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Love Story Games: Blog of Secrets

Love Story Games: Blog of Secrets for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Webelinx Love Story Games located at Sedmog Jula 25a/5, 18000 Nis. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes, Language) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i love this kind of game but...plz why did u use a coin for it??? it is so boring to have those coins even without ad??!!!plz change this i want freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzz
Love the animation and the character just like Teenage Drama and Amnesia. Though, unlike Teenage Drama and Amnesia, this took AGES to unlock the next chapter. If we could just watch the ads to unlock it like the previous game, it would be more fun. I had fun playing the previous one without having to wait for 6 days so please change this.
I was really liking this game until I see that have to wait 6 long days just to read the next chapter ! whose to say I'd live that long? smh .
The animation,characterand story line is awesome but after i completed the first 2 chapters when i was about to play chap 3 the told me wait for 6DAYS and 12 HOURS.I was shocked, like seriously why would u expect me to wait 6DAYS to play a game abd obviously there was an option to buy coins but still the waiting Period was illogical.Therefore,with a heavy heart i m uninstalling the app.πŸ˜”
the most useless game I have download. I thought it's the same as teenage drama but noo. you play a game and you have to wait for 6 days before you play the next one. upon that I have to use internet to play this game. why 6 days to play this game don't you get anything from I using internet to play this game? fine I bought the coins and I realized its absolutely nonsense, whilst others give energy daily you want us to buy it daily. take your game.
I love the story but the long wait is really annoying I mean waiting for one episode for more than a week is kinda messed up and I think I would rather see it like the others, just 3 hours and not a week and I also don't like the fact the only way to get the episode quickly is coins but let's be honest here probably only 1% of people will actually buy coins so I also would want like a easy way to get coins like after every episode of 0 coins or something like that
I love most of ur games, don't get me wrong but this game was not one because it's a long process to wait for the next chapter to open. Why do you need coins, it's so unnecessary and dumb. I have played most of your games and it was an wonderful experience but this one was not as much. please fix it and make all the clothes and things free again like it used to be because it's really upsetting to play something that doesn't even work, please .i will delete the game now because the time is to long
Are you kidding me?? I have to wait for 6 days for the next chapter, you've become so greedy it's so disgusting. You were the best before, but I see now how it is, all you care about is milking people for money. 😑😑😑
I love this game! But I have to wait 5-6 days for new chapter is really very irritating. And expend money for every chapter is also irritating. Do something in this regards. If it develops I will gladly rate it 5 stars...
This game really sucks!! Why do I have to wait 6 days to read a freaking part of the story. Thats ridiculous and absurd. Another thing is that when you do the daily tasks for coins, you only get 2. Could there be more ways to get coins? Also can you make the wait waaaaaaaay shorter?
Firstly i downloaded this game thinging that it is offline then i found out that it is not but i didnt have a problem then later on i found out that we i had to wait a very long time for the next chapter why that long some games only take two hours i didnot waste anytime i deleted the game
This game is totally adorbs!!! Its way better than secrets game of choices. There's no spelling mistakes or anything that confuses me like other games. Who ever made this game you're literally amazing and creative but don't take my compliment seriously because I'm better. Anyway, you should download this and if you don't like it then you don't have a brain just say in. It's got the most perfect and glamorous chicks and the clothing and jewellery is fab. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!! Lucy's cool comments πŸ’œ
I know you need money, but waiting for weeks just for a chapter is really silly. Can't we just watching 5 ads or something to gain a new chapter quicker? Some of us can't spend that much money just for game.
Great experience of what life is like where you have a blog and make stories up to male your blog interesting, but actually those blogs are life experiences that happen!
I like this game but I think that there are some of love story more interesting than this.And it's got a lot of days to open
the game is good. the art is good as well the story. but it's annoying that everything costs coins and it can't be played offline. And even after I used my coins to buy clothes, the next time I play the game, I have to buy it all over again. That's stupid.
It's a nice game, I love it. I just really hope to see some LGBT+ new story games in the future from you guys though.
it doesnt wanna play because I have data and it wants me to light on my mobile data so I cant play, and when I can finally play it, you have to pay coins to continue and it pnly gives you 20 coins
The story is nice but why do I have to wait for days for the next chapter....but when I watched the YouTube video I still had to wait ...just wasted my data ...fix this!!!!
