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Lost Lands 6

Lost Lands 6 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
having trouble not because of the puzzles but because of bugs. srtarting with the strap of the wings, i had a hard tine attaching it to the wings, and now waking maaron, I couldnt get the medallion in the book, i couldnt even open the others parts of the room. even the hint. I LOVE THE GAME to be honest, but now that Im at series 6, ugh couldnt finish it because of the bug
I love this game I played 1- 5 and now that I want to play this one I can't do anything! Am stuck at the beginning 😕 it won't do anything everytime I put moraan it just stays there nothing happens! I refreshed my phone deleted things reinstalled the game 3 times and still nothing 😑 😒 😪 can you guys please fix it. I love this game and I want to finish this chapter! And it will give it 5 stars 🌟 because it what it deserves but for now just 1 till it gets fix
I really like this game , it is fun ,entertaining and very addictive, I like the puzzles in all the series, I am currently working on game 6 , so I hope other people find this series as fun and entertaining as I do .
One of a kind puzzle game with fantastic story that every fantasy fans would follow! Once you get your hands on the game you would never stop until you are finished. I love all games from 1 until 5 and I just started 6. Keep on rocking!
Played all of these games. Really great but this was the weakest of the series. Seemed too short and easy compared to the others.
Too glitchy and frustrating. Wish I'd read the reviews before I wasted my time. Got completely stuck at the poison jars, uninstalling didn't help and I've given up. Shame because I enjoy these games.
I've played all the Lost Lands to this point and love them all. It's great that you have the option of playing for free or paying to play. Well worth the money as it gives you all the help you need to finish the game but not so hard that you cant do it without spending. Thanks so much for an awesome story and game, definitely deserves 5 stars!
I've played all the previous Lost Land games and this one is by far the best. The plot leads you through the game in a most enjoyable way. The logic puzzles are a little too simple though. Thank you developers and artists!
I loved every single game. I only really got to experience the full effect in game 5 of Lost Lands as I had to ask friends to help me. But once I realised thst every scene had pieces of puzzles to other scenes...it slowly dawned on me. Remembering where they were was hard for me but I got there.It kept me on my toes and the mini puzzles....wow. Just fantastic! Please make more. I just finished LL6 and kow I wait for 7 and the rest. Thank you so much. I love this game.
At first I thought I won't be able to finish the game because after saving Maaron, I went back to the past, but the interactive map helped me to go back to the present. This game is one of my fav! Love the stort line and the brain exercising puzzles. =)
I hate the puzzles where you have to place items and not leave gaps. The fact this game started off with one immediately pissed me off and I uninstalles it.
This game is one of my best games that i ever played this game is awesome but it is also very tough the story is very interesting and particular so that is all the good things so we can move to the bad things that is there are tooooooooooooooooo much ads and they disturbed me when i play this one so please fix it otherwise this game is full of fun and puzzles so please download it one thing that i say to the creators of the game god bless you with such a lot of happiness thankyou
Great game, but it glitches on the flying apperatice. Can't attach the harness and hints don't work either. Really disappointing. Wish I could finish it. Please fix it. This isn't a one time bug based on other comments too.
I could not complete the last task? And couldn't use hints to help me get there. Was basically stuck on top of the tower with the gliding contraption and had over 30 hints left and couldn't use them. Oh well.
Not working. I've been pulling the Bonus Chapter clock weights in the HOP in the correct order and nothing happens! It's pretty straight forward and hard to do wrong AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING!! I even watched someone do it on a youtube video in exactly the same right order and it worked for them! I'm not paying any more money to skip because it's not working. BS
Loved all these games so far. Just ran into a glitch. Cant use my hammer to pound in the chair nails. Says I need nails which I already have and says I can't use my hammer. This makes me sad! Had a glitch in #3 but because you are nice enough to give us acsess to 10 free coins I could skip it and finish. This one I can't skip. I'll try again someday and hope it's fixed.
