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Lucky Dozer Coin Pusher 2020

Lucky Dozer Coin Pusher 2020 for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Lucky Games Dev located at Hongkong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The ads show win 10s/100s/1000s in seconds, actually its watch 100s/1000s adverts for pennies, it has 2 types of coin, green cash coins where you get 1 PENNY each, it actually RUNS OUT of these and tells you no more cash come back tomorrow and that's after only winning about 100 pennies, yes 1 whole English pound. Although it says I have to get to $20 to cash out, so not tried cashing out yet. The other yellow coins, you need 9 MILLION TO GET $2 yes TWO DOLLARS, I'm on 200000 after a week,
Like all money apps you won't get the money in the end and I have tried quite a few! Ever notice how ALL the adds for these games have people talking about making money with "the game" but never showing you what game they are playing?
This game is waste of time, it drops coins and fails to add the money and points to your account, I had £10.09 on my account and earned 10p on the wheel and it never added to the account total and this happens on all games on this app so it makes this app point and in total I have lost over 100k in points and £1 because of this. NOT WORTH THE TIME AND NOW CUSTOMER SERVICES DON'T BOTHER TO REPLY TO EMAILS. SCAM SCAM SCAM
Useless.. when you are near completing required amount to cash out they will limit your chance for ads.. waste of time.
Never got any money from this before I gave up. The limit for how much money you can earn each day gets smaller and smaller so... that's not fun. I do like the mechanics of it though. It's the kinda game that's fun at first - dropping nickles, watching the wheel spin that stuff. But then it gets boring. The only thing we really had that we could do was keep our wall up with ads because we had so many spins 😂
Game stalls permanently, and freezes your phone, so you cannot do anything, except take out the phone's battery to restart. Then you loose your rewards and wall feature, so not making any cash or coin rewards. Video's takes forever to load. Just not worth it.
I had 9.9 points for the iPhone 11 pro i spun my free spin landed on 0.1 puzzle piece for me to claim my iPhone 11 pro and it did nothing after landing on it...absolute nothing..the game is a cheat do not recommend downloading this app.
When i downloaded the game a while ago it was enjoyable but then i reached 20$ for the cashout and it told me i needed 26. Now im at over 40$ and it wont let me cash out. I thought this was the first game that would actually have working cashouts but it seems that its just like the rest of them. If they were to fix this then ill gladly change my review.
This game is very disappointed. they give spin and win games but the points is not getting high this game is scam .don't stalled
I dont know if I will ever get a payout. I started and it says redeem at 20 dollars. But then it requires 26 dollars to take out the 20. Weird but whatever. When I finally get to 27. Says the only option to withdraw is 30 dollars. I've also been at thos for months I like coindozer games so I thought j could handle it but I lied to myself.
I finally made it to $30 and went to cash out. Apparently they are all out of $30 bundles to cash. The countdown for new availability is at midnight every day, so I did everything it said to, including a photo of me holding a sign, but still can't cash out. Biggest scam I've come across. Update: Been a few months. Still can't cashout. No response to emails. Can't play any of the bonus games because the ads won't load.
This app is just for fun and should be labeled as such, it will not payout even if you exceed the minimum cashout or complete all the tasks. Network issue error and no ads available pop ups are annoying.
Complete scam. Once you hit the $20 to cash out you discover its actually $30 (despite what it shows you). If you make it to $30 it still says you don't have enough.
Stay away from this game. They never pay out. Kicks you out of game constantly, always shows U NETWORK IS DOWN. Especially if Any decent coins or Prizes you win. Bastards cheat so much. You watch the dumbest ads every 2 Minutes only to get nothing in return. There is a reason these Gooks are hated the world over. Pretty pathetic. This is why Chinese Restaurants, Nail parlors, Massage parlors, all have 2 things in common.NO REFUNDS, OR NO SPEAK ENGLISH. I am deleting this PIECE OF $HIT.
Seemed good but now tells me everyday that no more cash is available today, try again tomorrow. THIS GAME IS A SCAM
As per the other reviews, this is a scam app. The iPhone will get to 9.9/10 then you will not land on iPhone any more. The Airpods are even more hilarious as the counter just breaks at 19.5/20 and still lands on Airpods and I've landed on Airpods over 5 time since it hit 19.5. As for not paying out, I don't know as I'm going to uninstall before then.
