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Lost Lands 4

Lost Lands 4 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun, but no gratuitous hints from the start is really lame. I mean, anyone can look up the walkthroughs posted online. Why not just provide the hints?
This series is so addictive, in 3 weeks I'm now on number 4, but uninstalling, as runs up to much data. I'm only playing the free to play ones as they are demo's without the bonus game. But with each game download size of 659MB that = 5Gb per game that's not any auto saves .in total in 4 weeks these games have used 25Gb this what came on my phone bill so therefore bill cost iover 100. I dont have unlimited. So I'll have to find something else. Or my tablet will die.
Graphics are awesome and the gameplay and storyline is perfect. The puzzles are hard but good. Again y'all brought it! ❀❀
Once again, like all of the lost land game- super duper fun! Great story, very long, great mini games, love it!
Like the adventures very much. Would have given 5 stars except for the fact that you use up so much time going back to things.
didn't like it as much as the previous ones, especially because the moving around is time consuming since there is no map. When the characters have sth to say about objects you are not able to click on items, you have to wait for them to finish. Also the going back button is inconveniently placed, at the bottom middle of the screen (instead of bottom right). But overall great graphics and story, as always.
Great game! Whoever designed the blade stopping puzzle is a sadist, though. Skipped that! Overall, still love this game series.
A bit better than the last one. Still has alot of back and forth action, but they were understandable and the NPCs told were to find the items. A few instances of odd puzzles. Like when you are given a monkey wrench at one point but you can't use it in one place because you need a specific wrench (a normal wrench) for it or the point where you have to use something sharp to take out an arrow, but you can't use the spear. You have to use a primitive knife. One good thing again: no "energy" system
I absolutely love the lost lands series!! I am now on my second time playing each one of these. I can't get enough. I am disappointed that 7 has to be paid for though. I was so excited to see 7 and I installed and began to play, only to be stopped by an advertisement by the game makers saying that in order to continue I must BUY the game!! I have played each game twice and spent money on coins each game and left positive reviews. It's only punishing us loyal game players. Very disappointing.
So far it as been more challenging in these early stages than the previous 3 parts back, kind of frustrating sometimes that i want to un-install it. I hope the difficulties in solving the the puzzles ahead won't chase me away because i do like the thrill the game have it's interesting and entertaining.. I rated it 3 stars for now..
All the Lost Lands games have been fun & challenging. Sometimes, when I can't seem to get anywhere, I go as far back as I can & retrace my steps. I ALWAYS find I've missed something.
The gameplay and the graphics are quite good. But I facing some problem to complete this game. At earls ship, when I need to break the broken barrage , with use of the cannon i face a technical glitch.There is a box which is located on ship's deck and a rung is also there. So I collect it and exit from the game on that time. After sometime when I enter the game that rung was missing from my collection and also from the box. Now I couldn't complete the next task. Please help me on this case.
Once again great game keeps you thinking and nice graphics. As I said about another game, kids should be disciplined and parents should get them playing these sorts of games rather than the shooting and killing games. Don't get me wrong as I love my tomb raider games etc but kids are not guided enough and should be shown these sort of games! Who knows it may even help stabbings in streets etc lol. Excellent game and great character of Susan.
I love these games the lost lands they are well illustrated and fun to play. It has a lot of puzzles and challenges which I like without being to hard and getting stuck
I didn't like this one nearly as much as the first 3 Lost Lands. Several of the puzzles were too hard/frustrating and I cheated and looked up the answers. Like the saw puzzle. I knew what I needed to do but it was too annoying. And then the puzzles with the "opposites" and the food chain were too small to see the pictures and don't make sense (why is the "opposite" of a pumpkin a shooting star, or whatever the picture is supposed to be??) I played the whole game, so it wasn't that bad but...
