of free games, free daily cash is very low too when comparing to 120k a spin with most games. No gamble future either which is disappointing.
The games are really good but not enough winnings or trains since update slots are unside down but only lucky times
[edit] well, I tried it again. Nothing seems to have changed. I suppose some people must win sometimes else they'd have no customers. Just not me. I get that slots are 'random' but I've just played over 500 spins, without a single feature. That doesn't fit well with 'random'. Surely I should have 'randomly' won at least ONE feature in that many spins? Oh well, moving on.
Great graphics and cool machines. Highly addictive. I would like to see the minimum lowered on a few machines so we could get to play longer.
Great game with lots of different options for slot play. 5 * easy compared to other casino style games that force you to buy coins. The payouts are huge. So if you are considering a casino game.?? Go with this one.. Well worth it. Enjoy
These slots are so good compared to other ones i have downloaded. I will keep on playing. I can't get into Lucky Time. It keeps telling me that the app has stopped. I am paying good money to play this slot and every time i buy the game stops. Very frustrating.
Last update has ruined a good game, slots spin too fast and game rotates the wrong way round on opening.
It's not random at all. Why is the machine's variation set to something different in the first one to six levels? Funny if you factory reset over and over you'll always get a feature at these levels and at least 50 mill. The machine's are set up based off your code. It can be changed to pay better even if it's random. Hence why you don't allow us to access the game files. It's ridiculous that Google allows you to take money from people who are addicted to gambling and set the machines to pay low
New player. Bonuses are scarce, when you do get one, payouts are awful, average 3 x bet and once got 10x bet on bonus of over 20 games and it shows 'legendary win" :) i guess when you win so little that sums it up.
Really bothers me when I put it on auto spin and pop ups keep popping up and having to keep closing things ... Have a look at hugeeee slots and after a few seconds it goes back to spinning which I prefer ...anyway I uninstalled this game because I prefer to put it on auto and I can't ..
I am zowing with the 5 stars for the first time. I am truly impressed.. A Bentley of slot machines...zowie! ZOWIE!! Five months later... Just hit the biggest payoff in my life.!! Starting to nod off, thinking of calling it a night, then BAM!! Not a big bet either! BAM I says BAM!! These games are unreal. Beauty beyond my ability to describe, some real genious went into these games. I truly wish i could say more. Artwork beyond compare, but that is so much a token. Please see it. Oh if only.
would be higher rated if i didnt keep getting told not connected to the internet when i havent lost connection. very frustrating
Awsome selection of slot games.πŸ™‚ Some of them remind me of the Konami slots I usually play at casinos. A great way to kill time and be safe at home, especially during these troubled time
Hi since your new update we have found the reels on all games now spin at turbo ,which is just to fast for us all relax and play it should be still a choice as to whether a player wants to run the game at turbo.anychance of giving back the turbo botton as a choice. Or slow the reels back down. Thanks
Love this game and their support. In reference to Matthew's review, that's exactly what I do. Depending on where I'm at in the game and how many coins I have I'll switch it up to a different slot. And you never know you can hit it big or just enough to keep going. Continue to really enjoy the game in good/bad luck. Support has always been there. And screenshots are always helpful for them. πŸ˜‰ Still loving it πŸ˜† Still playing! Always fun! Loving some of the new games! Relaxing and fun.
Been playing for a long time. Its depressing. Had 250 million, betting 2 million, nothing, no bonus game, nothing. Im on level 836 and VIP level is 8. Get 7 million every 3 hours and maybe 8-10 million on the slot machine bonus. I spent so much money on this game. Thought maybe leveling up might help. Nope, just want MORE MONEY. Save your money folks, it's truly a money pit.
As of my last rating, the Covid-19 Pandemic was just beginning and as of today, it is still just as active. Being that I am not going out of the house, mostly because of my Immune System, and because of the fact that I don't want to take any chances of coming in contact with the Pandemic, Lucky Time Slots has kept me busy, playing and spinning!! 😊 I enjoy the game just as much as I did from day 1, (8/2019), I actually have been purchasing coins, to help pass the time. Thank You L.T.S. πŸ’•
Literally one of the absolute worst slot games in the app store. I'm at a low level still with only a few unlocked games and barely have won anything. I can only imagine how much worst it is at higher levels. Save your time and skip this app or rate it a 1 star so others can see how bad it is. There's much better slot games in the app store.
Nice game so far Well it didn't take long The Daily Challenge board come up and couldn't get rid of it so trying it again or Uninstalle
I have become very hooked on slots, because they are so much fun. Have a safe and joyous holiday weekend to all !.
Now remember you heard this from me this lucky time slot machine is one that you must try' you're talking about exciteme rapid playt . And so many wins. I don't have too much funds to to consistently put in slot machine but wow when playing this machine which is probably my favorite slot machine of all time I get so carried away that I forget how much time and something even funds I have to sacrifice just because I have trouble putting it down in other words I can't stop playing.