Great game but didn't enjoy this one as much as the others as it was a little confusing to realise whether you were in the past or present, I prefer the more straightforward clue hunt ones
I prefer the first ones in the saga. Is getting easier game by game. And I've detected two bugs that cannot let you resolve the puzzles correctly.
Always liked lost lands series but this one omg it was my favorite so far..in this one you don't need to go back and forth too much becoz of the present past times and it was definitely much more interesting..as each passing lost lands series they are making it better.. I totally loved it and can't wait for lost lands 7 ... One more thing people are always commenting about glitch and they got stuck etc but guys that's not what it is there is definitely something else you have to do there..
It was great until the end. I accidentally pushed the back arrow as always and it sent me back in time. So far, no matter what I do I cant get back to the garden 🙃. Can someone help? Am I the only one This has happened to?
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Fun game! I was able to play about 90% through the game but got stuck at the part where you put the medallion off the unconcious Maaron and place it in the book. The game glitches and I was not able to get past that part.and Hint button does nothing...other than that its a good story line and fun game.
Hello Developer, I love this game very much. I have played previous 5 parts and now i sm downloading this part of the game. If you are reading my messages then i would like to say that please develop more parts of this game. I really want more parts of this game even i think every player of this game would like to play more parts. Thanking you for making such kind of game. ❤💚💛💜💙💓💕💖
I don't know how there are 6 installments but the controls are still so wonky. I can't count the number of times I have accidentally hit the back button while selecting an item. The X button placement was better in part 1. Just used coins on the book swapping puzzle because it keeps making me select 2 books at once. Nice to see the time-limited mini-games though! I would also live to see Google Play achievements introduced. Don't let us hit the back button while a character is talking please.
The game has glitch. I have poisoned the lord, received 'harness strap for the hang glider'. When try to fix it to the mechanical wings, it does nothing. So i tried using hint, but hint too does not appear nither one coin get utilised. Though, i have coins, hint doent work. Does anyone know solution on this?
There are bugs in this version. Got all the way to the end, then while looking for the final objects I used the time hexegon again which was a mistake because you then lose all progress and can't go back to complete the final puzzle. This is also the least original storyline, and the graphics were not very good.
I can't believe it. I reached to this chapter for almost 2 weeks. Fall and down to solve every puzzle. I reallt enjoy every minutes. It's free but sometimes I purchase hints lol. But that's worth it. Really love the story lines, game themes and atmosphere 😁
I just love all FBN games. Even the minor glitches dont out weigh the quality. Theyre like a movie/story book i can interact with. Never played a game like this before. Its exciting! And theyre not like choices games its like helping to complete a really good movie. Most games ill start and finish in months but this gets me so hooked i have to know how it all ends so im up all day and night finishing quick. These games could become like movies 4real. Thanks. Truly enjoy.
Mostly excellent. Some of the puzzles were near on impossible to figure out. The one in the witches' subconscious with the 4 clock chimes you had to pull in order... didn't work at all for me... even in the right order. Disappointing!! Overall though... nice length of game and good to play.
Alittle disappointed. Played all 5 which were amazing. However this one got stuck at the jump platform.
Game completely froze at almost the end. Uninstalled and reinstalled - still nothing, EXCEPT, I lost 19 - out of *30* - hints I paid for. If you're going to charge people for HINTS at least make sure your crappy game doesn't screw them over. Extremely unhappy. If I could give zero stars, I would.
Was a great game but very disappointed at not being able to play bonus content as the buttons to buy more coins wouldn't work throughout the game. Would have been nice to fully complete the game by doing the bonus chapter.
Thank you for this amazing game! Great puzzles, storyline and graphics. (To put the medallion into the book, you first need to press the right symbol on the piece of paper)
This game is considerably shorter than the first few in the series. And it doesn't have some of the interesting elements of the first few in the series. It's okay. It's not great, it's over really fast, and I'm really dissappointed because this series was a nice challenge prior to this one.
I love all these games but this one i can't play. I installed it no problem, was playing fine, but I got up to the top of the castle to use the flying machine and can't. Everything I try does not work and the hints aren't working either. I tried closing the game and reopening, restarting my phone nothing helped. I uninstalled the game and when I try to reinstall it won't. Would love to finish the game but these bugs make it impossible!
