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Lost Smile and Strange Circus

Lost Smile and Strange Circus for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by SEEC inc. located at 〒150-0011 東京都渋谷区東3-9-19 ポーラ恵比寿ビル 10F. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game so much I enjoyed it so much the story and the characters were amazing it was a little difficult to get some stuff but for the most part I loved it
i used to play this on my old phone back in 2016 ,it used to be my fav game and i had to delete it for storage, but it has been 4 years (or so) now and i cant help but miss it and its already beens so long since ive played this. So i give my blessings too you and your game for completing the light of my childhood and imagination.
Finally, I was able to finish it. The game was good but it will take some time for you to finish it. What I did is I saved alot of audience first. For those gamers who wants an all-out action game this might bore you (I think). But if you're looking for a relaxing game this one is for you.
it was absolutely amazing! im going to keep this game though. and i also saw a game with chera and oddman but i dont understand the language. ill wait for a part two!
What a tragically beautiful game this is! The atmosphere of the game really sets a good mood for the story, and it is pretty yet depressing. Would recommend!💕💕💕
Hmmmm, the system was confusing at first but it was okay! To me, uhm, the gameplay and story was,,, far too simple? The story is very straightforward hahaha but I enjoyed it nonetheless! Good job!
It's a mixture of safe and heart warming. I love the story I just wish you as a player was more involved than just clicking. possibly add Minnie challenges and multiple endings as a result. But otherwise I love it. If it was a book in a book store I would steal it.💖💝💗💜💙🖤
this is such a great game. it will be my second time playing through the game because I love it so much. the gameplay runs smoothly and the story never gets old. I give it a 100/10. (^w^)
Normally I don't like clicker games but this one is good. I love the story, I love the graphics and its just an overall great game. Also I REALLY hope you make an English version of Chera's story!
The story was absolutely adorable! I wish there had been more of it. The art was a combo of strange and cute, and is very lovely. I'm actually a little sad I already finished it. If I had any complaints it would be that the translation is pretty rough. It's not so bad that you can't understand what they're trying to say, but it could definitely use some polishing.
Everything in this game is solid. Controls, music, story, and so on are beautifully done. The ambiance will take you back to your childhood of beliving in fairytales whilst it still gives reminders of the harsh realities of life. Easily this is a classic in terms of story; the controls and mechanisms are some what innovative and fun in execution. Would not have it any other way.
This game's story was a pleasant surprise...! I don't think I've seen a story this enjoyable in a clicker game before :) It can take a long time to unlock everything if you don't play much, but it's worth it. I love the graphics, plus the music is nice. I hope there's a chance of the novel being translated too even though there probably isn't, I'd love to read this in book form...
Cute and charming incremental game. Interesting characters and creative and macabre art. Doesn't really have much going for it substance-wise, but for its basic gameplay it plays much like a storybook. I suggest changing the way the ads appear, as they often pop up in the middle of the screen. 3 1/2 stars.
It was a cute game, but after you get done with the story, there isn't much replay value, except to collect enough to unlock the pictures in the memos, or wait long enough for a certain character to reveal to get the photos of memories. It looks very nice though. That and you can beat this in a day or 2 with enough determination... And enough patience to get through a lot of short ads.
A very cute game, though it's pretty easy to beat in a day or two, the translation is a bit Jacky, but overall it's lovely
Really wish there were more to it, but it's really fun! I would normally give three stars, but this is an exception. A big thing I lile about it is the art style. I've always adored styles like this, and I must say, I still very much like it. I do wish, however, that there wasn't SO much work to be done in order to get the ending. I may have finished it in three days, but a good chunk of that was waiting for the Audience to build up. Anyways, good game, I highly suggest playing it.
This game is amazing! I absolutely adored the story and Noah was so cute it killed me. I'm still waiting for the sequel/prequel to be translated though ;-;
This is such a cute came with great graphics, and story line, as well as original. The only concern I have about the app is that the translation is a bit awkward. I understand that the app was originally Japanese, however you should have a person who speaks fluent English to proof- read. The translation's not that big of a deal, considering that there's no comments mentioning sentence structures, this app is great; aside from the translations.😄 I hope this feedback helps you!
In my opinion out of the many "tap games" I've played, this one has to be beyond my favorite and the most enjoyed game. The English translation still has hiccups, but easy to understand. The art and story is something sweet and sad, sprinkled with some interesting characters. To those who are unaware of how to unlock characters you scroll down.
the English is off at times, but that's understandable. the plotline, character design, and so on is just so amazing. the character design is mysterious, wacky, and within my taste. it's beautiful!! I love it!!
