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Lost Lands 2

Lost Lands 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game itself is fun but I won't give more than 1 star to a company that steals from me. Paid for more coins & never got them. Read other reviews and I'm not the only one. They steal from ppl who spend real money.
The voice actors are amazing! The puzzles are excellent, and the details and graphics are awesome! Beautiful scenery's and a great experience of being so entranced by the story. Like "OMG what happen's next??"
Am done with the LLs 1 and 2, now am in three,the graphics are great,the puzzles and all game play minigames are cool deserve even more than five stars,,good job,keep up.
Good game but I think there is to much back and forth the solve things. I think when you are done one section of the map you shouldn't have to go back to it. It's confusing , hard to find and remember where everything is after you have been to a million different section of the map.
Graphics wonderfully done, game plots quite creative.Very entertaining! Enjoyed right till the end!💓
Really like the game however think hint coins are unhelpful at times. You pay for a hint and all it shows you is the back arrow....great that's not really shown me anything different
Played the 1st one a while ago and thought I'd give it another go but unfortunately causes my tablet to crash. Every time. Thought it was my tablet but reset everything and reloaded apps one by one. It is the Lost Land series that crashes.
Just wow.. It's amazing how much attention went into creating these games. Whoever created them did an impeccable job.. it's like nothing was left out. Everything made sense from having to click on the tiniest details like using a screwdriver, the complex puzzles that had the perfect balance of difficulty..I just can't say enough.. the adventurous atmosphere, the nature,the beauty, .. How realistic and interactive on so many levels.. I had the feeling of being there.. Great job!!
I am a keen player in these types of games, and quite experienced by now. Ive played a few of this specific Lost Land series and came to the conclusion that its not really good unless you are prepared to spend loads of money to find the clues. The different stages are all over the show, going forward and backwards, having to click randomly on any spot just to find something. You cant always figure what to do next unless you use hints, which you have to buy! This game is very expensive actually!!
As a 'free game series' Lost lands games are nigh on impossible to complete without either spending money on hints or using a 3rd party walkthrough. They are entertaining games, but the quality is very mixed. Great art in some places' appalling in others. Music is good but voice acting, script and cut scene animations are horrendous. But without a doubt, the protagonist is the worst I've ever witnessed in a franchise.
I didn't like how the clues are not interconnected. I have to revisit each scene and see if we can get the items working. Lost lands 1 was seamless this one had no continuity.
Really impressed. What an amazing game and FREE. I thought Haiku games were good but this is phenomenal. The stories. The graphics. The games. It's alot to remember especially if you're playing over a few days. I used a walkthrough to remind me where things needed to be uses. But otherwise nothing that is unnecessarily difficult like other games. Just wow!!!
No doubt 5 star.. its an amazing offline games No one ever going to meet this kinda amazing games.. I have been playing since lost land 1 done 2,3,4,5,6 and now I'm on seven 7.. and hooping developer to keep it coming more level wise.. and yeah onething would be better if it decreases abit M.B than.. otherwise I woul give 100 out of 100 ..
Refused to react to some puzzles when correct. But did on the second try except for the lion head puzzle when i just got fed up with the prospect of having to do it laboriously all again with no guarentee that it would work. Waste of time. The others in the series have been great, this one dont bother
I have 108 coins that I cannot use right now, because the Hint button no longer works within the game! I love the games put out by these developers, but their Customer Support is abysmal! MULTIPLE emails to them have gone unanswered! I've had similar issues in other games of theirs, where either buttons do not work, or the game doesn't function as expected, and you cannot proceed past that point. There should be some type of workaround for those things. Also...ANSWER YOUR EMAILS...please!
Graphics are good but like other reviews I stumbled through finding clues and solving puzzles without really knowing what the end game is. Guess I'll have to read all the manuscript again. Kind of frustrated by the tempo and pace.
Played the other but this was was awful. So many different places at one time, so much back and forth. How is anyone supposed to remember where anything is??? Far too much going on for quite random stuff. Others games so far have been good.
Wonderful story and beautiful characters. Challenging puzzles. There's a great flow to the game with no ads to cause interruptions. The game graphics are amazing.
It's free and no ads. Dont believe the reviews saying you can't finish this without spending money. You can. Easily. The main game is free and can be completed. The bonus content is purchasable. Not a five star though. The web of item puzzles is unnecessarily complex. You'll have to jump around the five areas many times to solve the game. Highly recommended to play and finish though.
The game developer deserve 5 stars rating. It's hard to find reliable f2p game without ads, and i' only pay to buy hints. I've finished series 1 and continue the series 2 now. So much appreaciation for BV Games ❤❤
Good game while it lasted. Froze halfway through. Could not pick up the scissors to cut the tapestry.
The Lost Lands Games are the best I've ever seen in the Play store. Great graphics, great fun! I finished the first one and now I want to work through all of them. This is the game I have looked for, for years. A game where the puzzles make sense to the game and the story flows through all of what you do. The Best!
Great length. Difficulty varies a lot across the mini games. Overly complex at times as far as determining what to do next.
