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Lost Lands 6

Lost Lands 6 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I didn't enjoy this game as much as the other Lost Lands. Storyline was a tad boring, some puzzles were unclear with instructions. It also was on the short side, even with bonus chapter. But it did have all the features we expect... collectibles, fast travel map, custom settings. I still think this company makes the best adventure games.
Good continuation of the series but I found some of the puzzles impenetrable. Had to skip the powders and weights puzzle as I simply couldn't work out how it was supposed to work.
I WON'T BE PURCHASING ANOTHER GAME FROM THIS COMPANY EVER AGAIN ! I had purchased LL 1-6. PAID 6X2 NO VOUCHER OR REFUND! Disappointed I accidentally paid for this game twice. Contacted the dev right away when I realized what I had done. I have proof I can send the receipts. They told me they don't handle refunds to talk to Google. Well, my situation isn't a part of Google's policy the refund is up to the dev. The sad thing is I was going to use the money to purchase another one of their games.
I absolutely love this game series.. you guys connected all the stories beautifully.. I am so invested in the story. I hope a number 7 comes out.. keep up the great work!!!
Fantastic! I'm so glad there is a 6th story. I was afraid that the series ended with the 5th. Long trial period, long game (Not a bad thing. I look at this as a novel with graphics, interaction, & music. All which gets you deep into the story, and identify with the characters). Love the paradoxes, varied collections, and morphing items. Music & graphics perfect too, enhances experiences w/o distractions. Very good bonus game. I'm satisfied with the price. Make another in this series, please???
I don't know what happened ..i played all series upto 5 ,start to download 6 since two days unable to download...what issue happened don't know...unknown error occuring...please do something to fix this...
The basic story was amazing but some elements were really awkward and didnt gel. Where the heroine becomes a cook the tasks seemed to be made more convoluted and counter intuitive to make up for the lack of genuine plot ideas. in previous games in the series this would have been a much longer arc. This was really disappointing. Also concerned Susan had no problem in considering murder as a right action (in the cook scene).It didnt feel right with the character or morally. thumbs down 4 that.
Just as interesting and fun as the other Lost Lands series. So much to explore and always love the long length of these games when compared to other similar style ones under adventure play. Well worth the amount they are asking and much prefer one cost like this than paying for hints. This game is amazing all around!
excellent, absolutely excellent. 10 stars. I only played the free part which was much longer than usual
I have played lost land first game, and going to play this, awesome game series lost lands, very nice breathtaking graphics, and mind bending puzzles
The game has a glitch just twoards the end whenSusan should flies away from Maroon. i cannot progress. Very disappointing. i have also noticed that this game looked shorter than other free previous versions.
I love the Lost Land series, so I really hate to give a negative review. Thus was a great game. My only complaint is the length of this one. It almost seems like each game gets shorter and shorter while the price gets higher. I love the game, but I it is one of the shortest games I've played. I buy a lot of these type games, but at this price I wont be ablebro purchase anymore. If it at least was longer I might consider it. I really hate put this here, but I do feel like it needs to be addressed
I have purchased all the Lost Land apps. Each one is very entertaining and thought provoking. Lost Land 6 is equally worth the minimal amount for the talent involved!
Very fun but a bit short compared to others in the series. Some puzzles defective and had to look a solution on line. I tried to buy the bonus chapter but never received it. Google refunded me.
This is yet again another great game in Lost Lands!! The games are great, story great as are graphics, hope this isn't the last one as this series have been brilliant!!
I was disappointed with this one of the six as most puzzles were the same too. Untying knots! The only different one in the bonus to climb a tree where branches break when you're doing good, but I eventually made it. This game seemed shorter and character development less involved. Sad like you hired a new crew to quickly rush through it? We dont know much about Maaron's history or what became of his Dwarf friend who sacraficed his life? Did Susan go to jail after 5? explain time difference?
good game but as soon as I got to the part where I need to fasten the harness on the glider in ch2 it wont let me. Can't progress.Help!
Lost Lands is one of the best series of games around. Each one is unique and I've loved every single one. This is no exception. I only hope this isn't the last installment. Please continue or start a new series soon. I don't want to have to resort to other games which don't and can't compare.
A welcome addition to the series, but not nearly as good as, nor as extensive as the rest. Worth finishing to reach the Bonus chapter for sure.
i loved the game until i tried to put the straps on the glider. I can't do it. I got out the game several times but to no avail. I may try deleting the game and reinstalling it but it's frustrating.
awesome! i have played hundreds of these type of puzzle games. they are my favorite type of game. but this one is by far exceptional.
