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Love Story: Amnesia

Love Story: Amnesia for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Webelinx Love Story Games located at Sedmog Jula 25a/5, 18000 Nis. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes, Language) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The changes are really bad. I used to love this game because of all the free options but now... Please change it back, it's not fun to play anymore!
This is an amazing game! I loved the concept, gameplay, and character development! The plot line wasn't predictable, and the best part is that all of it is free. There are ads, but they have to make money somehow! the art style is great, and there is a great character designer where you choose what outfit you're wearing, makeup, hair, anything! I ended up falling in love with Brian uwu. Also, there is no waiting for chapters! Bravo, devs!
Look this games graphics are on point, love the moment and facial expressions and the lil clips etc and I'm sure the storyline is good, so far I was enjoying it. Unfortunately I'm a very impatient person when it comes to games and DAMN ads are INSANEEE... I can't be dealing with that, I have better things to do(I understand you guys have to make money, you spent money making this) β™₯️ ...πŸƒ...
It's terrible. I played this game ounce and it was AMAZING. Now it's junk. I'm sorry, but it is. Since the update with all these gems and stuff, it's annoying. I don't mind the ads, but this is JUNK. Now this is just another Episode app. It's so annoying. And when I changed my character's skin color, it doesn't even bother to change it when there's a cutscene. I don't think I will be playing it anymore.
I loved it but while I was playing in level 18 suddenly I fell in level 20 then I continued and my favourite moment of getting a baby it come at end all a sudden 😒😒😭😭
I used to love this game. It was free and we could change clothes and make choices without using the gems. Now it just SUCKS. no offence but it's the truth. I cane back because I loved it now it's so bad. DONT INSTALL.
I really love the story, I really love this game. But, it's too bad...back in 2018,this game if free, and you can read the story offline, but now, haayysssttt... This game needs internet to play... πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜”πŸ˜” Oh real... 2020 is a mess... 😭
So I have started playing it again and now I have got a little thrue it after she is at her house and she is going to the bar it has stoped working for me.. it lets me on and let's me press the play but it just now gets stuck... I was looking forward to play this but now I can't 😑
I'm really sorry for the low rating, but the changes you made ruined everything in my opinion. I mean, the game was free and we could make any choice we wanted and wear whatever we liked, it was perfect. But now we have to make some choices using diamonds and when we don't spend diamonds on these choices, the character gets scolded..like what ? I personally removed the game. Good luck with everything and again, sorry. :/
I loved it sooooo much 😍 I loved the graphics the clothes and of course the story! My favorite part was when I realized it's related to teenage drama!!! I have finished it before and I was really surprised to see that the two stories are connected ! So brilliant from you! Thank you so much for it ~β™₯~
It's awesome. I love it so much. I just hate this clothes system, it is terrible to wear the same thing all the time and it was a torture people talking bad about me just because I don't have money to buy diamonds. The end should be more exciting, and I think someone should have died, so it could be perfect. And Vincet shoul have a gun all the time to make things more interesting. Anyway it was cool.
You could at least make the choices completely free, or somehow make an option to go back to previous chapter(s)
I downloaded the game mostly for fun, to see what it was like, and thoroughly enjoyed it! I could read/play episodes on the go. The options each time were great, and I didn't have to pay some dumb kind of in-game currency for the better options. The only thing I was sad about was the fact that I lost the app after I accidentally uninstalled it and lost all progress. I realize this was a personal error, but maybe an optional log-in would be helpful for the future?
Honestly, I'm in love with your games. I've played all the visual novels, and I currently have this one and teenage drama. They are my favorite apps on my phone. The other games from different producers can no where be compared to Webelinx. Everything is perfect: Storyline, love, choices, clothes, drama, mystery, plot twists, graphics. The only down fall is waiting for the new chapters. Please make more games like these! Also: You should add new clothes for this game and teenage drama.
