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Low Poly Art - Color by Number, Number Coloring

Low Poly Art - Color by Number, Number Coloring for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Piano Music Fun Inc. located at Timothy Tower 1005, Queen Street, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Every time I went on I was prompted to rate it. I put off rating in until is been playing for a month. The moment I rated it with 5 stars I was bombarded with forced ads before and after each piece if art work. I wished I hadn't rated it...now it annoys me too much to play often.
I paid for the full app, but about a month ago they stopped uploading new images. I am very disappointed in the developer's communication, i have emailed them several times will no response. Will change rating once they have amended the issues.
Imagine you really like jigsaw puzzles. Now imagine someone give you a jigsaw puzzle to solve, except that the numbers are written on the back of all the pieces so it's really easy. Now imagine that person tries to sell you something each time you complete a puzzle, and they try and charge you for every puzzle that may actually present you with something of a challenge. That's basically this app in a nutshell
Downloaded the game and couldn't play it. It just kept crashing every time I opened it, wasn't able to start even one puzzle :(
WAY too many ads!! Ads upon ads!! Watch a video to do a picture and get a second add before you actually start the picture. I can't take it anymore, uninstalled.
I like this game a lot. It is very relaxing putting the puzzles together. The puzzles range from easy to very challenging. The only reason I didnt give a 5 star is because since the new update, ads appear at the bottom of the screen over the puzzle pieces. This is very frustrating. Please move the ad banner to a place that doesnt get in the way of playing the game.
What a great ap! It is so fun to play and I will reccomend this to all ages! The pictures are so cool to paint!
It is fun enough, and somewhat soothing as i wound down from long days. But it asks constantly for a "_ out of 5 stars" review and it doesn't matter if you've already left a response or not. At a certain point it just runs out of content. You can pay a montly fee to unlock some more complex images, and I doubt they turn off the fees once you've reached the end of the image library.
As usual liar and cheap developers. They tell us free game and then we have to buy lots of pictures for real money. There are disgusting amount of ads and again those nasty developers force us to buy pictures. Why do you have to tell free game morons?
Not a colouring app per se but good fun. Lots to do for free with chances to get free outlines by watching ads and videos. Haven't tried paid version yet but thinking about it
I used to love this app and used to open it every day. Nice variety of puzzles from easy to hard, however the game will no longer stay open, I get to my art and open a puzzle watch the ad and then app just crashes please fix so I can enjoy this again
very nice and relaxing, also a different way of painting. my only draw back is that all the pictures that have people in it you have to sign up and pay to unlock them same with dog in a tea cup, ( i dont give my credit card details to anyone) so not buying. shame they are not free as would like to print them out and use on cards i make.
This is going from 2 star down to 1. I don't want to uninstall incase you get it working again some day. I'm sick of updates proclaiming new pictures, when there is NOTHING THERE! You are literally the best app of this style. I say this after downloading ALL of them trying to find a replacement for this app!!! Please start working again. I actually really love this app. It's the best out of all the similar apps, (others have all the numbers in order near each other which is very dull). I even have been paying for the weekly subscription, even though it is a lot higher than I'd expect. But I like the app, so I thought, way the hey, I enjoy it, let's go for it. 3 to 4 images a day, awesome. Except, now there is literally nothing a day. I'm actually paying to get nothing every day. I gave the benefit of the doubt for a while, thinking something might be up, so I waited... And nothing at all. Not even a 'hey, sorry the main function of the app isn't working, well still take your money though!' Hoping these start coming through again, will keep installed, MIGHT reinstate subscription when I have been convinced new pictures will start coming in daily again. Very unimpressed. Fix this, get a 5/5 and likely I'll start subscribing again. (Not going to uninstall and reinstall and loose all my progress to fix something that is obviously happening to multiple people as others have pointed out.)
it be better if your game did't crash after every advertisement. although the amount of ads is crazy too much. just saying🤔
I thoroughly enjoyed this puzzle however there have been no new puzzles for 3 months. I keep getting notifications that there are new puzzles but on checking, there is nothing. I would have given this more stars but after paying to do the 'premium' puzzles there has been nothing added. Please add more puzzles otherwise I am deleting this app.
I love this game however lately there has been ads that pop up at the bottom, right where the shapes are and they wont go away. Those that have the subscription should be able to have the ads removed. It's difficult to play the game with the ads there
I loved this, but I haven't seen any new puzzles for weeks. I was thinking about paying to get the other puzzles opened up, but not unless they start to pissy new puzzles.
