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Love Story ®: Interactive Stories & Romance Games

Love Story ®: Interactive Stories & Romance Games for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Webelinx Games doo located at Hajduk Veljkova 42 18000 Nis Serbia. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood, Sexual Content, Strong Language) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The stories are nice but how can I watch a 30s video just for 1 diamond and the amount of diamonds required for a dress is jus too much
I'm enjoying almost everything bout this app just like I do decisions app. just need to lower the amount on how many diamonds you have to use when reading and it has you pick but it takes 10 every time. Make it down to 2-4 no more than that.
I am being charged twice for something I purchased once. I didn't sign up for any subscriptions. And I am being charged again. I wish there was a better way to contact the developer of these apps.
The stories are nice... And you can get free gems with just watching ad.,though it can only give you one gem per ad.. But it doesnt matter cause the stories are so nice.. Thank you so much😊
This is the best story game amonge all of the story game in play store. Coz u can watch ad and earn diamonds.
It takes a lot of diamonds to buy an outfit or make a choice so you end up buying something boring or choosing something you don't want
Why do they tell me that it is offline but then I will have to have an internet connection to play? I'm not sure what to do right now because I waisted data ta download this app and now I can't even use it. NX!
Male characters are ridiculously ugly in all the stories. Awful faces. Some even look too old. It's impossible to like any of them. This is weird because female characters look fine. How the men characters are dressed is also an eyesore. I hope you'll redraw the faces at least
Its a great game. What's boring is that each and every important action costs diamonds. And the cool outfits also want diamonds whereas you'll look dull and boring with the other outfits. Also, the amount of diamonds you get after completing a episode and after watching ads is SOOO small so please do something.
As far as other similar apps, this one is pretty good. I really love that you are able to get daily diamonds. My only suggestion is to improve the dialogue. So far the story I read was so-so. The main character was a bit annoying. And certain dialogue from the other characters didn't match my decisions I had previously made. The character design can get some improvement. I'll definitely keep reading the other stories.
The stories are very nice but when they are talking I don't usually see their face express and maybe when they go for a party you don't see them walking around there are no actions in this we have to see them walking and doing a lot of things in it
Cuffed was anti climatic. A lot of the stories are. And you don't really have much choice in the stories. The choices lead to the same conclusion either way.
My game is stucked in ( oh no! I will go and help him out ) I choose an option and it's stuck how can I get out of it the game is beautiful but it is stucked 😠
Its so good. The problem is the man is not so attractive, please improve this and hope won't change the free diamonds 🤗😍
There is really nothing to complain about. It's a really great interactive story game. Good graphics and reasonable prices for outfits.
You need to add more excitement in the episodes.Also you need to start out with 10 diamonds for stuff.
i like the stories. Just not the fact all diamond options i paid for, when u restart a chapter. Are unacounted for. I have to pay for all of them again...Which sucks since i spend like 100+ in one episode. When you ask if we want to retry a chapter You don't even tell me i have to repurchase anything. While other games keep the options since you already payed for them. Not Cool.
I love this game its the best game ever made by humans. All u hqve to do is tap the screen. Its perfect for borning movies or perhaps a boring class
I really enjoy reading the books but devious lies says there are two chapters available to read but when I go in it just says resume and keeps taking me to the end of chapter 2. There seems to be a bug in this book, hopefully it can be fixed soon as I do like to read each one of these books that I'm currently reading right now.
It's one of my favorite interactive games. The diamond choices are 10 diamond and clothes 8 or 16 diamond. You can watch video ads 4 times a day to get diamonds. My problem is that even though I can reread a story I loose all the diamonds that I already spent playing the first time so it makes you not want to replay the story.
I love this game.. Nothing like ive ever played before, you don't have to spend money on diamonds.. First time I've played it today... I can't get off of it!
It is a good game, the graphics are awesome and everything else, one teeny tiny problem, too little choices to pick...but so far it's exciting.
it's a very good game it just that the diamonds take to long to build up so you can do something different
I would have given it no stars the game keeps getting of the app when I'm playing it when loading it's so annoying and I need to now why does that
The game is great but it froze in one of the choices and i can't playit now I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but it still doesn't work
It's ok, I enjoyed the stories, but I'm uninstalling it, it'd be better if you get like 1000 gems to start not 16 gems. The amount you have to pay for the good choices is ridiculous. You shouldn't have to pay for the clothing options either.
Nice.. Enjoying and it keeps me going but please make sure you upgrade it more for more fun. Great game.
Liking it so far, just wished I can re-read a story without having to re-pay for premium choices again that I payed for the first time around.
The game is good but u have to have lots of money to play. Can u not do anything more to get many diamonds it would be better
DELETED APP - unhappy with the stories right now. Not many I enjoyed & HATE the clothing options. So getting irritated with this app. I choose a no answer and then 3 seconds later the story says yes. I though we were supposed to choose what we wanted. I'm about to stop reading this app all together and delete it.
Just download it and I'm unable to select any option when it on the screen. I would select the dialog but it not responding to the screen.....
