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Lost Lands 3 (free-to-play)

Lost Lands 3 (free-to-play) for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love that I don't have to pay for these games they're excellent and there's no adverts, which is a bonus... the hint button shouldn't be so close to the map though, as I keep accidentally tapping it and wasting my hints, which is annoying. There should be a zoom too as some details are hard to see on a phone. But over all absolutely FanBloodyTastic game play!!
The tasks have no relationship with each other. You tap on something and you get nothing and after a while you progress and that same thing which did nothing when we tapped is now useful. Atleast give some hints like there is something missing or something like that... that putting hot gold piece on ice chest was so silly.. i didn't like this one. 1st two were good. Best being the 1st one.
Yeah another killer glitch. The fisherman's attic. Knocked the pins out of the cabinet thingy. Big picture shows the opened framework and clue. Click on it and the cabinet is intact and you can't get through to it. Truly a glitch. Can't proceed with the HOP and there's not much point in getting on with the rest of it. Searching finds nothing. Nice game til it dumps you by the side of the road. I will try some more but I have little hope..
Hi. Thanks for the great games. I am a big fan. My question: What is the difference between the Lost Lands X and the Lost Lands X (free to play) in Google Play store? What is the "free to play" meant for? Thanks.
Each series of Lost Lands just gets harder and harder. Some tasks to get to the puzzle start not making sense anymore compared to the first two of Lost Land. Still fun, but gets frustrated when certain thing don't make sense. Also start experiencing some lagging on certain puzzles.
This game has issues. Besides having such a slow process, I got to the point where I had only knife and rose petals and couldn't go any further. I even paid to get more hints but it glitched and did not open the marble box for me. I feel like wasted my money . Uninstalled
I love lost lands. This one is a bit off though. Hints are weird. It will point you to places to do things before you even know what you are doing or why. Puzzles are buggy. Difficult to navigate without hints. Still fun, but losing polish. It's like the developers are getting bored with the series, or they are doing these things intentionally so you buy coins for skips and hints.
Great graphics. Not enough hints. Traveling constantly back and forth between multiple areas shouldn't be necessary, as it prolongs game time extensively. And, after playing off and on for 3 days, the snowbank doesn't melt with the 'nipper with a cast' as shown on the walkthrough.
I love all the lost lands games so much that I've played 1-6 and I am now playing them over again. I really must say though, I was extremely disappointed when I started 7 and was unable to finish because you are now required to pay for the game in order to play. I'm a huge supporter and was looking forward to 7 so much. I wish you'd change that.
The games pretty great but sometimes when you have items you forget where you need to put them because theres so many different things but other than that, epic game!
Amazing game which I ever played in my entire life. Once I saw the graphics and twists, plots the more I fell in love with this game..!! This game will take you to the unbelievable adventures journey..!!
Overall I loved the game but would be better with these tips. 1. List each name of the locations on the map 2. When approaching a character that gives directions to do something, add it to the notebook, reason:directions were said so quick, couldn't catch the whole direction on a couple of them it was said so fast.
Finished the first and second game and now on this one. I am absolutely in love with these games. Idk how it took me so long to find them. Only thing I wish was there was more opportunities to get hints besides the limited free ones, or buying them. Other than that great game that you can play offline.
Nice ingame graphics and sound. Interesting story but still no clear path to in which way to solve some puzzles. Sometimes quite confusing on where to go next as some explanations are plain unclear and do not give any clue what to do next. Sure fiddling around for some time may get you going on. Hard to memorize certain pieces use and some locations over time, even for two persons.
I've done a lot of 5BN games, this one is glitchy. What's with the underground chest and 24 code? The game has now quit working. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it still doesn't work. No more 5BS for me. Okay, I'm trying again. This must be the most obscure and difficult of all 5bn games
This series is my all time, absolute favorite! I love the storyline, graphics, game play, everything. Sadly since I found Lost Lands nothing compares, I've played tons of games in 2020, and keep coming back to replay these. 10/10
Sometimes its OK to know where to go next, others its impossible to know. It doesn't help when things are varied insize ie a giant net fits in a small pot! A clearer plot would help.
Very good game. Good puzzles and entertaining story, the graphics are beautiful and not too hard to see on cell phone. Thank you for a great free game.
I'm so hooked on the Lost Lands series! Delightful tales that sweep you up and challenge you to think outside the box. And when you're really stuck you get a certain amount of free clues! Highly recommend!!
I have played 3 of these games so far. Loved the first 2, this one was way too frustrating, nothing is obviously the choice to make. Had to use the walk through way too often!
I really get into the Latest Lost Lands series. Wonderful graphics. Engaging story line and puzzles that are challenging and fun without just plain pissing you off. The games are very complex in a good way.
Love these games but unfortunately had to uninstall it due to the tracing paper chest puzzle not working. Also similar issue with Lost Lands 5. No issues with 1, 2 or 4 though. Tried contacting developers but email address seems to be an old one.
