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Lost Lands 5

Lost Lands 5 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really was a fan of the Lost Lands series and they are generally very well put together. However, once again there is a glitch which prevents continuing. This one has been well documented by other players yet nothing has been done to acknowledge or rectify. The Cool Blood Elixir cannot be made despite having all the ingredients. Having spent money on other games in the series I won't bother anymore until the developers address these errors. Shame really as it damages the maker's reputation.
Totally as advertised. Great way to spend an hour or two in a world without covid. No ads and no need to spend real money. Just need patients and a little ingenuity.
I love this game, as I've played 1-4 and they're usually free to play, however while playing, I've gotten to a point where it says I've completed the demo and need to now purchase it to go any further. It still says it's free to play, am I missing something?
This would have gotten 5 stars but I cannot make the cold blood elixir. The game will not allow me to place the items on the table rendering further game play impossible. Very disappointing. EDIT: I figured it out. When you open the recipe you must click on it, then when it closes the ingredients go where they belong. Changing rating from 2 stars to 5 stars.
I have played 1-5 in order and am enjoying the unfolding story. I did not encounter any glitches. It is a good idea to consult a walk-through of the game when stuck. Some of the images in the game are too small to see properly so it was luck that got me through them.
The Ice Cold Elixer glitch: open the recipe, then click on the open recipe. It'll return to a view of the alchemy table and you should be able to finally add ingredients.
Playing lost lands 5 just started though so far it's awesome and as usual beautiful scenery and so Life like. Mini games aren't too hard yet.
All good, until they give you an impossible puzzle.. Ohh there probably is a solution, if you're a friggin genius. Have to buy hints to pass.... Wasted my time.
Have played several of these now. This one was definitely easier than number 4! Didn't have any problems with anything and didn't need to use any hints to complete. Now on to the next one! The only problem I have come across is during the animation sequences, when the characters are talking, sometimes I can hardly hear what they are saying. It appears to be complete sentences. One sentence will be normal and the very next, very quiet. Don't know if it's because my tablet has stereo speakers.
Everything was awesome until I couldn't buy from the store even though I have the amount required. I'm so disappointed! You didn't even take people's opinions into consideration.
Good graphics, good at keeping your attention for hours. Doing all the games in range. Well done. Just some clues or solutions arent logic, but you have help
I've played so far 1-5 and the 5th is by far my best. The scenario, the puzzles, the graphics. The 4th was the hardest and most complicated. This one can be finished without buying extra help. Great job.
Have loved all the Lost Lands games so far. 4 stars because of glitches in the game. Looking forward to the next one.
Have enjoyed all of Lost Lands series, some puzzles are challenging but hang in there & you will solve them! Thank you to Five Bn team great games!
I loved this game, but there was a glitch that forced me to uninstall and reinstall more than half way through the game which obviously is frustrating because it started me from the beginning, but once I reinstalled it was fine.
Fun games, I've played 1-5 now. I keep a walkthrough nearby because there are so many puzzles it's hard to keep track. But this is glitch #2. Didn't even get to any bells. Cold blood elixir doesn't work, no matter what I do. Have the things, have a walkthrough, it just says you need to follow the recipe. Which doesn't work. And this is posted here and there. So the game gets dumped. But I will still try #6.
The sarcophagus hint is missing from the game. I had to look up the walkthrough for it. Otherwise, top notch as usual!
How fxxxing frustrating! Your design fault means that when you accidentally go back out of a hard puzzle in automatically resets! Ridiculous
So far I have enjoyed the first 4 games. Love the graphics color is great. Music is fine. But they are hard games and I do love a challenge . You get it with these games for sure.
Great fun! Have played whoIe series and have yet to find all collection items in a game (maybe because hard to see on phone). Would be nice if there was a clue where one was (some games show glitter over items if you take too long to find). I thought there was a glitch (mentioned here a few times) with making Cold Elixir as the ingredients wouldn't go on table. Then I opened the recipe, clicked on it while it was open and suddenly it worked! Off to try their Legacy series now.
10 stars, 10 stars, excellent, thank you, I feel like I'm actually going on these adventures with Susan. Brilliant story, graphics and puzzles So disappointed, I just can't get Flylena past the red laser beems in the museum. Completely stuck. 😣😣😣 Played again, still can't get past the laser beams
It's pretty ok. I would give 4.5 stars if I could. The story was slim, the movement was a total mess - get a back button and stop walking sideways! But the puzzles were neat and the setting was cool. Pro tip - there is a movement speed option in the settings.