The app was fun, in fact I enjoyed it but its hard to get a star anyway I recommend this app its so fun
It has many stories to choose from. Check on the names of famous actors. Also change the clothes of all the actors each day. They can't rewind yet living in posh flats. That's not realistic. On ur feedback, ur welcome & thanks
The stories are good enough to keep me coming back and the options to collect gems is by far the best I've experienced with these types of games. Overall good game, not to expensive to progress through the stories with lots of free options to pay for in game purchases.
i love the whole thing but i suggest that maybe you could at least give us more tickets and a shorter time in refilling it😊. All and all the game was great I love the characters and the stories
Changing from 4 stars to 1. I can't access the books for some reason. When I try to load each chapter, it goes back to the menu. Infuriating. I've played other story games with more complex graphics but never experienced issues. FIX THIS.
Very good stories. i hope if i finish reading it hope i will repeat without diamonds. cause ill already buy it.
This game is so interesting, but every decision needs diamonds and you have to watch ads all the time But either that that,its the best
Okay so it has good story lines but its not nice that you don't have much choices for instance if you say you dont want to go out they will still force you to go out cause its already in the script whats the point of asking us if you have already decided also you play some stories but you can complete it cause the last episode won't play after collecting your ticket the app just freezes and stops when you login again your ticket is already gone that's not nice and some stories won't even load
Although I can not customize my character I really like the flow and maturity in the content. A mystery is a nice change of pace for a 'choose your next move' kind of book.
Your game is not opening at all. I only opened it once but it has not been functioning for 2 weeks already. I'll install again if it is working already.
Why choose story goes on path OPPOSITE choose anyway... Waiting for RWAL TIME to get tickets is boring trend. So far only better than others tiny bit bexause free diamonds slightly more avail but fun HOW? smh
I love this app but very disappointed that I was robbed. I bought 250 diamonds for 19.99 and never recieved them. I want the diamonds or my money back today with this app deleted for good.
so far so good...but I have an issues with the outfit everytime you want to change you need diamonds which is not cool ,. otherwise the game is lit
i must say it's good but earning diamons is hard and male characters are awfully ugly....the women are fine you should make the men handsome so that their love story becomes more interesting
I love it, but the fact that outfits cost diamonds is really a pain in the neck😩, I need something easier to work with...HOWEVER, these stories are interesting so I give a best 5, if you get to improve the fact that the tickets shouldnt be limited to 2, due to to the waiting limit... BUT I LOVED IT❤️🖤
It has many stories to choose from. Check on the names of famous actors. Also change the clothes of all the actors each day. They can't rewind yet living in posh flats. That's not realistic
So easy to earn coins if you put the ad watching work in it and the stories are very juicy.... Don't let your kids play this ga e though...18
it a good read .you can earn the requirements for free by watching ads or if your impatient like I am you can buy to proceed much faster lol.
Nice graphics and story. Also a great idea to have an option for unlimited watching ads in exchange of diamonds. Great app!
I like this game I just don't enjoy the cussing and it takes forever to download and it needs less ad's
This has potential! It's not bad but it isn't great either. There's not many stories to choose from or genres honestly. But the ones they have aren't bad. Maybe have other genres like paranormal, crime, mystery, thriller. How about seasonal events to win gems and more promotional deals for gems. Maybe have a profile section for us user/readers, events where we can win stuff like most apps have now. Maybe better character selections for stories. Like less models and more of next door girl looks
Only my own when i try to play it said no connection but my data was on so please do something about it i would have rate 5 star so if you do it i would rate 5 star that is my problem i haven't even play the game.
Real cool game app Play store Support.The only thing is it want update.Please fix this issue as soon as possible
I like that theres so many different stories but the dialogue between characters isn't great. I'm also not a fan of the whole thing where if you don't use diamonds to pick certain options, especially clothes, the story dialogue is basically "that's ugly" I get using diamond choices to enhance stories, but not using them shouldn't lead to negative commentary/outcomes.
This app has potential and could do with adjustments. 1) Who writes the dialogue between characters? The chit-chat is too long and dull. 2) Can subscribers edit their leading man as the male characters look & talk like something out of a 'Scooby Doo' sketch. 3) If my profile is African-American why do I have a blue eyed Caucasian mother? Was I switched at birth? Hate being negative but come on guys, this is 2020, try and make this realistic and not cartooney. Reach out if you want more input
Great stories and so many outfit choices and unlimited opportunities to get FREE DIAMONDS so you can have enough for each chapter!
