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Lost Lands 7

Lost Lands 7 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have played all the parts of lost land game graffix story is good nice game now playing 7 make lost land 8 and make darkness and flame 8 only dont give so much puzzle game in any lost land aur other game it boring
Disappointing. The graphics, storyline and voice acting are still poor as theyve been throughout the franchise, i would have though they could do a bit better in 2020. The puzzles are much worse than normal though. It's also shorter than the others, though that might be just as well. It is free though.
Excellent game. Good storyline, good graphics and some of the puzzles are difficult. A real challenge. I'm enjoying playing this game and highly recommend it. Good, interesting games are hard to find. Jump on this one now.
there's a glitch that puts me back through the portal to the past where I can't advance any further in the game. it's after I get the heart. the cutscene repeats itself.
I had a scaling problem at first, but the designers fixed it. Very nice graphics, interesting story, and creative puzzles. Not too difficult. Good fun.
Anybody else think this series is hilarious because essentially the story line is stupid. Susan is probably the worst mum ever just going off leaving her husband and kid without any real warning. And characters die and everyone is just like "oh well" no big deal lol. I can't help it but I'm kind of gripped now to see what Susan will do next and what her haircut is going to be 🀣🀣🀣
The screen was cropped on my Samsung tablet so I couldn't see everything. Couldn't play so had to uninstall. Too bad, I like your games. This issue has been resolved and I can now enjoy the game. Thank you!
The game said I was 45% through, I purchased a pack of hints ($27) and it was over 5 mins later. I had used a handful of hints. Ripped off!
I've played all of the lost Lands games and find them to be fun, interesting and challenging. I have not spent one cent on any of them. I can't wait for the next one to come out.
I gave 5 stars for all other Lost Lands but not this one. The puzzles are illogical and frustrating. Even it is possible to pass all the puzzles without using coins but it took too much time and you need luck!
Puzzles were moderate except only the ' extension cord ' one which I had to skip. The story also relates to some events of the past. It was really good as this time Susan fought along side his son Jim and allies of the old.
I love 5-BN games and have played them all. I look forward to each new addition. (BTW 5-BN guys It's time for a new, New York Stories) The only reason I gave this a four instead of a 5 star rating is 5BN's new pay format. In the old days you could just buy the game outright and play at your leisure. Now you have to but coins and every time I use the hint button I stress out. I guess it works for the company but not for me.
All worked as it should and not too long this one. I did save my free coins and used them to skip the bridge puzzle as I was impatient! The rest of the puzzles were from easy to tricky.
Great game! The story is engaging, the puzzles are challenging and rather unique...really had to think for some of them...never needed to spend coins for puzzles or for hints on scenes. Graphics and sound were rich and did the job of transporting me from my world for a few moments. The one thing that I could have done without was the continually popping up coin store. Gladly paying for the bonus chapter...a lot of work went into the game...devs deserve a cup of coffee!
I actually love the 7 the most. Well compared to the previous season, this is much more harder and fun. Although I still finishes season 2-7 in less than 24 hours without spending money, this season is way more harder compared to other season. In season 1 i spent 3 days to conplete it. It is because im not used to it, but then in season 2 and onwards i can now understand the mechanics and all, thats why i finished it faster compared to s1. My most hardest part here is the bridge part.
I enjoy playing this, it's challenging and rewarding. Some of the mini games take awhile put it's enjoyable to play.
After reaching the staff and join the top and bottom part, the game does not start the cut scene. Thus stuck in the same spot.
I am stucked. I cannot pick the pestle to grind in mortar. No response at all. So sad because i love Lost Lands, all series. But I'm stucked and there's nothing i can do. I'll try to uninstall and reinstall first
Awesome as usual. Laughed my butt off at Jimmy being mad at his mom, nice touch! These games are so well done! Adventure and humor, always a nice variety of challenge levels.