I was enjoying this game but also came across the same glitch as another player whereby I am unable to purchase the required item for 45 coins as I don't have enough, even though I do. It's a shame that this hasn't been fixed considering someone else has already mentioned the error. I will now have to uninstall what had been an enjoyable game
Good game with an occasional glitch. Right now I'm stuck on the wind chimes. I've done it ten times, even with a magnifying glass, and it won't let me place the last chime. And, I don't want to pay ten coins the skip it.
Excellent game to get you thinking. Wonderful graphics and great puzzles. Five-BN produce my favourite games by far. No waiting for energy to refill and you can purchase bonus games if you wish at a very reasonable cost. If you can't or don't wish to buy the bonus games there is still so much in the main games to keep you occupied.
Awesome game. Have played all of them up to #5. It keeps me hooked and it's very immersive. I love the graffics and the storyline. Update: 5 isn't as engaging as the 4 previous ones. Finished too quickly. Feel like there were more mini games. And less items to find.
On stage 5 and the game is not letting me past through the lasers ,so far been trying over and over for 3 hours ,and keep getting out. Because my tablet is very sensitive so like I dont have to touch the screen only put styles near it but not touching and therefore I get out. I'm h a vintage to uninstall sorry. As cant past.
Great game. I played it for free so I am not complaining, but the game blocked when I was about 75 percent into the game, I couldn't make the recipe that was needed to go through the curtain... I did have the ingredients in my inventory. I will uninstall and try again. Could it have anything to do that I used up all my coins for hints?
Love this series, really absorbing and challenging (the best free HOGs I've played so far) and this was my favourite storyline so disappointed when the cube wouldn't open in the HOP in the frozen mountain. That, coupled with the annoying back button in the middle that's too easy to press by accident, made me ditch and move on to LL6...fingers crossed, no issues there 🀞
I really enjoyed LL4 as the mini puzzles are a bit more challenging. This looks like it is as good. You need to sort out the glitches but I'm a fan!
Wow, did the developers get bored with this one ? Gameplay designed to make you spend money and very very short game. Its a shame because the games are really good and I do enjoy them, I just begrudge paying for hints. I now other more patient gamers will play and not pay but seriously 15 quid for 200 hints? Its just greedy.
I love this game. The puzzles and mini games are challenging, and the scenery and sound effects are hauntingly beautiful.
I've played 1 to 5 Lost Lands games. This has been the easiest one and less interesting. But still nice to play.
I really love this series but in this game,i got stuck because the game is not accepting ingredients to make ice blood spell. I've been trying a lot but nothing happened tried to restart the game trice, even restarted the phone i was playing in but no use.the game pissed me off a lot here
As usual, great game!!! Long, smart, fun. I didn't love the part in the "real world" and the bonus chapter is a bit disappointing, but all and all better than so many other games
Amazing game. So much fun! Even the videos and voice acting are awesome. This game is totally free, no ads, they give you 15 free hints which is plenty but you can buy more if you need them. You can also buy a bonus chapter at the end. Very fun game and story line. All of your games are simply amazing!!
I really enjoy the Lost Lands adventure game's to me its like getting into a book and interacting with the characters. I enjoy most of the puzzles(not so good when it comes to Math puzzles. I have played LL 1-4 now up to 5. The graphics are great also and the story line. Keep up the great work.
I had to stop playing because I had 45 kyolls to buy the dwarf dungeons souvenir and it keeps saying I didn't have enough money. Please fix this! Would love to finish the game
I love Lost Lands games, but this is the only one I have had trouble with. There is a glitch when trying to make the cold blood elixir. It won't let me place the ingredients and says I need to follow the recipe. Please fix the glitch!
Was enjoying it until the Hint button stopped working...right after I bought credits! Also the rope that needs to be put together with something (rope icon in the toolbox shows a + sign) is malfunctioning, when I click on it the screen just goes dark. I hope you refund my $$ because I can't go any further and will have to delete the game and lose my money.
I really love those games, I've been playing for a while now and with the previous ones I had no problem. But in this one, I saw myself struggling a little with some puzzles, not because they were difficult, but due tue some bugs. For example, I wasn't able to finish the game because I couldn't put the Cristal rings on the horn. I tried for more than a hour and the game just won't allow me, and it's not even a hard puzzle. I hope you fix that.
