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Lost Lands 1

Lost Lands 1 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not playable on a Galaxy S10. A task at the beginning of the game requires you to pick something up in a location that's hidden by the back button. So, trying to get it just takes you back. Probably requires a tablet.
A great series. I five starred them all. I would say that the first three lost lands are the hardest but are still manageable and fun to play. The rest should easy be since you will have an idea of what your looking for. Click on everything that looks different or out of place. Hints cost money but the first few games offer hints for watching an ad and the last few give you hints for free every 10min. There is extra puzzles for $1.99 which is cheap considering a game this good. Youtude to cheat!
Very interesting and entertaining BUT it comes to a point when the game glitches. You can't find or use your tools appropriately. It was extremely annoying πŸ˜’ πŸ™„ πŸ˜‘ 😀! I uninstalled it because there was no way to fix it. What a shame πŸ˜” πŸ˜• because I really loved 😒 the game!
Okay so here is my take on this. I played this on my phone for about 1 week and finished BUT with lots of help. I love the concept of the game, but I was so confused as to what is next because there were so many back and forth. I eventually had to go on a site for a walk-through because I did not know what came next. It was really confusing and absolutely needed the walk-through on a google site to tell me what's next. I don't think I'll ever play it again though. Too much back and forth
Great game, especially considering that it's free, seems like a lot of reviewers want everything for nothing. You get 5 coins to start, and 10 more free, to use for hints. My advice is don't use them to skip puzzles, that costs 10 coins so not worth it. You can buy more coins, and pay to unlock the bonus game, I didn't do either and still got hours of gameplay for free.
A nicely developed story, thou a bit childish looking on the control panel, so if the developers bring an update to the panel, that'd be great, otherwise a pretty nice story and a nice time killer with the puzzles. Gamers can try it out..!
Wonderful free game! I was so pleasantly surprised by how fun this game was. I liked the storytelling as well. You can google for the game walkthrough if you get stuck and don't want to pay for hints. I just paid for some hints because bravo to the creators! Thanks for the entertainment. Ended up doing the whole Lost Lands series.
Brilliant, I say that because no ads are shoved down your throat and it's not simple but not impossible that you have to spend money. A fair game and a welcome change to the greedy money grab games that are abundant. Thanks to the developers.
Love, love, love Five-BN games. Fantastic game play. Beautiful coloring, in-depth story line, cut-scenes are...WOW! No problems playing any of your games on my ancient tablet. Kudos to the devs for giving us gamers a great product.
Well im gutted ive took off 2 stars coz once again the game has glitched i LOVE your games n have completed all several times but this is 3rd time ive had to uninstall half was way threw coz of a glitch. Im at castle assembling parts for the air baloon n one part just will not go on n no its not mistake im making it literally shows u part to use u press it n it connects nd every piece conected par from1. So gutted plz fix these glitches as its annoying getin so far threw n having to delete
Awesome game!! Objectives are hard enough to keep you guessing for hours on end but have you coming back to try again and again because you know you'll figure it out. Great detective, problem solving, strategic game!
Fantastic! I don't review many games but this one I highly engaging! No ads to be bothered by, graphics are amazing and the story line is really good. Great puzzle-solving mystery. Some stuff is a bit difficult towards the end so it's very challenging in some parts but you can Google or YouTube a walk-through if you need to. Not sure if I already reviewed this game but I gave it the same rating. BTW, it's so good I went ahead and downloaded 1-6 of the Lost Lands games!
Best game I've ever played on the phone. However, there seems to be a glitch and I cannot move further into the game. I finally founds the cups to go on the shelf in the captains room but I cannot move them around. Devs...plz advise. Thank you.
Ran out of hints. There is only a few free hints after that you have to buy them. Really frustrating, made it more than half way thru then ran out of hints and am stuck so can't finish. It doesn't let you know if an area is completed.
Really great game with an interesting story and many small puzzles. I enjoyed it so much that I bought the bonus level. Only downside: On my 5" display I couldn't see everything and although I was able to zoom in at the most parts of the game I couldn't at most of the puzzles; so I needed to take screenshot to zoom in in these. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to solve some of the puzzles. I guess this is best played on tablet. Looking forward to playing more of the developer's games. 5/5
Great game! Possible to play without microtransactions without slowing the game play down unbearably, and if you're u do need help it's affordable. The pace is just perfect and the puzzles are varied and just the right level of difficulty to keep it interesting. I did find it a lot easier if I turned the screen brightness all the way up.
Great puzzle game! Lots of mini puzzles to compete, and story driven progress, with back and forth searching and hunting. Very detailed and involved. Will keep you busy for several hours. Only down side is some critical items aren't very easy to spot, and will probably require a hint to locate. Still a great game and with downloading.
Neat game. I like the challenges in searching for pieces, unlocking "trick" boxes & door locks. It has an interesting immersive storyline. It's an interactive book! The graphics are really pretty too. I just finished Lost Land 1 & look forward to playing 2. You really do get lost :)
Absolutely amazing game. The storyline is awesome and the characters are so great. The base game is free and beatable, and only the bonus chapters cost. I liked the game so much that I went ahead and purchased the rest afterwards.
I like it but wish it was a little bit easier to identify where and when things need to be explored. Using hits sucks bc the only way to get hits is to buy them. So tapping every inch of the screen to see what & where things are is super annoying.