The puzzles are good and they are hard to figure out but they take too long to solve and I'm impatient person I'm tired of spending my Clues to solve the puzzles.
only when it lets me play I try the games to see if I want to pay for the full version but several of the games froze or the game would not finish through or it would let me win and not end the games so I would pay coins to continue then get to another game and the same thing all over again so it makes me not want to get the full version I would really be anoyed to pay and not receive. the plots are great the graphics are great it is disapointing when you can not finish.
There is not enough words to express my feelings playing this game so much creativity and details ,I used to play Myst series when I was younger and this one reminds me a lot in a different way thank God there are 3 more to go but I don't think is enough!!!Awsome
***Spoilers!*** Can't seem to attach the tracing paper to the blackboard bit. Have had to use a walkthrough for this specific bit and can't see why it's not attaching. Not sure if I've forgotten to do something with it beforehand but doesn't look like I've missed anything. Am playing all the games on my phone. If it's a glitch and I can't continue, will have to give the game a 1 star until it's fixed. I'll have to download the next game in the series.
I really like all these games. Puzzles make you think and the story lines are great, as are the graphics
This app nothing more than a money grab for hints. The people that post YouTube videos must work for your company because they always have unlimited hints, unlimited skips and whatever unlimited things that I have missed. Susan, you should get a better company to work for. Uninstalled (take this review off again and I'll only repost it AGAIN)
I have played all the previous games. I enjoy the story and the puzzles. If I get really stuck I look it up on the 'walk through' (google it) but I didn't need to do that often. Only negative thing was not being able to mute the voices without muting the phone. I pay for the bonus game when I like the main one - the developers deserve some money for all their work.
Never found a game that I actually left a review for lol but this game had me hooked. I love the games, the graphics are beautiful, and it gets challenging but once you get it, it's so much fun, and it keeps you occupied.
Great game! Very challenging, I definitely was grateful for those 15 free hints! Try this series out if you haven't yet!
A great game just like all 5bn games. However I was a bit put off by the fact that the dialogue was waayyy out of sync.
I played 1-3 and reallly enjoyed it. But this part is very different and puzzles are far more difficult. Also some challenges are illogical like why would there be a wild circullar saw outside of a prison cell? Little bit dissapointed and annoyed with some pyzzles like putting the raft together or that mozaic to stop the wild saw. Increased difficulty takes the joy from me.
Great game. Playing on my tablet with no problems. I love all of the lost lands. The sound effects are spot on as well as the graphics. This is my 2nd time playing. I wish there were more games as I have played all 7.
I am enjoying this installment just like the others. Its fun to test your memory, and the minigames/puzzles are very fun to play. Plus the story is always interesting. Im going to keep supporting every Lost Lands chapter.
I like it but I do not like it when I have to pay to get a hint it should be free I should be able to skip or get hints anytime i want but no you people have to use money everything have to be money I would play it on my computer but I only 30 minutes to play it on the computer that is why I like it on here but I can do without paying so can you take it off so that but I know that you won't cuz money is everything to you people
Interesting , I dont like when I can't move unless I use a coin and it goes right where I choose on my own ( frustrating ) but I like the game .
Really enjoying this game so far! The puzzles are just hard enough to keep the interest going! Beautiful graphics and the storyline is great so far! Will update when I finish!
In my opinion it was a good game, the puzzles weren't overly complicated and the story line and object placement was easy to follow. I noticed a comment saying that some of the object placement weren't logical but I feel like y would it be when the place and their objects are supposed to be magical. It's a good game the series so far I've enjoyed.
Love it,I've played 1,2 and 3 of lost Lands,but on the 3rd one it froze on a puzzle,couldn't even use a hint,annoyed because I had 30 coins.Hope it doesn't happen again but I'm not buying any coins just in case.
A fun game for find the hidden object and fantasy and mystery fans. Just hard to play on a cell phone becΓ use everything is so small. It would rock on a tablet.
Was fine until I got stuck on the runes by the molten lava. The last one wouldn't work at all, tried a walkthrough and still didn't work. I tired uninstalling and reinstall but lost all the progress. So just deleted it. Its still a good game play but their are bugs. If you're looking to pass the time its fine.
