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Los Angeles Crimes

Los Angeles Crimes for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by RAIN CITY STUDIO located at Moallem street, Bandar-e Anzali, Gilan. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is kinda a bit boring, it needs a flyable vehicle like: helicopter or jet, and it needs a parachute and more falling animations, and the char. needed crouch and swim on the water. please make it fun for players, and the crosshair or aiming focus needs to be perfect framed control and new weapons, please make an update Los Angeles Crimes.
Hi guys I like this game very much but my lac editor I cant download maps and we cant punch in this game put the punch opption.Then I will give the game 5 stars.And I forgot to say when I go to download maps then it say 404 not found.fix it guys.I know you guys worked very hard for this game to match like gta 5.I want you keep trying hard.Thank you.
Amazing! I know this game is in testing and you should definitely release as a actual game not in testing. Some suggestions: make it be more realistic, mode to play with friends easily, mor people and cars in the map, being able to rob banks stores as so on. if this happens this ON MOBILE would be the best,plzz make be able to get inside houses and stuff. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this would mean so much and youl get a ton of people playing. Thank you...๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
I really like this game it has awesome rag doll physics and I do like the graphics but we should have more vehicles and the free roam map should be bigger, we can hijack other cars and gain wanted level. It would be awesome and please improve the servers and add friends option, private server. Otherwise this game it great.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
It is so good but please add more features in phones at some places there is only icon of anything but it is not opening like internet,and emergency services are always busy so please add this features and add shops in it also like clothes,ammunation and grocery and add business features also.
IT is more like GTA V But needs more Improvements to make be like GTA V needs more cars but when you call the police or 911 it says call ended, needs a wanted level and police officers, a house, people in car or walking should fight back if you punch.
Nice game and controls are awsome. But the servers are shown always full. But sometimes I could join in the servers. Moreover when we open the recent task area to see our recent tasks and the go to that game once more some times it says tha we are disconected from the server. Please change this. Then i will gibe it a 5 star rating
The multiplayer needs to change. I can't join any game... The server is always full because there is only 1 room per mode. We need multiple rooms per game mode. Also we need emergency services ๐Ÿง
This game is good but can you add like cops more cars like ferraris lamborghini toyotas hondas or whatever and more buildings that you can enter with just a door and more npcs characters can talk missions helicopters more guns maybe grenades and a better free roam with those stuff and also make more game modes like parkour or race and improve graphics like to make the game realistic oh and add houses and stores and yeah so more people get satisfied and play this game so yeah pls add this pls bye
This game is the best game ever I can like hang out with friends online and talk to them with microphone voice chat in the mod thing actually works there's even new cars on the game and you can actually like do zombies survival team deathmatch car soccer garage enemy level and other awesome levels you want to try for free
This game is so amazing. Keep it up developers. Also this game is almost like GTA 5. This game give me full experience of gta 5. Fabulous graphics,awesome details and physics,cool features and nice mods. Please add more missions and more features like our character can steal cars And bring police in the game. Cool game I enjoyed a lot
It reminds me GTA online and very well it is a onlineonline but some features are not in the game like you have no safe house and you can not steal csrs from others and the weapons just three types shotgun sniper and asulte please add some more weapons like meaning rocket launcher etc
Add more features please in the next update means add to live in houses, Go to shop and eat, and to sleep and dance and sing, take others car and go to disco, ok please please and the most important thing This the bestest game same like gta v and please also make the mobile browser work in the game means in the browser we can search like google and make more people characters and also please make a helicopter mission, call from others and done, please give the next update fastest as you don't forget to add what I told, make it more lagging free
I like the game but I'm not ratings it 5 stars and this is why 1 the severs aren't working and when I try to connect it says sever full and before 2021 I would get disconnected from the sever for no reason and it's the same today so plz fix the severs and make it to were we can make our own severs in the maps2 add more vehicles like a attack helicopter and a motorcycle also if were going to have a police car let's have the crown vic and add decals and a nascar for a nascar map also add more maps
I like this game so much but there 2 major problems. It doesn't matter how many people there are in a party it always says that the server is full. The only way I get to play with others is TDM. And even the trips sometimes. And it's like no one even join mine. Or when I try to connect it says server is full. I get ๐Ÿ˜  cause I want to play with others but I can't. The second problem is that I wish there was shops and u could make money to buy things. But please, please try ur best to fix this.