Ahhh!!! Bad!! This is the 2nd time that the game fails to register. (Lost land e same isssue) I am at the swamp level , n the game doesnt recognise that I have added ashes n now I am stuck . I either leave the game or start all over again. Pity.... it is one of the best games but these glitches
The game is frustrating but i have been glued to since i downloaded it. Just the kind of game that ive been looking for for years. One disadvantage and that is there is no way the free hints are replenished unless you buy. Absolutely riveting
Glitch in the game. The lion door is not opening. Even if i put the snake and scoprion and spider and lion on the right direction. Help. I really like this game. 😭
If you like escape games, you'll love this adventure so much more. All around it has great graphics, storyline, and puzzles, you'll have a hard time taking a break : )
Absolutely love these game. The graphics are so beautiful and the whole visual layouts are so great with all these games by this developer. On the larger tablet phones the clues are easy to see, but with smaller phones I can understand people will have viewing issues. But on the whole these games are great fun to play and interact with. 💖💖
I like playing because there is no time limit or speed needed on solving puzzles, no dying and having start again. I enjoy playing these Lost Land games. Good graphics as well.
Great game -free part is long which is fab. I just start getting into a game when it comes up to purchase to continue whereas this game continues for ages for free.
These adventure puzzle games are great. Just puzzling enough to really hone your observation and reasoning skills.
This game is incredibly frustrating. The map isn't detailed enough to show everything in that location so you need to have a really good memory if you don't want to aimlessly look for the location you're trying to get back to. I spent countless hours trying to remember where a specific doors/locks/items were just to continue forward. That's pointless and unnecessary. Make the maps easier to read and then it might not be such a bad game. But I'm deleting it because the maps are like a maze.
A very intriguing storyline along with challenging but fun puzzles. Totally had me occupied for the whole duration of the game and a perfect way to kill time! Kudos to the developers and makers of the game.
I love these games, so much I have actually bought one of there non free to play games. They are completely worth it! Great graphics, story line and the videos are awesome. All together makes it a perfect game with lots of puzzles. I recommend keeping the volume on so you can hear the characters talk. I finished lost lands 1 and 2 today, going to download 3 now!
Wow what a marathon! Having played LL1 I wasn't expecting so many locations there are dozens. The mini puzzles were sometimes tricky but just at the right level for me not to need to cheat. Because of the sheer size it was difficult to keep track of all the unfinished tasks and their locations - could probably have used a spreadsheet. OK I solved the puzzle, added a little brass knob to my inventory let me consult the database I wrote earlier! The hints are quite good but will cost you.
Really appreciate the fact that you make these available to play freely and not just some rinky-dink teaser prologue that lasts a mere few minutes. The approach you guys take is much more encouraging to me to want to purchase these games- I understand you are seeking to make money off your creations, but the way you do it feels extremely humble but confident in your product to sell itself; as opposed to the $ grab mongrels that hit you w/ads before you begin playing... so, Thank you for that
As a truly avid game player since the days I had to use a 2" paper tape with dots to remember my place (old, old school) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND playing this whole line starting with 1, then search all the 5bn series games. They all are fun, and the newer ones improve. THEY LISTEN TO PLAYERS! Used to play these & a ton more on Big Fish. Now I'm on a small phone, sux, but these Five BN games really do their best at making it possible to transform from my PC to my Android. I Look 4ward to C wats nxt!
Ridiculous! Can't even get past the flower mosaic because I can't move the pieces out of the way so I can put the damn thing together! Then If I manage to get two pieces together (you have to be absolutely PERFECT when lining it up) the other pieces stay where they were at the beginning of the puzzle! When I move them out of the way, they zip right back to where they were (In the way!) If this was on purpose, then it's a rage inducing failure! Come on, you guys can do better than that!
Brilliant game to waste a sunday morning on. Highly recommend if you enjoy puzzles with a great story. Also no ads during game play is a bonus. Love it!
You have great potential but this game is lacking details. I love all of your games but this one is on my lower rating view point. Great graphics like always and sound effects. Your developers are very good at building games. Maybe you could add the same details as the pc game so we can have a better experience? The map is the problem. Tips don't always work either. Instructions are lacking. I have tried your games on big fish. Awesome experience.
I'm thankful they let you play most for free. If you complain about having to buy the bonus ... well ur just greedy . For all the work they put into this game and how much time... they r very generous . great great games . love them all
excellent, i had played the free part earlier and was delighted to find it free to play. kept me entertained for 2 weeks. great story great graphics, fantastic puzzles. thanks guys
This game is absolutely incredible! Quite straightforward with the clues, not too hard and not too easy. Just the right level of difficulty. The storyline also very interesting. Graphs and videos are quite nice. And the best thing is this game is free. Thank you developers!
I love your games. At least the first 25% that I get to play before a bug stops my progress.... Happened in one and two. Games are frustrating enough without being given a chance to move forward in them.
Can't believe I completed the game and was half way through the bonus chapter when I accidentally pressed start game instead of bonus game and all my progress is lost, no option for bonus game and its asking me to start from the beginning. Gutted, I'd be less gutted if I could play without using hints and hadn't spent a bit on tokens.
Great game, I love it! I wish we had more free hints but if I ever get stuck bigfishgames web site has a walk through for all of the lost lands games and if I didn't find the walkthrough I would have deleted it because the game doesn't give you enough free hints, but still an amazing experience playing this game. Great puzzles, mini games, and storyline.