As usual from this crew...top rank coding. For a FREE to play adventure game this one and pretty much all of the rest from "Five" are unbeatable. Download with absolute confidence is what I say. EXCELLENT an easy five stars
This game was brilliant but i don't know why but it won't let me finish 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ a got to top of the castle but i couldn't fly away so did not work for me the end of the game !
I've enjoyed the list lands series so far but at the very beginning of this game where you have to place steps down to escape I am not being allowed to place the final steps down at the very top the planks literally hover over the second to last planks and will not allow me any further I am using an Android phone.
Absolutely love this game!!! Wish there were more like this.... It is pure gaming experience without the annoying ads and an interesting storyline.... So sad that I finished the last of them today... Definitely try it!
I love these games but I got stuck on chapter 7, I have the medallion to open the book but is not working. I restarted my phone but it didn't solve it. Maybe you can make an update and fix this bug?!
Uninstalled. Hang glider strap still broke. Poison bottle weight out was nearly impossible based on clues to get the game to let you manipulate them. Very poor programming and planning compared to prior versions.
Love all the games from this list. My favourite games are all with this game creator. Great graphics, gripping storylines and fun but challenging mini games throughout. Well worth downloading ☺
I don't usually write reviews but, I'm so intrigued!! I had to take a moment to share. The interaction is very engaging! I just had to literally run and escape some guards by figuring out how to get away in a certain amount of time! I may dream about this, it's so captivating! Welp back to my great escape!
These may be my favorite games of all time! A few of them had glitches but 6 is totally enjoyable. Go back and start with #1. It's a great series!!
Everything seems to be working now but definitely needs some tweaking towards the end for certain clicks. Otherwise, another great game in the series.
Been playing your games since lockdown. I never thought someone would create such an awesome mystery games like this. Great graphics, challenging puzzles and great character interactions. Keep up the good work and create more!
Great game until a glitch stopped me from hammering the nails into the stool. Can't go any further as even when I tried the hint that showed the hammer and nails it says you can't use this item here. Shame as it was good up till then.
I love the lost games but had to uninstall this one due to the bugs, I gave up at the boat game as it kept crashing. Please fix.
Love the whole lost lands series, I have completed all 6 now and not one advert... brilliant!!There are a few times when you have to be very precise with what you do to complete some of the puzzles but if it was easier it wouldn't be as enjoyable when you crack it. There are similar puzzles to work out so you get better as you work through the series. I've just got the mini games now to play . Great series thank you. The harness at the end is just a matter of using the right combination.
Fantastic graphics and good continuing storyline. Some of the puzzles do not give clear instructions on what you are supposed to do, which is annoying, although there is a good selection of puzzles. Well worth the payment for the bonus chapter for the whole game.
I played the first 5 and I must say I am impressed. I enjoyed every second. I was enjoying 6 as well until I got stuck on the hang glider part where I had to use the straps. Nothing happened. It must be a bug.
(Spoiler ahead) It is good as usual, but after Maaron killed casandra, i pressed back and stuck in tha past time. Even hints wouldn't work anymore 🙁
Unfortunately I had to uninstall, just like I did with a previous Lost Lands, because I could not put the harness on the dragon kite mechanism. How has this bug not been fixed yet if it's been a VERY common problem with players for months??
I am making a review.. This part 6 was short and easy compared part 5 and 4. Maybe because the puzzle is relatively same from part one. However, the limited time and the part that I must balanced the boat in this game is quite surprise. Different from previous one. I hope this next game will be added many surprising event. The one that we never think about. Thank you for making this game. Two thumbs for you.
Was enjoying the game, like others from this company, until I encountered a game-breaking bug near the end. ---- SPOILERS ---- After getting Maaron to kill his mentor and going back to the future, I accidentally hit the back button, which brought me to past graveyard. Returning to the present got me to the original timeline graveyard, thus making further progress impossible.