It was good but when you go off the he and then go back on you have to start over this was really annoying because it takes up slot of storage
These game is very special for me it give more options that you want it is good part but the bad part is when you start a new chapter it took way long time like 6 days, 2 days , 4 days .... but try it you will love it bye !!!!!!!lol 😍😘
It's a GREAT game, trust me. Amazing plot, cute graphics, ect. But the one thing I absolutely hate is that we have to wait a whole WEEK for 1 chapter to come out. A week? Seriously? The only way you can skip waiting is if you spent real money on the game, which I am NOT doing.
Your game is the worst!!!!! After watching a video on youtube to download yet your stupid app did not open the chapter which is frustrating!!!
I like now the game and I very very very like it so amazing I want to rate it 5 stars and i like the graphics the face of the characters.....And i like the girl of my character then i like Liam but i choose the other boy...(I forgot the name) (not the brown boy).🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩 and plssssssss.... make more epesodes so that I will introduce this game in ma prends😍😍😍😍
You've gotta be kidding me I have to wait 6 days for the next chapter, but I get what are you trying to do by this way you gonna make the readers pay money to get the coins in the game so they can move to the next chapter easily πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘wow great, good luck with that πŸ™‚
Thank you for ur game~ Pros: β€’Light story; β€’A lot of options to customize MC Cons: β€’Amount of time to wait to unlock next chapter; β€’The lack of choices. Basically if you switch between guys there's no difference. Small details which were important disappeared, MC never calls her bf by his name, etc.
It's very good story, I like it so much but please I want to make my novel like it could u tell me how,please?
When all the chapters are available, take off the 'pay 50 coins to unlock' bullcrap.. Not everyone got money to spend on this. And none of us like it. Fix it. No one wants to pay for chapters that are already in the damn game. None of your games were like this. Also, all of a sudden you need internet to play the other games? They were awesome before, why did you have to make us use internet to play the others? I wanna read the Time Travel love story, I can't read it offline like I used to. Why?
The game is good because has many items, but I prefer watch ads than spend money to have all items & chapters. So, the best game in my opinion is still Teenage Drama.
This game is really fun but then you need money to unlock the next level then that makes it less interesting...I mean c'mon like a week to the next chapter ...πŸ˜²πŸ˜’πŸ‘‡
it is going so well so far and i love being on it i can play this game for an entire 6 hours and not realize it thats how entertaining this game is i rate it 10 and i think people who are into games like this should play this one , thats no lie.
the game is really great intresting and fasinating stories but remove that part of either paying to get the story or wait for many days i love this game and i wish you will create another fabulaseπŸ€—πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
i updated the app on june 28 to unlock chapter 6 (because u said it will be available on that day), but when i launched the app it says there 'free in 27 days'??????
It is a great app πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ! But after the two chapters, I clicked to watch chapter 3... I didn't know how to open it so I searched up the play store and looked at the reviews. It said to wait 6 days for the next chapter to be released. Today is the 10th day I waited so I hope this can be fixed soon because I absolutely love the story line and characters. Thank you ❀️
ok! the story is soo good πŸ‘Œ, but I didn't like that I have to wait a week to read tge next chapter , and the money I earn for free not enough to raed a chapter , pleeeeeeeaase fix this quicklyyπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Hi, I've sent a feedback on kissed by a billionarie too. About this game i love the story. It's good. I recommend it. And also I would love to see that change I've asked forπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ. All support from me to your company.❀ Now the main problem that I've you should add a sign up and log in option plz plz. So, if anyone delete any story game from your website we can start from where we've lefted. So, it'll so great. And plz the money is too much please do something about it. U should add ads to it plz..
well I like this games but there is something bothering me and it is the character in the game clips is so different with the character I make . for One second I was thinking who is she then I realize it's the game character not mine . can't you make an ability to put our character in game clips ? then I rate it five
you really have to wait days to go on to the next chapter ,and if you dont want to wait you have to have coins. but most of us cant even get coins bc you have to pay money
it's very good,everything is so perfect.but this data/wi-fi thing i don't like,but ontherwise is good.
i cant wait 6days its too much.. and the parts its too short so we cant play with our moods its really awsome but thats bad bcuz im forced to wait a long time just to play..
