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Lost Lineage

Lost Lineage for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by EYOUGAME(USS) located at 05-06, PAYA LEBAR SQUARE, 60 PAYA LEBAR ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pay To Win.. Also Even already VIP dropped equipment from Boss or event still Nothing's, not like this game release dropped equipment is rare but now if u want rare equipment u must buy with diamonds on lucky spin Boss after u kill the Boss it's very annoying hope u fix this or player will retired. Thank you.
This company always publish same game same events and same system. Money is totally piority. Almost they game. And the server is totally dead. Pay2win. I will totally honest check they game its all the same. I play they game almost every single game that made and i gonna say totally not worth in cash. If you rich then buy and spend your money but in the end is a waste cash and time. Boring. Doing same everday. Developer love cash. Im not fool to spend my money in this nonsense game. Notevencent.
Can't login to the servers. Says that my network connection is unstable. Do I need straight only wifi? Cause I feel that's a bit of a let down I can't use my mobile data to play on the go. Hopefully it gets fixed so I can give a proper review. :) Here's hoping.
The customer service is the worst. They leave you hanging and they ignore many of the things that you're trying to tell them. The VIP is rigged and the items they say they give you every week to claim aren't given to you at all. Even now I'm still waiting for them to fix this and haven't received a reply, as a matter of fact, they pretended to not know what was going on and asked what the problem was again. Very horrible time dealing with them. All they want is your money and nothing else. I wouldn't recommend it really.
Another pay to win autobot game drop rate is terrible literally everywhere if you have a good bank balance this is the game for you If you do play this game and come across any problems don't expect to get any joy from customer service they are only interested in the big spenders Avoid at all cost
Fantastic game. But it's just the typical 2.5D mmorpg. However, the auto routing and fitting feature is great. The UI is too cluttered even with many menus closed. Not at start because it's a P2W game and you are constantly bombarded with in game specials but the Devs need to make money so it's ok. Overall good game the storyline is a bit confusing.
The game is really good as well as the gameplay graphics, as far as i know about the games i played until now this game has the most fastest and smoothest gameplay. But i have something to ask, it's regarding on how can i redeem my pre-registration cocde which i received. Hopefully, you'll be able to answer my inquiry.
Playing for almost 4 months and got myself vip 6 and spending too much and still I dont recieve any good drop while other player who doesnt top up always get rare loots. And your rebates only last for a day? Spending too much without any good in return. Top up items are trash too. Even you got 15 red maps all given you trash. And boss spin always gives you trash too. Continue on that and all player might quit.
Wonderful game, a lot of people are going to write bad reviews about this game, to make it look bad but as someome that has a busy schedule and a life outside this world, this game is crisp, clean cut, and wonderful, love the graphics, love the game play, don't let others and their negative attitudes scare you off. Well done!
Hi! I seriously waited for this game and I'm deeply excited to play it so downloaded it straight away but I can't seem to log in no matter what saying about a Java timeout something. Is that um a common problem? Sorry I can't rate this yet since I haven't even started to log in. Hope this can be fix! Thank you! Looking forward to play the game.
It is a cute game, wish there was more customization options character creation wise. Also I seem to be having repeat trouble with disconnecting...? My wifi doesn't seem to be the issue from what I can tell (other games work perfectly fine).
Very nice game good graphics nice controls and awesome gameplay my only problem in this game is the guild First of all can you make it that before a member gets elected as leader they have to like accept it first (they have to say accept or deny) and not straight up become leader because I was elected and I literally can't leave the guild Second is that leaders should be able to leave the the guild or demote themselves incase they want to leave or someone can handle the guild better
yes, it sure pay to win game, but if you patience enough, you can be top 10 without spending. the system give you free daily vip, and there is market system to trade item for Dia. you can be vip 1 with dia you get from market. hope this review help you to decide.
Im dissappointed, my character is have bug, my bag is full of 100 diamonds, i claim it in the exciting event, top up..when im claim it, the diamonds stored in my bag, now my bag is full..i contacted all of your email and facebook, but they didnt fix my problem..i lost my money in this game, waste of time..
I've been playing this game for about a month now and spent about 500$ on in-game items. I did a refund for $1.29 and then I can't log into the game anymore. When I try to log in I get " The game has noticed that you have made a refund recently, you are automatically banned please contact customer service". You ****ing joking me automatic ban and I have to deal with customer service.
No offense , but I think this game is a total scam. It's mostly the same as Yokai Tamer ( a game that I played before) If you want to make another game, make sure that it is unique (I mean that to make a game that doesn't need to be compared to another.)
Great game, now I'm back in the game no lag issues anymore I've fixed my phone also and finally no more glitch smooth ...try to minimize the icons that covers the screen....all in all great game!
Poor boss and fightings mechanics, COMPLETELY pay to win and pay to play. You can't do half of the events due to pay to win playings having quadruple your cp. Creators are just a bunch of rats only worrying about money they even send notifs in game about reporting stealing money etc which makes sense but still u see my point
This game is a Pay To Win , like if u buy vip4 it has so much gap between normal and vip , + all good things start at vip4 like solo boss , +CP and more , u cant become a top player without buying VIP4 , its like everything need vip's to access , So hopefully this message will reach to all players here
You made a beautiful game eyou, but I can't log in for 2 days now. It says check server configuration. Like whats that even mean? Come on dev. You cant let my hard work go to waste. Fix this log in issues.