It's like GTA 5 and I love the new update just add punching and a bmx bike and let us drop money with /dropmoney and please add new guns and attachments and also let us shoot while driving oh and new avatars with customization and let us evade and please please please add a ray gun and let us walk in to more buildings trust me this game will be improved by 150% and not only that me and like 13 of my other friends love gta 5 and if you add these things then I can tell them and they can tell othrs
Errr I have a question why can't the character swim and why can't we create our own character. Add all weapons. Add a lot of super cars and offloading vehicles also motorcycles, bicycle, and big trucks air planes helicopter. Also add military and police. Make the emergency services work. Also allow us to browse on the internet with the phone and also improve the city well
Hey man i loved the game but there still no crouch or other characters or other guns or punch or taking cover and many more c'mon man your game does not have things that could make this game more famous its very often you update it why dont you just give the game to other game developers that will put many things to your game your wasting our time still we have been waiting for punch and crouch and other stuff still nothing if you cant continue this game just give this to other developers
Duudeeeeee this an extreme level game but could have add something else to do like missions etc and you can also add the feature getting into buildings and houses it will be G.T.A 5 Ka beta(son)
I want to give 4 stars because, the 1 no problem is ,when i enter in a server ,the server automaticly Kick out me...This is the one problem that i face and hate...But this game is very cool...Please in next update, add something new in 1.5.6 v,Like meteoroids and some planets...Then i will give 5 star rate for this game...๐Ÿ™‚ And pls add Planes,Bikes,Helicopter,space shuttle for space travelling,new weapons like granade,sticky bomb,RPG and also new guns etc...
This is the most feature-rich open world game I've ever played. But what you need to add is: i) police/cops ii) Safehouse iii) snatching others cars iv) more weapons like minigun, rocket launcher, grenade, e.t.c.
Awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!!!! This game is CRAZYYโค๏ธ One of the best games I've played in years dawg!But one thing is missing ๐Ÿšฎ. Roleplay... I think it would be a great addition to this game. But I love the rest!
It is PERFECT! It is like GTA5 but it is still in the highest of Beta I'm guessing. And I highly recommend. It's graphics are to the top OVERFLOWING. Same with the controls. Its amazing. I highly recommend this. But its 300 MB Edit: I played similar games and they CANNOT compare with this! (Also the camera needs a bit fixing)
This is totally awesome and the shadows are so good. Add a story mode,more weapons,a torch for night, and please let the player to swim in water, more vehicle's on water and on air and a parasute to be safe after falling from a hight.and finally. Allowing the player to enter any building or house
This game is fun and the graphics are good, but the online servers are always or they have a password. Please add more servers for online.
This game is cool I like it but can you add more stuff and make the map much bigger? Also in the next few updates can u add Cops? Add more cars. Like Supercars, Classic Cars, Motorcycles, Helicopters and more. And add more weapons like Meele, Minigun, RPG, and explosives. Well I do like this game i hope more stuff come in the future so thank u very much for making this game.
This game is good. It gives a similar experience as of gta v. There only 3 cars, which i dont like. I wish we could steal car in this game. And i have one more request, pls add a functional airport and operatable planes and helicopter, and pls add bikes. If possible, add a sleeping point to pass the night. But overall, the game is really good.
It's so cool it's just like gta but I thing the gun actions need more work why you relod the gun the persons gest move his hands to make it seem he is reloading his gun add can you add a cop. Skin and make the game more like a roll play game please also can you fix the problem with the game Kiking you out in mind battle and saying its full.
This is a great game though it would be nice to have some new stores to get in the emergency services number does not at all please fix that . And some new vehicles that I want is ambulance police cruiser vans and all the other cars in the game and please update this because its an amazing game pleace keep working on this game.
Cool game but needs more upgrade.such as more guns and vehicles and why we are not allowed to steal a bot/AI's car? And add some buildings that we can enter.Add some cops and more because this game is soo awesome because it has a LAN multiplayer mode I've been searching games like this now I found it.Now all I can say is keep it up.Keep moving forward because this game is so really awesome thank you for making this game๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ๐ŸคŸ
I like this game so much me and my cousin always playing this but many days passing by I got bored because there is just 3 cars I suggest could you add some motorcycle, police station, hospital, weapon store and missions to make money or jobs
This game is awesome! There is only 2 requirements for me.1. Please add the punch option. 2. Add more vehicles such as bikes,helicopters,etc. Overall the game is really good. It is like I am playing GTA V on mobile. Mostly I like the radgoll part of it
I like the game it is very cool but in the next update i wont a minimap pls and more guns,bombs and a assistant/personal driver. And more cars,jets,mortor bikes and we should be able to put gear on our vehicles and a parachute
I really like this game! could you please add the color black to vehicles and add a 1970 dodge charger from The Fast and the Furious? and could you also add wheel customization and vehicle vynals?
