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Lost Island: Blast Adventure

Lost Island: Blast Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Plarium Global Ltd located at Hamanofim ,1 Hertzliya, Israel, 46725. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game but I changed my tablet and I was on over 1500 and got booted back to level one even though my game was saved by the store I may uninstall as I am really disappointed
More i play, more i find this game to be anoying. So much needles slow animation, thanks for skip button. Boring characters,who look like they ame from self help book, small stupid things such as canals filling from water which is down stream. Good thing. Lots of events. Nice colours
I've to say, once upon a time it was my favourite game but now it has become quite boring. Lately there are no new level to solve. The developers are forcing us to play new cup challenge by using same old levels. After level number 3851 there are no new levels to play. No new updates are forthcoming. I'm really disappointed. I hope developers will upgrade the game very soon.
This is one of my favorite design games. The graphics are good, the characters are likeable, and gameplay is very smooth. No ads so far!
I'm having a good time so far! The characters are curious, friendly, they're aware of their fragile habitat, are searching for and working for solutions. All the while the games are progressively challenging, enjoyable and there are fun events too! I reccomend it...
You just need to pay attention and not act to fast on moves. Some of the puzzles are challenging, but it is fun and relaxing. The one thing I would change is on the hard levels. I think the players should receive two stars instead of just one.
It is so cool and you can play the game after a hard day of work just to injo your own Island😁 so I recommend you get this game and have a great time😜 thank for making this awesome gameπŸ’β€οΈ
Game is very fun. Puzzles are not too hard. You can decorate the island how you want it. Enjoying the mystery story.
I like the matching game play + the building. Nice options for decorating this colorful lost island. The storyline is interesting and the characters have personality. I'm hooked!!
So far really enjoying this game. Challenging levels but not so difficult you just give up. Nice graphics, cool storyline. Hands down, best game out there of its kind, IMO. Still playing, love it. I don't spend money on games, & haven't on this one. I uninstall when you can't pass levels without spending real money or if they take days to pass because these games are a dime a dozen. This is my absolute favorite. Kudos. Lost game awhile back, restarted. At level 400 & still going strong. Love it
So far it's okay. I'll have to get a little further in the game before I can really say how I like it.i may come back and give five stars. **Update**,The developers actually taking time to respond to a review alone deserves 5 stars! Shows they really put forth effort into their game and care. That to me is worth my time playing. Not to mention I love the the match 3 puzzle type and the graphics with story lines. Thanks you all.
One of the few games you can keep playing without having to pay real money to buy powerups. At level 450 and still fun and haven't had to pay cash to keep going.
The animation leaves something to be desired, but the levels are fun and watching this island take shape is enjoyable. It's spendy, as most games like this are, but a more patient person than I could wait for lives to be refilled and could benefit from boosters won through the game. The prizes are distributed fairly generously, which is a definite plus. It's a stress-free distraction with a pleasant storyline, which is all I wanted.
Easy game play, with a hard level now and then keeping you wanting more, and not forcing adds or asking you to buy addons, overall a nice game.
Really loved this game but since the graphic update all i get is the game crashing out to the desktop when trying to start a level.
I just now found this game. So far i am enjoying it. It is a mystery game, soft music, decorating island game, easily seen scenes, and a story line to go with it. This game is really nice. It is a relaxing game for the end of the day. Please try it. I think you will enjoy it. Thank you developers for this nice game.
This game is just awesome .... initially it may seem easy but later it is hard to cross the levels but it won't bore u and the main thing is that it does not contain any ads so no disturbance .......
Great for me. It has a good pace for how I like to play. I am fine with the game taking longer without spending money. Seldom do I run out of lives, which seems to be the only time I would spend money. The breaks in between doing the jewels is a refreshingly distracting.
This game is so fun! Its different from other block smashing games and, personally for me its endless hours of fun, I love how the game has a story line and is engaging! I would totally recommend the game to everyone elseπŸ‘Œβœ¨πŸ˜Š
Really enjoyable tile match game with a great story plot that plays along as you advance and collect the necessary stars required to succeed. You will quickly lose track of time due to your collaboration on the restoration projects which is all up to you to embellish. What decisions will you make to make them yours? Come play and find out!
I do like the lost Islands very much I wish I could be there rigth now I love this game put when I get all the some color collected but I don't get credit for the ones I got so can you fix it so I don't leave my game again thank you You all need to add more moves for the hard levels please
I love this game so much it has nice adventures and very cool colors. I spend most of my time playing I even forget what I was supposed to do. Cool I love it
So far so fun, hasvn't felt the need to spend money which is nice for a change, graphics and story are great
Im loving the game so far, with simple and interesting storyline, and great designs for the interior or constructions that you make, throughout the game. A relaxing game i would suggest.
