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旅かえる for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Hit-Point Co.,Ltd. located at Mihiro Bld.8F, 2-18-22, Marunochi, Naka-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 460-0002, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really love it! Please add the english language because I can't understand Japanese. The graphics are cute too! I'm in love with this game, thank you!!!♡
This game is so cute. I love my frog, I named it みどり. I don't speak Japanese, so I wish that there was an option for English. I can read hiragana but I know very little Japanese vocabulary.
This isn't a game meant to take up a lot of your time. I find it like a (distantly) similar thing to Tamagotchi in that it's a "pet" you look after, except you don't necessarily worry about feeding him. Your goal is to send him out on a journey, and in return he will send pictures of his adventures and of who he meets. It only take a minute or two of your time, then you can go about your day. This is absolutely the most casual game ever. I love it because of the art, and I enjoy finding new pieces the more my frog travels. The stress-free environment of this simple game is also very enjoyable to me.
I really loved the app,, but i cant play it because i cant set the language to english. I really love frogs and i am very disapointed. If there is a way already added onto the app where i can change the language please let me know! I really want to play this game, but its only the language part that i cannot change for me to play this cute game. If this is fixed, i will put 5 stars, and continue to play but for now i have installed this app due to this issue. Other than that this is a cute game!
Although I don't know japanese, I can still enjoy this game but it would be great if there was an English version.
Very cute! TIP: if your frog is not coming back anymore, just leave food on the desk and wait for it.
For those who need the language help, there are apps for that! search with key word 旅かえる by copying this. I hope they make this game multi-lingual soon. But it might not be easy. The frog's destinations seem to be always in Japan and the souvenirs are local specialties which are well known by most Japanese. I don't know how some food like ういろうand 奈良漬け can be translated.  I like this game because it doesn't steal my time so much. れてますか?頑張ってください!絵が可愛くて癒やされます。このお家に住みたい!
I love it, the game . Fun . But there's something bothering me witch was the language. I don't speak japanese so I wish you can add a settings witch allows you to change to language.
It's really cute. Even though the frog takes its time seeing it back just makes me happy. I recommend you try it.
Since it was released it seems like people have been asking for an english version. Its tedious, please add an english setting
Pretty cool game! I dont speak a word of Japanese and it's all in japanese but other then that it's very rad!
This game is really really cute but there is no English version that's why I'm giving 2/5. If there will be English versions I will give 5/5 so please do English versions 🙏❤️xx
Best for relaxing after a long day. The illustrations are so cute and gameplay is quite simple. It's a little bit tough if you don't understand Japanese, but in general the game is doing a great job.
I freaking LOVED playing this game, but the annoying thing is its not in english, which caused me to lose all of my progress
Love the new wintry Hokkaido photos! There has been a bug for some time now, there is always one いっぴん appearing as queation mark instead of the photo of the good. With the latest update, thr newest いっぴん is also showing up as “?” even when received as souvenir upon kaeru's return. Could you please fix that? thanks!
Please do an English version! The graphics are so cute and so very sweet! I had this game for 3 months and sense I had no idea what the buttons said, I lost all my progress :( but an English version would be a total 5 star!
Very lovely game! It's peaceful and fun to check in on my traveling frog, and seeing the photos and souvenirs that he brings back is wonderful. He also has buddies that often join him on his journeys, and together they have lots of fun exploring beautiful locations. Relaxing and makes me smile, quite adorable and wholesome.
I really lovee thiss gameeeee!!!butt i dont understand the language ☺️can you please add English language in this game🥺cause this game is super relaxing and adorable graphic!
It looks like such a cute game with an awesome design and graphics! Please consider making an English version too, I believe many people including me would love yo play this. 🥰
Super mixed feelings, I adore this game its fun and really really cute but I cant really understand it because of the language, still cute I just hope there's language settings if this is over updated!
Was really excited for this game but realized it has no english option.. I hope you make one in the future pleasee. I really think that this game has so much potential and I'd really like to play it, considering the fact that i like frogs and anything calming(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ
I really like the concept! It's about a frog who likes travelling, and all we do is to help it prepare for it's journey. We can buy foods, tents and other travelling needs and place it in its bag. It will leave for a certain time, and come back with giving us photos and souvenirs. The entire game is in Japanese, but I don't mind because I found helpful tutorials on Google and YouTube. You don't need to spend much time to play this game.