Hi there I'm experiencing difficulty within the game I can't go any further stuck at the horse I love your games but now it's sucks and no hints have to pay not good at all.Can you fix the problem please
Have played the first 3 games and haven't had any problems. They are hard to play and finguring out where everything goes. Beautiful graphics, music, and all.
I love these games, but i couldn't finish this one because of a bug at the mammoth head where i tried to use the hammer and was told that it was the wrong item. Emailed developers but got no response. Will change to 4 or 5 stars if this big is fixed.
The whole Lost Lands series of games are amazing, so much fun, lovely design, and really intriguing puzzles.
I love it, I just wish that you could earn coins "hints" throughout the game, or they replinish themselves like the other games offer.. The graphics are remarkable, as well as the story lines.. Very addictive
I got stuck and looked up the walkthrough and it said i had to push a rock but the rock is unpushable. I tapped all around it and nothing happened.
Right now number 4 started these are a brilliant series of games I love them they tackle your grey cell's unlike a lot of games that ask you to connect 3 or more they are all the same and hasn't got crush in the title, anyway back to the game, great game joe.m
Twirl puzzle extremely frustrating. Other than that, I love this entire series of games. Five bn doesn't sleep on hidden object, deductive reasoning games.
Not finished but alot of fun so far. Just wish the extra chapters were a little longer.i mean after all the game itself is free so i Dem like if we are paying for it they should just last a little longer.
Frustrating. A few of the puzzles are impossible to figure out and you aren't even given the option to use your hints on them. Wanted to throw my phone a number of times. Tried a couple youtube walkthroughs, but they were no help. Usually there is a pattern you'll eventually see so you can get it. Nope.
I love these games! It is easy to forget what I was doing from one day to the next, but when you are able to play for a bit at a time, the puzzles are great fun! I love the hidden object collections, and I have actually completed several collections for this game (finally), but i haven't seen a single one of the masks. I also cannot find any mention of them on Google, is there a secret I am missing?
A great game but you have to buy a lot to get anywhere and like the first games you can't always find the collectibles so I think you can fix those
Absolutely πŸ’―, enjoying the puzzles and quest. Plus it's free up to a certain point. But worth it. Not unreasonable
This part of lost lands is good as usual but the only thing concerned me is that some of the puzzle games were quite difficult to pass..I tried so hard to pass those puzzles but couldn't so had to watch a walkthrough on YouTube to pass them.. for e.g the 1st puzzle of ferry and colorful gear puzzle when you have to swipe those small gears to put them acc to the pic next to it..
I just fell in love with this series of games.i m gonna keep playing all the series as it comes. Absolutely intresting game.the way all the puzzles are interrelated is amazing.
Everything is good expect for the mini puzzle. One mini puzzle is there in the secret passage which is the most difficult puzzle, plus we can not even skip that.
There's a glitch in the attic room of captain's house. I need two knobs and one of them is supposed to be near the telescope. I can see it when I look at the complete scene, but when I click on that area the knob is not there. Stupid glitch ruined the experience.
LL 3 was very problematic, I had the same issues as the other reviewers, uninstalled and reinstalled to find that none of the settings were cleared and I still couldn't access the coded trunk. So I'm moving on to LL4. Otherwise, its a great game overall, it really is well thought out and put together. Hopefully the makers will correct the glitches on 3.
Love everything! No glitches, great games, good story, even good quality clips in between stages... Great.
This series is quite boring. Puzzles are ridiculously hard. Now I'm stuck at the granary. After I take the tongs, select the wrench and remove a blade. Then use the lard to smooth the rusty part and take the juicer. And then nothing. I touch at the lever tu open another portal / area but no response. I guess i try to uninstall and reinstall the game.
This game is only hard because of the glitches. The puzzles are not even remotely challenging and many of them are a variant of ones encountered in previous games. Rather than making people jump all over the map like crazy to prolong game play and make the game seem harder than it is, maybe the developers should concentrate on eliminating glitches and creating better quality puzzles. I did finish the game after multiple restarts due to glitches.