This game reminds me of the hours I spent playing Myst in my youth. The game, true to it's promise, is free to play (yes, really) , and has no intrusive ads at all. Keep those free coins for when you really need them, and you don't need to pay a cent. If you like puzzles and memory games, this is for you. If you have no patience, go find some arcade game - this game needs patience, a very good memory (or, pen and paper as a substitute) and ability to think.
Awesome game just like its predecessor. Main game is free to play and ad free. Now will play Lost Lands 3. Hope its just as good.
Enjoyed this game a lot! Only downside is, the Bonus game requires payment to be able to play it. However, Main Game is really free and was able to finish it. Thanks!
Perfect little point and click adventure, playable for free, with a nice story and great cutscenes. Really happy I found this franchise.
Don't know how to describe it but this game is both challenging and fun some things were a bit hard to find but thats what kept me wanting to play more. ALSO if u want to enjoy this game dont use hints rather keep trying it makes u feel amazing when u find it on ur own.As some objects are Faraway from their intended place.
Excellent game. Very clever and makes you think laterally. I only stop playing when it's time to go to work. It's very addictive... can't wait to play others in this series. Have started 2 more.. Excellent Excellent games.
Glad I discovered these Lost Land games. There are perfect for a small escape from the craziness in the world right now. High quality games without ads popping up every other minute. I
The Lost Lands series of games are awesome. Amazing graphics, tons of puzzles and absolutely huge, with so many areas to explore. It's at a level you would expect to find on PlayStation/Xbox. Can't praise it enough, I would highly recommend. Start with Lost Lands 1, and work your way through the set. Brilliant games 😁👏
This game is hard that is why I gave 5 star and it's involved small amount of money but this is f2p I don't care I'll buy it so that they can create more game like this. Unlike the other game here they will suck your money so that you can be strong I wish all that game will be banned.
My five stars are all yours ,one of the best ,great , addictive games on Android.... completed the main game without using a single coin for hints!🤩, Which by the way wasn't easy ,my thumb hovered on the option a couple of times ,but then I'll stop myself ,take a little nap and have more closer look, . About to download part 3 now....hope there is more!!,cuz the stories?, there's none other like it..its just Amazing!! Oh! And thanks greatly for making this an offline game... great job!
Absolutely amazing game! Cant believe it's free! Very long and challenging, had to use some free hints and disapointed in my self that I only qot 33/35 machine parts, I tried very hard to collect them! :-) shame we cant go back into the world and explore. Top game recommend! Now to download the next one! :-)
Have like 6 of your games on my phone at the moment a couple on have no idea at all of what to do where to go when I ask for a hint it takes me to a place I've been looking but there is nothing to do there as I don't have all the tools ...on another it's kinda the same just a pity U can't use what tools you already have for some reason as they would work then there's the back and forth all over the place ...yes, enjoy the games but won't spend money ,stingy hey ..a compass would help with direct
Wonderfull. Cant put it down. Clues or hints are optional and will spoil the game for you. Dont do it. Figure out everything yourself. It is perfectly balanced and very addictive. Great sense of achievement when you solve a puzzle.
Charging for Hints? Stop the MADDNESS! I am a 68 year old Hard-Core gamer. I have played on every system from NES to Android. I have played this game before and didn't have to pay. If I did have to pay, I would have unstalled immediately. Poor gamesmanship.
Hardest game I have played (not in a good way) not sure if its configure for a tablet, map didn't work (which is a must with this type of game) couldn't alter how difficult, tried using developers website help but it was needed all the time, so after playing for many hours i have deleted it un finished, which is a pity!!
The amount of depth and detail in this game is amazing. The puzzles gets more and more challenging as you progress through. I love how you unlock another area and the future areas younunlock still holds clues to previous areas you've been to forcing you to go back and forth. It's something new from the level based puzzle games. It has alot of unique and clever puzzles and mini games.
Would be fun if you didn't have to pay for hints and skips. I won't be playing any more of these games due to money hungry developers. What a shame.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED GAME💯💪🔥!!!!!!!This is the game that fell inlove in the first sight and got me so addicted when first time playing it. I lost interest in other games because of this wonderful game it took me overnight just to finished the game!!!! Really awesome and tricky game that makes you over think on how you will passed all mysteries ❤️You Got what i really like!!!!
I just finished this one yesterday and still thinking about it, just like the previous I have all the same reasons to love it, but with more! More collecting, more interesting characters, even MORE lore!! I'm currently playing the third one and am already having a blast! Thank you creators and developers so much for these masterpieces!
Played first 3 lost lands, installing 4th one. Love the challenges, puzzles, all of it. Easy to stop and continue when I have time, rewarding when I have that "Eureka" moment. Nice storyline. Graphic is pretty good.
TERRIBLE AND BORING! UNINSTALLED! The first one was cool, but this one just bounces you around too much; from the plain lands, to the ice caves, to the mountains, to the swamps and back and forth. Having to search through the same scenes over and over gets boring very quickly. NOT INTERESTED IN PLAYING 3, 4, 5, or 6.
Fun game, beautiful graphics but there's TOO much. So many places to go back and forth to it almost gets ridiculous. Yes it's free and if you can't spend the $ for hints the walkthrough is easy to find. You will need it.