I put the pot of water on to boil and then accessed my book now I can't do anything as none of the ingredients want to activate is there anyway I can correct this
The game is really good and I have played the other games also but their is a glitch which doesn't lets me place the medallion on the book, and also doesn't shows any hint besides having coins.
Enjoyed all the lost lands games, items needed are often found a fair distance from the puzzle so having a good memory helps.
All games were great except this one. Every other chapter would glitch and not let me do certain things. COULDNT move the poison jars, COULDNT grab the lamp fuel, COULDNT use the straps in the flying machine. Honestly wasn't going to reinstall and start over for the 3rd time. Gave up on this game
This is the best game in lost lands. I loved part 2, 5, and this one. Kinda sad that there are no lost lands I'll be able to play cause this is the last and final game of Lost Lands. I really love this one! It deserves a 5 star.
I love this game but I'm stuck. I can't attach the harness to the flying machine so I hope to get some help here please. I've watched YouTube videos and it seems easy enough.
I love this series of games but I didn't like this one as much as I've liked the previous games. The new, more contained format is way too easy. I didn't even have to take any note this time.
Nice game, good story, some of the tasks are easier than in the previous parts and collecting of the object does not give you any extra reward or new game so you don't really need to worry about them. But I like the drawings and the precision used to create the pictures
Entertaining story but a bit short. Anyway sad it seems to be the last part. Finding all objects does not seem to work even when being very attentive.
All game were brilliant but i don't know why but this won't let me finish 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ a got to top of the castle but i couldn't fly away so did not work for me the end of the game !
I got to the flying machine puzzle and was not able to attache the harness. Have now come to a hault in the game. Cannot go further or go backwards
I played all six games, and they were all adventurous, mysterious, exciting. thanks for the dutch translation. The size of the games [between 700mb ~ 1gb] indicates that they are not ordinary games
Was really enjoying this - as with the others - but got as far as the medallion/book and it's stuck! Help! Any chance it could be sorted?
I've been really enjoying this series altogether. One thing, when I get to the end and have to use Maaron's amulet to open the book the game glitches and won't allow the action. I have read somewhere else that I'm not the only one to encounter the issue. Please fix
Love all the lost lands games but #6 has a major glitch and won't allow me to finish. I can't put the harness on the glider to move forward. I've uninstalled twice hoping to try again and it won't work.
Thoroughly enjoyed this game, thought this was one of your best. I didn't pick up any glitches with the poison, so those problems must be fixed. Thank you
This one is kinda angsty plot, but somehow the most easier to play, I finished it only for a couple hours. Really enjoy this game so much!
For now i have to give a one because part of the important gameplay goes off the bottom and top of the screen. Also along w how long n frustrating just getting the top of stairs on in the beginning, EVERY ROOM IVE HAD INVENTORY IN THEMIDDLE AND TOUCH IT, THE BACK BUTTON TAKES ME OUT!! I JUST cannot trying till thats fixed. Ive spent money on clues. I have a alcatel tcl a1. Please advise. Ive playedseveral of the other lost lands, ill change rating if its fixed...
It was fine up to the end. I play on an android mobile and it would not attach the harness to the wings. Absolutely nothing worked so that was the game. Sucks getting that close just to have to dump it.
I started playing the Lost Lands series a few months ago and have enjoyed them all. Great storyline, webs of intrigue, interesting characters with back stories that are uncovered within the different episodes of the series. Loving the journey and checking around every corner. Highly recommended! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I was enjoying the game but suddenly the game freeze and i cant move forward. I can't put the medallion on the magic book!!!! Emailed them but no respond. Im saddddddddddd
Nice Interesting puzzles, usually a pretty clear path of logic to follow. Great this game is free and true appreciators will pay for the final chapter
Poison bottle weight out was nearly impossible based on clues to get the game to let you manipulate them. Glider isn't "broken" just tricky to work. Read the instructions on the page under the glass very carefully.