I've been waiting and waiting for a new game from Five-bn games. And so far, I'm not disappointed. It's actually a bit more difficult than previous Lost Lands, but that isn't a bad thing. These are definitely my favorite developers! Great job so far!
Good game but payed for 30 hints and didn't recieve them waited a hour or so and they still have not gone on but its took my money. Then when I tried to get another 30 hints says ...error you already have this.. which I dont..it needs sorting out 😀😑
Another brilliant game by Five-BN. I love all of these games so much. They are the perfect amount of story, puzzle, and difficulty level
The best of the best! Love the Lost Lands games and was so excited to see the latest of the series! And I really love that Jimmy is actively included in this one! Found it hilarious that Susan looks tired. It brings some realistic feel to the game. You have done it again! Looking forward to #8!!! Update: I did not have any issues with my Samsung tablet nor the game. It worked perfectly. It is not a long game; it is the perfect lenght (I do not like it when the game is too short.)
First lost lands that doesn't get 5 points, but the story is not as good as the others. Hysteric Rick wasn't really enjoyable. Still one of the good games in this playstore
I have LOVED all of these games 1-6. I'm so glad I gave the first one a shot because these games don't usually catch my attention. The story lines hold my interest & keeps me glued to my phone wanting to know what happens next! I really hope I love this one as much as the others!
I got so excited when I saw a new episode of Lost lands and it did not disappoint! I hope more keep being made cause you've done a brilliant job bringing this story to life through interactive puzzle play. Thank You for what you do and keep doing it! Love every one of these games.
I'm not paying real money for skips and some of these mini games are impossible and/or too time consuming to be enjoyable. Don't waste your money or time on this one.
My least favorite. The voice acting was awful and some of the mini games are long and tedious. The hint system sucks. I can't believe this is the 7th of the series. 5 was better than this one. It's poorly done.
I like the creepy, mystery, solving, escape games & I found this one a while back & I instantly got hooked & played all six, & was even disappointed there was only six & for some reason I just now decided to download a new game, & the first thing I seen was 7...well it's finished downloading so I'm going to play, & I know I won't be disappointed.
I love these games I've played all of them I could come as far as mobile one I'm so excited to play this one. I've been looking forward to seeing one I've not tried several times. Thank you!!!
Game glitched out and looped back to a previous part that had already been completed and therefore got stuck unable to interact with anything.
I do not normally rate games, but wow. I have loved every other of this series. This one... Ugh. The montalogs were way too long. I caught myself losing interest in the plot. And Jimmy, wining little... You know what. His character was not likeable at all. Not my favorite... I will give it a 3, just because the grafics are still amazing.
Great fun, keeps your brain second guessing and double checking everything around you, and I like the characters.
It's absolutely not free to play! No free hints.You can't skip any level without money! I'm stuck in a room where I'm repeatly asked to restore the room to its' former arrangement. However, nothing can be done. The reset button doesn't work! I just want to uninstall it!
Game is glitching to where no matter where I click on the screen it just toggles the same scroll up. I've read that others have had similar glitches and that uninstalling/reinstalling has gotten them past the glitch only to come across the same glitch elsewhere. Far enough in the game that the thought of starting over is... Not a fun one.
I am stuck on the wall puzzle 55% through the game. There is a frustrating glitch that doesn't allow the lines on the left hand wall to be highlighted. The solution requires it. Too bad.
I have played all the Lost Lands so far, have enjoyed until now. You make these free games but they are really not. I have been stuck at the bridge for more than two weeks. The only way to move on is to purchase coins so I can skip for 10 coins. I have deleted your game and not playing anymore Lost Lands. You should change the amount of coins needed to skip a section. But you are greedy so you won't.
Screen (Samsung tablet) does not show full image so could not play the first hidden objects game. Disappointing. Will have no option but to uninstall. Please make the image fit the screen as I love your games BN. EDIT: Thank you BN, all fixed and loving the new game
Not fixed to open in full screen, so I could not play the game. Very disappointed with the 5bn people. They have done a lot of old ones that were free this way and the full screen version you see a little free and have to pay to see the rest. Unhappy!