This is a nice switch from just tap & color. I love doing that also, but the change in this app is welcome during my relaxing times.
6 months NO UPDATE!! I have the paid version of the app & quit receiving new pictures for over 3 weeks. I emailed the developer, rather than post publicly. I never received a response & still no new pictures. This was literally my favorite app. I would wait for midnight like a kid for new pictures. Now I'm just a sad girl. 😢💔
This game is a lot of fun! I'm completely addicted to it. However, several days ago, the app stopped updating with new daily puzzles. I used to open the app and have at least 2 or 3 new puzzles available to complete but there have been none for at least a week now. Please fix and I will change back to 5 stars. Thanks!
Very poor quality pictures, and adds everytime you open the app, open a picture, and finish one. There are other Poly art apps way better than this.
I enjoy the variety of puzzles. I am curious why the new daily puzzles stopped since the latest update. Please let me know what happened. I looked forward to them.
This is the best poly art game available. I was about to pay for unlock all, and then it stopped updating new images. Not sure now. Dont want to re-install and lose hundreds of possible puzzles to do, and dont want to pay after re-install for just a few puzzles. would have given 5 stars if not for this.
сool and relaxing game, but in pic with avocado there is 1 slice I can't put there to finish it. I mean, there is absolutely nothing instead of this slice. It's number: 53. It is the most annoying bug in history. Three stars for I can't finish this picture because of ONE slice and I'm very nervous because of it. Thank you.
This is great and fun. I just thought it would be more fun if there were no black lines that tells what thw entire image is just numbers so the player could see the image brought into life piece by tiny piece. But this is already great. :)
fairly good game although it keeps crashing... furthermore I feel as though the amount of pictures reserved for premium users should be reduced given the amount of adds. an add plays before every picture including the ones that aren't marked with the add before playing symbol. I also think that the add before playing symbol should be removed given that an add plays regardless of what picture you choose to play.
I like the art, however, every time I try to unlock a picture by watching a video, I'm told video isn't available. It's very discouraging.
With the newest update there are banner ads covering the pieces of the puzzle, making it almost impossible to play if those ads are up. Very annoying.
Used to work great but hasn't worked for ages now. App will happily play an advert to load an image then immediately crash out once the ad is over. Yikes. Please fix this, guys. It was a great app to chill out with till this.
listen, I LOVE this game. but it needs new pictures. idk if it's a glitch or something but I've done all the pictures and havent gotten a new one in about a week. otherwise, 5 stars
It's alright. Not all pieces are cut according to the color change in every puzzle (color design shifts in one piece). So it looks much more challenging than it actually is. It's not all free. The cooler looking ones, like people (celebrities) , are mostly in the paid version which is 5$ a week. That's a pretty high price for something that's not that challenging. I think it "might" be worth it if it was actually piece by piece, per color shift, like it's meant to be so that its actually a bit more challenging. Other than that I'm not paying that for a basic color by number coloring app. I'll stick to the free version.
At first this was great. Then the ads started coming in. Now I have to watch an ad for all the pictures. Then if I opt to watch an ad for one of the pics, I end up watching two. Only to have to watch another when I finish any of the pictures. Very frustrated. Now I can't get a "free" pic. Nothing but ads. About to uninstall.
The puzzles that you get free with this app are quite simple, although nice for killing time. The more interesting puzzles you have to buy, and it's £13.99 which is too much for such a basic app.
I looked forward to playing this game. I've played similar ones, thought I'd like this too. But the maker of this game asked to "manage and make phone calls". Really???? Sounds fishy, I'm outta here!
Nice coloring app. I'm feeling like the drag is a little slow but the pictures are pretty. I don't have an issue with finding a neat picture to color. Keep me coming and I'll keep on coloring.
i used to own this on another device, and it was wonderful. this time on a new device it just crashes cant open a puzzle and just crashes this used to ve my favorite game for such a long time. but now i cant enjoy it because i cant play it
it is calm and relaxing and it help my art work that I do and it just look so 3D and my children love it so much even they play it.THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS MAKE ME A BETTER MOTHER AND IT FEELS GOOD.
Fun puzzles and they work well, but little content. They want you to subscribe to get the premium puzzles, but that's only one puzzle a day. If you use the free trial and turn it off without subscribing, they stop loading any new puzzles at all, even the ones that would ordinarily be free.
Love the app. Very relaxing. Just wish you could tap the color to the number instead of dragging the color to pic. Not as arthritis friendly as other art apps.