Fully free games unless you need extra hints or want to play bonus level...only issue I found is some of the puzzle instructions a bit vague but other than that great games if you enjoy hidden object and puzzle games
Very good game but not as good as the first two in the series. This time I really would have liked the opportunity to get hints in exchange for watching ads, especially since the hint system is very unfair. Many times when I felt stuck and used a hint, there was actually two things that could be done, one of them advances the story and the other one is only the first action of multi-action series not really giving any advance and of course the hint always pointed me to the latter one.
Great game. You can play it a long time (no pesky energy to worry about). Strongly recommend you keep a log of what yoh need to do more find in each location. Hard go keep track otherwise.
Great game. Long and challenging with lots of games and fun things to do. I wish the map wasn't hidden behind the hint button bc there is a lot of traveling back and forth between scenes. Don't over think the games and remember that just bc something isn't there when you look for it, it isn't there later when you unlock something. The bonus game is fun but short. Ties into the story well.
Fabulous game , the only downside is you have to keep going backwards and forwards to different scenes so quite easy to forget what has to be done or what scene it was in I'm finding it quite complicated but as I say its a great little game
This is one of the best games out there, I am playing them all in order and have enjoyed them all!! No annoying ads and can be played without being hindered if you don't spend money. Keep up.the good work!!
I saw this game as an ad. It wasn't obvious that it was the third of three parts. I found it very hard to work out, wasting free coins and paid coins alike, asking for hints that were inconclusive and unhelpful. Perhaps its easier if the first part of the game is the start point. Also, the purchase price of more coins has dodgy maths. Dint take the largest amount of coins thinking its the best price. Its more expensive than the three offers before it ... what else is overlooked πŸ™„
I played all of your game and I really liked it. But this is the first time that I can't finished the game because nearly the end -floating island scene when you need to find hidden things- I can't even picked my pickaxe because that thing is EXACTLY UNDER THE COIN STORE menu. I don't know if that because of my screen ratio but I hope that you would fix that problem.
Finding it sometimes very difficult & are almost forced to use hints, some of the puzzles can be very difficult and to solve in needs 10 coins , wondering if the game is designed so you will need to buy coins?
It's pretty good. Sometimes it's a little too hard and there isnt a lot of continuity as far as what objects to find, where you find them, and how they are to be used. I think it's designed to make people use coins for hints.
Bug in the game : The game is wonderful. Plus point without adds. But I'm using Samsung A50 series phone. And I got stuck at one place.. the puzzle is solved but the box is unable to open... I'm unable to complete the game without this.. Location where it exactly stopped working for me : in dark lands we have a box with 1-24 numbers on it. I got the trace from castle of madness.. I have applied the number 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24.. after that it stopped working for me...
Least favorite one so far. Very little logic to the puzzles. Lots of redundancy. A lot of skipping around the map. A lot of going back and speaking to people without anyway of you knowing until you stumble across them. Just not as fun as the first two.
Great free game with amazing graphics and puzzles. However the overwhelming amount of places to visit and items to use makes it very challenging and almost impossible to pass without hints. Active places should be highlighted or something.....
As with the previous Lost Land games, the artwork is beautiful, the storylines engaging and the gameplay is solid, straightforward and not glitchy at all. Love this series and will be checking out the other ones too!
Great graphics and good and variable minigames. Clues are hidden in many of the scenes so can be hard to follow a logical sequence , especially the first time through!
Like puzzle games, but this one misses the mark. Some of the solutions are bizarre to say the least. You end up with a bewildering array of items and a large number of locations available to go. Sadly logic is often absent and you are not pointed in the right direction. To compound this, if you solve a puzzle too early, the game will not let you use the correct items, leading you to believe you must be wrong. Too frustrating to be enjoyable however good the graphics are.
Well I bought slots if coins and then I get to one of the puzzles and the cabin where the lady and the dog is and one of the puzzles where I need the items froze up and then from there I had to uninstall and reinstall and now the game won't open please fix and can you send me back credits from my coins I had 36
Out of many Adventure themed games (I skipped lost lands 1&2), I found this quite engaging and be somewhere nagging in mind to think about how to solve the task I'm facing and I got to say not many games made me think about them like that -it's all in the storyline! But the reason why I'm giving t deserving 5 star review is that, currently stuck In t task where we want to make the piant mixtures, I can't get to place t beakers at t 'blue' container-it just won't sit there. Please help me out!!!
I love these games! I have played them in order and they havent disapointed me. They are not easy but they are not extremely hard that you have to divide and multiply number to get the answer. You do have to be good remembering where you came from and where you going, because you do a lot of traveling back and forth between places. But i dont mind it because it makes it interesting and more adventurous. Plus it has little video clips in between it all. Love it! Sorry for my english. Not so good
5 on 5 for graphics and narrations... Except for part 1 , the core story remains the same and predictable... Game play is disturbing, as there should be a flow of events, story, gameplay... Too much back and forth... It should be Chapter or episode wise where we know that we have done "X" Area and now we need to move to "Y" Area... Here we are kept guess where to go next
Really cool game! Puzzles are not too difficult, and they are varied. Only complaint is the map button is too close to the hint button, and I accidentally wasted hints trying to get to the map.