Well let's see. A few of the puzzles were overdone. Thought I would go blind trying to make out where to put the dream sequence in place. Finally, due to frustration I skipped it. I enjoy being challenged but not to the point that I will skip or uninstall the game. I play for enjoyment and not to be pissed off. Graphics Re good and great story. Perhaps don't try to get too cute. Could easily have been 5 stars. But I'll give it a 3.
Overall fun, gof to the end, but cannot launch the bonux game without paying for it, even though I have credits within the game. Not interested in starting again to find the hidden things I've missed. For a free game, I've spent more than $20, so not really free at all. Also object to paying for a hint that tells me to go back a screen. I'm being generous giving three stars.
The entire game screen size is to big for the Samsung tablet. Please update the game. You can't even get through the first puzzle. I have no choice but to uninstall the game.
Really enjoy these games but after shutting down the app and restarting the game does not fit in the screen it is too big for my android tablet and I cannot complete mini games as some objects are now off the edge where I cannot get them. Hate having to delete a game that is unfinished.
Loved the game. Thank you for a wonderful free game. The puzzles are fun, the plot is interesting and the most important thing is it's totally free. Also the graphics are good and you can zoom in during HoP scenes and mini games.
I love this Developers series. However, this is the only one of theirs that crashes frequently. It normally happens when it's on a cut scene (after completing a task and it plays a movie type segment that you can skip or not). I might uninstall it for a while and try again later.
I think this was the best of the series new different puzzles and way more challenging and long I kept skipping bc the reviews but I realize most bad reviews r bc ppl don't want to pay ...but they will pay for trash tv... Quality games r not cheap so pick or chose what ur entertainment will b neways live it keep up the challenges and also this had very few hop and that's always a plus n my book
Fantastic! All new puzzles and a great story line. Again, very addictive. I really, really like this game. Awesome graphics, too.
Didnt want to watch ads, got stick climbing up the cave near the start. Nit my type of thing, might be others.
Hopefully this is the last one of this series. I have played all and after 4 they have gone downhill. There are more scenes or little videos instead of actual game play available. Finding objects and putting them together was the fun part but now thats barely part of the game.
I felt l was wasting my life when it came to reassembling the sound snippets, there's no real logic to it and is just tedious. So l'm uninstalling. And who ever put the walkthrough on the site should have checked that the imsges display, because they don't. Useless.
One of the best series of Big Fish! And it's so satisfying to know that every mystery puzzle games were connected to this series: New York Mysteries and Darkness & Flame! Lost Lands is my first of the 3 and it really saddens me that this is the last. I hope they continue it. The graphics and the animations really improved every episode. Also the puzzles became more and more challenging and creative. Kudos to the teams who made this happen and to those who became a big part of the games as well.
Enjoyed it to the full! Great job FIVE BN! Looking forward to the next one! Big fan of Lost Lands, although i have played all of your other hidden objects games, lost lands is the best!
Unfortunately like others, the display of the game is larger than my screen and no matter what I do I cannot see the edges and therefore cannot play the game. Very disappointing. I too have a Samsung S2. Excellent news! After contacting the team it is now all resolved and I look forward to playing the game now.
I played every lost lands game until now and i loved everyone of them but this one has a serious problem.. DOESNT FIT IN MY PHONE'S SCREEN (samsung galaxy note8) and i cant pass the levels.. please fix it. I really want to play this game
I liked all the games. 6 was my least favorite and this one is totally annoying. I really hate the new arrogant Susan. She acts like she can do anything and it's totally annoying. He dialogues are stupid and arrogant. I am not continuing this game because of this...
Excellent. I love you guys sooooo much! I have played through every single one of your adventures, some, multiple times. I've been checking once a month for a new one, ever since the pandemic began. You delivered! I loved, loved, loved this!Amazing, brilliant work! You are so much appreciated!