This is the best game ever!!! I'm loving this game so far and all the other love story games that were made.πŸ˜˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜β€πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’œ
I love the storyline but for some reason im starting a new route so im trying to changing my avatar's name but it wouldn't change. I tried resetting the game but it is still not working. If you could fix this somehow, that would be great. Also guys, the reason why the chapters take a week is probably because thats how long the artwork takes. I mean it probably takes a whole team just to make the art style and the storyline. So please don't pressure them. Overall, great game.
I love everything in the game and I don't mind the adds but the time I have to wait to unlock the next chapter is to long . If u would make it shorter ( at least 3 days )I'd 5 starts.
i like the game but the problem is that the episodes arent free like the other ones and you have too wait 6 freaking fays too get more coins this sucks im still on chapter 2 ΰ² _ΰ²  make the games more funner just look at the commets nobody likes it i hate your games ugggggh boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
I love the game but the data thing can we just play without using data like the game is a boom and so interesting but the data thing has mad most of my friends delete the game so pls data and space thanks you
I love the game it's so interesting but when I watched the video (add) to skip the 6 days it didn't work. Please respond
honestly I'm very disappointed with this app.The story line is amazing but i have to wait 6 days for the next chapter! Its very disappointing because i actually enjoyed the first two chapters
I love the game it's so interesting but when I watched the video (add) to skip the 6 days it didn't work.
Ok I have 3 reasons to give you 2 stars, first, the waiting timeline is too long to wait, second, yes I love the details of the game's hair or clothes, but I didn't like how few they was, third, there is no way that you can get your coins to 50 in 1 day without paying to the game. I hope you can help me with these things, because I really like the game but I didn't enjoy it, plus, the episodes are too short so you can't play with happy mood, you always need to have 50 coins if you don't want pay.
The story and plot within is totally amazing as always but believe me, waiting literally six days for unlocking a chapter may drive you round the band, also if i still have to pay for 50 coins to unlock one chapter or another i'll be out of money on my google play card really. I'm pretty sure i am not the only one here complaining on that hiiighly problematic access. It's bothering, please make it easier for us, players as we would reaally like to keep playing, but slowly giving up on this.
I love this app and recommend it to everyone. I just suggest to make the same grahicps n clothing options in each of your stories
Just like said by others... We have to wait too long. Also if you dont mind i recommend you to make one app with all the interactive stories in it. It will be much more effective for us and you as well.
Good , I like the graphics as well as the working and story but it takes to much time like 4 - 5 days to unlock another parts. And now suddenly after waiting 3 days for the next part it dosen't show any time limit and part 3 refuses to open. I love this game but it is really irritable when you complete 2 chapters in a day and there is 5 days to be patient for next. I really want editors of the game to lessen the money of coins and lessen the time limit of wating between the parts of stories.πŸ˜‘
I love it but today is 21July a update came when it should accutalle have came 24July and the chapter shows but above it stand it will came open and play it 23days and 10hours or you can play it right away for 50coins but I have 30coins please fix it
it's a wonderful game but the time between one chapter to the other is too much,if I wait 20 days I'm not gonna remember the story but you can also buy coins to unlock the chapter.That s the only bad thing about it.
The story is really good.... but my only problem Is that I have to wait a week... and even after the whole week is over it still doesn't let me do chapter 3.... please fix this as soon as soon as possible
I love all of your games and this is no exception! It's clear that so much love and care goes into them. The stories are well thought out, the graphics are beautiful, and the characters are interesting. Thank you so much for making them reasonably priced and not requiring payment for choices!!! I can't tell you how amazing that is!! I feel the money I spent on this game is so worth it (because I couldn't wait for the episodes and I want to support what you're doing) more outfits please ❀️
This is an amazing, truly full of suspense game! The only reason needed to have 5 stars is that if we didn't have to wait for the chapters to unlock! Please make an update and REMOVE the waiting!! But it's still a very good game!! :)
i hated this game i just hope makers would have been less selfish while making this game..coins for every thing chapter dress etc etc teenage drama and other games had nothing like that i love your game series but u just lost a fan
Nice game but sometimes it takes days to open a chapter and asks easily earnable game money for most dresses
I love it! So many different pieces of clothes and new options for customizing 😍 Storyline is very captivating, and characters are beautiful! 😊 Love this game! ❀️
i love these app...! but we have to wait 6days to read the next chapter it i don't want to wait for 1 week i have to pay 50rs ... so except it is nice ....
