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Lost Lands: Mahjong

Lost Lands: Mahjong for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I am a huge fan of mahjong and of escape games and this game has the combination of both!! I can't stop playing it! I am a very dedicated player and wish players like me could get some kind of perks for being so dedicated! Thank You! UPDATE: I had to get a new phone cause I broke my other one and I had saved all my progress and I knew for sure. I have paid quite a bit for in app purchases. This game is the only one that didn't port. I'm very mad cause I have a lot invested and I want it back!
more than what I expected. investigate locations (boards) for collecting quest items, etc. Not your typical mah Jong game. HOWEVER, I will say especially in the latter part of the game, quest item drop rates become borderline ridiculous, and I should not have to use the rare "rearrange tiles" tool FIVE TIMES on ONE board in order to clear it when I get stuck with no matches (and yes, I HAVE counted). Fix that at least if not the drop rate (with how slow the energy gain is, it's ridiculous)!
The two left not giving is for energy source is not enough, it must fill the bar and the timer goes to quick on opening the blue chest thing. But overall good work on the epic adventures game you guys👍
Its keeping me interested but I just wish I knew what I was doing. I would like to use other areas. I will not pay to play also I need to try harder.
There is a loose story to follow. Gives a purpose to playing each level of mahjong. There does seem to be some repetitivnous to the levels though. It's still fun.
It's hard to say this early on, but it seems like it's going to be an expensive win... that's if I choose to venture that far? I'll revisit this review when I get a chance to sink my teeth into it. Thus far I've spent $10 on 50%/50% crystals/gold. In the long run it appears as though the emphasis will be on crystals.
I really like this game but I wish I could get more energy without spending money. I can't afford that.
Great game. Boards go up if difficulty challenges and collections give you a purpose to play. I'd give the game 5 stars if I could log in and play on multi devices. I'm level 15 on my tablet and had to start all over to have it on my phone.
This game is like all other p2p games. Initially the 'energy' required to play a game is quite reasonable. But over time it becomes so exorbitant that you can't play more than 4-5 games unless you PAY. Items are also difficult to obtain. There are glitches - I just completed a 'griffin collection' but didn't get the 'statue' required to unlock a location. The time required to generate items is also inaccurate - 12 hours often stretch to 15 or 16. Most free players will get fed up in a month.
I spent many months enjoying this game. But when it came time for me to play the portal, the game crashed and if I wanted to continue, I would have to start all over.
Addicting. If only it didn't take more than 5 hours for full energy then I'd give it 5 stars. Otherwise it's my current addiction cuz i luv mahjong with quests.
Really like this game! Only problem is when you have to go somewhere for a quest like the stronghold it's not there and no explanation on how to open it.
Brilliant game keeps my mind occupied I've finished the first 3 full games and got a full board of stars all round, but when is game 4 coming out please
Awesome game!! One of the best mahjong games I've ever played. I just wish there was a way to restore game progress if you have to use a different device.
love this game soo much. I had it on a tablet but lost all my progress but I'm enjoying getting back to where I was before....
One of the best adventure mahjong games I've ever played. Wish it were easier to obtain energy items. Graphics, storyline, and gameplay are epic! Highly recommend. Great OFFLINE game too 👍👍
Really like the story. A little tiniest to start story over every time you start the game. Graphics are fantastic. Like mahjong with this twist. Thanks.
I love the combination of Majong and a game with a story. I think you need more of a tutorial to tell you how to get around better, and what each area on the screen means. Such as the bar at the top with the stars, and the things that come up on the left of the screen. My son introduced me to this game, since he knew I loved Majong, so he has explained a lot of the game to me. I am enjoying the quests to open up new areas, and see how far I can get!
After finding 2 of the previous reviews helpful and being a fantasy and mahjong fan avidly myself i downloaded this game. Very nicely done cute story, awesome concept to the game and perks to gain. Energy takes a little wait to refill and i cant wait but it gives me time to do something else. They say too much of anything is not good but i question that with this game. Lol.... 👍👍's up!
I love this game. Great concept of completing quests and finding objects. I just wish you could zoom in closer as the tiles would be clearer.
(June26) Through all the diff devices and phones that i hav gone through- THIS IS THE ONLY GAME that I ALWAYS download, no matter what 😁 I LOVE IT! So now its like (July2) 2 weeks after i left the first half of this review- and I CAN'T PLAY THE FRIGGIN GAME NOW, and IDK Y!!?!! 🤪😵🧐☹️... (July3)I uninstalled then reinstalled, and its working great again! 😇 Thanx! Love it!👍
I like the game. It is kinda slow moving but overall a pretty good game. revised review. Been playing for a while now, and I got to say, the game is getting bettter. Yhe puzzles are harder and the story is becoming more involved. I like it.
This mahjong has a variety of challenging puzzles to solve plus a variety of challenging chests to solve to get items you need to help you beat this mahjong game
I absolutely love this game! I just started playing it last night but I just just can't put it down. The game play is challenging but not so much that you want to rip your hair out. The graphics are amazing! So colorful and beautiful to look at. Thank you for z great game, I will definitely be checking out the other games you have to offer.
Love this game. Finished it and started over. Hope its upgraded from where I left as it had nothing more to do.
lots of challenges up until the end which made me stop also the quality is good unless compared to newer games
Bad tutorial, however once you get the hang of it, it's a great game. Mini puzzles are alot of fun too. Don't give up right away because you don't know how to play. The tutorial will teach you nothing. It might take a little time to understand, but once you do, you will love it. Of course you have to like playing mohjong puzzles. Have fun
relaxing. only issue is i lost all my progress when i changed my laptop as last one died. i thought the progress would be saved through my email or facebook but apparently not......so starting all over again
I love the story,the graphics, the people are fantastic! I just wish the game boards weren't so big and take forever to solve ....plus you have to play a lot to get what you need for the story to progress...but I love the game...just might lose interest after awhile because it takes so long...
My only problem is when switching to a different phone it doesn't save your progress and you have to start over again.
I really like this game 😅 as it's hours of fun xx but hate that u have to pay just to have more energy to play a certain level 🙁
I enjoyed this game. However, the energy goes so fast. It costs energy each time, it doesn't matter whether I pass it or not. After 15 minutes play and I am out of the energy. I have to wait hours unless I purchase something. Used the app-purchase 3 times, they didn't last long either. It's too costly
This is a great twist to the normal Mahjong game. Lots of side games to keep you interested in the whole experience. Since money is tight; I pace myself with the expected achievements or ignore them as they will come back again. If you allow the energy to recharge each day and are patient with your play; you can have lots of fun & save a ton of money.
Really great game. You can earn gems and money quite easily. Love how you have to collect items from game to build/open areas. Find it takes a couple of times to open chests but who doesnt like a little challenge every now and again 😁
Enjoyed everything with only one exception. The game is unfinished. I have yet to find another Mahjong game that even comes close to being as fun and as challenging as this one.
IT would be much better without the energy use. Sometimes I just want to keep playing but I can't because of the energy. That's my only complaint.
This game has a ton of errors making it impossible to fully play it and complete it. But it's a great practice game.
Echoing other reviews, the initial tutorial doesn't really give you much help, but once you figure it out the game is good. I like the combination of puzzles and quests, and the graphics are nice. One suggestion would be the option to turn off the introduction video after it's been watched, as having it play every time gets annoying. Overall a good game.
It is the right difficulty but needs more explanation, ie for collections. Would be even better if the characters spoke their written words for us old folks who have difficulty seeing the print.