Improvements in the right direction. Part 5 introduced a merchant and here in 6, there are a couple of new and welcome surprises. 2-4 seems to have suffered from the mentality of making the puzzles more complex. This runs the danger of making them ridiculous at times. 5-6 seemed to focus on innovation or something new. One sequence reminded me of a game in lumosity years ago. Story was well done, no problems with the puzzles (didn't have to use hints) overall, it kept me engaged.
This series has been a great game. Only problem is the bugs in the end on this chapter. Fix this and would be a great.
I am waiting for lost lands 7,8,9 and more! Your games are really exciting and full of surprises!Love your games,thrilling,challenging and full of adventures and excitement!!
I have played all series of lost lands and the 6th one is the best. Honestly I was really struggling when I played the first 4 games because there are a lot places with unsolved puzzle left so every time I got a stuff I had to use up my hint to know which one is for which lol but it was the storyline that keep me playing. The quality of each series always gets better and better! I have played the new york mysteries one and now that I run out of lost lands series I might download the others :)
The entire Lost lands series is excellent!! Good puzzles and graphics. The endings could be a little less abrupt but over all I'd play this series forever. The evolution of the series has been really fun to see. And I love the added dialogue and cast of characters in the later games. Well done... all of them !
One of the best games I've played. And the main game is totally free.. Only have to pay for bonus chapters.. Keep creating more
I really like this one - not so convoluted like 3 and 4. Thought I was stuck at the jars but I just didn't think hard enough. The number on the cup equals the number on the other side of the scale. Like the 8 weight on one side and the 3 weight with the number 5 cup on the other. Pretty clever. One of the better ones as far as game flow - only used like 3 hints.
Really like the LL series but LL6 has a lot of glitches on android. Firstly could not open the book with the medallion, after redo of the game from start, I cannot use the flying machine and cannot proceed. Played all 5 other before and never had this problem. Also the graphics are not as smooth as the others and the story stops as it needs to load more. Please fix it az I really want to finish
I've played all 5 of the previous games and loved them. The graphics are great, the puzzles are challenging and the stories are fantastic. If I really had to find a fault it would be that once you complete the game your progress is not saved. So if you were unable to find all the objects in the various collections (to unlock bonus puzzles) you've got to play through the story from the beginning to find them. If this could be fixed, the games would be perfect
So far I'm enjoying it but only given 4/5 as don't know how it'll go on. Didn't like the Lost Lands 5 as much because all previous 4 games were of a high standard but this is more intriguing as it's cleverly played between the past & future. Would recommend this one....
Good graphics, challenging but not impossible to unravel clues and puzzles. Story line interesting but much the same as others.
Not enjoying this one as much as the others. Had to uninstall #4 before the very end as runes weren't completing properly which wasxa shame. This one is too dark and the time switching gets confusing. I might try #7 but this one is putting me off.
Good so far but the only drawback is you gotta buy coins to get hint and wasted when it tells you to go back out but then you still dony know where to go so you waste another coin for hint again....
Totally in love with the story telling... puzzles of this particular episode are not so hard... but the suspense of the story keeps you stuck to the game for hours.
This should be 10+ 🌟 stars! After playing lost lands 1-5 I started to get attached to Maaron, thought that he'll become a villain from now. Glad things turned out way better than expected. Keep on creating good games! Well done. Never experienced glitches by the way. (All 1-6)
I've been playing the whole series of Lost Land although they are very good I think this was my most favorite. You get to follow as the characters age and feel so attached to them. Excellent game as usual can't tell you how much I am enjoying them!
Played the full game!!! Graphics are amazing and loved the story (it's best to play them all in a row) and Susan gets sassier with each game 😀😀😀.... Just a great adventure game that ticks all the boxes 👍!
As always a very good game. Love these games! Can't t ask for anything better than the games they have. Graphics, sound, and the strategies and what your mind has to think to do next.
The weakest of the lost lands games, as it more of "clearing chapter by chapter" than a long game (but maybe some people like it more...) And what the hell is going on with Susan's hair?? But still- a very good, fun and smart game!!!