the game called and everything is like really good but it takes 4 days and 7 hours to get to the next one
Its fun! but can you fix something . it was the unlocking chapter.why do yiu must to do it like 6 days 20 days....so i hope you can fix this . Everyone is saying the Same thing.
I LOVE this game. It is the best love game I have out of my other 3. It is a A LOT like Amnesia, and Teenage Drama. They just have different story lines and stuff like that. I just HATE how you have to have 50 coins to go to the next chapter, SO STUPID CHANGE IT PLEASE. U have an option where u can watch a video or have 50 coins. I click the video, and it I watch like 3 videos and it doesn't work, STUPID. It makes me mad, this is my favorite love game and I don't have any coins to play it.
I love the game but I can't use YouTube and I don't have 50 gems but I don't want to wait 6 days before I can play the game again :(
This is the best game ever!!! I'm loving this game so far and all the other love story games that were made.πŸ˜˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜β€πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’œ However I wish they didn't add the coins in because even if u do use the coins then what happens is u have to wait like 18 days!!!
I love the game but u always have to wait 5 days or 1 week to get the next flippin chapter and that's way too long but in ur old games u didn't do that why? Because u only had to wait exclist 2 hours so like can y'all guys change that
I am loving the game but it took too long to free coins and a ch please please please can you short the time please please I have played your games they don't take that long to open a chapter so why this game take that long time please if you can do anything to short the time then please please do it I really wanna play this i am begging you
I hate this game bcoz i have to wait for days to unlock chapters even after updating.doesn't matter whether the story line is good or bad when you can't read the story. i am very much disappointed with this game bcoz other weblinx games which i had played earlier were very nice and we didn't even have to wait for days to unlock chapters after updating. the coins system is ridiculous.
It's nice game but i must to wait 6 days to open the next part because i don't have money to buy the part plus at part 20 i can't open any part or wait 6 days but the story is perfect and i like it thanks 😁 πŸ’œ
if i could give zero star i would because i don't understand how can u expect someone to wait for 46 days just to read a chapter this is insane and am uninstalling this app right away
This is an awesome game. So awesome but I dont last so long atleast let it be a one day wait. Please fix this. Im such a big fan of this game
I absolutely love it but it's not cool that coins are needed to unlock another chapter and that webelinx stories now need data to play but it's lovely and plz fix this soon bcz I'm a big fan!!!
I really love the idea of the story it's very good but I rate it like this because it's so so so long u know it's hard to wait 7 days that's so hard and it's hard to had coins to open any thing I was always give your apps 5 stars but when u didn't make your apps open offline that's make me sad because I sometimes don't have a signal like really want everything come back like it was πŸ˜“
Very nice game I love it.... but the problem is that you have to wait 6 days to unlock other chapters which is really hard to wait that long you sometimes forget it that 6 days has passed
The story is good I like the characters and the plot but waiting 6 days for unlocking each chapter is ridiculous!!! you guys could at least give us limited free ways to shorten the time, also paying 50 coins to unlock each chapter just because we don't want to wait a week to finally play the game again is a joke. In my opinion if I have to wait 6 days for each chapter I might as well delete this game.
The story line is pretty good and I love customizing my avatar. Honestly I would probably rate the game 4 or even 5 stars if the waiting time for each chapter wasn't so ridiculous (6 days each! Star tr ing at chapter 3!) If they changed this I'm 100% sure their ratings would go up but the long waiting time is irritating everyone who has the game.
Didnt even get after the first chapter instead I was bombarded with having to pay miney or there was something weong with my connection. The previous games you made never ever required wifi. If you guys could go back to the way you used to design games, it wouodve been so much better. Im so upset since this was my favourite game channel on playstore.
