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Lost Bubble - Bubble Shooter

Lost Bubble - Bubble Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Peak located at Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game. I've been playing it for years now. It's challenging & captivating. It's a game you can play quickly, like while waiting to be called into the Dr.'s office. For me, it is a tension breaker.
So... the bubbles are totally fun! With that being said.. your game needs serious help! You have way too many things in each level that prevent you even having a chance at completing such as boulders that if you hit the whole entire row turns to stone.. you waste all your turns on just trying to clear that row and then have the rest of the level to finish.. then only 5 lives.. I refuse to spend money just to play or finish a level. Unfortunately I'm deleting the game
Lost Bubbie is good game I love it but I don't like the I have been on a level for boat a year now and can't get off it. The game will soon get boring for and I will have to take the app off my phone. And one more thing can't my picture on why is that? It a good game but when you are stuck on a level and you cannot get off it gets boring to a point.
I'm at a level and can't go any further. I am not spending $$ on any game. Why can't start over when I reach a certain number. I'm not in for hoopla...I just love the game. Work with me.
I like this game and developer. I gave 4/5 stars because I have this game on total silence and if I hit a pandora box, my phone vibrates and jolts me out of concentration. It's similar to a "jump scare" feeling. The only way to stop this is to put my phone on total silence instead of just the game options. Please change this.
on level 21 and so far this game is very interesting but challenging..i have not spent any money because so far the winnings are keeping up with the plays..will come back and rate after i have played more levels..also i dont remember getting many if any ads...
I've been play lost bubble for long time. The game still holds my interest now as it did when I first started.
NO CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR AAANYTHING! I used to give this thing a 5star review for YEARS. But lately I came across a problem where there were gems missing from my count and $30000 in coins neither of which I spent. I am finding no help what so ever I pay real money for. this To say I am angry is an understatement I want my money back now
doesnt load monthly bonus levels for a few days after the 1st, also after this update, the special spheres that were bought have been removed from my game play
I DID enjoy this game quite bit. Now, not so much. When you get down to the last 2 bubbles in your shooter, you know what colours you have left. But after you shoot the 2nd last bubble the remaining one changes colour. I have tested this just to make sure it wasn't me making a mistake. I have lost many lives because of this nd it is very frustrating. You can't plan your last few moves because the bubbles chang colour. Change it back to how it was please.
Waiting for the animations at the end of every level gets annoying after a few levels. There should be a skip button. Feedback menu text message box is blocked by onscreen keyboard. I tried to type this feedback there first but it was impossible.
Fun but the daily games are a joke. Out of the months I've been playing only once have I recieved anything but gold pieces
You have 4 different colored balls to knock out, but you get a 20 ball run of only 2 colors. Balls in queue will change color on their own, and always to a color you don't need.
It's a satisfying way to work my brain. I need to be constantly engaged mentally. This game keeps my interests.
Thanks again for the great game and beautiful graphics. I love it.God loves you always.hey I cant log on to Facebook. Please fix it immediately.thanks.
Have played many Bubble games. This one is different for me in that it really challenges your brain. Its not just about mindlessly popping bubbles. No offense to other games...lol...but I'm liking that it makes you 'think'
Lost Bubbie is good game I love it but I don't like the I have been on a level for about year now and can't get off it. The game will soon get boring for me and I will have to take the app off my phone. And one more thing can't change my picture on the why is that? It a good game but when you are stuck on a level and cannot get off it gets boring to a point. This is the only have possibles with.
love the game! some places seems like they don't want you to win with any more than on or two stars. takes forever to get past the troubled ones.😡
I've played this game for years, I've given it five stars as it is entertaining, never had problems, adds , glitches. However some time ago i had a problem where i got put on to Facebook, not a problem only i was up to game 1500, with a seriously large amount of coins. I contacted the game makers, and still never have had a reply. Disappointed is an understatement. Customer service only gets 0 stars.
I like playing the game... Even though I haven't figured out how to use the boosters. Also the booster helps are rather expensive and not easily earned through game play. It's ok, I do ok without them. They would get more cash from me if the rubies were cheaper!
This use to be a great game but since the update I've lost all my progress over the past year and only have access to the daily challenge! The app is now glitchy making it frustrating rather than an enjoyment to play. Lost so many crystals over a period of time and kept complaining but can only get them back if saved via facebook. What was a relaxing game has become a chore not worth doing.