I am so impressed with the graphics and controls. The playable interaction is awesome, really. The programmer did an outstanding job in creating the graphics and storyline. Oh, the puzzles are not so complicated, but challenges you think . My only downside is, the collectables. Where's the roses and a few other items. Heck, maybe I should pay closer attention to details.lol Love these games and storyline. Thanks Guys,!!!
I absolutely love this game....The graphics are too good...I also played all the series of lost lands..,darkness and flame.,The legacy..etc..and I am enjoying..again.😊I love the graphics...please make more series of lost lands and New york mysteries...🥺
I really enjoyed this game, it went quicker, but I enjoyed the new timed games and storyline continued to be great. There was a minor glitch. It wouldnt give me the oil for the lamp until after the poison was made. But oil was needed prior. So I made the poison with help of a walk through, since I didnt have the instructions. But overall still satisfied. Thanks for another great game.
Update, glitch/bug with harness not connecting. Scroll down the comments someone posted how to bypass the glitch. Love these games! I've played all 5 and can't wait to try this game and others by this developer.
Could not complete game due to a glich making the poisonous mixture. I don't recommend download, unless your areb ok with getting just about complete just to uninstall.
I didnt really like this one. In the other games you could go back to get info you forgot. Not this one. It cost coins if you cant remember or if you didnt see the code the first time. Thats really not cool.
I love this game but I'm stuck. I can't attach the harness to the flying machine so I hope to get some help here please. I've watched YouTube videos and it seems easy enough. I have now played it to the end , great game all the way through.
I have played all 5 previous lost land games but this story is best so far. Graphics were amazing and some games were interesting. Developers have tried new things in this version and I loved it.. keep it up guys..
I love playing these Lost Lands, every single one of them. Just wish they gave you more than 10 hints. I cant afford to pay any of these games. I was using some, and hubby caught me. Now my card is off for play store,😂
Loved it. Definitely needed to do better with the poison powders the hint made absolutely no sense there was no order. I thought it was glitching amd almost uninstalled it.
Love this game especially this one as u culd actually control some areas like tha timer and tha boat .. best 1 so far... cant wait to play lost land 7 hopefully we can see a twist like maaron and Susan ended up hooking up while she was in his time and made a child lol .. I dnt kwn.. something to excite us audience
I did the same as others, at the end I pressed the wrong button and went back to the original timeline instead of completing the game. If you do this, just go to the map and select the end scene then complete the game. I don't know if it's a bug or not but it's certainly not a game breaker!
So early in the game and already it won't let me put the ingredients in the pot to make the destruction potion with the witch so far uninstalled 4 and 5 do to not letting me do something it's like it freezes up or something
I LOVE all the lost land games. Everything from 5BN is great! The controls, graphics, story. Everything. Ive played a lot of these types of games. There are no better free to play games! Im playing the lost lands again for a second time. I cant find anything better and miss these!
The game was good. The puzzles were great. No back and forth action. No "energy" system. The only problem was that when you tried to press something it didn't always hit.
I have played through all games now and loved every single one. The story, the puzzles, the graphics and best of all, its free to play with no ads. Incredible. I found them very addictive. My favourite kind of game. Thank you 😊
No way to find the lock opening with movable tiles without using 10 clues to pass the puzzle. No hints anywhere. O well. Other games out there. Uninstalled.
This whole series was an amazement. Fun to play... variations on puzzles and difficulty. A fantastic storyline. I am glad they kept the same characters throughout. Just an overall fun experience I hope 7 comes out. Until then i grabbed some other games from the same company to play them for now.
Was enjoying it but then got to the flying machine part and everything stopped working, I couldn't place the straps or use the hints. Tried to close it several times and starting it again and nothing seemed to fix it.
Great game, great story line.i will admit I had to use several hints. Great job , boys and girls keep up the good work
Love this game but when it came down to getting milk from the Buffalo....nothing. I went back a couple of but still can't get the milk. I really wanted to finish this game and move on to the next one. Disappointing....