I really believe that this game can earn money thats why i hardly reached the $20 that was played for about 2 weeks. In the ads it says we players canearn money everyday everyweek. Thats deceiving. I hope its not. Please do something about it or anyone can talk to me and explain why is this happening and what will bethe actions to this problem. I really appreciate to those who will help me solving this problem
So now they've made it harder to win. 36 fruits instead of 24 and still havent lowered the 9mil for £2. Now I'm on £15.98 and every day for the past 4 days they've had no new coins or whatever it is. Not too sure about this game anymore, I'm sure it's a scam. 4 days later and no new coins. Has anyone actually won money from this?
You will not cash out or even get the iphone or airpod, I've been stocked in 9.9 for iphone and 19.5 in airpod.. even i got the puzzle it will not be added. So dont expect you can win. You can just play
Currently will not open the app for me to play I am like 1 puzzle piece off of getting the iPhone 11 and from reviews I'm guessing this is why the app is crashing all the time and doesn't pay out will adjust review pending results
Scam. No prizes available after reaching cashout limit. Also, not that it interests me so much, the spins for iPhones and airphones stop adding when close to redemption limit. Shame, because otherwise the dozer game is quite ok
False impressions game. Been doing my $30 cash out with everything they ask. Said it will take 1-3 business days then your voucher will be emailed. Been more than a week now and absolutely nothing.
I discourage you to download it. It is getting worse, chances of getting green coin are getting slimmer as you progress. Also as I won 777 jackpot on slot , it showed me stacks of green coins, then suddenly an ad pop up, and it is replced with yellow coins. I might change this rating if I see improvements but at the moment I'll leave it with 1 star.
I should have won the airpods already but it no longer counts the wins so still stuck at 19.5 and 9.9 for the iPhone 11,aslo stopped giving out any real amount of money so taking forever to get your targets
Don't Install This Apps! Wasting Of Time! In their ads, it looks like you can collect money Faster, but hell no! It's not true! Expectation Vs. Reality! Nice advertisement!
Met the criteria for the headphone on spin and win however you get to 19.5 and then it stops adding (need 20 to win). Currently on 9.9 for the phone and only need 10.
This is a fake money game. It's been more than a month I have reached my limits but can't cashout. Every time I go to cash out there is a 24hrs count down going on, the moment it's going to end, it restarts again.
Scam!!! Dont waste your time in this app and every game app thst promise you to pay for your effort they are all same strategy. To lure you on watching their ads and play their stupid game.
Been playing for quite a while now and have over $30. There is a timer and it says redemption not available to come back at end of timer. Have discovered timer reverts to 24hrs again just prior to countdown finishing. LYING, GREEDY. CHEATING SCAMMERS......DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME..U CANNOT COLLECT WHAT YOU EARN. Was enjoying game but now deleting it. Waste of my time. NOT 1 PERSON HAS SAID THEY WERE PAID BY THIS APP.
I'm finally at 34 fruits now try game is moving like it doesn't want to give me the final 2...that is totally unfair since your making money off of people playing your game and watching all the ads EDIT: I'm still playing and I still haven't gotten any of the last 2 fruits and not once have ever stop on 2 of the 777 much less 3. Why make a game advertising the winning of money then do like this so ppl can't win at all...this is f**king wrong 😡 especially at a time like this
Stopped earning daily cash reward keeps saying no more cash today. Also got more than required cash out amount, but showing as I need more to cash out as not updating properly. Waste of time.
i do not recommend this app, it says can cash out at 1000, i reach 1k and tried to cashout and it says i need 1,200 to cashout! i've been playing this for months now, when i nearly reach again, the game crashes..do not waste your time
So far I am enjoying it everyday. I got $20 cash now but every time I wait for the time to be up, it doesn't give me the chance to withdraw. No option. After the time is up it will count again from 24 hours. But I really love the game. Ads are not problem. I can play ads all day and play the game all day. If I can cash out my earnings I will give 5 stars. I hope the developer will give me my share as a player.
It's horrible! Way too much ads, no cash out after hours of playing. I'm off this week and just want to chill for a few hours and do jack, but this game is irritating. I'm new to these games, and I would like to earn extra cash here and there, however this is not helpful and rather annoying. The ads are extremely deceptive. It's a scam
Don't waste your time. Once you finally hit enough money to withdraw it to your PayPal it says out of stock come back in so many hours and when you come back starts the clock again and still says out of stock. Dont waste your time.
I have been playing awhile as it is enjoyable. When it says collect 24 fruits to win $1000, it is impossible, I myself have 21 only 3 to get, 1 fruit that falls always disappears as soon as it lands, it looks like a small purple pumpkin you only see it for a second then it's gone if it land in front of the pusher or not. It can't be done.