Absolutely loved all the Lost Lands games and all the characters. By far the best games I've played. The graphics and storyline are amazing and the puzzles challenging but fun.Thank you for making these free to play. Please let there be a Lost Lands 8!
As mentioned by others on a Samsung tablet the full screen width is not displayed so the game is not playable. Fault is fixed, trying game do review will follow The issue has been fixed and all working now
Great game. Really good graphics. Puzzles are just tough enough but not impossible. Early days yet, but lost lands 1-6 have been some of my favourite games on play and this one looks to be just as good. Well done
I absolutely love all this game, I've played all of the games in the lost lands series. The graphics and storylines are fantastic!
Just wow! I love this game. Not only is it beautiful, but you really get to know the characters if you've played the previous games. The puzzles are difficult enough to be engaging but not too hard. 5bn makes the best adventure game for mobile devices by far!
Some of the early mini-games were tedious it almost made me skip this installment. Seemed they were there to artificially increase the length of the game. However, I'm already invested in the series story-wise and am glad I finished it since aside from those, it's a good game. The last third of the game was good and even the son has a character arc which was a pleasant surprise. Long time players of the series might find this installment too easy but it didn't bother me though.
Really enjoy playing these games but today I paid for 55 coins payment was taken but didn't receive the coins iv tried going through threw email but no joy as being sent from one place to another very disappointed with how hard it is to get the coins or even a refund...also having problems loading games 5 and 6...
Iv played all the series culminating in this no7...to be honest all the others apart from having a good story have been a bit hit and miss although iv enjoyed playing them.. Now This one Hats off to the designers of this game.. I'm only 2hrs into play and the puzzles have been well thought out..challenging and above all else πŸ’― per cent better than all the other games This get 10/10 looking forward to no8 βœ‹
I used to love this series of games but this is the last one for me. I didn't even finish this one. Games 1-5 were great but now the format has changed, taking away the fun of the game. It is too easy to find and use items now (I don't even need to take notes anymore) but the hand eye coordination games within are too difficult. It seems the developers are catering to people who thought previous games were too challenging. Those people can find games more suitable to their abilities.
This is THE BEST game ever! The puzzles are so very clever, challenging and fun. I give this a perfect 10 score! The story line is well written, the detail and graphics are amazing, and the game flows perfectly. Simply outstanding game. Very highly recommended!!
This game puts all other point and click adventures to shame. Very good entertaining story. Graphically.. the best. Original games. Programming vertuoso, works without a glitch on my poor quality android 8 Chinese tablet. I am 63 years old and have been playing adventure games since the most basic text adventures in the late seventies....
I have played all parts of lost last ....this game is probably the best game ever ..... amongst all lost land 7 was the best ....the level, graphics, difficulty was next level
The story was pretty cool. And the game was challenging at most of the time. Which is awesome. Don't wanna be stuck all the time. But back to playing to finish as far as i can go. 😁
I have never played such intelligent puzzles. The best thing I love about these games are their story line. Its just like watching an adventure movie. Thumbs up guys. Each season has been a different experience... looking forward to many more.
I was enjoying it, but as someone else noted. The chase across level is extremely difficult and is why I decided my rating, to abandon and uninstall the game. Too bad.
I got about 10 minutes through this one and was bored stiff. The puzzles are uneccessarily complex and/or tedious. It's a shame as I really enjoyed the others. Have now uninstalled.
Uninstalled unfinished! Platform jumper bridge sucks! If I wanted that kind of doing something over and over again frustration I'd be playing some other game. No thanks.
Better than 3 by far, at least you weren't all over the map, but I bought coins for the first time to skip the 2 puzzles that are different. You need good hand/eye coordination and fast reflexes - I have neither. It would be nice if you could see a little farther ahead so you had more time to plan your next move. Also, as mentioned - please move the back button! So irritating to hit that when you're trying to get your inventory.