Great game long time since played one like this .back when had windows 7. Last week played the first one and on to this one. What draws me to this type of game, is because it runs in a series and you have a main character through out the games.i will definitely be playing the others in this series. Tip don't use all your 10 free hints up before you get to stages 5-6 as if you get stuck ,you have no help.
Great graphics, good story line. What I thought were glitches, & what alot of ppl complain about, arent glitches... u need ordinary ashes AND urn ashes for a potion, u have to find the scissors for tapestry, u can place the tapestry AFTER u move the battering ram to the bell AND hit the bell w it. I used a Walkthrough online for help bc it's hard to memorize every place on the map, & some things dont make sense, like needing a mouse & comb to remove spider web. Overall its well thought out & fun
Great game! Good story, puzzles and graphics. The only letdown was during the game you collect lots of objects that were pointless at the end. Aside from that its a good game and a nice long play. Chur.
Overall, a satisfying experience. Some puzzles cover multiple locations. I think this takes the player out of the gaming world when you end up bouncing off between lakes and deserts to retrieve obscure items. Some continuity problems do arise. For example, if I recall correctly, there are two ladders that need fixing when you fall into the underground tunnels. Which means the player could've returned to the surface a lot earlier. These are just small issues on an otherwise decent game.
Mind-blowing game, outstanding, Big fan of escape games, this game is amazing, story omg speechless 😮, Team work is amazing.. For my side infinity Stars ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐ God blessed you all. Keep it up.. Mindblown Game. Graphics really WOW.. Director, Writer, Developer, just wow work. I appreciate for your mind-blowing work.
This is NOT a "free game," which is pretty deceptive to put FREE GAME. Does ANYONE, developers/programmers, understand what the word FREE means, because being forced to buy hints isn't FREE. Your HINTS are vague, and you're going to blow right through the 10 they give within the 1st 10 minutes of playing. IF you want 1 free coin, you watch a 30 second ad. At the end, they show their greedy paws when you're FORCED to pay 30 coins for the next series. UNINSTALLING! DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS GAME.
lots of play time. i ended up using hints. i got stuck a few times; one was bc a puzzle i couldn't figure out said i needed a hint so i thought maybe i actually needed to use the hint button but i didn't get to the actually puzzle hint till way later in the game. a lot of moving back and forth between realms. some of the uses for the items didn't seem logical. i have yet to find all the items in the hidden collection. i thought this game was pretty difficult, but addicting
Game is great but, I paid for bonus, played just fine, my phone auto-updated, after lost lands wouldn't load anymore, so I had to d/l it again, but now it's asking me to pay for bonus chapter AGAIN. Please advise me what to do? We can't be expected to keep on my phone indefinitely in order to play it w/o having to pay for it again. Right? Please advise.
although free to play, you need coins for hints or to skip puzzles...so basically not free...which is a shame as it looks like a great game...
The first time I did the puzzle in the fire dwelling there weren't enough peices, a minor glitch, I thought I needed to find more, but when I tried again all the pieces were there
It's sooooooo amazing.the kind of satisfaction u feel which u cannot explain in words,that same feeling u get when u play this game.satisfies the visual effects to ur eyes, excellent puzzles,very intresting story line.background music is good.just go for it guys,if ur a puzzle lover.its a must play gane.
Great free game, however, there are so many locations with active puzzles and so many items you are carrying sometimes - it would be good to show you on the map where active assignments are... a lot to remember. Excellent otherwise.
I like this game ....now i complete game mission. I want to play another games as Lost lands. Waiting For lost lands 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,.....
Am not happy with game after going through so much and got up to 52% i 've arrange the partern every way i know followed every instruction but it was just stock so got fed up with it and uninstall it so anoying.. Wow! I 've finally finished the main game but cant play the bonus level it as been one hell of an adventure part 3 next.. Got up to 33 & 34 of the magical mechine pieces so challenging..
The game is interesting. You follow the story, solving puzzles along the way. It keeps you involved and entertained for a long space of time. The only issue I have is with the hints. You use up coins to get hints in the game. However, there is no way in the game to get more coins. You have to purchase them in Google play. I would not mind purchasing a good game like this at a set rate. I don't like being forced to buy hints or quit the game. It is unbalanced.
Love this series! The environment is nicely designed. The clues take time to decipher, but most aren't too difficult. There's a good amount of hints for the times I got stuck. For this game, I did forget where or who to meet by the time I got the objects requested, and I didn't see the information in the manuscripts, so i just wondered until someone was in a room. Looking forward to starting the next game in this series!
I lv these games.. just finished playing 2nd part now going to play 3.. most addictive game I have played. Great graphics, locations and story.
Fun but frustratingly small! I'm playing it on my phone and I've come across a few clues where I know which puzzle the clue will help me solve but it's just too small to see clearly and I can't zoom in... Unless I've missed that game play feature. I'm gonna have to find a walk through that will show me what the unreadable symbols are!
Another very good game, if you enjoyed the 1st one you'll enjoy this and if you haven't played the 1st one go and play that one. I'm going to download the 3rd one next.