Brilliant game. Very addictive. love playing. only complaint is that not being that good, I'm forever running out of lives. Love the bonus games, as well
This is a bit frustrating if you ask me when you start out it's fun and later on you get frustrated because you don't get enough balls to finish the game or you get the wrong colored balls so you can't finish the game or unless you pay real money to buy gem stones to purchase different colored liquids to defeat the game your playing everything is with real money. It's a scam they want to empty your pocket book.?!
some levels are so difficult you may be on several days, most no more than one day. Spend purple stone carefully. They don't come easy.
Have been playing this game for a long, long time. Love it. Very addictive. Some games are very frustrating though. I have been on this one for about 6 weeks. Not sure it's possible to get it out. However I will keep at it.
It is indeed my favorite game. It's free, addictive, and I am glad I stumbled upon it. For anyone who loves bubble shooting games, this is the game for you. It takes bubble shooting to a whole new level.
Horrible game. The swirly thing on the top right hand corner doesn't tell you what it does. Its hard to earn coins for boosts. Its really hard to understand. The disappering , reappearing bubbles level is hard to get past. Nope.
Played this game for 5 years was on level 553 when Facebook took me back to level 1 love the game so now I start over not a happy camper !!!!
this game has a little bit of everything. I've enjoyed the play. It does get harder the higher you advance. Some of the levels I wish you have a little more time because it goes so fast. All in all, I've given it 5 stars because no matter how frustrated I become, I still keep trying to get 3 stars on every level before moving on. Thank you!
If i could connect with friends to get extra lives i would like this game. Can only play with 5 lives each time i play.
A good bubble game that's all about popping bubbles. Don't have to wait ages for levels load, not covered with ads, and is tantalisingly difficult sometimes without being impossible. One problem is you are supposed to be able to cancel a shot by dragging to the edge......this often doesn't work and releases bubble where I don't want it.
Love this since when the very first tablet came out the only thing is when your offline it tends to make you start all over again until about 3-5levels that you end up going back to where you were left off.
I'm a Google user I played lost bubble = bubble shooter along time ago and I do enjoy playing its relaxing and fun to play it's a great game I love to play 🙂
i love the game, but cannot receive lives from other players, no prizes or free boosters. been playing for a few years and only in level 485.
Addictive. I've been playing this for several years and am on level 423. A few of the upper levels are extremely difficult. I Iike to be challenged but when it takes a month to finally get past a level, that is a little too much. Of course you can always buy extra bubbles but I won't do that.
I will be definitely recommending this game to friends and family,as I personally have found the experience of playing the game very enjoyable experience and also found it to be really easy to play with all the instructions and tips that you are given during your journey through the game,really have found it a name most enjoyable experience,
Worst shooter game I've seen. Half of the time the shooting ball is a color that doesn't have a target. And it won't let me change it to a color I need. Add the repetition of promotions to buy something and I've had enough. Deleting it.
Since the last update the game gotten an ultra sensitive touch to the screen. Where as before that never happened.
I loved this game but when I logged in via facebook no levels were visible. After contacting the developers for assistance I now find that I have been sent back to level 1 - I was about 983 and my nearly 100 jewels have also gone back to 5. Have spent several years getting to my previous level now all gone
One of my favorites. Innovative gameplay designed in each episode. I'm near level two hundred and haven't spent a dime. Very generous with lives. Eventually you WILL make it to the next level. Not impossible to play.
I have this game on my other phone and had been playing it for years,, Its fun and relaxing& enjoyable..
I have been playing this game for years and enjoy its challenges. Have been stuck at the same level for a very long time though since find it difficult to surpass without spending $. Get so close but only my determination keeps me trying although is trying my patience.
So difficult.. I think you did it for us not to finish i hate you.. I been playing this for more than 5 yrs fix it
I've played lost bubbles for years and still love it, more exciting levels, please ♥️ and could you please provide mini games to achieve gems?😄😉
its a fun and challeging game. the cel phone version is different than the computer game. the cel phone gets cheated out of the daily bonus which sucks. it takes longer to advance because of that. ive emailed them about 3 times about it but never get a response.
love it.....though it's a pain in the neck sometimes..but love it...it's one of the best games i've enjoyed and got stock to for long so far even though am not a game lover
I have always loved playing this here game for years its one of four games I play ▶️ I enjoy the challenge..thanks 😊
This is my absolute favorite game but I think it is TERRIBLE that on the daily challenges, you only win money always rather than gems occasionally. The money is useless in this game.. Also, some levels are too difficult.