Really amazing love story! It was a lot of fun~, the game gave you a lot of choices of clothes for your character, a lot of mysteries, a lot of confusion by the plot twist, all over it's really really good!!! I recommend this app! I rate this 5 stars cause you guy's deserve it for making the graphics really amazing! Sadly I can't screenshot my character, because I love it very much that I want to try and draw herπŸ˜… but, I kindly suggest.... Please make part two of this~ Thank you~πŸ’— Ewan!
This new version sucks. Im regretting so much. Why the hell i even updated this app. It was so good before. I loved it. The story was amazing. I hadnt completed the whole story. And now after updating it,I have to play it from the begining!!! R u really kidding me!! Im uninstalling this game and never play it again
I love how you don’t need anything (coins, diamonds, etc.) unlike other games to continue playing and making choices. You just need watch some ads and some are just 5sec long. I finished the whole thing in a couple of hours. There are plot holes but they're fine..I think evey story has. Really enjoyed it! Anyway, I choose Brian for her.
Okay, like all of others are sayin' I "used" to love this game. But now it all changes because of the update u made. The game used to free for us and we choose whatever we want and the dialogue options is also on us. But now u have to pay gems for like almost everything. It just ruined the fun of the game. The character now only have one shade of skin her hair never changes and the clothes she wears make me want to vomit. The game got boring like this, so I guess I'm gonna delete the app.
The story is full of drama and definitely some plot twists. I love the customization of the characters, but I would love to see the customization to match the animations for the flashbacks, etc. It's definitely an addicting game, just wish there weren't so many ads. Since the game is completely free and you can fast forward to to the next episode instead of waiting by watching an ad, I guess it can't be that bad.
I'd rate 5 stars but everytime I re-download this app I have to play through every chapter to get to the update which is EXTREMELY annoying. Why can't we sign in and have our data saved? I might as well wait till the story is completed to play it because I'm not going to keep an app downloaded to my phone that I can't play because I'm waiting for updates. Thank you for your time thoughπŸ‘
I love your games really, free, awesome story, and decent graphics. But usually I wait until your story is like 15 chapters before I start playing. But this time I was too excited so I downloaded it immediately. My complaint though is this: my eye colours aren't changing no matter the color I choose. Always stuck on that damn blue. Please fix this!
oh my god! I am in love with this game. You can even customize your character. I even like the storyline very much. The starting is full of suspense which is amazing. The clues you get slowly slowly is also very surprising which are ultimately about the player. Wow! Congratulations on making a game like this!
I really loved this game when I used to play not that long from now, but I couldn't finish the game because my phone crashed. Later on when I downloaded it again I found out you now had to pay for almost everything which is really annoying I didn't even have any interest in playing it again, I just deleted it.
Honestly, it seemed horrible to me that they changed it so I was a very fan of this game and I wanted to download it to re-enter the beautiful story but, now the decisions are paid by taking away the player's freedom, the clothes are no longer free and without costs like In the beginning, it is fine to say they want to add tickets but by GOD that is done from a good start
Used to like this game when it gives you absolute control on what the player can choose and all of the character's customisation option for free. I don't even mind watching ads for the next chapter, but now it's just like any other "choose your own story" games filled with tickets and gems. My old data also got erased.
Why do we have to use coins now for choices? Also seems like way less hairstyles and clothes than before? πŸ˜‘
Wow. I have just download it yesterday and really enjoying it.. I GUESS I WILL ENJOY TILL THE END. But I am glad all are free. The effects are really amazing and the music is soothing it is really good. There are of such game which force player to chose decision which we don't want to but this game is different I have a lot of such types game before and enjoy them too but for quiet this time I didn't find any but this game fills it's. Thanks to those who made game. I looked forward to enjoy it..
Hi I've already read and completed the story before when it wasn't completed n uninstalled it but now how am i supposed to jump to that part where i finished it cuz it isn't possible for me to go through all that again .Am i suppose to read all of it!? You should have an option for season 1 and season 2 in the beginning!!!
I started playing in early 2019. The game then is way better then now. First of all the stupid "cash and ticket" u newpdate. Before you had more control. Second, the
It has changed. Now it includes tickets and gems/diamond system. Uninstalling. New update sucks. You'll lose many fans if you keep doing this. It was good before.