The games from this developer are incredible..stunning graphics..fantastic puzzles and seemingly endless gameplay..I've downloaded all that I can find
The game story is entertaining, sound and graphics fine but the gameplay suffers from a too strong uneven puzzle jumping back and forth from one episde to another. Good thing at least that used unneeded items are disposed preventing a stuffed inventory. A more straight forward puzzle / episode line would make puzzle solving more entertaining. Anyway it's worth playing and can be solved without extra pay.
The best game ever! Great for all ages! My granddaughter and I loved playing this together! Hard, but solvable! No money needed, but I'm sure it would make it easier. It has amazing graphics, an intriguing story, and incredible puzzles! I would highly recommend it! A little short, but, I guess that keeps you wanting more! I was hooked quickly and could hardly stop playing! Like a great book, you want to know how it ends, but once finished, you want to go back & read it again!
Great game, but I've encountered some bugs now, keeping me from progressing in the game. I've given the mountain god his flower and he said goodbye, but keeps hanging around with a prompt asking for the flower. I've added ashes to the werewolf potion, but mid-animation it just stopped. Now the ashes are fone from my inventory, but the potion is standing there unfinished asking for ashes.... -_-
Should have provided few more free gold coins for the hints to end user...love the game however not very happy that free gold coins have been reduced when compared to 1st episode of the game, hence 3stars for now...would have really given 5 stars if it provided more gold coins for free or there was a mechanism to see ads like any other games to earn gold coins
Its a great game, like the graphics. Though very annoying that u don't get a lot of hints you have to pay for more. You don't even get told what you have to do, you have to find out on your own.
Ok, I was very wary about grabbing this game and another in the series due to not having seen them before. Also, many developers make the previews look better than the real thing, but WOW!!!, the scenes are crisp, animations are really nice, the characters and puzzles are on point! I'd definitely recommend getting it,...now...c'mon,... you know you want to. Wasn't over in an our like so many, very involved, Great job!
So good, like reading an adventure novel, worth it to spend a couple bucks on coins for more clues. If you like adventure games, do it! You won't be sorry
I enjoyed lost lands 1 but this one's driving me crazy.. having to search high and low for something that I know i need but cannot find because it's in one of the many places. It shouldn't have to be this complicated... I've played many games like this and not had this problem...
Too much random clicking, disjointed storyline, to small to see things properly, but the most disappointing thing is that you have to pay to finish the game. I don't mind paying for good games, bit I resent only finding out after many hours of playing that the game can't be completed without payment. Tell people upfront, or charge people upfront.
Love this kind of game. I use to play them since I was teenager. Very well done. Graphics, storyboard and gameplay
Love these games. Puzzels are always tricky but not impossible. I get stuck way too many times, i admit i have to look up the walk through at least 4 times in a game, but it is still always get fun.
Even better than the 1st one. Puzzles get harder as you go along and you have to have a keen eye to collect all the bonus pieces. Love these games. Who knew something this awesome would be free to play. You do have to pay for the bonus game but well worth it if you enjoy the entire free one I reckon.
I have played a lot of games like this. This particular game is great for adventure/puzzle people like me. Decent graphics. Not easy but not to hard to find the clues. I absolutely love this game!! Normally I end up Uninstalling after a few levels but this game is great. Will probably end up buying hints and I never do that. Great job creators!! I am impressed
I love all these games so much. They're not overly hard but not always easy. I do end up spending some money but not a lot. The only thing that bugs me is I'm always left with payed coins in the end. I wish they could be transferred over to the other sequels
So far so very good. Lot's of good puzzles and teasers to keep you interested, only criticism, a little bit slow in areas, but it's a really nice game. More of the same please.
Otherwise very good game, but cant give 5 stars because absurdly hidden items. I don't mind well hidden but logical places but, lets say, without giving an hint, slightly darker brick in otherwise random wall or less green leaf in tree are not good. Also, voice over commentaries by drunken dwarf given to objects every time one clicks them are very annoying. Still possible to complete with one or two hints,
It was a great experience for me. I love puzzle games and finding games but this one is super as it has an adventure story with it. All those mini puzzles or games are really great. I love graphics. It doesn't have any ads (NO ADS!) unlike other games. Also, it's free. So far, I played Lost Lands 1, 2 and 3. I like how they're all connected. I want to say more but too lazy to type. It's just I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Support to the creator.
Love these games. Interesting storyline, fun puzzles that are bound to keep you thinking and NO ADVERTISEMENTS!
Found this game to be tedious. Hard to progress without hints at several instsnces. not one job coukd be completed instantly. you needed to scare animals away for which you needed fire for which you needed a torch for which you needed fire and so on. Puzzles are getting repetitive between their games. They take long to complete. After two days, i just wanted this game to end. I also hate how you need to blind click on everything in order to find hot spots. And how the map looks the same.
I love the story line of the game and that the puzzles aren't too easy or too difficult. If you get stuck it means that you missed something you need to do first. It seems like a glitch but it's just that everything has an order. The only issue I've come across is that I've collected all the side stuff but it didn't do anything. I thought it meant I could play the bonus chapter with the coins option, I never found coins in the game for it, but it hasn't been possible to do that.
Well I'll be honest. I'm in a covid-19 redzone and I was bored looking for a different kind of game. One that would occupy my time and challenge my thinking. Between frontline healthcare work and burying loved ones do to the virus, it was refreshing to play a game that didn't pressure me to play, but allowed me to continue to progress when I had the time. I look forward to trying other games from this franchise and I have already recommended it. It's a good game.