This game is really good, but it needs an English version. I know that there are a lot of people complaining about this, but the game is still good! HitPoint's other game called Neko Atsume has an English version and is quite similar to this game, but it uses cats instead. So HitPoint, pls add an English version so people will stop pestering you about it. Thanks!
It's a relaxing game with such adorable character. I absolutely adore the frog. When it eats at the table or is sleepy but trying so hard to keep reading on its bed or writes on its desk... I enjoy the pictures of its journeys, especially the ones with its animal friends. It would be fun if the game finally got English option, but without it, I still can enjoy it.
Please put English language at the settings of the game. The game is cute but I don't understand Japanese pls pls plsss
This game is adorable. I have only a vague idea of whats happening (i dont speak the language it is in), but I still love it and find it compelling. I named my frog Lesli, and on the first day they left! They were gone for four days! It was suprising and refreshing. Im having fun trying to figure stuff out, and while it can be mysterious not to understand, you'll get postcards from a frog in transit. And that's really not gonna happen any other time in your life.
Incredible I only had it for a little while, but the shirt amount of time was still enough for me to fall in love, would've kept it but had no idea what was going on
Had it for 2 and a half years. It does not cost much attention. Just take care of him once you saw the app. Occasionally, he brings back some postcards. Hope there would be more frequent updates. BTW, his name is 'blooming summer.' If anyone want to transfer the data in Android, just found GameData.sav and GameData.sav.back somewhere (depends on the Android version, search for it!) in Android->data. The folder name should contain hit_point or tabikaeru. Copy it to the same location in your new phone. Then the frog goes with you!
Amazing game with very cute artwork and concepts! I downloaded because I love frogs and I'm trying to become fluent in Japanese, so what better way than to immerse myself into a cute game to become familiar with the characters.
A cute game that doesn't need much time and energy. But today I can't open the app. It got stuck at the loading page and doesn't actually the game page. Please kindly fix it. Thanks.
Its very adorable! But the thing is that there is no English setting so I couldn't understand anything most of the time. Other than that the graphics and functions are very good.
This is the most relaxing game because I'm not tied to my phone. The frog goes on journeys at its own pace and brings back gifts and photos to share. If you're looking for a game that won't consume all of your time but still will give you joy, Tabikaeru is a good choice.
Lovely art style and fun concept. If only I could read it, because my froggy friend has been gone for a week and I don't know why. I miss him.
This game looks so cute, I really wish it had an English translation though. I'd love to be able to understand it. It's so cute!!
A little confusing to use because I don't speak Japanese, but I do have to say that the entire thing is just beautiful. It's so amazing. And the art? Oh my glob, it's so cute. I have learned a little Japanese while playing which is also very useful! ♡
please make an english translation :( I come back to check if you have added english every 6 months or so for the last 3 years. Its such an adorable game. I love frogs and there are no good mobile frog games, i need this.
Please offer a choice to switch to English. We all love your game and want to be able to support you!!!
This app is really good, even though I don't understand the language. But can you put a language center? I want to put it in English. Five star!
Simple and fun!!! I really love seeing where it goes every time. More so I dont have to check very often so it never gets annoying :P ... It has nice music and and a very cute and grumpy character. I hope its Devs realish english versions of their games too! :)
it's really fun (I got it because I bought the plush first >.<) I named mine ジェック (means gec) but I would really love it to have an English ver!
Please make a data transfer, I'm about to change my device and it'd be sad I lost my progress, I don't understand japanese but I'm still loving this game.
Very cute little game with a beautiful art style. There isn't alot to it but I love opening up the app to see my frogs adventures. may be difficult to understand for people who don't know Japanese. I called my frog Salem
Amazing quality but I didn't understand anything I wish it was available in other languages but apart from that it was amazing
Can you please update the goods list or make the goods limited in a certain period of time? Because we bought everything already so now we have nothing else to buy beside food. And also with the bell we don't use the four-leaf clover anymore, it's a huge waste. And the notification of the frog's return has been off after the previous updates i don't know why. Please fix it. Your game is good at the beginning but not in a long run. Thank you.
Tl:dr This game is a small breath of fresh air in my hectic life. This game is exactly what I want it to be. Every day I pack a bag for my frog and then I close the app. Later on I check up on my frog and take care of the plants and sometimes I get special pictures as rewards. The rest of the game is for you to explore.
Seems like a really good and cute game, I just wish there was a choice to have it in English since I'm unable to understand it if it's not.
Lovely game! I am currently learning Japanese and I'm using this game to help, it's also really cute with it's art style!