Love this game, it's my favorite match 3 game. Not too hard, but nicely challenging. I think the most time I've spent on a level is 3 tries. That's not difficult......just challenges me a bit. The story is cute, and interesting so far.....can't wait to see more! Thanks guys.
The only reason I am giving 1 star is to be able to rate the game. With this game you have a serious lack of support when the game has issues like getting kicked off while playing the match 3 puzzles and losing lives and boosters, good thing I don't spend money, that would border on theft. Their response is funny, I did contact them and got no response!
the game was awesome to play but accept that you have to buy some materials and its hard to finish the task all before you get it ,there are so many task and its borring ...i hate it doing all over again and again!....
The graphics is just sooo great so I was so disappointed when I started playing the game and it's really boring. Here are some changes that I recommend take out the constant dialog, put random quest pop ups, I would like the freedom to go anywhere on the island and participate in an activities, play the mini game to gain point but not because I need it to be able to compete an activity.
It was great. But two things. It takes WAY too many stars and steps to accomplish anything much. It never ends. Step after step after step after step. I am now up to level 800. The game has been very good, 4 stars, but now the levels are too hard. Some are really really frustrating. Just makes me more riled up and I was hoping to relax. I am getting close to uninstalling. I will change my rating if this improves. Overall though, very nicely done!
This game is very engaging ! The levels so far are just hard enough to make them fun. I'm only in the 50's so far.....let's see what the future brings. I've quit sooo many games because the levels would take days to get through. The story is fun as well
Literally it's an match game that lets you decorate your own island however you want! It's fun but still hard to do at times...sometimes it takes me a few tries to get the puzzle done but once I do then I'm onto another level! I'm already level 78! If you want a time Killer type of game, then this is it! :) I usually don't like match games but this one is actually FUN!! Plus, you can even join a club to help with lives.. Definitely try this game out!!! You won't regret it!!
A real fun game with a great mystery to solve that keeps your interest as well as restoring the island. Though even at level 12 the games are a little too easy. Unless they get harder in later levels....
Cute game. I like how the match 3 isnt too hard to play. My only complaint is the game is vert slow to load after completing a task.
I like this game. It is a fantastic game, very fun and colorful. However, I had a problem with the game. I got to a high level, and the game did not save my progress. So now I am starting over again. I still like the game, but that was definitely not fun.
Been playing this for awhile now..I'm in eo 3000 level..it get frustrating and difficult at times but it's my go to game! Fun download.
It's a great game and that's about all I have to say about it. Challenging levels sometimes, but not so difficult that you get too frustrated/ have to pay actual money for boosters. So everyone saying that this game is pay to win: how unrealistically high are your expectations for mobile games? This game probably the best blast adventure game on the playstore. 10/10, would recommend.
Very much like one other game that I have, but most all it's the story it's different from the other but just as enjoyable πŸ˜„
Great game.....Fun....zero frustration..Levels are easily gained without the aggravation of freezing and messing up a play.. Nice balance between a matching game and a building game.. Highly recommend ... Careful....it's addicting..
It is impossible to complete tasks without spending money. You guys dont give the player a fighting chance. A complete rip off. Of all the games I have played. This is the worst
awsome nice graphics and just love it one of my favorite parts is how when you get to a certain point you get to travel to New places and your not just stuck on one island running out of room or things to do this game always has new items and adventures keeping the game fun and enjoyable
The game is great at first. But then it becomes to hard to complete the task for 1 star. When it takes 4 stars to do almost any task. Which is a bummer the grafics are great and its nice to personalize the repairs
Game is good until you hit a certain point,1246,to be exact then it freezes all the time, you lose all of your progress and all that customer support asks if you need help with the level.!?😠 uninstalling.
It's getting tedious now. Either release more quests, or call an end to it, please. I don't care much for the legendary arena, so there's little incentive to keep playing.
ok, so i've changed my view of this game, it reallybis a nice game, very easy going and relaxing, but then i think that after saying all this i'd still say this game is very interesting, don't change anything yet, i like it just the way it is for now 😊
This game is so easy and cool. It actually gave me ideas to decorate my room and house and now my house looks astonishing and wonderish.