The June 15 update has a bug on the dollar coin indicator; it simply won't increase even after green coins fall on the right spot. Sadly, it's not what a user wants. I'm hoping your team could fix the problem. The EGG CRACKING can also distract gameplay, in some sense. PLEASE make sure you do accurate adjustments. And, I do hope you test it before letting others download the app. I like to play this game. It seems reasonable if you know how to use walls and shakes at the right moment.
What's the bet the developer will never reply. Game only allows up to 38c a day to b won. Extremely high targets to use any coins gained. Adds are far too long and too many. You will never b able to pay of any bills. Don't bother with this one. Been playing for 2 months and only have $7.81. Cash out is at $20.
This game is horrible been playing for more than 2 mnths and still at 18.59, the app just keeps on telling no more cash try again tom..also Iv unlocked elf theme which i think is the last one which will always falls on the lose, iv noticed also that it wont allow you to earn cash like the other themes n its stuck at the 34 fruits just need 2 more still nothing until now.. Also the treasure box has no rewards .. Becoming a waste of time
Terrible game, played it daily for 3 months and I can assure you it is impossible to win anything with this app. Avoid it like the plague, im deleting it now.
Spin and nothing. Had the iPhone and Airpods on the same number for 2 weeks now, even with wins, the number hasn't gone up
Never pays out. Got up to £18ish and now every time I open the app it says no more cash available today come back tomorrow. Total scam. Don't download.
Been much too long to win only 20 dollars for watching as many ads as I have... And still 40 cents shy... After reading alot of the same reviews... I hope pawning ads off on your players has made you more than 20 bucks... Why not just take the whole money and prize section away and then you will probably see some better reviews.
the more I play this game the less money reward I'm getting. everytime I update this app it gets worse and I get paid less aswell as I don't get paid for all the green dollar I win. in fact there was only one stack of green dollar coins this time won them all but only got paid for one. this app is a RIP off. you win a lot in the beginning then it dwindles down to almost nothing. they are ripping me off like loads more players. I have ask them to sort it out a number of times.
I'd give negative stars, if I could! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME. I got the amount needed to cash out 2 prizes and they wouldn't let me click them. Emailed the game twice with no response.
Scam. Will not pay out, don't waste your time on this. Been playing this for months, got to the payout amount of £16 ($20) and then told me I needed to get to £20 instead, although the game won't let you get this high. Also stops working when you get close to claiming iPods/iPhone.
This game is fixed so you can't win i like how they make you watch adds because they get bonuses and get paid for it but when it comes to us winning or cashing out not a chance its so fixed.
Deleted App due to not opening the app for me to play I am like 1 puzzle piece off of getting the iPhone 11 and from reviews I'm guessing this is why the app is crashing all the time and doesn't pay out will adjust review pending results. Updated since 18/12/20 review
It's good so far. I'll be back if they Blackout on the deal and don't pay out. Edit; and of course they did, fit to a particular amount and boom, nothing more, 0 stars from me, forget above rating because we can't put a zero Star rating, Google needs to add a minus star bar so 5 minus stars a zero Star and 5 plus star ratings because these games are a total fix and they're really just advertising platforms with a game in between so you don't get bored.
I am very very upset with this game. Ive reached R300 and when i want to cash out it says unavailable and wait for 24hrs countdown but when eventually gets to 2mins before cash out, the countdown goes back to 24hrs again😡 I did not play for months and watch every advert for nothing!!! Sort this put asap please!
Nice game at the beginning when I though I can redeem my reward it's say it was out of stack and need to w8.redeem the award at the end of the countdown but when it's in 5 minutes more then it back to 2⁴ hours what the heck it's júst 20$.i give 1star but if I redeem my rewards give u 5 star
Gets you playing by giving you a few amounts then all of a sudden....nothing,not even video clips to get the extras,laughable
I Like It , It's a Bit Slower Than Others I've Put Played . But I'm Getting The Hang Of It , If It Will Let Me Cash Out Once I'm Ready To . That Will Be a A Plus For Sure .
Tbh. I liked this game, Believing that you can really earn money just by playing this, you can if the developer really wants to give it. But please if you want to earn easy money don't play this. For entertainment yeah it's good just don't update it when new updates released. Well thank you I played it for 3 weeks already and this time I will uninstall it.
Don't bother, this app is out of money, and it won't let you get any of the rewards they show you. I tried contacting them and i get no reply from them. What a waste of time.