I've played all 6 of these games on other devices and due to being quarantined in isolation I wanted to replay. The 3 that worked I was super disappointed you couldn't keep the music on but turn the talking off (you could on my tablet). But numbers 1,5,&6 don't work at all. When you try to open them there's a black screen for ~30 seconds and then it closes. Super annoying because I KNOW this game is entertaining as heckie.
I love this game! Aboslutely the most interesting and not impossible to play. As soon as I finish one, I can't wait to start the next one.
Played for several hours only to find I can't use my hammer to nail some nails into a table in one part of the game. Verified on youtube to see if I was doing it wrong but I wasn't; definite bug I'll never get those hours of my life back. Thanks!
Ok so I waited til the last game of the series before I rated them. First off I really like the storyline and how you're the same character throughout the series. Each storyline is different but you always see some familiar characters that stays throughout the series. Graphics are pretty cool, some puzzles are easy and some are quite challenging. Hints could be a little easier to get.. as in.. get some at all without paying. Little bit of attempted robbery there but all in all. Good game
Brilliant game with superb graphics. When I hit what I thought was a bug, and contacted the developers, they were brilliant. It is not a bug, but I had to press in a specific place for it to work, I tried many times to do it before success. It was the harness of the flying machine I was stuck with. Therefore this game deserves 5 stars. Thank you Developers.
I've played all of these titles and I like the games a lot. The grafics are very good, the stories are generally well done and the game play is smooth. My only criticism would be as the series has progressed the games have got shorter and easier. The best we're the first 3, the last three could have been a lot better as they had good concepts for the stories and new characters, just a shame they cut the game short and made them way too easy. 6 was the shorted and easiest so far, no challenge.
I rate it 5 stars... Because it never bored me... It was awesome.... And I think you should make some more... I've playing it for quite a while now... Starting 1 2 3 4 5 and now I'm working on 6... Hopefully there will be up to 10 or more.... Because it's very interesting... I just love it
Even better, except for in-game instructions. I love this series, and 6 has even more engaging gameplay and advanced effects. Sorry that the in-game instructions are incomprehensible, as if written by Google Translate or something.
The game is quite good. But not as good as before. I feel like it's way easier than lost land 1 to lost land 4.
The series of all these games of Lost Lands are phenomenal! Great graphics, storylines are interesting, some of the puzzles are truly challenging makes you flustrated at times but are solvable. Makes one think on a whole new level and increases your memory's functions. These games are so interesting to play, you may find yourself playing them over again and the big bonus is they are free to play ❣️ So I must give these games 5 stars across the board!
This is a great game! I've played lost lands 1 up until this and I could say that those who created this are brilliant! All the clues, mystery, puzzles and all are so satisfying, mind buggling and amazing. Keep up the good work!
Absolutely loved it!!! Really interesting story and the graphics are great. The book puzzle near the very end had some issues knowing what I clicked on it wasn't very responsive, and it almost froze up and wouldn't let me put the medallion in Marin's book I had to look at the paper a few times and exit the desk all together before it would let me place it and continue. But overall a great addition to the series I'm so sad I seriously need more!!!
Five BN Games = Worthless & Useless! Yet another buggy, unfinishable game by these jerks who never respond to bugs or customer complaints. Unfinishable in several locations, this time cannot place the charm in the book when Marron is knocked out. Don't waste your time. Find another developer's games to play.
Using Android hone once I got to the flying machine it wouldn't let me go any farther. I assumed it glitched. I redone the game from begining and and still done it. . . I've really enjoyed the games so far. I'm moving onto the next one after watching the rest of 6 on youtube. Hope you get it fixed.... I'd like to finish it myself.
I have played 3 (1, 2 & 4 )of the series and im skipping lost lands 3 and 5 and jumped to 6. Im about To Reach 60% progress of the game in Lost lands 3 when it suddenly freeze and theres no way to Get it back other than uninstalling.. while i played lostlands 5 and suddenly asked for purchase. I enjoyed playing lost lands but i hate having purchased i didnt manage to play it free coz' of storage problem . Man' why so big 😂 other than that. Still 5 star i hope to pLay those i skipped Soon.