I am such a huge fan of all of the lost lands adventures and this one does not disappoint!! I love the storyline and the graphics! Susan is a super hero and so is Five-BN! I love all of their games and can't wait to see what they do next!
I love the lost lands!! I've played all 7 of them and I'm sad this is the last one!! Hands down the best mysterie adventure puzzle game there is... and its free?!!?!? Doesnt get any better than this
Puzzles are unnecessarily complex. Having to pay for credits to bypass tasks that take a long time or have 0 hints has rendered the game unenjoyable and tends to feel more like a chore than a game. Nice way to ruin a game that up until now has been challenging but fun.
Second game in the series I'm unable to finish because the game locks up in the middle of a task. The first four were better made. 5 and 7 very poorly made.
Good game and a good puzzle but the big problem in game a big bugs in the game i am after near 1 hour play the game not forwarded and i am uninstall the game thats very bad for this company
There's a massive bug that sent me back to almost th beginning of the game. The ending of the bonus chapter was a bit abrupt and unsatisfying.
Not worth it. Puzzles that move (for no good reason) making you naseaus. Other puzzles requiring manipulation with poor manipulatability. Bad interface. Explanations that don't explain anything.
Nonsense... Puzzles still make sense, but there are some that are so exaggerated that they look forced to wear coins. Challenges like crossing a bridge are one of the dumbest things.
I just want the developers of this game know, there's not one puzzle games out there that's better than yours, and I've played tons. You guys rock! Keep it up!
Very good game! Ive been waiting for the next part in the lost lands series, and here it was, and it was as good as the previous parts. The story five bn games come up with every time is awesome, they dig so deep in the land of the lost lands. The only flaw in the game was that puzzles were a bit more difficult than the puzzles in lost lands 1,2,3,4,5,6. So, this gives the game 4 stars, if the puzzles were a bit easy, then the game would definitely get 5 stars
This, like all Five BN games, is excellent! The story is engaging, graphics are great, and responsiveness is far faster than similar games from competitors. I'm loving it!
Another great game. Only complaint is the bridge puzzle, it took me FOREVER lol thanks for the challenge!
Liked this one like the others in Susan's story. It was a bit easy didn't need all free hints available to get through it but whiled away an hour. Dinged one star though cause Jimmy was so unbelievably irritating I had to turn off sound way before half way into the game. Awful awful character and voice actor for him. Otherwise good stuff.
I've played all the lost land and i most definetly love them all One thing i wouid like the MG team to consider(WORDS)in some of 5bn games the word's are small. You have to consider gamers who are'nt 17& 18 other than that all your games 100 stars and i will tell any one to purchase 5bn games. Your games are very Imperical €CROM€
I usually love five bn games but this one has a bug! After joining the spearhead and the rest of the staff, nothing happened and it won't proceed anymore. Not even when I use hints. I thought it was because I missed something but then I saw another comment about the same issue. Please fix this and I'll certainly modify my review.
Really this is best game on mobile. I really like the puzzle coz they are really easy but in the same moment they are very tough and the variety of puzzle in this game are awesome. At last i say this is simple and better than the best..... Waiting for next πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸ€—πŸ‘
Out of all the very enjoyable and some times costly lost lands games, this is by far the worst, it has so many gliches, you'd think after playing all the previous ones that this would possibly have improvements instead of going backwards, it must have been created in a rush and with little care, very disappointed, not nearly as good as the ones before this one.
I would suggest you play Lost Lands from the beginning. Best games I've ever played! This one is more trickier. Currently on the moon game and its racking my brain a bit trying figure it out as the plates arent going where I want them too! Whether theres a problem here with the game or it's just me, I dont know! I will be playing all of them again from the beginning. I'm obsessed!