Amazing game! So much fun that I can't stop playing. Developers are always listening to feedback. Graphics are beyond any game I have played. Never have to hassle with ads. Great game for keeping your focus and concentration conditioned. Love the friendly team members who play daily. Players from around the world. The puzzles are challenging at each level. This is an amazing team of developers. Keep up the great work! BTW this is the ONLY game I play. I love it that much :)
Like this game a lot so far, appears that it takes slot of coins to buy stuff which l can,t spend , l will see how long l last. I like the graphics, and story line, and the characters πŸ˜‰
It's a good game but what a pain in the ass with the stars only doing stingy stuff, ive been playing the game for over 2 years and up to level 1891, now deleting the game, 3 or 4 stars just to complete a simple task like a patio stair, 3 stars to repair the bottom line of a house, it takes too long to get anywhere
Great game with some variety in games. Catchy story where you have choices. Like the idea of small clubs, 50 people max. Problem is approximately only 10 people are still playing the game ! Maybe there should be a way of asking those not playing, to leave the club. Or better still, after a specific NΒ° of days UPDATE Jan'21- Now 5β˜† S coins are always paid, thankyou. The game is so enjoyable. The club works as a team which gives added interest 😊
Easy to pick up, great levels and can play offline. Was loving it. But...recently the game has suddenly jumped in difficulty and its not nearly as much fun. Some levels take all my lives several times over to complete. Losing interest now
Ok I've been waiting for new islands. Do you no when there will be any new ones. Its updated 2xs. But nothing new. I'm on level 4000 something. I guess you could say my patience is running out
If the game is kept as simple and free as it is now I and others who do find difficult to deal with a pain' please keep it like this and cring on more games like it
Cost 8 stars to open gate? Then have a level that needs 8 of one color and 8 of another and 38 pineapple. Easily clear the colored tile but then am left with a screen with no pineapple on it. How am I supposed to clear that many with 8 moves left when there aren't any on the screen and by the time I make my remaining moves the board maybe reveals 5? Levels are rigged.
I love the game. However, level 893 is stuck on stupid!! NO MOVES, RESHUFFLE have come up the last ten times I have attempted to play. Needs fixing.
I like the game. My problem is when the game screws you over. One move away and it put a pearl where no blocks could go next to it by design. Bull absolute bull. Then i run out of lives and of course they want me to spend money, but guess what its a pandemic and i don't have extra money just alot of extra time. And all you can do is deaign a game that wants to screw you over so you can squeeze money from me.
My first time giving a rating to a game in Playstore! Lost Island is so great, I'm telling you. The game itself is amazing as well as the graphics. The story line is so exciting since I liked adventures and mysteries. The game for getting some stars are just cool enough, though some levels are quite hard but I was challenged by some that already reached 22,000th level! It's that so good! I'm still currently on the 600th+ but playing the levels are fun too! I'll give Lost Island 5 stars for that
Had an issue and they fixed it the same day, that was very nice. Fun game, good story, can get expensive.
Simple yet great game. You play a level to earn a star to then be able to create your beautiful island. Again, simple but personally I love it; my favourite game by far. Also allows you to be a bit competitive with leagues. So β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† from me!!
I have really enjoyed this game. Great time killer. I just passed level 1000 and haven't had to spend any "real" money in the game. The graphics are good, the story line is interesting and you don't need a lot of "stars" to progress and it's easy to earn "gold". Some of the levels have been challenging but that's part of what makes the game fun. If you like mach-3 games then I highly recommend this one.
It's pretty fun to play. The only thing I would like changed is when I use boosters, I would like to place them myself instead of them being placed randomly. They are often put somewhere that don't help at all.
It could be made better if there wasnt a pop up every single minute throughout the game to purchase something. Its annoying. If I start the game & the pop up offer is made, thats fine, but its every minute while playing & its putting me off wanting to play this game
It was great til i got to level 2542.i cleared the board a few times but it has a mistake in the number of bubbles.Made a complaint and it never got fixed.Re edit the number of bubbles now match now that i updated it,passed the level right away.thxfor fixing it.
I'm at level 3826 and have beenwaitingfor weeksfor a new quest. When will you have it available? It's terrible that as the levels get so difficult that you waste stars on talking about or just looking at things. What a waste of effort!! I just had to use 3 stars for the characters to go "look" at some piles of junk and all for nothing. And 4 stars to hang a stupid TV on the wall. Really???
When it you need two points to complete each tasks it says you only need two or three but when you click on it it takes more than one from your total points say you have 20 total and it needs one for first part of tasks it takes two off your total points, right now this game is taking too much points away
So far this is a fun game, you don't get stuck on the same level day after day. Even though I'm only on level 85, it's 5 stars, not stressful to play. Once it does get stressful I will edit the review.
