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Lords & Castles

Lords & Castles for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
O realy like this game but i give it 3 stars because when i was building a terain its not working it sed the terein is to big but i make it small but its still like to small and it ses it was to small i do it average its no more space so unfair and the secon one is the fight you need to buy some cubes to had better shots but you need to buy it from globe so unfair!!!
Started off kind of cool. But eventually loot isn't easy enough so takes hours of battling to get one upgrade. Constantly pushing deals , but who thinks any gam is worth 50 or 100 dollars just to build a little faster? Seems greedy. Strategy is pay to win after a few levels. Cycles through the same bases over and over. Not enough loot or too difficult. A few nice ideas, but needs a lot of work.
It was great at first. then they keep giving you castles to challenge that are 2 to 3 times stronger than you so you have no chance to defeat them. And they allow players way to big to attack you so that defeats all the fun in the game...On a positive note. If your patient and stay shielded you can build yourself up...
It is a very good game but the only problem is that it takes a lot of time to get enough resources so please fix that problem but the rest is all goodβ˜ΊπŸ‘
Great game...takes awhile to build up on your resources. But overall a really great strategic game that i love playing for hours on end. And also chatting with fellow gamers in the chat box. I just now started my own kingdom which is great. You can buy stuff with real money but you dont have to have money to play., The real money you use is just for getting ahead faster then what it would normally take.
I really liked this game, this is a good tactical game for everyone, although, i would rate it 5 β˜… but i didn't oike the lack of different troops. But otherwise i think its an amazing game
This game is absolutely awesome. I have tried at least 20 similar titles over the last few months looking for a castle building game with both attack & defense options. The art & graphics are really well done, the controls & mechanics are smooth. The option for custom placement of buildings, walls & land height make your map feel unique. Well chosen heroes both fictional & historical make this easily the best game of its type on the app store. Thanks for an excellent app, Codigames πŸ‘
Every thing is quite good but you need to update bcz it's been two years ago last update was really two years , i think game developers are not alive they all dead otherwise at least four to five update have been done in two years πŸ€”πŸ˜Š
i like this game but why i cant see my armies in my base i cant see the horses unlike other games i can see them.In your picture in the apps you showed the armies when you play nothing. Please update this game thank you.
We cant upgrade castle beyond 10,there are only 84 walls and banishing button not working. Rest gameplay is fun
i like this game a little but can you please ad offline too because online is boring please i hope you've read my suggestion
Installed n at first opening after successful loading its still there on loadin screen. Not moving ahead feom there.
The game is smooth and well done but the research is flawed. Researching basic agriculture or basic masonry doesn't give you the ability to build brick walls or build farms, instead, it boosts your defence and economy by 5%. It makes no sense, and for that I uninstalled it.
My city is constantly attacked, I can't even reach level 8 because I'm always losing my loot from attacks. I have uninstall this application.
I played this game for more than a year and lost all my progress and could not get assistance from google play for my progress to be restored or refunded !
Love the graphics style... Awsome smoothness... Nice to see this types of games runs very well ... Plz update this game as well as i installed gym tycoon i will review it later....
Good game. A lot like CoD Heroes, which stopped last year, once was. Build your base. No need to pay. The game gives you just enough gems to start, use them on your houses and logging camps.
Hi I am here regarding the game it is a very nice nice game and all but all the players are complaining that maybe the developers abounded the game becouse of the war or conquest. Like there is no game taking place so please improve it
Too many ads, and there should be more facilities like if we are viewing other's cities then we can also view there castle'a level, peasent house's level, there needs more updates
Not a bad game, but the game is crash, every I open it says network error. I was trying to fix it after reading the FAQ on the websie, like using a different connection, until using vpn, I even try to clear the game's data and reinstalling it. But still it says "Network Error. Blabla" I just play it one day, the next day I open the game, the game doing stupid crash. Please fix it.
These is worst because 1st time it opens good but after it showes network error even i waited for 30 minutes but it didnot open
I like building this. Im waiting to learn how i like it after i get ready for competition and wheather its fun or not after the initial expense to get prepared .
I am Clash of clans player and my level is 89 . But I like this game also because it is easy to you and you also enjoy to play this games ....because I am players okk thnx. You can download this game it is not bad.....
Right now I'll give it four stars, I've only been playing a short time, but the graphics are good and the gameplay is easy enough, seems like a simple war strategy game build and conquer, right now having a lot of fun, but like most games you need gems to improve faster or to get some specialty items, that takes cash as far as I can tell at this point.
I would say not bad but not that good too..Its just that looting takes so much time.. but I like the graphics though.. and the process time and upgrading time is fast it just takes a few secs! I like that part so keep up the good work!
