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Taptic Heroes-Idle Tap RPG clicker games

Taptic Heroes-Idle Tap RPG clicker games for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES located at Dubai. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Spelling mistakes, you get notifications for offline progress, but you actually get nothing. Might have a good potential, but not yet.
I like this game until the update added forced ads. I absolutely hate forced ads when you're in the middle of playing the game. I was watching the optional ads very often. I can't deal with forced ads.
This is really fun, because you get the idea that you are in control of a bunch of highly-trained soldiers on several fronts...missions.
I finally found a game I like and you just made me rebirth? Your so mean I would have given you 5 star but I gave you 1 *crys*
I have top up some rubies so i don't have to watch ads to get reward but i still need to watch it? Omg.. Whats the point seriously.
I realise that ads/in-app purchases are necessary to keep mobile games going, but the amount of money you're asking for is outright obnoxious. Even for the simplest of things, such as the 'chat' feature, which most mobile games have nowadays anyway. You need to pay to be able to send messages freely, otherwise it costs 1 of the "premium" currency per message...
Game is good. However level scaling needs to be fixed. You hit a wall and it takes dayd to just get up a few levels. Also, retrieved data error occurs frequently and sometimes i lose diamonds from reset
this piece of garbage never even made it past the login ID it refused to log me in under my Google accounts I refuse to play it and I can't save my progress. Because I guarantee this garbage company is pay-to-play anyway and if I do somehow by something it won't be saved not going to happen you'll get a one-star and I'll never open you again uninstalled.
Games was cool untill the forced restart @ lvl 180 and yes i understand how the portal works and what its for.
Terrible just absolutely terrible wouldn't suggest Ads are so overwhelming it's just a money farm for the company it's not f2p user friendly in the slightest
i Give 5 star for being Cooperative<3 no Games will be Good if the developers dont listen to other opinions.
Those damn finger telling me what to do is so annoying delete those thing we dont need tutorial to play common game like this !
Please do more content. I've actually invested money in this game, and it's gone stale and I really love this game. Haven't logged in for like a week now :(
Stupid. Can't Get The Gold Hand Off My Screen, If You Don't Fix This I Will Uninstall This And Never Play This Game Again
I'm not sure how this game is still on the market with such blatant copyright infringements as a Jedi named "J.D." (just the vowels removed), another named HarleyQuinna who has dyed pig tails and swings a bat, and "freeza" with the exact same outfit as Sub-Zero from mortal combat. Someone should look into how this is being distributed without permission from owners of these characters.
The game is fun! i was bored when i didnt know what to do but i figured out what to do just swipe its really fun im just at the 2nd map its reallt addicting
Haven't played it yet because I read the Privacy policy and it looks scary. I looks like they want to collect every bit of information on you as they can. I waiting for them to ask me for my Social security number, bank account numbers, info on my family and a sample of your DNA. I'm just kidding but they want a lot of information on you. There is no need for a game to have all that info and to be investigating your life's story. It's seems strange use caution.
I had the game rated higher but the game is overrun with hackers. It's very evident from tournament boards and a simple google search will lead you to multiple Russian sites with modded apk downloads. Do not put money into this game until the devs fix this! It's a waste.
This is an awesome game however if I've bought a few items there should be a way for me to skip ads but also receive the reward for skipping. More than that it is weird playing in a Russian community... There needs to be an English community team via discord or etc but as of now you can't get any sort of guide or help from the Russians.
It's an ok game, nothing new for the genre. Annoying tutorial that forces a Rebirth, that's a big no no. Requires email address to log on to Google Play?! No f*ing way.
It's one of those games that you need to keep playing or afk and I kind of like the slide to tap the enemy because tapping it will make lot harder the skill are the best the clan thing yes is good the only problem is the chat It's global so we need to add current language instead of global
Supporters aren't hitting the monster or the bosses. Turret skill are not hitting as well. You see them swinging/attacking but no damage is registered. What kind of idle game has this sort of serious bug being released? Isn't it the core function of the game!??
Incredibly invasive and forced ads. Game itself is great, and ads are fine, but I absolutely can't stand companies that force ads upon their users. If I want to watch an ad for a bonus I will watch an ad. But every couple of minutes an ad will pop onto your screen and you are forced to watch without any choice in the matter. Edit: Not a single top downloaded tap game has forced ads. And this company also demands money to get rid of forced ads according to comments.
This game is so coooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!! everyone install this this game its so coool the heros and monsters are cool to
Fought hard and long to get 2nd place in tournament event and have not received any rewards for the effort. One star is one to many until I get the in game rewards offered for f2p. And im not a f2p person. So glad I have been lucky enough to discover that there is no support for the game. Haven't been able to reach anyone at all .anywhere including social media NEW UPDATED REVIEW Now after the response to my original post I have sent emails, plural, to the address mentioned above and nothing.
I love this game and I am able to play it on my chromebook! However, the ONLY thing thats missing is there needs to be some customization, apparel or decorating or SOMETHING customizable. Maybe I'm just not far along enough yet...
Forced ads literally never do as well as optional Response: again. Look at any top tap/idle game. Not forced ads and most never had forced ads. And no, the forced ads are not rewarded. The OPTIONAL ads are rewarded. The ads that play switching menus are NOT rewarded. Why even lie as if anybody who downloads wont be able to see it themselves?
This game is fun, relaxing, and just a true joy to play. And know I mean play in the truest sense!!☺️♥️