I absolutely love this game. It's different from the match 3 games and require serious thought with puzzles. I love finding things and don't mind paying for hints. I just wish that the hints would generate after a certain time. Rather than having to pay for them.
I've played all 6 of these games on other devices and due to being quarantined in isolation I wanted to replay. The 3 that worked I was super disappointed you couldn't keep the music on but turn the talking off (you could on my tablet). But numbers 1,5,&6 don't work at all. When you try to open them there's a black screen for ~30 seconds and then it closes. Super annoying because I KNOW this game is entertaining as heckie.
I love these lost lands games. Since you get a morph and collection piece in every room I write down when I get them that way I don't miss any and can play the bonus games.
There was no glitches for me at all, the game ran smoothly, just like all the other Lost land series I have played. Though I didn't care for the ending to much. But the lost lands have become my favorite games!
I've completed the previous 4 Lost Lands adventures and have enjoyed them greatly. Great storyline, characters and locations. One thing yo do have to watch for is when you're trying to use the map it is unfortunately very close to the clue/hint button, thus it can be annoying if you tap it by accident, only done it on a couple of occasions but thought it is good to warn others. Fully recommend playing, enjoy!
Was ok until it wouldn't allow me to buy items in the shop even though I had plenty of money had to uninstall it .
i love these games, they fun to play. i really like the stories. however i only gave it 4 stars, there is a glitch in the story line. to buy the dwarven treasure for 45 kyolls, i have exactly 45 kyolls and it's stating that i don't have enough of them. i deleted the game and reinstalled it, ended up losing all my gold coins (felt like wasted money). i hoped it's fixed, started all over again at square one.
Awesome game. Have played all of them up to #5. It keeps me hooked and it's very immersive. I love the graffics and the storyline.
The game seems not as polished as the previous ones. Glitches are annoying. Got stuck trying to buy the 45 kyolls artifact: I had the exact amount of money but it just won't do... I'll have to skip this one
Brilliant free app. Hard to believe it's ad-free and glitch-free with extremely impressive graphics. I love them all.
I left the game because of the cube puzzle, I couldn't really see can't focus in difference between motifs in the corners, somehow this was designed to be played in bigger screen, human eyes can't figure the difference in 6.5 mobile screen.
Awesome graphics, challenging puzzles, and great storylines on all the lost lands games. Definitely recommend this for someone who wants more than a mindless pastime.
Aww, I didn't want this one to end so abruptly! Also wasn't given a chance to reread the transcripts this episode.. kind of took away from the game experience you've been delivering so far. Still had fun! On to Episode 6 😁
The destruction spell isn't working, no matter where I start it. I can't continue the game until this spell works
Love all these games great puzzle solving and keeps you coming back for more to reach the end keeps you totally entertained great game well done😁😁😁
Alright look, absolutely obsessed with the lost lands games they are amazing never been more addicted to a game. That being said, this one just didn't live up to the series took me a lot longer to get through the other ones compared to this one which some people may like me on the other hand I wanna be trapped in a game for a couple days before I'd finish it, since I'm a binge player and all
Why I wasn't able to continue playing this game? Last year I was able to play it through the end. And now they want me to buy the game to ba able to finish it. Why is that?
Each time I download a part,it comes to some point and I can't use the items in the purposes they r for,I check tutorials on YouTube to know if I'm doing it wrong but no I don't..and the game ends for me and I can't continue playing cause I can't complete that thing to proceed to another,so I reinstalled lost lands 5 and it's the same,I used to love this game so much and it's so frustrating that I can never complete any part of it
Great game, the graphics just keep getting better and better and I felt a bit of a pull to my heart at the end, great to feel for the characters! But I find that the graphics are improving faster than the puzzles...the puzzles are too easy to complete as well as the storyline. Everything is a bit too obvious whereas the previous games it took me DAYS to complete, now it's only a few hours and I'm done
Really good story line and graphics. Some of the games seem to be set up so they can't be completed, and so you have to spend 10 coins. If that is the case, its unnecessary, I willingly pay for these games, they're worth every penny. Also ide like to get my collectables by clicking on the screen, and being taken to the scene so I don't have to ho through the game again. Big fish games have that facility. Or maybe that is possible, ife be interested to find out. Any way, keep em coming πŸ‘
Giving this one 3 stars because after the cut scene to obtain the cold blood elixir recipe the game was really glitchy. It took me restarting the app a few times to be able to actually put the eggs and blood shards on the table so I could make said potion. Other than the glitches, it was as fantastic as the rest. Off to play the 6th Lost Lands! Keep up the great work!