Good fun and the puzzles give you something to think about (although sometimes a little obscure). Highly recommend!
Get some better writers. This is proving incredibly arbitrary for a puzzler. For example, there is this bamboo stalk that needs to be cut down to access an area; you give the player an axe in a different area; the axe is used to cut down a tree to cut down a tree and cross a river; the axe then disappears never to be seen or heard from again. Despite all reason stating the the axe should have been able to cut down the bamboo, it, apparently, is not an appropriate tool. Consistency is a necessity
I've enjoyed this series so far but this particular one fell short comparatively - I didn't think the logic between items and what to do with them always made sense, as though they wanted to make it so difficult you had no choice but to use coins. Even a walkthrough had me shaking me head at some of the things you're supposed to guess. But I did still enjoy it, and I love seeing how time passes for Susan in each game.
I like hidden object game, but preferd it when you paid one price to own the game, this system of having to buy hints is not good, as I've gotten older and my mind is not as sharp, and I forget how to get back to different scenes I find I need to use the hints, also the mini games cost a lot of coins to skip, the mini game I am on at the moment says to press the arrows to move the cheese, but there are no arrows to press, so after spending money I'll uninstall it unfinished 😒
Buggy, nowhere near as fun as the first 3. I was almost done, then the mammoth brains started glitching, making it impossible to finish.
I'm going to give this a two. You make a would be enjoyable game, then you ruin it by making the mini games so hard you have to have hints. You charge too high for the hints it's ridiculous!! All other games has free hints! They are just as good as yours. What makes yours special? Do you think it's made out of gold or something? You are a greedy rich person like all rich people. You can't see pass the money to know there's poor people out here that doesn't have enough money to spare.
This is the best game ive played in a long time good storyline excellent graphics ,Its one of those games you pick up and cant put it down ,I hope you plan to make many many more like this ,would reccomend this game to anyone.
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Going downhill since LL3, and this one seems to continue the trend. First puzzle, and I have to skip? I havent skipped any puzzle the entire series. Why do I have to skip? Because you decided not to "set" the puzzle peice when it's in the correct position on what is very possibly an unsolvable puzzle. Actors have gotten worse. Why give the protagonist a voice in this one? And an awful one at that? Maron the hermit was the best actor of the series. You should have stuck with that quality.
The graphics are amazing, and how you create this game is a little hard to wrap ones mind around sometimes. I understand that you make your monies through coin sales, however...I don't feel that it's right to play the entire free game,then have to "pay" to play the bonus. But, that's just my opinion. Very nicely done,and very entertaining. Thank you,and stay safe to all.
Great game, I love it! I wish we had more free hints but if I ever get stuck bigfishgames web site has a walk through for all of the lost lands games 1-6. Without the walk through I would have to delete it but it's an amazing game, with a great storyline and it really helps me with my anxiety.
I love all these lost lands games. Nice variety of puzzles. Good level of difficulty but not outrageously hard.
Some of the puzzles are very difficult to find without hints- I'll tap on everything (like every inch of the screen) in a scene and not find something, then a hint will tell me to look and it magically pops up. Also, the map was not included in the bottom corner this time, so it is fairly exhausting to go through every bit. That being said, this is a great game and the graphics are beautiful as always. Also big kudos to the Easter egg creator in the first scene. ;) I was nerding out a bit.
This is another good one. Little hard, clues that they give could be a little bit better. No adds which is a bonus. And you still got to pay for bonus game. But I would recommend this to a friend.
Ok, I liked the lost land series but this one is the worst so far. You have to memorize these stupidly buggy runes. I'm sure it's all a scam so you'd purchass hints. That's a new low.
One of the tasks is balance the minerals on the scale. I balanced it 3 different ways and it won't move on. How do I continue when it won't budge?! The game did something similar when I had to do the life circle game to get to the crypt. When I left it a day and tried the same combination again it worked?? Why is it doing this??