Love the game, not too easy, not too hard. not too many hidden objects. puzzles are very difficult though.
Well up until now, this has got to be my favourate Lost Lands. The tasks weren't too difficult but yet a good challenge. The story line was clear and engaging. I really enjoyed this adventure!
I absolutely loved the story! I think it's my favorite yet. It was great to have Fiora back and the ending was perfect. I really enjoy how the series all ties together.
Very playable but £5.99 for the extras is a bit much unlike the £1.69 for other five BN games which is good, I think a lot more would be bought at the lower price.
Exceptional game! The graphics are crisp, gameplay smooth and the story line is clear and interesting all the way through. It's been a long time since I have enjoyed playing a great game on my tablet. Thank you.
Another great Lost Lands game I have played them all this one was worth playing and buying.It was a good length with bonus level I just never want them end after getting into the story. I always look forward to more of Susan's adventures.Keep up the good work I will be waiting for the next Lost Lands to come out.
UPDATE! *All sound problems on Huawei tablets are now fixed.* FIVE-BN Games support people have been nothing short of amazing! In particular Yuliia has been in touch with me on an almost daily basis, asking me to try new builds and so on. They have worked really hard and my Huawei tablet now plays this game faultlessly. FIVE-BN are now applying the same fix to all the previous games in the series (which I played on a Samsung tablet) so the entire Lost Lands series should now be fine. Brilliant game from a caring, responsive team. A+ Previous review: Unplayable on my fairly new Huawei tablet. The problem is with the sounds. Right from the start, the games seems to start random sound files, each overlapping each other. I have played all the previous Lost Lands games and simply bought and paid for it when the promotional email arrived. If you have a Huawei tablet - the one with Harman-Kardon sound - I suggest you avoid this game for the moment. I will update this if we find a working solution.
Great game. No prob with sound on Lenovo tablet. Thanks BN for being able to buy game instead of having to get coins all the time. I am loving it!
enjoyable as the earlier lost lands. good graphics. wish the puzzles had any challenges at all. it's just going through the motions.
Great game as always. Beautiful graphics ,nice music & a lot of mini games. Bonus game also included. Well worth the money & you won't be disappointed. Waiting for more new games!
An excellent game. Only one problem, the "Strategy Guide" button was awkward to use as it's in the top right corner. My samsung has a curved edge. That's all
As always...top notch...everything you'd want...Only draw back I have is the length of time between new games. I still rank Five BN above the rest. Great game! And once again, thanks for listening to your loyal customers about having the option to buy....turned my thinking right back around!
Great game but getting expensive these days. I don't play the free version because I like to skip puzzles sometimes.
Not my favorite out of the series, pretty glitchy also. Glitches during the motch catching puzzle, and then glitched out when I was doing the puzzle directly after the potion mixing. Kicked me out of it and I didnt hit back no where near the back button. So unfortunately I've had my fair share of these games and not going to finish this one.
Thats it? It just leaves you hanging at the end? This game was quite easy compared to the previous. Only had to use one hint. But the ending was disapointing. What a clif hanger.
I love this series, so glad they continued it! fantastic graphics & story line. no major glitches but I did lose the characters voice quite a bit. main story was nice and long but the bonus chapter was a little short.
Another fantastic Lost Lands, realising more than ever of the characters. I just love Helma's look. I also very much like the improved cut scene graphics, and fresh puzzles. Very good map, lots of collectibles and morphs, and more complex relationships driving the plot. Dynamic.
Brilliantly done game in all aspects. I really enjoy these lost lands games. I look forward to the next one soon. I would like them to be longer though this is my only gripe.
The prior Lost Lands episodes were better. The character images were better. Some of the new types of puzzles introduced could be frustrating. But overall I still did enjoy it.
I didn't even start the game because I can not see paying over $7 for a game sorry, not when you can get games for more reasonable prices, might be a fun game but not for that price, I wouldn't be able to play more of your games, if you lowered your prices people would play the selection you have but I won't even start, now you get nothing, and I bet I'm not alone in this thought. Sorry
Great series of games. I really enjoyed them all specially the story lines. Fun and challenging. Addictive!
Love this game! Good graphics, easy puzzles, no buying coins to skip games. I like that the game looks more like real life than other games that are more fantasy type games.
A good game as always with the lost land games but I found it rather short therefore a high price to pay for it.
Game very short once you have paid, not worth the price, very disappointed, contacted developer who didn't really want to know and just gave a standard answer.