Enjoyed every part. But in this part t 53β„…β€Œprogress one clue got stuck and couldnt select it no metter what. I'm talking about the round puzzle where i have to tap certain pieces. And then we get a piece of paper. Plz fix the bugs. Now im stuck there and cant play throu anymore -_-
Love the game, i have played many of your games and really enjoyed each one. Ive just come across an issue in this one. Im up to the hidden objects part which is behind a door inside the underwater part of the boat in the underground cavern just outside the castle of madness. Im supposed to pick up a gold coin with tweezers amongst the coloured coral but it wont let me. Ive shut down restarted, everything but reloaded as im not sure if i will lose everything Ive done so far. Any suggestions?
Fun, engaging storyline.. and FREE! Needs a way to EARN coins to use for hints, but I'll settle for the help via walkthroughs. I'll keep playing as you keep developing, thanks!
i have play lost land 1 and 2. And now is 3. this my type of game. the storyline got my interesting. and i used all the hint because dont know what to do next and sometimes got annoying when it suppose to mini game but we need to find the missing pieces AHAHAHA but i like it. this is one of the game can make my brain lost in few second . try make this game i love to play all of it.
This is the second time I have played this game. It is hard and you have to move from one area to another a lot. I had to use walk throughs from you tube to help me. It is a good game and have not had any problems with it as I have with some others.
I love every one of these games but the only reason i gave it four stars is because once you get the ten free coins for hints you have to buy coins. Maybe make an option to watch short videos for coins?
I love these type games. Some of the puzzles were challenging, so it wasn't too easy. I do wish that if you found all the hidden pictures it would unlock the bonus chapter without having to pay money. I love that you continued with some of the same characters. I am well on my way to playing ALL the games in this series. Good story lines.
Great graphics, interesting storyline and fun puzzles, I used all my hints before the end of the game and couldn't figure out what to do next, so I purchased a few coins, used one, then finished the game, now I just lose the leftover coins... Can't even use them in the bonus game because it costs $1.99 or 30 coins and I don't have enough and I don't want to spend more money on a free game, even though I do really enjoy this series.
Love the game. It's s challenging in areas and easy in others, has just the right blend. I just wish when I had left over coins I could transfer them over to the next lvl of the game.
Very challenging... forces you to pay attention and remember. A little frustrated with the need to jump around the various locations. And each time I click on the map, I run the risk of using a hint unintentionally.
This is the third instalment in the Lost Lands game series, and I have been really enjoying them all. Good stories, continuity of characters from game to game. Buying coins for hints is entirely optional and very cheap. I will be playing them all.
I just love everything little thing about this game, awsome graphics,very intresting story line,and up to the mark puzzles related chain.the players get hooked up once ur start,it's soooooo amazing'.wonderful game.a tasty treat to puzzle lovers.
Everything about the game is almost perfect, however, I'm stuck in the dungeon where there's a statue with stones in its eye which supposed to be flushed-out after putting the bull's ring but no water came out after I put the ring. End of my adventure πŸ˜”
Superb , mysterious and very active game to play. unfortunately after discovering the medallion and heading back to the druid's repository, my tablet freezes and can't complete the hexagon puzzle as my tablet won't rotate the pieces...oh I'm so close but can't finish one portion of this chapter nor, can I advance. :-( *uninstalled
The game is awesome,, but the problem is you should add some indicatiors on the map,,, while playing i didn't understand where to take the artifacts,,, this a big problem,,
53% through the game and ran into a game bug. (Chest not longer accessible to enter the code to open it) Researched online and it is a known bug. Could not progress any further. Only option is to start the game all over again! Hours wasted. Will not be playing any more games by five BN.
I got stuck on the flower chest. I got the paper pattern hung on the flower on the cave wall but when I type in the code 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 ( I've also tried 24, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 I've also tried numerous other ways) and nothing happens, the chest won't open. I set out for a walkthrough on YouTube and see that others are having this same problem as well. PLEASE help! I'd REALLY like to finish this game.
This series of escape games is the best I have played great puzzles, great cut scenes, and great challenge unlike other escape games the map is so big to play in and its great they give you a map to fast travel or else the game would take forever 5/5
I absolutely love these types of games and this game is up there with the list of my faves my only problem is that you have to pay for a little hint not that I need them a lot but it does get frustrating when I'm stuck for days and can't find what to do I eventually find my way but a little help would be good for people that are new to this kind of game but overall great game keep making more to challenge my brain
Pretty good game. But a lot of back & forth. A few annoying characters. Mostly because of over-acting for the voices. Not uncommon for this type of game. Main annoyance is that the map icon, used to open map to quickly move back & forth, is positioned actually touching the hint button. There is a charge to use the hints. Either extremely poor thought-out placement or done on purpose, hoping users will accidently open the hints. There is plenty of room to locate map in multiple other locations.