There are plenty of guides online if you speak/read English and struggle with the language barrier. That said, I'm already super invested in the little frog! I can't help but check in constantly out of excitement to see what their trip was like and help them pack for the next one.
It's a very cute game. It's good for busy people since you only need to hop on every once in a while and only for a minute. The only downside is the game is entirely in Japanese and I had to download an on-screen translator to understand what was going on. Otherwise, it's a very nice game and I always look forward to getting new pictures from my frog's adventures!
Love this game, so cute, I don't need to spend a lot of time on it, I just get to have a little frog buddy that I help go on adventures. Unfortunately, it's only in Japanese (for now???) so I have very l little knowledge of what I'm doing ;w;
It's a really cute game. Hard to work out though. It seems there's a glitch in this game .. there are tickets you can win in the lottery (yellow ball) that help you travel further in any direction. After a year of playing i have never 'won ' one of these balls... which leads to my frog going to the same destinations over and over. DO NOT BUY THE RADIO. .. waste of clovers. I haven't collected all the souvenirs yet. Two to go but doing to uninstall it because it's getting very boring.
It is a very good and relaxing game. But just wondering if anyone like me is having some problems with the app lately.? Since the latest update, it started to hang a bit, and sometimes would not load at all. Worse, I just open my app just now and I lost all my data. It reset itself :-( Don't know the reason. Anyone knows? Or can help? =/
I love this game, super cute but I just wish they would make an English translation like with neko atsume.
I admit, it's so cute art I don't understand japanese language :( I playing this game a little i don't know what they say Lol
This game is so adorable, but I unfortunately dont understand Japanese so it makes it hard. I love the calmness and the concept of the game. I just think it's lovely
This game is beyond adorable! I love the frog and everything that comes with it! But I have to say that if you give the frog camping gear and a scarf, then chances are that the frog will be gone for a long time and I love to see it as much as possible and see the postcards often too but overall I love the game 😄💕
Great game, I was able to understand some of it since i'm halfway into learning Japanese N4, but theres an introduction to the game on youtube which gives you a quick 3 minute tutorial to the game and how it works. The game itself is really cute, the style is great and i'm really into it. It isn't really high maintenance, and it's mostly your fault if the frog runs away, if it does though, you can bring it back by placing food on the desk. Over all, great game.
It's beyond cute, I love what I understand but unfortunately I know little japanese which makes it difficult to play. I hope an English translation is considered very soon as I think this is a great game that could really benefit from a wider audience :)
This game seems super fun, but unfortunately I can't read Japanese, is there an option to select English?
the only bad part is that there is no option to switch to English as far as I know and I dont understand Japanese so I cant play
Love this game so cute! Been playing for a couple months to practice my Japanese reading skills, which I would say is great for beginners. My hirigana reading skills definitely improved. I just wish the frog would bring back a wider variety of postcards, but I know the company updates to bring us new pictures!
Although it's only in Japanese, there are many tutorials online that explain how to play this game. The idea is amazing, the game is relaxing and the graphics are adorable. Though, English speakers do not get a full grasp on the enjoyment of the game. Which is why I am also asking for an English version. I still love it nonetheless.
5 stars if there was an English version! I have no clue what I'm doing, but its soo cute so I don't mind :DD
I love the graphics. Very artistic. It looks like an illustrated children's book. It reminds me of Days with Frog and Toad. Souvenir pictures look like illustrations in Knuffle Bunny. Background music is nice too. Downside: I don't know what's being said. I don't understand Japanese. There's probably a nice cute story about the frog. Please please make an English version or at least a translation of what the frog said. I can figure out the buttons, but I'd like to know what the frog is saying.
I like this game. You basically harvest clover field that is in front of the house. You collect clovers for spending money. Then you buy "bento" or lunchbox food, tools like candles, bowls or lucky charms. I guess you can get lucky 4-leaf clover which can be given to your pet frog. You also give your frog food, accessory and lucky charm for traveling or you can place them in the house. Your frog will go out for travel whenever it feels like and come back whenever it wants to. You may receive picture and souvenir. Also you may have a visitor, in that case you give them food for hospitality. In mail, you may receive some lottery ticket, which you collect. Once you have 5, 10 or 15 of the ticket, you can spin it for some prizes!!!
I think I'd really love this game, if I'd be able to understand it. Please consider making an English option, I think it has so much potential, but I want to be able to follow along with the story. The graphics are beautiful, unique and exactly what I was looking for, so pleaaaaase, I want to play it