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Lucky Block

Lucky Block for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Sandbox Fun located at 广州市天河区建工路15号. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is good but if you try and kill someone the game lags and glitches. I would recommend it but PvP is not so good. That's why I don't rate 5 stars. And no pickaxes😔
This is the best game ever had I been,so please make this better than every bed wars,and I update this it was so much fun when you uptade it was so better,so please make it so so legend game,i rate it 5 Stars
This game is good but I always every time I lose but sometime I win what the problem is that no one even uses void blocks so I don't know why I use with void blocks but the game is good
I can put only average because of glitches like player maerging in wall and you know when the dragon states is gone i cant move because the game is still stuck at its previous state so ppls fix that and i might give 5 stars and reccomend this game to my friends
Verry good but some players dont know how to suit up and the graphics is good but some players actually not really want to play this cause of glitching and lag so if sandbox fun see this plz fix it
This game 8s amazing but the only part i don't like is you get only 3 superpowers. And i Never got the one that had the bronze armor. with the spiderweb.
Good game but why 4 stars? Beacause 1 day someone was falling in the void then I changed to him and I died I didnt mine an event block
I love this game every time when I don't get red lucky block (1 red lucky block) I hava a chance to get a fishing rod and prank on my partner and anyone! And I can get FIRE DIAMOND SWORDS but if I got two fire diamond swords I give it to my partner
It's one of the best games except one thing it can be sooo laggy sometimes that's why four stars please fix
This has been updated so it's not bad but when ever I die ad will come and everyone should get death scythe the powerful weapon it willl restore your health and becarful of flame weapon there are only two flame weapons flame golden sword and flame diamond sword and good app
a like this game but the only bad thing is when you put a water bucket you fall it's almost impossible that why a gave it four Stars
this is a very good game, i fail everytime but I still like the game. And the losing srean is fantastic.
It's not fair the bases are so close and they can easily come to your BASE and I don't like the event blocks for example one of them you teleport to a different person then they kill you I wish I could give this game zero stars
It would crash on the loading screen. Please fix this, as my kid was looking forward to playing it. Thank you.
Can we agree that the building is sooo slow please fix it I love this game soooooooooooooooooooooooo much
I love this game when i enter the mutiplayer world threre some people who steal all the lucky block so i break it so that i will have some things
Umm? I played this before and i am downloading it right now but my net work is so slow and also do anyone know that the YELLOW lucky block is so lucky and the blue lucky block gives ARMOR yeah so and i always LOSE the game (>~<)😜. HI and i am in vision 1.8.8 and can anyone tell me how to update lucky block PLEASE 😢
I entered the game and it said you need to update the game to play it.when I click update it shows the app in play store and guess what there is no update only open!!!
the game is very good just that i open it and it stays in black it only gives me the option to join the game and then it stays in black The top part you alredy fixed it and thanks but now with the void block sometimes it makes me go lower than usual and i die several times cause of that
I only get one star because it's not working for me it's glitching a lot I don't like it I really like it lyrics it's too bad I'm using items but they're not even working so that's why I give it one star so
You can get a Candy cain as a nockback weapon it's insane Find out if your block is lucky or not Play to find out
I got an ender dragon and i got so many lucky blocks and there are so many people and my friends are also there And this game is cool
Do not play this game it's really an instinct it when you go in the game you literally spawn was two players on an island on an island there's teems and teems literally right next to you and I can just build all they want they can just build to your base and just kill you instantly when you're getting a chest they can just hurt you when you're getting a chest so do not play this game
It looks good but the worst game I've ever played it is so literally the worst I cannot even get to play it it's the worst game and I hope you guys don't play it cuz it's the worst I really wanted to give it to you but I just can't it's too horrible never play this stupid game I hate it
The game is awesome and everything but how do you want a player when it his first time playing no instructions and by the way where are the pickakes how can you mine blocks with your hand and whatever the only pickakes I know it's the death synthe it looks the same but it's to slow to mine pls help fix it.
Very like it but I die a lot time but it is cool I give it 4 starbut the problem is to just I am die it is it exit the game but I like it 😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👌
I give it a five star because before I didnt know how to wear the armor but now I know how to wear the armor and for people who don't know how wear the armor just click the armor 3 times.
Good game there dragon this game wither more weapons and graphic is good I like it this game swords and I like very much death symther Good game.
This game is so much fun! but needs something when you chat it won't be upper case. You can attack people,get a team,get blocks,go to another team. I give this app 5 stars.
Its Just Like Normal Sky block But You Dont need Minecraft And It Is Really Simular To The Original Luck Bloks Sky block
I Love the Game but the reason is my Game glitched and deleted my weapon and it is really annoying soo yeah that is why it is only 3 star
I could put a 5 star rating but there's a problem my and sisters account don't login and I have tried 3 days in a row and still doesn't work please fix this🤗 thanks.