I like this game very much but i would like the following things like: a millitary base,new vehicles like bikes, trucks super cars,and some new guns like ak47, machine gun, grenades, sticky bombs, some more assult rifles and please make a story mode if u can i would really like that and pls fic server issue
The game is so good and u can play multiplayer and Don't worry and u can shoot friends and my life is Blow. Yess it is how to play multiplayer we need have net and u can watch on YouTube if it work anjoy if not again another YouTuber can HELP BYE BYE AND SO U CAN PLAY MANY SO I LOVE THERE MAKE SO ITS FUN TO PLAY Multiplayer ThE GAME WHO CREATED THE GAME IT CAN FIX PROBLEM โ˜บ๏ธ SO I HAVE FUN SO U CAN PLAY IN PC TOO HOW SO U Need To have play store and download it and it's get download and enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š
Great game. Can you add more cars and better car customization as well? Also add more characters and character customization.
This game is awesome. Undoubtly this is one of the best open world games i habe ever played. But the game can be improved a lot, Like there should be more cars and bikes and boats, planes. And please improve the sever. It is hard to play with my friends. So please improve the sever. And it will be more fun to merge the city, NPC, And the garage together. Or please extend the map of the city and add more different crowd. That's it.
This game is like GTA 5 I like the game but there should be a story line like gta 5. Please add more suits like Spiderman and many other superheros suit. Make this game better than GTA 5. Ok thank you. Please reply soon and make this game better.
This game was amazing its almost like gta 5 but why the car Window damage is extreme when i shoot one bullet the whole windshield was destroyed please make it just like in real life that is when you shoot one bullet on the Windows and windshield the bullet makes hole like in real please add more weapons and cars
ok this game is so amazing. the graphics the physics. but I have one issue. other than this being a fun and realistic game I've haven't been able to play online. I was kinda disappointed that I had to play alone. I also have a couple suggestions. I would like for there to be melee attacks and police/wanted levels. other than that one problem this game is the best game I've ever played.
This is a very great game but it needs a few changes like, players should be able to enter the buildings and interact like human beings, the player should be able to steal cars, talk to people, go shopping, have your own work, a house where you can sleep, eat, watch TV and relax etc. Please develop the game because I really love it and more cities should be added like last Vegas, New York etc.
Nice well I would of added 5 stars if there was more stuff like sticky bombs,police charters more cars like police cars,swat vans, ambulance and fire trucks and punch mode and missions add fat cops skiney cops and skin cops what are black and White not only white and new York police cars wanted levels drinks and food fix maps because on my alba 4 the only Lan map what works is free rome ramps and make custom charters this game is a clone of GTA v low graphics but this is an awesome game nice gam
Its a very nice game but there are no missions in it and if we get on top of the mazebank there is no way to exit the building the only way is to jump from the building and we cant even swim.so these features should be added.
Wow the new update is cool the new maps too also the new features but the problem is that when I'm always about to download a map the game restarts on its own and when I'm going to share a server It says not joinable but others can share i watched a video at YouTube about making a server in your game using tmail Hide my name VPN and still it doesn't work please fix these bugs I love the game when you fix that i will rate this 5 stars
Wow.. This game is almost like gta 5 but here are somethings missing from the game.. 1) Add umbrella when it rains 2) Add more cars 3) Make a bigger map for free roam 4) Make every car in free roam different 5) Add new characters 6) Add shops and cut scenes to make it funny,sad,enjoymentful and Cool 7) The graphics is half good not complaining.. And finally 8) Make it where the game does not lag and where you could join people in online servers.. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
Game is extremely best but 1 problem is everytime that server is full. In gta san andreas multiplayer we can join up to 500 players but in LAC we can play with only 8 people. I dont like this thing. One more thing if you have problems to connect a server if its full than continually press the quick match option 6-8 times if not than more times you will be connected to a server...
PERFECT GAME.perfect graphics I LIKE that this game is like gta if u add helicopter and More guns and more cars and add police then it will be better than gta and there is big problem If i join online server after 20 or lower or more minutes just kick me is it cuz of wi fi? My wi fi is good btw so fix this please
This game is very good you this game. However i cant punch people so they can fight else of just running and some apps in the mobile are not working there should be buildings that we can access and police should be added and money so we can buy stuff like houses, cloths, foods and other stuffes but there should be hills and terrorist and mafias. All though this is very good there monthly or weekly updates.
Great game reminds me of GTA V. But my only opinion is put cops in the game. It's more fun if u have a wanted status. Thx and one more thing at least put where your able to steal other people's cars I also like u can connect a ps4 controller helps very much thx for adding this and add a safehouse plz. And add more weapons like grenades, rocket launchers, etc.
No words for you developer very fantastic,realistic etc . Very best game ever . Finally gta 5 android version is launched no other game is compared to this. There should some things add like bike ,helicopter,shop, etc put the cops and add new weapon like rocket lancuher , grenade launcher , assault rifle
Yes, am editing my review again after lac update :) am very happy, and was also excited for the new beta version. I really enjoyed it, RCS always deserves 5 star. Well, the thing is, the multiplayer problem again :( it needs portforwarding but we don't know it, only some people can do this :( so i request better make such that there will be rooms, not servers. Please replace it, and add search button in lac editor map section, there are lesser maps now from before. So.... ending my review here.