The game has lot of great things but people didn't notice on that. I admit that it doesn't have options for character skin tone but it doesn't looks like a problem but for other it is a problem 🀨. According to my opinion after playing this game this game is super it's giving you everything free you don't need tickets, gems, coins, etc. Now tell me what you want now it's all time my favorite game and who are these people's who giving this best game only 1,2 stars its not fair πŸ˜₯.....i love game
It was nice till this happened, I had just finished reading chapter 7 then I had pressed to play chapter 8 then it said I had no tickets I was disappointed but I accepted it, the. I had pressed out of the information box cause in most apps it'd go out but it didn't I then saw their was a X at the top right of the screen I pressed it then it made me skip to chapters and I can't go back and I do not want to restart the whole book I already know whats gonna happen please help me.
Used to play this game back when the devs weren't so cocky and money-hungry. At first I was confused why there was a sudden down rating so I checked back on this game and I wasn't surprised. Unfortunately, this isn't the only game that was damaged by bullcrap in-game currency. You just have to make every damn potentially good game in your company a sellout that we have to fly our money on so we can have our entertainment. Thank you, Weblinx..
I think it's a great app, one of the most decent ones here by far. When I first found this, the story and the characters hooked me in immediately. Good job for that, I'm impressed.
I really enjoy this game the overall feel seems so original and detailed. The artwork is stunning and I love the ability to customize a character and her clothes. Another benefit is the short chapter ticket time. However I do think there are some things they could improve on. I wish they would introduce some of the characters sooner. I dislike the fact that you have to wait for the dialouge to fill up before you can click to read the next section.
I liked this game and I used to play it but one day it didn't load and got reset after that everything was gone all the clothes hairstyles and you had to pay for everything like everything even for some of the answers and you lose 10diamonds for every answer but you get 1 diamond for 30s ad!!
What happened to the old webelinx we used to play everyday? at first i played the TEEN love story coz that's the first ever love story that you released right? Well i found that one interesting until years and years come by and your apps now became like one of the other love stories who will pay for the gem and ticket but PLEASE stop copying them by making us pay for gems and passes, that new update IS NOT MATCHING THE OLD WEBELINX WE LOVED BEFORE.
Okay, i actually love this game and everything it stand for. The aesthethic, the genuine use of mixing drama, suspense and romance and the fact that its different from other interactive choice-based games-- oh wait-- it isnt anymore, is it? The creators decided to add the gem currency system, which in my opinion, is the problem why i hate every interactive games ive stumble upon on. This used to be an awesome game, heck, youre games youve made is amazing and starstruck. But not anymore. 1.5 star
Same as many other reviews. The games should go back to the way it was before update. Update sucks. No fun anymore.
What the heck is this?! It was my favorite game til you guys changed it. Now theres the dimonds and tickets nonsense, really boring. You are gonna lose alot players cuz this lastest update, you guys should just left way it was. Its ruined for me. Im unstilling
When I played this game, I was like WOW!!! The best thing of this game was that it don't need diamond or coins to unlock everything. I love it! And it is much better than chatlinx game.It needed coins to unlock everything like dresses, makeup and chapters...it was just a waste of time. Well.... You should download this game right away... It's very cool! 😍😍😍😍😍 πŸ’–it!
This is awesome. It's way better than those other choose your own story games. It's all free! And all you have to do is to wait for the next chapter, but if you're impatient like me. You could just watch an ad then you can enjoy the next chapter! It has an awesome storyline, even though I haven't finished it. I'm actually being torned between the two lovers, and then I just discovered than I can actually choose her old lover as well? That's awesome! And hard at the same time! LOTS OF LOVE! THANKS
Tbh this used to be my fav game. Everything was free but now I can't open the game w/o internet and it I try to open data but the connection doesn't close and the game says 'RETRYYY, turn on ur data connection or wife' PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP
I downloaded this game thinking it was going to be just like chapters/episode and have a unrealistic and quite childish story, but I was shocked! This story is actually really interesting. The decisions you make actually make a difference and are remembered later on in the game. Although I still think this had a really nice story, after about the first 15 chapters/parts it starts to get kind of wonky (kind of starts going downhill). But I still think it's still worth the time to read!