Well, I'm very happy with the game, the idea, the choices etc.... But I have two suggestions and only two. So I really think it would be nice if the game could be played without Wi-Fi.... And maybe you can avoid making us either wait for days or waste a lot of coins. I find this unacceptable because I really love this game. So why not make the player watch an ad or a video in order to attain the next chapter? But otherwise, I really adore this game!!!
I really love this game ❀ The character design and illustration is beautiful! I have a question to ask, if I purchase 'Fashion Diva' or 'VIP Blogger Kit'. Let's say on future updates there's more clothes/items will they be unlockable too or I have to buy coins? I really don't understand why people are complaining about paying for clothes, to me the prices are reasonable. Thanks and I look foward on future updates and apps. I've been a big fan ever since I played 'Teenage Love Story' ❀❀❀
i really love this game..and i also play your other games..e.g. teenage drama, amnesia Love story..i love them all... pls create some more games...πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜—πŸ™but there is a problem i have to wait a lot to play next chapter plss guys fix it...
The storyline is good,the graphics are good,the clothes and the accecories are nice but who the hell has time to wait 6 and 23 hrs for a chapter to unload i would have rated this game five stars if the waiting hour wasnt too long they could have made it like 2-3 hrs just like their other games. I tbought tbis was gonna be the best game but i dont have space fir a game i wont play in 6 days
It IS a really good game and I do recommend it to people however I there is a but. There's no lag or glitches or anything like that, I just have an issue. I don't honestly mind the adds cause you can skip or just watch it {in my case that is}. The problem with it is the COINS. I love the chapters however the wait for the chapters is a bit... unrealistic. I have to wait 6 days to play a already released chapter. Yes you could use coins but you have to pay for the coins which I don't want to do.
I love this gameπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊπŸ˜„ , but the part that bores me😧 , is that you have to wait for like 6 days for just one chapter to unlock 😒😑😠😧 at least it should take maybe 1 hour to unlock ☺but I do love this game it's very niceπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’ŸπŸ’žπŸ‘βœŒ
YOU have made all of your other games nicely and we didn't need to use coins, so why did you change bit all of a sudden because I know for a fact that a lot of people aren't going to like this game compared to all the other games you guys have made . I understand if you can't take away the fact that we need to purchase using coins but can you at least reduce the amount of time we need to wait for the chapters to unlock because 6 days is very unessacery. Please can you do something about this
I have to wait 7 days for 1 chapter thats already done and on my phone to "unlock". The longest waiting time is 48 days. Absolutely insane. Sure there's an option to pay and skip the waiting however the desire for you to spend your actual money is very apparent. I get they want to make money and there's no shame in that however they should be more classy with the way they go about it. Also as an english player some of the dialog is weird and unnatural. Also PLEASE make a way to speed up text!
I love this game but I hate that you wait for 3 days 14 hrs for chapter 3. The problem is that you wait for a few hours then the free in box goes blanknad you don't even have enough coins for free pass. It is an awesome game but I refuse to buy coins so I have decided to delete this game.
This game is awesome but I only ended chapter 16. I can't update now so it's a bummer. I have one request, to unlock all chapters free not with coins because it's irritating. Now that the game is over, no more updating for coins. Huge bummer!!
I love this game eventhough this ads keeps on appearing everytime i start playing the game, to be honest i find it annoying but that wont change my love for this game, i wish there were more chapters to explore
I love it but today is 7July when we should get an update about chapter7 and it never came please fix it
I hate this game because it is very long time or days to wait .....the chapters will unlock after 6+ days and....I have no coins to unlock it...and your older games is had a good stories and dont have any purchasing coins because all you will do is to wait it an hour.....SO IF YOU want to other games or a love story games ....change the purchasing coins and erase it.....and I am going to delete this game beacause of this😼😼
the game is good. the art is good as well the story. but it's annoying that everything costs coins and it can't be played offline. oh suck.