I finished the game in three days.... and paid for the bonus level as well and completed it.... Some of the minigames are really tricky but others are really easy.... five b-n great job
The previous Lost Lands were great, but this was is ridiculous. Many of the puzzles are just too hard. I am happy to spend some money on apps I like, but this feels like you're forcing me to spend more.
The worst Lost Lands series πŸ‘Ž From the start of this game when recalling memories chapter. And the most stupid parts are when crossing the bridge full of traps, took way too far to reach and too many traps that u don't even have a chance to move another step , and the movement arrow Sucks ! Uninstall this garbage.
Way too short and the ending was a bit abrupt. But still loved it!!! Big Fan of Lost Lands. Hope this wasn't the last.
I really love lost land series, and i think this is the best, for graphics and plot. The puzzles also are more challenging than before and i like it that way. I can see the improvement. Keep it up, cant wait for the part 8. I feel sorry for the husband tho but he can join the journey next time πŸ˜‚ thanks for the experience
I love this game and i love the all parts of lost land and i request to five bn games to create more parts of lost lands with high graphics
Excellent. Have played all the others in the series and they get better. Love the storyline, the son is really whiney at first, but he comes good. Wish there were more of these games, rather than straight forward HOPs. Good stuff.
Loved it best game ever. Don't get bored. Played all episodes and bonus game. Loved it hope you make more games just like this one. Loved the story of all episodes.
I love these games, I have played 1 to 5 twice, but when it came to playing 6 and 7 I'm not keen on the fact that hints are not free anymore, which doesn't help me, being Dyspraxic, I rely on hints if I get stuck on what to so next but currently I'm out of coins to help me to move forward on game 7, but thank you for creating such creative games :)
Does not render to the right size on my Samsung s2. I'm not able to see the edges of the screen so renders it impossible to play. I will be uninstalling. It is like the screen zooms in on the content so you are missing outside of the full screen size. It doesn't seem to resize to my screen size. It works fine on my mobile.
I was really enjoying the game until I got stuck on a puzzle. Puzzles are too complicated for simple objects. You can skip for 10 coins, but you only start with 5, and you have to wait for the free coins to regenerate. Very disappointing.
I really like the Lost Lands series, and have been able to playbthem on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. But this one does not work properly... The gamescreen is to big, some parts do not show on my tabletscreen, so it's impossible to play πŸ˜” I hope this will get fixed soon!
Love these games and paid for the bonus game on this one only to be stuck (without coins) on the colored powder potion mini game...I even looked up a walkthrough and the host skipped it!! No idea how to pass!
Among all the Lost Lands games, this one is far not the best one. Comparing to the previous episodes, it has poor graphics, annoying mimi-puzzles, and lots of glitches in the navigation. Still, same beloved characters, entertaining plot, and nice flashbacks to the previous parts.
Love the different types of puzzles however I wish it was easier to skip puzzles as I was stuck on a really hard puzzle and couldn't afford the currency to skip I had to ask for help
Smoothest gameplay of this series. There was one point where you're searching for items and a golf club was labeled as "bat" so I had to waste a hint. Sometimes still a little difficult to click on correct spot on screen, but otherwise amazing for a free game. Definitely my favorite app game makers.
I have really enjoyed the Lost Lands series and have never had any problems playing them on my Samsung S2 tablet before. But as others with Samsung tablets have mentioned, this one does not download properly. The screen size is off and everything looks over magnified. It's makes it unplayable. I had to uninstall. Hope it can be fixed.
A good game, a bit different from the others. My biggest complaint is that in the bonus game, the colored powder scale game is broken. I am totally unable to pick up and move any of the bottles. So that makes it impossible to continue if you're out of hints to skip that mini game.
Would have been a top game over the other six, but had to skip creating the blinding powder on the bonus game because it didn't work what ever I did, bearing in mind I never skip or use coins to get help with any puzzles etc. So sorry 3 star due to I think, a technical problem in the game.
Thank you for continuing to make this fascinating game! I love the story line and solving the puzzles! Keep them coming!