The game is very fun but at the same time boring 1.the free roam mode is dry,2. you can't get into any servers it would say 9/10 people and it would say that the server is full. and add some stuff like,roll button,take cover button,rocket launcher,grenades make it so that we can shoot out of cars give us the ability to melee and give us missions
first of all thanks for this game๐Ÿ‘ i appreciate it really do and second there are some other stuff that id like you guys to add to the game like,taking cover,shooting with one hand,sub machine guns more cars, furniture you can actually use.and police especially police stars n all that in the ,and you shoud be able to dress up.like tommy vercettis shirt,shorts,tank tops,t shirts and all that i know you guys wont add character creation but you should add a safe house at the free roam city๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
This game is very good but you should add more people in city , and the city should be big whith shops and houses . And you should add more cars and guns.
I'm updating my review after several months of originally making it... I like how you've expanded the editor capabilities, I also like the van you added, yet even more cars would be amazing, the garage can definitely fit more, also (from old review I made) have the color changing for the cars be for each individual car and not all (so I could have one black and another red), though the custom colors are good on their own. Hope this game becomes even more popular, this editor is very underrated.
I like this game it is like gta 5 and one day i think this game lagg to my mobile but it doest lag it amazing graphics and sound effects are really great but please add gta 5 map and their characters and all is well i like mobile like gta v game I like mobile phone but when i will call anyone they always busy so this good animation and i will repeat please add gta 5 map and characters thank you to realese . Los angeles crime ( gta 5 unity ) .
I like this games so much it makes me feel like I'm playing GTA 5 on my phone. Can you plz add more male and female character. Can you also make the city much bigger with some NPC's that fight you when you shoot instead of making them die in one shot. Can you also add police because I really want to commit a crime and have 1-5 stars. Thank you and take care of yourself.
I would add 5 starts but but add helicopters and jets plus people like gta and a dog when u hit 4 stars could add police? And a campaign oh and lots of cars plus like more people and houses connected and theme parks that would be called gta the new erro for mobile plus area 51 and jet like you can choose your crash
Nice game, really looks like Grand Theft Auto: Five! But sometimes it's a little-bit laggy for low-end devices, which is affecting the overall experience, but anyways, still good game for mobile! Keep it up. ๐Ÿ’›
It's a great app, I love it, can I make a request about the vehicle additions if you devs don't mind adding a bulworth freight from the mafia 3 game. I really like that car and I think itd be a great addition of drivable vehicles. Also can you do it to where you can have multiple vehicles out at once so you can drive any or all of them ? Thanks if you do read this.
I just wanna say that when u play this for a Long time jus there is no people in free roam. i comment A feedback sayin add people to free roam, And that was 1 year ago i commented that in 2019 Now in 2021 there is no change so plz fix that bug and add people, Thanks
The game is the best open world game ever played but we are waiting for the new update for new vehicles motos and planes, parachutes, bigger worlds, clothes option, weapones so it will be the best game ever
Um what best game and it's like a copy of gta which is fine cuss I like it good job on graphics um but the gameplay is good and the community is kinda good I said kinda cause it is hard to join and create I like this game make more if you want it is fun to. the best creative person who had to do so much work thanks you should put it on every social media it will get you views cause if it's not on my recommendation than you need to put it on YouTube or tiktok or snapchat or Instagram thanks
So cool bro and I like that plz add 'story line' in 1.6.0 update......bro plz give updates fast I am really waiting for missions,new cars, weapon, new modes and more, but it doesn't have the most basics things that most of the gta games have it like (punch,a better AI system,swimming,others like upgrading cars.... it doesn't have which is money and without we can buy anything but in editor it is ok and as i say it might be there with story line) This will be the best gta game just like Gta V.
Seriously,AN AWESOME GAME,One OF THE BEST GAME ON Play Store,But It Needs improvement,Im Impressed to see such a cool game.Well tho,There should be Story Mode or Missions and Very More BIGGER Map In the game.Servers should be Fixed ASAP they really If your already in server most time you get kicked saying servers ful tho your in it already.There should be Way more servers.Also its extremely hard to join servers.They are full most times.and It should be more optimized.Keep it up,Fix it,Good Luck
If only the game has; -Switch character just like in GTA V (like Michael,Trevor,Franklin) (offline mode) -Car parts (for modified) just like Los Santos Customs /-Police /-More weapons (bombs) /-Map display /-More cars (maybe classic one (Dodge charger) or others) -NPC'S can commit crime (to make the city more alive! (fun))Hope to hear from you! Thank you!