I would not recommend this game. The ads make it seem you can cash out with $15 - $20 but reality is min is $100. When you get close to $100 the game stops giving you the green coins you need to earn the credits to cash out. I watched hours of Ads and played it for a total of 24 hours over 2 days. Its a time killer but dont expect to ever get any money out of this game. Ads for it are a total scam you will earn nothing. I have been at $95.40 for 6 hours & have not gotten 1 chance to earn more.
Joke of an app get close to cash out then constantly get "no more cash today come back tomorrow" dont waste time on this game it's a scam, the amount of ads you have to watch to get as far almost cashing out for this message to pop up they should pay us for having to put up with a crappy game like this
I've played this game for sometime now and I can't withdraw. The game doesn't count towards any of the possible prizes and the developer hasn't answered any of the numerous Emails sent.
In the beginning it pays you, but when you reach a little more than half of the cash out amount then it stops paying you! At this moment of writing the review I'm gonna uninstall the app. 1 star!
This game is a scam, collected all the ipod pics, but the count of the pcs will stop at 19.5 and will not increase, you wont be able to collect any prizes at all. The last piece for the iphone will never come and NO MORE CASH WILL SHOW DAILY you wont ba able to claim since you still need 1$. PAYPAL IS IN COHORT WITH THIS COMPANY, LETS SUE THEM WITH A CLASS SUIT TO LET THEM PAY FOR OUR WASTED TIME. I HAVE SCREEN SHOTS PROOF THAT THIS GAME IS AN AMERICAN SCAM!
Like the game and will update review once the glitches are ironed out. Green coins not registering and no network message when trying to play cards, spins and slots. Very deceiving spins on dozer. Shows $10 of coins win but you actually get 10 cents! If you are looking to win money on this game forget it. If you just want to play coin dozer then its ok.
The most fraud app i have been playing this last 3 months and in the app when i have completed the collection of fruit by the time fruit are been shifted to other level i.e. frist 24 fruit next 36 fruits and even i have completed the level of amt withdrawal but can't be able to withdraw it Most likely the app is come under fraudulent app pls don't download it .
When i first download this game, it lets me earn money, but then my phone crashed. So when i got a new phone and download this game again, it now won't let me earn anything. It's actually a boring game. All u need to do is to sit, tap to drop a coin that wont let you even earn a penny, and wait for it to be dropped on the right spot. Useless!
Pointless app should be removed for false advertising, it stops giving you real money so it becomes impossible to achieve the amount to be able to cash out, then there is the collect the fruits to win 1000, you get down to only needing one more fruit to win and then I have had the melon required to win and it doesn't register! Then it doesn't give you the earphones in the spin to win bit so all in all the claim that you can win real money is a lie. Pay out the real money and prizes or remove it
This app is hard to win money on. Every time it gets up near $100 then they say you need 300 when you get up to 300 it says you need 500. It's not worth downloading
App keeps disconnecting from the internet which dose not let you have a fulfilling game experience very annoying also the game is slow
I will not rate a single star for this game it's a scam, all are fraud, when you reach target and try to cash out it says count down state wait come back later, but the kind of scam they are doing is right in front of your eyes just before the countdown finished another 24hrs count down started amazing, what a cheater, no chance to redeem, good keep it up, keep cheating people, and wait for your rewards you will be cheated in same way by thousands of users one day.
Very dissapointed about this game afrer you earn .$ 95..almost a week not giving any green coins..this is a joke game..waist of time...
Full of bugs and no response from Customer Support. I've written to them countless times. Still no answer and nothing is getting fixed. Chests don't open, cash amount earned doesn't match Paypal available. Its been stuck on $16.03 for months. Can't play the "Special Games" because of No Network. Lies!! I have network, they just block ads so you can't play much. It was great at the beginning, like all the other free money games, but as you progress it all starts to fall apart. Very disappointed!
Doesn't credit, I played for a mere 5 mins, it didn't credit the gold coins nor the green ones. I was sitting there wondering like when is it going to show up and clearly never did. Don't waste you're time. I always see the ads portraying as if you're going to win big buck within the first few minutes. Obviously misleading. That has to be considered false advertising correct?