This is amazing game. It challenges your brain while still being simple enough to relax while playing. I love it and am playing each game in the installment.
I got a fair way in and a glitch is preventing me from moving forward. I'm unable to do the spell of destruction. It should be simple enough but I've tried it over and over again and it doesn't work. Playing on Android v 10.
Absorbing. Love the storylines. Graphics good. Some of the puzzles are esoteric to say the least. Enjoyable though.
Love the app but the only downside is the map it's so difficult to see what's what and it needs to be in colour. The bonus game at the end should be free.
Enjoyable as the previous parts! Loved the spellmaking and mercenary mechanisms that were added! Had some issues with the wind chimes puzzle at the fairy's place since the far right piece couldn't be positioned, but luckily it fit before it drove me crazy.
The puzzles are more self-contained in each area. I'm glad I tried the series again because 3 (did not finish) and 4 really turned me off. I didn't use any hints so in my opinion, the puzzles are intuitive. My only problem is that unlike 1,2 and 4, the story felt unresolved at the end. The bonus chapter didn't feel like a bonus, (mild spoiler warning) I mean, anyone would hope Folnur will be saved. Unfortunately I'm a cheapskate when it comes to games.
Too Glitchy, I have 45 tokens to purchase the key part, yet it is telling me I do not have enough. Can not progress further from this point in the game. Very disappointed, I have been binge playing all of these games, and will have to move on to 6 and see how that goes. 😞
This game is amazing as usual but for the 1st time, there are 2 puzzles that doesn't have any clue hint or sense i.e. the sarcophagus and the horn of fire. I'm not sure if there was a glitch or something but I didn't get hints or clues at all for those 2.
Once again super scenery and I actually had to use a hint to start with because I didn't quite suss the signs that were close to the statue of arms to get the top draw open!!! Caught me out that 1anyway super game again so far just like the other 4
Great game so far, I have played all the others and enjoyed them thoroughly. You need to think about what your doing in games like these but if your stuck, stop playing and come back later . With a fresh mind you can usually work it out. Or just use a hint. Thank you guys for the game.
Was loving the game until I, too, got stuck like everyone else. I cant make the elixir. I've spent 6 bucks to get coins for certain things and now my money has been wasted. I can't go any further. Please fix this!
I really like the Lost Land series. This game was pretty short but had lots of good story and good game . I enjoyed it very much and made it through without a hint. It's not rocket science, but it's not too easy either. Very enjoyable
I love the lost lands. I'm going to play them all. As you can see I'm on 5. The graphics are awesome and puzzles are great! I wish I get more free mystery games like this!!!! I will definitely play them all.
I love this series of games for soooo many reasons but #1 because it do follow the story line. The ending actually made me almost shed a tear. 😒😍 cant wait to see what happens next
I love these games. I like how this one added a couple more elements like the shop and the wand. I don't like that there's only one left!
I really enjoy lost lands series. Graphics and story line is good. What needs to be improved is the puzzle explanation and the games uses hints unnecessarily. When you tap on hint it should take to the actual item you looking for. Also more free hints and specials would be good. The bonus chapter should be free once you finish the main game. if you have coins from your main game you should be able to use them for the bonus chapter
Oct 2020. Lost Lands 1 to 4 were very good. I was enjoying 5 Ice Spell but have met two showstopper glitches which have already been raised. "Not enough money to purchase" when I have. Can't make Cold Blood Elixir even though I have all the ingredients - Frost Wolf Blood will not move to table. Tried uninstall and start again but glitched again. So will sadly have to uninstall 5 uncompleted and move onto 6.
Bound to give it one star since you can't rate anything less.Game freezes as soon as it starts. Uninstalled and reinstalled it a couple of times but it was futile. Complaints went unnoticed. Great disappointment.
Well,its harder than before.and now i need to get kyolls to buy equipments. But i try to enjoy it,it still is a beautiful game anyway.thanks
Don't put the back button in the center. I was one move away from solving a very long tedious puzzle, then my finger (playing on phone) slid over that button just right and went back. Now I have to start over. Pissed me off. Also on Lost Lands 4, I bought hints and finished the game with hints that I paid for and couldn't use. I also had to spend 10 hints to skip a puzzle just because it wouldn't work even though it was right according to the hint and the walkthrough.
