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Lord of Estera

Lord of Estera for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Dunia Games located at Telkomsel Smart Office 2nd floor Telkomsel Landmark Tower 1 Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 52 Jakarta 12710 Indonesia. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
if i tap to chat in the world chat, it doesnt show the keyboard, so i cant chat here, maybe add a button to skip battles cuz they are very slow!!! beside those things, this game is AMAZING! is a mandatory for all idle lovers! its all what u want,i cant describe how good is this right (too lazy), however i have not many time to play it (for personals reasons), i will probably uninstall it, but i will be back later! i recommend it!!!
This is my first time writing for reviews but this is what i think about the game: Amazing game not only that you level up super quick, the graphics, gameplay, and characters are all stunning as well. very well designed characters with Live2D for the girls and best of all this game has an auto mode so you can farm stuff while youre away. GG Devs
Been playing since 2017. The game has improved immensely and has a lot of guides if you get stuck. I recommend this game if you just want a chill game that you can play in your off time. You can see your progress as you pass mile stones. Get awards for your progress, unlocking new monsters, beating ..
I have played many turn-based RPG games and they all look the same to me. its all about Gacha, luck, until it pays to win. but this game displays something different namely appearance in battle and I like it, its just that the graphics of this game still dont look good. I give four stars, if one day the developer improves the graphics quality of this game, I will give five stars: D because so far I really like this game.
The game is a lot of depth, several things to do in game so you can keep playing. You can spend real money it but is not needed. The F2P gives you plenty of monsters etc to have fun with. The game has a surprising amount of depth and the customisation of monsters trough runes is near infinite. Just bewere... Time flies when yoy have fun
The game has many potiential bugs and the support from fanpage is not good. I have paid some subscriptions in game but now I CAN'T open the game after update the latest version. I posted my question in the fanpage but it doesn't help !!!
Ive been hooked With some of the best graphics ive seen to date, this game combines an innovative upgrade system with four types of units, ten different spells and a unique hero character. And all of the units, including the hero, change their look as you upgrade them. Truly the best spin Ive ever seen on a tower defense game-you get to be the attacking army.
The best Card game Its not exactly a card game but something similar but its really surprising how a game like this could be this f2p-friendly. A lot of games like this are almost too hard to play when you dont pay them a lot of money while here, even without playing, you get to have fun almost just as muh as payed players Good Job on this! Love your freebies and how youre always up to date with events and some issues! Keep it up!
For an old style arcade action game, its done quite well. Worth the 5 star rating in my opinion. The only gripe I have is that this game has a VIP system, which in the end, unfortunately, usually means its a pay 2 win game but surprisingly the game doesnt revolve around how much money is on your credit/debit card. You can win without spending any money, though later it becomes extremely difficult. Spending money almost becomes an absolute must. Its worth paying money on though. Give it a try
Very addictive and overall a great game to play. Pay to win comes into play abit but still doesnt spoil it that much. I think the message situation needs looking at paying to talk on a game isnt something that attracts players also not being able to private message is something which would be good. The censored word system needs looking as not being able to type passed without it being censored for example is pretty bad.
This is a very fun game and I think you can get a lot out of it without having to spend much money or any, you will just need alot of patience. =) However if after some months like me you want to start spending abit. I strongly recommend rune packs and reapps, they will give you the best progression. I struggled getting my first L/D lightning but it was very satisfying when I got it, so I love this game again =). Download it and try it out for yourself.
it'a good game, it's good, it's not boring, it's worth it with a lot of mega bite, the graphics are good, smooth and not freezing
This game is fantastic. Awesome characters, very free to play friendly. I spent 5 bucks to get the character i want and all the currency they give out got me a full 7star team within 5 days. Featured characters are very hard to get on banners but its not worth rating the game poorly. I really dont know why this game has a low rating. It deserves at least a 4.5 star rating. Try it out. Its a blast
Just a thought but so many of us have heroes we dont use, why not set up a part of the game where unused heroes 3 star or above can be sold to other players for a fee of say £19.99, you (the game) take a percentage and the rest past on to the player whos sold it in the form of either game credit or quantums etc Or you (the game)keeps all the money and passes £15 credit to player thst has sold their hero to spend on the game its a winner trust me
10/10. Great game. Ive been playing it now almost every day for a year and I havent got a single bad thing to say about it. Everything about this game is great. Its a bit challenging but not too much. Good variation of events and arenas. Superb characters and very nice graphics. You can put some money into it but Im sure it can be enjoyed for free since u get gems anyway. Some stuff is auto - but actually playing the game is of big importance because you need to time your skills etc.
Playing with friends and founding a lot of new friends.. Very interesting game ever.. Have a good community and excellent service.. Keep up the good work.. 👍
Over all the game is amazing. I have played almost since it first released. The game has gone through and the amazing growth it has experienced has been a joy to be a part of. I have met some amazing people and friends through this game. The rng is about how you expect it. As for new players it seems your odds of getting 5* seem increased as compared to older accounts from what I have seen on multiple peoples new accounts. Getting a Nat 5 took me years.