Too slow paced.. leaves much to be desired.. the PvP is completely dead and progress is way too slow. If I wanted to fall asleep I'd have kept playing Supermarket Tycoon.
this is a great game. the way the walls connect makes it easy to costomize your city, and the tech tree is very good. there are a few problems. the biggest one is that gold is almost completely worthless. basicly the only use i can find for it is getting more wood. hiring leaders does cost a lot of gold, which provides at least somthing to spend it all on. but you can only have one leader at a time, so if you have any left there really isnt anything you can use it on.
So much fun game i like the concept art and the building i also like the quality content and battles i should ask my frend to download this game its so cool also i really need extra deffense like i keep get defeating everytime theres a war if you read this comment i would support the game
I may need 10000 years to reach play this game. Slow in resource & troop generation. Apart from that I get too many instructions. If I just need to follow instructions, why should I play. Let the developers play with their strategies. I would give negative ratings if I had a chance.
Starts ok but at 1/4 the way to the highest player it takes days to update unless you spend money. Only those willing to PAY are rating this game high after they have played a while. Its over 3 days for updating soon You'll take a week to update. Programmers not supporting it just Collecting money. I wouldn't play any of their games now that I've seen what they do.
The game is dead 2 years ago is the last update. But so far it is good and unique there are lots of bugs in the game especially when editing the base it will glitch some structures to another structure, also inviting friend from FB wont work. This is a good game i gave 2 stars for it i could make it 5stars if devs still do updates and make the game better.
It's, OK, if this is the type of game you like, fighting is fun but you can't replay your attacks, which is unfortunate
Great game but it has been abandoned by Developers. No Wars in Forever. Last activity was over a year ago. SMH. And now I am leaving the game. Pointless to play a game developers don't care about.
The game is a bit clunky and doesn't afford much combat in the beginning and isn't for those looking to sit down for an hour or two to relieve boredom.
It is very good game and it's fun in playing this game it is very cool and it really makes it a great experience for me to be able to make a beautiful kingdom and I love it
I like this game , but only one reason that's why I give one star . till 2018 no updates is coming and no response also ?
played for 30 minutes, nbever got to make a decision. "build this", " attack that". the game doesn't need me to push buttons.
Doesn't start whenever I try to open the game, it's says "Network Error, please accept it". Even though I have good internet connection in other apps.
This game is really good but the only thing is that it requires are some additional troops and building.Also the leader system makes no sense.Donald trump is a legendary leader but joan d'arc is a common leader.Weird logic right.But I can guarantee you that you will enjoy the game.
Very bad game its only image is good because edit by computer other wise this is very bad not like see
new to the game but love it so far building freedom great terrain changes awesome just wish you could make it easier to redesign your base 4stars easy strategy is on the builder
Fun Kingdom building game, but they push hard for you to make in-app purchases. Without any purchases the game takes a VERY long time to build up your kingdom. If you refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on a silly little game like I do then this game requires lots of patience to enjoy. One positive to this is that you wont waste a lot of your time on the game because unless you're paying for "Gems", which speed up the game play, it will only take a few minutes of your time each day.
Dev's stupid algorithm permits level 80 player to attack level 50 (just now), and Level 76 to attack level 46, twice (earlier). That's just stupid. Delete. Don't bother downloading.
I'm loving how you can watch videos to help you grow without spending real cash. I'm still wondering if there is only 1 realm(server) and if you can join a new when it launches. As a new player I'm a bit behind others. Wish there were speed up cards for research,troop training, and construction.
Id like to give it a 5 however, there hasnt been activity from gamedevs in relation to kingdom wars. The chat function is a bit difficult too as you dont know when your other members are online or when they send a message. Otherwise its a pretty fun game.
It is waste of time to install this app. I have installed it. But when I try to open the app it seems to be disfunctioned and says loading even after 30 minutes. So I suggest you to not to install it. I am uninstalling it right now.
This is the best midlevel game I've ever had. Graphics are great,gameplay is great. All 100% great. If you are looking at this game I suggest that you get it.
its a nice build and loot game... but many bugs appeared. probably the lack of update, i mean no more update since 2y :confused:
Good game if you are not looking for world or clan wars. Developers abandoned this game 2 years ago so DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME! War items are useless because there are no wars only one on one attacks.
Been attacked a couple times and seen soldiers walk through my walls and ground traps. Oh and the freemium aspect is like every other one of these POS games ,seemed different at first but was surely wrong.
I bought two 11.99 super value packs and i haven't seen anything that ive bought and im starting think the in game purchases are a gimmick i either get my gems or i get my money back