The choices are awesome and don't require alot of diamonds plus you have unlimited watch ads for free diamond's
Love the stories and characters But as with all choice games, the gems needed to get through a chapter are excessive to say the least
I think this is a great app and a very good game infact this the best game ever but the only problem i have with this game is that it takes a lot of time to load
I would of give this no stars , if it existed ...this is because i just installed this app and it asks my language and after I put it in then the loading bar stops and then it comes out of the app , I have tried it 3 times and still it does not work at all , plz fix this and if u do I will tell my whole gang about this app but of u don't then I would delete every single app that is on my and my gangs phone , all of them that belongs to company . VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED 😔
one of the best stimulation apps in story wise juicy stories with the best options to earn diamonds to have better outcomes thanks to the owner!!❤💯
It didn't work..tell me that there's no wi-fi when i connecte to wi-fi and i can't find arabic sub..please fix it
Well this wasn't what I expected, i downloaded the app and when i entered it asked about my country and I choose the the app just stopped at loading, it refuse to load and i uninstall it and install it again but the problem is still the same, i will be grateful if you guys can fix this problem cause I really want to play this game
This app has potential and could do with adjustments. 1) Who writes the dialogue between characters? The chit-chat is too long and dull. 2) Can subscribers edit their leading man as the male characters look & talk like something out of a 'Scooby Doo' sketch. 3) If my profile is African-American why do I have a blue eyed Caucasian mother? Was I switched at birth? Hate being negative but come on guys, this is 2020 not 1960, please try and make this realistic and not cartooney.
I was enjoying the game but the conversation sometime it's off, again I buy clothes for the night out then boom am back to my pajamas 😅 please check on that Now I can't seem to play the game anymore the page I blank
I love your old love story games. So much romance and fantasy. But This game is so boring to read. I hope you will go back to your fantasy cute stories.. this is disgusting..
The best interactive stories app i ever tried.. you can even earn diamonds 💎 by watching ads. Great graphics and stories.. looking forward to read more .. keep up the good work :D
After i selected my language,the loading bar is stuck and not going ahead, it sucks, its not working, UNINSTALLING
There's only like 5 stories. Seems like it was rushed to release, since there's hardly anything to read, the characters are ugly as heck, personalization is severally lacking, & the choices seem minimal. It is really slow to read, no option to double tap to speed it up, you have to wait for it to finish. Needs a lot of work.
Hi, i know that you're clearly fixing the bug, please, it so slow, i didn't play just one story because it is so slow, please fix it. I am giving five star because i know that it is hard to handle an app and i really wanna try this one. Please, fix it. I am not saying as soon as possible, but i wanna try this game. Please, thank you so much ♥
I absolutely love this . Definitely recommend it. Especially the option to watch videos for diamonds, really gives me a chance choosing something better. I would love if the characters could interact more with each other or even stand next to each other talking.
I like this game, but the one thing I don't like is when you chose not to do something and they do it anyways what is the point of even asking us then!? I chose not to talk to someone I know is bad but, oh it don't matter cause the girl in the story needs someone to talk to at that time.
It does good stories and I like that there are opportunities to earn free diamonds, but I feel as if every good choice should not cost diamonds.
I was very eager to play this game but after the installation its not coming why didn't u guys say the game is faulty waste of bundle and data one star this game dosen't deserve anything
BEST Interactive Story in the Game right now! Nice graphics & good stories . Characters clothing options are reasonable priced & you DON'T have to pay for hair options. NO just reading thoughts & then charge you expensive options. They even have unlimited ads to view if you low on tickets and/or diamonds. I am a starving student but I don't mind buying (when I) to support the developer. CONGRATS & KERP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
Awesome stories great way to earn extra credits 😀 also great price for credits as well. Very affordable 👌 especially when you're on a budget. Love 💘 the stories 💕 the stories make it seems as if you are really involved 😀, really in it, the stories will have you on the edge of your seats, waiting on the next chapter to be released is like waiting on Christmas 🎄 day 😀 , I give this app 👏, 10🌟, 2👍and 10 🔥 😁😍
This game is the best its WAYYY better than other games like episode or chapters where you need gang diamonds and try to hack it to get diamonds because for this game it's amazing the diamonds are reasonable and you can get diamonds for FREEE if you watch and add . I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH
This game is OK. It has potential to be better. What I find annoying, is that most of the male characters look alike. It makes the storyline kinda weird. And the diamonds reward after completing a chapter is too small. It should be more to make playing fun.
the only thing I don't like is the you can't go back to the last page. Other then the I love it the story are good the pictures are great.
Great game but the adverts are a lot to watch with only getting one diamond each time which i don't think is fair
i dont know why it is not working....if i want to play d game i will hv to use data....Desppite of using data...it is not working..pls do something
The best game I've played to offer many free options and quickly replenishing tickets! The character graphics aren't really very attractive, like at all, but easily overlooked with how easy it is to play through with most stories complete and ready to read. Easily the best story game set up I've ever seen.
this story is really nice. you can get free gems just by watching ads. and the gems required to do tasks is not really that much. nice app, I like it.
I love how easy it is to get the story line you really want. One of the best apps for really enjoying the story. Thanks
it is very intertaining and the stories are so nice. I really love the option for diamonds,just ads.... not bad
Game is good but its not allowing in app purchases so i have to watch a bunch of ads for free diamonds 👎
I do want improvement but there are some good things about the game the way the characters look is very cool and I hope maybe in future improvements theres gonna be a reality TV show 😉
I just love this game it doesn't take forever to go from one chapter to another and buying things do don't cost an arm and a leg
Enjoying the stories, but we should have the option of keeping same hairstyle & after purchasing an outfit, we should be able to keep it instead of it disappearing. Just some minor tweeks.