Such a shame! It was a nice and adictive game until the bugs don't let you go further in the adventure. I have put the jar at the mouse's whole, but impossible to add the apple core! It's so frustrating! I wish they could fix it!
A series of puzzles that are either too hard or too easy, and far too many nonsensical situations in the game - how can you not cut bamboo with an axe, or pick a lock with the lockpick??? I understand that every item has its "place" to be used, but when there are multiple logical places for an item but only one works, it is simply down to terrible writing. I have finished every previous game in the series but this one uninstalled at 15% completion.
I've played and loved 1-3 so I've installed 4,5 and 6 into my tablet. I love that it's free to play all the way through, which I've never come across in this type of game before. The only negative is that there are only 10 hints through the whole of the game, I feel a few more, maybe 5, would be a more reasonable number. Thank you so much for developing the games, they are all I'm playing at the minute πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Great game. I played 1 through 3 so far. But there is no way to solve the mirror light puzzle for earl obians castle entrance. Such a disappointment. I am deleting am moving on to LL5.
It was fun up until the mammoth skull Crack. Couldn't do it, no other options were available. I checked online. The message kept saying that I needed something heavier. So I Uninstalled and moved on.
Really? I can't believe after all those hours I played I can't finish because of a glitch and the runes can't be copied as it's supposed to be. What a waste of time!
Another fantastic game from my favorite developers! I thoroughly enjoy this whole series. The graphics are top-notch and the game is hard enough to make you think but simple enough to pass. Love it! Thank you to all the amazing developers!
Love love love the game! Have played till the 3rd part and I am absolutely loving it but the only thing I don't like about it is that there are way too many locations open and it really gets confusing
Very good game played, of and on 6 times and completed,the graphics are excellent and every game continues on from the game before
I have played all the lost lands games up to this one, so far. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I give this one 2 stars simply because i got about half way and the game glitched. I got to the mammoth skeleton but when i use my hammer to get the brain it says i need something heavier. There is nothing else to use. I checked the walkthrough and it says use the hammer. Again the same message, that i need something heavier. I spent an hour looking and re-looking. Dissapointed.
Amazing! Fun and entertaining. Adventurous and engaging as well as a good memory challenge. Thank you.
Awesome game with interesting puzzles. The best part is you don't see any ads and it's completely free. You only have to spend for hints but if you're smart enough you can complete the game without hints just like I did. Played and completed all the 4 parts, now going for the fifth πŸ˜€
Hi. I played 1 and 2 and 3. 3 was not good. I lost the line of elements many times. But in 4 puzzles are harder and this makes the game very intresting and the story is good. I loved 4 till this levelπŸ˜‰
Great game have been playing for a while now. Not like the finger hitting game, enjoyed every minute of the game. Finished 4 now installing 5 while posting the review. Just a suggestion for the team Keep the map and hint button away form each other, lost many hints unnecessarily when wanted to click on the map.
Love these type of games, could play them all day every day. Graphics are brilliant, puzzles are just the right amount of difficulty, story keeps you wanting to play and the control is easy. Played these games yrs ago, playing them all again. Carry on the good work.
I love all of the Lost Land games. This is the fourth one I have played and I give all 4 of them 5 stars. ( To Multifandomer: Hit the mammoth in the head with the head of the Hammerhead shark that is in the necropolis.
I love all these, but in this one I nearly had a panic attack when I pulled doggo bandage and it started spewing blood everywhere. :(
One of the best games I've played. Challenging, but not overwhelming. And the story was compelling. If you like adventure / solving puzzles / finding items type games, then this is a must. This will be one I play again! One minor, minor piece of feedback: on the puzzle where you sort by food chain, it would be helpful to have a way to zoom into the pictures. They were a bit hard to see.
Started to enjoy, but at one point i bought coins for hint button, and they got my dollars fast. Hint doesnt work !! I text them. To this date have not fixed the situation, or return my money. It Happened on another of their lost land games as well. I uninstalled two, due to same problem. I Lost money there to. Totally displeases now. No more by this group. Five bn.