It doesn't make any sense when I try to enter a server and the server says something like 5 players and when I try to enter it says server is full I can't play online please fix this Issue but other then that the game is good.
The game is very nice but there are some problems that there are no peoples in city and no cars that v can't take please aad some more peoples and cars that v can drive in city otherwise the game is awesome
Its a great game actually, im having a lot of fun playing this game with my family and friends, the reason that i gave this game 4 stars because of the custom wallpaper option, it so difficult making my own custom wallpaper on my phone on the game, its so FRUSTRATING... it needs a link to generate your own custom wallpaper... i like the older option of making the custom wallpaper, now im having a bad time making my gf's pic as my wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜ญ
This is the best game I have ever played This game is amazing but when I try to make a game the game come off please fix it also when I try to play with my brother it comes off fix game and it don't have a lot of cars but the good things is it just like gta
The game is good and the graphic but the menu is bad and it's very hard to join or play with friends.Please add some cops and different car and skins. Missions and Job's and airplanes and customers our own car or skin and please make it easier to join or play with friends. And can call 911 on our phone thank you
Realistic actions very good physics but the reason I am giving four star because inside the building its empty and should add trains,bikes,rocket launcher,helicopter,grenade of all types,and vehicle explosions and melees,parachute and superhero modes when will you release 1.5.6 man its tears for me he totally forgot about about 1.5.6 update plss release that updates
It is a very good game ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ but please can you make multiplayer Easter were you tap on there profile and join them please it is really hard and I cant do it ๐Ÿ˜” so 2. I have just thought of this please can you punch i think that would be good And make your worlds multiplayer like a code to do that
This game is ultimately awesome ๐Ÿ˜Ž.But I want some new vehicles(I mean bikes and heli etc.).And also old health level was good now when jump from small height I died๐Ÿ˜ฅ.Please I want old health meter or like gta 5.But I love this game to play with my czns and friends.๐Ÿ˜˜
I like it ! But I wish I could punch and add more guns cars bike's and you could enter building and add more maps what I like bout this game is graphics are sooo high! And we could join Using LAN AND please I want to talk to the ncp and add more character And I wish this game could be popular you know like Minecraft I like Minecraft a lot and I wish make more people pls when I go to the city it's too quiet and I love you guys to do more updates
Nice game, but there are too less things to do in free roam map (city) and add few male and female charecters more. Otherwise this game is superb. Add some maps, charecters and more things like GTA V. Add these in next update then you will get 5 stars๐Ÿ˜Ž
Only bad thing in this game is, when we drive the car, free camera is not automatically set to default! Please guys fix it! I hope you'll give it in next update soon. We want bikes, And add more AI vehicles in the freeroam. I really love this game. Thank you so much for this game. I really had fun with my family by playing this game in "LAN" internet mode. So, Keep It Up! Don't Stop Developing This Game. โค
Wow! ๐Ÿ˜‚ This game has more details than other games similar to this. This is the only city game that has actual updates with more complex coding!! No other city game can compare it's gameplay!! This is the best one on the market and it's free!!! You might have to buy the game if you don't have it in the future because games that become popular tend to need security and you paying for it would help them. But for now it's free for who knows how long? I'm keeping this Installed just incase. ๐Ÿ˜†
It is let! It is *smoothly* running in 2gb ramand 16gb rom at max ultra graphic! Thanks to the developers because they made this game and one thing that I want we can't drive civilian's car and add some atleast 15 cars and 10 bike please. And again thanks to the developer.๐Ÿ‘ I have played 1.5.6v add yhese in 1 update 15 car,10 bikes
Great game I'm pretty enjoying you're car graphics and physics are very great also you're weather graphics are very great and realistic it seem like gta, but the only thing is plz expand the original city map ๐Ÿ™ And I will be very appreciate it. By the way you can make gun shop and car shop to customize your car and even some place to hangout like coffee shop or even a bar also some rentable house Plz make more games like this
I love this game it's crazy. The physics the graphics I loved every thing . But game can be better if you just made the drivers logic better and add diffrent model of cars and more npc . And please add boots in team death match so that we can also play single player. That's all .
This game is the best and it has good car guns and stuff and can you add a tank and some cars and add a nuke in the zombie mod and the city and please update the zombie mod and open the map open outside and you can swim in water and boats and subs and some underwater equipment and if you get even deeper underwater you can see some sea creature.