Challenging, but not frustrating. No ads! One of the best features of this game is that once you fully explored a place, you can't come back there, so you are not wasting your time with there by trying fruitless things. Also, tapping a new place for which you don't have an inventory item yet tells you so, so that again you don't have to waste your time. That leaves trying your inventory things at accessible places and that usually makes a lot of sense, so if you have a good memory...
Loved this game till it started glitching. Can't move the cups and vases around. No use going on. You need the thing that you are supposed to get after you put them in the right order. Too bad it was fun while it lasted.
Only game i have given 5* Its an incredible game, especially if you like puzzle solving games like (The Room). I cant be believe its FREE and AD FREE not one pop up. The game play is great and I love how your still solving puzzles at the end if the game that are on the earliest stages, so you constantly on the look out...very cleverly plotted out
One of the best games I have ever played on android. The only reason I gave four stars is due to the reason that there is no option to watch videos to get hints. Other than that, no complaints, The best part is there is no force advertisements. BEST GAME ON ANDROID PLATFORM! AND NO ADVERTISEMENTS WHICH IN 2020 IS VERY RARE! Good luck and thank you!
I am new to gaming and decided to try this one. I'm not usually good at memory games and puzzles so this was a new experience. It flows well and has good graphics. The free hints are there if you need them and load each 5 minutes. But I admit to looking on a walk through vid a few times to save them near the end as I missed an item near the green owls and couldn't dig up the root, I used all but 3 of my free hints. A good game and easy enough for beginners.
Beautiful Game. I was searching for a good escape game but after the Rusty Lake Cube Series, hardly any met the expectations. This game, however, blew me off my feet. When I first started it, I thought it was one of those pesky games for kids. But this was so much more than that. Beautiful storyline. ZERO ads. Amazing puzzles. 10/10.
This is one of the better games of this genre.....is it difficult, yes but not impossibly so, is it frustrating....you betcha! I love it, it's challenging to say the least but certainly not impossible and....you don't pay for anything! All in all a fantastic game!
I actually had a good time playing this game. It can sometimes be a challenging game of memory, trying g to retain where you saw things, but that is what I like...I can do a little each evening. Some of the puzzles, while not terribly hard, are a bit annoyingly time consuming, but beyond that I like the stories and fun memory challenges.
Loved this game. It wasn't hard but not extra simple either. I love that you have to stop and think before continuing on. No ads. No pay to play. The designs are amazing.
It's a hard game but enjoy playing it. They could have made it just a little easier to find hidden objects gas some blend in very well with the scenery till you have to use a hint. Graphics are great. Music is good. A lot of going back and forth to put objects in places you've been to. But that's of the game. Have not had a problem so far with the game.
I changed my star rating because although this game is fun if you get to a point where you can't figure it out then you're screwed. They don't give you any way to earn coins for hints this game Forces you to pay money they say it's a free game but it's not. I am uninstall link and it is a shame they did a nice job with graphics and clues up to a point do not install this game
I don't often review, however, this game is worth it. Quite tricky but not impossible. I did need to buy extra hints, however, the graphics are fantastic so I had no problem spending the money. I paid an extra couple bucks for the bonus game, also happy to pay for that. All up I spent about AU$7 and given quality of the game, this was well worth the money.
I really enjoyed the game, the riddles, the atmospheric artwork. Only 4 out of 5 stars, because the riddles are not really connected to the story. It's jumping from one riddle to the next and very often, it doesn't make sense where you find something. So it's merely pattern matching than story driven, something I was badly missing.
Great games but get to a certain distance and only way you can get any further is to buy coins. It is supposed to be a free game. Not a paid game.if you don't change this I will delete all the ones I have got . I have got from 1 to 4 and they all do the same . Will not download any more of your games if you don't change this.
The game is great in principle, I needed to buy coins. Soon as I bought them the puzzles got easier. Its not a free game, I'd rather pay and get decent hints. 3 hours start to finish and disappointed.
Exceptional! The environments in this game are incredible. Im sorry I did not have to buy any coins, I will most likely buy one of your next titles. Thank you for having this free version, what a steal! A great difficulty for myself, not to hard but challenging at times. Perfect. Thank you for your hard work.
I loved the story. Seemed like a movie. Using up 15 free coins then not getting any must be annoying to most of them but I loved it, as it makes more difficult to find things. Anyone can pay and win but, I just completed this game for free. Going to install part 2 now😊
Was waiting to find a game like this. Tricky enough but once you get a rhythm, totally doable !! And best part, totally free !!! Not one ad! Still cant believe it. 100% recommend for anyone looking for a puzzle adventure story game that gets you hooked.
( Lost Land 1 ) I enjoyed the game but using a hint may not be for what you need. Then once the coin hints are gone you have no way to regenerate a free hint. I will admit I got stuck and went over and over the game to move forward got tired of trying to figure where or what I needed to do. Was more frustrating than relaxing. So unistalled. Bye!
Loved this game! Not easy, not hard. You do have to be persistant to figure everything out. No ads. Long enough to enjoy. Only the second game I felt obliged to pay something for.
THREE Problems. 1) You get 5 Hints & have to pay if you want more. No alternate way (like watching ADs) to get more. PRO TIP: Google Walkthroughs. There are tons of them available. 2) The bonus chapter promised to you if you finish the game? It is NOT free. You either have to purchase 30 coins or pay $1.99. To me that is FALSE advertising. Last I checked they clearly state this game is FREE to play. 3) Many of the graphics are difficult to see for mini-games. Lots of guessing to try to finish.