I I'm totally loving these games. I always feel disappointed when I finish one and can't wait to start the next. The only negative point is I don't have the markers for where the next action is required so it can take me longer than it should just finding out what location I need to be in which is frustrating. Would give it 5* otherwise
Good game but buggy. The longer you play the buggier it gets. Basically locks up 80% of the way through. Couldn't finish it. It was free so i guess i got what i paid for.
As all previous games this is good but there are bugs. When I play bonus chapter and go to visit the witch in her meditation, the task with switching clocks weights in correct order doesnt work and I have to use coins. Hence only 3 stars
I absolutely loved this series, there is so much content in each game, hours of entertainment and actual real challenges for some of the puzzles. I like that. Couldn't believe how good these games were for being free. Good job guys, give me moooore! (Please) 5*
Cant describe how this game and others like it just pull me in. Unreal, i love them, i adore the stories, plots, scenes and characters. Wow!...super epic!!
Had to update. Couldn't find my post but that's okay. So. I did get stuck at the book part. I know no one likes to use the hints but even if you run out, apparently my old trick worked even though it hadn't before. I restarted the phone bc I needed to and then when back to the game. BEFORE you go to the book to put the symbol on it, if it wasn't working before, click your hint. It highlights what you already know you need to do but for some reason lets you do it when it is hinted.
I have played all the lost lands and love the storey telling and games. Sonetimes they dont give you all your achievements but other than that great games.
I played all 6 parts with using only those 5 coins that were given for free. I don't understand ppl complaining it's too hard, it really isn't. After you get familiar with how game mechanics work, it's really easy. I've completed part 6 in 3 days of casual playing. If anything I would want it to be a longer game. Love the storytelling style, family friendly, my 11yo son loves playing it together with me, it was a great time spent together. Thanks to developers! Make some more!
There is a problem with the medallion (the part when Maaron fainted) . Kindly fix it. Updated: It is already fixed after trying to close the game and reopen it then clicking the book several times.
I was enjoying the game...up until the point where I can't make poison powder because the powder won't move so im stick in the game. Pretty frustrating and I don't know what to do about it. Fun but pretty bad glitch 😕
Brilliant Game I've played most of the series Lost Lands but this game puzzles are much harder got my brain muddled up lol. 😂 So i would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a challenge..... Enjoy guys......😀
Well this game is just so good but it got pretty annoying in book puzzle. Controls were very messy there. Had to re play it many times to finally complete it because by chance if you press back button then you have to deal with those messy controls again from start.
Great game. Some puzzles don't respond like on a computer where you point and click. I'm playing on a tablet. Do love the graphics and sound effects. I've played games 1 thru 5 and haven't been disappointed yet. Will play 7 when I'm finished with this one. 5bn games are always top notch.
Amazing ! Got involved with the story line. Especially the closing lines gave me goosebumps! "All of our actions determine our future . Sooner or later we are responsible for the mistake of the past".
Loved it . New kind of puzzles were added. And the story was too interesting. Loved it......I want to know how is it different from the one we need to buy?
I love this kind of games been playing from new york mysteries to this im really thankful for the free to play as i am short of money to buy the games but i really want to buy the lost lands 5 and 6. I don't know why but the story line is getting shorter or is it just me but really this game is so 😎
Love the games! I got stuck a couple of times, but closing and restarting always helped. Untill the very end: I only had to lit the candles to finish the game, accidentally hit the back button, and now I'm back at the tomb from the start. I can go on from there, use the hexagon, but no possibility to get back to the endscene from the game so no possibility to finish it ☹
This is the best of the lost lands games. I feels like a movie. I wish I could erase my mind so I could play this again for the first time.
I love playing these games. Played them months ago. But when I wanna play them again. It's not letting me start from the beginning. How long do I have to wait in order to play them from the beginning again.
I'm the underground with the quest of colored potions hut i can press and used the potions on the top shelf i think it's stuck. I watch it on youtube because i thought im just wrong at the sequence but it's doesn't work.
I love Five-Bn games. However in the bonus game, the clock weights won't work accordingly (3241) for me. Frustrating