The whole Lost Lands series of games are amazing, so much fun, lovely design, and really intriguing puzzles.
Stuck on a minigame to cross to the next bridge. I have 9 coins . It's too bad that you can't at least watch an ad to gain a coin? The cost of skipping a game is way to much! I had trouble passing the voice game as well. I have loved your other games, but this one has too many very hard games! Please consider watching an ad to gain a coin. Is it possible there is a glitch, that i cant watch an ad to gain a coin?
I absolutely LOVE this one!!! I've always been a fan of these games, but this one (so far) is awesome! I haven't run into any gitches (knock on wood, playing from an android phone) and the story AND gameplay are FANTASTIC!!! Don't let me down BN (You haven't so far!!!)
Tell me what's wrong? There's no key to the crane, it's supposed to be near the iron rod, an easy find and pick up, but it's not there. At first I thought I was missing a scene, but no, I have completed all. So I bought a set of coins for hint, It didn't work there. So I screenshot the iron rod frame, I zoom in, definitely there's no key to the crane there. I'm stuck, I just waste my money, I'm very disappointed
Screen (Samsung tablet) does not show full image so could not play the first hidden objects game. Disappointing. Will have no option but to uninstall. Please make the image fit the screen as I love your games BN
Started off well but the booby trap bridge is impossible to cross without using credits. Shame as a good game has been ruined because of this!
The puzzles in this latest part are just soooo dull and time-consuming that they do really kill a wish to play. I understand the developers challenge the users with a view to making them buy extra coins and just skip the boring and irritating puzzles but, guys, let's be honest!! Most people will just remove this game and that's it. All previous parts kept me interested but not this one, unfortunately, due to awful puzzles that make u stuck and lose interest.
Worse and worse. Rather than coming up with original puzzles this series is turning into boring monologues and obscure and difficult to find hidden objects. This doesn't make it fun or challenging, it's just frustrating.
I wanted to love it. The first stages had good puzzles that I really enjoyed. However, it showed screens that cropped the right and left edges on my Samsung S2 tablet and I simply could not select things I needed. The hints confirmed that the items were off screen. I had to quit.
Cannot progress after filling vessel with particles. Hint does nothing and there is nothing I can activate. I had hoped to get further than the second 'room' before I understood the low ratings on thus game. Usually really enjoy their games but now I've paid for hints that are absolutely useless. Can this be refunded?
I have a Samsung S6 lite and this game will not work properly. It doesn't show any errors but it will not allow me to move to the next level. So I uninstalled it and started over. I got past the part that hung me up the first time. However, I got hung up again. This time on a game. I went to the Walk-through to check if there was a true error and it was. The game didn't respond to the correct combination. What causes the errors in the game was both times I paused the game.
I love this as well as all BN5 games. Ive literally now played all collector edition games (which im so thankful their free to play the whole game unlike most other companies/game makers who claim 2 be free but only allow you enough play time 2 make u mad lol.)And im eagerly waiting new or other hidden object games.
I guess the saying you can just please some, some of the time holds true for this game. I have played all of the Lost Lands and really, really enjoyed the dialogue-I even got a bit tearful at points. I thought the concept was excellent, the puzzles challenging-nice variety with hidden object scenes-great game play length. Of course, maybe it might move too slowly-but, I found this made me more interested and I completed the game in one day. Great job-next one, soon?!
The lost lands games are awesome! However, i purchased hints in the bonus chapter for $2.99 but was never credited them and the money was taken.. I emailed screenshots of the purchased item but haven't heard back yet...
Games 1- 6 were fun, hunt and peck puzzle solving, take your time style. I don't know who had the idea of putting in the obstacle course bridge of many deaths but that just killed the game for me. I can't pass it and there is no way I'm paying for stars to skip it nor am i going to watch an advertisement every 5 minutes to get enough stars to pass it. So long Lost Lands! Your games were fun until you changed the dynamics from puzzles to Pitfall meets Death Frogger. Ta ta!