Game crashes as soon as it loads. You can hear the soundtrack playing in the background but the screen is black. I deleted all cache and data and uninstalled the game. The soundtrack continued to play for 3 mins after files deleted and game uninstalled! WHAT THE HELL kind of hidden files are you putting on my device that cannot be removed after deletion and uninstallation???? REPORTED!!!!
Love these types of games, love that it's free but some of the things you collect are too disjointed from where you get them to to where you need to use them. Clues are probably needed along the way, I don't like the hint system
Hundreds and hundreds of items and dozens of seemingly disconnected places to use them that don't make sense. "That item can not be used here" is what you will see most in this game. If you have a very good memory, take meticulous notes and can work out that "enchanting" a horseshoe means to magnetize it, then you might enjoy the game.
I encountered a few glitches and some of the puzzles are rather clunky. Apart from this I enjoyed the game. The map shouldn't be right by the hint button either but we can't have it all.
Love all these games. Story lines,graphics and gameplay all excellent, challenging in a good way and no adverts is amazing. My only bug bear is the map and hint coin too close together and its easy to hit the wrong one. Minor issue so still 5 stars.
Love these games so much to do in them graphics are awesome only wish I didn't have to buy hints and that the map was more interactive like showed where you go next or that something needs to been done .
It's very good games however agree with reviews about back and forth. That could easily be sorted if the map had titles of each site. When I get some help from walkthroughs for example, it would refer to go to e.g. anvil peak, and I have no idea of where that is from map. Maps should be labelled with each individual name.
Love it can't put it down great story you have to think and put it all together I know that it charges for the hints after youv used what they give you but trust me it is a help when your brain is fizzled out great game one of the best if played
Puzzles are a little abstract but solvable, however, game bugged out on the chest requiring the tracing paper code. Inserted the correct code but the chest doesn't open. Exited the game and tried again, nothing. Not buying coins to skip a puzzle I've actually solved so having quit and uninstall. Disappointing.
It's a great game and all but I hate how you run out of hints so quick when instead of just showing an actual hint it takes you piece by piece instead of showing exactly what area you got to go to πŸ™„ and also there is a glitch in the room of riddles ... I can't put the lens into the gold ball on top of the pillar on the right . No matter how many times i have tried it only shows a 123 at the bottom but doesn't give me the option to select the lens and I already spent 8 dollars on the game ...
A really fun game. Thank you to the developers. The graphics are beautiful, a fun storyline and there's no annoying ads. I sometimes use the online walkthrough after my hints run out. Sometimes I pay for hints to support the free games. Highly recommend these games.
So much better than hidden object games,this is my third game from the stories,sounds and the game world is outstanding! Keeps me intrigued. Thank you, I can play the whole game!
I love all the games to the lost lands so of course I will be putting 5 stars. I just wish I didn't had to pay for the extras but anyone can play the full game for free. LISTEN UP. To those that needs hints in games like this,they give you 5 hints in the beginning of the game. When those 5 hints are done they give you 10 more for free but you have to wait 4 minutes after you take a hint. Even if you need more just go on YouTube and type in the game name to see how other players solve the game.
This game is very addictive and fun. Graphic is top. Howver, I was so disappointed that I could not finish the end part and since I found all 8 golden parts and the old guy didn't let me take the chest. No choice coz I couldn't move forward so I deleted the app without finishing it. Please fix this problem. πŸ˜”
You will enjoy this game until some of the puzzles which are designed so finnicky and impossible on purpose just to make you pay for coins to skip them. There is one puzzle in particular I challenge the editors to comment on here and tell me with a straight face it isn't just designed to make people pay.
Wonderful graphics, really immersive, super test of memory, logic and imagination. I love the fact that it's not about frantic activity. Might be compared to the old scouting Kim's game but with a wonderful new twist. Love it!
I have alwayssss wanted to play a game like this one, I'm simply addicted 🀀. The story is sooo good and animations with soooo engaging experience is damn good! Just loved loved this game, I am going to play all games by this company.
The puzzles are great and trying to figure out what to use where is a nice challenge,,story is okay but I'm more interested in doing the puzzles which is why i tried this game and I'm glad I did.
Great FREE game!! No waiting for energy to refill like a lot of these types of games - just a fun game with some challenging mini-games and a great storyline. I've played a few of these now and they're all fantastic. Cannot rate them enough!!!!
The game gets stuck at the Tracing Paper code puzzle. The code according to all walkthroughs is 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24. The box will not open. So the game cannot be completed.
