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Lucky Lottery Scratchers

Lucky Lottery Scratchers for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by 41 Games located at 751 E. Blithedale Ave #645 Mill Valley, CA 94941. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this app! I enjoy playing the scratch off games but I can't afford to play very often. With this app I can play several times a day without taking $$ out of my pocket!
Wow this is awesome miracle, cause I tried playing scratch off tickets from the store's but always to broke to get them and when I had money, I had to trust someone else to get them for me cause I don't have a car to get around. So so it's a fun and I hope it will really pay a good sum of money that I could really use right now. Cause gov money is not ever enough. Y'all get what I mean and being disabled long time. So gonna keep trying and hopefully win. 😎😎😎😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏
I like the cards that like the pay-out or at least what the cat is saying not totally understanding how to get a payout I'm going to look now but having fun
The Game is fun and you actually win unlike real lottery tickets so that is a plus for me. If you could actually win real money without having to spend a fortune doin it would be a good plus or at least win some prizes.
This is a really nice game! It's really fun but the credits to keep playing is a little annoying when run out of credits u have to wait 1 hour before you can get more bonus credits which is pretty low. Some ticket cost a lot of credits to play then plus you have to be on high level to play many of the other ticket. But all together i love it and hopes it gets better
Cards are nice . winning small amount. Like the colors in the cards . enjoying it for a past time. If ya like scratching lottery tickets this games for you.
So far it's a fun game. I do scratchers in the real world so this game saves me a lot of money I'd otherwise spend.
This game is fun but a bit hard to figure out graphics are cool just play the game you will like it,even if you don't understand what you are doing.
It's a pretty good game and it's pretty realistic. My one problem is you can sometimes run out of credits. I think there should be a button to watch an ad for 100 credits
Tickets are cool. That's bout it. You cant build any kind of bankroll. I been playing for 4 days now and I'm at the point I have to wait for the bonus just to play 2 tickets pretty much. Takes too long to level up to get new tickets. I broke my creed by spending my actual money to get more coins n lost them within minutes. At the end of the day it's a GAME n you not paying out real money so why not let the users win more? Fix these issues n you will by far be the best scratching game out.
Just a boredom killer. All you win is coins, and then you use those coins to purchase more cards. App kinda gives the "win real money" message. This is not true
I REALLY love this game! It seriously "scratches" my ticket scratching "itch!" ↖(see what i did there...har har har...) For real though... Awesome game! Great time passer amd stress reducer...great job andFIVE stars AND two thumbs WAY up!
I fell in love with this game on my first spin it's easy and fun I feel it's a better scratcher than most
I love this game! Have won several times,great to pass time during this very sad time in our country's , with the Carona virus lockdown!
Its fun and enjoyable great way to pass the time epecially if your waiting to be seen at the doctors or something.
Love the scratches but to bad there's not a way to win a percentage of cash winning. Sister Rae oshay
The game gives great options of different types of scratch offs you can choose from. There's something for everyone and it's very addictive to play. They start you off with plenty of points to keep you scratching.
Game screws you more than you win sometimes dont even get 60 seconds of playtime. 25 tickets lost in a row!!
Just started scratching so far it's been great, fun, and I haven't had to watch a million ads, so ill rate it bit better after a weeknir so playing! Thank you 🙃
you get a thrill just as if you bought these at the store and almost more of a thrill because they start you off with enough credits to play for a while so you're playing for free I've been enjoying myself
It's a really fun game and a time waster at the same time but however it's a really fun game and time passer I say this because there is no pay out and if there is someone please let me know how cause I have over 100,000 credits 😱😁🤷
Am really enjoying lucky lottery scratchers it's a fun game to play I'd recommend it come join you will like it it's fun and you can win real money I give this game 5. Stars 🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟 come and play
Best scratchers I found. They're exactly like the real thing. This is the only app I've been on longer than a few days and have been on for over a year. Love it
I love this game! My favorite lottery one so far! Only thing that could be fixed would be having to wait an hour for credits when you run out, and not paying more. It's hard to level up once you get past like level 6.
Fun game. Great way to kill time. Great way to also save your money! Way more realistic than any other scratcher app I've tried because you only have a set amount of money. Other apps allow you to watch ads for free tickets. So theres really no way to run out of money or tickets. This app gives an hourly bonus to give you a small nudge if you hit your bottom. Also allows in app purchases for credits so you can buy credits with your own money for decent deals
Extremely fun and almost like the real thing!!! Wish it Was real cash though! You spend real cash for fake cash in this. The real thing u spend real cash for real cash! Should bee the real thing with a minimum cash out value! Like since you start out with $1500, the cash out value should be like $10,000?!
Love the games love how on bingo I can just tap it and it scratches for me but I hate how they dont let you watch videos or pay more to earn more money I'm constantly waiting for my free coins
I like it, i mean you dont win real money of course but if you feel like your down on your luck this game might be a chance to get lady luck back on your side.
Awsome game easy and fun to play just like the real thing. I recomemd for anyone that wants to play the real thong but cant afford to socso. The only thingvthat would make it better you ahould be able to earn gift cards with the money you win or be able to choose if you wamt to buy another ticket or cash out forvgift cards
I simply love this game. It's loaded with fun. It seems as if you are scratching the real lotto cards. I think this is a Great and well put together game.
The most fun where you don't lose any money,a big thank you as I am an Elder person 😊I pass the time to forget all the problems that we might have
Lucky Lottery Scratchers is a very relaxing, exciting, fun and can be a money maker game! Has variety of scratchers, and prices you can pick from. Has nice bright colors that are easy to see, also includes feature one touch clearing a scratcher instead of using a finger, this feature is wonderful if you suffer from arthritic hands like I do!. I enjoy this app, very nice job done by Designers and builders of application!. Thank you!
I thought that you could win money, but if you read the description, it says... "Lucky Lottery Scratchers does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Lucky Lottery Scratchers is for entertainment purposes only..." So you will NEVER actually win any money. They should mention this in their ad. I'm uninstalling!!!
This is a very relaxing game and when i win big i wish it was real because i need the money keep up the good work!!!
Seems to be one of those games that just wants to make sure u keep on playing .. by making sure u just always have enough money/coins to keep on playing...
It was great, then you guys added the all the ads and i just stopped winning. I think it is time i find a new lottery app
Haven't played much so far but beginners luck would help me to keep playing.... Like win and recieve cash to have something to show for playing. Would help me to keep playing.