This and all Lost Land apps are nothing more than money grab for hints, the people who post walkthroughs use skips and hints all the time but never need to buy any hints because they get them for free. Remember, take off my review, I'll only re-post it again.
We love these kinda games, storylines & puzzles intriguing. Just not enough hint even though great game
Umlimited free hints would really be great. Bouncing around different areas does a nasty draining number on batteries and would make playing games a lot easier and more fun.
I've played all of the Lost Land series in order and got to this one and the glitches became too annoying. Was able to finally get past the glitch with the elixir but once I got to the puzzle in the Frozen Mountains as I was nearing completion of the puzzles I would get kicked back as if I hit the back button. After the 4th time I literally just gave up and started this review. I've not had an issue with any of the other games but this one so please push an update to fix the glitches.
As back button is in the middle, it is annoying when you want to click an item but you will go back instead, better at the side as before.
Fun play through. The mini games can get a little tricky and time consuming, but they are more doable than Lost lands 4. The map is clear, so you don't get lost that often. It felt shorter than other lost lands, but maybe that's just because it was usually pretty clear where you had to go and what you had tot do. One of the best Lost lands in my opinion.
Great game wonderful storyline and graphics. These guys are awesome and so talented at making these games so much fun to play. Thanks gang. And thanks for the free to play games for those with not a lot of money but still love to play these games.
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So far I have loved all of the adventure games by these guys. But this one I'm having an issue with, I can't move forward with my adventure because it says I haven't enough kyolls, I need 45, I have 45.....ive picked up as many as i found, and I even checked a walk through to see if I was missing any. Annoying. I might have to leave the lost lands series there. 😣
Game, story line and graphics are great. Puzzles are hard and often dont work well. You have to keep putting something in the same place several times before it works. The hints are opposite to the solutions.
I'm glad the dialogues now are not repeating each time I tap on something. That's one thing that kinda annoyed me in previous installments. The puzzles are better balanced too. However, the accuracy in tapping and dragging are kinda frustrating. The wind chime and horn especially. I only tapped the hint, then it went back, as if I accidentally pressed back button. Then I had to do it from the beginning. It's not even a hard puzzle, so it's even more frustrating.
Played the full game!! Stunning graphics and love Susan and Marron's continuous story..... The bonus was a quick 5 minute filler.... Some of the puzzles are easy to forget where the object was so lots of going back and exploring.... But a strong 4 out of 5 πŸ‘πŸ˜
Tried these games several times. Puzzles impossible to solve. Have to use up the 10 free hints for the first couple of puzzles then the developers charge for more hints. Game over for the creaters of these games. Big Fish isn't free but their games are better by far. Do not waste your time or money on these games.
So I got to the part where I need to make cold blood potion, but the glitch that was supposed to be fixed is still there. I read forums from 2017 saying they had fixed it! I spent money on hints and now I have to abandon the game because I can't go any further with this glitch!!
Love all these games, have played 1-5 so far and always enjoyable and challenging. Only complaint is a glitch in 5 I'm stuck making the explosive it won't let me select the gum to put it inside the cap. Ditching this one but I'll move onto no. 6 happily.
Excellent game. Lots of fun. Love the find missing items feature. Hate that I can't set the difficulty on mobile, so there is no way to get one achievement. Story was nice, but they get sloppy on the cut scenes. The dwarf's beard and hair color kept changing from scene to scene. Not game breaking, just annoying. Off to #6!
Horrible, if you have big hands stay far away, the first puzzle is totally garbage, move the snow to the pit, well you can't because it moves other squares to the side as you move 1 ,an after it gets to the side you HAVE to restart, in which means it's unplayable, im sure 96% of people just skip this ,but that cost 10 of the hint points you get ,an you need to buy those after the first "10" are gone . There other puzzle games good ,but this one ,they must have been drinking.
Enjoyed the game immensely. After it was finished, went back as I thought to find all thecollections, only to find I had to start all over again. Come on surely there aas a way to retain and play scenes again in depth without needing to do it all again. Otherwise it would have had 5 stars, certainly wassome challenging puzzles.
Amazing game just like its 4 predecessors. I liked the twist in this one...the travel to Susan's world to steal an artifact for use in the lost lands. Brilliant. Puzzles were great. Graphics super as always. And then there was Nomianna and her pumpkin shop-you could buy supplies to open levelsπŸ‘πŸ‘. Could you find a way of unlocking the bonus game without paying for it...like if you complete the main chapter the bonus opens automatically...or have a set of collectables in the main game.