Good but a bit disappointing that you don't get many free hints they don't replenish. Is you have use them all & get stuck you have to purchase money for the games, this goes for all lost lands. If they had money replenishing lost lands would be a top game. I finished no.1, left no. 2 on no.3 dont think I'll make it to the end.
I've found these games a few days ago. Done with 1st and 2nd now i've just started playing the 3rd one. Im impressed of how good these games are, although the first was more easier by being more clear about what you had to do with the objects you found, the 2nd game got me stuck a lot of times. But the stories are good, and i like that the stories are connected between them.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
No need to spend any money to complete all these games (I've done them all) just find the walkthrough on YouTube and refer to it when you get stuck. I've completed every game for nothing doing this and they are all worth it. Brilliant games but do admit they can get a bit confusing remembering where you've been and what you've done but you get used to it if you persevere.
This is the 3rd game I have played in the series & all have been excellent. Graphics are nice & gameplay is just right. If this genre is your type of game I can thoroughly recommend them. I look forward to playing the rest of the series
Very intresting puzzle but at one point my game got stuck hence i cudnt play further. Puzzle was of taking the air element from the chest with the help of pressing nos tables of 3 which never opened up and later whenever I tried to do it again it was taking me ahead hence i cudnt complete the game. πŸ˜’
The game is great lots to find and puzzles to solve easy and hard. I only gave it a 4 though cause I hate it when they put important like the map for instance in this game, super close to the hint button. So as to accidentally use my hints when dont want to. Other than that it's a fun game.
I greatly enjoy the game. It's important to play it on a large screen device to be able to see everything you need to. I had one really easy puzzle that glitched and would not work. I had a brand new phone, top of the line. That was an In game glitch.
I givev a 3 star rating because it if very difficult to fine anything or know what to do or where to go...you could atleast give the offer to watch ads for extra coins...it gets frustrating not knowing what to do next with no hints
Once you started searching for clue, theres no stopping until you find the solution. This is a great game for a time like this ( pandemic due to covid virus ) you will not get bored staying at home. Love this game.
I put the paints next to the statue before painting the shapes claw black and now there is no way of going back and fixing it and now I cannot go any further. I like the game but theres a few issues
This game, like the other lost lands, has amazing graphics and an entertaining storyline. However, it seemed much harder to progress in the game without the use of hints. It was overwhelming the amount of places you could go and all the little things you had to remember which took the fun aspect away for me.
I've been playing these games for a while now and this is the first time i encountered a glitch. I've looked at a guide on youtube and it says you can use a long log to get to the tree on the floating islands. I have the log and it won't allow me to use it. Moght have to un/reinstall if i can't find a solution. Incredible game overall though πŸ‘
Extremely fun & difficult! The hardest part of these type of games is remembering where everything is & moving around the map but it does have an interesting story! Fun game to play on a very, rainy dull day! You will need hints!
Great game, fun puzzles, not too easy and not too hard in general. Can be addictive, be careful, hehe.
love the storylines & graphics are great.clues are very clever, but then close to the end it wont vive me stuff that I've figured out like the drawing on a cave wall of flower petals then later on in the castle never found a giant paper too trace either. takes to many hints away, before it gets hard.
Loved the first two games, was able to play them all the way through. Game 3 however ended one I picked up the Harpy gold coin. The cutsceen played and then I was prompted to pay for the rest of the game. Lame.
Good games with great graphics. About to start the third one in the serie. However it might be the last as I'm getting tired of buying hints to only lose the remainer when the game ends. This is ridiculous. I have lost a total of 120 some unused hints from the previous two games. Please Developpers, you need to fix that by refunding unused hints to the players' account. I will then update my grading of your games. BTW do you ever respond to the players' issues and concerns???
This game makes you use your brain. I wish there were ways to earn coins for hints. Daily challenges? Ads? Daily Login? If I get stuck with no hints at this level of the game, I will uninstall. But... Lost Lands 3 (I haven't played 1 or 2) stretches my mind to see beyond what is in front of me and flusters me with the vagueness of clues. While the guidance/clue-base IS vague, the graphics and storyline of LL3 are awesome! Giving us more opportunities to earn hints (coins) would keep me around.
So far Ill only give it 4 stars, played thus on my laptop and it was awsome, i have it on my phone now since my laptop is broke, but i cant get passed the first floating island, i have the Core of Flames but it wont allow me to put it where it needs to go.
This was one of the more challenging five bn games. I've played almost all of them and I've loved them all! I've never used all of my hints in their games until this one. I don't always purchase the bonus chapters but I have many times just to pay and show the developer's my appreciation for their great games. The graphics and storyline are intriguing. Once you play one of their games you want to keep going. I wish there were another NY Mysteries chpt. I loved the "city" scenery!
First of all, there are 2 versions of this. You want this one, the free to play. Second, in both versions, I'm unable to get past the hour glass puzzle. I can hear the pieces moving, but the actual pieces don't. Kinda hard to do the puzzle like this. I reinstalled but no luck. Too bad...on to number 4!