I really like this game but it needs a new update some addons like more cars to drive new houses a job to work at and a place to sleep eat drink and costomize you car and have a shop and more like that but most of the game is really good i love it also can u add a suv please with rim customize and a yukon and a new realistic truck and a dirt bike thanks please update etc thank you
This game is nice,more features r missing 1.no skins.bery little skins option 2.no police 3.no friends list in which u can invite them easily 4.no different people in free roam mode 5.no bikes and no different vehicles only 3 6.no locations in map first of all there is no map only and no location such as police station,bank,gun shop,hotel,mall. If these points r there I will be satisfied
I love this game and now I am addicted to this game because of updates.i don't know how to tell there's no words to say of this game.special thanks to founder and editor and to all members who has designed this game. But I have an dought is there any update again?? Please tell me And an important things is I will never uninstall this game .once again thanks for to editor,ceo,managers,founder to all the members
This is by far the only greatest GTA game! The kinda have some elements from GTA IV which is the best and lucky the game is free not a lot ads and there is even a level editor too and you can even publish levels and send it to everybody! There is some things I want in the game: Use your fists More weapons maybe like SMG,Rocketlauncher or grenades Maybe to add npc that can move like you put a npc and you put like way points where they have to go Maybe add bicycle And a shop to paint weapons
I gave the game play a 3 because the game needs more vechicles and car customization and character customization and maybw some mission and there should be cops that chase u around and the civilians should be able to fight back and shoot back and multiplayer needs to be better. But besides that keep up the great work on this amazing game i luv it so much thx..reminds me alot of GTA V
It's a tell good game and all but... There's a few problems that trigger me. One if you call EMERGENCY service, that don't pick up. Two you can't steal cars, three you can't earn money, and four, when you go in you car cuz I have the marshmellow character but when you go in the car it sets you to beginner Avatar so that's a discrass so hope you take this feedback as a compliment and fix this problems. And five you gotta fix that you can't join online when it says 6/8 it's Triggering
We need the ability to host our own lobbies online instead of LAN only... the OEM multi-player lobbies are so bugged. Half the time you can't find a lobby and the other half you start to load in and get timed out. Can I pay to rent a server so I can show the community maps I've created ?
This game is awesome I really enjoy this game but there is a problem I can't create a server and many users are also facing this problem please fix this problem I always says that (not joinable) fix please please
I love the game so much but can you add some features like punching techniques, and also add offline mode i tried to play lan mode in offline and its good but pls add some many people and add cars, pls also add car stealing, also add shops and many more, add those features. Over all love the game so much!
This game is great but there are a few drawbacks, mainly in the online mode. For one, creating a server is really difficult and few people can actually do that, which leads to very few online servers and all being full. Making it easier to create a server could be a huge change. Another is that when I get into a server, it is easy for me to be disconnected and it will say that the server is full. How can I already be in the server, then be kicked out because the server is full. Please fix this
Epic, im using a ultimate mobile devicemright now so i have the best graphics without being crashed stuck or lag, but the reason for my 4 dtar instead ofm5 is because we cant swim, and also can you please to add animals such as dogs, cat, cow, rats, and deers, also bears, also can you add some new skin, what about gta character skinsm such as franklin, micheal and trevor.... the game need all of those stuffs i just listed, im sure for everyone
Guys I like the game very very much but please add more vehicles like bikes, bicycles,jeeps,helicopters, planes, parachutes and please add more characters to choose from and please add more emotes and add more maps.This is all I have to say. but still great game 5 stars.
I like this game controls but one thing u should be add is stealing the car add the bike Fix bugs because in online when I play zombie map so when zombie attack me so I don't get hurt but in offline it hurt my character so pls fix this bugs okay btw I love ur game and remember u need to and more guns and fix that 911 call if someone died so we can call 911 so It need to work and pls add the swimming features and make animation better okay again btw love ur games.
I like this game and it is also my favorite game but 1 problem is there when we try to increase population it lags please solve this problem and i give you 5 star.
Three stars because you need to add more items such as more guns the physics and character customization and also the car explodes more colors of cars and more cars and bikes and helicopter, and make the car engine sound more realistic and least the servers once you play some server then that randomly kicks you out without a reason please fix the servers instead of 1-8 that players can only join make it 1-60 players that can join and make the maps bigger And lastly make more maps please do itnow
Very great game, looks almost exactly like GTA 5, great graphics and physics, it would be nice to see a story mode, it would also be useful to add some crouch/jump buttons for the clear the city mode, and also maybe add some optimizing engine something for tue game to run smoothly, this is a ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ
This game is magnificent and just like the game GTA 5 and Online but heres few other things you need to add to the next update is Motorcycles, Boats, Aviation, Swim, And military vehicles like tanks and other military vehicles and i would definitly like this game to be my favourite open world mobile game!
Awesome game ,the graphics is good. For next update you can had more vehicles like bike ,airplane ,bicycle ,boat. You can also add vehicle customization . I love the game .
The game is nice it's like I'm playing the real gta5 but it's still needs more improvements like adding motorcycles,more guns,fire animation,and much more.This game is absolutely addictive and I love it!