I love all the others but i think this one is a bit too hard. You cant move forward until passing all obstacles so it makes me not want to play it anymore. Its been a fun challenge up to this point.
I love all lost land games. So fun and it's brain stimulating. I so love the graphics. I hope there will be another sequel
I'm giving a reluctant 4. The game is quite long, most puzzles are easy, some are long and require concentration and one or two are very different. As usual it's a good game appart from black screen syndrome, crash, crash, crash, five times minimum, that needs looking at and it spoiled the game for me really. Great effort by the designers and the usual good thinking for the problems, there were some confusing parts but that's part of the game. More challenges and less involved storyline.
Like many other people here I have enjoyed all the previous lost lands games and their puzzles. Challenging and rewarding. However like many other people here unable to progress past the bridge 'puzzle' sequence. Which is less like a puzzle and more like an intentional pay wall. Previous puzzles so far have been less mentally challenging as well and seemed to award random attempts more than logical thinking. Shame!
Second game I played from here. I enjoyed again and give 5 star because it is quite good and free. However in this game I did find a few parts a bit annoying. The first memory scene/puzzle was a bit too hard due to perscision of placings things. Bridge crossing was a bit of a pain. Otherwise was great.
I've been addicted to this game eversince i started to play i can't help but to finish it and start for the other series. I keep on moving to the next episode..i hope there is more to come..
I always give 5 stars for these games but there was a glitch making the poison powder so I had to skip that puzzle and then I purchased coins and never received them.. it has been 3 days, I emailed the developer and still have heard nothing. That's not cool! Other than that I love all the games from the developer.
Ive always liked the games but you guys have goten realy greedy having to paying for hints because you wont clearly state what some of the puzzles directions are yes its along game which i like but your doing on purpose to rack up more people to pay for hints......why cant you just go back to the 6.99 per game...which included the bonus game.......this will be you down fall.........and for god sakes do another new york mysteries
Intriguing, exciting, innovative, great graphics, fun puzzles ongoing with all of the unexpected twists and turns. It's fun!!
I just realized that I pretty much have played all of your game lol super fun and exciting although some puzzles/mini games are frustrating :D still fun though... much love ❀
Marvelous! I'm mid-way through and I must say, just like all your games, it's phenomenal! Outstanding graphics, fantastic puzzles and the storyline kept me intrigued thus far! Very well done! I must add that I can't wait to see the new mysteries and the magical kind witches, evil fairies, tender werewolves and bloodthirsty wizards in your future games! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ
The game is good! I just installed it on my Samsung phone. I watched it on some of the videos on manicmeeks channel. And I'm stuck on a puzzle already! I played a video of the game before and I checked on the app store and it wasn't there, until I checked on the app store again it was there!😍😘πŸ₯° FIVE BN GAMES TOU MAKE THE BEST GAMES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE GAMES FOR US!!!
So far this game has been a pain I got to tk he living room and nothing responds. I can move her " memories" around but nothing stays where It click on it. The video shows the memories staying when they are clicked on...l have not had any luck at all with them doing so. I already uninstalled it once because of this and I am about to do s ok again. VERY FRUSTATING. Very disapointed in this version of the series.
I've played all of the Lost Lands series, they were great, until this one. It was horrible. I tried to finish it but just couldn't, it was so bad. It is apparent there is a new development team for this one. The dialog was combative and made the characters unlikable. The son was so whiny he should have just been left out. The character images changed to unappealing designs. The games were either too hard or too easy. A better balance is definitely needed. None of it was fun, just frustrating.
I absolutely love these games! This one is free except for the bonus chapter. It has a great story line with awesome voice overs and it's a collect and "escape" game with different puzzles, including hidden object mini games. Wish there was a new one out thats free to play. Ive played this one, like others a few times. Excellent game creaters with outstanding imagination. It's like playing out a book that's reading to me.