By far the best free puzzle game ever. The graphics, the story, I just want to keep playing and playing it. The hints are the only thing you need to pay for after the first free 15 but other than that I have no complaints. Great job making this game!!
Map is not helpful, hint is better than some games but it would be nice if I can use hint anytime instead of waiting to get coins in order to use it. I've also had several items that I cant use in the game because there's nowhere to use them.
This game is fantastic! I cant believe how well thought out & detailed it is. It's so good that I couldn't put it down & I finished the game in 18 hours (during 2 days)! There are a good variety of puzzles & mini games. Several times throughout the game I found myself thinking "Wow! This is so damn cool!" Beware, u get only 7 free hints. Android users, sometimes the bottom of the screen is cut off by your items bar, so zoom in the best u can (ex.dirigible assembly). I highly recommend this game!
I rarely rate a game but...your games deserve it. They are incredibly well done and a joy to play. I really needed to use my brain on some of the challenges and kept a running cheat sheet so I didn't have to back- track and needlessly go through the same scenes again. The story kept you interested, your artwork is marvelous and the scenes aren't dark like some of the lame-game companies use to hide things. Thank you for making this a full game and not a teaser :))
I like it. It's awesome. 5 Stars! My suggestion is, for us F2P players, instead of purchasing gold coins(hints) we can just watch ads instead. We don't really mind if every ad costs 1gold coin(hints) since you do not force ads on us. I haven't seen one actually. It would be a waste to not be able to play the bonus content. If you are looking for something to do on your leisure or just wanting to kill some time and if you like solving puzzles this is the app for you. Very Awesome!
This is exactly the kind of game I love and I am happy I found it. Graphics and story are great. Quests are not too hard and not too easy and I appreciate how some objects collected are related back to unfinished parts of the game so you have to remember
Pretty good puzzle game, but not without niggles. First its impossible to know what you can interact with on any one screen. Meaning a lot of random tapping is on order. The hopping back and forth the different locations I know is part of the puzzle but there doesnt seem much logic in some of it. Would rather pay for game out right to be honest, rather than pay for hints system they have. Other games have a hint recharge time. Work some of those niggles out and it would be 5 star
This a great puzzle game it keeps you on your toes. Never a dull moment one thing leads to another, exciting when you have accomplished part of the game on hard trying to find object's. Other puzzle games like this I give up on especially when there is energy that you keep running out of all the time. Well done to the creators of this truly amazing app. Thanks
One of the better games out there. Ive played Alot of these kinds of games and this is for sure a good one. The puzzles are challenging and beautifully laid out. Good story too. I like that it has a collection part also. Its the little things for sure. Cant wait to play part 2 &3!!!
This the most generous "free" game I've played. It seems that the only thing you need to pay for are hints if you get stuck. (The first 15 hints are free). I'm 25% through the game so far and the puzzles have all been fair, logical and satifying. The production values of the game are extraordinary and I am thoroughly enjoying the game.
I love these games. You don't need to spend money to finish it as there are walk through videos on YouTube if you get stuck. I find I get lost in these games (excuse the pun), I've played nearly every one now.
Another glitchy game, at least this one got past the first puzzle, the fish puzzle is broken, which means the game is useless, because you must open that box to proceed, the developer's never reply to anything, don't waste your time or money, this they do on purpose, don't reply an expect people to buy a ton of coins to bypass those broken puzzles. If you're smart enough to do these games, then your smart enough to realize this an don't waste money.
WOW WOW WOW! AMAZING! IT JUST KEPT GOING! Unbelievable, the story great. The puzzles fantastic. I have not one bad thing to say about it! Incredible ... Download it now!
I couldn't put it down. Such a great game. Would highly recommend if you like abit of a story but also love puzzles. Wouldn't say it's a difficult game, but it does get you thinking. Give it a go and it will get you searching for number 2.
I love this game but it is really hard to solve puzzle. And when we finally solve one puzzle then another more mystery we need to solve. And i think it is really hard to solve this game puzzle for me. I haven't complete the game. They give only less hint which make the game more hard and mysterious.
The best game I have downloaded in ages. Not too difficult that you can't progress through the game but still very challenging. No annoying ads every 2 minutes either. Will def look to see if there are more games in the series.
The best thing about these lost land series is that storylines are awesome & intriguing...But they are somehow forcing people to buy hints as they have provided very limited hints inside the game which are surely insufficient... If you get stuck you must pay buy it to move forward or you delete it or re play it again to work on it... But i recommend that this series is still worth a try...
Game is fun...BUT....lack of any way to earn coins or daily reward for clues...LIKE....most other similar games, makes me rather mad. Developers need to have a clue. If you're gonna make it free MAKE IT FREE! We watch your ads, you could give us options for coins etc to get needed clues. I am stuck in a place, no clues to be had,I, as far as I can tell, tapped everything visible over many screens, NOTHING!!! Asking me what level is pointless....I CANT EARN A CLUE!! THATS THE PROBLEM!!!
I just found this on playstore last week....I downloaded this because I had nothing to play last week and because this is free.. Wow...what an interesting game...graphics are cool....cinematic trailers are so attractive and Those are telling the story....I was just thinking how great this story is...I Love this game... Thanks for let us download this free... I just moved to the Lost Land 2 The Four Horsemen... Great work..