This is for the developers. Keep the game updating cause it needs a lot to fix the buildings are not realistic and it's not well height (it look small). The places are empty, no buildings... add more please, add more weapons like gta weapons please, make sure the npc reacts ragdoll where we shoot the legs they trembles, add jumping action where it'll be more fun to jump on people and stuff ragdolly, and most importantly the servers most of them are always full and can't be connect so please fix.
I really love this game โคโคโค. But there is something I have to say there should be a lot of option to develop your Character. Also add a lot of AI car not only 3 add a lottttt pls i an begging you. Also improve on the city make the city so nice let it be a little similar to Los Santos in GTA V or GTA VI
Hello developer! Please add this to your game my suggestions is add some other vehicles, interiors of buildings, storyline, some other guns, some more maps, wanted level and police but overall in graphics is absolutely good! Sorry for the bad English.
Please add bikes,boat,aeroplanes and a big map in free roam with car race ,garage,and our own houses in which we can go inside the house and option to play multiplayer map that we have created by own or add a story line in the game so we can have fun to play this game and swimming feature and[( mini map at the side) IMPORTANT] please add this feature ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I love this game. It really looks like gta 5 but made in phones. And can you add more cars and other drivable vehicles? That's all i want in this game. I know its hard to make update or features like that. But hey the harder you work for the better the rewards. I don't care if it takes long to release just don't make it 8 years or longer. That's all.
Good game the only problem is the servers are unstable you randomly get kicked out of a server you've been in and it hits you with a "server is full" and an available server is kind of difficult to find but apart from that it's a great game I see how rain city studio could be a successful industry all of your games so far are pretty good keep up the good work
This is Fantastic ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž. I like the graphics, liked controls, everything!. I like joining with friends and being alone causing destruction!!. I will rate this 5 star! And I was hoping to add more to the game like police with 1 to 5 stars, gunshops, more feds and like new weapons such as Rocket Launchers, Assault Rifles, etc. And Also add new vehicles and maybe Air vehicles like Helicopter and maybe Jets that are hidden somewhere in buildings or rooftops. I Was Hoping For More Updates. Love It!
This game actually has good character animations, weapons and driving. But that's all it has, the map is completely empty also, multiplayer won't work because there's no multiplayer as I've figured out, the max servers you will always see 8/8 when you can turn the max all the way to 20, it's a seriously good base to make a great game on, but that's all it is, a base
No campaign, no motor, no mission very small city and no swim and I jump the car and I die fast, on punch and add lay back for stealth shooting and the health bar is very small but the rogdoll is look like in GTA 5 very fun please update now.
This game is fun, but there's one problem i face everytime. It is so diffecult to play with our friends because the ip number system is so confusing. I was thinking you guys should make a friend adding system so whenever whe are in a game, we can open the pause menu and select our fruends that we want that they should join. The reciever should get a popup notification saying (my name* has invited you to join his match) then reciever should get accept or denie, if accept then he would connec...
Wow Good game but This game is needed to improve more like the game gta 5 but i want like a full map in gta 5 abd airplanes,stealing car,many weapons,reflected glass in the buildings,can enter all houses,more characters and people, less lag,bank robbery,melee,job offer,wanted level,more cars and super cars,chat in phones and add some casino,bank,club,police station,museum,ships,forests and More roads I hope this will happen in 1.56,1.57,1.58,1.59,And 1.60 So then i wait for the future update
I like the game But can you give new features of the game is that to create a server in Multiplayer because I can't create a server on Lac and also Can you also allow downloaded maps to make a server in Multiplayer and also update the Features by adding new cars,You should add new Pedestrians And also Make pediastrians use different cars, You should too add New features by adding gun shops to buy guns don't forget to add new weapons like Ak. 47 and Rpg,Minigun,Sniper etc also add a bike and rag
There are great graphics but not that much there are no bombs no bikes and only three cars and bad cheat codes we cannot take the car of people which are driving at roads and there are many modes but they are also full shoe us that matches which are not full this is a very bad game
Great game but can you add more guns, npc, house, melee weapons. Add punch. Add police. Fix the lags. Make more vegetation. Add more cars. Add big map and many more :)
Woah woah woah woah woah! This is true that u will not get that open world experience. But u will definitely get GTA 5 like experience. Am not joking. I am very satisfied with this game, and this is why am editing my review. Well, things required ๐Ÿ‘‰ add bikes. Yes, however, I came to know that u said that u will add bikes...๐Ÿ˜Ž Wt is going on Mohaliza sir? U said to keep it secret. But, i think why? This is good that u will add bikes. Anyways. New guns. Am hella bored with this guns. Add ak 47.๐Ÿ‘
The game is great and all but I have 3 reasons why! 1 reason is I want mor animations for the car seat belt and in the passenger seats to and some more additional vehicles like jeeps, motorcycles, boats, and etc! The second reason why is the joining server problem I want to play with my friends or siblings but I can't figure out how to do it! Please can you add server create button and a way to play with friends and family on lan WIFI?...and can you add something like shooting in the car too?