Enjoyed this game ashame there isn't more as I've done most, when I get stuck its great to have a walkthrough as its very easy to miss a piece which I have done. As sometimes with the hints they are not that helpful.
I don't know why I play Lost Lands. This one had a good premise but you get so bogged down in what you have to remember for what action that it becomes frustrating. I really enjoy 5-BN's other series though. :)
If you like puzzle games, this whole series is a must, good art, good story, great experience. Very satisfying, quite frustrating at times but thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you.
Got all the way to Clay/Lens puzzle and the 3rd symbol would not work. I tried several ways, and I can't proceed. It was an awesome way to waste time during the Covid. Great graphics, puzzles, and neat storyline. Let me know when the glitch is fixed. Thanks!
Amazing game, great graphics, no ads!!! And difficult at times, but in a nice challenging way. Love these games!!
Played the first 3. I'm addicted. Epic storyline. Good execution. Love the little movies in between. The quests r hard enough to be challenging yet easy enough to do by urself, which keeps u hooked. The best thing is we can play it offline. There r no pop ups or annoying begging or pushing to watch ads or buy the full version. U only have to watch an ad when u need coins (u start with 5 absolutely free) to buy a hint, & that's more than fair. I love the creators. U guys r amazing. Keep it up.
Very disappointing. I love the game really I do but to do the connect dots on the fountain it was super frustrating. Everything I do is not working then it says that you have to connect all three patterns at the same time and that's not working either
I've played the 3 previous games and enjoy them all. Challenging puzzles, good story and nice artwork. Easy to play.
I have played all the main games of Lost Lands, it's just wonderful to me. I have given 5 stars because it really deserves it. Yes, it the first time that I am giving 5 stars to the rating of any game.
Finished it! it was awesone still~ love the graphics and mini games. The use of items are not practical but yea it's understandable~ thank you for making this game
This game drives me insane, I'm doing a puzzle (draw an image with the dots in order) I'm doing it right but there must be a glitch. I'm not buying coins just to skip, when the puzzles aren't hard. Can't move on with the game and refuse to play any more until I do this puzzle!
I've played this one before, so had some idea of where to go and what to do. I do wish this series would dispense with the paid for hints and just charge for the game. Some mini puzzles almost impossible without paying to skip and you find a key in a location with no idea where it belongs. It's also frustrating to have to pay more to unlock the bonus chapter. They are long, interesting games but I've played a few now and am too frustrated to play any more.
I was really enjoying the game, but then couldnt get back into a location I hadnt finished. Tried to start over, am unable to reinstall. Very frustrated!
Giving this game 2 stars because it has a bug that developers need to fix & I don't think you can progress in the game without it being fixed. When you get to the mammoth you need to smash the skull in with the hammer, but because of the game bug Susan keeps saying "I need something heavier" while the hammer is shown smashing the skull but it makes no impact. PLEASE FIX THE BUG!! (uninstalling and moving on to LL5. my review will change if the bug is fixed)
Got 3/4 way thru to the 4 keys movements. Nothing happens. Keys will not move at all. Have checked walkthrough to make sure I am doing it correctly. this is second time games of Lost Land glitched out on me. I had to buy Skip in the past. So I have to wonder, is this happening on purpose to get you to spend $$. I will not buy or will I play Lost Lands again.
Amazing Awesome and Exciting games but if you miss 1 thing and you cannot get it back is really good fun
I love the past games and I would like to continue the series but I can't mute this one, which is a problem for me since I like to listen to podcasts or YouTube on my phone while I'm playing. Hard to enjoy when I'm trying to listen to other things but some npc is talking/yelling about something. Like the subtitles are already there!! Just let me read those in peace!!
This game is very tricky and I have all three games played but there is no hint provide the game , it most confusion game , all over performance of this game is so difficult and bed
This is an interesting game. But I found some bugs in this level. 1. We can rescue the captain before breaking the wall and again after breaking the wall. 2. The captain keeps asking for his clothes after he was rescued for the second time, but he already have them. 3. The locker on the desk in his home is already opened but we still have the key for the second time. 4. When the captain is rescued for the second time, we can see him in two places at the same time, outside and inside the cube.