A wonderfully made game! All the tasks and rebuses are different and I loved it because many games present the player with the same boring puzzles every time. I managed to get through it without paying for hints although it was not all too easy and the game kept me addicted the whole time. The graphics and art are amazing, there were no annoying adds and even if you decide to buy hints they are reasonably priced! This game is a real gem in the Play Store!
Absolutely fantastic! Not easy and you might get frustrated a bit before solving all the puzzles, but definitely worth it. Huge bonus for the ability to not to pay to actually complete the game, though it's worth to spend a bit for the tip bucket :)
I loved the game...graphics, story etc...it made you think! However I managed to get through without using the ten free coins, only to be majorly disappointed that you have to purchase the bonus game at the end....that's cheating!...you should be upfront about the cost at the beginning...I would happily pay if you were honest and not sneaky.....this attitude totally ruined the game experience for me...bad vibes...
The scenes are a bit dark and hard to see in most areas, even after zooming in. I have had to use up all of my free hints and not even 25% done the game. I would enjoy it more if there were more free ways to earn hints. They are pricy to buy in comparison to other games.
The game is straightforward and doesn't try to halt your progress by making things hard to find or understand. It lets you finish the story for free, and if you enjoy it you can get extra chapters or items by paying. If you're into this genre of games, it's worth it.
Amazing!! These games are fantastic!! The graphics are top knotch, I mean there's even bugs crawling on the cave walls and floors! The story line is heartwarming and beautiful. The characters are charming. Some puzzles were harder than others which I loved! If I could give 10 stars, I would!! Bravo!! Downloading #2 now!! Can't wait!! ❀️
I just started playing this game a few minutes ago, and I thought there was only gonna be one storyline throughout the entire series but I was wrong, I can't wait to check out part 2-6. All in all by it's genre, the game's perfect, but please add a confirmation section to the hint button, sometimes I accidentally press itπŸ˜…
Finally decided to review the game that made me appreciate the adventure genre. Back then I was frustrated having to rely on walkthroughs for Grim Fandango and The Secret of Monkey Island. First time I enjoyed playing through one and have been hooked ever since. The puzzles are well made in my opinion and I recommend this as an entry point to "point and click" adventure games. Thanks five-bn.
The puzzles are captivating, the story is good. The graphics are terrific, but the game play is two dimensional. Some of the hints ran me around in circles trying to get the tar out of the caves. It might help if they included some text with the hints to avoid confusion.
Too much going back, forth without instruction and cheating me out of coins just to show which direction you should go. I would be given it 5 stars because the game was fun otherwise. Ridiculous for not giving hints. I would've bought the game with hints included but there's no option. Had to go to YouTube for help and it's almost impossible to find all the collectibles. The PC game is obviously better and easier to be able see than playing on my tablet.
Game experience wasn't good some of the puzzles were to hard, and you couldn't just skip the puzzle without spending all your coins, My biggest complaint is there is no way in game to earn more coins, no adds to watch to get more coins, they just go straight to wanting you to spend money on coins.
That was ridiculous! Three days I spent playing an amazing free game right up there in the ranks of The Room. Thank you, I am off to play them all now! I like charging me 10 coins to skip. Made me not cheat. Puzzles were great, - and new.
This was such a fun game that I finished it in less than 24 hours!! The storyline is engaging, the graphics are great, & you don't have to pay to play unless you want to buy additional hints. I've seen several comments criticizing the developers for not giving away free coins but you can always use this super useful thing called the Internet to look up a part where you're stuck; it's also NOT a bad thing to buy coins to support the developers who made the game happen and kept it free. Loved it!
This game is very out of the ordinary with many twists and turns, incredible puzzles that are different to each other and a storyline written genius lyrics. Guaranteed to keep your mind turning. Highly recommend.
The graphics and details are of a very high standard, the bonus of being able to zoom in is very beneficial to hunting down those small, well hidden pieces. I sometimes worry about playing games with puzzles in them as I'm acutely colour blind, I can see colours but have great difficulty identifying it, therefore I would mix up Red with Green or Brown, Red and Pink, Red and Orange, Orange and Yellow, Blue and Purple,etc. I manage just takes longer sometimes. A great game so far, πŸ’― recommended!
The game is good but one thing I missed in the game is 3D view. The whole game is in single dimension mode. The camera should move around in all directions to complete the tasks.
Enjoying this puzzle adventure game! It's like a creepy dark version of king's quest. Very few ads, just the right difficulty. I like how when you're done exploring a small (magnified) area of a screen, you can't click into it again, which saves you from double checking finished areas.