What a nice game it looks like GTA 5 mobile, Good for roleplaying, but i have 3 problems, 1 why is the car are 3 of them only can you add more cars like ford f150,ford mustang,ferrari,mclaren, more.2 the los angeles map is totally small can you extend the size of the city so that we can roam the map even bigger and put a house that we can go in and out, 3rd and lastly why we cant swim in the water it will directly said "wasted" can you fix it i hope you accept this message
If only the game has; -Switch character just like in GTA V (like Michael,Trevor,Franklin) (offline mode) -Car parts (for modified) -Police -More weapons (bombs) -Map display -More cars (maybe classic one (Dodge charger) or others) -NPC'S can commit crime (to make the city more alive (fun))
Very very very very nice game it's like GTA 5 we can play online an freerome but need to add some new cars more cheats and you add bikes to ride and more update like the player can go in side the buildings and eat, sleep and garage and we need an update that can shoot from inside from the car and while driving and should needs more wepons like missiongun, knife like katana .l love this game
hey guys I know you will still have new and upcoming updates can't you add like usable parachutes, bicycle /motorcycle , more vehicles(like Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, etc) and apartments or buildings furnished and maybe house and being able to Swim. And be able to open trunks and bonnets and being able to repair them but non the less it's a wonderful game(and after maybe add car modifications)
Nice well I would of added 5 stars if there was more stuff like sticky bombs,police charters more cars like police cars,swat vans, ambulance and fire trucks and punch mode and missions add fat cops skiney cops and skin cops what are black and White not only white and new York police cars wanted levels drinks and food fix maps because on my alba 4 the only Lan map what works is free rome ramps and make custom charters.
Best graphics according to size I LOVE PLAYING IT but I delete it in every 1 month because there are no server available, this can be solved by adding an option (create room) And add more vehicles, maps, weapons , and most important friends multiplayer And dear rain city studio creators if you like my ideas then please reply, so that I will reinstall it and tell my friends to play with me
Fun and i like it so much the game was like gta 5 but can you please add more weapons and cars, but why multiplayer not work and thanks for the cheat code overall:very good graphic,fun gameplay,easy control,no bug and glitch.
This game is just awsome ! I have been playing this game from almost years.. and i really love this game.... But theres few things to add in the game. .. You have to add some blood in the " NCPs " and The" normal people " and you have add more and more guns and booms and more maps.. and.. more.. like a story mode.. and... You have to add some game mode to play... Adding more and more stuff, this will make the game better.. this.. game is kinda Like GTA ... Please add some good stuff
I really appreciate it. This is a awesome game with guns, car etc. I love โค๏ธ this game. but why i rated it 4 stars? Read till end to know. Lac Editor has awesome features. Like build, spawn etc. We can play locally with our friends with hotspot.we can also join other servers. Can change car of colors. Use heistbag. Kill. Use All Emotes For free. Use cellphone. CAN USE Costum HD wallpapers in our cellphones. Use cheats. I rated it 4 stars because server is empty for more players, but full.
Dude this game is cool! But can you add cops? And the LAN make it bigger add more building and NPC and cops and add punch add gang to pls dude that's my wish for you can you add bike and motor too and some police car and ambulance and make bigger the LAN and pls don't drown the characters and fix the online server lemme build my own :( pls and add air plane :)
There is no tire, cops , building, ground, and fire logic. Now building and ground logic is just pictures some building are picture and I don't like that, also the ground is pictures you should be able to steal peoples cars, there needs to be more vehicles the map isn't that big but your game is great.
This game is, Fantastic!!!!!!!. Also add more cars and add bike . Make the game like we can also steal vehicles from civillians and add more civillians. Also put hunger tab and big map you can add features like a whole city of Los Angeles so more can rate 5 stars also add a super market and make more types of civillians and add more guns. And add planes we can travel through a plane and also we can drive it. Add gun shops and add police if we shoot a civilian the police have to come to the spot
Three stars because you need to add more items such as more guns the physics and character customization and also the car explodes ,more colors of cars and more cars, and bikes and helicopter, and make the car engine sound more realistic and least the servers once you play some server then that randomly kicks you out without a reason please fix the servers instead of 1-8 that players can only join make it 1-100 players that can join and make the maps bigger. And lastly make more maps.
Best game ever seen before in my life same like GTA 5 but one problem is there please please update this game for me and all players if you will update it it will go on the level of GTA 5 in Android and the best graphics makes this game more attractive and speechless and also give more cars more than 8 give at least one bike this are my wishes to you and I knew you will follow my wishes and all players wishes ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’