Great game! So far one of the best puzzle games I've played. I'm glad there are more to choose from. I haven't had to use all of my hints so i don't need to buy more but i have been paying for the bonus chapter at the end. They're fun and a little extension of the story but mostly i like to support the makers so they'll keep making more. 😁
I very like lands 1 and 2 this 3 is more difficult and you find yourself lost jumping from one village to another . Most what I disappointed is then i cant choose my language lut was in land2 wich will be really handy in this cloues
I like these type of games, but the game developers designed this to sell coins. Free to play but impossible to finish without spending money because they limit the number of coins you get without buying them which are needed for hints.
I've played all of the lost lands as it's really enjoyable. A few of the puzzles can be frustrating but the others make up for it. The storyline is interesting and the graphics are good.
Meh. This would be much better on a larger screen. Graphics are pretty good, though. 2 minor issues: 1) if you miss by just a fraction of touching something you can pick up or find, you don't; 2) I wanted to start over because I thought I did something wrong - there's no option to do so. You can't do anything wrong, meaning you cant die. You either figure it out, sit there until you do, use a coin on a hint, or use a walkthrough guide.
Awesome games and hours of fun. Great puzzles and story lines that keep your interest but are not so difficult to make one discouraged to give up playing. If you are a fan of journey games such as Myst and Riven then you should love these as well. My compliments to the game designers.
Ok so I love the 5BN games and Lost Lands adventures. I've played all what... 5 of them I think there is? And Darkness and Flame. I'm not kidding they're so fun and the stories are great. I know people complain about "it's annoying to have to search aimlessly around and back track" but idc. This has made my evenings so fun and I get sad every time they are over. I really hope another series comes out and I love so much that you offer free to play versions. 10/10 pls make more
All the lost lands have been fun but this one is just impossible without cheats. Some of the puzzles are simply ridiculous. At one point they have you put on wooden snow shoes to walk across hot lava. Make sure you find your cheats online before you start this game and expect to use them a lot. If you don't mind using cheats you'll enjoy this game.
Good game, free to play, just pay for hints if you need them. Only bad point is getting a bit samey now being the 3rd game in series. Passes some time in work tho so still a solid 4 stars for me.
Great game. Had some trouble with not knowing where to go to next. Also had an issue in the middle of the game. Kind of got locked out. The game developers fix it. Answered my email and repaired fast. I really enjoy these games.
I highly enjoy playing the game. It's fun and addictive. Great graphics and story line. If you like a good brain teaser this is a great game of figuring out as you go while putting clues & objects together.
Much more challenging than the 1st or 2nd Lost Lands, but not in a pleasant way. I found it to not make a lot of sense at times. It's not as intuitive as the first two games and simply frustrating at times.
Awesome game!!! Looks and feels like you're really there. Great graphics, never boring. Pretty easy to solve the puzzles. Keeps your attention. Can't stop playing, gotta see what's gonna happen next!! So exciting!!
It's all over the place! Can you try to be slightly more linear in the progression? This back and forth is so schizophrenic. It's not adding anything to the experience. It's only annoying.
Loved it, only issue was I couldn't figure out how to put it on expert until I finished it, some puzzles to easy. That said I really enjoyed it
I had problems with the flower chest. I tried the code so many times ,(before actually knowing it) that it wont let me open the chest now. I'm clicking on it and it just doesn't work. Anyway great game I'm gonna reinstall and do it right this time.
Absolutely awesome. Nice story and cutscenes (which there are a lot of!). Good gameplay. Lots of things to discover and solve. Minigames are just the right difficulty (mostly), not too difficult but still fun to solve. The variaty between maingame stuff, minigames, and hidden objects, is just right!
It was fun enough but once your hints have gone, you can't get any further unless you buy more or look up the gameplay. They don't even allow the option of watching ads to get more hints.
For those that love point and click adventure type games, these fit the bill!! What a great way to spend some time. Excellent storyline and fabulous visuals. Challenging puzzles and if you stick with it you dont have to purchase anything. no in game advertizing is a plus. I Love Love Love these games.
It's a great game but this one bugged out when I was on the marionette. I had it exactly right but it wouldn't complete. I had the same problem at the end of lost lands 2. I'm not going to buy coins to solve it for me.
I love five-bn games but this is frustrating-as-hell! None of it is solvable via deductive reasoning. How could anyone have the slimmest possible chance of completing this game without being umbillically tied to a walk through
Dear Five BN and the Google Play company, your game Lost Land 3 has some problems in the first I press play in the game and it should tell the story of the guy touch the curse key and he turn into a rock statue at the first is not like this is different I uninstall it and it's the same problem. Can you please fix it please. From a player Pazu Way.
Fun but impossible without help. Some of the puzzles are ridiculous. If i need to remove some nails why cant i just use the hammer i already have. If i have to cut something why cant i just use the blade i already have. Theres some parts where youre missing items to complete a puzzle so you skip it and wait to find the piece later only to forget where the piece goes. A couple of time i got stuck only to later find out that i had to randomly talk to one of the people ive met before.