Love these games, it helps if you jot down which places you find a collection piece and a morph since you seem to get one of each in every room.
I think I've found a pretty bad bug. When trying to free the captain from the crypt, if you use the crystal before the vial of water, it'll let you complete the first two symbols, but not the third, which is a 3 shape starting on the second top dot. It's game breaking. It's completely stuck waiting on that 3rd symbol. What should I do? Edit: seems I'm not the only one that experienced this problem. Uninstalled.
These are great games, so creative. If I could give it 10 stars I would. Really love the castles and medieval adventures. Keep creating great games!
I enjoy playing these games, but in this one, after putting the apple core in the jar, I accidentally pushed a wrong button, and I'm not able to get the mouse in the jar. I had to delete the game and then reload it again and play it from the beginning. That's aggravating
This game is awesome.I really like it.I also like to play other lost lands too.I like to play this game so much that complete it so many times that I can't stop playing it.I play it all day I play it again and again and again. The puzzles were tricky but I solve them.I really,really like this game. I usually play this game without any help from hints. I hope you will have more games like lost lands. β€β€β€β€πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉ
I have played 1-3 and it is so good! No ads and no need to pay anything for an extra movement like other apps. You only have to pay for the hints (well only if you need one). You can take your time and click randomly and it wont cost you anything! Such a happy experience! So everytime i stuck, instead of checking it out on youtube, i purchase the coins, as my support :)
The blue, red and yellow circle puzzle was too frustrating. Looked up several vids on it and every one of them skipped that puzzle. Overall not as entertaining and the previous few.
I absolutely love these types of games. I have played 1-3 already. Only reason that I am not rating it a 5 star is due to the hints that is limited. Graphics is good, love it, very addictive.
I loved the animations and action scenes in this one. I felt it was much shorter than the previous ones and a bit easier however a nice improvment. Cant wait to try the next one! Loved this ones story and flow of play!
The game is complex or very challenging, but in a good way, this is by far the best game of logic, and adventure I've played that is free. I love these kinds of games so thank you to whoever made this game, I really love it.
I love Lost Lands games! The puzzles are challenging, as is the hidden object part of the game. Highly recommended 10/10.
LL3 was a toughie. I exhausted all my hints and free extra hints EARLY.. but this one was the polar opposite, super easy. In all honestly I used hint about 2 times. I liked it.. voice acting gets funnier and funnier each time. Not complaining, I enjoy it. Keep up the good work. Free game, with good quality, takeup alot of my bordom. Don't get ppl who complain bout 5BN games, they're mostly free, n' not glitched out.
Very good game, great story line. Long after my tablet dies I'm thinking how to pass, where to look, what I need....
Why state, free game, when it is not !! The other previous three games were free, but you have to accept they will use your information in exchange ! Fair enough, l accepted that, now they want my credit card, just in case, l need to purchase. They let me play the first part free, once hooked, they tell me they want my card, no way !!!
So much fun! Just like all the others I have played. A few hints and there is a map. You have to click on the compass in the right hand corner above hint. And again the bonus chapter is not free.
Interesting story, a bit more straight forward than part 3. Also being very attentive somehow did not help to find all secret items. Anyway good to play. Let's start the next part :-)
Freakin' awesome. If you luv treasure hunts, this is for you. Play all the lost lands games and enjoy a brain squeezing you can enjoy over and over. Don't forget to take a break every now and then.
Very interesting game, I am recomending to everyone who likes mistery. I had one problem, I was payed for part 4, bonus chapter, but I can't open it.