Absolutely stunning game in the aspect of finding hidden things with story mode . Difficulty of game depends on the ones understanding of story and type of puzzle ther are playing with awareness of game play.. Also Time comsuming one..
had to delete because of space but this is one of the best games I've ever played I think this is the same people that made forsaken souls another great game series The only thing I would say about forsaken souls is that when you have it on the mobile version it pauses and skips a lot cuz it's made for PC but that's it besides thatI don't think this game is a series but it was really good it's some really hard puzzles that did not see coming(did not finish game)
I highly recommend this game! I downloaded it yesterday, and I finished it in just one day! I super love how the story flows, the graphic is amazing, the logical puzzles and 'finding the items' are very accurate. The free hints are enough for me and helpful whenever I don't know the next steps. This game is not like other mystery games, this is in a higher level πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Loved...I like the fact there are no time limits. Can play as slow as you want. I kept a notebook handy to keep track of where I was. ( a bit directionally challenged) Best played on a tablet or pc
I loved this game when i first started playing it and i was learning and become more knowledgeable as the game progressed. I occasionally hsd to use the hint to help me along but then it stopped. I wasn't getting anymore hints. Even as time passed ( hours, days etc...) Still no hints available so i had no choice but to uninstall the game. :(
This is such a good game, you get 10 free hint coins, 1 every 10 in game minutes. It's beautiful and well thought out, it's a lot of back and fourth over the map I will warn you
These games are beautifully done. It's none of that "find all the useless crud in some scenes to find what you need" but rather has you make use of what you find. I also love the fact that if there are no items left in a zoomed in area, you can't go back to it which makes the game pretty straightforward enough to play, and lets you enjoy the story without looking for an item in every nook and cranny you have been to.
Great game. Finished the main story. Had to use walkthrough to finish. Can't play the bonus chapter. Still was an awesome game. Best part no ads. Hope Lost Lands 2 is just as good.
First thing I loved about this game, was it had captions I have trouble understanding things verbally but have no problem when it's written, so that was very pleasant Then I got shocked by the fun but challenging puzzles Next it was the collecting portion I love when games tie collecting and lore together And then it was the characters, the mum specifically she really stopped at nothing for her son And lastly my biggest thing, the world building It actually FELT real and solid and I needed more!
I love this game! I really enjoy Point click adventure and this has to be one of the best free ones Ive found. The grapics go with the a1 storyline, the puzzles arent really hard so you get all the play with little to no frustration, and its not over in 5. Really nice to wind down with.
Excellent graphics, interesting storyline, puzzles are challenging but not so difficult it's not fun. The only annoyance is how difficult it is to choose certain items. The roses? Holy smoke. I must've clicked on them 100 times to get the 7 needed. Hint: leave all rational thought behind when you play and you'll do well.
A really good quality game for free, I didn't need to buy any hints. I brought the bonus chapter to support the developer and that was really enjoyable too. Will be downloading the next in the series soon.
I loooove this game!😍I did delete it a week or two after I installed it ONLY because I finished it. I love these types of games. Although if you aren't a patient person I wouldn't recommend this. Some puzzles can take a while to solve. But if you love mysteries like me, I would totally recommend installing this app!
Highly addictive and so absorbing. The developers have mixed the puzzles and games so its always interesting plus it has a great story line. I've played all the Lost Lands plus the other games from these makers and they are my favourite. The best part they are free - I played at least 15 of their games and I've not spent a penny!! Well done FIVE-BN Games, keep up the excellent work.
I am in love with these games! I have played all seven of the Lost Lands adventures as well as all four of the Darkness and Flame series-- all of them are 10 stars in my opinion. Lost Lands has a good story line throughout all the games. The graphics are good, the puzzles are challenging, but not extremely difficult (I did use a walkthrough help occasionally). The games are completely free from beginning to end, with a bonus chapter optional buy at the very end. I can highly recommend!
It was fun searching around for items and solving a bunch of puzzles. I used up all of my hints quickly, which was my error. (I played when I was sleepy.) In the end, I can say that it was fun and the music by and sound effects are fantastic.
This was a fun game and I'm very glad I tried it out. The puzzles are varied, which is very cool, and not so hard that you get frustrated. You can also use hints or skip the puzzle if you just want to move along. The scenes were pretty and there is a useful map that helps you move easily between locations. I played on my Samsung tablet and the game never stalled or had glitches. Going to go find more of their games now.
This game is the best puzzle story game out there. The story and graphics are very attractive. The puzzles can be quite challenging but gives the feeling of reward when you get it and move forward. Looking forward to playing all the series of this game!
This game is really amazing, at first when I read the comments I was like "oh, this is just some ordinary mystery game again" but then after playing this one, I've got myself so engaged and ended up playing all the series! This game is sooo really good. And I really love the story line! Salute to the maker!
Amazing It took me a few hour's to beat the main story line with only the 10 tips available there were time I struggled only because there is so much back and forth it's hard to remember all the little details so ofcourse you have figure out all the details hidden objects and puzzles u had to go back to again. So are you ladies and gents going to make more of these because I really did enjoy it.
Really liked the game up until I ran out of hints. They claim "free" but its free until you use up your hints and even then they coins you can pay for aren't cheap. I love the puzzles but when it comes down to it its really a mess of a game. All the things you need are scattered. If you need something for one place you have to go through 700 different possibilities of where it could be. Playstore needs to give us a "negative star" option.
I'm am uninstalling this game because the big problem in this game is there is no hints I'm am stuck in a place where I can't go further no one will buy coins for hints we can watch adds insted or u can give coins for finding things. I can download similar game in play store where they have hints win I'm stuck.
Great game with a variety of things to do,some easier and others more challenging. Nice detail and ease of use. Only complaint is sometimes hard to see some of the detail due to lighting or size (small) for a phone.
One of the most comprehensive 'escape' games out there. I, personally, need help remembering where certain things are as the game utilises the whole map all throughout, maybe having to go back to a point afterwards to complete a task. I'm currently on number 4 of this series and it takes about 6 hours of gameplay to complete. No annoying ads during this, and, it's free! Only downside are the hints... When it takes a coin it will not guide you through the whole hint, just show you a location
This game was awesome. It had me intrigued the entire time. I loved the small animations and the story. The different types of puzzles were clever and fun to figure out. I've never played a mobile game that made me want to finish it all the way through. I just finished it and will consider buying the bonus to support the developers.