Not as enjoyable as the 1st mainly due to the game not registering me touching required objects on a few crucial occasions and then me having to use hints to find I need to do something I already tried! Also some of the objectives are almost impossible to figure out without using hints or the walkthrough. Much prefer the 1st but that won't stop me installing part 3 as these games are criminally good! Can't wait to play through all of them!
The game play is amazing but I love the storylines of this developer's games They are so good. It's like reading a very interesting book and you cannot sleep until you know the very end of what happens. I loved the concept of the 4 horsemen.
Love this game! Very intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend it if you like point and clicks. My favorite hidden object game series!
I really enjoy these earlier "Lost Lands " games for their characters, art, voice talent, inventive puzzles, etc. One puzzle in the bonus episode (jigsaw), too hard on small phone screen. Please try to make these games a little more "forgiving" ,when played on a phone. Otherwise - 5 * for all involved!
You can't see the bottom of the example during the embroidery puzzle, I tryed using an image I found online and was still unable to progress. This combined with the fact the game was designed to be played on a much bigger screen than a cell phone I must give this game a poor review.
This was a good ride. Been an idle app in my phone for quite a long time and I tried playing it just to kill some time before our wifi got fixed. Dayumm, didn't expect to play it for 3 days. Thought I could end it in just half a day or 1 day at most. Our wifi got fixed but I still wasn't even reaching 50% of the game. Graphics was understandably okay. No ads before during or after the game. No crashes. All in all a good exp. Very interesting series too. I just Wish I played the 1st Lost Lands.
Wow. Fastest lost lands to uninstall. Got.to the memory puzzle where you have to put the room pieces and got stuck. Needed to wait for free coins to skip the puzzle. After the 5 min timer started forgot to come back to the game until next day and the 5 min timer has reset back to 5 mins. Get a grip cos that puzzle was shocking.
The game is epic. Seriously, ive never played a game like this one, the story was like, a real story of a real magical world. The Lost Lands are amazing, this game offers nice length, story and characters. I think this is the best game of five bn games. Well done, five bn games.
Great game and story line. The only issue is you'll be in chapter 8 but have to find your way back to the beginning to complete a task in another level. It gets a little confusing.
Game was pleasant, surprising and felt like Elder Scrolls interactive puzzle game to an extent. The 1st game wasn't too long, had great balance, and its puzzles made reasonable sense throughout entire game. This is an Adventure, with "Continued Stories," but they only get more ridiculous with many repeating puzzles with "Just Different Images." The Adventures still are very interesting, and most complaints are from stupid idiots, so i'll be playing them all if this doesn't get boring at least!
Pleasantly surprised. Great fun. Interaction with maps and clues makes it easy to navigate. Puzzles challenging but intuitive.
Now Im upset. Ive spent like 15 bucjs in this game for hints bc otherwise i wouldnt know where to go next, and now the app simply just wont open. It doesnt need updated. Its just simply not opening. Ive just wasted time and money on your creation. Simplify the map-you should only be able to use obtained items in one scene at a time, or only highlight what items are available for use in which areas. Would be a decent game then. Use my 15 bucks i just stupidly gave you and make some improvements.
Gave one star because I had to. I got to the frozen caves and could go no further, my progress on the map was lost and I could not go back to other scenes. I just spent a half hour uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing cache, to no avail. I'm done.
One of the better Hidden Objects/Adventure game. It was difficult in places which made it fun. The puzzles were interesting and the story was good and the game play felt longer than some others I have played. Highly recommend giving it a go.
I really love the game I want to congratulate you all this is first I've played that is not lagging, and have a very very hight graphics I've played part1 and part 2 is is even more intresting I can really depend on this game if I am sad or I went through a bad day I love this game so much I have no problem at all about it. I would give a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and the graphic is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo reallllllllllll
This is the second game in the series I have played & both have been excellent. Not too easy, not too hard, nice graphic & not continually bombarded with ads. Definitely worth a look if you like this type of game.
Well created. Best I've played. Finished clickables become unclickable. Puzzles make sense. Multi area interactions. I wish there were more Hints though
Absolutely phenomenal games. I've played the first lost lands and half way thru the second and look forward to playing the rest. The graphics are wonderful and the stories are awesome.I hope they come out with more of these games. Only problem is I have short term so I wish they could give you way more hints. I also like the hints they do give you because it doesn't give away the answer as to what you need to do. They just select a location and you figure it out from there. Great job y'all! 👏
I went through and aligned all the 3 circles of flowers correctly in the area with the flower in the glass just for the game to glitch and not let me progress. It took me forever to rearrange them and now I have to do it again??? I'm probably going to uninstall
I love to play it, it's a really good game but the only one thing there is bad , and that is there are no coins for using you should buy 🙄 this is not Fair babebs 😭
Great game! Longer than the first one, but I managed this one without using any clues (instead I wasted more time just trying everything everywhere, and sometimes I discovered the next step more by chance than cleverness...). The info you get when you point to things is very helpful, and the storyline is quite good as well. The puzzles are slightly on the easy side, but that just means you move on quicker. I didn't buy the bonus game (yet).
