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Lost Journey (Dreamsky)

Lost Journey (Dreamsky) for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by DreamSky located at Rooms 05-15, 13A/F., South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel:00852-22060092 Fax:00852-30030133. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's kinda fun, but can easily get boring most of the time. The huge negative is the character design. Why can't you develop your own characters? Why do you need so badly to copy other people's stuff? You will NEVER grow as a developer like this. Be original, do new stuff, be creative, don't try to copy famous games and studios.
its good but like the controls ughh... it soooooooooooo bad and im stuck on the frist level i canot jump properly😡and i dont want to uninstall becuz i got it on sale so it was on 0$ so installed 😋and mybye when im older them ill like it
just finished it, without any cash or tutorial, is a mind blender game ! if you want killings and running don't install it at all, I achieved a 5-1-1 score @dreansky is there any better??? and to be honest I will purchase something of the dev's ingame store or something else because it is a True Game Worth any logical Price :)
giving 1 star for artwork and sound , and another for new kind of mechanics only problem controls... bad ..i mean the moment u press jump u cant move forward
It ended too soon! I really really enjoyed playing. Love the dynamic movements from one plain to the next. Overall an awesome game that I would recommend. 😀
EDIT 2019-04-07: The bug I encountered when first playing this game has been fixed However a similar bug occurs later in level three, so you still can't pass that level. Very frustrating, as this is a beautiful game otherwise.
The only game I've ever played on Android that didn't feel like a tedious grind or a ceaseless stream of ads. Also, petty awesome.
Beautiful but poorly developed game. Less than 2 minutes into the game a white box popped up on the screen but wouldn't load. Playing on a Galaxy Note 9 with a very fast wifi connection. If my device can't run it there is a serious problem with the game.
Could be fun, but the controls suck. Only times I ever had trouble was when the controls wouldnt work. Try to push one of the arrows and jump at the same time, and the character comes to a stop and jumps straight up, or doesn't jump and just runs straight off the ledge. Frustrating.
I love this game. For plaiyng this game we need to use our brain and its a survival game. The story of the game is very intresting and sad. I have cleared the whole game it was hard and difficult but i need to know the whole story so i cleared the whole game. I love the game very much.
I have completed all the chapters with while collecting all the Mementos but still its not showing up anywhere in game and Play Game and have received my achievements...
Fun, Clever Puzzle Game w/ Chill Vibe. A platformer in which the hourglass button both flips the level vertically (upside down) and inverts the solid parts of the level. (Pressing button again reverses both of those effects). Strategically use this mechanic to get through the level. Simple controls, only 3 other buttons (left, right and jump). The artwork and music are lovely & soothing, so it feels peaceful to play, even as you're being challenged. Very enjoyable.
Fun, brainboggling (sometimes) puzzle game. Quite addicting and intriguing with it's simple yet smart controls. I gave the gameplay a 2 due to the multiple times I've been softlocked (stuck in a box with no way to get out, changing realms was not possible). Overall a solid game tho.
This game is actually really cute and relaxing. The only thing that I don't like is that the walkthrough does not work. I have tried to use that feature twice and it has cost me the little swirl things and then it doesn't work. This needs to be fixed.
The way I prefer, this game is non-addictive which is very important these days. It has beautiful graphics, calming slow music, easy controls with challenging puzzling stages. Doesn't give you notifications or advertisements, it is a pleasant experience through and through. I recommend the game. Hardly lasts a week if you play half an hour to an hour on the weekdays.
The game is broken. A box keeps popping up and try to load but nothing happens and it crashed a few times. I'm glad I got it when it was free and not when it was $0.99 because it's not worth it. It's a beautiful game but it needs worked on.
Lost Journey is an absolutely wonderful game. I enjoyed the music as well as the gameplay and graphics. One suggestion that I have would be to allow us to create our own levels after finishing the story line. This way, we can continue on our own journey, like the ending has said.
have plave till 5 wonderful experience good graphics great idea from the game creator hats of ... have played many games but neva thought to rate or give feedback but this one definetly made me to give a feedback neva made me worried of paying 100000%worth the pay
The inverse world mechanic is fascinating and the music very soothing. The only thing is there seems to be a quality difference between the background and the playable foreground. It's not my cup of tea but it's good.
the game seems kind of a sad story losing all of her friend in the end. This kind of game is good that you need more thinking to find the way out
the game has interesting mechanics . Puzzles / Problems are need thinking and it is much better than those mindless runners and shooters and weird multiplayers and ball bouncers . such a relief from all those other mobile games. it actually has a lot of thought into it .
Lost Journey is about a girl remembering moments of her life while travelling through environment-based puzzles. The concept is good, but there's no explicit connection between her memories and how we got her memories. In fact, the end message about moving on seems to allude to her memories and nothing else. However, the dark-shaded / simple-shaped visuals and melancholic piano music help think about the puzzles and the connection. Taking all this into account, I believe the game deserves a 3/5.
so far been very fun and very good game. but it's still got a few bugs to be fix. like sometimes when she supose to jump. she doesn't jump. but still good game
Too difficult. I was expecting a nice story. but I am stuck on a level, died more than 50x, so I quit trying. Uninstall. This is a pay- to-win game. And the control is unstable. Sometimes when I press jump, it feels like I hit an invisible wall, so I fall down / die. Very annoying. Boring.
it would be better if you could syn the saved lvl which were already completed before...i finished more than half of the game n my saved data is gone n I have to start from the beginning
This is what i call a game with true creativity. to be honest i wouldn't have tried it if it was free during the promotion period but turns out that a lot of effort is put into the game idea design. I never see a game concept whereby the chatacters can flip the world upside down. If u like single-player non competitive mind games this is for you. Oh yeah the background music is also very nice
firsti I would like to talk about music and design,they are highly relaxing and trust me they would definitely change players mood. The plot is very brilliant and inspiring to play compared to other puzzle games.It would be a wonderful game if u make the world a bit colourful like in monument valley series.
I actually loved this game. That's a quite smart escape game unlike other games around. One needs to think carefully about the next step. I would play this game all over again. And the background score was amazing, it made the game more captivating. That's another reason to play the game. Worth purchasing!
this game is a good game for the price if you dont like puzzle games then this is not the game for you but if you do like myself then it's a good game for what is is meant to be.
a little bit difficult to control, especially for that I'm used to control the motion by slide left and right. still a very good game.
Great Puzzle Platformer, not terribly difficult, but with an excellent calming soundtrack and beautiful visual style. Picked it up free on sale, but would buy it for a friend.
Honestly feels a bit generic. The inverse world concept is the only thing that makes the game a bit original. But even that is in other games that are "Indie" type games. I finished the first world or chapter or whatever and already lost interest. Im actually writing this review right before deleting it just so people can hopefully read this and not waste their time. Im glad i got this while it was free and didnt pay the original $0.99. People are denying the game is bad cause they paid for it.
mind boggling game.. plz install this awsm awsm... this is the on of the fav. game of my life. .😘😘
less interesting than the original game with this ideo "Shift" series. also quite annoying about the save reload system since you can easily stuck in the last part of the puzzle.