Great game! As soon as I finish one chapter, I want to play the next chapter! I'm about to start chapter 5. I like the challenges, puzzles, the settings and the stories. All well tight together. Well made!
Honestly one of the best games on the play store in my opinion it has great puzzles not too hard but enough to make you think hard and the story is also great. I have no complaints about the game. Im about to finish it and will download LL2 aswell. I just wish that the graphics during cutscenes were better but other than that a perfect game.
Loved it. Beautiful artwork. The maps help a ton to travel back and forth!! Challenging but not so hard that you felt stupid. You can win simply by being persistant rather than needing a ton of hints for obscure clues that just make you roll your eyes. Eager to try the next one...
Point and click adventure with puzzle aspects. Completely free, zero ads, all cutscenes are skippable (but I advise against this because you really need to appreciate and give credit to the work going into this!), some actions take a while but the attention to detail is beautiful! I've played this for 2 minutes and will look forward to playing the rest. In a nutshell: if you don't like it it did t cost anything, but regardless of being a free game - bravo, guys! Bravo!
NO ADS AT ALL!! Graphics are awesome. Gameplay is very nice. Story is amazing. I bought the second chapter it's a bit shorter than first one but overall game is worthy. Would recommend and buy again.
Love this game, love the story line, very addicting. My boyfriend and I both play it, he just finished it and is onto the second one!!! Only downfall is you get no coins unless you buy them.
For a person with depression whom lost all interest to do anything and easily bored within seconds with other games, this game manage to hold my interest a lot longer than usual. Its fun, its unique, the graphic is high quality and the storyline is interesting. Thank you for being a great distraction from my crumbling world. I really appreciate whoever are behind this great game. Thank you again.
I am taking three Star's from my rating. I was told I opened the bonus game only to find out I have to pay $2. How is that opening the bonus game? That's an evil tactic. You already limit us to very little coins that are for buying hits and we need 20 coins to unlock the bonus or pay the $2. You owe us the bonus game you claim is opened after we finish the main game. There's no way to save the coins. You don't explain how to play. Not good. πŸ˜ πŸ€¨πŸ˜’
The game so far is captivating so real the puzzles are quite challenging but its healthy challeng, even though i don't have money to spend in order to enjoy playing it. i just hope i woun't have any cause to uninstall this one. You know i resently uninstall it because i dont have hint anymore so i got stock no idear what to do, i 've installed it back though hoping to skale through this time, its hard sometimes but easy is boring..
I really enjoyed this game. There was somethings I wish it had or did. In some of the puzzles the words are too small to read and in the picture puzzle it was too hard to see. There should be away to enlarge it. That was it for me. Oh, the map is too close to the hint. Other then that good game. 4stars. Didn't know I needed 30 coins to play the bonus game. A little sad about that. So I couldn't play. On to the next one. Hope its just as good. Thanks.
I really enjoy this game. I've played many other games (so, so many!) that claim to be similar to this but I always get fed up with them because you 'run out of energy' and have to wait the entire day to be able to play again- unless you're willing to pay. Or the puzzles are ridiculous and make no sense, or they're way too complicated and pointless. I'm definitely going to be playing this for a worryingly long amount of time!
Awesome game. I just love hidden object and pale solving games. This one is by far the best without any irritating ads. Thank you developer! And you can clearly see how much effort the creator have put into this game. Kudos!
This was a brilliant start to all the lost lands adventures I am on lost lands 6 now and that so far is as brilliant as the rest. The only thing I could complain about is as I have these games downloaded on my Samsung j3 mobile phone it is very easy to accidentally hit the hint button and then you end up getting help with a hint you didn't want, that is very frustrating. I like to play without asking for hints but lost lands 5 I kept hitting the hint button and that spoilt it really.
Love games like this! No glitches and there are plenty of different puzzles and games within the game, along with a story line with cool graphics. This game has everything I look for! Very much enjoying it and definately recommend it!
One of the few games worth spending $ on. It's a combination of hidden object and adventure genres, with spectacular and beautiful graphics. You'll enjoy more if you turn off music-its kind of creepy. There should be a selection of music to choose from.
Great game! Long enough to be fun and engaging, without having to vuy everything all the time! They gave free hints, and the story was great
Absolutely loved this game some bits are hard and others a little frustrating but then you get a eureka moment and you're fully in again! Bets kind of game where its hard but you don't rage quit over it.. Just want to play more of them now! Well done developers you done some great puzzles πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Sooo challenging,, you need efforts and time.. I hope they make more games like this, that composed more thrilled and longer story.. Well i just finished this game nearly a monthπŸ˜… I don't have the money to buy coins,, well... Keep up the good work devs❀️
Interesting puzzles. Too many tasks COULD be done with what's on hand, but require specific item (grrr!). I figured out some puzzles, but wouldn't let me Solve them til my character had officially seen The Clue (grrr!). Some of the hidden object searching will require a large screen (my 'moto g power' is almost too small) and increased brightness. Otherwise, great graphics! Pretty good story. Overall fun game.