This is an amazing game. Had to use some hints, but just a few. Great graphics. Nice storyline. I liked the way it connected with Lost Lands 1. All in all, amazing experience. Thank you
Am delighted to be playing this game on my android phone and thank you developers for allowing us to play for free! 👍
Absolutely an exceptional game! Once I started playing I couldn't stop. The story line is interesting and exciting and the puzzles keep you thinking and wanting more. Unlike a lot of games that only take a few hours to beat this one actually took a while, which I loved! The game can get a bit challenging at times but I was able to make it all the way through without having to use any hints. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes a good challenge! Played 1 & 2 & can't wait to play # 3!
When I last played this game I really enjoyed it but it only let me on the first level then you have to purchase to unlock the rest of the game this says free to play I'm downloading it so let me see how far you can go??I have played it now and I have completed the main game but you have to purchase the bonus game which I think is a bit draft
It is a real convincing adventure. The game is a masterpiece. U will never get bored and u will find urself inside scenes interacting with every caracter. Highly recommended
you have to have alot of hints to know what to do next. don't make since especially when you find stuff but don't know where it goes and you get stuck and there is no help button or anything.
I have just recently discovered this developer and I like the games so far. This one is just challenging enough to not need any hints. I would like it if the story was a bit more developed, but if they are going build their world, then they have a good base to get deep. And to the 1-star guy -- Seriously, dude? People work hard to make a living. Your screen is too small so you take a big dump on the devs? You're bad at life.
I loved New York mysteries,lost lands 1 was ok but this one just has too much going on to remember everything and alot of items you get to use make no sense,also not really that hard of puzzles either,to tedious and boring 2 stars
Game is good but the game is now hung where I completed the correct combination to open a box and it didn't open. There simply wasn't any other way to re-enter the combination or get the box to open. Not about to restart the entire game, but it was pretty good to that point.
Just got compass and am in the tunnels. Lost lands 2 is 2nd adventure I've played from this developer, Five BN games. So far they have been great. Looking forward to finishing this one & going on to the next.
Beautiful game ! Awesome graphics, great story . Very immersive and addicting .I just love the experience of playing it non stop .congrats to the team of creators . Oh and thanks for all the free games ! You guys are fantastic .
The scenes are amazing, puzzles are different and fun, some are very challenging, and the story line is good. Love everything about Lost Lands!!!! And if you miss something, the hints answer without being overly submisive.
Playing on my Galaxy Tab A with no issues so far. Love LL. Superb graphics, sound and effects...AND IT'S FREE. I never buy bonus chapter since I'm 77 yrs young with limited funds. I appreciate the freebies. 👌👍👨‍🦳
This game is pretty good,but....it's hard to play when you have to buy hints!!!! So many other games have free hints ! What's up with the $ !! I guess nothing is Free. :(
Very good graphics. Feels like kinda reading a book but you are selecting what happens next. Truly recommend this masterpiece. Try it, you'll love it.
I now see this storyline continues so far LL6. I am not playing anymore, as enjoyable as it is. You must give players the opportunity to earn free coins DAILY to buy hints. We are all not so stupid as to buy coins with real currency for the entire game series. So engrossing, enjoy it very much.
Not the best. Game 1 was better, the puzzles made some sense and it was more obvious what parts were used where. The hints were also more informative in game 1. This game was lots of random clicking, the rotation puzzles had no hits or clues on orientation. The hints often directed me to where I already was. Used 10 free hints that got me nowhere. Didn't like that the sketchy hints inside completed puzzles couldn't be re-examined, lost a lot of information by clicking away too fast by mistake.
Awesome Beautifully done. Not too hard. Challenging enough. Can play without spending cash. Love all the "Lost Lands" games.
Very enjoyable. Love the Lost Lands games and looking forward to playing the others. Adventure, puzzles, strong story line, tricky but not too difficult. Great.
Basically it's a great product but. it's very difficult to navigate/find where to use collected items without hints. So I paid for 20 extra hints, I felt they deserve support for such a great range of products, and got nothing. I've emailed the company but no reply yet. Also tried refund on play store, but no option is available for this purchase.
Game is rally fun but hints need to free to get not cost money to get extra hints makes the game too hard and unbeatable but that is why the game is challenging that is the best way to do things any gamer anyone who I know what's a game not worth playing do that me I said forget that enjoy it but when you need hints it would be helpful to have free
I have played all of your games & the Lost Lands series are the best mobile games i've played! Great story lines, graphics, mini games are challenging but not too hard & best of all it's free! Now i'm not so patiently waiting for Lost Lands 8...any idea when/if this will come out? 😆
A very engaging game with difficult puzzles. Great graphics, music, sound effects. But it is easy to forget where items and puzzles are after going round the map 20 times just to achieve one part. Too much going forwards and backwards to keep track of what's what. Map needs indicators with a colour highlight over still active areas and rough locations of collection objects, then fading to white when an area is complete would be useful. Interesting but very frustrating game
I really like this kind of games, and i'm lucky to have found the lost land series. Even though it is quite hard to play but its a great challenges for me, have been playing the 1st and the 2nd one and giong to the 3rd one. I really like the small details of connection between the 1st and the 2nd story. And one thing i just wanna say poor the MC to have always moving on through some adventures, it must be a really great and fun experiences for her, but she must be tired for all of that hahaha
This game is confiusing because most of the tools and such that i have to find are difficult to locate! It's not fair to have to pay for hints and only be given 10 free hints. The rest of the games ive played simular to this one doesn't do that! Went from three to two. This gam3 has already cost me $2.99 and l'm not even half way through it. I'm interested in the game but why do i have to buy hints noone else charges for their hints! Also i could play it better if i could remember?????