The story is enjoyable. The art is wonderful. The music fits with all the scenes you are in. Its a fun clicker with many different ways to increase your flow speed. The dialogue and writing is a bit off but probably because english is a second language. But i had immense fun with this game.
I love the game sososososo much!!!! I don't mind the ads at all, and the grammar is pretty okay on my end but the only thing that makes me sad is that you have a freaking novel of the entire thing and yet the website for it is Japanese!! I can't understand it and I wanted to ask if it's actually out in bookstores internationally!! I REALLY WANT TO READ IT, THE STORY IS SO AWESOME!!!
This game is really good but when i try to get a picture to finish the story, it only tells me when Noah is being visited overnight, meaning it happens when im asleep and that Im too late. But overall this game is pretty good please translate more of your games in the future 💕
A great game overall. I love the artwork and music for it!! The story is amazing too, although there are some errors with translation, but it's still understandable.
The storyline is very mysterious, somewhat dark but also heartwarming. The artwork is very unique and comes across as if you're watching a cardboard cut out theatre made by a child. Very interesting concept because the main character is a little girl named Noah. Perhaps this is all just a dream she is having. Anyway, once you get used to the pace and you've put up with the slow gathering of audiences, the ending is worth it.
i can get to flower of chera please help fix this.. i always force closed when trying to get to flower of chera menu
The story and art are stellar, really the only reason I picked up the game. It's basically a visual novel where you tap things. The gameplay was fine but the characters, illustrations, and overall storytelling were what got me hooked. Recommend to anyone feeling melancholy or in the mood for a bit of a mystery. Love this app! :)
Overall I liked the game. I think it was interesting how they incorporated ads into it. I do dislike the stillness of the characters. They were very two dimensional, and I didn't understand what they were doing unless it was said the text box. Also while the flow near the ending was good, I felt it was a bit too sudden. They said she interacted with the other characters often, but I didn't get that feeling. While these were a bit discouraging, I enjoyed how the game was a sort of quick game to play. It took me a week to beat it, but it was addicting enough to make me come back constantly.
Honestly this is such a cute and unique little clicker story! The art alone is fascinating and fits the oddball storybook world they've created. My only complaint is that I wanted so much more!! They have assembled such a unique cast of characters, it's almost a crime that so little really happens with them. This is a setting that deserves revisiting. ♡
I love this game, but I've been having a problem recently. Whenever I try to open the game, it doesn't continue over the loading screen, instead it immediately takes me back to my home screen. Please help, I'm just about to finish the story...
Cute art and great concept for a clicker type game. However the English translation could use a little bit more improvement. I find myself losing immersion when I crack up during some emotional parts.
like this type of things, hope this genre still growing for fulfill our desire in seeking some mysterious and fantasy stuff. Anyway much love to the developer!!
I really like it. So far the adds are not annoying since you can chose not to watch it or not. Even when leaving the game still runs on it own. Which is why it's fine by me since the story is pretty short. The story is an okay for me. I still find it sweet tho. The art style I find it unique since it fits to the theme. Many would find it short but I think it is a good game for a pass time. I would give it a go 👍
I played this thinking it was a visual novel, turns out it's an idle clicking game. Short game, can be finished in a week. Great story though! It's simple but touching. I'd like to know more about Chera. I hope her story gets translated too!
I adore this game. I ended up coming back a couple years after my first playthrough. I adore this game, the characters, and the enviorment
This game is simple, yet very memorable and comforting. I have nothing else to say other than thank you very much for creating this game. (P.s It would be really great if you would make an English version of the second game.)
What's wrong with the last guy, I played for days and he never once show up. Now Im stuck at that stage forever <-< Anyway the story is nice, artstyle suits the atmosphere with tons of interesting characters. But the ads are too annoying, I keep accidentally pressed into it since it just simply shows up.
It was a wonderful game and I encourage everyone to play it. The art is fantastic! I loved the character designs and the style is very unique.