These have to be the best slots i have ever played the only problem is you have to bet big but love every game
great game. lots of fun and fast. Still love this game. Wish I could last longer with coins so I could player all day off and on.
It keeps saying internet connection lost every couple of seconds and there is nothing wrong with my connection. Samsung A20 Android version 10. If this issue isn't fixed I will uninstall as it's unplayable.
It is my daily pick me up. Although there is a few interruptions during game play I don,t mind it because the games are so good. Update, the individual slots are so good to play and very fair in their payouts.
How nice. If it's fake well they slipped suicide ideation in never uttered bug power of suggestion if it's not a win.
When you win, you win in a streak. When you don't win, you can spin 3000 times and not hit any thing. That makes for a very very boring experience. The payouts are too obviously not random. The RNG on this game is seriously flawed, everything else is OK.
Love this game! A few more wins would be nice though, sometimes quite few and far betwee to get anything decent. But, still love the games 😊
This game app is great love playing everyday hardly any annoying pop ups , I would gladly recommend to everyone give it a shot you'll love it. Great graphics fun to play seems the app has been enhanced.
too many popups, keeps you on same game before unlocking nexr game. Also seems to only score on bonus games resulring in lose of coins For instance ilost 42 spins out of 44. I logged into app about 6 times and same things would happen.
So this is now my 3rd review and final review. Since your updated version this game takes so much money. I have spent lots of money as I said in previous reviews. I encourage anybody who reads my review not to install this game. Nothing but a money pit. I said what I said and I won't change it. Period!
One of the best online sites available. Great graphics. Only a couple of the pop ups and none of those stupid side games and collections that are so annoying on other sites. Purchase options are reasonable as well. All the bonus features are great and give back a good portion of money as well.
Luckytime all the time ! Just try it !! You will like it . It feels like your at the real casino. Its very fun. LOVE STACKS and PYRAMIDS OF GOLD Pays the best for me! I love about 8 games, so pick the one you love!!!
Too many glitches, more then few times bonus features didn't get registered and started. Plus many games are locked and can't even be played unless you do some serious grinding.
Great games that pay well and also enjoy the extra bonuses that are paid. I also enjoy the constant introduction of new games.
Still will not load its been months I have not got email to get in contact with support it only loads half way then stops i keep telling you i have no email account so cannot email support
The games are letting you win and letting you continue to play.I had a slow start, but am thoroughly enjoying it now!
Actually the only slot game I love! The games are the best! A great selection too. I don't bother with hardly any other games, Lucky Time is the best! Love the way placement of slots changes often! Still the best! Love the new look!
Lucky Time slots are my favourite go to. A couple I play all the time that keep me going credits wise. Thanks. Further to this I am still getting heaps of enjoyment from playing your games. It would be good if there were more with cheaper spins. 2500 is a bit too high for me most of the time. Thanks for your great games!
I've spent a lot of money on here and all we doing is making you rich because no matter how much you spend the returns are not even half of that. The bonus are weak .the free games are far and few and ive been playing for a few years now im almost ready to delete.
Lucky Time slots are my favourite go to. A couple I play all the time that keep me going credits wise. Thanks. Further to this I am still getting heaps of enjoyment from playing your games. It would be good if there were more with cheaper spins. 2500 is a bit too high for me most of the time. Thanks for your great games! Have had some great wins and bonuses lately. Enjoying the games. New phone had to start again. Some changes.
Lucky Time slots are my favourite go to. A couple I play all the time that keep me going credits wise. Thanks.
I like this game but it sames like every hour or so the game shuts down theni have to restart all all over again.
Constant popups make playing for more than 30 seconds straight impossible. Not worth the trouble. Generic slots games.
Immediately liked it from what I could see.....BUT after trying to spin on the Santa feature game it kicked me off several times and started freezing up. There's also absolutely NO menu icon. I found this very strange and couldn't even contact customer support for assistance. So frustrating 😑
I thought it was great getting 30,000,000 for my first time playing until I realised that 3,000,000 was the minimum spin. Lost that in 20 seconds of playing now it wants me to pay to get more credits! This is not fun! It worse then going to play the actual pokies... well I guess that is what they really want anyway...
I'm not sure why I passed your commercials so many times but I did... Now I'm sorry I did, having a great time... You can be sure I'll be a regular at Lucky Time from now on, Thank you, JJMc
So far it has moved u into several different games of slots. I really like that. Thats why I give it a 5 star rating.
It is my daily pick me up. Although there is a few interruptions during game play I don,t mind it because the games are so good.
My experience has been that when I buy credits, they give you big wins. Once you have reach a high amount of credits, THEN they start taking your credits in every or any game I played. I wouldn't get bonuses, in NONE of the games. AND IF I DID get a bonus, it would only give me just a few credits. It just gets so boring and I felt disappointed. I lost 11 billion credits I won after my purchase, but from there, I lost everything by not giving me bonuses at all.
By the time you get to lvl you still only getting 3 million and the machine are right so you lose it . This is not lucky time its poor no coin time . Stay away from this game if you like playing longer then 20 min per bonus.