Very graphic and exciting gameplay! Clues dont just jump at you, instead you have to be observant. Keeps me enthralled!
Lovely game, many different puzzels and good story. Started with 2 and am now downloading part 4! Worth buying some extra hints to support the game and get through to then end story. Thank you for making it free to play.
Played Lost Lands 1 and loved it so much I went searching fo more. Hours of entertainment, puzzles, great graphics. Kudos to the creators of this game and a huge thank you.
I have lost countless nights of sleep with FIVE-BN games. Totally worth it! I beat them without hints but I always pay for the bonus chapter to support this very talented development team! What is the difference between the full version of these games for 7 dollars and the f2p versions that allow the unlocking of bonus content for 3 dollars?
As an avid Nancy Drew player, I love this series. This sequel incorporates new collectables while maintaining the same gameplay as the first. It's free, yet has the quality of good paid for games. Only negative reviews I see are about the map, coins, and hints. All of which aren't needed to complete the game if you are good at puzzles.
I am stuck at bird embroidery puzzle. I did as shown in pic and show some tutorials too for verification, but still there is no sparkle animation over it neither I can use scissor to cut it out. help pls
Great game. Usually I do HOGs in normal mode. As a free game you have to do this in expert mode, no sparkles, very limited hints, and the map doesn't tell you where the active area is. Very challenging this way. Wonderful graphics, sound, and controls. This was a game that you had to pay for ( collectors edition) then after a time they made it for free to play. Get it, you can't beat free for a game of this high quality.
Not bad, but the hints payment system is a rip off. Hint only works for one movement, so use a hint going to the location, then another hint to get the real hint. It's extortion. As the game becomes more obscure you need hints and then realise that you would be paying far too much for a pretty standard game. It would be better if it had one price just to pay for the game in full . I actually downloaded all the series hoping to enjoy them all, but will uninstall them. Not worth the money or time.
I really really like this game. It has one shortcoming and for me it's a deal killer. It doesn't sync your progress with Google play games. I reinstalled it on a new phone and had to start from the beginning. That's a pisser. Would have given 5 stars if not for that.
I really enjoyed the storyline, although I felt that 2 of the horsemen died too quickly. Otherwise, the puzzles were intriguing and the game really played on your memory ability, as I found myself scratching my head on where I saw specific items that I couldn't unlock at the time I originally found it. GREAT game, and I installed Lost Lands 1 and 3 to continue the saga.
I loved the first one so immediately installed this one. I have to say, it is a lot harder than the first. Use ur hints wisely bc u WILL need them and they dont always help u figure out what the heck ur suppose to do. This is why I give a 3. I had to watch a walkthrough at least half the entire game. And I'm good these usually. They need better directives IMO
Decent game with good graphics. One main issue is too much random clicking with no real clues on what to do.
Having not played lost lands 1 I'm having difficulty, having to go back and forth. I like the game but do not like that I have to "buy" coins to get hints. Maybe you guys can figure out a reward system for finding items. Some of us that like to play are on fixed incomes and this is an expense we can't afford.
Actually i was enjoying playing this game,until the lion puzzle came out, though i place everything in the right place its not working.Without completing the game sadly uninstalling.
This game is really fun, and the story is compelling. I was glued to it until I finished it. The few problems: Once you meet the dwarf, his repeat comments as you click around get REALLY annoying. The "special time limited deal" would be a lot more special if it didn't pop up every 20 minutes. And there should really be a way to go back in to collect the other hidden items after finishing without starting ALL THE WAY OVER and having to repeat the ENTIRE GAME.
Excellent game. Great mythical story line and graphics. Mini puzzles add to the main game. Love not being smothered with ads or being pestered to buy game currency. The game is enjoyable though confusing at times, but that's par for the course. Explore methodically, take notes, and take your time to look around. The only improvement I could suggest would be to label the locations on the maps, but thats minor.
Gameplay, characters, storyline , graphics , puzzles all are awesome.. I played lost land 1 and now installing all the version available and playing it. Best part no ads. I gave 4 star for one reason. but if u start playing all the lost lands season then some puzzles are similar one...
Very enjoyable but there appears to be a glitch. I retrieved the stone flower from the fireplace in the werewolf hut, but it does not appear in my inventory so I cannot continue the game.
For a free game you get a big, big game with stunning graphics, decent storyline and without annoying adverts. Not too much horror/violence. Can get quite complex with number of items to collect and use. This is the longest game of its type I have come across. Some of the puzzles surprisingly simple, others tedious, but on the whole enjoyable. You can get away without buying coins with the online hints available, but you do seem to have to part with money for bonus chapter?
Superb puzzle solving adventure. The greatest thing about the game is that the puzzles all interact and solving one leads to another. Highly recommended!