I loved the game and was even keeping track of things left to do at each location. However, I entered a cavern where you had to locate pieces listed in a word bank. One of those pieces is a grapple and you have to use a knife to cut the rope that it is tied to but the knife wasn't there. I looked at the walk throughs & saw where the knife was supposed to be, which was on the little wheel in the bottom right hand corner but not in my game. Reloaded game twice. No knife. Contacted IT. No response.
For me, the best game/game series in all of Google Play!! At least the best free game. Graphics are fantastic! Game play and navigation are smooth, logical, and consistent throughout. Puzzles and other mini-games are satisfyingly challenging without being too hard or easy. Amazingly complex fantasy story carries the player through the game. Personally I get a bit confused with all the many characters. But it doesn't significantly interfere with game play. THANKS FOR HOURS OF FUN!!
It is such an interesting and incredible game I have ever played. It is just as a fairy tale movie. We have to search a lot of mysterious things and solve the mystery. There are dozen of puzzle to be solved and although some are hard to solve we feel so amazing to solve as it utilizes our knowledge and ability. You can prefer to this game as it has no bugs, not need internet connection and is so easy to play and there is not risk for viruses too. So for sure, once you download this game .
Addictive game, free access to all areas (except bonus level) a bit too much disconnect between the areas and what you have to do in them but for that the map comes in very handy. Would recommend
I LOVE YOUR GAMES!!! I played all 7 lost lands and all 4 new york mysteries, now playing the darkness and flame series. I love the storyline, the puzzles, the graphics.... every thing. Highly recommend this game if you like some challenging (but not impossible) puzzles. Keep uploading some good games! (I'm always waiting for a new one).
So glad i decided to download. So addictive. A million places to explore inside the live looking world. Love the short stories in between too. Lots of puzzles to solve, clues to find, and even interactive hidden item puzzles. And youve got to go back and forth between the scenes to solve and get higher into the levels. Its one of the best games. Cant wait for the next from this developer.
Thoroughly enjoyed this. A nice linear puzzle game with a decent plot. The puzzles were not too obscure, a little thought and remembering, ' where did I see that?' , will get you through.
Very Fun game, I finished the main part and right beforehand I purchased 30 hint coins and only used 1 before the end of the game. I see that it takes 30 coins to play the bonus section and I am lacking 1. I dont want to purchase another 30 coins just to play considering you also get 30 more when you unlock the bonus. That's way more than I can use and a total waste. Is there anyway i can transfer those 29 coins to another one of the lost lands games??? I'd love to play all of the games. Help!
The game is great it's just that it has some flaws...eg an item you need to gain a crucial part of the game , if used too soon disappears making it impossible to finish the game . Surely if you need an object twice why not leave it accessible !!!!!!!
Love this game with puzzles and a story to follow. Very frustrating at times when you ask for a hint, but the hint doesn't help because that's not what you're stuck on. Can't find a bas-relief piece, but the game hints are that I need dragon blood...yeah, I know but I can't get that without the bas-relief piece I'm missing. Wound up wasting gold coins for hints didn't need yet.
Graphics, minigames, story plot and etc. Loved them all. Also has the right amount of difficulty for me. Im already finished with lost lands 1 and am currently downloading the 2nd version. Over all loved it. And im the type that loves this type of games be it on the computer or android. And this is the first adventure, hidden object game I've played on my phone but im glad it is.
At first the graphics threw me off but really they are beautiful! And I really enjoy the puzzles! They make you think and all parts of the game intercept. Perfect for passing time and great way to exercise your mind.
Wow one of my favourite game.I use to play all games created by five-bn. Better graphics,audio ,visuals with a nice storyline.I love the puzzles very much. Apart from this the characters,short videos, mini games,and fictious places are wonderfully shown that even Grandpa plays the game with me. I love this game very much. Thanks to five-bn for creating such a ❀️ macthing and lovely games. Thanks a lot.
Incredible ! Im inlove with this Game! It has everything in an escape game. Plus the actual story and mystery objects to Be Find 🀘🀘 it makes me Struggle to one place and another though .. and You really have to memorize where u found the Last hints or You will get lost πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ all in all its amazing. .cant wait for ur second one. 😚
Love the game but some of the puzzle don't quite work. Also, I paid for the hints but they stopped working well before I'd used them all. Would be a great game if they could sort out the glitches.
Really loved the series. Great hidden objects game mixed with nice puzzle/brain teaser mini games and fun story... Although the stories aren't really my taste. I finished Lost Land series 1-6. Heard there is 7 so hope they can convert to mobile soon. Almost finished the Darkness and Flames series which was just as fun but there are bugs with 1 & 4. Looking forward to the New York Mysteries series since it's more modern and hopefully doesn't to deal with magic and demons etc. Highly recommended.
Excellent game, one of the best I have played , hope there are many more!! Needs a little better hints and able to use without having to buy all the time
Very fun, but I think some of the puzzles require a screen larger then a phone. The obscure collection items are impossible to see. I only find them by accident while clicking for clues.
Beautiful visuals . But No direction. No idea what ur looking for and no idea what ur supposed to do. Random and a mess. And sometimes you can't even do anything. bs game
A great idea. A hidden onject puzzle game with beautifully drawn levels and well produced music to det the ambience. There are nice CGI cinematic story cuts that pull the different stage stories together well. I would like to have fully composed songs instead of short ambient music lopps.