This is my 2nd edited comment. That's why I did not rate to 5 instead only 3. I did notice few things. In level 133, it say only 2 head statue is needed. But it did not work. Even I done 4 statue head but the counter still 2 remain. Other things, sometimes you finished the level, it did not happen, after 1 or 2 repeatation then it works and sometimes the game freeze. I really love the game as I'm fun of creating such this game. It's actually nice game for the kids as well. I'm stuck level133☹
I am not real far along but so far I like it just wish I new more on phones and tablet but I enjoy alot of the games but I play some more than others cause I understand them more but I do like this and thanks im happy that the games are free I spend my time on them and coin hunting thank you very much and God bless us all
Enjoy free game play until you complete Stargaze Mountain, then it's PAY TO PLAY BS. Sometimes the rainbow pearl will disappear. When I notified support about a problem, it was on my end not theirs. How ?? I didn't change anything. I'm not on Facistbook.
This game is fun. But, very co$tly the deeper you get into the game. The issue I have with this game (and other pay to play games) is the double edge expense that comes with buying boosters/coins and my wallet. I purchased a booster/coins pack only to have spend more money for another package because it's a money pit. You don't win with the boosters/coins pack, you lose when they run out and you pay the repetitive cost of 500 to continue play. The booster with coins packs is a co$tly joke.
Just started but really enjoying so far and it is not too hard which I enjoy. 1-12-21 uninstalling NEVER get your coin winnings😑 even contacted them and zero support!! Don't waste your time!!
I started out really enjoying, still like it, but it gets more frustrating as you go along. Some phases can't be passed without hittinga bomb, arrow,etc, yet they arbitrarily pop up. Seemsthe furtheryou go the more sporadic they come
A fun game to play not too hard or easy on the levels and you do not need to use real money to get further in the game
Very frustrating. I almost win a game but run out of moves and then have to spend too much real money to get just 5 more moves. Most of the time I can't finish the game before running out of moves again. Don't have money to waste like that.
I really like this game I really enjoyed it but I am having a problem on level 1903. By the time you get all the diamonds you have no moves left to take care of the growing ice. Is there any help that can be given other than paying money.
😍Best game ever..best than garden scapes ,homescapes ,fishdom .etc..🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩but a single problem is that it take too much time to start..any way it is best game πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»so I am going to give it 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars ..
Potential migraine - very slow in development and now we have sickening (literally they make me sick) flashing lights.
I really liked this game, but now it keeps crashing and it takes too many stars to do very simple tasks. Not fun at all anymore.
Used to love this game and gave it 5/5. Very addictive. But once you get to the end of the areas, al you do is play endless legendary arenas - and there's no point to it. Same match-3 competitions every week and you end up winning heaps ofo stars with nothing to do with them. When Plarium finally release a new area you blitz it in 30 mins because you have so many stars you have more than enough. And then its back to the same legendary area. tedious. Spoils it.
Like this game a lot so far, appears that it takes slot of coins to buy stuff which l can,t spend , l will see how long l last. I like the graphics, and story line, and the characters πŸ˜‰Update, have been playing a lot. I love this game, keeps me entertained. Have been depressed as my best friend passed awzy. Have been playing lots. Thanks for the distraction. now rate a 9 on scale.
Addictive and relaxing. Play puzzles to release chapters of an adventure while designing iislands. Fun
I tried many other games likes this but they are too hard . This is esay and the chioces and graphics of the game are also good .
I love this game so much but I ve had to start over 3 times , I was on level 400 an something and I had to start over , then I got to le el 100 an domething ansI had to start over. Refuse to start over so I deleted the whole thing . Reall pist me off.
I like the game. But sometimes I can't move or explore the areas that I've finished, it stay only on the area that I currently fixing.
I do like the lost Islands very much I wish I could be there rigth now I love this game put when I get all the some color collected but I don't get credit for the ones I got so can you fix it so I don't leave my game again thank you You all need to add more moves for the hard levels please..can you please help me on the hard levels please
OMG it's a total different kind of fabulous fun exciting addiction which is free, rewarding, pure liveliness.... can't tell you how fantastic it is to find this charming game experience... Thank you xxxx
Good game thank you if i could give 10 🌟 i would highly recomend wish there was a way to skip a level and if there were more 2 star levels would be helpful
Ready to delete this game for good.Been waiting months for more tasks and keep hearing more tasks are coming soon and never do. Tired of waiting .