The puzzles are frustrating, not fun. Skipping costs too much because they just want to make money. I'll be glad when I get through thus one. I hate it
Well done once again Five BN games, a truly wonderful adventure pass time. NO ADS YEAAAH. GREAT story, fab graphics. Just wish the map would have an exclamation mark to show where puzzles still need to be solved. I'm 50 years old and these games keep me going, but a shame my memory doesn't keep up with the decently long game, especially considering they are free. (Except the last chapter.) BRAVO x
What an incredible ... This is one of my taglist games I love it.. Please keep updating according to its level and yeah would be better if Gaming M.B Decrease a bit.. otherwise I would give 99% out of 100.. its just much better than anyother offline games..
I was liking these games until chapter 4. Don't make the puzzles impossible without having to use all your hints.
Very annoying. They put the raft/boat builder without a proper pattern to agitate, and probably get us to buy coins to skip. Not fun at all.
Great game, like the rest, but the game was so glitchy, it kept crashing, going dark, or just stop working. I kept having to clear the cache, force stop, restarting. Wrote email to them, no response.
I was in Fahira's Lab balancing the color stone chips, I guess the colored stone chips were supposed to get collected automatically as soon as we balance the scales, but to my dissapointment it didn't happen so even though I balanced them, also the place where the goblin head was cut off by a round saw blade moving left and right, the puzzle that needed to be solved to stop its rotation is almost impossible and I had to skip it, don't make these kind of things and fix the bugs, kills the mood πŸ˜”
Started off absolutely dreadful without any sign of the amazing first 3 installments. Around 70% of the game later it goes back to its fun self but it takes quite some powering through. Looking forward to the next one!
Glitch in the game. This is a difficult game, a bit too much going on... Ive had to google walk throughs to help me through some parts. I'm almost at the end and the 3 symbols to get the lens won't work for the last one. I've put it in multiple times. Even googled the correct order to do it and nothing happens. So now I'm stuck at that spot in the game and can't go further.
I'm not happy I've had uninstall and reinstall the game several times. The story line and graphics are amazing but it did not show the diagram on the back of the plank for the punch card needed and the ink on the black board did not wet or get wet and I cant copy the damn runes I need to finish the game. I suggest that you yall fix the problem or find a back door option. I'm moving on to five since this ruined 4 for me
Installed this game. Got to where the Compass is, and had to match the icons with same icons, only 2 would come out of their slots. I tried over and over to get the rest of them, it wouldn't work. So I'm going to uninstall the game.
"A piece is misssing" :-) pretty decent but by far easiest in the series. A little buggy in the sense that u have a good item but cant use it. For example in ll2 u could use a knife to get the clay here u cant. I had a axe and sword but couldn't cut the bamboo... Has a spear but cant fish etc. Also the mini puzzles wit the food chain and scale got me. No idea what that green animal was that ate chickens.and you could balance the scale by putting some of each mineral instead of individualy.
Just wanna say to them who says there is no map in this ( if they even see it and also for the future players) the map is Universe or worlds clock which is right top of the Hint if you click on the clock then you'll get the map. Also looooooove this game series so much.
Love these games, but there is SO much going on. Thankfully there are good walk-throughs available, because without them I'd never remember where this weird shaped key goes or what I'm supposed to do with this watering can, etc., especially since it usually takes me a couple weeks to play through a game. I wish that in the journal, there were better step by step notes to help players recall where newly acquired items go. Aside from that, I think all the Lost Lands games are great so far.
Great graphics, I enjoy the storyline of this series, puzzles are fun also, I had no trouble with glitches, but had to use a few hints, was unable to find all the collections and did not purchase the bonus game
I just can't help playing it over and over again.The adventures and puzzles are just so fun and exciting!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
These games are fun although a lot of times, it isn't clear what needs to be done. Also, I don't like that you can't mute the voice over.
I love these games except for the fact that the iron cube didn't appear after talking to the Panagonian. Now, after I purchased 30 coins, am stuck with nowhere to go, I haven't figured out if there is a way to reset progress and keep my coins (by the way, before the hints stopped working all together, it stole 3 coins from me). Can anyone help me? I even tried emailing the developer but never got a response. So I'm really annoyed. Help? Anyone?