Great graphics with stunning combination of animations, especially during battles. Need to keep on playing to experience more . Keep up the good work !!!
i rarely leave feedbacks on games so you can count on what i am about to say. THIS GAME IS AWESOME. Despite the bizarre pricing for certain in game items, overall this is an amazing f4p game that has alot of potential to becoming something great. The game gives away so many freebies that its almost ridiculous. Players are able to upgrade and progress thorugh game as long as you have the luck and patience to wait for events and free giveaways every now and then. All-in-all i rate this game 10/10
If u like rpg games you will love this its pretty similar to brave frontier if that helps but i like this more. I love the characters and as long as u play the game u will get stronger. There is alot of really strong players that are hard to beat but thats all games. One issue ive had through multiple update is the game will not work with wi-fi connection for me.
I like the art its somewhat a little unique to me but it can be refined much better. Gameplay was good but still needs a lot of improvements to make it smooth because sometimes its sluggish. Ive not yet experienced any bugs in the game or any illegal activity issue which other players complained. It is quite f2p friendly and has similar contents to other gacha games to invest time into. Also, please do collaborations. Im interested in that particularly.
I pay throw the game and i buy some pack and gems and heros in game but when i logout and Re-login my account disapper and its like i start new game and btw before i make some payment i bind my account already with google account, oh even ur customer service its not working i cant use it and rise ticket for solve my problem.
Fun game. Decent too. Unlike some mobile games, this game doesnt shove p2w too hard down your throat. In a new a server S-69 Theres actually quite a lot of players that havent spent a single cent and be top 10 in the server. Everyday and every quest gives you a little bit of Diamonds which can build up easily for a chance to get really good Heroes. Achievements can also get you shards to collect for good heroes. One thing I hate is that the UI is too cluttered for a small screen
Love this game. I am a big fan of card games, and this card game is awesome. It moves really well the graphics are smooth. The game play is great the upgrades feel right. About half through the game and havent seen a need to spend real world money to progress. I highly recommend this for any card game fan.
The Gacha system is new and interesting, although I do wish there were more ways to get the gacha currency as I have the worst luck and all the progress neccessary to get them makes rerolling more trouble than its worth. That aside, This game is loads of fun! The music is deep and impactful, and the art is colorful and engaging. I have great hopes for this game and im very excited to see how this game will grow and change as time goes on.
I seldom give long review but this game is good. I dint say dam good but I feel it deserves a 4* or 5*. Gameplay is simple and graphic is nice. Developer is generous. Gems can get from selling item u hunt. Please be fair... Touch your heart and ask yourself which game in the market will give you gem from selling item. Unless you want to progress fast. If not you can farm up n do your summoning with those gems. *SERIOUSLY I DONT KNOW HOW THE FK CAN PEOPLE BE SO UNFAIR FOR RATING IT SO LOW.
Plates until Level 21, where I met my first continuing barrier, and it was excellent! Theres no energy, the characters are all loveable, and its very easy to understand. Quest are plentiful, but once I reached that barrier, where I could no longer progress, there wasnt much to do. Perhaps a mini game? That would be cool.
This game is so underrated. I mean Im heere because of the 3 ads that I saw with ridiculously good music. When I got the game, it was better than the ads. And you dont get to see that everyday, the graphics, the combat, the lore, the characters. Each of the characters even have their own music theme. You can tell this game was made with effort. 11/10
The gameplay is fair and balance enough for f2p players. Great story and content. The game gets a bit hard once you max out the level and stars of your primary squad, however, it is quite understandable for the games genre. The update made things easier, more efficient, and less time consuming. Great job for the developers of this game. Hoping for better content as the game develops
Good Game, totally love it. But, too many connection problems, even in good stable connection. Like when PvP suddenly the connection got cut for a while, then I lose without make any more move. And today this afternoon, I cant pick any menu, it said my connection was poor, but my internet connection is always doing good. Uninstall. A bit shame, coz I really like the game, if its not have connection problems...
In my opinion the game is great and very very VERY generous with the cash up currency, very free to play friendly and a ton of quality of life setting like the continuous battle which lets you blaze through the campaign easily and progress faster, the fairy system is a tad bit annoying but it redeems its self by giving you some for free. And the new player experience is great. I usually hate tutorial and the fact that this games tutorial is quit and easy to skip is greatly appreciated.
I know this is standard gacha game where they expect you to spend money on the game, but this game doesnt need you to spend any money on it unless you want some costumes. I can accept that. Gameplay and story mode is incredible. Ai is not upto the mark though. I feel like it deserves somewhere between 4.2 to 4.6 stars. The only thing I have problem is you get mileage only through paying money and AI is very unpredictable.
Disappointed, after play this game for a long time ago. No more update or improvement for this game!! Can't Rank Match and Union War! Because that many player left this game :(
Addictive, cute and fun! A word of advice though. If you want to have fun with this game, dont spend money and save your gems. No amount of paying will get you what you want, unless youre a millionaire. Instead, save your gems for a unit you think is really cute, and dump them all into that. You want ~3000 gems to guarantee pulling it, and more if you want to max it out. Trust me, it takes time, but just have fun with all the free units you will get gifted until you find that one special Medal. There are plenty of good, easy to obtain and farm medals. That being said, theres nothing wrong with paying a little if you want the VIP benefits (for faster leveling and awakening basically) or if you simply want to support the developer. The developer is really nice and responsive. They listen to feedback from their forums and respond to support tickets almost immediately.