This game is really fun, if a bit simple. It has beautiful graphics and fun characters, and the story is great! I especially liked the fact that you more or less 'collect' characters, and that that furthers the story, which is cute. There are some mistakes here and there regarding the English, but nothing that actually causes a problem when reading. I definitrly recommend this small but sweet game!
this is a very fun game, nostalgic for sure, but it would be even better if it was updated for newer phones :)
I absolutely love love love love love love love love love love love love this game to the core!!!!!! Seec did a very good job in the making of this game, the story is wonderfuly fantastic and it shows us what the undiscovered, unknown part of the world has to offer...... I absolutely love mystique games (mysteriously unique) and this game is no exception. I can't wait to get the novel (if I ever go to Japan) and read it. I also cannot wait for the English version of the next story (the one that includes Chera) I am very much looking forward to it and EXCELLENT JOB SEEC!!!!!!!
Would benefit from English proofreading to make the dialogue flow more naturally. Otherwise it's very whimsical and relaxing Bug: Billy is always out, even at the reset time. The only way I can get the bonus is by watching the ads
I am not sure what this game is all about. I feel like i just spend 30 minutes clicking the lamp to increase audience n that's it. Nothing seems to be progressing n i kinda lost interest.
It's very addictive! The art is beautiful, the characters are unique, and the music is very nice! The english needs a bit of work, but it's a wonderful game! One concern of mine is that when I unlocked Mr. Mush, i couldn't get his memory, or a way to get it after it had already passed. Is there a way to get it back after not being able to click him?
A very charming game with cute graphics and unique characters. I loved unlocking the circus members and seeing their little comics. It's so cute, I wish it was longer... problems I had was the translations are bad and there really are too many ads.
Like any other Seec's game, Strange Circus has a really good story and very interesting art. I think it would be better if the backstory of the characters are explored more deeply because each of them is very unique but overall it's nice to play!
Not usually one to write reviews, but I really loved this game. I like there to be a good story in a game, and this one was great. It drew me in and I almost cried at the end haha. Each character had a unique personality that was very fitting to them and added so much to the story. I also really love the art/character design. ^_^
I love it so far! I haven't finished the game yet but I'm very close. To me the story is very touching. Also does anybody else think that Oddman might be Noah's dad?(still haven't finished the game so if it is revealed that Oddman is Noah's dad at the end of the game then forgive me)
☑ Unique Characters ☑ Excellent Summary ☑ Magnificent Soundtrack ☑ Outstanding Graphics Such an admirable, mysterious yet interesting game. However, I am quite curious if it had a reset setting? Also, I wanted to know where I can download the soundtrack in which each character have a conversation? Thank you.
This game has a nice storyline😃 I really love concept of this game😍. Also, the designs of the characters are cute and good!👍
I really like the game, it has a nice feeling to it and a good story like but I kinda wish there were more tasks to do.
This game is AMAZING! I loved the way each character helped the story on a bit at a time, and how the game doesn't require you to pay real money to progress. Something I would like to know is where I can get the book, and if its available in english yet? Thanks!
SEECI inc has done it again! I cannot express how delightful this game is. Compare to their other games (In Search of Haru & Jimi-Kare: My Quiet Boyfriend), this one requires you to wait for characters to pop to continue on the storyline but you still have to continue on tapping to gain points to get items. It can be a pain but it's worth it because of the artworks they made are exquisite to look at because it had this vintage feel to it which I truly love. The animations are simple and it's easy to play. I recommend playing this game. It's fun and this is something you can go back and forth throughout the day without clicking all day long like the others.
Charming story, lovely artwork. It's clear a lot of work went into this. For it being such a simple game with a simple concept, I found myself surprisingly immersed in the dreamlike story and fantasy world it presents. Personally, I would love to see "Lost Smile and Strange Circus" adapted into an animated film or series, so that the unique characters and artwork can be fully fleshed-out beyond the limitations of the mobile game, I like them that much!
It has a great story and likeable characters. I do hope there are more things to help me get more audience than watching ads everytime
The artworks is beautiful like any other games you have created and the game is kind of cute🐱 I apreciate the dev for trying to translate the game into english. The game is free too. Thank you.
The game, story, and art style are done well, it's only the translation to english that wasn't done very good. A lot of grammatical errors across the board.