I love this game.......BUT IT WILL NOT LET YOU CASH OUT.....I have tried to cash out now for the last 7 days and it just won't accept it,when you so called try to cash out it asks for your name,email PayPal and then a photo with the games name on it and the date and when you select you photo which I prepared after the 1st day of not accepting my request,it just won't accept it but be prepared as there is a 24 hour timer which you must cash out when it reaches 00.00 but it doesn't let you🤬🤬🤬
Been sitting for two weeks now with it saying no cash available come back tomorrow.. it's never going to let you cash out. Only making money watching the adds for the company that designed this.. waste of time. I know you have to watch some ads to make money but this is ridiculous. And I see there is no response under the comments as to why this is happening. Don't install unless you want to play for fun. I wouldn't give it 1*but had to to write the review.
I like the game, but like every other game, it let's you get within $4 of cashing out and then it will only give you between 30c and 40c per day, before it tells you that there's no more cash and to come back tomorrow..I've also noticed that it doesn't always register when a cash token falls off the end..if these problems are fixed, then I will change my rating..But can't see that happening lmffao..PJM..
First it took a month to cash out then I had to take a picture with game name and date I got to $20 did all that to not get paid. Then I emailed them with the information and no reply then I go back to the terms and it say that they will get back to you in a quick reply but they don't. Then I emailed them 5 days later still no reply. Won't get more stars till I get paid and I like this game.☹😟
Game ok. Rewards on spin and play dire. Got to 19.5 of 20 on air pod rewards and have won 8 0.1 Airport rewards since and not applied to my account. What a con. Emailed to support and never had a reply. Total joke.
my game got stuck with no reward... 3 times i got earphone but never up still 19.5...and money all days no cash today.. come back tommorow... but after next day i still not get any money from there... please fixed...
100% SCUM!!! Don't try to download and install.. I played this game for many months just to reach the minimum price and guess what,, You won't redeem any price.. I contacted their costumers support and not a single response..
Too many annoying ads takes away from the game dont bother installing you are basically forced to watch a ad to continue playing
Very good in the beginning, pay out time is a problem. Everyday at the end of the countdown, they extend it with another 24 hours and it's now the 6th time. Look like every game is the same. Scam....... All my data l used up on this game, for what? If you want to sent an email. Always saying "Network not available"
I have been patient with the many adds, as I know that is is how they make their money, I have been patient with the little bit of actual cash that gets given every day. But if you are playing the game with the expectation of getting money, then you will be disappointed. I played until I had enough to cash out, it gives you a timer of 24 hours and then you are supposedly able to cash out, BUT before the 24 hours are up, the clock starts at 24 again. The payout Never comes. I will be deleting.
Horrible, I have been playing for about 3 weeks at least 4 times a day and I am not even at $10.00 yet you get the same fruits over and over and any coins that will benefit you they drop it on the side so it slides off the edge easily.
After the last update, when i get a chest and it drop, no more prizes are given like free tokens, walls or shakes.. And last thing is that the last 3 fruits to be collected will not drop even if i played many times and it feels like forever to grt it.. It sucks
Absolute con.....but if you have any common sense you will have realised this, the advertising of winning money is true although you will never win enough to actually cash out! I have played a few of these to see if any were genuine and I can tell you you have more chance of winning the lottery without a ticket! Don't waste your time!
BEWARE ITS A SCAM IVE MAXED IT OUT It says you need $26 to cashout $20, then when you reach the $26 it takes you into a new page where the minimum you can choose is $30. Then when you reach $30 go back in to redeem, the $30 is gone and the new minimum is $100. In the spin and win area I've collected 19.5/20 pieces for the airpods and after that each piece you collect doesnt add to the 19.5. I've got 9/10 iPhone pieces it's been that way for 2 months. ITS ALL A SCAM BLOCK THE DEVELOPER TRUST ME
If I could give this Zero Stars I would and reading through the reviews I have the same problems, 21 fruits got in no time but the next one falls straight through so you can never get it! It's been saying "no more cash available today" for about a week now and also I have no indication of when or how I can cash out! This is all a scam because I've hit the buy options and yous would have absolutely no problem in taking my money! I will be reporting this game to google as a scam !
Scam. No prizes available after reaching cashout limit. Also, not that it interests me so much, the spins for iPhones and airphones stop adding when close to redemption limit. Shame, because otherwise the dozer game is quite ok.
Been playing for 4 months. The feedbacks were true. At the time that you're gonna reach the amount they would notify you that there's no cash even if you open it like a week or so. Just like other money games which is also fake. Don't waste your time to this. Get a job guys haha.
Don't even bother to download. Played more than a month, when I almost got the certain amount of money to cash out it always says "No more cash today come back tomorrow." Even the chest, they say there is a prize inside, sadly its an empty chest.