I don't mind ads but this has a wee bit too many. And I have to wait 6 days for the 3rd chapter because I have no coins and to get coins I need to pay. No entirely pleased with that. I love the story and the characters though! The graphics and animations are really good too! I'll probably just wait the 6 days and see what happens. 😁
Why is this waiting .... the Waiting needs a lot of time ... I hated the game because the wait and we need money to buy clothes and we need money for open the chapters I hated the game very much ..... I hope fix this game in less time until becomes sweeter...... πŸ’”πŸ˜’
I hate this game!!! It is so annoying 😑 After like each and every options I choose, an ad pops out. And i have to wait for six days to unlock one chapter!?!?! That is out of question. I deleted this app after just passing chapter 2😝😝😝
this game is good but what the heck!? it takes 13 and 20 days to unlock chapter 5 and 6 but you guys said chapter 6 is available?πŸ˜žπŸ˜­πŸ˜©β˜ΉοΈπŸ˜”
The story isn't anything new but still somewhat enjoyable. My biggest problem is just that almost every move you do an ad pops up. With time it gets really annoying and destroys any fun you had with the game.
I have always loved these games! But I don't feel like waiting a week just to read the next chapter like in this one. If I didn't have to wait SO LONG to read the next chapter, I would give it 5.
I love the story and the outfits. The only thing for me is that you have to wait 6 DAYS for the next chapter. I love that u can watch a YouTube video about the next episode. Like a trailer. Overall I love it❀❀❀
I like this game a lot! a great selection of wardrobe, hairstyles, colors ... graphics are excellent, i give it a 5/5!
I love the story but please do something so we can read the next chapters for free like watch an ad I think its stupid that you have to wait
i really likw this game honestly and have played all their games that are like this one . But the thing is i don't likr the fact you have to buy coind to get coins especially when you can not afford it. Even their option of warching ads to get coind doesn't even work it just starts thr game over. And what is up with waiting fot 5days for the game to unlock, why must it takr so long . please fix this .
I love the concept. Yeah I really do but I felt so sad because I can't proceed ln chapter 3 because of coins. And I dont even kniw how to do it. And then there's a lot of ads that keeps me waiting. Also, you said inyou description that it is an offline games but why everytime I played it. It always says, NO INTERNET, NO CONNECTION? can you fix this one pls? Please do developer. I really like the plot but pls do fix it. Revise and make it free. Please πŸ˜–πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
I rated it 3 stars because we will have to wait for 6 days for each chapter but the story is amazing at the end of the day just love it...
Actually this story so good but the problem is I don't have coins I mist wait 6 days ro read a new chapter. That is so sad webelinx was the best because I didn't need money or diamond to unlock clothes or chapter that's what made it unique like I am really interested in this story I was waiting for it on fire but now there os no fire Hope when u make a new story u don't make with coins please or at least make the chapters release d every 2 hours not every 6 days
So......this game is really interesting n its awsome❀😊........but i dont undertand the part when it has to unlock like im stuck at episode three n they say i have to pay fifty dollars but i dont have tht amount so what else shoud i do?
I was Jungshook to see you need to wait A Freaking 6 days to read the next chapter Aint nobody have time to wait.You see some readers like too read all of the chapter in one go.But overall I really really like the character customisation the variety of hairs,clothes and that you can make your hair ombre.If you can just reduce the waiting time to 1 or 2 day I would gladly Rate this a 5-star
😐 i really like their stories ... i have teenage drama and i finished Amnesia , thier stories are really πŸ‘ŒBUT what really makes me dissapointed is waiting LONG for the chapters if it aint 13 days than its 6 days .i must say this makes me wanna give up and uninstall the app and since when do you always have to hav an INTERNET CONNECTION ??? please understand im not saying the app is bad cause i love the stories alot but my patience can only last for so long ... πŸ’”
It's a great games but I want to buy coins and there's no way and you need internet connection to play.
This is the best game ever!!!! I love all your games. Poor ILsha(the name of my character) Has to suffer like this. I hope Kristina learns her lesson. Edit 1: This is the best game Finally chapter 15 is here
everything but new episode time is awesome. why we have to wait 6 days or longer? and why we have to pay money for new episode? this is so absurd. why aren't you as before?