I've enjoyed these games so far but now I've gotten stuck at a bug where it won't let me place the frost wolf blood. "I must follow the recipe to make the cold blood elixir" I've tried closing and opening the game a bunch and reinstalling and going from the start again.
As with earlier games in the series, Lost Lands Ice Spell has terrific graphics and excellent ambient sound effects to enhance the playing experience. But I felt this story sequence was much more dictated than previous versions and I was really disappointed with the bonus chapter which was short and unfulfilling. I also had some trouble with controls which made HO and mini-games difficult at times. I didn't enjoy the introduction of "fatal" mini-games either.
I love these series of games, the puzzles are challenging but not too difficult, at least until I got to the wind chime puzzle. I cant move forward in the game because the wind chime refuses to accept the right furthest bell small pointy one). I have spent at least an hour trying all different ways while struggling with the accidentally hitting the back button and having to start all over. I love these games but this needs addressed.
I would give this game five star other than the fact once the game is over it's just over and you can't go back and hunt for any hidden items you didn't find without playing the entire game from the beginning again.
Irritated with center back button. In 1st 3parts it was good, but from the last part the back button moved to middle. While playing game our finger accidentally touches it and the fun is gone. It's irritating.. Please fix this in future updates.
Storyline was ok compared to all the previous ones. Game controls weren't as precise and I'm not a fan of the back button being in the middle---it gets in the way sometimes when completing a puzzle making you have to start over again. I did get stuck making the elixer as most people did and after some reading, figured out that touching the instructions after opening lets you put ingredients on the table. Annoying but not impossible. Overall, a good game to play and kill time since its free.
I had issues with this game of the lost lands series. I am so disappointed. The 1st issue i had was getting the lever to operate the bridge. I wrote the developer. The 2nd issue i had was i couldnt make a purchase at the store. It said i didnt have the money but yet i had the coins to make the purchase. I uninstalled after running into this 2nd problem. Like i said soooo disapointed. Will try and download lost lands 6. I have been a huge fan of the lost lands series. 1 - 4 i rated 5 stars
I love the series, these are full games free to play, no adds, no forced purchases. Thank you for these wonderful games.
Fun but the mini game in the camp After you go thru the forbidden canon won't work doing it right just won't open so I can't go forward.. Other than that it's fun
I really love your series! I've played every one and immensely enjoyed them, but this one, no matter how many times i try i cannot put the wind chime together. The last chime simply WILL NOT click onto place. And I've looked at guides and searched but all people say is to skip it :( i don't want to spend my coins! Please help :(
Love this series, but the I was unable to place the necessary items on the Alchemy table. Saw other people had a similar issue with this as well as issues with puzzles further in the game so I'm regretfully going to uninstall.
Love the lost lands games, but Im kinda disappointed I won't be able to finish this one. It keeps glitching out and won't let me complete the fire horn
I guess this is the second game that i love in this lost lands games. The puzzles, quests, and clues are easy to solve not like the other ones. I missed playing lost lands 2 and when I've been to Maaron's hut and the five worlds again, I'm surprised. Lost lands 2 and this one is my favorite so far! ❀
Same as many others, love the series, can't do alchemy ice blood potion thingy. It won't let you mix ingredients up. Keeps saying follow instructions I'm like... I AM!! please fix I see others having the problem but no replies?? C'mon guys I bought all of these games and I don't complain about price like most of the Yahoo's that don't believe in paying for someone's very hard work that they obviously enjoy. This alone won't keep me away from lost lands 6 but I'd really like to finish
Like numerous other players, got to the part where you need to purchase something from the shop only to find that the glitch stopped me from continuing the game. Tried reinstalling but to no avail. Very frustrating.
I loved playing this game but there are so many glitches in it that makes it unable to move forward. Eventhough I am doing the correct thing, the game just don't recognize it and keep saying the same thing. Please do fix this.
I love all the Five BN games. Finished already all the Lost Lands series and done the other games such as New York Mysteries , Darkness and Flame and The Lagacy as well. Wish there would be continuations
I got to the part where u make the blood elixir and it wont let me continue. I have all the items and it just wont budge. The art is cool the puzzles are hard enough, one star because alot of time spent on this game just for it to cancel me not even half way. Bummer it's a pretty good game. No option to email anyone about issues