Great little game, had no issue with it. Goals you can actually reach and dont need silly amounts of coins too move along in the game. Storyline is interesting but you can skip if you want. Would recommend if your into this sort of game.
So far so good. Hope not be like other similar games, high lvls, can't pass without real money. In that case, I will put lower rate.
Although you don't have to spend money to buy boosters when you get a ways into the game you'll repeat a puzzle over and over again until you do , if you buy a booster they place it where it does the least amount of help off in the farthest corners
Cute, fun game... that allows as much or little play as the way 'you' want to play. I've been looking for a game like this for AGES! It's not so difficult that you're forced to spend, unlike all the countless others that I've since uninstalled out of frustration and boredom. Well done guys!!!
I really enjoy this game. Great storyline and graphics. Looking forward to seeing where the my progress takes me.
Some things make me mad, for instance, having no way to trigger a rainbow pearl unless it is next to a block. So despite using a booster and doing well on a level, I got to a point where I had 15 moves left and LITERALLY COULD NOT beat the level because a rainbow pearl spawned in the exact wrong place.
This is my favourite game I have ever tried I am living with it only one thing is bad about it it's a game which I can't stop by playing it's amazing best cute and also for more new updates please please please make some more choices of the things at least 12 choices is necessary for this game also make it like we dress up the girl which we see in this game also make some more different puzzles and game to gane money
Good game. Refreshing scenes to build. I think they can develop puzzles in the game as they explore different sites.
I just love to set the island up! This is the best game ever! I recommend you to install this app. We cam play puzzles, earn stars and decorate the island however you like. This is true that you will not be able to learn in this game but, you can time pass whenever and wherever you like. You have easy levels and hard levels.
Quirky and fun with interesting tasks and enjoyable and relaxing themes. So far quite easy to accumulate stars and coins. So far so good .... to be continued. πŸ‘
Love the game but it is pretty pricey to play. They need to fix that. There are times you havecto spend 500 coins just to continue the hand. Gets expensive .
Gave game another chance accepting the count down , irritated to find that boosts that could finish level point in wrong direction.there for have to try again. FRUSTRATING
Have been playing for a really long time and have enjoyed it. However updated 1 day ago and now game will not load. Absolutely nothing. Looks like it's the end of lost island and me.
I love this game, it's not as difficult as most match games but enough to keep you interested without having to spend real money to keep going. Lots of fun with cute options for designs. Definitely one of the best games I've played in a long time and would recommend to anyone.
Love the game but hellishly crashy, constantly freezes and locks up forcing a restart, also very slow. SUpport contacted, excuses made why the product doesnt work. Other apps work fine on my device.
I love this game , please work properly the system. Thank you Alina its been a while since I got your message, yes I really likes this game. Kind regards and stay safe.😷😷😷😷😷😷
Love the Tropical vibe. The puzzle game isn't as challenging or satisfying as Gardenscapes, but the island building and visuals and sound effects are fab.
A wonderful light hearted game to keep you amused during lockdown due to Covid 19. Love the interaction with the seal and can't wait to see what happens as i progress through the levels. Makes me smile.
Lots of fun, different types of challenges and levels to achieve. It's fun creating an island to decorate and trying to figure out the mysterys. Good game, it's hard to put down.
Dear Plarium, Lost island is my favorite game since 2018.i am already in level 2,119 last July 2020 but my gadget was destroyed.i wasn't able to recover my level anymore...and today my gadget is block and cannot be opened,so I have no choice than to reset my tab.and when I downloaded again my game it is returned to level one again...is there any possibility on how I can recover my level?I'm in 2080 level again...please help me.Thank you.
Finally a game where you get to do the actual puzzles before you have to sit through the story. You can avoid the entire story if you like then push through it all at once if you prefer. There is a lot of free play and I have not been asked to buy anything yet.
I have played this before. Bit disappointed it has not changed since then but is just a nice relaxing game.
Ok , try it and see , why does this take 30 minutes to load up , then freeze . Could be a half decent game if you , majorly improved it . Time you did something to solve the big issues . Just tried it again , absolutely no joy . Dont even bother to try this game , time to delete this . Tried it once more . Still not loading . Pos . Final deletion .
It is Challenging,but you work to hard for 1 star and all the events want 2 too3 stars at least..this is why I don't play that often. I think some stars should be given out with the awards or watch a video like you do with the coins
Excellent graphics, enjoy playing the game with varios explosive devices that complete levels quickly.. I'm trying to reach higher dollar but couldn't. However the hammar charge is too high
Great game that often has evens that allow me to gain boosters and free lives as well as haveing an engaging storyline with lots of design options