This game is good . Also you can ride dragon and anything. But only is problem why player's always leave only , They always leave that is my option . I always give someone anything so 5 star
the prob is it takes too much to load like 2loading screens then enter lobby and then play, hope you make the loading screens lesser, it would be a pleasure thank you
Great game, NOT it's stuck on the loading screen and won't let me play.... I think it's my tablet it's old😢😢
An awesome game. You can't tell this bad due to lagging and glitching that only happens with bad network
It's fun but there are many toxic players. Sometimes my teamate fish me. And sometimes they try to fireball in me in blocks to fall in void. Other players sometimes tried to get my loot when i break lucky blocks. But it's still fun
CVS Queen if it has a YouTube video and it told me to scream and then wake the thing it's so fun. I can't do it. I love when I when it's super easy you can do everything is even more games block my goalies. Even the best game I have on my phone. So yeah. This is the best.
wow! this game is amzing, it is exellent game made from blockmango, i like to play this game in my free time, it is a fun game, exellent, the people who are in lockdown, you should play this game
THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!! I Recommend This Game Because When You Are Trapped On A Corner But All You Have Is A Fish Rod, You Can Just Hit The Enemy With The Fish Rod And Swing Him Off The Island!!!!! So Satisfying!!!!!
i give it a 4 because of the glitch when on your dragon just yeet you with your dragon and die mostly
Rarely I rate apps....... Personally my favourite game was Talking Tom.......... But when I install this game I was shocked when I played it........sooooo gooood my favourite game........😍😍😘😘
Very good game, at this point I am addicted to it. I would recommend this game for players who love minecraft pvp games
This is good game but i gave it 3 star because It is online so when I am offline i can't play so plz make it offline game but it a very Good game😇😇👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 nice that you made this game 🗿🔚🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱❌🆚✅🔚
My God every time I play I get a flame diamond sword so o.p!!!!!!!!! And I sneak on people to kill them and if I don't get wepon block then I go to a different island and steal red block's.! This game is so awesome 😍
I love this game so much and fun but sometimes it's really laggy because every time I get disconnected from servers.. but I still will give it 5 STAR S I REALLY LOVE IT DOWNLOAD IT 💕
I love this game I lay it every day so fun Be ware of the fishing rods your te mat can poll you to the void and you die also there's enderpralls no money also the chest is gowig tho chang every minute there also golden pals good luck. :)
Like the game bedwars you can have four people right but in this game you can't have four people I really wish that they would have four people option
This is a best game this game all stuffs I like joystick sword and death sythe and I like void block I like all items ☺☺☺
This game is super great I love the lucky blocks I love killing people also well only in this game now I can realize so I give it a five because you get lucky blocks!!!
I like this game and it is really cool game that I can think of making a video on this game and posting on my YouTube channel put my partner gets the event blocks And pop blocks and weapons blocks in my video than I will have only one weapon wooden sword i want at least stone sword but the funniest thing is that I firstly make a roof for the water fall in event blocks
This game is fun but there is one problem there is no pickaxes in this game can u devs pls add picks pls I have problems with stone I sometimes get my self stuck that's all thank u!
I love this game but the problem is why are all th people targeting me!?!?and also i hate the teleporting block
The game is very Imaginary and fun because you have overpowered Stuff Like repel 5 enchanted And dragon in sandbox that is super cool
Awesome game ever this lucky Block is better than any lucky Block and many of the things has many details.
was very very nice but one thing was not nice because we can't get that gold block up there I can do it every day but I can't get that only so that is the one thing that you have to solve this game 💘😘😍
It's a really great game really great but there should be a option to do some practice that will be the same as the normal game but it won't make anyone earn trophies or lose trophies it will make it a perfect game
It is very very nice game it has so many things will it show you that a how much is your luck and it has all the things that we don't know how to we use first for I also thought to that to I can't play that but after playing I know how I have to play so I have to rate the controls and the gameplay is superb so I thought it is very very nice game
I love this game and the other games in blokman go and I can't wait for new updates in blokman go but my favourite game in blokman go is bed wars so keep on the good work I give it 5 stars I would give it 100 stars but I can't
It was taking so long to load the game I was waiting there for at least 10 minutes and after those 10 minutes it was so boring and in the middle of the game it was loading and it took forever.
It's pretty good! I've run into and issue though, I'll try to use the ad in exchange for a new character, but no ads pop up, I have good connection to my internet so I don't know why it's not working.
This is a good game but 4stars because it lags and glitches when i want to attack somebody and my nrywork is fine please fix it
The is good and all,but I'm giving it three stars because teammates can kill you and use fishing rods to steal your stuff. I think you should ban teammates from killing you and stealing your stuff.
No its a good game but I wish you will alert it compatible for duo and take out the fishing rod so teammates can't kill you
Its amazing but I will get a littke bored Cause i always win im an MVP at the game so Always gg and i love the fishing rod you can steal other stuff using you hands lol my enemies are mad they cannot hit me by the way im the biggggggggggest fan of mattsun and iamnotdrunk lol the worst is aman he fails always he is not great z l great game bud