Noah's such a cute little girl. Liked her a lot; other characters were quite unique. The storyline was somewhat emotional, but beautiful as always from SEEC. Very different than ISOH and JK. Great job and want to play more of your games soon! :)
Everything about this game is just charming. From the dialogues, to the style of story telling, to the little idle chats Oddman had with Noah and how they changed as the story progresses, it is just so beautiful and lovely. I also love that the advertisemengs were not forced, in fact, players are given a choice if we want to entertain them. It's really nice of u guys. The amount of times I watched those ads even though I don't plan to use the scarlet stones at all, just for support u guys! Not to for get the smart gameplay system with the addition of the Flower of Chera and the lamps. However, those areas of collection might have been made too short, it's be nice to make them a little more challenging to complete rather than just given away. Also, it'd be nice to add more characters and drag the story a little longer. If there's any problem, it's just that the game is too short and I want to experience it longer ;-;. But hey, still a 5 star game. Sry, I'm real talkative when I'm excited (_ _ ;)
It is a wonderful game with lovely artwork and adorable animations. My only concern would be the rough English translation and maybe the lack of a skip button when going through the story. The game is a simple tapping game where you unlock different acts and parts of the story. It is truly a lovely story and you can play without wifi, however you might want to play more often with wifi in order to talk to characters and unlock little photos.
Really I don't know what to say, this game is incredibly good, I've finished it once before on a different device and I gladly got it again. The story is simple but engaging, the characters are interesting and the ending was well thought out. It wasn't overdramatized but it was still emotional. (Well at least for me)
This game has an amazing storyline and really beautiful and cute characters. It is a clicker game, but it's the best one I have ever played so far, you never get bored of it. Its an interesting and addictive game that I highly recommend. Great job developers 😊!
The plot was good. The graphics is cute too but my only problem why i gave four stars out of five is that it said to "tap to unlock" but i can't tap it. And sometimes the translation is off but that's okay, but i really want to finish the story and see those photos so pls tell me how
I really like this game a lot. I think all the characters are cute, especially the audience's But now, it's starting to get a bit lag because it is only compatible for an older version of Android. So i hope you guys will continue to update it so nothing happens to the game while playing it in the future as Android will keep on being updated
I played this ages ago, and recently found it again. I'm being overwhelmed with nostalgia. Although not perfect, this game is so incredibly charming with it's story and unique characters, and I absolutely adore it. English translation is not the best, but I sincerely appreciate the effort you brought to bring English speaking audiences this cute game!
This is a great game everyone should play this, the story was good the whole thing was very good and the girl was pretty cute. But I don't know how to put audiences in the Flower Of Chera please help me..... Please can anyone help me or just tell me what to do.... please😶😶😶
I was feeling melancholy one Halloween Eve, and this is the perfect game for such a circumstance. It's mostly visual novel with a touch of cookie factory- lots of stress-free tapping to progress the story. It saves automatically; you can do a little or a lot in one sitting. The art is beautiful, the music haunting. The translation is a little "off" but I think that helps set an otherworldly tone. I've never written a review before, but this game deserves it! Perfect!
Now, I was very excited to play this game, however as soon as i booted it up and got past the little introduction screen my device went utterly unresponsive. As a result I do not want to boot up this game again in case it repeats the same process. A shame this happened, for it seemed like a very enjoyable and fun game.
I have collect it all but something is wrong with it, like i have finished the story yet kinda not, also it has bug on ths flower and also the last character, everything is fine except the one i've mentions.
The game was last updated in 2017. I wish I had noticed earlier otherwise I wouldn't have downloaded it, but the recent reviews made me think it was being updated. It only works best for older versions of Android. The english translation and the graphics need to be improved. If the developers won't improve this game anymore then I hope they at least take it down.
I like their creativity on making the character and the story. It really made me curious and a really great ending. I wish they made game about chera, her mother when she met oddman version English. I have play game about chera but I can't understand the story because it's Japanese language. I will looking for it❤️❤️.
The story is nice, and the way to reach it is interesting, but after blooming the flower thing there doesn't seem to be anything left which makes it feel really short
The story is well written i loved the character designs and the game play! It's one if my favourite games.
Good game, though the grammar can be...... less than perfect. The WORST thing however is the ADS. They RANDOMLY appear in the MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN and the close button is BEHIND THE AD. I have accidentally tapped those ads SO MANY TIMES that I've lost count.
I loved it at first despite the poor translation job. But the story is over to quickly I finished the whole game in three days would have been sooner if really trying. And reincarnation provides no reason to try. You don't earn anything else except being able to get through the story even faster and for a story sometimes its better to slow down. If you want a cute story game to play over the weekend this is perfect. As for me I'll keep an eye out for game updates but its not worth keeping around till then.