I totally agree with Katie Lewis, they show required color on th last ball but change it wn last ball came. TOTALLY UNFAIR .... usually people cheat in game, but now i know, games also cheat with you.. i earned 90 Crystals after months to buy different orbs, and one day when I open th game, surprisingly I had 10 Crystals left and this happened TWICE. I feel sorry for Deleting th Game
I was up in the 900 range then all the sudden I am back in the 200. Don't know what I hit wrong go make it go back but it t is a bummer
I love the Game. However, it's hard finding others who's playing this Game Apps too! Plus, I had Coins, on this Game, and when I didn't play this Game, for a while. I noticed, that my Coins went too! How can I received my Coins back into my Game Apps? It was the package of $4.99....! And, I didn't used them. So, I wanted to know, what happened to them? Inquiry mine needs to know!!!
Graphics are awesome & not alot of ads. The aim isnt good though & it gets annoying so I lost interest & dont play it anymore. Started playing because its made by same company as Toon Blast which is an excellent game. If they improved the aim device i'd play again.
I really like this game but gave it 3 stars because trying to pass the really difficult levels is frustrating as it puts a damper on the fun of it.
its very challenging but there isnt enough help along the way. you cant get the diamonds unless you purchase them and i think if your a loyal player you should be rewarded. also their not allowing enough balls. 15 balls is not no where near enough balls. i love the game its just seems now its about buying and no rewarding unless its coins.
I love this game and have been playing for years, but the update has made it impossible to play using point and tap to shoot and also when selecting/buying an orb it automatically fires, usually causing you to lose the multiplier. Please fix.
Love this game but got the can't update same as other user below, tried to restart my phone, still happening?
I really like this game it's addictive...I just have one complaint why take the extra games off ?????
Been playing this for a couple of years always challenging as always thank you 😌 fantastic game always challenging
Don't know what's going on but now the game isn't letting you play unless you connect to facebook this is unacceptable as l dont wish to connect to facebook. Why have you done this it was a perfectly good game until thu6s will be uninstalling
Great game but it is too hard to go to the next level .I have been stuck sometimes for months before winning to move on to next level.
I've played this game for years, I've given it five stars as it is entertaining, never had problems, adds , glitches. However some time ago i had a problem where i got put on to Facebook, not a problem only i was up to game 1500, with a seriously large amount of coins. I contacted the game makers, and still never have had a reply. Disappointed is an understatement. Customer service only gets 0 stars. A year later and still no reply to my email. So still 0 stars for customer service
I love this game and fear I'm addicted! Keep up the good work! Would be nice to get complimentary boosters each time we play! Just saying......
really like this game but 5 games is not enough. also when you complete the special games, when you scratch off to get prize, what happens to the money you are supposed to have won?
it's a beautiful game but sometimes I can't even get in to the game I would have to uninstall it and install it again. I love the game know I don't have to remove it is very challenging.
for some reason I cant update my game I have checked my network and that is fine I have reinstalled it and still it wont let me update my game
Is impossible to get past this level...how many chances is one given so that one can move to the next level?It just doesn't seem to go past.This isn't correct.You guys should have minimum of 15 chances.I am stuck here for the last month now. ITS A?RIDICULOUS SITUATION.
love playing this game. very addictive! lately however it won't update. says it can't connect to their server.
I give this game 5 stars it's a challenge but it keeps me going every time I see a level I'm a missing get out but it pushes me to do more and more better so I learn how to do those balls so I can get to the next level without hitting Pandora's Box love it you got to love it it's a good game
This is really a great game. Levels become very difficult and you stay on one level for quite some time. But overall this bubble game has kept me entertained for quite a while, and still playing. The best one for me so far.
Love it. Addictive been playing for years on and off 😍 but it needs up dating getting a bit bored of it unfortunately. 😔
Games like this are very stupid. It only gives you so many chances then makes you wait to play again. Why does the creator of these games feel like they can govern how much we play. Deleting game because of this.