Most like being in a real casino! Lots of new games so your choices are numerous! Love Lucky Time! It is still the best! I am so hooked on Pyramids of Gold! Love this game. I used to play several casino games, but truthfully Lucky Time is the best!!
Fun games. But it is not worth playing. You start off with a million coins .you build it up a little bit.you even buy coin three or four times just build up more. Just to lose it after few games.there real casnio on line were you can spend money and win real money and have better odds. All you do is pay for fake coins and don't win really money. I thought this could be fun to play in passing time.watch some adds to help keep free.but this another is scam for nothing.
I don't like the update you kept my money in my level up bonus 69,000,000 and I want it you switched over and I didn't get my money it took so long to get there pay up thank you
Haven't been playing long but really enjoying it. Only complaint is not being able to really control the size of your bet.Am using far more of my coins than I normally would.
Hi i love playing lucky time slots but i havent been able to play for over 12 months or more the game loads half way and thats it i wait hours for it to load but no it stays loaded half way so i uninstall it and install it again and again still the same so plz help me get back to the game i love to play thank you. Tracee
Free games are few and far between. Told that unless you bet big you might get a free game and a feature e.g. coin drop feature. Really not interested in this game will be uninstalling.
Love, love,, Lucky Time!! Most like being in a real casino! Lots of new games so your choices are numerous! Love Lucky Time! It is still the best! I am so hooked on Pyramids of Gold! Love this game. I used to play several casino games, but truthfully Lucky Time is the best!!
So far its been a great game. Nothing overly complicated. Ads are minimal. Fabulous distraction when bored.
I like the game play but 1 thing I don't like is that you have to wait to level up to open up more slots other than that very awesome game πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰
really enjoyed playing this game. try it you will too.lots of fun!! I can't believe how much more fun this game is!!! Just wonderful.i won more today than I ever have.
Paid for 2 minutes of spins in main screen, then I had to start it before I could even get in a game and lost 30 seconds of it, could not waste time to choose the game that I want. then I get in a game and 2 pop-ups came up! Unbelievable! then I lose connection for the first time, what a coincidence! Then proceeded to lose all my coins in 3 minutes without getting anything in return. I want a refund! Shouldn't you start your free games when your in a game! Win at first then can't win a thing!
People don't download this app really these slots r so hard to get any spins and even having 1 billion credits it ate it all up no spins went to 50000 bet its a real money chewer,,slots have great graphics but will tear you apart in the game and before you know it your completely out of credits n they keep sending you pop ups to buy more credits,,its not a matter of luck its a complete money making app for developers,, you are winner by not downloading Lucky Time Slots,,worst slot app ever OMG
Gave me about 2 hours of gameplay about a week ago and haven't had a single feature since. Pity. The games are actually fun.
I just installed lucky time slots 20 minutes ago, It's been loading for 15 minutes still hasn't opened πŸ˜”
really enjoyed playing this game. try it you will too.lots of fun!! I can't believe how much more fun this game is!!! Just wonderful.
Fake big-time it is so hard to find a realistic slot. With this one you should have plenty of coins play on my fake slot group ees
Great slots experience. Better than most of the big brands in terms of immersion. Great perks and big wins.
Wouldn't even give this 1 star. Waste of time. Waste of money. I take it the people who rated it higher are employees. It would be good in the train game to actually get a train feature. A$15 worth of costs playing 100,000 down to 20,000. Not even 20 mins of play.
Rigged so you lose. All these casino games are only fun if you can afford to WASTE MONEY so greedy game developers can make money off peoples addictions. Free coins are only enough for a few spins.
Game is terrible just wants you to keep buying coins and impossible to get a bonus because of so many things popping up and negatively impacting spins. Very pathetic. Run away from this rip off game
They gave me 4 mins to spin as much as possible for free best slot game ever....perhaps lets see if they pay
Downloaded and got very little coins to start with and I lasted three minutes..I uninstalled..what a bunch of crock!!!!!!!!!
Too boring! Wins are very few during normal play which makes playing a bore, good wins are quickly lost after waiting for free spins. Disappointing have uninstalled to look for exciting games. Honestly my star rate for this game is ZERO!
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘great fun...😊😊😊 really enjoy playing but sometimes feels like not enough big wins to get totally excited ..
Since leaving my review the game has improved. I acknowledge and am impressed someone is listening. Now if you can get rid of the pop ups and drop downs during a game I can give a high rating. I hate giving feedback annoy me about it and it's 1 star. Update the game and award little or no jackpots plus take away the frequency of free games and it's minus three stars. Wake up to yourselves.
Lucky Time slots are my favourite go to. A couple I play all the time that keep me going credits wise. Thanks. Further to this I am still getting heaps of enjoyment from playing your games. It would be good if there were more with cheaper spins. 2500 is a bit too high for me most of the time. Thanks for your great games! Have had some great wins and bonuses lately. Enjoying the games.