At last after 5 months of playing I reached 9 million coins and it's equal to £2 amazon gift card. Have to wait 1-3 days to be credit. Please don't hope to win their other prizes 😄
I enjoyed the game. The only problem is it almost 5 days since I cash out my 20$ but it's still not deposit to my PayPal account. They say it will took 1-3 days but until now there's no cash out. Please try to fix it. Thank u
I have reached the amount of 300 dollars to withdraw. But it is not available. I want to withdraw my funds please.. It keeps saying that there is a timeout. I have been playing the game for over 3 months and now when Trying to withdraw I can't.. Help now please
A big NO from me. Doesn't register all money coins when they drop. Ads take longer than usual and eat into reward time (unlike other reward game aps that stop the game to watch the ad). Try getting a wall when you get a 75+ coin drop, by the time the ads played they're all gone. If you want to earn some money from playing games try a different game. I've tried a few, this is the worst so far. 1 star is least I could give 👎
They want you play like forever until you give up and not giving out any after watching bunch of ads and they are earning from it. This must be scam.....Ill change my rating and comments....if they are really giving out real prizes here. Now its July 30, 2020 and not giving out cash anymore. This is a SCAM.
Was Good to start with.... BUT after reaching 3,03 now on 3.10 cash out (still cant cash out) (needless to say, been playing for +/- a year..)... It doesnt work!!! 😡😡😡😡😡
Not install it's waste of time iam complete 130levels but not pay out.$20 pay out u reach $20,1day wait another day pay out network error problem many times many day
This game has a Spin and Win function that says you can win different prizes. For the past week it hasn't added my points from spinning. So, where as, I should have been able to redeem new ipods by now- its not letting me. I've emailed company twice and have had ZERO response. And issue hasn't been resolved. VERY DISAPPOINTED and feel like its just another scam of a game. My next step is to email Better Business Bureau.
Only giving one star for now. Love the game, but I've been trying every day for over two months to cash out my $20. Very disappointing and frustrating. If I can get the money I legitimately won, I will increase my star rating.
Its not giving you any fruits anymore once you have reach the last 3 fruits needed. It does'nt let you any money. Till now still waiting to win.
Since the update on 04 July 2020 when I go into the game it says no more cash today comeback tomorrow and I don't get any new fruits. I did other updates and noticed they added the spin and win and the treasure chest with keys but they still haven't fixed the money problem, I still keep on recieving the same message since the update on 04 July 2020. It's been 2 months now and the developers still haven't fixed this issue.
Does not payout. I have been at $30 dollars for quite a while (as in months) and when try to redeem the $30 it always says out of stock and countdown timer and trys to get me to keeping going for the $1500. I wish I never downloaded it and they don't contact back everytime I have tried. Ridiculous .
As of Nov 8, 2020 at 4:22pm I was stock for 1,076 pesos almost a month waiting that a cash is availabl but still none, the payout WITHDRAWAL is 1,200 pesos U will not reach it. I update the app this time thinking their is a changed on the system, still there is no cash in the update, only additional game that wasted our time. All the negative reviews I red by the previous player is TRUE, because I experience it also. for the new player DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP ANYMORE, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
No payments. I've been playing this silly game for over 3 months and have reached enough to cash out $20. Is this game ever going to have it available for me to cash out? I check back in every 24 hours only to find that it's started a new 24 hour countdown. Highly disappointing, don't waste your time!
It's a gd dozer game.. Only downfall is I got all the fruit but the last 3 wouldn't register there has been an update and now instead of 24 fruits there's 36 to collect. The 3 that wouldn't register has now shown up.. Let's hope the rest of the fruits/vegetables register or il b givin this game zero stars!! I've deleted it now, dont waste ur time guys!
Second time installing this. Now you cant see how much coins or cash youre getting. Its all missing. It was horrible before, now its worse!!! Last time took 1 year to get $2! So think before you waste ur time
I cashed out on PayPal several weeks ago and I still have not received my $, and now the game tells me "no more money check back tomorrow". Something is not right with that. Also, since the last update it is almost impossible to watch an ad to build a wall, shake the table or in no way watch an ad for the treasure chest. This makes it virtually impossible to advance levels or build up your tokens in any way. I would appreciate a response as I have really enjoyed playing your game.
Complete con, 3 months to reach the target then it increased the goal ao i couldn't cash out, waste of time, dont bother
This game is fun although, with some of the fruit drops it falls all the way through the platform, which means that it doesn't count it. (Its not falling down the side as I have had the walls up at times and it's just disappeared) it also doesn't let me cash out at £16 even though it says I can cash out at that amount.