There is a lack of free coins from the starting. You have the only option which is the purchase. I would recommend that in the next update, please give us free coins such as a daily spin and some challenges so that we can get enough amount of coins to play the next part. Otherwise, the game is good to play and the story is nice
The game is nice and I don't mind the ads but I really don't wanna wait a full 24hours or more to open the 3rd or next chapter. This is the second time I downloaded it and now I just feel like I really have to give feedback because waiting for straight 6 days or more for just one chapter is really bumming all the fun of this game. Also something pops out like I have to exit the game because it says I didn't turned on my data or used wifi but the real thing is I really turned on my mobile data 🀦
It is not telling me when the next chapters are going to be free in... Idk if i have to wait for it to load but i just want to play the episodes!!
u guys are getting very greedy now.. first ur games were beautiful and free.. now that u got players playing ur games u started showing ur true face.. quality of ur games gradually came down.. characters were awfully ugly and pathetically dressed and such boring stories.. and now coin system and that too no option to get free coins.. player must buy coins.. clothes and accessories are locked.. and it takes days for a chapter to open.. very disgusting and cheap act..
Some people might run out of coins and they cant go to the next episode but I love the game so much it is fun to play if u have nun to do😊
great game i love your games but this one is a disappointment you have to get coins to get clothes and hair item and you. like i can't even customize my character plus you have to wait until the chapter but i guess a nice game so far!
I love all your apps,but.... I disappointed but not really disappointed, because I really really love to play your app w/no internet or data connection We hope that you'll fix it thanks........
It was good and everything but 6 days and so on to unlock every chapter? And spending rl money to see the next chapter right away? Ridiculous.
One of the best and most dynamic love story games I've ever played. Graphics are beautiful and you can change your character in so many ways, i spent hours in character customization!
i love the game but it takes days to unlock the chapter am still waiting for chapter 3 unlock which is going to in 5 days time l can't wait that for a game you guys have to do something about it
I love the game, BUT I hate having to wait a week for one of the already made chapters. I would prefer to view an advertisement then wait a week.
It's a good app but I need the third chapter it's not fair to wait a week or more for it to come out and not many others have money to even pay so please have the chapters coming later or soon please fix this
I love thi a game so much so addictive and has really good chapters, but why do u have to wait so long to read chapter 4 like it shouldn't take days or weeks, if anything 30 minutes to an hour, please change the wait time, thanks
The free outfits are very limited. Should be able to watch an ad to unlock a step. If dont want to wait for days or spend 50.This game wants you to spend alot of money.
Loved the story. The only thing that I didn't like is waiting for 6 days for each episode the suspense is just couldn't handle it πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ. Waiting for more stories.
I have to wait 6 days for the third chapter to load?? Would be a good game if I didnt have to wait so many days for it to load
It's have been 10 day's and I still waiting for to open.its really annoying that we have wait that many days.pls do something and reduce some days or pls give us more free coins then 2.I think I wanna uninstall the app now i don't have patience
The game is fun, i love it β™₯️,but it has a few problems, why do u have to wait so long for the next chapter and i think u should add a little more scenes ,the game kinda fun thank u
I have no problem watching ads or paying for an ad free experience, but waiting 6 days to unlock a chapter is to much. I dont like the new coin mechanic,but i liked it even less when u have to buy 50 coins to unlock a chapter to read. So far the story is awesome. Its just the new coin mechanic thats the problem. Its not AS bad like some other games. Since it seems like we dont need coins to pick dialogue options. Edit: Since we cant take sreenshots can the game save scenes. Well writen storyπŸ‘Œ
it takes coins to get the next chapter to open or you have to wait 6-30 days i used to like your storys what happend 😀😒
I like the storyline and the characters...but waiting for 6 days for each part is very ridiculous....at least you can make us watch an ad to shortened the time or to unlock the next part.... I'll definitely uninstall this game ....
its an awsome game for people that like to read i dont even play games like this 1 but il this one even if u dont think about it. i can help with ur reading
i didnt give 5 stars cuz in the other love story games u dont have to use coins but in this game u have to but it is a amzaing game good job tho😁
the worst game ever , the story isn't bad , but you should wait like 6,7 days before unlock a episode !!! After that the makeup and dress aren't bad at all .
love it but do somthing about getting the next chaptater unlock faster with out the coins i mess the watch a video to unlock the next chaptater its much easyer to go though the story and somepeople dont have money to buy coins.