I loved the game it's so amazing and the character so cute 😁😁😁😁 I hope alot of game like this
very nice game i!!ts worth a try !!love the freedom and controls and everything !!!😚😚😚 Just one suggestion. I wish we could change clothes whenever we wanted and instead of diamomds we had to watch videos just like the way we used before the latest update
I used to have this game and I love it so much. I loved how we could make any choices and choose our own outfits without having to pay. I was about to install it again to play but after seeing the other reviews I've completely changed my mind. It's too bad, the graphics, almost everything about the game is flawless but I'm not able to play the game ever again.
I really love the animation i just wish if it can be free i mean no diamonds just ads would be good its still the best just j cant buy the diamonds n its so hard to wait for whole 24 hours just to get 4 diamonds Please if it can be fixed please do this i really wanna play this game coz i'm already loving it
This story is totally fine and I used to love it but the only problem is that the diamonds needed to get new clothes are many While there is no other way to gain them back But the game is really attractive
I would like to get old app back, this game now is very bad... That was a good game, I LOVED, but now I hate this game...they said "this game is free. You sopport us seeing ads", now we play 60 seconds and need to watch 30 seconds ads... And of corse pay....
Yesterday, I decided to download this app and I completely finished it in one day. I fell in love with the art style and graphics, the fact that we don't need to waste time just to wait for the 'tickets' or that we need to 'pay' to make choices. The plot twist was something I never expected to happen though the choices were limited. There were only specific times were we can choose stuff but I loved it, overall, I'm giving this app a 5/5, props to the developers.
In fact it was the best game for me and I was always when I finished the story again and it deserved 5 stars because we could have chosen anything we wanted and the stupid "gems" system did not exist so the game was more than wonderful ... but now it has become Too bad, sir. This bad and stupid update. It ruined the game. You no longer like it ... I think I will delete the game.
I used to love this game till it was updated to use the gem system. I can't say I'll play it unless it returns to the way it was
omg what a fantastic story based game! the dialogue In English can be a bit spotty at times but I dont think it's an American game. the art style is beautiful, its pretty immersive and the story has lots of great twists. not only all of this, but you can also change the protagonist's appearance to an extent so you can wear different outfits, hairstyles and makeup on different days. and as an added bonus, the ads really aren't all that obnoxious,which is greatly appreciated.give this one a shot!
This is hands down one of the best interactive stories there is. The plot is simple and maybe a little overused but the story keeps me hooked. Also, the little appearance and clothing thing is absolutely cute, and I really like the way the screen moves at certain point of the sentences. Though I feel like it's a bit rushed but overall the graphics are amazing, the storyline is fantastic and ughhhhhhh, it's just so so so so good!
It's nice. But you have to use diamonds and wait for them to unlock. This game is like:Blog of secrets. I like teenage drama more.
Great game! No tickets, but there are cool downs for each chapter and I couldn't get the ads to work to skip the cool downs. The longest wait time I've had was an hour, so not as bad as a whole day. But I still highly recommend it to download. Edit Jul23,2019: Ok so they have changed it so you need internet to play, despite advertising that you can play offline. False advertising and now you need wifi, where as before you didn't need it. I have lowered my rating by one star.
Love everything about it. Graphics, characters, and plot. It has my heart too!❀ ...i heard its been changed and idk how I feel about it.
"the game was fantastic. I request u to make amnesia part 2 plzzz😭😭😌😌😌"...so this was my thought for this game before the update n now after playing the game the updated version one ...I feel the update has just ruined the game...we can't choose anything we want...we have to pay gems...rather than updating this u could have made a second part....people would have loved it....
I loved the art style, choosing the character's look. I fell in love with the snowy village & its people. I fell in love with the story there, the romance routes...everything. Then comes the plot twist at Chapter 10-11. That is one of the worst used twists in stories bc it is cliche & frustrating, not to mention heartbreaking. You cannot build up a whole world & then go, "jokes on you, reader. We're taking away everything you knew & loved". You cannot advertise this as offline, as that is a lie.