I love this game it can be played offline unlike the other games that you have to have an accout and be online just to play. i recomend it to everyone. the only bad comment i have about this game is that once in a while it will cause my LG Tab to blue screen. other than i play every chance i get.
I like the general game concept. However, there's so much that I just don't get. The back story makes no sense to me as I have no idea (nor do I really care) "why" I'm popping bubbles. There are tons of things you can buy, but I have no idea what they are because there are so many and they are all just more bubbles but have weird things in them that really give you no indication of what they do. Now I hit the tornado things and it takes days to get lucky and get through a single round. I'm done
I love the game but for some reason the past couple of days I cannot get it to load. Any help would be appreciated
It's fun easy at first.. And additive... Time Flys by... Relaxing. . At times it challenges , your thinking of figure the best way to complete the task.👍👍👍👍☺☺☺☺
Have had to uninstall as it's not loading and have therefore lost my 196 diamonds that ld accumulated and everything else not impressed at all
Lousey scores on bubbles, you do not give enough keys for our hard work on this game, have reached a position that seems impossible to move on, to hard to get points, keys and gems to move on.....
love the game, but after the last patch I lost my orb of fire balls, it's annoying, and I'd like it back.
Really love this game! Been playing it for a few yrs now. The one thing I don't like is having to pay for extra crystals! you should be able to use the coins to buy them...some of us don't use them for anything else. Some of the screens are very aggravating and take awhile...at least for me...to get through.
Up until July 8th, I really liked the game. Im playing the thousand level. Now it really sucks. Peak games has altered the game so that it makes it hard to shoot the balls. I have to tap and also hit my screen 4 or 5 times before the ball will shoot. They really screwed this game up. I have been complaining and all they said was to update it as if they fixed it back. Nope, they did not. Dont play this game. I have put a lot of money towards this game. Im pissed cause now I hate it.
Nice graphics, but clearly designed to extract real cash instead of letting the player progress through skill and tactics. The only things in favor of this game are the graphics and that it is not littered with inane amounts of ads (take that with a grain of salt, though; they try hard and often to get your cash. DO NOT LET CHILDREN PLAY THIS, it would bankrupt you).
every time i start playing this, it has removed some of my crystals. i worked hard for them and it really makes me mad that they just vanish!!!!! 😠
I love this game but some levels need more bubbles or at least a way to get them without buying them.
I am having problems with my game on my android tablet not sure what's going on but trying to use my game through Facebook Lite I would like to know why I am having that problem with my game I even tried to update my app same problem I even also having problems trying to play or trying to use my game through my Google Play App and I even have tried to turn off my tablet many times and then turn my tablet back on i hope you know what problems I am having with my game till this app fixed done with
Multiple levels which keep you challenged. I have one suggestion. You should give more of the gems and coins for completing harder levels.
Just opened this. Ok. I'll see if I can enjoy this game. As a rule, I like popping bubbles. Have ben playing for some time now & I found this enjoyable. Just enough challenge to keep me interested. Hwever, there comes a time when same bubbles bounce off & doesn't cling to their same color & this frustrates me. Sometimes I had to uninstall & get back to where I started. Thanks for the game. Sure entertaining
have always liked this game good challenges - still like the game especially the monthly challenges - always something different
Have enjoyed the challenge , however several times I lose all and game goes back to #1. its happened twice in the past, but. I just start over.
I've the game a great deal until the last update and i lost my level so now I have to start over not happy with that .
The game keeps shutting down, even though I've installed and uninstalled several times! This is one if my favorite games! Please fix ASAP! .....Update: Bugs fixed! Thank You!! 😁
I like the game but it is very frustrating when you can't win a level for over 6 weeks. I know it has to be challenging but some levels are ridicules. It is also very frustrating when you shoot one direction it goes the other way, or it shoots several in a row and you haven't even put your finger back on to shoot again. I like the challenge but some levels are very very frustrating and makes it not fun to play.
It's a good game, but I'm stuck on 200 & something, I can't work out how to get those things you hit with the balls down, in the previous games they came down
Extremely powerful I can't find a challenger... And I don't spend monies on game it's all one shot one kill