One of the most fun games I've played in a long time. Great puzzles, fun story. I would give it 5 stars, but certain places you can't zoom in to see the clues. I don't have the best eyesight. I had to screen shot then open that image and zoom in. Kind of a pain, but still worth playing.
Enjoyed the beautiful graphics and cut scenes. Could use more hints and not be penalized for not having enough in order to play bonus chapter after completion, but it was fun. Engaging storyline. I'd rather play these games on PC for better viewing though.
I love the night sky. On my iPad I'm stuck on a puzzle... it's a hard one... I passed the game! The lake spirit and the mountain spirit are creepy! All of the places are sweet!the game is so good, the night sky is so great!😍😘πŸ₯° thank you for making this game! It's so pretty! Pluse I got to charge my phone, it's like about 16% left. Bi bn GAMES!
This is actually a really great game! Especially for it being free. Its very well made, imersive, and can keep you entertained for days! Its also challenging and the only thing you'd ever have to pay ($2) for is the bonus level and thats only if you want to play it! It has a great storyline and really good graphics! It's one of my favorite mobile series!
I love the story line of the game and that the puzzles aren't too easy or too difficult. If you get stuck it means that you missed something you need to do first. It seems like a glitch but it's just that everything has an order. The only issue I've come across is that I've collected all the side stuff but it didn't do anything. I thought it meant I could play the bonus chapter with the coins option, I never found coins in the game for it, but it hasn't been possible to do that.
I love these puzzle point and click games. I have played EVERY free-to-play game Five-BN has released on Google play. Even though you can't play the final chapter (you must pay) it is still satisfying to nearly finish the game.
Great game ! I gave 4 stars because of the bonus at the end. You can unlock the bonus when you finish the main story...didn't see anything about you gotta pay to unlock the bonus. I had no glitches or other problems. Loved the no ads part! As for the ppl complaining about hints...it's not a hint game, you are supposed to use your brain to figure things out.If you get a hint every time you are stuck it's no longer playing, it's cheating, where's the fun in that? Congrats to developers!
I am a keen player in these types of games, and quite experienced by now. Ive played a few of this specific Lost Land series and came to the conclusion that its not really good unless you are prepared to spend loads of money to find the clues. The different stages are all over the show, going forward and backwards, having to click randomly on any spot just to find something. You cant always figure what to do next unless you use hints, which you have to buy! This game is very expensive actually!!
Exemplary! Puzzles, mini games and problems are rather easy, game flows without becoming stuck and actually no hints are needed. Just pay attention to details in rooms and mechanics/logic of mini games, and they solve naturally. All you need is patience.
One of the achievements is impossible to get, if not for this I would've rated higher. To get the achievement you need to use your map less than 5 times, but you can't travel between mountains and castles without use of the map. Maybe it's a bug, but either that or the achievement needs to be fixed. I was really enjoying this game before but this was quite a bummer :(
I have just finished the main game (took about a week) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I only used the clues three times (you get 15 for free); they will either tell you which location you should go to, or where to look in that location. The map is useful for going back and forth between locations (and you do need to go back and forth quite a lot), and in most places you will basically be told what you need to do. The mini-games are not too hard, and you only get ads at the beginning of a session!
Really fantastic game for a free play. I found the hints really unhelpful so you don't need to buy them at all. Just tap on everything and you'll find what you need!
This is a great 'search for clues' game, with puzzles of easy to moderate difficulty. The storyline was fair, and the graphics and sound are upper end. My only disappointments are, is that some of the pieces needed to move on are far too distant from their needed location, and there should be a 'solve puzzle' option for those who may find the puzzles too difficult. Other than that ... 5 stars for a job well done. I finished this one, and am now playing Lost Lands 2.
Great πŸ‘, it took me 19 hours to complete. The graphics were great. I shared ❀ it with my son and daughter. Can't wait to hear their reactions on playing. There were no ads which made it so much easier to stay focus. Kudos to all the developers!!!
I'm giving this game a soft 2 only because the graphics are beautiful. But the actual game experience is stressful. You need LOTS of hints that may or may not be any help at all. After the initial free ones you must pay for more. I'm revising my review. If you go to the initial install, pick 'easy'. It still let you regenerate hints! Much better. But you can only do a certain amount of times. I'm going to go ahead and purchase the game. I am confused tho. There are 2 games that are the same!
Great game! but can't progress as there is an issue on the leaf puzzle. I solve the puzzle, but it won't allow me to move the last puzzle piece over from the left. Piece is greyed out so I can't move it to complete. Unable to progress, so quite frustrating. The game was great up till that point😭 ***update... Issue happened two more times, though managed to complete the puzzle. Finished the game and loved it.
Intresting and mysterious game . when you play this game you will get an attraction to the game to complete the story.And this will increase your mental ability .And now i'm going to download the second part . after playing the first part only install the second part.outstanding game since i ever played. Saying about the rating i will gave them 100 stars
Love the game and have downloaded most of the others in the series. That being said, after using the few hints that you get, you don't get any more hints unless you use real money!! Thankfully you can find the walk-throughs on YouTube. I suggest more hints that generate over a short period of time, AND a way to play on other devices!! Normally play on my phone, but recently downloaded to my tablet so I can see it better, but there is no game transfer (hence the 4 stars)!!
I am loving the game play, though some of the clues don't follow thought processes I;ve ever had before. The hints are a great tool, but are extremely vague and have done very little good when I've used them. Overall, the game is fun, the puzzles are intricate, and I'm liking the storyline.