This game is great. Visually gratifying, long and satisfying in storyline, fun puzzles. Takes a good memory to get through without using hints, but you don't HAVE to play with hints at all! Especially if you take your time. But you should buy hints anyways to help support the publishers. They're worth it!
Great game play and graphics as per the previous games in series. But can't get past the tracing paper coded box, enter the correct code and it does not open. Common issue, according to previous reviews. Had to uninstall otherwise would be 5 stars
First two were great but glitch in this one caused me not to finish. Even checked walkthrough to make sure I was doing it right. Couldn't get past the elixir of animation and laroch's tomb, couldn't give him the elixir.
Glitchy. Love the game but it's stuck on the puzzle in the attic. The ball in the maze just sits there and doesnt move. I completed it, it went down the hole and the game glitched. Deleted and reinstalled and still its stuck on stupid, no options to start again and I was stupid enough to buy more hints just before it glitched. I don't recommend this game. Oh and now after deleting and reinstalling the game, all my coins I purchased are gone. Update: went into my Google account & got it refunded!
I love the story line of the game and that the puzzles aren't too easy or too difficult. If you get stuck it means that you missed something you need to do first. It seems like a glitch but it's just that everything has an order. The only issue I've come across is that I've collected all the side stuff but it didn't do anything. I thought it meant I could play the bonus chapter with the coins option, I never found coins in the game for it, but it hasn't been possible to do that.
Working my way through all the games. Best free games I've ever played. Smooth, great graphics and not always as easy as they first appear. Can't fault them.
The story was horrible. Some of the puzzles made no sense (especially the dice "puzzle"). Sometimes the main character was talking about quests that you were not given yet. Alot of back and forth action. The only good thing was that there is no "energy" system.
I love playing the game but I wished could use any leftover coins for clues in the next game you publish. The games are very challenging to me and I've had to purchase clues to keep going..
GOOD GAME, but i cant finish it because there is a bug. When you insert the signet to the statue that the minotaur has. it supposed to do something (i searched about it), but when i tap it. it just turn and nothing happened. πŸ˜‘ but i enjoy all your games though.
Brilliant, easy to play, high quality ,games that arent too hard to pass and a long game. Only problem is I'm 19% through and have run out of free hints. I now have to pay to get more and it's too expensive. Either add a 'watch advert' option or put an affordable, unlimited hints payment option. The game is worth money, but I wont spend more than Β£5 on a mobile game. Shame I'm stuck and need a hint, I'd like to continue playing but not risking Β£2.59 for 30 hints in case I need more and more
Definitely designed to get your money. The first two were better. The puzzles in this one are deliberately designed to make no sense so you buy hints. Clever.
I really love these games and yours are the best. The only downside on this game is the amount of back and forth to different locations, there are so many you get lost to where you have to go. I would like to see a clearer map maybe with an indication telling you that a location needs to be visited. I spent ages going around in circles. Apart from that great
Fantastic game so far. Great puzzles, great story, and great music I must add. The only critique I have (and why I'm rating 4 stars instead of 5) is that the "map" icon is SO close to the "hint" icon that it makes it hard to click the one you are intending to. It is very easy to accidently click the hint button when you are intending to click the map, therefore wasting a hint. Other than that, amazing game. Would recommend to anybody who loves puzzle/story/adventure games.
I really enjoy playing this kind of game l love puzzles and figuring things out! My only criticism is that you should be allowed to take the coins you've purchased with you as you continue to play each game...because let's be honest there's no way you can complete any of these games without some hints along the way, because there are so many different levels and pathways throughout each game that you often forget where you're suppose to go so you need those hints! Please make that change p4l!
This game has a good theme, however you end up having a lot of things and don't know what to do with them. I mean it's a bit much to have so many areas open. There is way too much running back and forth. I always love your games, but this one is for someone way smarter than me.
I have played 3 of the LL games & I truly love them. I can't even describe how amazing they are. So much thought & work went into these. These are by far my favorite. Going back & forth between maps & having to remember all the stuff in between, truly genius! Susan & I are ready for another!
Really full game with a lot of thought into the artwork and puzzles. Paid for the smallest amount of hints and consider the cost worth it. The game spreads over a lot of areas that link back and forth pretty logically to complete the mini puzzles, and the scenery throughout is lovely.