The artwork is very nice (the characters actually don't look like monkeys-*cough cough* Vampire Love Story-*cough*). However, the MC's hands are disgusting. It's rare that I'm this skeeved out by hands. I felt that the romance with Brian came out of nowhere. Ok, so he likes me now. Why? There was no buildup. The dialogue gets kinda clunky in places, then again, in what time period is this supposed to be set?
You have got to be kidding me?! I played this game a year ago and I loved it. I thought about the game one day and decided to download it to see the amazing story again. The fact that you have pay for the choices now is digusting. Now I see why the ratings got lower than before. Y'all already got money from people downloading it before the gems but seems like you needed more money 🀦🏽
I would like to get old app back, this game now is very bad... That was a good game, I LOVED, but now I hate this game...
Okay.. Umhhhm, one word, AMAZING. It's all I have to describe this story, I have a request, if you don't mind, frankly speaking, the characters were good, but maybe making them look sexier is gonna attract more readers, I want the looks to be totally on fireπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Oh its ended here, I really enjoyed whole storyline.. If you love simple,sweet and intensed story you should play this.
The update ruins the storyline it was honestly better whithout the gem and ticket system I honestly didn't mind watching ad's to move to the next chapter. The story now requires you to choose the choices that you have to pay gems for or you don't have the full experience and for the the cloths if you don't choose the one that requires you to pay gems the MC gets described as desperate and depressed. I liked it better when readers use to choose the choices, their cloths, and hair freely.
I love it I finished thw story and ir was awsome even if i have to wore the same dressed everydayπŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈ i dont havw enought gems .but that dosent stop me from playing its awsome and fantastic you should dowload it and have the experiance by yourself you nevee know until you play it yourself soo good luck player Sincerly, Ofc me
Great story, excellent graphics, and overall one of the best interactive games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. many thanks to the developers for making this absolutely free and not making it one of those games that require internet connection or where earning gems is so darn hard and buying them costs an arm and a leg. Although it takes 3 hours for a new chapter to open but it's worth the wait
I don't care those who hates this love story game just important I'm enjoying reading the story about love triangle
I like the old version so much but what you have done? Now I am not interested in this story. If it possible for you please again give the old version of it.
I used to love this game because of the storyline and the fact that it did not include the gem and pass system also because it was very inclusive by having alot of skintone shades. So after the update I was obviously unsatisfied, with the gem and pass system, and the fact that there's only one shade that represents people of colour. I'd have to say something I disliked the most was when I didn't pick an outfit that costed gems, my character was described as "Depressed and desperate".
I loved it I couldn't not stop reading it keeps you thinking and it makes use your emotions to and I just really like this game I am going to see what others they have
i really like how the characters, the user interface and the background, are all so easy to the eyes that u can fully enjoy the story. plus the charaxter costumization & no cash-in-game system, that usually applies on every story-choice game like this, which is super annoying because your effort to read the story always goes on waste because the good choice part is always cash exclusive :,( this game is really good & has a really good relaxing atmosphere. i can't wait for the next chapter! tqsmβ˜†
They updated the game and I lost all my progress. I was on chapter 5 and had a lot of hairstyles I watched ads to get. Not fair.. why
This game is the best but the fact that you need gems to make good decisions and to get clothes is not right and the fact that everyone has an opinion of what you are wearing is wrong so thats why i had to give it 1star and the ads are too much
My opinion this game was very good without any jwellary😾😾 Please i want the old usual game😾😾
The old version of this app was amazing, but now it isn't. You can't customize your character, you have to play for outfits and you can't chose a good option without paying. What happened to the old version? It was better if you can see some adds, but no. This used to be my favorite add, but thanks to this update, it's so bad right now. Don't install.
Ok so i really love the game, but theres something wrong with chapter 13. I finally got there and when i try to play it, it gets stuck on the loading screen and when i hit the backspace on my phone, it instantly takes me to an ad and when the ad is over, i get back to the stuck loading screen. It really irritates me because i just wanna read and play it but it's stuck. It might be because im running out of storage on my phone but i dont know.