Warning about this game. 1.) Gambling type of purchase of events. 2.) Declining refund despite of bad game play. 3) Scamming type of advertisement saying you will be strong etc. (not true) 4) Banning your account without providing you a refund. (unfair trade) 5) Low chance of refining and item drop rate despite of availing VIP services. 6) Event that suppose to be 10 days taken down on 9th day. 7) Developer customer is so bad. Give me back my money... You already banned my account which disabled me to use my purchases scammers.
Looks good, but can't call it a rpg or even really a game for that matter. Turn on the bot function and it plays itself without any input. Even compared to afk style games, even on those you have a hub and tasks that you need to interact with, this"game" does even that for you. Might as well just call itself an anime.
The game has an issue with one of it's event modes that causes an unfair situation for most of the players affected by it. Don't waste your money on this!
This game is fun and I played it for a month and I am now a member of the most powerful guild on our server and has an Elite position but this new update is very annoying because it is very difficult to get 2s red gears and 2s yellow gears from bosses and gear dungeons unlike the old update that we can trade 2s red gear and 2s yellow gear with other members almost every day ... I hope you can way to fix my complaint problem not only for me but also for other player's
COMPLETE GARBAGE! Absolutely no character customization. Only thing you choose is gender and a stupid hair cut. Only one class. Cheaply designed graphics. Auto everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Completely pay to win. I could go on and on about how terrible this game is, but that would be wasted time just as bad as downloading it. This game will not last long. It sucks green donkey! And developer response to reviews is an automated letter. All they care about is your credit card number. 🐃💨
I hate pay to win games, just like this one. But i played it last night, and its fun... But still i dont like the pay to win system.... I hope the devs will lessen the items in pay to win shops and instead put it in a quests so all of the players can get it fairly... I dont like pay to wins system seriously. 4 stars, good game.
This company and these "games" they pump out are just re-skinned copy and paste from other games and they are the epitome of a cash grab. This company and games like these should not be allowed to be made. Absolute garbage with nothing but money to progress in mind. I'd rate 0 stars if I could.
Absolutely cool. I haven't unistalled this game yet, but it looks so cool!, I was hoping for a 3D game. All the others are 2D, so annoying with ths 2D games. But yay. A 3D fighting game, guys you shouldn't be angry at this app. Omg if your angry with this game like what's wrong with u guys? Have u got a problem?
Spend so much money, but i can't use my priviledge VIP4 (Supreme) on the events. I have so many advance treasure maps but only got upgrades. Loot rates are soooo loooow compare to those who didn't get VIP4. Game developers of this app are sooo lazy to update rewards on the events (always the same). I would suggest to add dungeons for the collection of shards for costume since you have COSTUME RANK.
Unable to top up, it's saying either I don't have enough credits which is not true I have more than enough, or it's saying I already own this Item. What is happening? I rebooted my phone did TS remains the same.
Old school action RPG phone game that Auto plays while you watch. The graphics are outdated. If I hadn't already played a ton of these games I would like it better.
Awesome game I loved it the graphics were amazing and yeah very cool game I would recommend this game to people who like to take it easy and just let the game do its thing. But there is one thing I would love to see in a new update is more classes like a mage or a gunslinger very cool game I would like to thank the game developers and crew u guys did a good job
beautiful game overall. theres almost always something to do and the fun never seems to end. the only problems i have run into though is the different premium currencies and a light lack of quests at times. you cant use the b.dia in certain shops and can only use paid diamonds. the gem prices seem generous and fair. if i had the money i would probably buy. maybe add a thing where we can watch ads or something for a few paid gems? just a suggestion. keep up the good work devs.
Enjoyable game but there are annoying PKs when grinding for equipment. And even though almost everyday you are making a top up, you just cant raise your cp quickly. And everytime i'm online, there's a character who is not even a VIP has more cp than you but is lower level. I'm losing interest in this game. You are a VIP but you have lower cp than non VIPs.
To see what kinda server it is you just need to look at the ranking system and you will find the 1st 10 people are vip+++ that means only one thing, even if you farm gear for 1 year you can never reach them as some functions are lock behind a vip system ( most types of similar games are doing this ) and you will never be on the top. BUT! The game can be enjoyed for a while.
At first it was too much things going on. But it's fun, simple in the end and great graphic going on.
Don't waste your time. This game is literally a money pit. Go play Genshin Impact, Summoners War, Epic Seven for a much better experience. This company pumps out terds that are reskins. Dont support these arse clowns. They are lazy, greedy butt pirates who should be ashamed of themselves.
I really like how you guys did it. The controls are off , just a little, like if I do a main quest and finish it. It'll automatic just go into like attacking other creatures but overall it's easy and quick leveling up system. Hope u fix the auto botting system.
Its a good game but please add more hero like spear class,assassin,gunslinger,mage and more and also put a Japanese voice to the characters and also if they use skill they speak Iike "oh holy sword granted me a strength!" something like that I hope I will see this in future update and also fix the game loading screen it takes so long