I usually love these games but I got so far in this one then the marble puzzle game up and it glitched wouldn't let me get the piece it just froze on that specific puzzle I had to delete the game that really sucks I tried everything closed out the game didnt work even watched online videos to see what I was doing wrong. I did everything right it just froze
idk, this one doesn't have continuity enough to keep me engaged- I literally play for like an hour each time (at least) yet, barely progress at all. I MIGHT get one step of something figured out but then I'm right back to stuck again- its happened consistently enough to eliminate any entertainment value for me and become so frustrating that I have no desire to continue the game beyond any further than where I am which isn't that far yet. missed the mark
Would have loved to continue this game, but once I got to the castle of madness and delivered the bellows could not get any further. They give hints to puzzles you cannot complete for they do not give you any tools or useful items. Have searched and researched each area. Left with a knife, hammer, rose petals and an air element. None of them can be used to find another object or get an object you know you need. Refuse to buy coins to be sent on a wild goose chase. Uninstalled
Not free to play because you will never get anywhere without hints..very complicated. Too much back and forth to complete quests and even if you buy hints (First 10 are free) some didn't help much, just pointing to an area and leaving you to figure it out. I did discover a walk through on line but still needed a hint every once in a while. The few side hide and seek challenges are not in the walk through and are only complete after you solve lots of puzzle along the way. Not my idea of fun.Gone
Fabulous game .....until I got to the chest with 24 numbers. I did everything correctly but the chest refused to open. After trying repeatedly, now I can't even access the chest. Huge glitch that absolutely ruined the entire game. Uninstalled. 😠
Hardest one yet .. be prepared for a challenge (experts prolly think its easy). Im a regular player but not patient enough to wander millions of times. However the story is qorth the coin purchases.
Great plot and a huge variety of challenges. Only niggle is having to jump back and forth so many times between places to complete tasks. Very realistic graphics and interaction with characters.
Well, I was really enjoying this one, until a glitch occurred which means I now can't complete the quest. The chest won't open, even though I've put the code in correctly. Most annoying. Yes, it's complicated and I've needed a couple of hints, but it's a good brain work out. I'm not re-starting it though
This one was by far my favorite to play so far. I think I just have a few more free to play ones to go through. Very fun and makes you think without ruining the fun with too hard mini games. #1 in my book!! My husband that I got hooked on these games from this company also said it has been his favorite. Good job and thank you for letting us enjoy these awesome games for free!!
Awsum game, certainly tests your memory. You have 10 free hint coins.. Use them wisely.. The game gets harder the further you get into your quest. Unfortunately game crashed half way through, just bought coins for hints too.. Uninstall and re loaded loads of times :( No luck.. Will have to reluctantly give up :(((
Got stuck in Volcanic Cavern. The chest with buttons just doesn't interact. It doesn't show the buttons to push. I wished they fixed it. I hooked to the series. Please developers, do fix the chest. Try this: push all correct numbers before you get the paper with hints. Once you get the hints , try interacting with the chest. It will refuse . It thinks it is already done. I think some state change doesn't go right . Some sequence testing is needed i think 😏.
Best adventure puzzle game! I have played all the free ones on on the play store. This has by far been my favorite! It's lengthy, so I didn't have the whole game beat in a day, which I like. It was very challenging. I did have to use all my free hints though. But I like that the puzzles were not too difficult to be solved. I hope they make another! Fantastic!
Full game for free! Not only that, this game took me forever to complete because it's pretty long. One downside, I paid for the bonus chapter, and that was pretty short (but did come with lots of free coins for hints)
This is the 3rd game in the series I am playing. These are outstanding games. The only thing I would suggest is when playing on mobile add a feature to the map to highlight the areas that have unfinished puzzles/ or things to complete. Thanks for these awesome games!
All the lost land games are brilliant, especially 3. The lost land games are like playing Assassin's creed black flag all over again without the combat in it. So I will give it 4 stars for the puzzles, and 5 Star for the graffics and the story line.
Great game. Stretches my memory as puzzles or clues found early might not be openable until toward the end of the game. Engaging story, cut scenes, etc. Unfortunately this one has several glitches that really bothered me (ex. clicking on a manuscript put it back down instead of collecting it. Much later I was sharing with my son and when I finished reading it collected it instead of returning it to the scene. Things I needed were underneath)
This is seriously one of the best games I've played on the play store. Loving the 'Lost lands' trilogy. The puzzles, cutscene's and story are all done so well. This game is really a gem.
Way too much going on. Half the stuff you collect you have no idea what it's for. Not intuitive at all. Had a walk through open the entire time. I'm at about 90% and there's supposed to be a handle on top of the building on the island I just moved but I can't click on it so I can't move forward. Not worth the effort. More like New York Mysteries please! Those at least make sense.
I don't give many 5 star ratings, but this game earned it. You can feasibly play through the entire main game without watching an ad or spending a cent. The graphics are good and the puzzles are just the right difficulty. The devs should be proud of this one.
A few times I tried doing a thing before the game wanted me to. For example, as soon as I got the test tube I tried filling it with nymph tears; it wouldn't let me until I got the recipe. Another example is hammering the harpy arm to get the gold claw.
Overall geat game but it sucks you have to pay for your hints and some time you have to use more then one just to figure something out I rather pay for the game than have to spend so much on hints that don't help